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Thursday / February 22.
  • Walker, Tarczewski Enjoy KU Visits (UPDATED)

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    Chris Walker and Kaleb Tarczewski both enjoyed their weekend visits to Kansas for “Late Night in the Phog” and could end up with the Jayhawks.

    The 6-foot-9 Walker, a 2013 big man out of Florida, said the visit was “great” and that he will “for sure” take an official visit to the school next year.

    He also said he now counts Kansas among his top three, along with Florida and Kentucky.

    As for the 7-foot Tarczewski out of Southborough (Mass.) St. Mark’s, his AAU coach John Carroll, called the visit “great.”

    “He’s been on their campus numerous times,” Carroll told “He went for their Elite camp, he went back for College Gameday last year. He went back in the spring with his mom. He’s really familiar with the campus.

    “Obviously, you can do a little bit more on an official visit. His mom and dad [Bonnie and Eric] went out. They have a close familiarity with the school.

    Joe Dooley’s done an unbelievable job recruiting Kaleb for the last two years and if they get him Joe’s really the main guy who’s been responsible for all of the grunt work, all the leg work.”

    Tarczewski leaves Thursday for his Arizona official and then will decide sometime thereafter.

    “He’s visiting Arizona this coming weekend and he plans to sign early,” Carroll said. “Whether he commits next week when he gets back or takes a week or so I couldn’t tell you.”

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Where are all the Kansas GangsterU folks!

      Kaleb did not commit…yet.

      C’on , what would you do?
      -join the No1 recruiting class of 2012 in Arizona.
      – or go to Kansas “Ineligible U”

      ps- talk to me if Kansas even makes the tournament…7 players (excluding Whithey).

      Bill is Gone.

    • did mcelmore and taylor host them?

    • Do you think recruits like seeing fans from one school bash another one? If I were you I would just state why you think your school is the place for the prospective recruit. I was a recruit once upon a time and if I were in Kaleb’s place that would be very off putting to see a fan acting in that sort of wat. You should really get some class. U of A is better than how you represent them on message boards. The people who try to focus on the negative in others are usually the ones who end up not being successful. Focus on yourselves. Im glad im not a U of A fan because I wouldnt want to be in the same fan base as you.

      Glad to see both Walker and Kaleb enjoyed their visits to Kansas. Hope you both end up exactly where you want to be and Kansas would be a great place for the both of you.

    • Self needs to take lessons from Calipari. I’m not sure Bledsoe knew how to spell his own name, yet he was eligible.

    • or self could just realize that taking a kid who misses a month of class in the middle of the year because he gets booted out of school is a bad idea.

    • again, all the cat fan’s posting on a ku article. jessie jessie, please remember that arizona is in the second tier of teams in college basketball. get a clue!

    • Did McLemore or Traylor host him?

      I am still shocked that both have not left that school.
      I mean, running the heck out.
      What are the families thinking.

      Those kids believed the snow job that kansas was selling and know are greatly impacted.

      How big of a snow job is kansas giving Bonnie and Eric? It must be real huge. We can see the snow joy in Arizona.

    • “Hey, Ma, Can we get some meatloaf?”

    • they might get the marcus camby package to KU

    • package deals is the only way for self to recruit these days. wasnt the kid jabari recruited to help land daniels? that didnt work out to well.

    • well no good sir it wasn’t traylor but nice try. since all arizona fans love following anything ku related, please let me know if you would like links to ku sites. that should keep you in the loop and entertained.

    • Boston cat is a UK fan and KU is definitely on a slippery slope so enjoy the ride. Look at your roster moving forward the cupboard is bare after this season and for some reason no one is buying what self is selling. Plus being in a near extinct conference won’t help going forward. Bad time to be a KU fan:(

    • Wow, I forgot that Kansas landed Perry Ellis for next year and adding Tarc will only make them better. Ellis, Tarc, McLemore and Traylor for next year sure seems better than anything U of A is putting out there.

      PS Can’t bash UK, they have sick talent

    • i guess from now on i need to ask a arizona fan for the 411 on the state of the hawks program. i guess it was bare when pierce, vaughn, lafrentz and williams left. then when gooden, hinrich and and collison left. when simien, lankford, miles and lee left. from there chalmers, rush, kaun, robinson, jackson and arthur took off. collins and cole…..should i keep going?

    • don’t forget peters. i guess he’s not much to brag on…, unc, tx, and ku were his final list. not too shabby. nino jackson maybe?

    • Zona is loading up on talent like KU 08 title team had, turner Johnson jerrett Ashley York parrot hill chol Johnson that’s a lot of top 60 talent. WhO does KU have after this year?

    • KU is just fine. Some of you guys need chill with the hate. It’s not healthy for you long term. Try focusing on the positive things in your life instead. 🙂

      Seriously, we all love college basketball. As a KU fan, I have nothing but the highest respect for my fellow blue bloods and that includes Kentucky and Arizona.

    • Incredibly, I think that this thread has established a new low in college basketball discussion.

    • ku will be lucky to have a team next year uofabj. from what i’ve been hearing they may have to drop down to the division 2 level. that state of ku basketball is in shambles…..haha

    • Not hating just giving my honest opinion.
      Like I’ve stated b4 I always root for KU and have great respect for thr program , but I just feel like something is off with their recruiting lately. What is your lineup for 2012 looking like if Tarc goes elsewhere and even if he picks KU he will still be a freshman with no experience.BC in my opinion Robinson is gone after this year and Taylor is a senior.

    • i thought we should be asking an arizona fan what the lineup for next year is looking like? they’re in the know of everything ku if i’m not mistaken.

    • if you want to know what KU’s future lineup will look like, just identify a bunch of elite recruits then find out who their best friend is…..thats your answer.

    • Sorry I know college ball so well mike miller and I follow recruiting closely.
      Just because I know about KU team and recruiting means I’m obsessed with KU?

    • RE: KU

      Thomas Robinson will likely go NBA after this season assuming he has the year we all expect him to have. Senior Tyshawn Taylor will also be gone. Both are losses to be sure, but KU will survive just fine.

      Next year, KU will likely start a top-100 soph PG in Naadir Tharpe, a top-25 senior PG/SG in Elijah Johnson, a top-40 RS senior WG in Travis Releford, a top-30 frosh PF in Perry Ellis, and *hopefully* a top-10 frosh C in Tarc. And for the record, I do think Tarc picks KU. Just my opinion.

      Off the bench, KU will have a top-50 RS frosh WG in Ben McLemore, a top-150 RS frosh PF in Jamari Traylor, a top-150 frosh PF in Zach Peters, a top-30 RS senior C in Jeff Withey (who I think will put it all together this year). KU will also have a very-talented senior transfer in Kevin Young. Plus, I’m forgetting some guys. Plus, the 2012 class has yet to be finalized. I could still see KU still picking up top-50 PG in Nino Jackson.

      Admittedly, this isn’t the 2008 championship team star-wise, but KU has certainly done more with less talent. And the high school rankings don’t mean everything. I think Butler has proven that two years in a row. The important thing is whether players are a good fit for your team and design.

      What KU does have is excellent fan support and excellent coaching. Also, this is the year where KU posts James Naismith’s original rules of basketball in Allen Fieldhouse like the ten commandments.

      I say it’s a good time to be KU. Remember: it’s wins on the court that matter. Recruiting wins are a *distant* second.

      Like I said before, as a KU fan, I have total respect for UofA and UK, as well as many other programs… except of course for Missouri. Looking forward to a great season. Predicting a UK/UNC finals. 🙂

    • Some people really need to get some class. I am really glad that I am not associated with the same team that they are. Rock Chalk

    • Nice post hawkarama , I forgot about Elijah Johnson who I really like. If they can get mclemore and Taylor to stay and get onthe court they should be fine.
      Tarc decision is close in my opinion if he wants to be the star KU is the spot for him. But in my opinion UofA gives him a chance at NC or two with current roster plus Ashley jerrett and York.

    • very well said hawk. boston…would you mind providing some insight into specific cases besides garrett and daniels? uofabj, i would say that anytime there is an article involving ku on this site, yourself and jessie jessie are all over it. if the shoe fits…

    • SiJesseWildcat:

      You’re better than this. Grow up, young man.

    • actually karma….he isn’t.

    • All these articles for the most part are about Tarc so yes I am interested and like I have said a million times I am a diehard ZONA fan but I also root for KU and Syracuse.

    • I’m a dyed red and blue AZ Wildcat fan for a long. long time. Jessie wildcat does not represent the true Wildcat fan in any way and I apologize for him. He needs to use his knowledge of recruiting and AZ BBall in a positive way, not bashing and gouging another worthy program. Just my opinion!!!!!

    • he would be a great addition along ellis and peters. a young front court looking towards the future.


      “I thought that I was ready and knew where I wanted to go. Then, I really talked to my mom and she told me to chill,” Chris explained on how the motherly advice he received made him reconsider things. “I also thought about things and didn’t have an offer from Kentucky, so I then decided that I want to have an offer from Kentucky on the table before I commit.”

      its pretty cool that he wants an offer from uk so bad. uk is in his top 3 without ever visiting or holding an offer. hope he gets what he wants.

    • Good grief, I didn’t realize that Arizona fans had such an obsession with all things Kansas. Interesting.

      Arizona has a really great recruiting class this year, their first in a really long time. I am glad that this has sparked such renewed confidence in their fanbase, but you folks may be getting ahead of yourself a bit.

      After Arizona’s BEST recruiting year EVER and Kansas’ WORST recruiting year ever, KU probably still has as many top 100 recruits on their roster as Arizona.

      Kaleb Tarczewski has played with Perry Ellis a zillion times, so he is very familiar with him and he would be foolish to turn down an opportunity to work with Danny Manning. He has turned every big man he has worked with into an NBA Draft pick. He would work wonders with Tarc. I am glad that Kaleb is being thorough with his decision, but all signs still point to him coming to Kansas.

      What’s even better? The fact is that KU will be fine without him if he chooses to go to Arizona. Self and Manning continue to coach up the kids we have at an unparalleled success rate.