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Saturday / March 17.
  • Kentucky, 'Nova Leading for Gilchrist

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    It could turn out to be a two-horse race for Michael Gilchrist, the No. 1 player in the Class of 2011.

    “Michael loves Villanova,” Cindy Richardson, Gilchrist’s mother, told the Philly Inquirer. “It’s Kentucky, Villanova. Villanova, Kentucky.”

    Gilchrist said two years ago that he wanted to play for Memphis and now that John Calipari has left Memphis for Kentucky, many expect the 6-foot-7 swingman to end up at Kentucky.

    Gilchrist’s uncle, William Wesley, known as “Worldwide Wes,” also enjoys a close relationship with Calipari.

    Kyrie Irving, Gilchrist’s teammate at Elizabeth (N.J.) St. Patrick, revealed that he and Gilchrist are best friends and sometimes talk about playing college together.

    “Me and Mike, we talk about Kentucky mainly,” Irving told me. “Coach Cal, he’s a great coach. And the whole coaching staff when I got to know them at Memphis, I have a great relationship with them. It’s just a top program.”

    Villanova coach Jay Wright has also followed Gilchrist closely and was on hand last January when he scored 28 on Oak Hill in a loss at the PrimeTime Shootout in Trenton. Villanova has successfully recruited numerous New Jersey players in recent years, including former St. Patrick star Corey Fisher.

    Since Irving is a year older than Gilchrist, it isn’t inconceivable that Gilchrist could follow his best friend to college.

    “I’m looking for a school that has a fast-paced transition game,” Gilchrist told the Inquirer. “I just want to be with my friends. . . . I want a friend to come with me to school.”

    Gilchrist has been contacted by a slew of programs since college coaches were permitted to call on June 15.

    Kentucky, Rutgers, Louisiana State, North Carolina, Duke, Oklahoma State, Seton Hall, Florida, Florida State, Oregon, Indiana, West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Southern Cal, and Connecticut have all been in contact, according to the Inquirer.

    “It’s wide open,” Gilchrist said. “I want to be recruited heavily.”


    (Photo courtesy Philly Inquirer)

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • “Close relationship”? As in close you mean “close” like Guillory was to USC and Tim Floyd, during O.J. Mayo’s recruitment? Somebody check ol’ Worldwide Wes bank accounts, Cal is streamlinging those pocketbooks with Kentucky Blue money! Can somebody say, “sketchy”!!!!!!

      • Why is it so hard for people to believe that most players dont want to play in a “high-low” program? Gilchrist said he wanted to play in a transition type up-tempo offense. He lists two programs that have coaches who stress that style. The only legitimate program outside of Nova and UK that stress transition ball is Louisville. Why does everything involving Calipari have to crooked? He has never had NCAA sanctions. Unlike Bill Self, Roy Williams, Rick Pitino……

        And Im not calling the above coaches or programs cheaters. With as many regulations the Ncaa has, everyone breaks the rules. Some of you guys are afraid of what Calipari is able to do in recruiting the best players year after year.

        • It’s a myth that Calipari’s teams play particularly uptempo basketball. Last year they were 147th nationally in tempo (out of 341 teams). The year before they were 87th. Villanova tends to be average in the tempo department as well. Carolina, Kansas, Duke, Gonzaga… Those are the 4 teams that consistently play up-tempo according to the numbers.

    • How is William Wesley Gilchrist’s uncle ?

    • Wes and Gilchrist’s family are both from Camden and he has known Mike’s mom since they were young.

    • Kentucky will be on probation anytime now!

    • Correct you are Jackalope……. BIG BLUE TSUNAMI

    • so does that make him there uncle or just a family friend

    • North Carolina motion offense is up tempo (in fact I always think that is Roy’s strategy to just run and shoot). I just have a huge problem with people thinking that Cal is an amazing coach because of the DDMO. It is an offense found both in the NBA, and dominantly found on AAU teams. Everyone knows why, it emphazies one-on-one, beat your man off the dribble situations which require highly athletic players to showcase their skill-set. Cal is not a good coach, (see end of National Championship game) he is just a great recruiter. He has basically adapted an offense that will attract players who want to showcase those talents; Rose, Evans, Wall, etc. for the next level the one and dones. I believe the NBA age limit rule saves Coach Cal, and he should thank them on a regular basis.
      In closing the DDMO is not a good offense, even the most unathletic of teams can stop it with a stout zone and trap defense (watch Mike Anderson and Mizzou absolutly stiffle Memphis last year).

    • JackaLope, you’re way off on the high-low offense. Just because Bill Self preaches defense and also likes the high-low offense doesn’t mean the Jayhawks don’t push it up the floor.

      Cal is a great recruiter, but his X’s & O’s stink and UK fans will find this out soon enough (i.e., see 2008 NCAA Championship and last year’s Sweet 16 vs Mizzou).

      • No, I dont think im off base. Kentucky ran the high-low for the past several years. But they also pushed it up the court. Just about every team wants to score in transition. That is not going against my original statement.

        But you cant just have a transition offense. You also must have a half court offense. That is where the Jayhawks implement their high-low. Cal does not rely on picks and rolls, he relies on beating your man off the ball. So he recruits players that best fit this model.

        And I never singled out KU for not pushing the ball up the court. They obviously are able to recruit players that fit their system.

        Cals reputation as not being an X’s and O’s coach come from him letting the players make the decision depending on what is in front of them. If they hit the shot THEY get the glory, if they miss the shot CAL gets the blame.

        • The issue is that Self’s teams consistently play a faster tempo than Cal’s.

          Cal’s reputation as being a bad X and O coach comes from him not developing any player beyond where he was coming out of high school and completely melting down in big game situations. His being a bad coach has nothing to do with DDM, as Roy’s secondary break is a quite open offense as well and you won’t hear many calling him a bad coach

    • Coach Cal also teaches great defense …look up Memphis defensive stats the past few years. He plays uptempo ball which these kids love ….keep saying he’s not a good coach …it merely shows your ignorance ……in 17 years of college coaching Cal is 441 and 139 ……he’s had 1 losing season ( his 1st at Umass) ….he’s won his conference 12 times …..been to the Ncaa tourney 11 times and the NIT 5 times . 3 elite 8’s ….2 final 4’s ….including a runner up …and 2 sweet 16’s . He’s done all this at mid major programs . No he has no NC but he will soon …multiple times . He’s in a major conference now at a program which loves and supports basketball . BIG BLUE TSUNAMI headed your way .LOL ….not a good time to be a Cal hater . Oh did I forget to mention ? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Naismith College Coach of the Year (1996, 2008)
      NABC Coach of the Year (1996, 2009)
      Basketball Times Coach of the Year (1996)

      Sports Illustrated Coach of the Year (2009)
      A-10 Coach of the Year (1993, 1994, 1996)
      C-USA Coach of the Year (2006, 2008, 2009)
      John Phelan National Coach of the Year (2009

    • Also ….Calipari has never been investigated……sanctioned ….penalized ….or in any way shape or form accused of any wrongdoing by the NCAA …..the guy is clean and the haters who fear him have only innuendo to blather about . Its not going to be a good year to be a Cal hater …..BIG BLUE TSUNAMI ….lol

    • The irony in your statement is that no one actually fears him! He is just an overrated coach. Great defense? How so? Could you throw some stats at me to back your point up because I just compared him against 9 other current coaches on and am not seeing what separates his defense from theirs, nothing stands out on steals, blocks, defensive rebounds. The only thing I see is him leading the way with a .443 shooting percentage while the others have a signficantly higher average hovering around .470. Remember this is a lifetime average not just the last two years, where he caught lightning in a bottle.

      Never been sanctioned, or investigated, yet two schools he has coached has been, can you say guilty by association?

      Could you also put an astreik by his name when you say he has been to the final four twice? I mean afterall thats the way its reported in the offical NCAA record books.

      • Either Cal is dirty or he has no control of the programs he’s been at. Not sure which is the bigger indictment.

    • 3 points lower in defensive fg % is huge …. and you say Memphis’s defensive stats the past few years don’t count …LOL … convenient .I see no asterisk beside Memphis’s final 4 appearance in 2007 …perhaps you could provide a link ? You can say guilt by association if you want ….I won’t because I believe in the Constitution and truth , justice , and the American way of life. BIG BLUE TSUNAMI headed your way ……blather on . ROFL

    • I was refrencing his Final Four with UMass . Both programs have been investigated while he was the head coach.

      Here is the stat for that one….uh thank you.

      “and you say Memphis’s defensive stats the past few years don’t count …LOL … convenient” Can you show me where I said that? No seriously show me where I said that in my last post. I did say, “Remember this is a lifetime average not just the last two years, where he caught lightning in a bottle.”

      Either your too indolent to actually read a post, to stupid for basic reading comprehension, or the most likely ignorant and slanted. You love misconstruing posts to your own twisted end. Sorta mirrors everything else about your posts, and golden calf coach.

    • Also again your comments point to how it is absolutly impossible for you to read a post accurately and respond.

      The .443 shooting percentage is a composite of John Calipari’s team shooting percentage offensively.

      The other coaches average .470 offensive shooting percentage.

      Which is why this line you write is such a classic!

      “3 points lower in defensive fg % is huge ”

      .3 points fg % differnce is huge defensively or offensivley.

      Wise up and read the posts you make it too easy for me to make you look like an ass.

    • Ahhhh …and now the name calling begins …the frustration sets in …..Memphis under Cal has played great defense the past few years and the stats bear that out …..maybe he didn’t focus on defense at Umass ….maybe he’s just learned to coach better defense and incorporate it into his coaching philosophy ….I have no idea ..but the fact is he’s a great defensive coach now ….which is what I posted …….” Coach Cal also teaches great defense …look up Memphis defensive stats the past few years.” … go back and average his defensive stats from 17 years ago when he was a rookie coach is misleading and has nothing to do with what I posted .

      • Wow, is that all you got? I’m not frustrated, I just feel bad for you.

        “Cal has played great defense the past few years and the stats bear that out …..maybe he didn’t focus on defense at Umass ….maybe he’s just learned to coach better defense and incorporate it into his coaching philosophy”

        When you play teams regularly in your conference like Tulane, Central Florida, Eastern Carolina, etc. You better have an improved defense hahahahaha! Your asking us to compare Apples and Oranges. Mid-Major teams and their records and defensive states against High-Major teams with their records and stats. Their really not comparable, level of play is competly different.

        I am still waiting for you to show me where I said this, “and you say Memphis’s defensive stats the past few years don’t count …LOL … convenient ”

        “to go back and average his defensive stats from 17 years ago when he was a rookie coach is misleading and has nothing to do with what I posted .” How so? Its a comprehensive stat, the sum of all parts together.

    • as for the fianl 4 appearances …Cal has 2 …… Umass was forced to vacate 1 . UMass had its 4-1 1996 NCAA Tournament record vacated when the NCAA discovered that Minuteman player Marcus Camby had accepted money and gifts from an agent.[11] Calipari was eventually cleared by the NCAA of all charges of wrongdoing. In fact …..Umass still hangs their banner ….asterisks are only important to the blathering losers .

    • The fact is Calipari is a top coach in the game today …he will be in the HOF ….he will win at least 2 NC’s at Ky……. and ther’s just not a damn thing you can do about it ….LOl …accept it like a man …BECAUSE ……THERE’S A BIG BLUE TSUNAMI HEADED YOUR WAY

    • Cal has 2 …… Umass was forced to vacate 1 . Coach Cal was the coach of a UMass team that was forced to vacate, somehow your adding 1+1=4 to you when really 1+1=2

      “Umass still hangs their banner ….asterisks are only important to the blathering losers .” Oh and the official NCAA record books, from which the stat was found.

      “The fact is Calipari is a top coach in the game today …he will be in the HOF ….he will win at least 2 NC’s at Ky……. and ther’s just not a damn thing you can do about it ….LOl …accept it like a man …BECAUSE ……THERE’S A BIG BLUE TSUNAMI HEADED YOUR WAY”

      A coach with a vacated final four, a national championship game meltdown, and investigated twice by the NCAA a HOF!!!!! Your so funny. LMAO, ROFL!!!

    • I guess we’ll find out how Cal does this year against the top teams ….. maybe Ky . will have Mich St. down by 30 at the half ….or beat Texas by 22 ….. and Ucla by 19 ….(snickers) …..its gonna suck for you I predict

    • Like the way you predicted Xavier was going to UK……(snickers) Or he could get owned like they did down by 24 against Mizzou, or an NIT team like Georgetwon. Oh you mean the “impressive” win against a 31-7 Texas team or 31-9 #5 seed? Haha good try!

    • yeah those 14 losses the past 4 years were tough ….especially Missouri

    • (snickers)

    • Not sure I follow you. 14 losses in a lousy Mid-Major with top 50 recruits? Outrage!

      gotch ya!

    • Please stop making it easy!

    • Winniest active ncaa basketball coach in men’s division I …..percentage basis ……………….John Calipari …end of discussion ….checkmate …ball game …..

    • Winniest? Is that even a word? Nice “inclusion” percentage basis. Umm actually Roy Williams winning percentage is .81 while Cal is .761. For the love of God please learn how to read stats!


      Check mate eh?

    • Again plese stop making it easy.

    • By the way Roy Williams “real” spread offense blows Cal’s stat absolutly out of the water!

    • Oh bad ,,,I was factoring in Cal’s next 3 seasons at Ky …( 38 and 2 ) ….82% total …and that’s a stretch …. his 2010 team could run the table …40 and 0

    • Last 4 years Cal at 92% …Williams 83% …Cal introduced the ddm 4 years ago ….. you lose again

      • Last 4 years
        Cal: 15-13 vs. RPI top 40 54%
        Roy: 39-14 vs. RPI Top 40 74%
        Self: 29-15 vs. RPI Top 40 66%
        Kentucky Coaches: 20-30 vs RPI Top 40

        So Cal seems to be an upgrade from the Kentucky coaches of the last 4 years, but don’t be silly and suggest he’s in the same class with guys like Self and Williams.

    • “Oh bad ,,,I was factoring in Cal’s next 3 seasons at Ky …( 38 and 2 ) ….82% total …and that’s a stretch …. his 2010 team could run the table …40 and 0”

      -Let me translate “Hi Im pastaboy I am a complete idiot barely able to throw a complete sentence together. I screwed up on a post because I like to throw stats out without researching them to verify. So in order to cover my butt I was “factoring” Cal’s next 3 seasons. Sure I can’t see into the future, and their is no way to predict this, and I have a history being wrong like the time I told everyone it was 90/10 Xavier Henry was going to Kentucky, but because I screwed up on a post I am trying to cover it up best I can.”

      How exactly did I lose?

      Last 4 years 92% in Conference USA with conference rpi of 141

      or 83% in A.C.C. with Conference rpi of 57.3

      Got any more softballs I can smash over the fence?

    • No I wont be silly……….he is a definitely a step below! No national titles to show!

    • Oh my gosh how bad does it suck to be owned by all of us pastaboy?

    • According to the various haters and losers in here …..looks like Cal will get exposed next year in a major conference …any predictions on Ky’s record next year ? Step right up and make that prediction …hahahahahaa ……I say Ky. wins the Sec and Ky’s record is a conservative 30 and 6 …..with a berth in the final 4 …..

    • waiting for those bold predictions ……………………

    • This is the part pastaboy tells us how back in the day Memphis beat Texas by 24 and Michigan St. down by 32 at the half, and then goes on to tell us how good Kentucky will be. Blah blah blah blah blah!

    • Im still waiting for a response on all these stats thrown at you, how do you like Big Ben’s post pastaboy?

    • “total …and that’s a stretch …. his 2010 team could run the table …40 and 0″

      Isn’t that your preditiction? 40-0 (snickers)

      Well I would have to look at next years schedule, but playing in a league like SEC which will be piss poor next year I predict at least 5 losses.

    • Though a 30-6 prediction was a nice attempt of admitting absolute defeat!

    • It should be an easy prediction to formulate …..Cal plays about .500 ball against the top 40 ……plays about .500 ball against a Bcs conference …..give him the cripples ….. c’mon …step up to the plate ….give us your Ky. prediction for 2009/2010 …….I say 30 and 6 ……what do you say? …bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok ……hahahahaha

    • waiting for those bold Cal predictions……………… bok bok bok bok bok bok bok

    • Don’t mistake the SEC for a great conference, but I’ll go with 26 wins overall, 11 in the SEC and they end up in a tie for 2nd place (with either Florida or Tennessee taking the title with 12 wins and the other tying UK with 11. The Mississippis win 9 in the SEC and are also invited to the dance). 2nd round loss in the tournament, which is pretty typical for a team dominated by freshmen.

      • So noted …btw …Florida is picked 4th in the East …..good luck

        • By whom? Kenny Boynton is a better scorer than John Wall so if you think Wall is going to lead Kentucky to an SEC title you best look around a bit.

    • I have dominated you today, game over, you have reverted to asking me what I think Kentucky’s record would be and then “bok” like a chicken. Go home take a shower, and come back tomorrow after a good nights sleep and your wits are about you (thought doubtful).

    • That’s what happened to Michael Beasley/Bill Walker at K-State top 5 recruits

      • Decent analogy, especially because Beasley was the best shooter on his team as I recall (and from everything I’ve read Cousins is no Beasley).

    • No Cousins seems to be a rather raw prospect. Perhaps why most mock drafts have him either barely in or out of the lottery in the first round.

      • Beasley might be the best freshman I’ve seen in college. The second half of his game against Mayo and USC was about as ‘giddyup’ as I’ve seen a player. Walker also outplayed Mayo in that game IIRC.

    • Still waiting for your prediction schmuckus ……bok bok bok bok bok bok

    • Notice how Ben is already downsizing the SEC …sure they’ve had a couple of off years ….. but they’ve had as many final 4 teams as anyone the past 20 years … with new and strong coaching ….. at Ky. Ga . S.Car ..Miss … and Ala. they’ll pick up …..when Cal wins a NC next year ….it’ll be fun to watch you idiots run down the SEC …hahahahahahaha

      • The SEC is definitely improved from last year and the year before, but they’re still the 5th best conference in America. It all depends on if the Mississippis are for real. And if Cal wins a NC no one will be saying anything about the conference he plays in (though most will be waiting patiently for the NCAA to vacate it).

    • I am not going to predict until I see their non-confrence schedule, what if I make a prediction and then they play 10 top 25 teams? or 10 cup cakes? What good is it? I will predicty that they will finish top 3 in SEC, probably a 3 or 4 seed with a sweet sixteen apperance.

      • so noted …you can remove your beak now

    • Alls I notice is your redirection, never replying about Cal’s top 40 rpi record the last 4 years after the DDMO was instilled. Or how Roy Williams has the better winning percetnage.

    • beak?

    • Wonder how an overrated coach like Cal could possibly get a 3 seed when he’s not beating up on the East Carolinas of the world ? ….hmmmmm

      • A 3 seed? What happened to 40-0? LOL.

        • 40 and 0 was my prediction for 2010/11 ……3 seed was the prediction by theschmuckus

          • Wow, you’re expecting us to make predictions for 2010/11 despite the assumption that none of Kentucky’s 2009/10 starters (besides the stiff JUCO transfer) will be at school? I predict you’ve almost doubled the number of wins UK will have.

    • Whic is it pastaboy?

      “..when Cal wins a NC next year ….”

      “I say Ky. wins the Sec and Ky’s record is a conservative 30 and 6 …..with a berth in the final 4 …..”

      Well decide between one or the other! Good God man stop contradicting yourself!

      • Before one wins a NC …one must get to the final 4 ….

        • Exactly and Cal has 0 legitimate final fours. Work on getting a FF that isn’t vacated before you start talking about Championships.

    • In logic your responses would be labeled Ad Hominem Tu Quoque fallacies

      • In the sports world your posts would be labeled total bullshit due to your hatred , and fear of one of the best coaches in basketball

        • The only people that fear Calipari are Kentucky fans.

    • Also most of your posts are full of Red Herrings

    • so we are on record ….Big windbag predicts Ky ..wins 26 games next year and loses in the 2nd round …………….the schmuckus predicts a 3 or 4 seed .

      • pastaboy what is your prediction? 3 or 4 seed with a loss in the sweet 16, however I will give my official prediction once Kentucky’s full-schedule is out. Once that happens I have no problem makina prediction, “on the record”

        • My prediction is a 30 win season and at least a final 4 …3 one and dones in the same rotation ….God you people are dumb

          • 3 one and dones? I’ll give you Wall and Cousins. The next best recruit on this team is Orton at RSCI#19 then Bledsoe at #52. Pretty unlikely guys ranked that low are 1-and-done.

            For reference, North Carolina’s better class, better returning squad and obviously a better coach won 28 games when Ellington, Lawson and Brandan Wright (all top 10 recruits) were freshmen. Kansas’s squad the year before (Julian Wright, Brandon Rush and Mario Chalmers- all top 13) again with a better returning squad and better coach won 25 games.

            With a weaker schedule and conference but a worse coach I think 25-28 games is a pretty well-supported spot.

          • the non conference schedule will be tougher than Carolina and Kansas combined ….. Cal does’t play Ft. Hayes st. types in non conference

          • Another complete fabrication from Pastaboy.

            Over the past 4 years, “Coach” Calipari has played 23 sub 150 RPI teams in the non-con (again, not counting his cream puff conference schedule)

            Kansas has played 20 and Carolina has played 22.

            As for this year:

            Kansas has announced games against Memphis in St. Louis, @UCLA, Michigan and California at home, @Temple, and @Tennessee.

            Carolina has announced games against Texas in Dallas, Michigan St at home and @Kentucky.

            Kentucky plays UConn in NY and home games against Carolina and Louisville.

            Nice try.

          • pasta what are you talking about. Fort hays st is an Exhibition game, it doesnt count, and KU always plays the local d2 schools for exhibition games because those small teams make money off of it.

            KU plays 8 teams in there non conference schedule that made the tournament in 2009, 6 of which are listed by ben above. thats over half of there non con games against 09 tourney teams. there is no was UK has a better non con schedule than KU.

          • Very misleading Ben ……try running the stats based upon who played the most top 25 teams in non conference in the past 4 years ……

          • Top 25 teams (non-con only) in the last 4 years

            Kansas 12
            Memphis 11
            UNC 10

          • If you look back over the last 4 years you’ll see that Memphis made their money on teams ranked 50-150. This is called the Missouri Valley strategy of ‘maximizing’ the RPI. Play a lot of games against the Drexels and Northeasterns of the world.

    • Hey Pasta, Ky will go 24-13 and make it to the 2nd rd…..and you said that Cal has never been penalized…well he was penalized last summer…a recruiting violation that evolved Emmanuel Negedu..the ncaa took away one offical vist and didn’t allow memphis the recruit Emmanuel Negedu and more…….and you should know that since ur a x-memphis fan

    • im not going to predict records because they havent released there full schedule, but i think UK is a sweet 16 team, maybe elite 8.

      having said that i have a much easier time seeing them getting upset in the second round than seeing them make the final four. you have to learn how to win in the ncaa tournament and UK has nobody with that experience. its hard to win with a bunch of freshman without a clear cut leader who has been there before. (see KU-Bradley 06, as much as the memory of that game makes me want to vomit, its a good example)

      if i had to guess i would say 3 seed, but i could see them catching fire and being a 1 or 2. the talent is there, but the lack of experience will be there undoing.

      • They’ll start off slow ….about 12 and 4 …then Cal will start the streak ….and they’ll be in the final 4 with 30 wins ….. freshman like Wall and Cousins will develop in late Jan …. just like Rose and Tyreke …. Patterson and Miller will provide leadership ….however potential one and done talent like this is not your typical freshman situation late in the year … Cal’s history is getting them ready for the lottery ….so if they’re ready for the NBA …they’re ready for the NCAA tournament . The speed of this team will be mind boggeling ….Wall and Bledsoe both are supposed to be as fast as Rose ….. they’ll dominate the SEC next year ….. Tenn in Knoxville could be their only conference loss .

    • Ky. will be a 1 seed

    • i think at florida will be tough, as will at MSU and at LSU. having said that they will probably lose a game they shouldnt in conference because they will have a giant target on there back the whole season.

      i dont think this team is as good as 2008 memphis was. UK has too many question marks because of there youth. how will starting 2 pg’s(wall and bledsoe) work out? how polished is cousins? will patterson be able to stay healthy? will they be able to knock down consistent 3’s? how much better did miller get in the summer? will they be able to play against a zone?

      for me to annoint UK as a final four level team some of those questions have to be answered, and we wont know until we see them perform.

      • the Memphis 07/08 team had 2 scoring threats ….. this team at Ky. will have 4 ……if Wall is as good as Rose it could get ugly for the opposition ….. I’ve heard Bledsoe is looking very good in workouts with Wall …and holding his own …..could be the fastest backcourt ever …I think the question mark is Cousins …look for him to sit and sulk early …until Cal breaks him in ….. Dodson was recruited at Memphis as a zone buster …along with Hood …. I think they’ll handle zones …… like I said a slow start and a fast finish

    • I loves how Pasta hype up this Ky team…How do you know this team will have 4 scoring threats when you have seen none of them play ? and the 07/08 mem team had 6 scoring threats and had ton’s of experience….Ky has none….And Dodson is no zone buster because he’s an avg 3pt shooter at best…..It will take Cal 3 years before he do anything special….this team has no experience and no leadership…this team will be a 6th seed

      • Memphis had Rose and CDR as scoring threats ….. Dorsey was not …. Dozier was not …and Anderson was not …..Wall , Bledsoe , Cousins, and Patterson are scoring threats …..Dodson is a great 3 point shooter 43%….. Patterson and Miller are experienced and as for leadership …. they have several guys to choose from …….this team may be the greatest college team ever assembled …..trash them while you can …. I’m gonna have a lot of fun in here next year

    • Pasta, like i said memphis had 6 scoreing options….here is a break-down
      J Dorsy had 10 double digit scoring games, Dozier had 15, Anderson had 16, Mack had 13…along with CDR and Rose….=6 then you can add Tagget had 6, A Allen had 3 and W Kemp had 6….=9 options thats could score….

      I see you know nothing about memphis basketball….To even say this KY team might be better then the 07-08 tigers is just crazy….Are u really comparing a team that has 6-7 freshmen to a team that had 1 and tons of experience ?

      Dorsey and Anderson were both lock down defenders….Dozier and Tag pulled the other teams big men away from the basket because they had range all the way out the the 3pt line…Dosery locked up the paint….do Ky have one big man that can shot ? no !! anyone that can get there own shot besides wall ? no !! and Wall and Beldsoe has no range and u telling me thats you starting back court ?

      • Both Cousins and Patterson will be much better offensively than Dorsey ….Dorsey was a rebounder and a gargage man on offense …could not create his own move in the post the way Cousins and Patterson can …… Dodson is a much better outside shooter than either Dozier or Anderson ….. and Rose was never really much of an outside threat ….. just like Wall …only Wall is bigger and probably smarter …..until Feb. Rose played out of control …..This Ky. team will be better than the Memphis 07/08 team …anyone with a smattering of basketball knowledge will agree .

        • Anyone with a smattering of basketball knowledge would be careful to expect these heights from freshmen.

          • These are not ordinary freshmen …they are the best of the best ..and with a coach with experience getting guys ready for the next level in a hurry …they will develop quickly …also expect Patterson to raise his game up considerably under Cal …Miller also

          • You have 2 great freshmen, no doubt about that. Many teams have had better incoming classes and achieved less than you’re predicting (with better coaches).

            Remind me of the last big man that got a guaranteed NBA contract after working with Calipari. I mean obviously he has gotten out of the way and allowed Derrick Rose and Dajuan Wagner to freelance their way into NBA paycheck, but the last big man that got a guaranteed contract after working with Cal was Marcus Camby, right? Dorsey was a 2nd rounder obviously. Maybe I’m forgetting someone?

          • your post is rambling and incoherent Ben …

          • Translation: Pasta got schooled into submission again.

    • Pasta you are crazy !!! 07-08 Teams was already a lock for the final 4 before rose got to memphis!! did you forget the Memphis was already an elite 8 team ? and why would you campare Dodson to Dozier ? Dozier was a PF-C….Dodson is a SG-SF….So he sould be able to shoot better then PF-C……

      and since u are a huge Cal fan answer this….has the DDM ever worked with a PF & C both in the paint ? No !! So how will Wall and Beldsow be able to get to the rim when it’s 2 big slow players taking up space in the paint ?

      and I guess you didn’t really watch the tigers play…Rose started the season on fire…..he had maybe 2 bad games outta the first 15…how did he play outta control and the team won its first 24 games…..u crazy !!!

      and how can u say that KY will start 12-4 and is better then a team that started 24-0….thats crazy !!!

      I see that you are just a Cal fan and knows nothing about basketball….and anyone with a smattering of basketball knowledge will agree

      • Early on Rose drove the lane and just lost the ball trying to do too much …not until the Georgetown game did he settle down and began shooting from the outside more and let the game come to him …..he improved from there ….everyone knows this Wayne ….. Dozier was a stiff ….and Anderson had to play tough defense to get a spot ….he has no skills offensively …another stiff ….they lost their great shooter from the previous year Jeremy Hunt …..Rose made the difference…as will Wall/Bledsoe / and Cousins ……the ddm will work better with talented big men ..Cal just never really had any at Memphis …..the drive by Wall ….with 2 options on the lob/dunk or he shoots LOl ………….no way to defend it . Ky. will be playing a tougher schedule than Memphis did in 07/08 the 1st 16 games …besides Memphis was lucky to beat USC …and they caught Georgetown and Arizona at home …and Buldinger was hurt for Ariz.

        • Bayless was out not Budinger.

          • whatever

          • Someone that watched the game would have known the difference between Budinger and Bayless. Shockingly you don’t.

    • If wall gets into the paint UK will be pretty hard to stop, that is why teams are going to figure out that to stop the ddm, play a sagging zone and force UK to shoot threes. those games will hinge on Dodson and/or Hood to get the opponent out of the zone. if i was a UK fan i would not feel comfortable with that.

      • Teams that play zone anyway ie. Syracuse …can give the ddm a tough go …but teams that get out of their normal defense and try to throw together a junk zone game week usually have little success agains the ddm ….. I refer to you to the record 137and 14 since the ddm was installed ……they can keep the game closer and lower scoring …but ultimately Cal’s teams will prevail .

        • Besides …..I think people are going to be shocked at how well Dodson shoots the ball and …he’s not merely a spot up guy …he can slash and finish too ….as Cal said about Dodson …”when he shoots you just expect the ball to go in” . Cal was growing weary of the situation spot up guys at Memphis …they were either hot or cold …mostly cold …Mack , Sallie . And please don’t give me that juco line either …Dodson was good enough to get an offer from Pitt …he ‘s just had grade problems …and still does I’m hearing …if he’s not elegible then Ky. will be in trouble next year. He’s that good .

          • Not eligible for Cal? Now that’s a joke. Nothing to worry about.

          • Exhibit 317 that you weren’t a Memphis fan before Kentucky hired their coach.

    • Pasta’s comment on next year’s KY team:

      “this team may be the greatest college team ever assembled”

      Now THAT is an interesting topic for discussion ….

      Right now I’d vote for Indiana 1976, or maybe the Michael Jordan UNC team of 1983-1984 that Indiana took out in the Tournament …. the UCLA teams of Jabbar & those with Bill Walton can also get some consideration.

      but, I think it’s a little early to say how well UK will do next year. Players have to play their roles and not try to always be the go-to guy like they were in HS. Should be fun to watch.

      • right now I’d vote for Indiana Terp ….. if Cal beats Tenn. and doesn’t blow the game to Kansas due to a fluke play …then at 40 and 0 I’d say Memphis . But if’s and buts.

        • Exactly, ifs and buts. If Jamont Gordon hits the shot at the end of Memphis’ second round game, they’re just another Memphis team propped up by a weak schedule.

          • Lol … a 40 foot prayer ….Memphis had them measured all the way … idiot

    • Once again pastaboy proved he has no idea of the dimensions of a basketball court. Apparently Chalmers shot to tie was also 40 feet. How far was Laettner’s turnaround? 29 feet?

      • Gordan may have had a better chance if he hadn’t dribbled the ball off his foot rofl ….Memphis was up by about 10 with 30 seconds to go dumb dumb …the game was OVER ……..

        • Yet another time Cal’s coaching could have cost Memphis the game.

          • The way Cal had Dorsey play their big rebounder was great coaching ……and it won the game

          • They were up 10 on Mississippi State with how much to go? Cal was doing everything he could to lose the game, as usual.

    • Memphis 2007-2008 did have a great team – no question, even if Kansas pulled it out in the Championship game. We all could argue for days on the “best” team of all time and just have our own opinions. It’s hard to compare different eras. I think Calipari will show us what he’s made of this upcoming year. I believe it’s harder to coach a team of all-stars then it is to get a lot of second-tier players to work as a team. I always love to watch a team like Princeton and their back-door offense take on the big boys. As much as I rooted for Georgetown during the 70s & 80s, I was really pumped to see Princeton almost take them out in the first round. Team ball is what I most like seeing – the one-on-one, NBA style is pretty boring (at least to me).

      Also, I’ve never seen Wall play – he sounds like he’ll be fun to watch. I think UK will get better over the year, but a number of schools (like UNC) have a good class coming in so we’ll see how they all progress. Kansas should be tough – interesting to see how Self works Henry into the lineup.

      • it’ll be interest ing to see how Henry works Self into the line up …Self isn’t in Cal’s class …he can’t handle lottery caliber players .

    • Really? So Julian Wright, Brandon Rush, Deron Williams, James Augustine all recruited and coached by Self are lottery playes, versus Tyreke Evans, Marcus Camby, and Derrick Rose. Self has 16 years of coach, John Cal has 18 years of coaching. Self hasa total of 15 players he has coached that our in the NBA, and John Calipari has 9. Self has one national championship, Cal has none.

      Pastaboy for once I agree with you! Self isn’t in Cal’s class, in fact Cal couldn’d hold a match to how MUCH better a coach Self is then Cal.

      The common thread you have with Self’s players is this. Guys who are blue-chip propsects who after superb coaching end up making it to the NBA i.e. Kaun, Jackson, Tyshawn Taylor (eventually will), Deron Williams (was not top 25 recruity), James Augustine, etc. These guys were not top 10 talent, yet self turns them into role players and stars for teams. Coach Cal well look at where Dorsey is at (getting a technincal foul while in street clothes during a summer game( CDR hardly a role player, in fact the only person within the last four years (the implentation of the DDMO only one has any significant minutes each game in the NBA and that player is Derrick Rose. Of course Rose would have been drafter top 3 no matter where he went, so the arguement that Cal gets players up for the next level is weak, really guys like Rose, and Evans are in more of a holding pattern waiting for the NBA then being trained how to be an all-star.

      • CDR was starting at the end of the season … one has heard of these Kansas guys in the NBA ….. they are typical NBA fodder….. Cal develops stars ……Self babysits run of the mill guys …..Self can’t coach a Rose or a Tyreke …… and Xavier Henry will be a disaster ( already is) …….and as we all know …the NC was a fluke ….

        • I’ll take 1 fluke NC over 0 legitimate final fours. Especially since he’s coaching so much less talent.

    • Correction “Guys who are blue-chip propsects who after superb coaching end up making it to the” ‘

      Should be changed to

      “Guys who aren’t blue-chip propsects who after superb coaching end up making it to the”

    • besides rose who is a star from calipari in the NBA?

      CDR averaged 13 minutes a game last year, Chalmers averaged 32 on a playoff team, Rush averaged 24. Chalmers and Rush had way better seasons than CDR.

      Self will coach Xavier just fine. Self doesnt depend on 1 and done guys to make his teams good.

      theruckus is right, Cal didnt really help evans or rose get to the pros, if they could have jumped out of high school they would and been drafted in a very similar position. Cal doesnt develop stars. he recruits stars and lets them do whatever they want on the court for a year and then they are gone.

      • Scouts were saying in January that Tyreke was not even a 1st rounder …Cal developed him …as he did with Rose

        • Tyreke Evans was the 3rd ranked player in the country coming out of high school and he wasn’t considered a 1st rounder?

          Pastaboy, ladies and gentlemen. He’ll be here all week.

      • LOL …yeah besides the rookie of the year …what has Cal done? ROFL …what a bozo ….

        • Name one guy that wasn’t a lottery pick coming into college that Cal made into a lottery pick. Even CDR fell to a 6 foot 7 inch second rounder. NBA scouts have little respect for Cal’s teaching ability.

          • another lie by fat Ben

      • Let me know when Cal loses to Bucknell in the 1st round with a team that started the season at number 1 ……hahahahahahahahahahaa

    • Scouts were saying in January that Tyreke was not even a 1st rounder? What scouts? Sources please!!!!!!!! Or is this just another imaginary “point” you pull from lala land, which it is because all the mock drafts I viewed for the entire year always had Tyreke as a lottery pick!

      “LOL …yeah besides the rookie of the year …what has Cal done? ROFL …what a bozo ….”

      I am going to go out on a limb and say that either, Blake Griffin, Hasheeb Tabeet, Ricky Rubio, or Jame Harden win rookie of the year awards. Not because I am a fourtune teller, but because I obviously understand the stats. Since 2000 8 of the 10 players drafted in the NBA were top 5 picks. Of those top 5 picks guess what the average rating as a recruit was? Oh hovering just around top 5! Dude you are such an idiot! OMG this is too easy! If Cal was a great coach like you claim, then he would have taken the talent he had with Rose and turned him into National Player of the Year at the Collegiate level, instead he has to make it to the NBA and be under a “good” coach to win Rookie of the Year.

      WISE UP FOOL…..I dominate you!

      • I was referring to Rose as rookie of the year ….now what that represents is a FACT …..not speculation which is slanted with a fear and hatred of basketball’s top coach ….. LOL ( so easy)

    • besides rose who is a star from calipari in the NBA?

      Rose, oh I guess you could also say Marcus Camby and perhaps CDR, after all he is third best with a 4.9 point average and just around 14 minutes a game! Oh I am sorry you said star, as in a starter? Just Rose (snicker)

      “theruckus is right, Cal didnt really help evans or rose get to the pros, if they could have jumped out of high school they would and been drafted in a very similar position”

      Yeah out of high school is 6-5 and also has amazing dribble skill set and quickness and pastaboy once us to believe that Coach Cal developed those abilities.

      Here is one scounting report on him pre-memphis

      “A rangy combo guard with a very long reach, Evans is able to penetrate by his man at will with crafty hesitation moves and crossover dribbles. He also loves to pull up from three off his hesitation dribble. When he gets into the lane, he has superb body control and an eye for spotting the open man. Not the quickest player laterally, Evans has very good defensive instincts and knows how to use his range to come up with steals. He is also able to dominate the defensive boards from his guard position.”

      I rest my case

      • John Wall …..Brandon Jennings …..and the list goes on and on …… evidently the players could care less about “your case” ……they know who can get them in the lottery …and not as a 12 or 13 … 5 lottery …that’s Cal’s rep …sorry you lose again …..and its not just me saying you lose …its the players …hahahaha ……hell Cal can recruit 5 star poing guards as back ups now …ROFL

        • Brandon Jennings chose Tim Floyd and then Lute Olson before he realized he could never qualify. Perhaps if he would have chose Calipari’s ‘offense’ he would have been able to play in the states.

    • No I don’t your conceding defeat. That at best was an incoherent emotional laden response in which you interject Brandon Jennings, a guy who committed to Arizon and later played Euro-Ball. What he has to do with Coach Cal, and how you threw him in the mix boggles me!

      I will go out on another limb, John Wall will be a Top 3 pick and should be the number 1 pick due to the lack of pg’s in next years draft, and the high demand they are in the NBA. If he isn’t in the top 3, then Cal is indeed a horrible coach!

      • Meant to say Brandon Knight …..with Cal’s direction and coaching prowess Wall could very well be the number one pick ….again another top pick for Cal ……not the middle of the 1st round pablum Self baby sits

        • Wall would be the #1 pick this year. The sign of a coach is how many average recruits he makes into first rounders. Self has at least 10 that fall into this category. Cal has 0.

          • “It’s just that I’ve seen what coach Cal can do recently with (point guards) Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans,” Wall told HighSchoolHoop Tuesday morning. “I just feel like coach Cal can get me where I want to be the fastest.”…..the top kids know who the best coach is …..for stars ……no doubt Self can baby sit the middle of the road guys …but it takes a top coach to recruit and coach the prima dona’s ……Cal can …Self can’t …… just look at the disaster Self has already made of the Henry situation .

          • CDR …..Carney ….Shawne Williams ….. average recruits …1st rounders developed by Cal …..another blatant lie by Big (Mouth) Ben

          • CDR wasn’t a first rounder. Shawne Williams was a top 20 recruit. 10-1 Bill Self.

    • Alls I am doing by making the prediction is stating the obvious, the guy could have gone to Northwestern University and been a number one pick!

      • Please list top 5 lottery picks coached by Bill ( the stiff) Self?

    • Self has a lottery guy this year …..yet has already managed to destroy his team;s morale by coddling him and kissing his dad’s ass ……LOL Cal takes these prima dona’s and teaches them dicipline and toughness …and how to play defense …get in shape ….. play within the team concept ….his record speaks for itself …..these kids know who the top coach is …that’s why they’re lining up to play for him and that’s why they would follow him anywhere ……. Xavier Henry is totally unhappy where he ended up ….. he wishes he was with Cal right now ….. his season at Kansas will be a disaster …..he knows Self has no clue how to coach a top NBA lottery guy like himself .

      • How to coach an NBA Lottery Guy According to Pastaboy/Calipari:

        Roll the ball out and let them do whatever the infants want. Who cares if you win or lose? Who cares if you’re really eligible or not, I won’t be here long enough to feel the repercussions. You’ll keep getting top recruits as long as we showcase them and they get to take 30 shots a game.

        How to coach an NBA Lottery Guy According to Self:
        No, we don’t guarantee minutes at Kansas. If you come in and work hard you’ll earn the minutes with your talent. You absolutely must play team defense, none of the freelance BS that you see down in the holler. We’re here to win titles not to showcase you for the next level. And if you screw up on or off the court you will be benched just like any other player.

        Sorry, but I’ll take Self coaching my team any day of the week and so would anyone who understands the college game.

        • Cal puts guys in the top 5 …..Self puts pablum in the middle of the pack …..these are the fact …and they are irrefutable

          • Every player Cal has had in the top 5 were top 5 NBA draftees out of high school.

            Either way I’d rather have a guy that actually develops players into great college players/teams than a guy who allows players to freelance their way into NBA contracts without developing them into better people/players/teams. It’s called coaching, I understand how a Cal fan wouldn’t understand.

        • funny Ben …I didn’t see any quotation marks on Self’s supposed philosophy … Ben …that diatribe represents what you wish Self could be …..what he factually is is a little pathetic wimp running off to Henry’s house to kiss Carl’s ass …LOL

          • You lose again.

    • the only guy projected to be in the lottery for KU right now is Aldrich. and i think self has a clue on how to coach him. The reason Self hasnt had a top 5 pick (until Aldrich in 2010) is beause the NBA drafts on potential, and since the one and done rule the top 5 picks usually have 2 or 3 one and done guys Self has never recruited those players, so when his players are junior and seniors they dont have as much potential because they have developed more.

      Self’s calling card is the way his teams defend and play within the team concept. his record speaks for itself as well.

      and if X was so terribly unhappy he could have left 2 weeks ago when everyone thought he was gone. X and CJ didnt think there was any problem, his dad overreacted and said things he shouldnt have and then apologized for them.

      Self doesnt owe X anything, and KU is deep enough next year that X will have to earn his minutes. how is self hurting the team morale when he went to visit them? self even said in an interview that something like the Henry situation isnt out of the ordinary, it just rarely becomes public knowledge. if Self isnt worried about the situation then neither am i, and neither should you

      • blah blah blah ……… Self has his 1st lottery pick now in the form of Xavier Henry ( courtesy of Calipari) ….and he doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. He can’t get the kid to enroll ….can’t get him to practice with his teammates …..the only thing Self can do is be beckoned to OK. City to kiss Carl’s ass ….thereby destroying his team’s morale . Adrich is a middle of the pack guy …you’ll never hear of him in the NBA ….. anyone can coach these guys ….it takes a star …to coach a star …and Cal is a star

        • It takes a star to roll the ball out and let mildly retarded stars run the team, take 25 ill-advised shots per game and lose big games they should win.

          • Please list the times Cal has flown to a players house to re-recruit him ? …..LOL ….. Self lost control of his team …..he has big problems ahead

          • Derrick Rose ring a bell? After he committed to Memphis Cal went to see him every other week as Rose was considering taking a higher offer… I mean different school.

          • Amazing that a “Memphis fan” would bring that up. All along I thought pasta was a Kentucky fan. This post really adds some evidence there.

          • another blatant lie by Fat Ben ….. Ben I’m going to have to ask you to start providing links unless you can stop making stuff up …sorry

          • Pasta clearly isn’t a Memphis fan.

          • is that a link Ben ?

          • Like your link to Brandon Jennings committing to Memphis or CDR being a first round draft pick (I could go on and on. Pasta clearly hasn’t followed Memphis basketball before a month ago).

            Here’s one (of many) links discussing Calipari’s constant visits to Chicago to ‘visit’ Reggie (err Derrick). This one of course talks about the envelopes of cash that he delivered each payday, but my point is it was well known that Cal was a frequent visitor:


          • Meant to say Brandon Knight ( 4th straight top 5 guy by Cal) …obvious typo …’re right CDR went in the 2nd ..but now is starting for the Nets …..your link is no good ….another lie …..

          • Brandon Knight’s #1 is the same coach that was Kentucky’s #1 choice: Billy G.

            The link actually says exactly what I told you it said. If you had a job you could find that out.

    • Get you Cal hatred posts in early folks ….in 4 months Big Blue begins its next phase of college basketball domination ….. its gonna get ugly for the haters …real ugly …… 15 years of Kentucky domination …..Cal will win 6 NC’s and probably end up with over 1,000 wins ….. the greatest college basketball coach in the history of the sport …..its gonna really suck to be you guys …..but I’ll be here to help you get through this :0

      • If Cal could coach as well as he could recruit, I would almost believe this. Fortunately, (as he as proven in the last few years) good recruiting does not overcome bad coaching (see meltdown in final 2 minutes of reg. in championship game against KU and Missouri ownage in last year’s tourney).

        • 137 and 14 …..end of argument …you lose …Cal wins ….next pathetic loser

          • What was the record against the RPI top 40 again?

            I’ll miss pastaboy when Calipari is kicked out of the NCAA.

          • Calipari is 29-22 (57%) against BCS conferences since 2004.

            After you vacate the 2007-2008 season he’s 19-20 (49%) against BCS conferences.

    • No, no, JayJayPG it wasn’t a “meltdown” it was a fluke shot by Mario Chalmers remember? The lack of discipline when the game matters most i.e. a blown foul and an umpteen amount of miss free throws certainly shouldn’t be blamed for them loosing.

      • Exactly. Toughness and mental discipline are 2 things that the great college basketball coaches teach their wards. It’s hard to teach this to spoiled 1-and-dones but in crunch time the best coach’s team is playing the best.

        Cal’s teams never perform in crunch time. Part of this could be the preponderance of less-than-intelligent players he ends up getting, part of it could be that his stars are always of the 1-and-done variety, part of it could be he just doesn’t know how to coach toughness and discipline.

        Regardless, if a Calipari-coached squad didn’t run away with the game, they’ll fold if given enough time to do so. Every college basketball coach and fan knows this. The only ones that don’t admit it are fans of whichever team he happens to be coaching at the time.

        • 437 and 139 …… 12 conference titles in 17 years ….3 elite 8’s 2 final4’s and a championship game …. post season 16 out of 17 years ..only one losing season ( his 1st at UMASS) ……. oh and lets not forget ……………………………Naismith College Coach of the Year (1996, 2008)
          NABC Coach of the Year (1996, 2009)
          Basketball Times Coach of the Year (1996)

          Sports Illustrated Coach of the Year (2009)
          A-10 Coach of the Year (1993, 1994, 1996)
          C-USA Coach of the Year (2006, 2008, 2009)
          John Phelan National Coach of the Year (2009)
          its pathetic how jealousy of a great coach can lead you to simply deny the facts Fat Ben …..and lets remember Calipari accomplished all of this while coaching mid majors ….. and still his teams beat the big boys …… and now Cal has a ticket to the BCS cocktail party …with the best recruiting class in history LOL …..this is gonna be fun

          • Calipari is 29-22 against BCS conferences since 2004.

            After you vacate the 2008 season he’s 19-20 against BCS conferences.

    • In reality Memphis was absolutly dominated against KU statistically and time of posession wise. If you go back and look at the official stats at my point will be proven. Their were only two times in which Memphis really had a significant lead was the first part of the first half, and after the 9.19 mark in the second half.

      • largest lead by either team was 7 …until Memphis started to put Ku away ….. missed free throws …. fluke play = fluke NC for Ku …sorry the facts don’t lie ……America agrees with me

        • Putting a team away involves well putting a team away, until a whole hose of things happened i.e. missed free throws, turnovers, offesnive rebounding for KU, all that equals a poorly disciplined team on Memphis end.

          • sorry the facts don’t lie ……America agrees with me

            This must be your response when you realized how moronic you are and declare “America agrees with me” I feel like I am talking to a 10 year old. Pastababy! HAHAHA I love it!

        • The “fluke” was a number of factors…

          1) KU staging a ridiculous comeback and dominating offensively in the final 2 minutes.

          2) Cal’s lack of instruction (or the team’s lack of discipline/execution) in

          a) Fouling Collins before passing to Chalmers for “The Shot”

          b) Allowing Chalmers (who had made clutch 3’s all year long) to even
          touch the ball…let alone get a shot off. How about check the scouting
          report next time?

          c) Letting CDR drive to the basket (resulting in a foul and two missed
          free throws) instead of trying to run down the clock.

    • Oh here pastaboy goes with all of Cal’s accolades, notice how he isn’t able to put NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!1

      • Roy Williams won his 1st at age 55 …Cal has 5 years to go to beat that …..I think he will win 2 in the next 5 years ….. Id bet you your house if you had one …..I have no need of a double wide ……………..LOL

        • No but Bill Self does and has coached for less amount of years 16 to Cals 18 and has ZERO!!! I would love to bet you unfortunatley your mommy and daddy wouldn’t let you gamble away their basement bedroom!! Ziiing!

          • Self is also 3 years younger than Calipari (and is far better than 53% against BCS teams) and has yet to vacate 2 final fours.

    • 36-32

      Memphis’s record against BCS teams since Calipari took the job in 2000.

      And that is pastaboy’s ‘best coach in America’.

      • That’s 53 percent to those of you who can’t do the math.

        You think Roy Williams, Bill Self, Ben Howland or Tom Izzo would keep their jobs if they were 53 percent against BCS teams?

    • Everyone stop for a moment, does anyone else notice when Pastaboy gets owned he conviently moves to another topic? This is called a red herring! HAHAHAHA

      • Well it’s kind of inexcusable that no one has looked up Memphis’s record against BCS teams. 53 percent is all you need to say next time pasta brings up Calipari. 53% is far worse than Tubby or Billy G.

    • Its just not that, its everything he always has an exit plan. Its sad that we have to correct him for his poor posting, stats, allegations etc. Like when he said Cal has never been investiageted and then Wayne said, “Hey Pasta, Ky will go 24-13 and make it to the 2nd rd…..and you said that Cal has never been penalized…well he was penalized last summer…a recruiting violation that evolved Emmanuel Negedu..the ncaa took away one offical vist and didn’t allow memphis the recruit Emmanuel Negedu and more”

      Pasta goes silent, he either ignores the subject or moves on. Its just amazing to know that one man has such a man-crush on John Calipari, I think its safe to assume this guy has a little sugar in his tank and has a little bit of a “thing” for coach cal, he is suckling on the teet of Cal like you wouldn’t believe!

    • ahhhh…I see my pack of yelping puppies are still here …… we’ll see how Cal does against the top 40 next year….any predictions ? …..hahahahaha……. Negedu went to Tenn because Pearl was recruiting him from the get go …..after he bailed on Ariz . Cal thought maybe hiring Pastner would entice Negedu …but to Pearl’s credit he still got him ….btw …negedu worked out at Memphis a week before he committed to Tenn…there was no penalty …..provide a link loser

    • Please explain how this translates into Memphis not being allowed to recruit Negedu ? LOL ……God you people are dumb …….Looks like Emmanuel Negedu will make his college choice known later today. He’s scheduled a 3 p.m. press conference.

      The 6-7 power forward — who reportedly has an insane 45-inch vertical leap — will pick from Indiana, Georgia Tech, Memphis and Tennessee.

      Most observers believe it will come down to either Memphis or Tennessee

    • Top 10 collective RPI Here’s the national top 10 over that four-year span:
      1, Memphis, 5.0
      2, North Carolina, 5.25
      3, Duke, 7.25
      4, Pittsburgh, 9.25
      5, UCLA, 9.75
      6, Tennessee, 13.0
      7, Kansas, 14.25
      8, Michigan State, 16.0
      9, Villanova, 17.75
      10, Ohio State, 19.75

      the past 4 years …………………………….hahahahhaa spin this one losers

    • Still waiting for the link on the NCAA penalty about Negedu …………

    • still waiting…………………

    • Cal has never been penalized…well he was penalized last summer…a recruiting violation that evolved Emmanuel Negedu..the ncaa took away one offical vist and didn’t allow memphis the recruit Emmanuel Negedu and more”
      Still waiting for the link ………………….

    • Oh you still want a link?
      ” Please explain how this translates into Memphis not being allowed to recruit Negedu ? LOL ……God you people are dumb …….”


      Scroll down a bit and you will find that nice little tidbit about Memphis and Cal. Of

      • this is incidental bs which happens every day in every program …keep digging dumbo ..Cal is clean and is the best coach in basketball

        • pastaboy I provided the link you want, earlier you said show me the link that said Memphs couldn’t recruit Negedu. The article said, Memphis couldn’t recruit him any longer what part of that don’t you get! OMG! HAHAHAHAH

    • Top 10 collective RPI Here’s the national top 10 over that four-year span:

      Where does this come from? Site source, OMG you can’t be this dumb!

    • i did some research because i wanted to put Cal’s 53% winning percentage vs bcs teams into perspective.

      John Calipari 36-32 (at memphis) 53%

      here are some coaches i looked up. records and winning percentage against bcs opponents

      Sean Miller 24-10 (at Xavier) 70%
      Bill Self 111-32 (at Kansas) 78%
      Roy Williams 118-34 (at North Carolina) 78%
      Billy Gillispie 24-22 (at UK) 52%
      Billy Gillispie 40-24 (at TAMU) 63%
      Ben Howland 103-49 (at UCLA) 68%
      Bruce Weber 74-48 (at Illinois) 61%
      Frank Martin 21-21 (at Kansas State) 50%
      Tubby Smith 23-24 (at Minnesota) 49%
      Lorenzo Romar 87-68 (at Washington) 56%

      Just found this interesting.

    • Calipari’s record is actually 42-32 against bcs teams.

      I was using ben’s 36-32 stat in my first post, but i researched and came up with different numbers. ben where did you get your stat?

      anyways that moves Calipari all the way up to 57%, barely passing Lorenzo Romar!

      just thought i would correct myself before someone has a fit…

      • I can recheck but are you sure you’re not counting pre-2006 cusa games against louisville, cincy, etc as bcs? Either way it’s an unacceptable number for a coach.

        • 2000-01: 1-5 W KSU L Stanford, Ark, Tenn, Miss, Miami
          2001-02: 1-4 W Tenn L Iowa, Alabama, Miss, Ark
          2002-03: 5-2 W Syr, Miss, Ill, Ark, Vill L Missouri, Ariz St
          2003-04: 4-3 W: Miss, Missouri, Vill, SCar L Wake, Ill, OKSt
          2004-05: 3-6 W: Purdue, VTech, Vanderbilt L Syr, Mary, Pitt, Miss, Prov, Texas
          2005-06: 6-3 W: Ala, UCLA, Cin, Prov, Miss, Purdue L: Duke, Texas, UCLA
          2006-07: 4-4 W: Okl, Kent, Miss, TAM L: GTech, Tenn, Ariz, tOSU
          2007-08: 10-2 W: Okl, UConn, USC, Cincy, GT, Zona, MSST, Mich St, UCLA, Texas L: Tenn, Kansas
          2008-09: 4-3 W: SH, Cin, Tenn, Mary L: GT, Syr, Missouri

          I get 38-32 so 54%

          Once again, if Roy, Self, BHowland, etc had that sort of clip against BCS squads he wouldn’t have a job.

          • poor pitiful morons ….this year Cal will be playing alot of BCS schools …lets check his record then

          • Finally, pastaboy admits that Calipari has done very little of note at this point in his career.

          • Yes he realizes, “has been found out” and then appeals to the future! Oh good one pasta

    • the future is now bozos ….Big Blue Tsunami headed your way

    • Look Pasta everybody knows that Cali is not a good coach Everybody

      • I think when pastaboy goes out with a line like, “the future is now bozos ….Big Blue Tsunami headed your way” he has basically admitted defeat. I feel so, so, so satisfied as to have worn him out to that point.

        Sooner or later we all knew he would slit his throat in skewed facts, red herrings, and contradictions, its just great to see he has finally been exasperated. The poor guy is getting some rest in his parents basement after a binge of Mr. Pib, and cheetos to help nurture his wounded ego after the blasting he received last week!