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Tuesday / March 20.
  • Kevin Parrom to Arizona

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    Kevin Parrom enjoyed his official visit to Arizona so much he made up his mind about college.

    “I committed just now,” Parrom said Sunday by phone. “It was a great visit. I got to see the campus and see the fans and meet the academic advisors. It’s a great place to be.”

    A New York native playing at South Kent (Conn.), Parrom chose Arizona over Pittsburgh, where he visited last Sunday. He previously eliminated Xavier and Virginia Tech.

    The 6-foot-6, 200-pound Parrom, the No. 25 small forward in the Class of 2009,  initially signed with Xavier, but obtained a release after Sean Miller left Xavier to take the Arizona job, bringing his whole staff, including New York native Book Richardson.

    “He can be a terrific player,” recruiting analyst Tom Konchalski said of Parrom when he committed to Xavier in September. “I don’t think he’ll ever be a primary scorer, but his strong suit is his versatility. He’s a terrific offensive rebounder. He can pass the ball, he can handle the ball. He’ll hit an occasion moonball three, but he’s not a consistent perimeter threat. He does so many things. He has so many little wins. He’s an all-court player, he can can handle the ball, he can pass, he can rebound.”

    Parrom joins 6-6 small forward Solomon Hill of Los Angeles Fairfax; 6-7  and  6-10 center Kyryl Natyazhko of Bradenton, Fla., in Arizona’s 2009 recruiting class.

    Parrom said he wasn’t certain what he would do after Miller first took the Arizona job.

    “I was a little confused in the beginning [after Miller left for Arizona] because I didn’t know if I wanted to go out West,” Parrom said. “Coach said to follow your heart.

    “He said the Xavier and Arizona situation is like going from a Buick to a Lexus and I completely understand what he’s talking about.”

    Parrom’s parents, Kenneth Parrom and Lisa Williams, made the trip with him, even though his mother hasn’t flown in 20 years. They were with him when he committed to Miller.

    “My mother hasn’t flown in 20 years,” Parrom said. “She wanted to come out here and see it. My mother enjoyed it.”

    Asked what his role at Arizona will be, Parrom said: “My role is simply to come in as a freshman and be ready to score, play defense, rebound, do a little bit of everything as a freshman.”

    He added: “I’m going to bring some energy and a little bit of East Coast flavor, just score, defend, do whatever coach needs me to.

    “I like to win so whatever it takes to win.”

    Parrom will move to Arizona for summer school, either the first (June 8th) or second session (July 13), but hasn’t decided which.

    “Coach [Miller] is trying to get me to 215 [pounds] during summer school,” Parrom said.

    There is no news on the Lance Stephenson front as of Saturday night. Sources at Arizona, Memphis and St. John’s reported no updates.

    The 6-6 Stephenson reportedly crossed longtime suitors St. John’s and Maryland off his list and Arizona and Memphis have both reached out but no visits have been set.

    “I’m not a recruiter,” Parrom said of Stephenson. “I’m just a player. If he wants to come, he can come.”

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Zag, you’re always on top of it! Great job!

    • Parrom going to play for UofA is a perfect fit. He would make a impact and be a solid player for the cats.
      He moving to the southwest would also be best for him as a student
      Hope to see you in a zona uniform. Good Luck! BEAR DOWN.

    • What exactly is Lance waiting for now? Henry is at Kansas. Calipari is at UK. Pastner is Memphis. Miller is at AZ. What else is going to change at this point? Is he going to wait and see where Parron goes now?

      Let’s face it, Lance is going to school for a year to audition for the pro scouts. Does it really matter where he goes? Maybe he’s looking at location, type of student body the school has, or maybe a school that has his major?!?!

      Pick a school Lance….

    • Told YOU…..Arizona was BLOWING UP…
      And showing Kevin P , a great time.

      Recruit No3:…..Kevin P.

      Why didn’t any body mentioned this….

      Adam Zagoria…… named AZ……for Zona, baby.

      Great follow-up, AZ……from the earlier posting from the West Coast comments.

      But, there is more from Lance-A-Lot.
      The clock is ticking…..

      Memphis is OUT.

    • Hey AZ,

      The one thing I do not like….is when a school starts talking trash.

      KU Jaycoks have started talking about Lance.

      Good for Lance….and deciding NOT to go to Kansas JayCoks.


      Join Date: Apr 2009
      Posts: 1

      Re: Reaching out to Lance-a-lot.


      Maryland started worring too,too late.
      Guess who else is getting worried….Kansas.

      “dude kansas isnt worried, they gave their last sholarship to x henry instead “

      • AZ,

        People in the East have to stay up, LATE.

        The West Coast is following up with Lance-A-Lot.
        Maybe you can get additional info. from the Lance-A-Lot camp.

        (this is what is being said…..uahoopscoach

        For the record:

        Lance said NO to Kansas.
        Lance crossed off St. Johns
        Lance crossed off Maryland.

        Memphis is out.

        Arizona is at play, presently.

        Does he visit or commit?
        Book will be in NY and should have a resolution.

        Remember this two comments:
        1)Both Lance Stephenson Jr and Sr. have repeatedly said “they wanted to get the young man out of New York and into a different environment.”

        2)No official visits for Stephenson have been set to Arizona …, but a source said,
        “I wouldn’t be surprised if he verballed without stepping foot on campus.”

        • Lets be clear Lance never turned KU down…Also Lance more than likely will not be going to KU but he still has not crossed them off for whatever reason…He is going to go to AZ now that they just signed a wing…Also why would Kansas be worried? They signed a higher rated player, who they wanted the whole time and Lance was just the backup plan??? You are pretty clever with the naming of the Jayhawks, but don’t get it twisted KU is not worried and nor should they be….Also you further display how out of touch you really are by saying “Book will be in NY and shoule have a resolution,” he can’t go and activly recruit Lance as it is a DEAD PERIOD!!! So “Book” can go right ahead and start calling Lance and rack up the firts recruiting violation of this season…You are truely an idiot.

    • For the record:

      You don’t know crap. Kansas is out of scholarships and is higher on Xavier than Lance. He didn’t tell KU no.

      Now I really hope he stays close to home just to shut idiots like you up. Or better yet, maybe he goes to Europe for a year.

    • Zag, when did he commit? I was on this site around 8pm sat. nite. The headline said he was visting and nothing about him commiting yet.
      Did the headline change?
      If this is true, WOW, Kevin Parrom is going to be at UofA next year.
      Bear down!

    • Good get for AZ. But the winner here is Pitt with a better non-get. This team needs to keep there one slot open to get a legitimate shooting guard or center for 2010. Hopefully they don’t get Lytch now and can move on to next years class. Signing Parrom would’ve done nothing for them with the amount of talented SF they already have. Probably played the biggest role in the decision as Parrom likely wouldn’t have played as I believe someone mentioned early.

    • Are Arizona fans really going to come on here (of all places) and say that Lance cut Bill Self to go play for Sean Miller? Maybe that would fly with uneducated Wildcat boards, but Zagoria has been on the Lance situation from the beginning so noone that reads this blog will ever believe Arizona was Lance’s first choice. Good luck regaining your status of ‘best program in Arizona’.

    • USC u have no clue wat ur talking about!! Memphis is very much in it, maybe even a leader with Parrom commiting, although lance is a tough read. But Memphis ain’t OUT, and prolly has a better chance than ur cats.

    • Are you guys kidding me. I am an Arizona fan and would just like to say in the amount of time that Miller has had he has recruited an top 25 class with Parrom and with Lance possibly coming to AZ would make it a top 10 class. So you Kansas fans should just stop there. Self is a good coach don’t get me wrong but Miller is doing a great job in a messy place. Oh yeah good luck with Withey he is a tool.

    • AZ,

      Easy call on Kevin P going to Arizona.

      Lance turned KU down.
      When the whole Cali thing happened…Lance took a step back.
      And wisely so.

      Lance and father knew that KU was going to do a 180 .

      Very good that Lance did not go to KU.
      Best decision from the Lance camp.
      JessieWildcat said it also.

    • Funny….Withey is a tool.
      KU talked to the Withey’s before they made a decision to transfer.
      UofA did not release him because of that.
      Dirty business deserves to be rewarded.
      Deddie says what?

      But, back to Lance-A-Lot…

      : Miller has found GOLD in Arizona


      East Coast – West Coast GOLD pipelines.

      Richardson said. “That’s all you know.
      But I do believe the (UA) brand adds a different recognition.”

      Miller said he’s trying to develop an “east to west” recruiting pipeline, and Richardson said he’s fortunate to have established ties to so much Eastern talent.

      At the same time, Richardson said the UA staff hopes to keep tapping into Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest, Olson’s top recruiting turfs, while noting that it’s important to keep the best Arizona players at home.

      “We’re trying to get the best players in the country,” Richardson said.

      “If we do what we’re supposed to do, if we win our state, we should be fine.”
      JessieWildcat said this also.

      • “while noting that it’s important to keep the best Arizona players at home.”

        KU has a commit from #3 player out of Arizona, Royce Woolridge 2010 class,

        Texas has a commit from#1 player out of Arizona, Daniel Bejarano 2010 class.

        #2 out of Arizona is looking at NORTHERN ARIZONA

        #4 out of Arizona is commited to Arizona State

        Who is Arizona getting from the state of Arizona?

        • Royce=5 star
          the rest are 3’s who cares

          • sorry daniel = 5star

    • USC.Trojan

      Dude, go back to your mom’s basement and play dungeons and dragons.

      Dont be mad that KU is getting all the top recruits. It’s pretty awesome when you dont have enough scholarships to sign a guy like Lance…WHO WANTS TO COME TO KU…..but cant now. He was going to commit, but he didnt cause of X Henry.

      And, Withey is a Jayhawk now! Get over it little guy.

      Even Adam Z is confused by you sometimes. He doesnt understand what the hell you are talking about sometimes. I never really know what you are saying. You just ramble on with a mess of words. I wouldnt be surprised if you were 14 yrs old.


      Our 2nd team could beat most 1st teams!!!!

      • Jaycok….go back to the FARM. Some cows need milking.
        (AZ understands and has followed up perfectly. AZ knows.)

        You can not fool the west coast folks.
        Tampering with Withey….before he decided to transfer. This is a No-No.
        Good luck with Debbie. LMAO.

        No scholarships…BS…..what’s that kids name Goldsmith?
        The player that is ON and OFF ,with the KU scholarship.

        Just read this also….
        “Richardson gushed over McKale Center in front of his players and the media.

        “This is a great place to be,” Richardson said.
        “Great tradition, great history.

        I tell my guards, ‘If you’re good enough, well, look up in the rafters — they got (banners for) Salim Stoudamire, Damon Stoudamire, Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, Miles Simon, Khalid Reeves, who’s from New York, and Steve Kerr.

        So when you talk about guards, well, this is Guard U.”


    • AZ,

      Congradulations to Kevin Parrom for his college selection….Arizona.

      He will be a very good player at Arizona.

      I like his high expectations-goals and he doesn’t waste any time…………

      What others are saying…

      With the excitement of the visit yesterday.

      Kevin P has started to talk to East Coast Recruits.

      And YES, he has sent a text to Lance-A-Lot.

      And it goes like this…..I am a Wildcats and ready to win an NC. R U? ”



    • USC.trojan=tool

      FYI good get with Parrom. We don’t recruit 3 star guys but, hey, when you’re trying to clean up Lute’s mess I guess you’ll settle for anything at this point. Zona is just happy to find somebody that wouldn’t turn them down (like all of the coaches they went after).

      You guys might get Stephenson since he obviously doesn’t want to compete for playing time & we know that guys like Parrom aren’t on the same level as a Xavier Henry.

      • If you don’t recruit 3 stars, what is up with that kid from AZ who commited for 2010:
        SG NR Royce Woolridge
        (Sunnyslope HS)
        Phoenix, AZ 6-1/175 Committed to Kansas

    • USC Trojan, as a Wildcat fan i appreciate you enthusiasm, but these guys are right. You often make no sense, plus why are you rooting for UA to get great players when your program seems to be falling apart. Also, Jeff Withey is not a tool, he made the right choice to leave because our program was in turmoil then and looked like it was headed into a downward spiral. If he stayed until the end of the season to decide what he would do, I think he would probably stay to play for Miller and have the starting job, which seems better than sitting behind Cole Aldrich. As an Arizona fan, you cannot count out Memphis now. Josh is an incredible recruiter and I don’t see a reason for Lance to just cross off Memphis unless one of his major requirements for where he goes is having an accomplished coach. I would probably say that Arizona is Lance’s leader right now, but he is too much of a wild card to predict where he is going based on reports. I’ll be ecstatic to have him , but because of past experiences (Jennings, Ebi) I won’t get excited until he signs on the dotted lines and qualifies.

    • Rock Chalk Woody, Parrom is 4 star. Look him up on Ranked #88.

      • Sorry, I should’ve sourced this. He’s a 3 star (#122) at rivals.

    • Arizona does it again.
      Books check mates….Knight

      Kevin P also verified with UofA basketball fans….
      The 4 star player is going Zona.

      it is all over….East Coast to West Coast.
      Who is JessieWildcat?

      Jaycok hater….LMAO
      How is Debbie doing?

    • Look, board. I am an Arizona fan. Let me tell you something:

      USC Trojan = a joke on the Arizona boards, and no-one listens to Him/Her.

      Just ignore her/him, or feel free to make fun. His/Her opinion is not representative of the Wildcat nation. Please know that 🙂 Every school has one.

      • Billups…(you must be a Jaycok fan…LMAO)

        You need to spend some time and read the comments from last week.
        And what has progressed. Your comments make you look foolilsh.

        I do not go on any Arizona Board. You must look real foolish , now.

        I do follow one or two folks from Arizona Boards.

        But, I love this statement……is this NY style recruiting?
        “I’m not a recruiter,” Parrom said of Stephenson. “I’m just a player. If he wants to come, he can come.”

        AZ: Time is running out for Lance….in order to RELO to Arizona.

        I like to win so whatever it takes to win.”

        Parrom will move to Arizona for summer school, either the first (June 8th) or second session (July 13), but hasn’t decided which.

        “Coach [Miller] is trying to get me to 215 [pounds] during summer school,” Parrom said.

        Look forward to your article on Lance-A-Lot, later today.


    • No worries USC Trojan. Just stop posting so much here. This is not your board, it’s Zags. Just post on the Arizona sites. Know your jurisdiction.

    • AZ,

      Heads up……recruits from your area of the woods in 2010…
      PG seems to be the most obvious.- Point Guard U.
      Which PG is going to Arizona.
      (I am seeing Bibby all over Miami….another Arizona NBA guard.)

      Arizona is blowing up. Big Time.

      ——-West Coast inputs:
      “Now that Kevin Parrom is all over the news and the NEW Arizoan Recruit.

      We can start to expect some NEWS on the 2010 class.

      Which two recruits are the most likely to commit?”

      Who is the next PG to go to Arizona’s -Point Guard U???

      The next Arizona -NBA point guard will be……?


      Go Wildcats.

    • Is Miller going to repay X for all the money he used to go after these recruits while he used Xavier’s dime in developing these relatoinships? I thought Arizona was supposed to recruit better talent than X and all he has done is take the same types of players he recruited to X (Parrom, Kyrl, Weatherspoon and Latham). This is different than what Calipari did to Memphis as they had stated in the LOI that they would have an out to follow Cal if he left. Miller is starting to piss off an X fan base that loved him

    • Adam, great article but I think you should know that Miller decided not to offer a scholarship to Tremayne Johnson after meeting with him and seeing him play at the HAX Unsigned JUCO/Senior event in April. Look it up on, my favorite source for UA basketball. And Trojan: word is that UA is heavily recruiting PG Ray McCallum of Detroit for the 2010 class. There is also PG Naddir Tharpe, who could be either the 2010 class or 2011 class depending on which classes he takes at Brewster.

    • Whatz up Hobo….

      Guard U is about to Blowing UP.

      I hear you with Ray.
      But, there are other guards in the east…..AZ should know.
      The west guards are almost there with Arizona ….Brown.
      Any news on Bejarano……..

      Two Things:
      1)He’s Book Richardson, calling from the University of Arizona.

      “Arizona has a brand that’s established itself,” Richardson said.

      “Coach (Lute) Olson has done an outstanding job.
      When you’re in Arizona, everyone knows who you are. We’re like Pepsi or Coca-Cola.”

      2)Richardson gushed over McKale Center in front of his players and the media.

      “This is a great place to be,” Richardson said.
      “Great tradition, great history.

      I tell my guards, ‘If you’re good enough, well, look up in the rafters — they got (banners for) Salim Stoudamire, Damon Stoudamire, Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, Miles Simon, Khalid Reeves, who’s from New York, and Steve Kerr.

      So when you talk about guards, well, this is Guard U.”

    • Trust me Xsteve it is no different down in Memphis. Just because they had an out doesn’t mean the coach should be allowed to recruit players that had committed to the former school. There is no ethics behind it. I don’t mind X going to Kansas but I would have been ticked had he chosen Ky. It isn’t right and Cal is still saying he doesn’t want any of the Memphis recruits to follow but he has gone after all of them. So far he has taken Dodson, he would have taken Dennis but he didn’t want him, he got Cousins but at least the guy didn’t sign a LOI plus any big man will be a waste up there if they have any talent. Cal cannot use a big man with talent at all. The big man in his offense cleans up rebounds and put backs. Joey thrived on this because Joey committed to rebounds and put backs. He made it to the NBA and if he would have been at any other school he probably wouldn’t have made it. The players with more talent usually want more and Cal doesn’t deliver

    • Arizona prepares to make ‘big-time push’ for Lance Stephenson
      Sunday, May 3rd 2009, 4:07 PM

    • ZA,

      Told you.
      Arizona is BLOWING UP!

      And the Lance-A-Lot time frame….

      Book is coming to town….hope you talk to him.

      Arizona will try to schedule a visit with Stephenson, a 6-5 guard from Coney Island, but that isn’t a necessity, according to the source.

      “Whatever they want to do, that’s what (Arizona is) going to do,” the source said.

      “It’s time for him to (make a decision now).”


    • I don’t even think that they need to make a “big-time push” at this point. He has already turned St Johns and Maryland down, knows he won’t get the minutes at KU, allegedly contacted Calipari who has no interest, and Memphis seems to be a long-shot at best.

      Looks like Zona gets him by default.

      • Another Jaycok……


        Looks like ALL of Kansas is saying that ..Kansas REJECTED Lance.

        Not sure that is correct ,at all.

        Lance made the right choice …in not announcing Jaycoks.

        If Lance is a Default….

        Then, what is Withey….

        Arizona’s Left Over Scraps…….
        You tell me…..

        • “If Lance is a Default….

          Then, what is Withey….

          Arizona’s Left Over Scraps…….
          You tell me…..”

          LOL! And the basket counts!

        • USC.trojan, you’re a dumba$$. Kansas didn’t reject him. He doesn’t want to compete for minutes. I’m not sure why you can’t understand that?

          We’d still love to have him but he wouldn’t be “the man” here. Sorry that this makes no sense for you.

    • ZA,

      There are more Press coming tomorrow…..West Coast/LA…

      So, you should have some LATE sunday news…..from Lance-A-Lot camp.

      • i just registered to post this one post: please ban USC.trojan aka jessiewildcat

        the guy is a complete moron who posts trash on all of the different wildcat forums and is banned from the biggest arizona site, he links to himself on other forums trying to pretend to have some insight on things. look at all the worthless comments in every thread thanks to this guy. seriously jessiewildcat, get out of your basement. the internet is not your clown car.

    • AZ is a long way from home but at least there’s hot chicks there. Good pick up for AZ. Hopefully for them they’ll get Lance, how sweet would that be? He should feel comfortable playing and living with a fellow New Yorker. So the transition will be a bit easier. Bear Down!

    • Adam Z got the stories and the facts.
      You should read more…..more carefully.

      AZ (AdamZ) got it and did it -right.

      You should go read the posts…really.
      Or we can forward you to Dummie 101 threads…easier to understand for Ban….

      Got Worked again Ban……..LMAO.

    • Sure is nice having Royce Wooldridge already wrapped up for KU. The best JR in the state of Arizona. Arizona just isnt a big time enough program anymore for him to consider them at all.

      Jeff Withey jumped cause Arizona was sinking like a ship.

      Sean Miller is a great hire but not even Miller can make USC.trojan look sane.

      It is apparent your jealousy and envy for the Jayhawks. Hey, I understand. If I was an Arizona fan I would be envious of KU as well.

      Look around at everyone else’s posts big guy. Do you see how they are in complete sentences and seperated by paragraphs? I know you are probably 14 and havent taken High School English yet, but try to write paragraphs that look like a human wrote them.

      I’m not just saying this, but something has to be wrong with you. You didnt take your Ritalin or something.

      No one cares about Khalid Reeves, or Salim Stoudamire,etc. Neither of those guys did anything in the league. Neither did Miles Simon.

      Please take your medicine, regroup, and come back and make some sense.