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Wednesday / March 21.
  • Quinn Cook to Cut List; Boost Mobile on TV; Daniels to IMG; Tharpe to Visit 2 Schools

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    Quinn Cook is down to seven schools and plans to determine his official visits soon.

    “I got seven schools, Duke, St. John’s, Rutgers, Georgetown, UCLA, Arizona and North Carolina,” Cook said by phone from the Boost Mobile Elite 24 game in Venice Beach, Calif.

    Cook, who will play at Oak Hill (Va.) Academy, is the No. 5 point guard in the Class of 2011.

    Cook said he hasn’t figured out where he’ll take his official visits yet.

    “I’ll know by next week,” he said. “I’m not sure yet.”

    Cook is very close with Duke guard Nolan Smith. Both are from the Washington D.C. area. Both played for D.C. Assault. And both have the Oak Hill connection.

    So is Duke an option? It may depend on how the Austin Rivers situation plays out. Rivers is considering Duke, Florida and North Carolina, but many observers expect him to land at Duke.

    “It’s an option that I’m looking into,” Cook said of Duke.

    Cook is also considering both Rutgers and St. John’s. Thanks to Rutgers associate head coach David Cox, Rutgers now has a strong pipeline into D.C. Assault, as evidenced by the commitments of Jordan Goodman and Malick Kone.

    St. John’s is also an option for Cook.

    “They’re on my list,” Cook said. “I have a good relationship with Coach [Steve] Lavin. They’re definitely on my list right now.”

    Whatever he decides, Smith thinks it would be best for Cook to make a decision in the early signing period.

    “I think it would be best for him to get it out before his senior season,” Smith said recently in New York. “A lot of guys don’t think it would but it will make his senior year go a lot smoother and he can just focus on basketball. I think it should be coming real soon.”


    Bobbito Garcia, my fellow Wesleyan University alumnus, will do play-by-play alongside color commentator Jay Williams for ESPNU’s live broadcasts of the Elite 24 Under Armour Dunk Contest Friday (tonight) from 8-9 p.m.

    The Boost Mobile Elite 24 High School All-American Game is Saturday from 7:30-9:30.

    Garcia, also known as Kool Bob Love, will become the first Latino to announce a nationally televised basketball game in ESPN’s 30 year history, and perhaps the first for any network.


    DeAndre Daniels is expected to enroll in IMG Academy on Sunday, sources confirm.

    “I want to be sure that I’m ready [for college] and get bigger and gain some weight and be a better basketball player,” he said recently.

    The 6-8, 192-pound Daniels also confirmed he would head to college in 2011.


    Brewster (N.H.) Academy point guard Naadir Tharpe will visit Rutgers Sept. 2 and Minnesota Sept. 17.

    “Basically I want to be a leader,” he said recently. “It doesn’t matter what team you play on, your point guard is supposed to be the leader of your team. I’m gonna try to bring leadership, as well as winning.”

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Could have sworn I read a report that Cook was set to visit UA September 24th.

    • AZ–

      The folks in the West are enjoying the beach. Nice ladies in g-bikinis.

      But, WHY is everyone LAUGHING at Texas?

      Texas is becoming the biggest JOKE, in the west.
      The Daniels thing is just the latest and things are not improving.

    • I guess Woody has been busy with the ncaa and JS thing.

      But, lets talk scrambling.
      Tell me, if you have seen such scrambling before (from a Div 1 school)

      The Kentucky Scrambling….

      Are you getting the sense that Cali is in big trouble. Cali is scrambling, big time.

      Cali finally say the LIGHT when:
      A) Enes Kanter was NOT cleared by the ncaa.
      And the team looked BAD during its games in the north.

      From this point, the scrambling went into overdrive.

      It is like a chicken without a head…getting Daniels all hyped. Daniels did his part and got the DeCom. But, those horse folks could not get him enrolled and ready to play ,for them. Not sure any kid will believe the kentucky talk.
      Technical Foul for Kentucky on this mess.

      The last ditch effort.
      Getting Vargas on the team.
      Enes OUT. Vargas IN.

      The coaches do not know what they are doing…

    • Jessewildcat, you are a f’n idiot. I have never in my life seen a bigger idiot. I actually signed up just to let you know that you are the least informed, obviously ignorant idiot on the internet. I can not put it into words what a idiot you are, but I am sure of one thing… Your next post will do that for me. Damn your dumb.

    • Yes, Jessie WildCat. We all laugh at his foibles. He is quite ignorant. But that is the least of his problems. He seeks credibility but his ignorance prevails. He knows nothing, I mean NOTHING about basketball, and the readers of this blog know it. So speak on Jessie, and give us some smiles….

    • Jessie –

      Do you just huff paint all day and type non-sense on the web ?

      #1 UK won by an average of 30 points in Canada with EIGHT players (no Jones, Kanter, or Vargas). B Knight averaged 25 pts, 7 assists/rebounds and only 5 TOs in 3 games.

      #2 Vargas has been on the team for 4 months, but was just cleared to play. Cal did not go scrambling to find him.

      #3 It has been widely reported since day 1 that Kanter would have eligiblity issues and most likely miss a few games.

      Why wouldn’t any coach who could actually land a kid like this go after Daniels ? You need to just sit back and watch your 1 Top 50 kid a year go to UA and think you are relevant.

    • guys dont even give that clown the satisfaction. he is banned on every board out there in rivals and scout. its so bad he goes around and creates other user names just to post before people catch on. even on zona boards he gets banned.

      this is the only place he can post because zag has no balls and lets him post shit here.

    • Lets provide a little more insight for the kentucky horse-folks.

      The main issue with Kanter is: the expenses which his club team paid for.

      Do you think the Turkey club team paid more than $5.00 for inappropriate expenses…ABSOLUTELY ,they did. This is turkey we are talking about.

      So, by paying more than $5.00 , what would the ncaa do…

      He will NOT be able to play. This is a fact.

      There are recent examples of how severe the ncaa can be. HorneBlav.

    • Didn’t I tell you JessieWildcat would continue to show his ignorance? He is addicted to displays of blatant stupidity. Unfortunately, there are no known 12-step programs to cure his multiple problems, so let’s just enjoy the laughs whenever he posts…

    • Be careful mocking JessieWildcat. You’ll be subject to ridicule from other jagoffs like ZonaWildcat.

    • jessie speaks with such certainty that kanter will not be cleared. as if he has some sources outside of the internet. two can play at this game. i, with utmost certainty, will say that arizona will not make the ncaa tournament and that they will continue to get humiliated on the recruiting trail. whatever happened to the three amigos, jessie?

    • RockChalkWoody

      Be careful mocking JessieWildcat. You’ll be subject to ridicule from other jagoffs like ZonaWildcat.

      Bwahahaha ok RockCockWoody.

      EVERY TIME, I mean EVERY FREAKIN TIME, you see a JessieWildcat post RockCockWoody has to continue to put fuel on the fire.

      Dude, just ignore his a**! All zona fans don’t even acknowledge him yet you two are like a couple school girls going back and forth with each other.

      If you stop talking to Jessie, he disappears.

    • jessie sux