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Saturday / February 24.
  • Kentucky, West Virginia in East Final

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    **Click the Video Player at right for interviews with Bob Huggins and Jim Boeheim***

    SYRACUSE, N.Y. — It looks like the NCAA Tournament may be Kentucky’s to lose.

    Behind 16 points, seven rebounds and four steals from freshman big man DeMarcus Cousins, the top-seeded Wildcats marched into the Elite Eight with a 62-45 victory over upset-minded Cornell in an East Regional semifinal at the Carrier Dome.

    Kentucky, now three victories from the program’s eighth national championship, will face No. 2 West Virginia in the regional final Saturday night. The Mountaineers handled No. 11 Washington, 69-56, in the first game.

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    **West Virginia is the last team standing in the Big East. Read about the Mounties’ win over Washington here.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Absolute ugly second half last night, but I guess I better get use to it because Saturday’s game will be like that the whole game. Rebounding is the key…Cats by 8.

    • cats shut it down in the 2nd half. typical of what we have seen this season. but cornell didnt have much of a shot and i think the uk players felt they could do what they want when they want against the big red.

      the refs were absurd. the 1st half had such a great pace to it. the 2nd half everything was a foul. to not call foote for an intentional foul was terrible. CBS wanted that game to be close.

    • It would still be UK’s championship to lose following any NCAA investigations.

      I’m sure every UK fan out there has at least a tiny bit of aprehension about yet another season possibly being vacated (given Cal’s track record).

      • given rival and haters track record…i understand your point of view. keep those fingers cross…just about the only chance you have really.

      • Not worried at all…..

        What is there to investigate?….That J.Wall likes banana’s as a pregame energy fixer upper…

        That statement about Cal has been played way to much,how can anyone blame him for what the NCAA screwed up on the Rose situation…Rose was cleared to play,why wouldn’t ANY coach not play him if he was cleared?….The blame goes to the NCAA not Cal!

        Go Big Blue!

        • Well the NCAA seems to disagree and Memphis is left with a vacated Final 4 season that will NEVER be on the record books.

          I’ll give Cal this much credit; the guy knows how to cover his tracks well, that’s for damn sure.

          2 separate schools, 2 vacated Final 4’s, I think we can all draw our own conclusions. Good luck against West Virginia.

          • i’ll give you credit. you keep bringing up vacated final fours without any linkage to cal and being completely irrelevant. i guess the more you say it to yourself, the more its true.

          • ZonaWildcat…

            Just because the NCAA disagrees doesn’t mean they are correct in the matter,it just shows that they can do whatever they choose too.
            It doesn’t make their decision the correct one,just because they say it is….It seems the NCAA can make up rules as they go…The NCAA just will not admit that they are wrong,that’s the bottom line….

    • hey, zona. i get it. everyone who isnt a UK fan (except basketball experts) believe Cal cheats even though he obviously wasnt the one who paid Camby (an agent did) and you can guarantee any coach in america would have started Rose if the NCAA cleared him. but i like your new compliance offices motto “if you dont make the NCAA tourney then they cant take NCAA tourney wins away”. stay classy zona!

      ps. sean miller took a demotion to become your coach. he will realize this when every year Xavier is still playing while your Wildcats are picking their nose and your fans are day dreaming about a recruit class like ours that will never play out.

      • First of all enough about Calipari cheating. It seems clear that most non UK fans think he is a cheater, while every UK fan is convinced he isn’t. Let’s see how it plays out. Hopefully UK fans can at least understand why people may suspect he is dirty. That said, UK looks really good right and is killing it in recruiting, so they should be able to enjoy themselves right now without having to defend Calipari at every turn. As a diehard UofA fan, I will admit we would have loved to get Calipari (and many say we would have had UK’s spot not opened up) and I also admit every coach would have started Rose. (I am thrilled to have Sean Miller too).

        However, BigPapijugg you are clueless if you think Miller “took a demonition” (although I don’t see how it had anything to do with ZonaWildcat’s post). First of all, his salary more than doubled. I will take a demotion any day of the week if my salary more than doubles. Also, don’t forget it was Calipari who told Miller that he would regret his decision for the rest of his career if he stayed at Xavier over Arizona, and Miller has said many times this advice was big to him. So I guess Calipari disagrees with you too.

        Just curious; is Xavier on the final list of all these elite recruits? Becuase Arizona is, and this is after a 16-15 season. Now, they might not get Selby, or Lamb, or McCallum, but the fact they in the running for these guys against the likes of KU and UK says a lot, especially when Miler was way behind in recruiting these guys. Why? Because Xavier doesn’t recruit these types of players, not yet at least.

        Just wait until Miller starts winning at Arizona. And for the record we aren’t picking our noses; Miller reeled in a top 12 class last year in four weeks).

        Good luck though on the remaining season; I don’t see you guys losing.

    • You kentucky fans are morons.

      If you took cals italian salami out your asses you would realize that Cal hasnt won shit or ever been to a final four so shut the fuck up and enjoy Cal at kentuckys first final fourwhile it lasts.
      There is no doubt Calipari can recruit, but everyone knows come crunch time he’s a average at best game coach and if he wins it all it will be because of his players.
      Saying Xavier is a better job than Arizona is ridiculous. What are you basing this on the last four years?
      It’s O.K. though because us Zona fans know what you Kentucky fans are all bitter about and so do you,and that will never change bitches.

      • Nice mature response…..

        I could careless about anything in your post,since it seems to come from an immature fan such as yourself.I wouldn’t be happy with the way you stated your comments if I was a fan of Arizona(Since you are speaking for all of them)….I can only hope that your entire fan base doesn’t act as much as a loser that you seem to be….

      • the irony in this of course is that in over 100 years of UA basketball they have just won 1 title. and everyone knows that was mostly luck.

        arizona basketball is a 1 hit wonder yet their fans talk smack like they just won back to back titles.

        i do understand the jealously though. uk is in the elite 8, amazing year and turn around, landing top 20 recruits left and right. ua’s turn around is stuck in the mud. struggle to land top 100 players and being passed by in state rival asu and being beaten by lame teams.

        makes perfect sense to take shots at cal. its all you can do at this point and hope for something to happen.

        • Boston Cat, why was it mostly luck? Pretty dumb statement. They beat three #1 seeds- the only time it has ever happened. Not luck at all. No basis at all to say that. You could argue UofA had the hardest path in the history of the tourney, yet it was luck. Ok.

          Really, UofA should have more than 1 title but they were playing against 8 players in the 2001 game (against Duke; I imagine even UK fans remember that game and the officiating).

          Look UK is a year removed from not making the tournament. These programs have down years. UCLA UConn and UNC didn’t make it either. I truly believe UofA will be back to being a top ten program, and I imagine most UK fans believe that too (they just might not admit it).

          Miller was winning at Xavier with mostly 3 and 4 stars. He recruited a total of two 4 stars in his five years at Xavier. He has already signed 5 or 6 in about 1 year. The guy can coach. Just wait.

          Not everyone is jealous of UK. It is a great program, always has and will be. Bashing Cal doens’t make you a UK hater. People have been bashing Cal for years, well before he was the UK coach.

          Hey 1 title isn’t a ton but is nothing to sneeze at either. I don’t care about what happened in the 40s and 50s. I am concerned with the modern era, i.e. 64 teams and a three point line. KU until 2008 “only” had two titles in its illustirious history. And if titles are the barometer, then you UK fans will admit UCLA is the best program then?? (No, not necessarily; just making a point).

          I mean it when I say all the name calling and comparisons are getting old. And I know some of my UofA brethren is to blame, myself too.

          UK is going really well right now; you should be looking forward to today’s game rather than wasting your time arguing with UofA fans.

    • Did Calipari give Marcus Camby money? No
      Did Calipari clear Derek Rose to play? No

      Why are the Arizona fans on here so cocky? You guys ONLY have 1 title!!! Get over yourselves. And you are crazy if you think we are bitter about losing the title in ’97. If I do recall, UK won ’96 and ’98 and are only 3 wins from from hanging another banner!

      • nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    • Its a frigging blowout …..btw …..anyone seen Big Ben ? …….Ky 74 …….W. Va 53

      • the only blowing going on his what your mother does to my dick

      • So much for the Big East being weak nationally. West Virginia just beat Kentucky for a trip to the Final Four! Go fuck yourself pastaboy.

    • pasta right now its a 4 point game with 10 mins left in the first half. how is that a blowout?

    • You UK fans are funny read all your comments and talk about cocky. I guess you are blind about more than calipari being aa cheater.
      All kentucky fans are in the fetile position due to WV dominating the game right now.
      Sure would hate to see kentucky lose tonight. lol

    • the Great Pasta….snickers

    • Just like I said last night Calipari folds under the pressure. We are still waiting for his first legal final

    • eat shit kentucky fans!


    • Congratulations to West Virginia and their fans on their win….Good Luck moving forward…..

    • Newsflash they will never win with paid one and done players every year.

    • Congrats to kentucky, you have the slimiest coach in the country and the dumbest hillbilly fanbase.
      Enjoy your brand new all freshman paid team next year and the year after if Cal is still around.

      • I believe you must be the dumbest fan on this board and also the most childish….Fans like yourself give the teams they support a terrible name and shouldn’t be allowed to speak on a public forum….

    • Congratulations to W. Va……..clearly the better team tonight….. when you get whupped …you get whupped … least it wasn’t a fluke out of the raftters

    • snickers at getting Brandon Knight …… the treadmill never stops

      • Selby is the real prize in my humble opinion.

        • Yes, he is the real prize. April 17th can’t get here soon enough.

    • BlueCat32 its over, you lost, go home and cry yourself to sleep, because your dream team just lost and they are all out of money.What a program.(snickers)

    • Pasta,

      Welcome back to the planet earth.