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Friday / July 12.
  • NBA Announces Early Entry Candidates for NBA Draft

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    The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today that 195 players have filed as early entry candidates for NBA Draft 2024 presented by State Farm.

    Players who have applied for early entry have the right to withdraw their names from consideration for the Draft by notifying the NBA of their decision in writing no later than 5 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 16. Under NCAA rules, in order to retain college basketball eligibility, college players who have entered NBA Draft 2024 must withdraw by Wednesday, May 29.

    Below is the list of players from colleges and other basketball teams or leagues who have applied for early entry into NBA Draft 2024, which will be held Wednesday, June 26 (First Round) at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Thursday, June 27 (Second Round) at ESPN’s Seaport District Studios in New York.


    Player                                                    School                                                   Height                   Status

    Achor Achor                                         Samford                                                 6-9                          Senior

    Chibuzo Agbo                                      Boise State                                            6-7                          Senior

    Abdullah Ahmed                                 Westchester Knicks (G League)       6-10                        2003 DOB

    Jonas Aidoo                                          Tennessee                                             6-11                        Junior

    Michael Ajayi                                      Pepperdine                                            6-7                          Junior

    Posh Alexander                                    Butler                                                     6-0                          Senior

    Trey Alexander                                    Creighton                                              6-4                          Junior

    Izan Almansa                                       G League Ignite                                   6-10                        2005 DOB

    Mark Armstrong                                  Villanova                                              6-2                          Sophomore

    Adama Bal                                            Santa Clara                                           6-6                          Junior

    Joe Bamisile                                         VCU                                                       6-4                          Senior

    Aziz Bandaogo                                    Cincinnati                                             7-0                          Senior

    Brooks Barnhizer                                Northwestern                                        6-6                          Junior

    Reece Beekman                                   Virginia                                                 6-3                          Senior

    Jesse Bingham II                                 Indianapolis                                          6-6                          Senior

    Jalen Blackmon                                   Stetson                                                   6-3                          Junior

    Adem Bona                                           UCLA                                                    6-10                        Sophomore

    Malik Bowman                                    Overtime Elite/Lusitania (Portugal) 6-8                          2004 DOB

    Jaden Bradley                                       Arizona                                                  6-3                          Sophomore

    Trevon Brazile                                     Arkansas                                               6-10                        Sophomore

    Koby Brea                                             Dayton                                                   6-6                          Senior

    Jack Brestel                                          Roanoke College                                 6-5                          Senior

    Jalen Bridges                                        Baylor                                                    6-9                          Senior

    Dion Brown                                          UMBC                                                   6-3                          Sophomore

    Nimari Burnett                                     Michigan                                               6-4                          Junior

    Markus Burton                                     Notre Dame                                          5-11                        Freshman

    Lamont Butler Jr.                                San Diego State                                   6-2                          Senior

    Matas Buzelis                                       G League Ignite                                   6-10                        2004 DOB

    Wesley Cardet Jr.                                Chicago State                                       6-6                          Junior

    Andrew Carr                                         Wake Forest                                         6-11                        Senior

    Carlton Carrington                              Pittsburgh                                              6-4                          Freshman

    Devin Carter                                         Providence                                            6-3                          Junior

    Stephon Castle                                     Connecticut                                          6-6                          Freshman

    Cam Christie                                        Minnesota                                             6-6                          Freshman

    Nique Clifford                                      Colorado State                                     6-6                          Senior

    Donovan Clingan                                 Connecticut                                          7-2                          Sophomore

    Isaiah Collier                                        USC                                                       6-5                          Freshman

    Jalen Cook                                            LSU                                                        6-0                          Senior

    Cedric Coward                                     Eastern Washington                            6-6                          Junior

    Isaiah Crawford                                   Louisiana Tech                                    6-6                          Senior

    Somto Cyril                                          Overtime Elite                                      6-10                        2005 DOB

    Thierry Darlan                                     G League Ignite                                   6-8                          2004 DOB

    Tristan Da Silva                                   Colorado                                               6-9                          Senior

    DJ Davis                                                Butler                                                     6-1                          Senior

    Johnell Davis                                        Florida Atlantic                                    6-4                          Senior

    Anthony Dell’Orso                              Campbell                                               6-6                          Sophomore

    Mohamed Diarra                                 NC State                                                6-10                        Junior

    Rob Dillingham                                   Kentucky                                               6-2                          Freshman

    Eric Dixon                                            Villanova                                              6-8                          Senior

    Reynan Dos Santos                             Overtime Elite                                      6-5                          2004 DOB

    Garwey Dual                                        Providence                                            6-5                          Freshman

    Ryan Dunn                                            Virginia                                                 6-8                          Sophomore

    Xavier DuSell                                      Fresno State                                          6-4                          Senior

    Zach Edey                                             Purdue                                                   7-4                          Senior

    Justin Edwards                                     Kentucky                                               6-8                          Freshman

    Noah Farrakhan                                   West Virginia                                       6-2                          Senior

    RJ Felton                                               East Carolina                                        6-3                          Junior

    Frankie Fidler                                       Omaha                                                   6-7                          Junior

    Kyle Filipowski                                   Duke                                                      7-0                          Sophomore

    Rasheer Fleming                                  St. Joseph’s                                           6-9                          Sophomore

    Trentyn Flowers                                  Adelaide (Australia)                            6-8                          2005 DOB

    Johnny Furphy                                     Kansas                                                   6-9                          Freshman

    Eric Gaines                                           UAB                                                       6-2                          Senior

    Kyshawn George                                 Miami                                                    6-8                          Freshman

    Tyon Grant-Foster                               Grand Canyon                                      6-7                          Senior

    Keyshawn Hall                                    George Mason                                      6-7                          Sophomore

    PJ Hall                                                   Clemson                                                6-10                        Senior

    Tyler Harris                                          Portland                                                 6-8                          Freshman

    Coleman Hawkins                               Illinois                                                   6-10                        Senior

    A.J. Hoggard                                        Michigan State                                     6-3                          Senior

    Ron Holland II                                     G League Ignite                                   6-8                          2005 DOB

    DaRon Holmes II                                Dayton                                                   6-10                        Junior    

    Ben Humrichous                                  Evansville                                             6-9                          Senior

    Chase Hunter                                        Clemson                                                6-4                          Senior

    CJ Huntley                                            Appalachian State                               6-10                        Senior

    Oso Ighodaro                                        Marquette                                              6-9                          Senior

    Harrison Ingram                                  North Carolina                                     6-8                          Junior

    Jahzare Jackson                                   Overtime Elite                                      7-0                          2004 DOB            

    Andrej Jakimovski                              Washington State                                6-8                          Senior

    Bronny James                                       USC                                                       6-4                          Freshman

    Sion James                                            Tulane                                                    6-5                          Senior

    AJ Johnson                                           Illawarra (Australia)                           6-6                          2004 DOB

    Meechie Johnson                                 South Carolina                                     6-3                          Senior

    David Jones                                          Memphis                                               6-6                          Senior

    Dillon Jones                                          Weber State                                          6-6                          Senior

    Dordije Jovanovic                               Ontario Clippers (G League)             6-7                          2003 DOB

    Ryan Kalkbrenner                               Creighton                                              7-0                          Senior

    Arthur Kaluma                                     Kansas State                                         6-7                          Junior

    Alex Karaban                                       Connecticut                                          6-8                          Sophomore

    Miles Kelly                                           Georgia Tech                                        6-4                          Junior

    Bobi Klintman                                     Cairns (Australia)                                6-10                        2003 DOB

    Tyler Kolek                                          Marquette                                              6-3                          Senior

    Chaz Lanier                                          North Florida                                        6-4                          Senior

    Pelle Larrson                                        Arizona                                                  6-5                          Senior

    Toibu Lawal                                         VCU                                                       6-8                          Sophomore

    Xaivian Lee                                          Princeton                                               6-3                          Sophomore

    Jalen Lewis                                           Overtime Elite                                      6-10                        2005 DOB

    KJ Lewis                                               Arizona                                                  6-4                          Freshman

    Malique Lewis                                     Mexico City Capitanes (G League) 6-8                          2004 DOB

    Kino Lilly Jr.                                        Brown                                                    6-0                          Junior

    Jared McCain                                       Duke                                                      6-3                          Freshman

    Javian McCollum                                Oklahoma                                             6-2                          Junior

    Robert McCray V                                Jacksonville                                          6-4                          Sophomore

    Scotty Middleton                                 Ohio State                                             6-6                          Freshman

    Igor Milicic Jr.                                     Charlotte                                               6-10                        Junior

    Baba Miller                                           Florida State                                         6-11                        Sophomore

    Judah Mintz                                          Syracuse                                                6-3                          Sophomore

    Yves Missi                                            Baylor                                                    7-0                          Freshman

    Ajay Mitchell                                       Santa Barbara                                       6-4                          Junior

    Jonathan Mogbo                                  San Francisco                                       6-8                          Senior

    Jalon Moore                                          Oklahoma                                             6-6                          Junior    

    Shahid Muhammad                             Southern Idaho                                     6-10                        Sophomore

    Matthew Murrell                                 Mississippi                                            6-4                          Senior

    Baye Ndongo                                       Georgia Tech                                        6-9                          Freshman

    Carlos Nichols                                     Southern Crescent Tech (GA)           6-5                          Freshman

    Zarique Nutter                                      Northern Illinois                                  6-7                          Senior

    Toby Okani                                           UIC                                                        6-7                          Senior

    Norchad Omier                                    Miami                                                    6-7                          Senior

    Great Osobor                                        Utah State                                             6-8                          Junior    

    Wooga Poplar                                      Miami                                                    6-5                          Junior

    Kasean Pryor                                        South Florida                                        6-9                          Senior   

    Will Richard                                         Florida                                                   6-4                          Junior

    Jordan Riley                                         Temple                                                  6-4                          Junior

    Jeremy Roach                                       Duke                                                      6-2                          Senior

    Jaxson Robinson                                  BYU                                                       6-7                          Senior

    Payton Sandfort                                   Iowa                                                       6-7                          Junior

    Babacar Sane                                        G League Ignite                                   6-8                          2003 DOB

    Mark Sears                                            Alabama                                                6-1                          Senior

    Jamal Shead                                          Houston                                                 6-1                          Senior

    Reed Sheppard                                     Kentucky                                               6-3                          Freshman

    Max Shulga                                          VCU                                                       6-5                          Senior

    KJ Simpson                                          Colorado                                               6-2                          Junior

    Tyler Smith                                           G League Ignite                                   6-9                          2004 DOB

    Jason Spurgin                                       Bowling Green                                     6-11                        Senior

    A.J. Staton-McCray                            Samford                                                 6-5                          Junior

    Jarin Stevenson                                    Alabama                                                6-11                        Freshman

    AJ Storr                                                 Wisconsin                                             6-7                          Sophomore

    Jahmyl Telfort                                      Butler                                                     6-7                          Senior

    Saint Thomas                                       Northern Colorado                              6-7                          Junior

    JT Toppin                                              New Mexico                                         6-9                          Freshman

    Yacine Toumi                                      Evansville                                             6-9                          Senior   

    Trey Townsend                                    Oakland                                                 6-6                          Senior

    Jaylon Tyson                                        California                                              6-7                          Junior

    Milos Uzan                                           Oklahoma                                             6-4                          Sophomore

    Ja’Kobe Walter                                    Baylor                                                    6-5                          Freshman

    Jaykwon Walton                                  Memphis                                               6-7                          Senior

    Kel’el Ware                                          Indiana                                                   7-0                          Sophomore

    Bryson Warren                                     Sioux Falls Skyforce (G League)     6-2                          2004 DOB

    Marques Warrick                                 Northern Kentucky                              6-2                          Senior

    Deshawndre Washington                   New Mexico State                               6-7                          Junior

    Jamir Watkins                                      Florida State                                         6-7                          Junior

    Jaylen Wells                                         Washington State                                6-8                          Junior

    Amari Williams                                   Drexel                                                    6-10                        Senior

    Cody Williams                                     Colorado                                               6-8                          Freshman

    Terrance Williams II                           Michigan                                               6-7                          Senior

    Joseph Zaher                                        Bowling Green                                     6-0                          Sophomore

    Below is the list of international players who have applied for early entry into NBA Draft 2024.

    Player                                                    Team/Country of Team                   Height                   Status

    Melvin Ajinca                                      Saint Quentin (France)                       6-8                          2004 DOB

    Miguel Allen                                        Joventut (Spain)                                   6-8                          2003 DOB

    Roberts Blums                                     VEF Riga (Latvia)                               6-4                          2005 DOB

    Luka Bogavac                                      Derby Podgorica (Montenegro)        6-5                          2003 DOB

    Gael Bonilla                                         Caceres (Spain)                                    6-9                          2003 DOB

    Michael Caicedo                                  Girona (Spain)                                     6-6                          2003 DOB

    Milhan Charles                                    BAL Weert (Holland)                         6-7                          2004 DOB

    Ulrich Chomche                                  NBA Academy (Africa)                     6-11                        2005 DOB

    Yongxi Cui                                           Guangzhou (China)                             6-6                          2003 DOB

    Pacome Dadiet                                     Ulm (Germany)                                   6-8                          2005 DOB

    Thijs De Ridder                                   Bilbao (Spain)                                      6-8                          2003 DOB

    Brice Dessert                                        Blois (France)                                      6-11                        2003 DOB

    Mohamed Diawara                              Poitiers (France)                                  6-8                          2005 DOB

    Nikola Djurisic                                    Mega (Serbia)                                      6-8                          2004 DOB

    Ruben Dominguez                               Castello (Spain)                                   6-5                          2003 DOB

    Ugo Doumbia                                       Chalons-Reims (France)                    6-4                          2003 DOB

    Lucas Dufeal                                        Vichy Clermont (France)                   6-9                          2003 DOB

    Quinn Ellis                                            Trento (Italy)                                        6-4                          2003 DOB

    Mouhamed Faye                                  Reggio Emilia (Italy)                          6-10                        2005 DOB

    Andrija Jelavic                                     Mega (Serbia)                                      6-10                        2004 DOB

    Ilias Kamardine                                   Vichy Clermont (France)                   6-4                          2003 DOB

    Gustav Knudsen                                  Bakken (Denmark)                              6-8                          2003 DOB

    Konstantin Kostadinov                       Alicante (Spain)                                   6-8                          2003 DOB

    Liutauras Lelevicius                            Lietkabelis (Lithuania)                       6-7                          2003 DOB

    Timotej Malovec                                 Mega (Serbia)                                      6-7                          2004 DOB

    Bogoljub Markovic                             Beograd (Serbia)                                 6-9                          2005 DOB

    Eli John Ndiaye                                   Real Madrid (Spain)                           6-8                          2004 DOB

    Ousmane Ndiaye                                 Palencia (Spain)                                   6-11                        2004 DOB

    Juan Nunez                                           Ulm (Germany)                                   6-4                          2004 DOB

    Noah Penda                                          Vichy Clermont (France)                   6-8                          2005 DOB            

    Zacharie Perrin                                    Antibes (France)                                  6-9                          2004 DOB

    Zaccharie Risacher                              Bourg (France)                                     6-9                          2005 DOB

    Musa Sagnia                                         Manresa (Spain)                                  6-8                          2003 DOB

    Tidjane Salaun                                     Cholet (France)                                    6-9                          2005 DOB            

    Alexandre Sarr                                     Perth (Australia)                                  7-0                          2005 DOB

    Nikola Topic                                        Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)                     6-6                          2005 DOB

    Armel Traore                                        Blois (France)                                      6-9                          2003 DOB

    Cezar Unitu                                          Constanta (Romania)                          6-2                          2005 DOB

    Fedor Zugic                                          Goettingen (Germany)                        6-5                          2003 DOB

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