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Friday / February 23.
  • Josh Selby Decommits from UT; Barton in Elite 24

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    Josh Selby, the No. 2 point guard in the Class of 2010 out of Baltimore (Md.) Lake Clifton, has decommitted from Tennessee.

    “I … just decommitted from Tennessee,” Selby announced on his Facebook page. The quote was first reported by Gary Parrish of CBS

    Reached by phone, Will Barton, a Memphis commit who is Selby’s cousin, added: “I haven’t found any information on that. I don’t know.”

    The cell phone number Barton gave me for Selby doesn’t work and Parrish reports that Selby has changed his cell.

    Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl is in Israel coaching an American team in the Maccabiah Games.

    Before committing, Selby had reportedly scheduled visits to Florida, Virginia Tech and Memphis. Jeff Goodman of cites a source indicating Kentucky is now the favorite for Selby’s services.

    As for Barton, he heads to Florida Thursday for the Super Showcase.

    He said he will participate in the Nike Global Games Aug. 7-9 in Portland, Ore. and has been invited to the Boost Mobile Elite 24 event in New York City Aug. 22.

    He will play for Brewster (N.H.) coach Jason Smith next year.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Does this mean Joe Jackson may be leaning towards Tenn. ? If Memphis loses Jackson …..Selby would be a good trade off .

    • I expect Selby to commit to Memphis to play with his cousin.

      • What about Joe?

    • and as a UK fan i dont really want him because we are widely considered the leader for Brandon Knights services. I would rather have a 4.0 student/#1 PG in the nation than the #2 PG with decommitts

      • After being suspended multiple times, Selby was finally asked to leave DeMatha. He was allegedly caught cheating on multiple occasions. Who do you think fits the Calipari/UK profile better, Knight or Selby?

        Why would a kid, who gets a 4.0 in a good hs, waste nine months of his life attending the state school in Kentucky? It’s not like the university attracts the best and the brighest.

        • Hey hey! Don’t be jumping to conclusions….. Oh, wait, you already have. It’s not like UK has a great architecture school and a great medical school…. what? Oh, they do! Wow, I mean, obviously a math major like yourself would know that….. Huh? He isn’t a math major? Really? Oh, he wants for people to think that he is smart from his screen name. My bad. I guess when you don’t understand that WWW might have been pushing a Nike school because WWW has STRONG TIES to Nike and instead assume it’s the Calipari connection instead that you aren’t intelligent enough to be a math major, but instead a below par statistics major. We can’t all be Math majors, it’s okay, dont cry! Have a nice day!

          • (Not a facetious comment)

            Talking trash on what sort of education another anonymous poster has, or bragging about your own level of education, is certainly a losing battle as you’ve already admitted to attending a 2nd (3rd?) rate school. I mean, theoretically there are worse schools than Kentucky, but I doubt the poster is going to admit to attending one of them.

          • Somehow having a degree is worse than not having a degree? I have a degree, yet you have not told me yours. Maybe you don’t have a degree? You have yet to tell me if you do, and if you do, you have yet to say what kind it is. But somehow I’m supposed to take your ranking system of the level of the undergraduate and graduate school is? Subjectivity with stupidity? Have a great day!

          • There are plenty of objective rankings on the web. I have 2 degrees actually, both from schools better than Kentucky.

            And before you say that the last sentence constitutes the same “bragging” I ripped you about, let me point out that there are over a hundred schools better than Kentucky some good, some not-so-good.

          • Yet you still don’t tell me what they are. So, go ahead and tell me them. Please. I want to rip the degree sooooo bad. It’s…… an itch I have. So, anyday now! Have a great day until then =)

          • I’ve mentioned the two schools I’ve attended in previous posts (that weren’t silly ‘my school is better than yours’ arguments). Feel free to search for it and rip away. Neither is Harvard or MIT, but I proudly display both degrees.

            That said I’m having a hard time thinking of a school that plays major conference basketball that isn’t better than Kentucky so I’m really not sure why you’d want to enter this realm. I haven’t looked at these lists in a while, but since NJIT became D1 perhaps they’re worse academically?

          • Well, I guess if you are too afraid to say your degrees and your school I’m just going to have to say that you are full of it. I mean, you are obviously sooooo good that you named the websites with the rankings on UK. (Honestly I think you are thinking of our Highschool system) But hey, I guess people without a degree can’t understand the difference. Oh, and “perhaps” isn’t really proof. Sorry, I know its a difficult concept. Maybe a few years in college would help you? Have a great day!

          • I didn’t realize a mathematician would be so bad at the internet. I’ve mentioned my 2 allegiances many times on this web site. Perhaps you could get someone from Louisville to help you find it.

          • I’ll give a hint to start you out: What conference does Zagoria cover?

          • I mean, obviously I read all of your posts! Thats a realistic expectation! You really are on your A game tonight! Cut the middle man and just say your school(s) and then tell me your degrees. Btw, have you read all of the posts from the “Which pair of Wildcats will Gilchrist go to?” article? If you have, …. laughter should insue…. Just cut the stuff out and tell me where you got your degrees from and what they are? I mean…..

            (The rest is not facetious)

            Look, as much as I don’t like you, I have been honest. I’ll even send you a copied version of my degree with the honors that came with it. But to run tail and not be straightforward makes you childish (IMO). If you don’t want to tell me then I’ll give you my email and you can send the info there, along with the virus you sooooo want to send me (lol). Cut the “stuff” and just be upfront. Have a nice day.

          • You have said ‘Cuse before, but just because you root for them, which you have stated, doesn’t mean you graduated from there. Could be a family or location thing. But, you still haven’t told me the degrees which are far more important.

          • (Not a facetious comment)

            For all who may find this funny

            The University of California at San Francisco has the best AIDS program in Medicine according to U.S. News and world report, I would give you the link if my computer wasn’t messed up lol. Funny stuff.

          • Because what schools I attended have nothing to do with basketball. I’ve mentioned my educational history multiple times in various threads over the last few years and don’t care to debate it.

            The school you attended became relevant when you attacked another poster’s intellect/education. Assuming they attended the schools they root for, very few fans here will be impressed by your Kentucky degree. Might be a good idea not to talk trash on other’s educations considering your glass house.

          • I don’t have a degree from Kentucky, maybe you can’t read? I’m a dual math/physics major at UK, I received my associates of science from a community college. Ftr, since you think when you “counter attack” somebody who is attacking somebody for their intellect/education that it somehow makes you exempt from such an arguement, you have committed a logical fallacy. Have a great day Mr. No degree!

            P.S. Read the post before that, it’s no joke, Cal @ San Fran seriously did have the best medical program in AIDS. Funny stuff.

          • No, the logical fallacy was your initial appeal to authority (which is especially silly when that authority is yourself, a new and anonymous poster on a web site).

            USF is the largest university in a city of over a million people. It doesn’t surprise me at all that there would be top programs at their medical school, especially programs that are very important to their population base.

            In the same vein, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that Kentucky’s Medical School has great dental, obesity or diabetes programs.

          • Btw, where did you learn to avoid questions so well? Running for politics anytime soon? Political Science degree maybe? lol

          • Thankfully, dominating this debate didn’t require a Harvard J.D.

          • OMG, you have no sense of humor, seriously. You are also ignorant to the fact that it is not USF, but Cal @ San Fran. How does it feel being that “absent minded” (insert other choice word to liking in quotes)? And, for the record, UK does have a good dental program, but not the no. 1 lol (according to U.S. News and Report anyways)

            Yes, UK having a great dental program is funny lol. The diff. between you and me (besides everything) is that you have no ability to actually admit mistakes, or humorous things. How’s that borderline disorder coming along? Anyways, being a blogger here for over a year gives you more authority? REALLY???? I guess I missed adam giving out ranks lol!! Anywho I’m not going to refute being an authoritarian, simply laughable, I’m simply stating logic. I’m done insulting you, other than saying your logic is MEGA fail only to avoid the true question of….

            WHAT ARE YOUR DEGREE(S)? Simple, yet so revealing.

          • Ya, I know, you are the greatest Big Ben, I falter to your LOGIC and ability to ANSWER QUESTIONS. Whoa is me! lol

      • Yes, It is a DONE DEAL….

        JS will be a “Calicat.” tm

        WWW made one last, strong visit to the mother of JS.

        And this time, the mother (under desperate time) heard enough and the De-Commit happened.

        WWW talked about his influences in the NBA.
        WWW talked about his success in $$$ with Rose and TE.
        (some should see those written agruements…WWW gets PAID.)

        JS is a DONE DEAL.

        Pastanoodle…..What are the Memphis Penalities?

        Do TELL.

    • Selby will go to Kentucky because of “Uncle” Wes. It is a done deal. This should be a wake up call for Bruce Pearl and the other SEC coaches to blow the whistle on UK and cheaters. The honest schools can’t compete with WWW and Calipari.

      • Hey! Have you read your screen name lately and thought you might be one? Anywho, it’s not that you got the “Uncle” Wes thing wrong in its entirety……. It’s just that the wrong freaking kid is being inserted into your pseudo story. I believe you’re thinking of M. Gilchrist. I guess when you don’t have a brain it’s kind of hard to understand those basic details when blasting somebody. Have a nice day! Remember to smile! lol

    • It makes sense here to assume that WWW was involved. If he re-commits to a Nike school now it will seem all the more suspicious.

      I have no great love for WWW or his great friend at UK, but I can’t say I particularly blame either of them for taking advantage of a system that they did not create. The NBA’s one-year rule is clearly a problem, but I do not think that is the only problem. I wish somebody would shed some light on what exactly the role of the various shoe industries are in all of this.

      Perhaps it is nothing sinister, but their involvement with AAU teams, NCAA coaches, and players is undeniable.

      Perhaps one of the most underreported stories I’ve seen on recruiting this summer was a comment from a the coach of the Memphis Magic AAU team, Kenneth Easterwood. He asked his players (including Joe Jackson and Tarik Black) would they rather go to the Tennessee Elite Camp or the Memphis Elite Camp. They all said Tennessee. Before they left they “got some calls” from shoe companies that expressed to them that it would be in their best interests to go to Memphis. The Memphis Magic is an Nike funded team. Memphis is a Nike school. Tennessee is an Adidas school.

      The only place I saw this story was on Gary Parrish’s blog. And he didn’t offer any follow up.

      Maybe I am naive, but when it comes to stories like the Selby story or the Easterwood story, I think it would be a great opportunity for a Gary Parrish or an Adam Zagoria to do some heavy investigative reporting and instead of telling us what happened telling us why it happened and what really goes on. In particular with the shoe companies. I for one would really like to know.

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        I am a UK/Calipari fan, but I agree that the whole shoe company contract thing is very disturbing. Thanks for being a little more open minded than some “others” on this blog are. Nike is becomming far to powerful, and thus becomming a problem. I wander how long the NCAA will let this go on, or if they will even make a stand. Great post.

    • (Not a facetious comment)

      I personally believe that this might be a Nike inside job, Kind of like a certain “confiscated video.” Nike is beginning to overstay their welcome in the contract world. It might be that Calipari wants Selby and got WWW to orchestrate all of this like some on this blog actually believe, (I am not discounting only stating that I think such a belief is fallacy filled) because not only will B. Knight be a likely land at UK but so will Doron Lamb and or Kyrie Irving. All are either Combo guards or a true PG (in the college scene anyways). Plus E. Bledsoe (unless he transfers or opts to go into the draft) will be at UK next year. I thus highly DOUBT that Calipari wanted him so bad he used his WWW connection. I will say that I think something isn’t coming out that can lead this story into the correct direction. Whatever it may be, something smells fishy no matter what the case may be. Nike? Calipari? WWW? Something else? Nobody knows for sure, but in a few weeks, hopefully something new will emerge. (Don’t have time to spell/grammar check, sorry for all errors)

    • Maybe its the Bartons that helped him to decommit from his 5th school?

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        Idk terp, good chance, but I have read somewhere that the Bartons and Selby aren’t that close, though that kind of contradicts the story about Selby going to play with the Bartons this coming year. Who knows? If I find a link to both of them, or either, I’ll post it here.

    • LOL …. We go from Selby decommits at Tenn ….to Cal and WWW are lying scumbags and are behind it ….. Brandon Kinight will go to Ky. if Wall leaves and lets not forget Ky. will still have Bledsoe ….so I doubt Selby has an interest there.

    • i have a question for UK fans, and i am not trying to trash anybody, i just want to know what you guys think.

      do you really like having a team of one and dones? knowing that the core from your team is gone after one year, the next year will just be the next batch of one and dones?

      i would find that hard to really get behind those players if i could only root for them for 6 months and not watch them grow and improve. some of the most popular jayhawks are guys like Darnell Jackson who was nothing as a freshman and grew into a terriffic player. the fans get a connection with players that stay longer. for example i feel much more connected to someone who is a 3 or 4 year player than Darrell Arthur, who was a star from day 1 but only stayed for 2 years.

      so i guess i was just wondering if you guys like or dislike having a brand new team every year?

      • Its not about recruiting one and dones …..its about recruiting the best players available ……you should be able to answer that question your self after next year when Henry leaves .

        • Rodney Carney stayed at Memphis 4 years …developed into a great player …..CDR 3 years …Joey Dorsey 4 years …Antonio Anderson 4 years ….Robert Dozier 4 years ….with 2 one and dones at Memphis the past 2 years … one really got the sense of it being “a brand new team ” every year. Perhaps a new star player the past 2 years …but not a brand new team .

          • Of course, chances are quite slim that the Kentucky administration would have allowed some of those guys to stay eligible for as long as Memphis did.

          • Tell me, how did you calculate those chances? All probabilities assigned to such an event are ALL subjective. But hey, I dont need to tell somebody with a ….. errr……. some type of degree. Do I? Have a great day Ben!

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        Jhawk4 – Personally, I think that I will like what happens next year. But we haven’t had a “one-and-done” at UK from any recent times that I can remember. I think having only one or two one and dones is great per year. I think a healthy mix of 1er’s 3er’s and 4er’s is healthy mix. I personally like to see a few grow, but I like having immediate results too.

        • I agree ….. a star player who may be a one and done …mixed with a good group of 3 and 4 year guys …..

    • Calipari has graduated 83% of his 4 year players at Memphis ….80% at UMASS …..I imagine they stayed elegible because they went to class and made decent grades Ben …… Cal’s players will do the same at Ky. It must suck to be a hater like Ben .

      • He may not have such influence over administrators and professors at Kentucky.

        • Ya! Everybody is evil Big Ben! How’s having no degree working out for you?

        • It was Cal’s influence at Memphis that got his guys to class .Also like most college athletes they have an extensive tutoring program while traveling …and while at home . Like I said Cal graduated 83% at Memphis ….prior to him the graduation rate was 0% at Memphis . Under Cal if you missed a class ….you sat on the bench .

          • Signed Derrick Rose.

          • Signed Carmello Anothony too?

    • According to Gary Parish WWW may be involved .

      • In case Kentucky/Calipari fans don’t know, it was current Tenn. coach Bruce Pearl who blew the whistle on Illinois in the late 80s.

        • Yeah and it took him years to get off the black ball list …..he won’t go there at his current position …. remember the Southwest conference ? ……. Texas started fibbing on Houston and then everyone was telling on everyone …and poof ….no conference.

          • That would be one way to think of it. The other way is that Pearl isn’t scared to ruffle feathers and maybe WWW shouldn’t be handing out Hummer keys to Pearl’s commits.

          • Handing out keys to cars is old school . archaic , mundane …….no if there is a quid pro quo …its much bigger …it involves the NBA and NIKE ….besides …maybe Pearl has Joe Jackson in hip pocket if he jettisons Selby …who knows . Until someone proves something wrong …. it is what it is .

    • a

    • Latavious Williams going to Europe