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Saturday / March 17.
  • Johnnies, Maryland Out for Lance

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    After all this time, it appears that Arizona or Memphis has as good a shot to land Lance Stephenson as anyone.

    Stephenson, the McDonald’s All-American out of Brooklyn Lincoln, has reportedly crossed both St. John’s and Maryland off his list of potential colleges, which makes sense because if he hasn’t committed to either by now, what is he waiting for?

    “At this point [St. John’s is] out,” a source told the Daily News. “They’re not a high priority for us. Maryland coach [Gary Williams] embraced Lance, but for some reason that wasn’t the right move.”

    A St. John’s source said the Stephenson family had not called them as of noon on Friday to dispute the accuracy of the report.

    Both Lance Stephenson Jr and Sr. have repeatedly said they wanted to get the young man out of New York and into a different environment.

    St. John’s recently got a commitment from point guard Malik Stith, and head coach Norm Roberts is also waiting on several other players. By waiting on Stephenson, it could hinder his chances to land those players.

    “[Stith] is going to be a guy that’s really going to be able to help us from the point guard position because we were depleted at that position a year ago,” Roberts said.

    He added: “I like my team right now.”

    As for Maryland, sources say that Stephenson feels Williams’ system would be too structured for him. There is also the concern of a potential NCAA investigation into Stephenson’s visit to the Under Armour facilities during his official visit in January.  Under Armour is owned and operated by Kevin Plank, a Maryland booster.

    “It was just an honest part of the trip,” Lance Sr. told SLAM Magazine in its June issue. “They gave us a tour and basically that was it. They showed us how they make sneakers, we met with the academic people, the coaches…we just saw the itinerary. If it was a violation, we didn’t know anything about it.”

    Stephenson has never visited Arizona or Memphis but Arizona has been in touch with the family, and Memphis has also reached out, as first reported here.

    Arizona assistant Book Richardson coached Stephenson on a USA Basketball team in 2007 that won the gold medal and he is trying to cultivate that relationship.

    Richardson is also recruiting another New York native, Kevin Parrom, who takes his official visit to Arizona this weekend and will decide by next week.

    No official visits for Stephenson have been set to either Arizona or Memphis, but a source said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he verballed without stepping foot on campus.”

    Despite the Daily News report that Kentucky was in the mix, a source within the Kentucky program said they were not recruiting Stephenson and that landing a point guard — John Wall or Eric Bledsoe — was the “top priority.”

    The late signing period ends May 20, but there is nothing preventing Stephenson from announcing after that date.

    “[Lance Sr.] said he’s not even close to making a decision,” a source said.

    The Daily News also reports that Stephenson is due to appear in Kings County Criminal Court in Brooklyn May 19. A 17-year-old girl at Lincoln High School claims Stephenson groped her on Oct. 3 of last year. Alberto Ebanks, Stephenson’s attorney, maintains his client’s innocence.

    Written by

    [email protected]

    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Come to AZ lance. Get out the hood and step into a ballers paradise out west! Miller is bringing the program back to the top.

    • This kid and his small press force are nuts. He obviously lied about being interested in St Johns and only visited Maryland because of his Lincoln teammate. This kid is totally going to end up at Zona. I can’t imagine that BIG TIME “Born Ready” Lance Stephenson is going to commit to the Memphis program that all the other big recruits turned on. I’d love to see him go to the Hall or something but it obviously wouldn’t be too far from home and the chicks don’t compare to Zona.

    • Norm Roberts is also waiting on several other players. By waiting on Stephenson, it could hinder his chances to land those players.

      who are the other players Norm Roberts is waiting on at this point..?

    • Just one more person that can’t believe someone would want to play for Mphs. Mphs has a very good basketball tradition and history, Granted, we are not Big East, ACC, or any of the “BCS” schools. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!! If being an arrogant, self centered and know-it-all fan is what it takes to be in the BCS then I LOVE the Conf. USA……………..we are who we are and we are proud of it. The BCS fans dont like us because we wind up beating the tar out or several of you every year. Year in and year out.
      It is embarrassing for you to have your tail whipped by us….isn’t it????
      Little Ole’ Mphs. You can put us down but we get right back up and keep doing what we do.
      GO TIGERS!!!!!

      • do you honestly think you are going to have the same success now that Calipari is at Kentucky…

        • pgrady

          What a stupid question!!!!!! Cal was just a coach and a good one I might add . We have been to the final four long before Cal came along. As a matter of fact, we hired Cal when he was down on his luck and a very unsuccessful pro coach that had no job.
          The players are what makes a team, a good coach can help. You seem to forget the players and give all the credit to a coach.
          OH, I’m sorry, how stupid of me…………..your a KY fan. Understanding anything other than your own greatness would be unacceptable.
          And congratulations on your recent purchase of a new coach.

          • Hey

            there is no greater program in college basketball than Kentucky


        • EXACTLY

          KENTUCKY will be a super power again yr after yr now that they have a great coach……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Loves it……………..

          • There you have it. Sour grapes versus insufferable pride. 1MphsFan, do you hear the words that are coming out of your mouth? Coaches aren’t that important? And UKcatXXXL, UK is certainly among the best programs in the country, but the way you make your point is terribly off-putting. So our first reaction is to discount what you’re saying. Nice job, Cassandra! Effective communication.

          • Well, truthfully, I’d rather be hard and have it get noticed, than soft and have it passed by


          • Calipari is a great recruiter but certainly not a great (or even good) coach.

    • I guess that Terpmaster fool was right, Lance is going to Maryland. That guy talked way to much crap and its very likely Maryland wasn’t in the picture to begin with. That visit was a favor for a friend of Gary Williams because Williams can’t get big time recruits.

      • Uh, you’re pretty much wrong about that buddy. The “favor” thing was yet another made up story Adam made up about UMD. There is no way Gary Williams goes up to NY two weeks ago and meets with the kid and his family if that was the case. Gary is a man of principal, more than any other coach in college basketball and there is no way he’d toy around like that with someone he knew he had no realistic shot at.

        Next time, do a little research.

    • Dear Adam,

      The NCAA, UMD and Under Armor all investigated the incident you talk about and found no violation.

    • Your source is full of it!

    • Zag,

      Kevin P is all over the news in the West Coast.
      Looks like Arizoa is pulling all the bells and whistles.

      Blow Up , Big Time.

      A little something….

      “–More on Kevin P.

      The Wildcats do offer Kevin P. a great opportunity to make an impact as a Freshman, with quality playing time.

      Kevin P. already knows the coaches and the NBA style offense.

      This is a WIN – WIN situation for Kevin P.

      So, after Kevin P. is blown away from the Arizona visit…..

      Is the staff done for 2009?

      The most telling info and probably a HEADS UP….
      from the Book…
      ”I would think we could get one more, possibly two more, but it would have to make sense.”

      Are there one or two “Arizona Good” players….I say, YES.”

    • Is Arizona for real?
      Do you agree with their smack talking….?
      Can we get your take on what could happen at USC- worse case?

      What is being said:

      Thread : ” What now? USC calling on the DOc. ”


      Originally Posted by
      “USC just lost MoMo”….enough said

      I think you are right……MoMo says : no MoMOre

      Is it odd that TWO of the TOP west coast recruits for U$C have left.
      No, I do not think so.
      These recruits understand what is going on with USC.

      Sid was the latest to leave and sign with another school, yesterday.
      A 5 star leaves USC.

      The people in the East are upset.
      The talk is that they were mislead and maybe “lied to”.
      USC will not be very good next year.
      So, would you like to start on a so-so team?

      And finally, the LA LA papers were forced to discuss the USC situation.
      Only because the 5 Star left.

      Sidney’s father, Renardo Sr., “didn’t want his son to be the scapegoat for those allegations,” the source said without elaborating why that could happen. “Neither side wanted an impending investigation hanging over them.”

    • Sorry Zag,

      These are the links.


    • Maryland fans are they only people that think they still have a shot at Lance.
      Lance doesn’t think Maryland has a shot, neither do his parents, neither does the Lord himself.

      Its funny because no matter what is written or said, Maryland fan always disregards it as a bad source. Maryland has been out for a long time.
      If lance came out and said “Maryland? Nope I am not going there” Maryland fan would try to tell us all that they have a source close to the program telling them that Lance was just saying that and they he secertly committed to Maryland already. HA, stupid.

      • Actually, A-tard, that’s not the case. Show me a source that says we were out of it? I personally don’t think he wants to come to Maryland, but if they were “out of it”, why would Gary Williams be wasting his time in NYC a few weeks ago? As I said, Gary doesn’t waste his time when he knows there is no chance, so clearly someone’s “source” was wrong, else Gary wouldn’t have gone up there.
        If anyone sounds like an idiot here, it’s you, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • At this point Lance “Born Ready” Stephenson is going to Arizona. I dont see how the UofA loses to Memphis. Book Richardson looks like he may be able to make Born Ready into a a Wildcat, both from NY, maybe he relates to Book.

      KU is out, ST Johns, MD, and UK are out, which leaves Memphis and UA.

      Parrom it looks good for UA, Pitt returns three perimeter and wing players (Jermaine Dixon, Gilbert Brown and Brad Wanamaker) who fit Parrom’s description. They each logged at least 19 minutes a game this season. Pitt has already signed 6-5 forward Lamar Patterson. Not good enough playing time.

      And the Panthers, who have one scholarship to give, are awaiting the decision of Kavon Lytch, a power forward from Midland (Texas) JC by way of New York City. Lytch visited Pitt last weekend before Parrom visited there. Lytch is expected to take a visit to Cincinnati soon before making a decision.

    • Some Maryland fans think the Terps still have a shot at Lance. Many do not, myself included. Many Maryland fans didn’t want Lance because he’s a one-and-done player. Many Maryland fans didn’t want Lance because of other reasons. But many Maryland fans don’t even know Zagsblog exists so you don’t hear from them.

      Although it was nice of Lance to treat us to the circus.

      And as far as Gary not getting big time recruits, he just got a verbal from the #10 SG/#31 overall on Rivals top 150 list for the class of 2010. The kid would be ranked higher but he doesn’t play on the AAU circuit.

      But I will admit Gary isn’t known for filling up his roster with McD All Americans or even Arby’s All Americans. But he did manage to get to the final four twice. And won a NC without an All American on his roster, without hiring a kids parent, without paying off an AAU guy and without any NCAA violations. And for that I’m a grateful Maryland fan.

      • Couldn’t agree more with you sir.

      • Washington Post had a nice piece on how Gary’s insistence on doing things the right way meant he wasn’t able to compete with other schools for many of the top recruits, particularly those on the AAU circuit.

        Which, if the article is any indication, is beginning to raise some question whether his principles are getting in the way of success. Sure they are, and good for him for not compromising. Greatest respect, Gary.

        • Gary can’t land decent recruits because he hasn’t developed a 1st round NBA player in almost a decade. The Washington Post detailed how lazy he was becoming in recruiting, funny how Maryland fans read lazy as ‘principaled’

    • Let me get this right.

      Kansas – is OUT
      St.John- is OUT (and doesn’t know it)
      Maryland- is OUT (and only the Terp fans do not know this.)

      So, Lance is between Arizona and the falling apart Memphis team.

      The Memphis team which hired the Arizona guy- Josh.
      Josh can recruit. But, almost all recruits, given the choice between the two, would NO-BRAINER…select Arizona.

      Book knows Lance and family,.
      There is a relationship there.

      This is what Book said today…..
      …”I would think we could get one more, possibly two more, but it would have to make sense.”

      Then this good article ffrom Zag….
      No official visits for Stephenson have been set to Arizona …, but a source said,
      “I wouldn’t be surprised if he verballed without stepping foot on campus.”

      You must know the coach, if you DO NOT visit.

      Who is JessieWildcat?
      Another good read (free) is wildcatsportsreport…(Hoops101)

    • Of all people to count out Memphis, it shouldn’t be Arizona fans. You know first hand about Josh Pastner’s ability to recruit top players, as just about every really good player Arizona’s had in recent years was recruited by Pastner. With a couple of breaks, he could actually be bringing in a top 10 recruiting class this year, which is amazing considering all of the recruits Memphis lost when Calipari left. Eric Bledsoe is down to Memphis and Kentucky. Latavious Williams is down to Memphis and Georgetown. Now, Memphis and Arizona are possibly in the best position to get Lance Stephenson. If Memphis can somehow get all 3, that’s easily a top 10 if not top 5 class. I’m starting to believe Pastner when he said there would be “no slippage”. Go Tigers!

    • I am extremely disappointed in Lance. I thought he wanted to play for a team with the following qualifications:

      – a proven coach
      – away from the city
      -a possibility to win a National Championship

      I guess that was a big fat lie. Kansas might have told him no. Or he was scared. So lets see St johns had none of that but I understand trying to bring back the city. NYC needs that. So i give him a pass.

      Maryland seemed like a good option after Kansas. They had all of the above with him and Vasquez (if he stays). Plus Gary Williams can coach his ass off.

      Now you have U of A. I don’t have any sort of dealings with them but they don’t have any of the qualifications. Oh they are out of the city.

      Sorry Memphis but you guys are decimated.

      Kentucky now that would be a great option. but nope.

      Lance is crazy and I think will ruin a program. Any kid who is scared to play with other kids or for a coach isn’t a winner. He is scared. He needed a coach that will tell him no!!! If not he will fail. The NBA has several talents who were pushed out the door because everyone has talent. EVeryone.

      Lance do yourself a favor. Go see that scum bucket Vicario and go overseas. Hopefully like that other guard they will serve you some humble pie. Then you will make the city proud when you come back. NYC can’t take another Steph. Until then you are “Not Ready”.

      • Dude, quit posting… you are an embarassment. Lance said he wanted those things because he was picking KU. I don’t even think KU is offering Lance anymore since we landed Xavier Henry. It just isn’t a good fit for either party. He obviously isn’t scared to play with other talent because he was ready by all accounts to play with Collins and Aldrich (two potential all-americans).

        • So let me get this straight. You just say things to say them. Ahhh i see.

          But I think you need to read back a little. Adam said that he was waiting for X decision. But when they asked X he said he would be cool with playing him.

          Argue with any point i made in my prior post. Please. But get your head up and wipe your nose. Facts are facts. He wants to be a superstar and play at Lincoln the college program.

          • lanceisahawk,

            First off, how many #2 recruits at their position want to play with the #1 recruit at their position in the day and age of one-and-done basketball? None. Yes, Lance was waiting on X’s decision. If Self wanted Lance over X, he would have told Lance to sign and guarenteed he wouldn’t sign X. Self didn’t do that. I’m sure Lance would have loved for that to happen.

            This is what you said –

            “Lance is crazy and I think will ruin a program Any kid who is scared to play with other kids or for a coach isn’t a winner. He is scared. He needed a coach that will tell him no!!! If not he will fail. The NBA has several talents who were pushed out the door because everyone has talent. EVeryone.

            Lance do yourself a favor. Go see that scum bucket Vicario and go overseas. Hopefully like that other guard they will serve you some humble pie. Then you will make the city proud when you come back. NYC can’t take another Steph. Until then you are “Not Ready”.”

            You are not only disrespecting a kid who OWES YOU NOTHING, but also wanted to be a Jayhawk and was let known that he was playing second fiddle to Self’s real want in X. Lance probably got the worst end of the whole Calipari saga and why you want to attack him is beyond any rational person.

      • “Decimated” …………..I want you to remeber you made that statement, oh I’d say around February. We still have some great players that have been to the 16, Elite 8 and the Final Four.
        Well, looking at that…I guess your right! I will call Coach Pastner and tell him that we shouldn’t even play this year. WERE DECIMATED.
        The great Cal is gone…..oh my….what are we going to do.

        • I’m not a Memphis hater… I also said I HOPE LANCE GOES TO MEMPHIS.

          Look moron, think of what your program WAS GOING TO BE next year and now WHAT IT IS. That team which was Memphis was decimated. Let me recap for you:

          Memphis lost its head coach (who 2 months ago you would have claimed was the best coach in the nation), Tyreke Evans, Xavier Henry, John Wall (in all likelyhood), DeMarcus Cousins and losing 3 total starters off the 08-09 squad plus various other transfers.

          • “Various other transfers”???? You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Yes, they lost the vast majority of Cal’s recruiting class, but pretty much all of the returning players stayed. The only transfers were C.J. Henry, who was a walk on last year and was injured the entire season, and Matt Simpkins, who was academically ineligible until December last year and then was suspended for the rest of the season around early February. So no one of consequence transferred, and Simpkins transferring was more Pastner’s decision than in was Simpkins. “Decimated” is a little dramatic. Ignoring the recruits for a second, because they never even put on a Tiger uniform, Memphis lost Evans, Anderson, and Dozier. Everyone else of consequence will be back. That includes Roburt Sallie, Wesley Witherspoon, Shawn Taggart (assuming he comes to his senses and pulls out of the NBA draft), Doneal Mack, Willie Kemp, Pierre Henderson-Niles, and Angel Garcia (who is really an addition because he was ineligible last year). Will Coleman will be a solid addition, and will probably start right away. Now, that’s not a top 25 team, but with the possibility of Bledsoe, Williams, and Stevenson being added, it could be. Decimated? You only wish that was the case. Sorry to inform you, but Memphis basketball isn’t going away.

          • Why do you keep quoting the word decimated? It is spelled correctly. Here is a link if you don’t understand what it means…


            “decimated – to cause great destruction or harm to”

            I said various other transfers, you say there were two. Wow.

            I say decimated, you say… well, we might be a top 25 team if we get blank, blank and blank. DUDE!!! You were going to be a top 2 team before all this went down. Now, you even admit you won’t be a top 25 team. That is all I am saying. I guess whether that constitutes using the word decimated can be debated.

          • Oh, that’s what it means? I had no idea. Thank you so much for clarifying. You’re very kind. Look, there’s something else to consider here other than definitions. It’s called context. If you don’t know what context means, you can probably find that word on your handy dandy online dictionary, too. You said that Memphis had “various other transfers” in the context of those transfers having a negative impact on the basketball program. They don’t. Losing Simpkins is addition by subtraction. The guy was a cancer. C.J. Henry never stepped on the court for Memphis and hasn’t played basketball competitively in something like 5 years, so that’s no great loss. My point was that the two transfers that have occurred have absolutely no impact on the team. You implied that they did. And no, I don’t think that going from a sweet 16 team to just a conference championship contender outside of the top 25 constitutes destruction (to use your wonderful definition of decimated). My other point is that this thing isn’t over, yet, and Memphis has a chance to not only be good next year (which they would be if they don’t add anyone else), but very good to great. Let’s see where the chips fall before we start talking about “great destruction.” It seems more likely than not that Williams will be at Memphis. Bledsoe, who is the guy Memphis needs the most, seems at least 50-50 right now. The fact that Kentucky is still in on Wall makes me think that Bledsoe is more likely to end up at Memphis. Who knows about Stephenson, but this story makes it sound like he’s a real possibility too.

    • Its been pretty obvious that he was never very interested in Maryland or St. John’s. Personally, I would pick ‘Zona for the weather and more proven coach. I wouldn’t mind seeing him go to Memphis though as much as they lost in the Calipari Massacre. Don’t see it happening though. Hope Lance finds a good home. I know how close he was to being a Jayhawk… so I will continue to wish him the best and pay a little more attention to his career.

      BTW… Memphisfan1, while I appreciate your passion… you may want to tone it down a notch at this point. Most rational Memphis fans know you have a big hill to climb to get back to where you were at.

      Rock Chalk 2010!

      • Memphis hasn’t fallen as far as many of you seem to think. They lost 3 players off last year’s Sweet 16 team. Yes, those were 3 starters, but it’s not like the entire team is gone. Angel Garcia will be eligible next year. Will Coleman should also have an immediate impact. So without adding anyone else, Memphis is a contender in C-USA. If they can somehow add Bledsoe, Williams and Stevenson, all of whom seem to be real possibilities, another Sweet 16 or better becomes realistic. Because the recruiting class was going to be one of the best ever, it may seem on the surface that it’s a dramatic fall by losing those recruits, but there’s a pretty decent core at Memphis, and a couple of more recruits would keep them well above the rest of C-USA and contending on a national level.

      • Letemhang……
        I am glad you appreciate my passion but “toning it down at this point” I don’t get. When someone trash talks or talks down about me/Mphs then they will get what they dished out.
        We are all fans of some school, we all think our schools are the best. Don’t state things that you know nothing about. If he knew anything at all about Mphs then his arrogant comments would have been different. Everyone wants to talk about Mphs and that we are nobody.
        Look ath the NCAA record books. Look at the streaks still in place. The last 4 years……Fianl Four, 2 Elite Eights and a Sweet 16……..Name another school that can make that statement.

        Tone it down?????? Are you the Blog Monitor???

        • Kansas has done better, they have a S16, F4, E8 and a National Champioship in the last 4 years, UNC has two National Championships, Florida has 2 national Championships… So there is 3 teams that have done better in the last 4 years.

          However, I didn’t dispute that memphis hasn’t had a good run. This is your comment from earlier –

          “If being an arrogant, self centered and know-it-all fan is what it takes to be in the BCS then I LOVE the Conf. USA……………..we are who we are and we are proud of it. The BCS fans dont like us because we wind up beating the tar out or several of you every year. Year in and year out.
          It is embarrassing for you to have your tail whipped by us….isn’t it????
          Little Ole’ Mphs. You can put us down but we get right back up and keep doing what we do.
          GO TIGERS!!!!!”

          I just find it funny that you are calling out ALL BCS CONFERENCES with such arrogance. Memphis may get back to a Final Four in the next 20 years, they may not. You may still be competitive in the national landscape… you may just be competitive in the Conference USA. Nobody knows. Pastner has never been a head coach of any game at any level.

          • Let me see…….I am not the smartest guy in the world but……….

            Kansas 1 Nat. Championship
            N. carolina 2 Nat. Championships
            Florida 2 Nat. Championships

            I know that you think were dumb in Mphs, but doesn’ that equal 5?????

          • by the way I didn’t call out the BCS conferences. I only took up for Mphs because of the bashing that is said. there is a major difference.

    • I am a maryland fan and the bashing has been pretty bad on this site that i had to join. Gary williams takes teams made up of mostly 3 star players and takes them to the NCAA tournament just imagine what he could do with a talent like lance. Go ahead go to Arizona and be the leading scorer in the pac 10 where you get probably 3 prime time games and the rest are on late. Go across the country ,way away from family. At this point im pretty tired of the lance stuff but as a maryland fan i check a few sites every other day to see whats up with lance. So kansas is out of the picture and the only reason maryland fans come to this site because it makes sense if he wants to win. Maryland is a tournament team and returning everyone and has a scholardship available and not many teams can offer him that at this point

    • Anyone who refers to Memphis as mshp needs to stop trying to represent their school, as they are academic institutes.

      USC.Trojan – if you don’t like Adam’s free blogs who reports some of the top notch stuff for your OWN region, don’t come to the site. You obviously would post a similarly moronic rant with a positive connotation if he posted a story you liked.

      I want thank rbiggs2525 for some semblance of our language. Maryland fans may be delusional when talking sports, but the rest of the educated world can understand them. Bravo.

    • Haven’t we all grown a little tired of the Lance and Wall slow drama? And they don’t even have to announce before the end of the signing period. They can drag it out even longer!

      But at their peril. The last pieces are falling into place, and they may find themselves locked out of teams they would love to join. KU signed X, and while Wall checks out North Carolina Central, UK may sign Bledsoe. That’s the danger. You end up with Plan B, maybe even Plan C.

      • UK better sign bledsoe cuz i don’t trust wall to do what he should and sign with UK……..freakin nc central??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!

    • Memphis needs to land these recruits. Don’t get me wrong, we already got talent here. Sallie showed he got consistency with his 3pts, S.tagg is tall and dominate and has an outside J, Coleman will simply be a beast on the boards and on D, if Wesley stays we have all kinds of options for him, and as EVERYONE says, its just C-USA right? LOL. For players looking to go to a team that dominates there conference, what school is better than Memphis thats already in the running for these players? AZ can’t get over .500 in their own conference and their outside competition didn’t let them dominate either. Lets not forget that y’all got beat by UAB, the same C-USA team that hasn’t beat us since 06 and were taken to OT by another C-USA team that has worse luck than UAB. Definately not Georgetown. I don’t think they have taken basketball serious since A.I. I’ll mention Kentucky only in saying they play in a power FOOTBALL conference but their basketball programs always, ALWAYS, come second to their Football.

    • Memphis offers:

      (FOR BLEDSOE) a firm and rich and successful history of point guards. Reke will be a great PG, Rose has played in these games against Boston better than any rookie has since probably the big O (thats one rookie in the playoffs), penny was only stopped by injury, not because the NBA had someone to stop him (theres another rookie in the playoffs) and finch was DRAFTED by the LAKERS in 73 (decided to play at home for the memphs ABA team. when ABA folded became the coach, eventually coaching penny).
      (FOR LANCE) the chance to play alongside other players who are automatically going to be in the NBA. The chance to play your style of basketball in front of not just sell-out crowds that border more on 18,000, but automatically in the NCAA Tourney. Fundamentals and work ethic from a coach who believes in working hard, which come from 2 hall of fame coaches,

    • Serious question here for Memphis fans…. not trying to flame. What are your expectations for 09-10 including…. final record? Conference champs? Conf tourney champs? NCAA appearance? Post season?

    • Zag,

      Looks like there is a number of opinions.
      Uneducated ..
      The choice is between two schools, Arizona and memphis.

      So, what do you say?
      (Lance decision timeframe has also been pulled in. Time is running out?)

      The boyz on the West Coast say, Arizona because of the coaches and PT.
      Book It!

      Memphis faith will be decided by Bledsoe.
      Can they beat Cali?
      I say YES, if Wall goes to KU.

      • there is no way wall is goin to KU to play behind collins……..did you mean UK (Kentucky)?

        • pretty sure he meant UK… KU is done with its class per Self

    • we got 2 scenarios provided our circumstances…scenario 1, we don’t land the recruits we’re after (they’re equally intrigued by the situation) we win at least 20 games. team has scholarships available, already have a pretty good, tall, and athletic front court plus an OL who plays PF. we have proven shooters in kemp, mack, sallie. so i say 20 wins, 80/20 we win C-USA tourney, definately a post season team regardless of conference championship.
      scenario 2 lands us bledsoe and lance, we win 28-30 games, definate regular season AND C-USA tourney champs, and sweet 16.
      whats funny is everyone doubts it every year except this year when we had cal and x, cousins, and nolan. then they said we would probably be back in the final four. now that they are gone, theres nothing but doubt.
      the coach only knows winning (FROM LUTE TO CAL)
      imagine a motion/dribble drive featuring a triple double pg, shooters everywhere, and the knowledge that rebounds are practically automatic.

    • For all you Gary Williams basher..Gary has already signed the best player at Lincoln High School..James Padgett..He is a quality big may and a high character kid!..He was voted MVP of the Charm City Classic in Baltimore..More importantly, he has qualified academically..Lance, good luck, but we’re good with Padgett..

    • Gohard, you have to be the biggest d-bag on the internet.

      Where is Terrapin, who said he had “sources” Lance was coming to Maryland!!

      Lance would be a great get for Memphis. Pastner will have that team back in the tournament next year.

    • Guys I am a Memphis fan to start. If Lance wants to win next year and go to an elite eight or better he will be at Memphis and Not Arizona. Our roster as of right now is good but needs depth.

      Bledsoe I believe will choose Memphis – I would say 75% chance

      Latavious Williams will choose Memphis – I would say 90% chance

      Lance I have no idea but I wouldn’t be surprised

      The tigers will be better than last year for a few reasons. At small forward or SG whatever you want to call Anderson we will add more height and more offense. The Ky fans will find out that Cal is a great promoter of his favorites. No offense to Anderson but he wasn’t even our best defender on the team last year at that position and his offense lacked. Would I have traded him No.

      Dozier was a good player but was never consistent his entire career. Most will see that Garcia will be and is better already and taller. Coleman gives us the inside factor again that we had with Joey. We missed that last year with no inside intimidator besides Tags.

      Tags will be back and is solid on defense and has an offensive game.

      Sally and Mack at shooting guard is a nice one two coming back.

      Willie at the point will show he can play since he won’t have a prick yelling in his ear twenty four seven.

      Niles I don’t think will be a factor unless he gets down to 270 and I doubt he does it.

      Witherspoon is going to be great and can play the four, three, and two. He was slowed down last year with a torn meniscus.

      Add in Latvious and Bledsoe – two top twenty 5ish players and we will have two deep everywhere. You add Lance and your scary good. Without Lance I think we would be top 10. You add Lance and I think we have a shot at a final four.

      Last think and I think this is the biggest. Cal wasn’t the greatest floor coach. He could develop guards, he couldn’t develop big men. Cal also tore down players instead of built up. Pastner is so positive I have no doubt everyone will reach their potential under him. Pastner is also going to switch to an offense similar to the old Arizona teams. I think this will benefit everyone more than the dribble drive which was a guard and small forward driven offense.

      Guys I think we are going to be good but I don’t think others will see this until next year. I just don’t think people outside the program really know a lot about who we have and they will be surprised. Good luck to all the teams out there next season. If you have any questions I can try to answer them for you.

      By the way Wall is and has been a lock to Ky since Cal left. Don’t be fooled by anything. Cal had this locked almost a year ago.

      • cd Tiger,

        Who knows Josh better?
        Memphis fans or Arizona fans.

        My vote would be with Arizona fans.

        Which fans know the Arizona offense more.
        Yes, Arizona fans.

        Memphis is being referred to as the arizona of the East.
        without the capital A. They have not earn it yet.

        But, which ever teams lands Lance-A-Lot….it is all good.

        At least Kansas Jaycoks didnt’t. bla,bla,bla…..

        PS- MoMo is not going anywhere.
        He signed the LOI and we are all happy.

    • Lance ends up in Europe next year, and he has to pay extra fees because he is over the baggage limit for the flight… You can book it

    • I think if this decision was up to Lance, and not his dad, he would be playing at St. John’s next season. There are more reasons for Lance to stay home than go to Arizona, Maryland, Kansas, Memphis, Kentucky, or Europe.
      1. Playing at the World’s Most Famous Arena, MSG
      2. MSG would actually sell out with everyone coming to see Lance
      3. The city would view him as a savior of NYC hoops
      4. St. John’s has a lot of returning talent in Mason, Horne, Burrell, Kennedy, Boothe, Evans and newcomer Omari Lawerence
      5. With him, they could make it to the BIG DANCE in a down year for the BIG EAST
      6. At other schools he would be viewed as an other recruit, but if he was successful at SJU he would be remembered as one of the St. John’s greats thus improving his draft stock
      7. Lance would be the focal point of the offense
      Besides all these points, I don’t think he’s staying home. This is his order I believe:
      1. Zona
      2. St. John’s
      3. Europe
      4. Maryland
      5. Kentucky
      6. Memphis
      7. Kansas
      I think it’s pretty obvious Memphis will be worse than St. John’s next year. They have absolutely nobody and play in C-USA. Only Memphis fans think they’ll be good next year. Go Johnnies!!! (Good luck Norm!!!)

      • First – St John’s has not been relevant since about 1985. Next contrary to what was reported when Cal first left only one current player is leaving – X Henry’s brother. What do you even know abut the program. Please reply and tell me what you know since you think we will suck. It can’t be much since Lance himself cut his list down to two schools Zona and Memphis but your order list Memphis as sixth. Not that an order makes a difference because only #1 matters. Let see – St. Johns has been recruiting Lance for months and Memphis has been recruiting him for two weeks and Memphis is in the final two. That should about sum up the comparison of St. John’s and Memphis

    • Tiger

      I hope you are right about Wall going to Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • I am 100% right about Wall. As far as Memphis not having talent you are crazy. If Bledsoe comes he is a 5* if Williams comes he is a 5* and I believe both will.

      Coleman=2 highest rated Juco 4*
      Sally was a 3* but I don’t know what he was in Juco. He was I believe the highest rated in Cali and he is good so that is what matters

      How can you say they don’t have talent. Guys look out when Memphis plays next year. They will be better than this year and will be in the top 15 by year end, Top five if Lance comes

    • Ukcat

      Tiger is right I would be shocked if Wall doesn’t go to UK. Cal is the master at closing the big deal. Also, Gary Parrish at cbs sports lives just outside of Memphis and has a local daily radio show. He is very in the know and is well connected and before Cal left for UK he repeatedly said on his local radio show he thought Wall would end up at Memphis. I think this would carry over to UK. What are they reporting about Bledsoe and where do you think he will sign?

      • Hey bud

        I am not an “insider” by any means……..just an average Joe

        and I truly hope Wall goes to UK……..they need him

        Bledsoe is either going to UK or memphis……..

        if Wall was signed for UK I think bledsoe would go to memphis (unless T Evans was staying) – then I am not sure…….because he would be choosing between two schools where he would come off the bench as opposed to be a starter

        I saw an interview where Bledsoe said he would still go to UK if Wall went…….interpret that how you like……..

        I am surprised that Bledsoe suddenly had a host of skools on his list and chopped it down to 2 during the week (what seemed like out of nowhere)

        Other thing that surprised me was how Florida had been Bledsoe’s top choice for a while and suddenly they’re out completely

        I think Bledsoe will announce this coming week for sure (hopefully by mid-week)

        I am gonna say he’ll be a Memphis Tiger (but this is my opinion, I am not an insider at all – wish I was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

        But I’d loveeeeeeeee for UK to have 2 top-rated point guards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fantastic arguments on this site! I love the passion from everybody, even those who abuse my alma mater.

      Gary’s teams don’t always play with the best fundamentals but he does run pretty good offensive sets and gets them to play hard.

      As for young Lance – just pick a school and get ready for college. Practice starts in 5 months.

    • St Johnposter,

      I think you are RIGHT on.

      “Besides all these points, I don’t think he’s staying home. This is his order I believe:
      1. Zona”

      LA LA land agrees with YOU.

    • 1MphsFan ..

      Before Cal, when was the last time Memphis went to the Final Four… 1985.. the same year as St. John’s..

      I am by no means a Kentucky but niceof you to make assumptions with out facts…

      College basketball is ALL about the coach with the exception of a few schools.. UNC.. UCLA.. Kansas… Kentucky.. a few others but those schools haven’t had coaching changes of late.. Kids go to play for the coach, not the school… if you think Memphis is going to get anywhere near the level Coach Cal had had them in the last few years, please send me some of what ever it is you are smoking because it must be some potent stuff…

    • I live Kentucky blue and I will say I believe Memphis will have a quality team next season………potentially very good…….great (if they sign bledsoe and lance)

      how will they do in the near future beyond…………..don’t know…….next season though they will be good!

    • I agree with Pgrady

      the coach comes 1st I’d say 90% of the time
      sometimes there are cases where a kid always wanted to go to a certain school regardless of coach and even coaching changes, just always wanted to play for a certain school

      Which is why I am so thrilled that Calipari is coach at UK cause he gets top recruits……and that’s how you win championships

      Those who believe UK “sold out” and got him……..whatever

      if you don’t get the recruits you aren’t going to win………period

      look at what’s happened to duke (who I despise)
      they haven’t been getting the recruits they used to…..have they been going to final fours?


      Hope it stays that way!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This is my last post but the Tigers were good when Penny played. They didn’t reach the final four but they made the elite eight and had a sweet sixteen in there as well. Some of you forget that Cal couldn’t do jack for like six years when he was at Memphis. He was great his last four but the guy had problems. We made one NCAA tournament in those six years and we got smashed by Arizona St. because Cal went to weak man to man defense. That had to be one of the dumbest coaching moves I had ever seen besides not calling a timeout and fouling Kansas to win the Championship.

      My point Cal is not a good floor coach and it will come out more at Ky. The benefit of playing in Conf USA if you are a one and done is that you get to build your confidence throughout the season. Meaning yes they play less talent but a lot of guys get discouraged and they are finished before the season started. It will be much harder to win with one and done guys in the Big East than it is n conf USA. If we were in the Big East we would be good by the end of the season but it wouldn’t matter if it took all those freshman 3/4ths of the year to develop which is how long it took Rose and about half the season for Evans.

      Lastly Pastner knows Arizona basketball more than their fans. The guy graduated in 2 1/2 years for goodness sakes. He played under Olsen for four. He was an assistant and lead recruiter for Arizona. At Memphis they will be good down the road because there is money here. We pay our assistants better than 98% of the rest of college basketball. Memphis is a baskteball town. Besides the couple years with Tic Price and Cals six poor seasons we have been on the map people just not in the elite. Pastner will take us back and if he is here for a while I think he will have a shot at the title.

    • lance should just come to kansas…play a good amount of time and contribute to win the NC…and instead of lance and X leaving after a year…shock the world and return for a second year where the spotlight would be on just lance and X and they would be once ag???

    • I’m a MD fan (although not a great fan of Gary Williams) and I didn’t want Lance because I don’t think he’s that great. If he played in the Baltimore-DC area, he wouldn’t be considered as highly ranked. He’ll pick a school eventually, under-perform during the season, declare for the draft, blame his poor season on the coach, get picked in the second round, not make a NBA team and never be heard from again.

    • So Memphis will be good because they pay their assistance well.

      Should we be talking about the assistance?
      As the real head coaches of Memphis.
      I think so.

      LA LA lands thinks…..why did the Memphis AD have to and REQUIRE that he also interview the assistant coaches. The AD needed to approve the HIRES.
      We all understand Josh’s strengths and Weaknesses.
      Josh will be a very good coach in 7 years at Memphis. Josh needs some coaching BB experience and he will be good. Until that time,Memphis will be a ranked in the 30’s – in that mighty conference. No mor final fours.

      We do like Josh’s line of “we will run more – more than when Cal was here.”

      PS-UK posters…

      All this suking up about Memphis.
      Enough please.
      You guys went into Memphis and basically rapxx them of all the recruits.
      That was UK only move.
      Especially ,that horrible season from last year.
      How WWW enjoying UK.

    • With that said, lets return to the topic at hand…


      West coast is seeing a great trend develope.
      First, we see Zag article discuss a potential recruit desire -interest in a West Coast school. Zag typically has direct contact with the HS coach or family or recruit.
      That is awesome ,baby.

      Then, another article pops up in the West Coast, in the afternoon or evening.
      It is a follow up discusson about the recruit.
      This is also great.
      Because you have not stop – 24/7 discussions going from East Coast to West Coast.

      Keep it UP….

      And how is Kevin P doing and Arizona.

      Arizona is blowing up. And the visit is going great. has an outline of the Kevin P visit.

      And Kevin P is projected as a starter.
      While at Pitt, he will NOT be a starter and may not see the light of day, freshman year (no playing time, who is JessieWildcat?)

      Looks like Arizona values Kevin P much more than Pitt.
      Book did a great job on Kevin P and on Knight.

      Imagine some pick up games with Agent Zero, Bayless, RJ,……..

      Lets see if some PICs can be texted over…from the visit.

      Kevin P….90% chance of going to Arizona.

      What is your call on this Zag?
      Give us that East coast view.

      Note: Yo….Memphis……LA LA land is talking about this…NC

      The actions and decisions made by Arizona-Miller have one goal in mind.
      “I always hoped that I would have an opportunity to be at a place that can win the national championship, and to try to do the best I can at that program,” Miller said.

    • Paying your assistants well is very important mimi. If you can’t find top recruiters to come into a program ur stuck at a mediocre level. Memphis is able to attract top recruiters based on pay and the coach.

      By the way Pastner has been coaching since highschool and is well respected. He will not have a learning curve as much as u think but go USC I mean Arizona I mean any team in the Pac 10

    • Tiger,

      I hope the learning curve for Josh is shorter than longer.
      Josh is a good guy and deserves success.

      If anyone is interested….KEVIN Parron visit to ARIZONA.

      I believe Kevin P is visiting Arizona today.
      As part of the visit….he is having same games with the team and Former Player (NBA players).

      This should be fun to watch LIVE.
      People are trying to get the WEB cam in for a real life chronicle of the visit.
      Just keep checking on:
      uahoopscoach site
      or wildcatsportsreport (go to Lance-A-Lot thread)
      Both are free.

      This should give Zag more info on the visit….
      Lets see if the CAM goes on soon?


      “Stephenson turns down St. John’s, are Terps next? It seems like Arizona may now be in the lead to land him.

    • Zag,
      Why did you get St. John’s fans excited when you wrote the article that said Stephenson was about to commit to St. John’s and he has done all but that. Papa Stephenson should let his son where to pick, and support his son’s decision. If that was the case, he would be in Queens next year, but it’s not. Lance, good luck at Arizona.
      St. John’s will be better than Maryland and Memphis next year. St. John’s is coming back with everybody healthy plus Omari Lawerence and Anthony Mason, Jr. will come back after redshirting. The junior class Norm put together with Horne, Burrell, Kennedy, etc. was highly rated. The next two years St. John’s will be in the mix for a tourney bid. Maryland lost to Duke 3x including a 41 point loss. While St. John’s put up a great effort with injuries and lost by 7. Maryland is losing their best player too. Now Memphis will be the worst of the three, however they’ll go dancing because they play in the C-USA. Memphis is losing everybody and will take a year or two to rebuild.
      Lance it makes sense to stay home so do it.
      Largest media market + Tons of endorsements after school + Big East Competiton + Revive SJU+ Sold out MSG + Start at SG+ Strong supporting cast + front page of paper everyday + veteran leadership + ncaa tourney run + NYC = # 1 pick in NBA Draft
      No school can match that offer St. John’s has (but it won’t happen)

      • Zag,

        Need your confirmation on Lance-A-Lot….

        West Coast is reporting… .MEMPHIS is OUT.
        Not sure many believed that Memphis was really one of the two left.

        So, Arizona and Lance are really close?

        From what is being said….
        Lance and Arizona’s time frame is within 10days or so.
        A decision will be made soon.

        Book will be visiting NY, this week.

        Check out the sites.
        uofahoopscoach…Kevin P article and comment section.
        Lance-A-Lot thread.

    • Sorry Zag,

      These are the two sites.
      And another posting is going up in LA.

      Looks like the inexperience did play a factor, with Lance’s father.

    • USC.trojan, your posts suck. I link into that boring Pac -10 $hit and it puts me to sleep. Other than USC winning in football (by cheating) your conference delivers vollyball and swimming championships. Does anybody else really care about your time zone? Stick w/ that lame Fox coverage–Barry Tompkins & Marques Johnson really rock.

      Stephenson is 50/50 on going eurotrash vs. Arizona.

      Do I sound like an arrogant Kansas fan? Good, that’s what I was going for.

    • first of all usctrojan

      my post about memphis being good next year is not sucking up, it is my opinion…….and actually a fact

      they will be good……not as good as Kentucky……..but good

      2nd, correct me if i am wrong, but the Henry brothers are not going to kentucky, they’re going to kansas……and nolan dennis is going to baylor……not kentucky

      Kentucky did not get all the memphis recruits, if they did (plus the UK recruits), they’d have the single greatest recruiting class in college basketball history

      3rd, if I thought a team was going to suck, I would say that, I don’t need to pussyfoot around on here, I call it like I see it

      and USC will suck next year

      KENTUCKY WILL RULE NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      how you like them apples????

    • The best chocie for lance would be to go to st johns it is a perfect fit…
      1- he is the #1 option
      2-they return every player so they will be strgonger then many think
      3-there is no place bigger in the world than NYC
      even though i do think he will end up at memphis or arizona he is making a mistake.