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Sunday / February 5.
  • NBA Announces Early Entry Candidates for NBA Draft

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    The National Basketball Association announced today that 353 players — 296 players from colleges and other educational institutions and 57 international players — have filed as early entry candidates for NBA Draft 2021 presented by State Farm.

    Players who have applied for early entry have the right to withdraw their names from consideration for the Draft by notifying the NBA of their decision in writing no later than 5 p.m. ET on Monday, July 19. Under NCAA rules, in order to retain college basketball eligibility, college players who have entered NBA Draft 2021 must withdraw by Wednesday, July 7.

    Following is the list of players from colleges and other educational institutions who have applied for early entry into NBA Draft 2021, which will be held Thursday, July 29.


    Player                                                    School                                                   Height                   Status

    Max Abmas                                          Oral Roberts                                         6-1                          Sophomore

    Ochai Agbaji                                        Kansas                                                   6-5                          Junior

    Josiah Agnew                                       Denmark Technical College (SC)    6-1                          Freshman

    Fardaws Aimaq                                    Utah Valley                                          6-11                        Sophomore

    Warith Alatishe                                    Oregon State                                         6-7                          Junior

    Santi Aldama                                        Loyola (MD)                                        6-11                        Sophomore          

    Derrick Alston Jr.                                Boise State                                            6-9                          Senior

    Keve Aluma                                         Virginia Tech                                       6-9                          Junior

    Jose Alvarado                                       Georgia Tech                                        6-0                          Senior

    Jonah Antonio                                      Wake Forest                                         6-5                          Senior   

    Eric Ayala                                             Maryland                                               6-5                          Junior

    Joel Ayayi                                             Gonzaga                                                6-5                          Junior

    Armando Bacot                                    North Carolina                                     6-10                        Sophomore

    Jonathan Baehre                                  Clemson                                                6-10                        Senior

    Marcus Bagley                                     Arizona State                                        6-8                          Freshman

    Geo Baker                                             Rutgers                                                  6-4                          Senior

    Mitch Ballock                                      Creighton                                              6-5                          Senior

    Dalano Banton                                     Nebraska                                               6-9                          Sophomore

    Scottie Barnes                                      Florida State                                         6-9                          Freshman

    Charles Bassey                                     Western Kentucky                               6-11                        Junior

    Troy Baxter Jr.                                     Morgan State                                        6-9                          Senior

    Justin Bean                                           Utah State                                             6-7                          Junior

    Giorgi Bezhanishvili                           Illinois                                                   6-9                          Junior

    Chudier Bile                                         Georgetown                                          6-7                          Senior

    Jahvon Blair                                         Georgetown                                          6-4                          Senior

    Issac Bonton                                         Washington State                                6-3                          Senior

    Brandon Boston Jr.                              Kentucky                                               6-7                          Freshman

    James Bouknight                                 Connecticut                                          6-5                          Sophomore

    Pedro Bradshaw                                   Bellarmine                                            6-7                          Junior

    Izaiah Brockington                              Penn State                                             6-4                          Junior

    Chaundee Brown                                 Michigan                                               6-5                          Senior

    Dalonte Brown                                     Miami (OH)                                          6-7                          Senior

    Greg Brown III                                    Texas                                                     6-9                          Freshman

    Keyshawn Bryant                                South Carolina                                     6-5                          Junior

    Marcus Burk                                         IUPUI                                                    6-3                          Senior

    D.J. Burns Jr.                                        Winthrop                                               6-9                          Sophomore

    Jordan Burns                                        Colgate                                                  6-0                          Senior

    Jared Butler                                          Baylor                                                    6-3                          Junior

    Maurice Calloo                                    Oregon State                                         6-10                        Junior

    Manny Camper                                    Siena                                                      6-7                          Senior

    Marcus Carr                                          Minnesota                                             6-2                          Junior

    Nahziah Carter                                     Washington                                          6-6                          Senior

    D.J. Carton                                            Marquette                                              6-2                          Sophomore

    Colin Castleton                                    Florida                                                   6-11                        Junior

    Julian Champagnie                              St. John’s                                              6-8                          Sophomore

    Justin Champagnie                              Pittsburgh                                              6-6                          Sophomore

    Arinze Chidom                                    UC-Riverside                                       6-9                          Senior

    Josh Christopher                                  Arizona State                                        6-5                          Freshman

    Moussa Cisse                                       Memphis                                               6-10                        Freshman

    Kofi Cockburn                                     Illinois                                                   7-0                          Sophomore

    Matt Coleman III                                 Texas                                                     6-2                          Senior

    Sharife Cooper                                     Auburn                                                  6-1                          Freshman

    Jermaine Couisnard                             South Carolina                                     6-4                          Sophomore

    Trevion Crews                                     Bethel (IN)                                            6-0                          Senior

    TJ Crockett                                           Lindenwood (MO)                              6-1                          Senior

    Jalen Crutcher                                      Dayton                                                   6-1                          Senior

    Derek Culver                                        West Virginia                                       6-10                        Junior

    Sam Cunliffe                                        Evansville                                             6-6                          Junior

    Cade Cunningham                               Oklahoma State                                   6-8                          Freshman

    Ryan Daly                                             St. Joseph’s                                           6-5                          Senior

    Zaccheus Darko-Kelly                        Univ. of Providence (MT)                 6-6                          Senior

    Oscar da Silva                                      Stanford                                                 6-9                          Senior

    Kendric Davis                                      SMU                                                      5-11                        Junior

    Darius Days                                          LSU                                                        6-7                          Junior

    Cartier Diarra                                       Virginia Tech                                       6-4                          Senior

    Hunter Dickinson                                Michigan                                               7-1                          Freshman

    Marek Dolezaj                                     Syracuse                                                6-10                        Senior

    Ayo Dosunmu                                      Illinois                                                   6-5                          Junior

    Chris Duarte                                         Oregon                                                   6-6                          Senior

    Ian DuBose                                           Wake Forest                                         6-4                          Senior

    David Duke Jr.                                     Providence                                            6-5                          Junior

    Juwan Durham                                     Notre Dame                                          6-11                        Senior

    Tahj Eaddy                                           USC                                                       6-2                          Senior

    Nojel Eastern                                        Howard                                                  6-7                          Junior

    Kessler Edwards                                  Pepperdine                                            6-8                          Junior

    Lydell Elmore                                      High Point                                             6-9                          Senior

    Navar Elmore                                       Livingstone (NC)                                6-9                          Senior

    Tyson Etienne                                      Wichita State                                        6-2                          Sophomore

    Romeao Ferguson                                Lipscomb                                              6-5                          Senior

    LJ Figueroa                                           Oregon                                                   6-6                          Senior

    Aleem Ford                                           Wisconsin                                             6-8                          Senior

    Blake Francis                                       Richmond                                             6-0                          Senior

    Hasahn French                                     Saint Louis                                            6-7                          Senior

    D.J. Funderburk                                   N.C. State                                              6-10                        Senior

    Ty Gadsden                                          UNCW                                                  6-1                          Senior

    Gorjok Gak                                           California Baptist                                6-11                        Senior

    Dawson Garcia                                    Marquette                                              6-11                        Freshman

    Marcus Garrett                                     Kansas                                                   6-5                          Senior

    Luka Garza                                           Iowa                                                       6-11                        Senior

    Samson George                                    Central Arkansas                                 6-7                          Senior

    Asante Gist                                           Iona                                                        5-11                        Senior

    Terrell Gomez                                      San Diego State                                   5-8                          Senior

    Jordan Goodwin                                  Saint Louis                                            6-3                          Senior

    Justin Gorham                                      Houston                                                 6-7                          Senior

    Elyjah Goss                                          IUPUI                                                    6-7                          Senior

    Jayvon Graves                                      Buffalo                                                  6-3                          Senior

    RaiQuan Gray                                      Florida State                                         6-8                          Junior

    Quade Green                                        Washington                                          6-0                          Senior

    Patrick Greene Jr.                                National Park College (AR)              6-2                          Sophomore

    Alan Griffin                                          Syracuse                                                6-5                          Junior

    Quentin Grimes                                   Houston                                                 6-5                          Junior

    Quincy Guerrier                                   Syracuse                                                6-7                          Sophomore

    Dou Gueye                                            Louisiana                                              6-9                          Senior

    Matt Haarms                                         BYU                                                       7-3                          Senior

    Jordan Hall                                           St. Joseph’s                                           6-8                          Freshman

    Bryce Hamilton                                   UNLV                                                    6-4                          Junior

    Javion Hamlet                                      North Texas                                          6-4                          Senior

    Deion Hammond                                 Monmouth                                            6-4                          Senior

    Amauri Hardy                                      Oregon                                                   6-2                          Senior

    De’Vion Harmon                                 Oklahoma                                             6-2                          Sophomore

    Romio Harvey                                      Harding University (AR)                   6-4                          Senior

    Sam Hauser                                          Virginia                                                 6-8                          Senior

    Aaron Henry                                         Michigan State                                     6-6                          Junior

    Kashaun Hicks                                     Norfolk State                                        6-6                          Senior

    Taveion Hollingsworth                       Western Kentucky                               6-2                          Senior

    Trevor Hudgins                                    NW Missouri State                              6-0                          Junior

    Jay Huff                                                 Virginia                                                 7-1                          Senior

    Anthony Hughes Jr.                            Millsaps College (MS)                       6-2                          Senior

    Feron Hunt                                            SMU                                                      6-8                          Junior

    Matthew Hurt                                       Duke                                                      6-9                          Sophomore

    Nah’Shon Hyland                                VCU                                                       6-3                          Sophomore

    Isaiah Jackson                                      Kentucky                                               6-10                        Freshman

    Jhivvan Jackson                                   UTSA                                                    6-0                          Senior

    Loren Cristian Jackson                       Akron                                                     5-8                          Senior

    Casdon Jardine                                     Hawaii                                                   6-7                          Senior

    DeJon Jarreau                                       Houston                                                 6-5                          Senior

    Tristan Jarrett                                       Jackson State                                        6-4                          Senior

    Justin Jaworski                                     Lafayette                                               6-3                          Senior

    David Jean-Baptiste                            Chattanooga                                          6-1                          Senior

    Damien Jefferson                                Creighton                                              6-5                          Senior

    Bryson Johnson                                   Univ. of The Ozarks (AR)                 5-11                        Senior

    David Johnson                                     Louisville                                              6-5                          Sophomore

    Jalen Johnson                                       Duke                                                      6-9                          Freshman

    Jalen Johnson                                       Mississippi State                                  6-6                          Senior

    Keon Johnson                                       Tennessee                                             6-5                          Freshman

    Carlik Jones                                          Louisville                                              6-1                          Senior

    Christiaan Jones                                   Stetson                                                   6-5                          Senior

    DeVante´ Jones                                    Coastal Carolina                                  6-1                          Junior

    Herbert Jones                                       Alabama                                                6-8                          Senior

    Kai Jones                                               Texas                                                     6-11                        Sophomore

    Latrell Jones                                         Portland                                                 6-5                          Junior

    Johnny Juzang                                      UCLA                                                    6-6                          Sophomore

    Corey Kispert                                       Gonzaga                                                6-7                          Senior

    John Knight III                                     Southern Utah                                      6-3                          Senior

    Miller Kopp                                          Northwestern                                        6-7                          Junior

    Balsa Koprivica                                   Florida State                                         7-1                          Sophomore

    Cameron Krutwig                                Loyola (IL)                                           6-9                          Senior

    Kameron Langley                                North Carolina A&T                           6-2                          Senior

    AJ Lawson                                            South Carolina                                     6-6                          Junior

    Matt Lewis                                            James Madison                                    6-5                          Senior

    Scottie Lewis                                        Florida                                                   6-5                          Sophomore

    E.J. Liddell                                           Ohio State                                             6-7                          Sophomore

    Spencer Littleson                                 Toledo                                                   6-4                          Senior

    Isaiah Livers                                         Michigan                                               6-7                          Senior

    Jaizec Lottie                                         Flagler (FL)                                          6-2                          Senior

    Loudon Love                                        Wright State                                         6-8                          Senior

    Denzel Mahoney                                 Creighton                                              6-5                          Senior

    Makur Maker                                       Howard                                                  6-11                        Freshman

    Makuach Maluach                               New Mexico                                         6-5                          Senior

    Sandro Mamukelashvili                     Seton Hall                                             6-11                        Senior   

    Kyle Mangas                                        Indiana Wesleyan                                6-4                          Senior

    Tre Mann                                              Florida                                                   6-4                          Sophomore

    Remy Martin                                        Arizona State                                        6-0                          Senior

    Matthew Mayer                                   Baylor                                                    6-9                          Junior

    Josh Mballa                                          Buffalo                                                  6-7                          Junior

    Miles McBride                                     West Virginia                                       6-2                          Sophomore

    Mac McClung                                      Texas Tech                                           6-2                          Junior

    Kameron McGusty                              Miami                                                    6-5                          Senior

    JaQuori McLaughlin                           UCSB                                                    6-4                          Senior

    Sean McNeil                                         West Virginia                                       6-3                          Junior

    Jadyn Michael                                      Colorado Christian                              6-4                          Senior

    Asbjorn Midtgaard                              Grand Canyon                                      7-0                          Senior

    Isaiah Miller                                         UNCG                                                   6-0                          Senior

    Davion Mintz                                       Kentucky                                               6-3                          Senior

    Damek Mitchell                                   Lewis-Clark State College (ID)        5-9                          Senior

    Davion Mitchell                                   Baylor                                                    6-2                          Junior

    Matt Mitchell                                       San Diego State                                   6-6                          Senior

    Steffon Mitchell                                   Boston College                                    6-8                          Senior

    Evan Mobley                                        USC                                                       7-0                          Freshman

    Isaiah Mobley                                      USC                                                       6-10                        Sophomore

    Ruot Monyyong                                   Little Rock                                            6-10                        Senior

    Moses Moody                                      Arkansas                                               6-6                          Freshman

    Alex Morales                                        Wagner                                                  6-6                          Senior

    Clay Mounce                                        Furman                                                  6-7                          Senior

    Matthew Moyer                                   George Washington                            6-9                          Senior

    Issa Muhammad                                  Daytona State (FL)                              6-9                          Sophomore

    Trey Murphy III                                   Virginia                                                 6-9                          Junior

    RJ Nembhard                                       TCU                                                       6-5                          Junior

    Barra Njie                                             St. Benedict’s Prep/Fryshuset (Sweden) 6-3                          Post-Graduate

    Obadiah Noel                                       UMass-Lowell                                     6-4                          Senior

    Joel Ntambwe                                      Texas Tech                                           6-8                          Sophomore

    Kobi Nwandu                                       Niagara                                                  6-6                          Senior

    Kevin Obanor                                       Oral Roberts                                         6-8                          Junior

    Eugene Omoruyi                                 Oregon                                                   6-6                          Senior

    EJ Onu                                                   Shawnee State (OH)                           6-11                        Senior

    Chris Parker                                          Liberty                                                   6-1                          Senior

    Darius Perry                                         UCF                                                       6-2                          Senior

    Jock Perry                                             UC-Riverside                                       7-1                          Senior

    John Petty Jr.                                        Alabama                                                6-5                          Senior

    Jordan Phillips                                     UT Arlington                                        6-7                          Junior

    Jamorko Pickett                                   Georgetown                                          6-9                          Senior

    Danny Pippen                                       Kent State                                             6-9                          Senior

    Scotty Pippen Jr.                                  Vanderbilt                                             6-1                          Sophomore

    Yves Pons                                             Tennessee                                             6-6                          Senior

    Micah Potter                                         Wisconsin                                             6-10                        Senior

    Jason Preston                                        Ohio                                                       6-4                          Junior

    Joshua Primo                                        Alabama                                                6-6                          Freshman

    Neemias Queta                                     Utah State                                             7-0                          Junior

    Brandon Rachal                                   Tulsa                                                      6-6                          Senior

    Courtney Ramey                                  Texas                                                     6-3                          Junior

    Austin Reaves                                      Oklahoma                                             6-5                          Senior

    Alex Reese                                            Alabama                                                6-9                          Senior

    Antonio Reeves                                   Illinois State                                         6-4                          Sophomore

    Nate Reuvers                                        Wisconsin                                             6-11                        Senior

    Cody Riley                                            UCLA                                                    6-9                          Junior

    Jeremiah Robinson-Earl                     Villanova                                              6-9                          Sophomore

    Orlando Robinson                               Fresno State                                          7-0                          Sophomore

    Elvin Rodriguez                                   Science & Arts of Oklahoma            6-2                          Senior

    Colbey Ross                                         Pepperdine                                            6-1                          Senior

    Damion Rosser                                    New Orleans                                         6-4                          Junior

    Shawn Royal Jr.                                   Victory Rock Prep (FL)                     6-5                          Post-Graduate

    Kevin Samuel                                       TCU                                                       6-11                        Junior

    Olivier Sarr                                           Kentucky                                               7-0                          Senior

    Marcus Sasser                                      Houston                                                 6-1                          Sophomore

    Jordan Schakel                                     San Diego State                                   6-6                          Senior

    Quentin Scott                                       Texas State                                           6-7                          Senior

    Ronaldo Segu                                       Buffalo                                                  6-0                          Junior

    Jaden Shackelford                               Alabama                                                6-3                          Sophomore

    Terrence Shannon Jr.                          Texas Tech                                           6-6                          Sophomore

    Day’Ron Sharpe                                  North Carolina                                     6-11                        Freshman

    Taz Sherman                                        West Virginia                                       6-4                          Senior

    Devontae Shuler                                  Ole Miss                                                6-2                          Senior

    Roman Silva                                         Oregon State                                         7-1                          Senior

    Aamir Simms                                       Clemson                                                6-8                          Senior

    Jericho Sims                                         Texas                                                     6-10                        Senior

    Javonte Smart                                       LSU                                                        6-4                          Junior

    Chris Smith                                           UCLA                                                    6-8                          Senior

    Dru Smith                                             Missouri                                                6-3                          Senior

    Justin Smith                                          Arkansas                                               6-7                          Senior

    Mike Smith                                           Michigan                                               5-11                        Senior

    Jaden Springer                                     Tennessee                                             6-4                          Freshman

    TJ Starks                                               Cal State Northridge                           6-2                          Junior

    DJ Steward                                           Duke                                                      6-2                          Freshman

    D.J. Stewart Jr.                                     Mississippi State                                  6-6                          Sophomore

    Deon Stroud                                         Fresno State                                          6-5                          Sophomore

    Jalen Suggs                                           Gonzaga                                                6-4                          Freshman

    Anthony Tarke                                     Coppin State                                         6-6                          Senior

    Jalen Tate                                              Arkansas                                               6-6                          Senior

    Maleek Taylor                                      Allen University (SC)                         6-5                          Senior

    Terry Taylor                                         Austin Peay                                          6-5                          Senior

    MaCio Teague                                     Baylor                                                    6-3                          Senior

    Christian Terrell                                  Sacramento State                                 6-5                          Senior

    Cameron Thomas                                LSU                                                        6-4                          Freshman

    Koby Thomas                                       Coppin State                                         6-6                          Senior

    Ethan Thompson                                 Oregon State                                         6-5                          Senior

    JT Thor                                                  Auburn                                                  6-10                        Freshman

    Jeremiah Tilmon                                  Missouri                                                6-10                        Senior

    Clyde Trapp                                          Clemson                                                6-4                          Senior

    D’Mitrik Trice                                     Wisconsin                                             6-0                          Senior

    Jordy Tshimanga                                 Dayton                                                   6-11                        Senior

    Justin Turner                                        Bowling Green                                     6-4                          Senior

    Stanley Umude                                    South Dakota                                        6-6                          Senior

    Chandler Vaudrin                                Winthrop                                               6-7                          Senior

    Alonzo Verge Jr.                                 Arizona State                                        6-2                          Senior

    Eric Vila                                                UTEP                                                     6-11                        Senior

    Mark Vital                                            Baylor                                                    6-5                          Senior

    Franz Wagner                                       Michigan                                               6-9                          Sophomore

    C.J. Walker                                           UCF                                                       6-8                          Sophomore

    Kyree Walker                                       Hillcrest Prep Academy (AZ)           6-6                          Post-Graduate

    M.J. Walker                                          Florida State                                         6-5                          Senior

    Keaton Wallace                                   UTSA                                                    6-3                          Senior

    Josh Washburn                                     Carthage (WI)                                      5-11                        Senior

    Duane Washington Jr.                        Ohio State                                             6-3                          Junior

    Isaiah Washington                               Long Beach State                                6-1                          Senior

    Richard Washington Jr.                      San Jose State                                       6-6                          Senior

    Trendon Watford                                 LSU                                                        6-9                          Sophomore

    Romeo Weems                                     DePaul                                                   6-7                          Sophomore

    Sahvir Wheeler                                    Georgia                                                  5-10                        Sophomore

    Fabian White Jr.                                  Houston                                                 6-8                          Senior

    Romello White                                     Mississippi                                            6-8                          Senior

    Devin Whitfield                                   Lincoln Memorial Univ. (TN)          6-5                          Senior   

    Joe Wieskamp                                      Iowa                                                       6-6                          Junior

    Aaron Wiggins                                     Maryland                                               6-6                          Junior

    Brandon Williams                               Arizona                                                  6-2                          Sophomore

    Jeenathan Williams                             Buffalo                                                  6-5                          Junior

    Keith Williams                                     Cincinnati                                             6-5                          Senior

    Trevion Williams                                Purdue                                                   6-10                        Junior

    Ziaire Williams                                    Stanford                                                 6-8                          Freshman

    Bryce Wills                                           Stanford                                                 6-6                          Junior

    Jalen Wilson                                         Kansas                                                   6-8                          Freshman

    Sidney Wilson                                      SIU-Edwardsville                                6-7                          Junior

    Isaiah Wong                                         Miami                                                    6-3                          Sophomore

    McKinley Wright IV                          Colorado                                               6-0                          Senior

    Moses Wright                                       Georgia Tech                                        6-9                          Senior

    Jacob Young                                         Rutgers                                                  6-2                          Senior

    Marcus Zegarowski                             Creighton                                              6-2                          Junior

    The following is the list of international players who have applied for early entry into NBA Draft 2021:

    Player                                                    Team/Country of Team                   Height                   Status

    Mert Akay                                             Dynamic (Serbia)                                6-6                          2000 DOB

    Carlos Alocen                                      Real Madrid (Spain)                           6-5                          2000 DOB

    Ibou Badji                                             Barcelona (Spain)                                7-2                          2002 DOB

    Aleksander Balcerowski                    Gran Canaria (Spain)                          7-1                          2000 DOB

    Kenny Baptiste                                    Le Mans (France)                                6-7                          2000 DOB

    Juhann Begarin                                    Paris (France)                                       6-5                          2002 DOB

    Hugo Besson                                        Saint Quentin (France)                       6-3                          2001 DOB

    Tarik Biberovic                                    Fenerbahce (Turkey)                           6-7                          2001 DOB

    Vrenz Bleijenbergh                             Antwerp (Belgium)                             6-10                        2000 DOB

    Danko Brankovic                                 Cibona (Croatia)                                  7-1                          2000 DOB

    Gora Camara                                        Casale (Italy)                                        7-0                          2001 DOB

    Malcolm Cazalon                                Mega (Serbia)                                      6-6                          2001 DOB

    Vinicius Da Silva                                Prat (Spain)                                           7-0                          2001 DOB

    Tom Digbeu                                         Prienai (Lithuania)                              6-5                          2001 DOB

    Ousmane Diop                                     Torino (Italy)                                        6-9                          2000 DOB

    Mouhamet Diouf                                 Reggio Emilia (Italy)                          6-9                          2001 DOB

    Biram Faye                                           Girona (Spain)                                     6-9                          2000 DOB

    Usman Garuba                                     Real Madrid (Spain)                           6-8                          2002 DOB

    Matthieu Gauzin                                  Chalons-Reims (France)                    6-4                          2001 DOB

    Josh Giddey                                          Adelaide (Australia)                            6-8                          2002 DOB

    Gregor Glas                                          Dynamic (Serbia)                                6-6                          2001 DOB

    Haowen Guo                                        Shanghai (China)                                 6-7                          2000 DOB

    Justus Hollatz                                       Hamburg (Germany)                           6-3                          2001 DOB

    Ariel Hukporti                                      Nevezis (Lithuania)                             7-0                          2002 DOB

    Dalibor Ilic                                           Igokea (Bosnia)                                   6-8                          2000 DOB

    Rokas Jokubaitis                                  Zalgiris (Lithuania)                             6-4                          2000 DOB

    Kenan Kamenjas                                 Spars Sarajevo (Bosnia)                     6-10                        2000 DOB

    Jovan Kljajic                                        Bilbao (Spain)                                      6-6                          2001 DOB

    Yoan Makoundou                                Cholet (France)                                    6-9                          2000 DOB

    Zsombor Maronka                               Joventut (Spain)                                   6-10                        2002 DOB

    Karlo Matkovic                                    Mega (Serbia)                                      6-10                        2001 DOB            

    Nikita Mikhailovskii                           Avtodor (Russia)                                 6-7                          2000 DOB

    Aristide Mouaha                                  Latina (Italy)                                        6-4                          2000 DOB

    Mario Nakic                                         Oostende (Belgium)                            6-7                          2001 DOB

    Vladislav Odinokov                            Khimki (Russia)                                  6-8                          2000 DOB

    Joel Parra                                              Joventut (Spain)                                   6-8                          2000 DOB

    Tomas Pavelka                                     Castello (Spain)                                   7-2                          2000 DOB

    Marko Pecarski                                    FMP (Serbia)                                        6-10                        2000 DOB

    Ivan Perasovic                                      Split (Croatia)                                      6-7                          2002 DOB

    Franger Pirela                                       La Matanza (Spain)                             6-2                          2002 DOB

    Nemanja Popovic                                FMP (Serbia)                                        6-8                          2001 DOB

    Jaime Pradilla                                       Valencia (Spain)                                  6-9                          2001 DOB

    Roko Prkacin                                        Cibona (Croatia)                                  6-9                          2002 DOB

    Gabriele Procida                                  Cantu (Italy)                                         6-6                          2002 DOB

    Sitraka Raharimanantoanina             Chalon (France)                                   6-10                        2001 DOB

    Hugo Robineau                                    Cholet (France)                                    6-4                          2000 DOB

    Nikolaos Rogkavopoulos                   AEK (Greece)                                      6-8                          2001 DOB            

    Ziga Samar                                           Fuenlabrada (Spain)                            6-6                          2001 DOB

    Gui Santos                                            Minas (Brazil)                                      6-6                          2002 DOB

    Pavel Savkov                                        Baskonia (Spain)                                 6-7                          2002 DOB

    Alperen Sengun                                   Besiktas (Turkey)                                6-9                          2002 DOB

    Alexander Shashkov                           CSKA (Russia)                                    6-11                        2000 DOB

    Amar Sylla                                            Oostende (Belgium)                            6-9                          2001 DOB

    Boris Tisma                                          Sevilla (Spain)                                     6-9                          2002 DOB

    Bojan Tomasevic                                 Dynamic (Serbia)                                6-7                          2001 DOB

    Uros Trifunovic                                   Partizan (Serbia)                                  6-7                          2000 DOB

    Luc van Slooten                                   Braunschweig (Germany)                  6-9                          2002 DOB

    # # #

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