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Monday / February 19.
  • Stokes Cuts Kentucky; Recruiting Roundup

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    Jarnell Stokes is no longer considering Kentucky.

    “I’m wide open but they’re out [of] my top five,” he said Tuesday by text.

    According to comments the 6-foot-8 Memphis forward initially gave to Jim Tirey of, Stokes said he was hoping to hear more from Kentucky after the Peach Jam but they never called.

    That leaves Stokes, the No. 4 power forward in the Class of 2012, with a list of Florida, Memphis, Arkansas, Tennessee and UConn.

    The Memphis native will attend Oak Hill Academy next year.


    **According to Five Star Basketball, St. Augustine (La.) PG Jevan Felix says now that Dominic Artis has committed to UCLA, Texas is at the top of his list.

    **St. Anthony point guard Kyle Anderson is still considering, UCLA, according to his dad, along with Seton Hall, St. John’s, Florida and Georgetown.

    **Westwind (Az.) Prep point guard Kareem Canty told Alex Kline of The Recruit Scoop Seton Hall is currently leading for him & the Pirates have “been my favorite for a while.”

    **2012 Team Takeover (DC) PG James Robinson has a top 5 of Pittsburgh, Miami (FL), Notre Dame, Virginia & UCLA, per @scoutsfocus.

    **Jake Layman, a 2012 SF from BABC listed a top 6 of Florida, Louisville, Notre Dame, Maryland, Wake Forest & Iowa, per @scoutsfocus.

    **2013 star Julius Randle said in his blog he will “probably visit Duke for Midnight Madness.”

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • So UK never offered, so hes not considering them anymore? Sounds like UK is the one that wasnt considering him.

    • No need to get butthurt about a recruit cutting a certain team from his list of Top 5. All kuntucky fans always say a player was never offered or cal didn’t want the player anyway. Its typical behavior though.

    • if anyone can recognize excuse making for missing out on a recruit, its a ku fan. they have perfected it the past few years.

      but its great seeing uk in kids top 5 despite uk not even recruiting them. shows you how bad kids want to go to uk.

      cal could have the #1 class right now if he wasn’t so picky, but he wants certain guys and is waiting on them. my guess, he will get most.

      stokes is great, very elite player. someone is going to get a great player.

    • November 15th. baby!! Watch out, thats all I have to say. Bill self & Danny Manning develop 4 * recruits into Lottery Picks – i.e. Morris Twins/Thomas Robinson. Enough Said. Its on at MSG with your No. 1 recruiting class. LOL And please no excuses, such as; “It was early in the season, and watch us later in the season.” Bill Self 1 – Calipari 0.

    • “but its great seeing uk in kids top 5 despite uk not even recruiting them. shows you how bad kids want to go to uk.”

      This is the one thing I’ve always admired UK for…..for being a place where kids can go to college….and for being a place where kids can graduate from college….

    • not just the #1 recruiting class (maybe best all time by the way) but look at the guys returning:

      terrence jones: 15.7 ppg, 8.8 rpg
      doron lamb: 12.3 ppg, 48% 3FG
      darius miller: 10.9 ppg, 4.6 rpb, 44% 3FG

      what does ku have returning? hope its a lot since the incoming recruits are more likely to transfer after the season.

    • Well then won’t that be a bummer when “not just the #1 recruiting class (maybe best all time by the way.” does not win the Title or does not even make it to The Final Four.

      TJones meet The Beast Thomas Robinson…he will shut you down. Doran meet Speedy Tyshawn or EJ….by the way – EJ can jump out of the gym as a point guard. D. Miller meet Ben McLemore or Travis Releford.

      Speak all you want…Its on Nov. 15th. at MSG. Its going to come down to pure coaching. You think calipari isn’t worried? LOL National television…better show up.

      Kentucky still mad cuz Kansas won the Zack Peters battle? uk was after him hard, but you guys will say you didn’t offer him. Typical….

    • wow…sounds like some UNREAL players? how did they get completely outclassed by VCU? i watched the game over the weekend and i saw a very slow, unathletic team who could make shots. didn’t see much out of robinson an johnson, they just didn’t play. if they are as good as you say….why didn’t they? are they not better then guys who got beat by players from VCU?

      i understand why you are putting so much on a game on nov 15th…uk is often the national title game for many teams. i guess, ku is no among them. after losing to teams like vcu, northern iowa, bucknell, bradly i see why you are so insecure.

      who is zack peters?

    • It is going to be another pleasnt Victory over calisleazy. Do we need to go back to uk’s past seasons? No need to…you guys were MIA for a long time. That is very embarassing…isn’t it? LOL

      Exactly…who is Zach Peters?? Ask cal…Zach is the next Aldrich and mnore.

    • you mean the past season when we went to a final four. yeah…that was embarrassing. i guess losing to northern iowa and vcu isnt for ku fans, they are just used to it by now.

      now i remember peters. the really elite coaches sometimes recruit a kid hard to get other teams to recruit him and get him to commit, knowing that he isnt that good and it will waste a roster spot. its part of the recruiting games elite coaches play. surprised self fell for it.

    • Were you guys not MIA for a decade or more? LOL Its been so long, I cannot recall. Ouch!!

    • i dont blame you for living in the past. present and future is too bleak.

    • LOL Exactly son. We are right behind you guys, and all it takes is one vacated season and its over. Who will be your coach next…..Josh Pastner?? =P Must of been agony for you sitting there all day, refreshing your page and waiting for me. haha How sweet!! I do know there is nothing else to look forward to in kentucky though.

    • And yes, that decade plus is double OUCH!! LOL

    • we finally agree, ku is behind uk.

    • But KU didn’t cheat to get 2000 Wins or have a racist coach to do it, as uk did. LOL

    • Ssssshhhh….wait for it. (PIN DROP)


      Not bashing….just merely stating documented facts.

    • documented facts like rampant academic fraud at KU?
      documented facts like multimillion dollar ticket scam involving AAU power brokers
      documented facts like impermissible, cash payments from boosters to players.

      documented facts like those that happen at ku while self was at the helm?

      LOL…not bashing, just pointing out documented facts.

    • Better come with something harder. LOL Any vacated Final Fours or Wins? Didn’t you guys once try and claim 2000 Wins, but they were yanked and put on hold? hehe Win a National Championship within the past decade plus, maybe I weill listen. Better start finding some 4 year guys, cuz right now is not happening. Think cal is starting to realize that yet? Do you guys even have anyone signed for 2012? Perhaps the reason, cal is not capable of spotting 4 star glue guys and coaching them into lottery picks. Any monkey can go and play a team full of 5 star recruits and get them to a sweet 16 on talent alone. LMAO OUCH!!!

    • what was i thinking, academic fraud that resulted in probation i guess isn’t enough for ku fans. the minimum is at least stabbings, DUI’s and sexual assault charges. oh…all that happened too. model program obviously. high character 4 year guys that self brings in. yeah….i really hope cal brings in guys like that. maybe we will have more NCAAT success. just hope we don’t get matched up with any mid-majors.

      3 years in a row with the #1 recruiting class. i remember this time 2 years ago non uk fans making a big deal about uk’s lack of commitments. look how that turned out. i’d be worried about ku’s recruiting. no pump brothers helping self has had a huge effect. the only thing self can do is offer package deals to kids. take some recruits best friend or high school teammate in hopes to get the kid he wants. sad really…you think a blue blood program would have to go to that well as often as self does. but self is scrambling bad. did you read the goodman article today? self himself says his team looks like a team from tulsa. not good!

    • They said the same thing after losing all starters off of our 08 championship team losing and 85% scoring. Bill Self was named coach of the year and given a huge pay increase…oh and made it to the sweet 16. It all comes down to coaching, something im sure cal has – a yellow book on his bookshelf that says “coaching for dummies.” LOL Notice you said nothing about getting 4 star guys to the nba draft or in the lottery?

      We could go on and on, back and forth. Just make sure your team shows up Nov. 15th. Don’t want any excuses from you. I can already imagine what they will be. Your “best ever” recruiting class will have been beatn by a bunch of 4 star guys. LMFAO.

    • so KU fans are celebrating pay raises now? interesting to see how your standards have changed. again i dont blame you. when fans are desperate, they will spin anything to feel better.

      tulsa type team…my god, is that what he got a pay raise to bring in? comical really.

    • my question is what does the #1 recruiting class get you if it’s so important? a great year or mulitiple championships?

    • You obviously missed the boat. LOL We know attention is slow and education is not a priority in kentucky though.

      Wait for it…..wait for it. Ah!! the

      {REFRESH}] Button. haha

      Works wonders.