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Tuesday / February 20.
  • Knight, Family Weighing College Options (UPDATED)

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    **UPDATE: The Sun Sentinel is reporting that Knight has cut Miami from his list and has added Syracuse.**

    Brandon Knight’s parents would like him to attend Kentucky while Knight himself is more inclined to stay local, multiple sources close to the situation said.

    “The parents like UK. Brandon likes the idea of staying local, but he’s definitely not opposed to going away,” one source said.

    A second source with direct knowledge of the situation went so far as to say Knight’s parents had already made up their mind in favor of Kentucky.

    “You’re right,” the source said. “Do I think they made up their mind already? Yes, I do. It’s hard for me to believe they’ll stay locally.”

    Added the first source: “Kentucky is probably where he ends up.”

    The 6-3, 185-pound Knight is now considering Kentucky, Kansas, Florida, UConn and Syracuse. Miami is now out.

    “I’m pretty ready,” Knight told on Tuesday. “I’m not bothered or anything. I want to make a decision.

    “It’s my future.”

    The first source said Knight’s parents liked Kentucky coach John Calipari’s “no-nonsense” style and his track record of sending players to the pros.

    “They are going program and where he can be an impact player with the ball in hand, and get better to play in the NBA,” the source said.

    6-9 power forward Patric Young of Jacksonville has committed to Florida and could try to sway Knight when the two play together in the McDonald’s All-American Game and the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland, Ore.

    “He would mean a great deal to Florida,” Young told “He’s a great player who would make a big difference as a freshman. He’s a gym rat who loves the game and always works to get better. He’s also going to be great in the pros.

    “I’ve been trying a little bit [to convince Knight to be a Gator], but I don’t push. He’s got to do what he wants to do.”

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Knight to Kentucky is done

    • Knight to Kentucky is done? If anything, this article sheds doubt.

      I still think he does end up at UK but it does seem like a done deal to me.

      Selby -> KU
      Joseph – Minnesota if Tubby stays
      Lamb – no idea. KU, UK and Arizona seem to have the same chance

      • Joseph is not gong to Minnesota – his final two are Unconn and Villanova. Villanova will be the choice when it is all said and done.

    • Rather, does NOT seem like a done deal to me

    • Cal will take Knight

    • I think we get him, but not a done deal until I hear it from his lips. I throw this out there… I think Cal wants two PG’s this year, because next year if we land Knight, he and Bledsoe leave for the league leaving us with no PG for 2011. That could be solved with Lamb or Joseph/ Knight combo or a commit from Marquis Teague for 2011. Teague seems to be favoring Louisville though. Just what I am thinking. I love this recruiting stuff!

      • He promised Bledsoe he would play 2 Pg’s and delivered on that promise …..Cal is actually changing the game of college basketball ….yet this Ky team is really not his prototype ideal team …. too many aircraft carriers …yet he’s adjustin well as most hall of fame coaches do .

        • Easy on the hall of fame talk in regards to Calipari.

          Zero national championships and two final 4 appearances, one at UMASS and one at Memphis in which BOTH schools had to vacate those seasons due to shady practices doesn’t a hall of fame coach make.

          Maybe most slimiest coach of all time, who knows. Maybe you should ask Bob Knight what he thinks? lol Or everyone outside of the Kentucky fan base for that matter.

          • if we were in the 80s people would care what bob knight thinks. but in todays world…he looks like he is off his meds.

            in terms of everyone else hating cal…irrelevant and predictable. when you win and land tons of elite players…of course people are going to have a problem. but it means and changes nothing.

          • No the problem that people have with him is he is a snake in the grass.

            When you’ve only been to the final 4 two times (each one with a different school) and BOTH of those seasons were vacated by the NCAA committee and wiped off the records books, something is wrong there.

            It don’t take a genius to figure it out. And just because they don’t have hard evidence against Calipari, doesn’t prove his innocence. It just proves he’s a smart mann and knows how to cover his tracks.

          • No, it’s not because of his success, or elite players. John Wooden has had more success than any of them and he is beloved. People like Roy Williams, Dean Smith, Coach K (Duke is annoying of course but Coach K is not hated). I could go on and on. Any coach with a title has had more success than Calipari; they aren’t all hated.

          • Any coach with an NCAA recognized Final Four has had more success than Calipari… That includes Jim Larranaga…

          • Maybe you should ask the Porto Rico PD, the land owner who was shot at, the hunter who was shot in the face, or any woman who has been raped what they think of Bobby Knight. People point to Cal as an example of a snake, sleazeball, etc because they believe he is a “shady” recruiter. Yet these same people put a well documented POS off the court like Bobby Knight on a pedestal and point to him as an example of a great man of integrity. Good to see you trash talkers have your priorities straight!

          • Zonawildcat, you claim that “no evidence” doesn’t prove his innocence but instead proves he’s guilty as charged! Glad you were able to tell us that you have family roots in Salem.

          • Come on blasphemy! Are you serious! If you are THAT naive to think that Calipari wasn’t involved than you sir need help!

            TWO separate schools under his coaching get their Final 4 appearances wiped off the record books after he splits and you don’t think he was involved with any of it? lol OMG mann you need help! Where there is smoke there is fire.

            And I only brought up the evidence thing because there was some bozo on another article on this site claiming he was innocent because there was no hard evidence against him. And again I’ll say; no he knows how to cover his ass and not get caught.

            Good luck living in the clouds!

          • I need help? By your standards, you would have convicted all of those women at Salem Mass. You are the one living in the clouds and you are the bozo. Look, I’m not saying you have to believe he is innocent there is no evidence for that, either. What I am saying is that using “no evidence” as evidence is as faux of reasoning as you’ll ever find. Read my post below for the “where there is smoke there is fire.”

          • Having a tournament on campus with potential recruits is NO BIG DEAL ? That is shady and they knew it. Don’t act like it was an honest mistake. You sound like Ol’ Roy and the aw-shucks pitch.

            Facts : Camby took money from an prospective agent. Not a booster, or anyone even affiliated with UMass. The only thing the school did wrong was have him on scholarship. Calipari self-reported the violation, just like Lute supposedly did. This wasn’t even close to Michigan and the Fab 5 who were getting money from a booster.

            Facts : Memphis did nothing wrong but have Derrick Rose on scholarship. He was admitted by the NCAA Clearinghouse and the SAT board. He was declared ineligible because he did not co-operate with the SAT investigation. This ruling against Memphis will be overturned since it is clear that the school did nothing wrong.

          • First off the Cactus Classic rotates its location, its not ALWAYS at Arizona. It’s mostly held up in Tempe.

            And there is NOTHING wrong with having a tournament at your campus, a lot of universities do it all the time. You just can’t endorse your university in any way to the recruits or throw any recruiting pitches at them. You can’t talk to them about attending your school period, and we didn’t.

            Bottom line is this; Calipari is the ONLY coach to have 2 seasons wiped off the books at 2 different schools. Live in the clouds all you want. When he does to you what he did to the other schools, you’ll come back down to earth with the rest of us.

          • Well ….. Cal’s W /L record ….coach of the year awards …conference championships etc will get him in the hall of fame without a NC ….but its likely he wins a couple at Ky . He’s going to win 30 for the 5th year in a row this year ….. hottest coach alive ….. rage on haters …. the freight train is heading right at you.

    • Is it me or does brandon Knight look like the guy from AVATAR??

      • I think he looks more like the alien girlfriend.

    • There are a lot of coaches that win more that are very well respected and pretty universally loved (Izzo, Self, Roy, Howland, etc). There is also a group that is respected but not liked because of bad personalities (Boeheim, Donovon, Calhoun, K, etc). Then there is Calipari. Almost universally, basketball fans and coaches don’t respect or like Cal because he cheats, it’s quite simple.

      • yeah self doesnt cheat. thats why KU is the only team to win a title on probation. roy williams doesnt do anything wrong. those “senior graduating gifts” are perfectly ok. coach k is the golden boy. what job did duhon’s mom get in durham? how much money did corey maggette get from an agent? calhoun is a legend. too bad nate miles couldnt play for him. must be a lot of very young posters here….when billy d first start at uf…he was accused of cheating by EVERYONE on a yearly basis. howland is so loved…pitt couldnt wait to get rid of him.

        but is the snake. lol.

        • A ton of inaccuracy in that post (you can’t blame Self and Roy for the same probation to start with), but the point is that Calipari cheats more or isn’t as good at it.

          Either way, Kentucky fans will be defending Calipari until he leaves (voluntarily or otherwise) while fans of the other schools have coaches that fans nationwide would love to represent their program.

          • The only difference is that Calipari has never had the chance to coach at a major university. He had to take some chances on kids other scools could pass on because they were elite programs. The only thing he is guilty of is toeing the NCAA line. He has never been even accused of breaking a rule. To say he “probably” cheats is garbage. Every single elite coach plays in the grey area, so don’t act all high and mighty. If he had done these things at a major school, nothing would have happened.

            The NCAA has clearly shown they are biased . Kansas and Bill Self played Darrell Arthur on their title team ,who was found to have forged grades from high school. The same team that hired Mario Chalmer’s father as a coach, when he was clearly not qualified.

          • Actually the Dallas School District says Arthur was clear and Chalmers was at KU almost a year before his dad joined the squad (and his dad was quite well qualified for a 40,000 a year administrative job after winning a bunch of championships at the HS level).

            Again either way, Calipari either cheats more or isn’t very good at it. And then there are these new rumors today that both Bledsoe and Cousins haven’t been to class since Thanksgiving (catspause, etc). Not surprising, but it’s pretty insane how frequently these things happen to Calipari.

          • Not suprising is the fact you used a “rumor” for fact. FACT: I have a class with Bledsoe, and he has attended more classes than I have this semester. (Easy class, but non-the-less proves the rumors wrong.)

          • how would you know if Bledsoe attended more classes than you if you weren’t in class?

          • I’ve talked to him. I’ve been to class many times, just not all the time, as it is a 100 lvl class and frankly it’s cheese to me.

          • Sorry blas, but we all know you’re full of it. Catspause has 100 guys saying he hasn’t been to class all semester and a respected journalist from Birmingham has said he is 100% out of Lexington in a few weeks.

          • Saying he is out doesn’t mean he hasn’t gone to class, he’s been telling me he is going to put his name in the draft. Grade A research taking stuff off the message boards.

      • Notorious B.I.G., I neither respect nor like Roy or Self. Therefore they are not, “universally loved.” (Kicking someone out of a game for rooting for another team is bush-league IMO and several others, for that matter, agree with me. Just scour the comment sections here and I’m sure you’ll find something on it.) And projecting your “opinions” as “facts” is laughable. Glad you didn’t choose math or physics as a major, you would have failed….. hard.

    • Big Ben, Michael, ZonaWildcat,

      Does the room smell like farts when you talk from spewing out so much crap?

      • Look at his track record.

        Where there is smoke, there is fire. Calipari is a snake and EVERYONE knows it.

        Nuff said!

        • Actually Zona, the more completely combusted the flame (aka hotter), the less visble smoke. Are we learning anything yet?

        • like the fire olen left at zona that got the school violations and had to dive up scholarships.

          i just love all these other fans that think cal is SO dirty and cheats all the time yet their shcool has had violations and have shady stuff go on but they put their head in the sand and pretend it didnt happen.


          • BostonCat,

            I know you are pretty ignorant based on a lot of your comments on this site so I will try to take it a little easy on you!

            You need to get your facts straight when talking about Arizona and our so called infractions. Do you even know what happened? Obviously not! So let me shed a little light on it for you.

            When Lute Olson was still coaching 5 years ago, there was a letter sent by Lute to our boosters asking if they could help support our tournament the “Arizona Cactus Classic”. No student was bought or given ANYTHING.

            There was no money given to ANY student (OJ Mayo, Camby), and we didn’t have anyone take our recruits SAT because they were too stupid to get into college (Rose).

            Immediately when the letter was sent to our boosters our athletic department AND Lute Olson reported it to the NCAA because they weren’t sure if it was a violation.

            After 5 years the NCAA is BARELY getting to this matter and Arizona imposed it’s own penalties. We have one less scholarship for 2011, and Miller has a couple days less he can go out and recruit. No big deal seeing how 98% of our team is made up of freshmen and sophomores this year. We aren’t going to have any scholarships to give anyway.

            And we didn’t miss an entire post season (USC) or get our ENTIRE season wiped off the history books like Calipari’s two schools (UMASS, Memphis). Our infraction was a minor one, a self reported minor one, that was a complete mess up by Lute Olson.

            So you can’t even compare our ONE minor infraction to what Calipari has done to UMASS and Memphis.

          • no i get it perfectly. zona’s infractions are ok. ku’s infractions are ok. the stuff coach k has done in the past are ok.

            the stuff coach cal does..he is a snake and slime ball.

            no i get it perfectly.

          • BostonCat,

            I’m not saying every coach is squeaky clean, I’m not stupid. Like in all sports, people walk that grey line sometimes, but what Calipari has done to the two previous schools he coached at is ridiculous.

            He takes cheating and scandal to a whole new level. We had a MINOR infraction that we weren’t even aware of until we reported it ourselves, Calipari had 2 seasons wiped off the record books and will go down in history as if it never happened. I think you can tell the difference between the two.

          • the only thing that is ridiculous is you.

            what has cal done exactly? self report that camby took money from an agent. yeah….his master plan was to tell an agent to give money to marcus, then report it to the NCAA to cover is ass. right.

            and what did he do at memphis? play a kid that the NCAA cleared. hire jack bauer to sneak into rose’s high school and have some else take his SAT.

            are you sure you arent stupid? i’m just checking.

            you keep bringing up the vacated wins as if it matters. it doesnt. you know why it doesnt. because the NCAA says so. and you know who else says so? recruits. brandon knight obviously doesnt care. he is a 4.3 GPA student, bright kid, great family. to say nothing of all the other recruits and their families out there. not ONCE EVER does a recruit mention any with the vacated wins/final fours.

            so who does it matter too? fans of teams going 16-14 and waiting to see what recruits cal doesnt get to see who is left.

            and again….you have no problems with all the violations that have gone at places like KU and AU, but when it comes to cal he is a snake.


          • Zona, put an asterisk next to the “2 seasons wiped off the record books,” because the Memphis final four is being looked at right now. I heard on a local radio station that the appeal by Memphis is going favorably for them. (I’m not passing this off as fact or fiction, just food-for-thought.)

    • Pasta,

      How is Calipari changing the game of college basketball? Because of playing two point guards at the same time? That’s been done before.

      • IF anything Alvin Gentry started that when he plays Nash and Dragic, or Nash and Barbosa

    • Would you guys also be arguing pro Barry Bonds if we were arguing about that? I mean, we don’t have any hard facts, videotape, or admission from him using steroids…

      • We do have evidence in the form of players who SAW him use steroids……. Not hard enough? I guess multiple witnesses just aren’t enough these days. Actually, this is more favorably comparable to the Salem Witch Trials. So, you would convict the “witches” too?

        • We do? What players are you speaking of? Saw him use steriods? Like he was doing it out in the open in the clubhouse? Actually don’t answer that question… The point is Bond’s is guilty in the court of public opinion, as is Cal. Vacating wins with at two separate major universities, whether we have hard evidence or not, constitutes as guilty in the court of public opinion. And you should quit trying to minimize Cal’s infractions by comparing it to minor infractions by all the other coaches you have listed off.

          • Cal has no infractions, actually. Sorry if the facts are confusing. Also, the “witches” at Salem were guilty in the court of public opinion. Clearly you would hang and drown them too? What a great person you are! For the record, I don’t minimize, I simply state the truth when it comes to Calipari, by using facts, something you are not familiar with. (For the record, I don’t know much about Barry Bonds and the steroid issue because baseball is gay anyways but maybe I simply heard wrong. Or not. This is the story I found which seems to have HARD evidence which you claimed to the contrary of to make your point.)


    • How many times are we going to get in this same dumb argument…

      Zona fans, please drop it now, save yourself the time, these UK fans wont change there opinion till Cal does the same thing to them in a few years.

      There are more important things, happening to debate this now. (see NCAA tournament)

      • IF** it happens, I’ll be the first to condone him, and I will be here to eat crow. Until then, though, I’m not going to put up with these retarded accusations with wild claims and people who use “lack of evidence” as evidence of guilt. Trust me, IF***** Calipari does screw up BIG, (aka a whole season wiped from the books or a post season ban) I doubt any fan base will disdain him more. See Eddie Sutton and Billy G. (Even though Billy didn’t land us on probation, he really messed up in Lexington.)

        • How about you talk to the UMASS and Memphis fans, I think they would have something to say about it.

          And you are right jhawk4, these UK fans are idiots. Well, I guess you have to defend and stick behind your coach even though he isn’t respected by 95% of the nation.

          • Actually, no UK fan is as much an idiot as you. 95% of the nation? Really? Got a link to prove it? I guess proof is too much for you. Talk to UMass fans? The ones I talk to have nothing but content for him, there probably are a few that don’t like him, I don’t doubt that, but from my experience they like what Cal did for them, Camby messed up on his own accord and Cal self-reported it. Too much “fact” this morning? So, talk to UMass fans, check! Talk to Memphis Fans? Check! Many are still bitter he even left. Really, Memphis got a raw deal from the NCAA in using a player THEY PASSED, TWICE. I would say a few Memphis fans would agree with me on the raw deal part no doubt. Some might argue Calipari did it, but we don’t know how both of those populations feel no do we? We simply don’t have a poll to conduct. How is living in your parents basement working out for you zona?

          • Poor Blasphemy. Using big words, history lessons on witch trials from over 300 years ago and his knowledge of fire to come across as intelligent. It’s pretty pathetic and completely transparent.

            Since you seem to have such an interest in the witch trials and the injustice that occurred, I find it hard to believe that you would compare someone calling Calipari dirty, or a cheater, to innocent women being burned at the stake! Comical. Thanks for the laugh.

            Parents’ basement? Wow that is creative. How did you come up with that one?

            Tell me, how is ZonaWildcat claiming 95% of the nation, without a link, any different from you claiming to have spoken with UMass and Memphis fans who claim they don’t hate Cal? Link? Source? Or are we the only ones who have to provide links and sources?

            And by the way, regarding the Salem witch trials, it’s not only pathetic to compare them to some blogger calling Calipari a cheater, it’s creepy how interested you are in them.

            Get a life

          • Well, I’ve spoken with a few Memphis fans ON THIS SITE. Go searching and have fun. Proof of a statistic for an argument always needs a link or a source, but you are indeed “correct” that I didn’t provide one for my “conversations.” But, I am GLAD you are challenging my non-source. Let’s examine this challenge. If you “claim” that I didn’t talk to someone with from UMass, then you are poking a hole in the point I was trying to make which was that not everybody from both schools think that Calipari is a cheater. Logical enough right? Try to keep up. Therefore, the negation of the claim of, “at least some people believe this” is “nobody believes this.” At this point you may not believe this alternative, because it seems binary. Which infact, it is not, because with ‘n’ people (where n is a positive integer that represents the population of either school because the argument is symmetric) then there are n squared possible different sets of that population that either believe that he is innocent or guilty. Therefore since there is only one possible outcome such that everybody at UMass hates calipari, then 1/(n squared) is your probability which, now, we can plug in a number! lets assume, for arguments sake that there are only 100 UMass fans! This is incredibly wrong, but will do just fine for this probability! Then 1/10000 is the probability all UMass fans hate Calipari…… LOL, a fool hardy suggestion that no UMass likes Calipari. Now, that was an equiprobable computation, lets assume, then, that 95% of all americans hate Calipari, it would be reasonable then to infer that there is indeed .95 probability that a UMass fan, selected among any UMass fan, would hate Cal. Then, by binary probability, which is indeed appropriate for this case, then the probability of all UMass fans hating calipari is equal to the magnitude of the combination of n choose n times the magnitude of .05 to the zero power times the magnitude of .95 to the n power. The combination of n choose n is 1 and the magnitude of .05 to the zero power is 1, therefore the product is solely, .95 to the n power. Now, instead of 100, we will need to use 1000 as our still very untrue because its so incredibly small use of the population of the UMass fan base. What probability did you get? .000000000000000000000053? OMG, so infact, the probability in EITHER formula, approaches zero. Therefore the notion of all UMass fans hating Calipari is completely ridiculous. Of course, the converse that all UMass fans LOVE calipari is just as ridiculous. Since I made a disclaimer in my argument, it is therefore a true point in my argument which was that there are SOME UMass fans that like Calipari, which was my point, and is true. A parallel argument can be made for all but one all the way to all but .05% of fans. Wow, so logic proved my point even though I didn’t provide a link? OMG, amazing. This argument transparent enough for you or are you still that stupid? Btw, if you don’t believe my claim at all, go ask your local mathematical Ph.D guy if anything I said was WRONG. Lol, Have a great day moron! lol

          • Oh my God, you are more pathetic than I thought. Thanks again for the laugh.

            You are so determined to come across as intelligent but you are not fooling anyone. It’s like people who claim to have money- they usually don’t.

            Now go compare a blogger calling Calipari a cheater to women being burned at the stake. That was great.

            I personally don’t have a huge issue with Cal, just idiots like you who blindly defend him.

            Also, as a UK student, don’t you think you are a little biased about Cal?!? Ever thought of that? You could not be any less objective.

            Now go throw out some big words, talk about fires and statistics to sound intelligent. You aren’t fooling anyone. But you are pathetic.

          • I never said all UMass fans hated Cal. Quit making stuff up. Your pathetic “analysis” might work if that’s what I said.

          • I never said that you said all UMass fans hated cal, quit making stuff up or learn to read, which ever one is more applicable to your situation, which is probably the latter. And I’m not blindly defending him you moron, You forgot to cite your source on that. And, rooting for another school makes you less biased? Child please. Your logic is as flawed. Go back to college because you obviously didn’t get a good enough education. If you are already in college, don’t become a math physics major, because you would fail, bad. Politics sounds like your cup of tea!

          • If you don’t understand that UK fans are biased in regards to Calipari, then you are much dumber than I origninally thought.

            Fires, statistics, witch trials….repeat

            You are not fooling anyone. Except yourself.

          • Clearly you don’t respond to actual arguments. Sorry I didn’t know you were autistic. You clearly can’t understand implied reasoning. Let me help you out. I said that YES I AM BIASED, but I also said, YOU ARE BIASED TOO. Clear enough for you dumbass?

          • Scum of the earth, you never admitted you were biased.Show me where you wrote that. You can’t…waiting…waiting. Is it actual argument or implied? You are contradicting yourself.

            Above all, for you to drop an autism comment just shows how truly pathetic you are. Seriously, who says shit like that? You are the SCUM OF THE EARTH. SCUM OF THE EARTH. FUCK OFF AND DIE

          • IMPLIED you dumbass! lol, STILL???? You STILL can’t understand!!!! LOL you are truely autistic. HAHAHAHAHA

    • Blasphemy you sir are a douchbag.
      Cal is definetly a cheater every one knows that. It’s garbage how you shrug off two final fours vacated and try to say cal had nothing to do with them. Are you fucking stupid or something?
      Just read a great article last night about how big of a cheater self and his right hand man are.Kansas is in big trouble if NCAA opens its eyes.

      • BJ, to answer your question, yes Blasphemy is stupid.

        I read that article too. Pretty unbelievable but the blog is over a year old.

        Classic defense mechanism, being used by all Calipari/UK fans: pointing out what other people are doing to deflect the criticism. What Bill Self, or Lute Olson, or any other coach has done has absolutely ZERO to do with whether Calipari is a cheater, or dirty. ZERO. IRRELEVANT.

        • Cal is a cheater, he just hasn’t got caught , because he is a good at it. Come on people. He has had two final four vacated, he is dirty. Lol! Now, if you want to question the character of the kids he recruits, you may be on to something… FINE! He is my coach, he is better than the last two we had and I am happy. Until, he is implicated in anything or tied to anything…I will back him. I like Self and Miller, don’t care for K or Roy, Calhoun I hope he comes back…he is one of a kind. Can we get back to talking about Knight and Selby?

          • Asterisk next to the two final fours vacated because the Memphis situation is under review.

      • Maybe I am a douchbag, but I’m a douchbag with facts, not speculation, and a douchbag with logic. Btw, nice link for the KU allegations, are you that stupid to put up KU allegations and not UK allegations? Can you even read? Have a good one.

      • Btw, UofA BJ, cite one place where I shrug off the final fours* (asterisk is needed since Memphis is appealing the ruling.) Please, quote where I say it’s not a big deal. It is a big deal, but to say that it is the reason calipari is a cheater is faux reasoning, period. You can speculate he is a cheater, but nothing more. Get off your high horse because you sir, are the *bleeping* idiot.

    • #1 KANSAS 2,000 All Time Wins !!!!

      Rock Chalk Jayhawk

      • Gratzy, feels good doesn’t it?

    • 1) The Cal haters don’t hold the consensus view, and that’s their right. They have information the rest of us don’t have about Cal’s “hookups” and “shady dealings” and about Cal “not being happy”. If only these haters would share these details with someone who could do something about it. Someone who could investigate the cheating, blow the lid off this whole thing and have Cal banned from coaching in the college ranks ever again.

      Please tell us that you have shared your information with the NCAA. They need to know about this stuff. It’s important! What’s that? Why the heck not? How can you just sit there and allow that … that coach to get away with it? You don’t want to be an enabler, do you? You have a chance here, Cal haters, to correct a grave injustice. Stand up, do the right thing and report what you know to the NCAA.

      What’s that, haters? You don’t really have anything to report? You just want to spread innuendo and make unsubstantiated allegations on message boards? As long as people don’t know who you are. Oh. I see. Well, that’s disappointing. You got us all worked up there. So what you’re saying is, maybe we should get our news from more reliable sources. Okay, good to know. Sorry about all that.

      2) To all of the previous posters regarding Cal – Prove it! We need facts, not speculation or guesses or even heresay, PROOF, FACTS, EVIDENCE!

      To bad there is no relation to anything being talked about. Regardless of how you FEEL, the FACTS are that he has ZERO NCAA major violations, and if you think the “shady” business doesn’t happen at all schools, you are blinded by idiocy. Until all of these posters have EVIDENCE, you will not be taken seriously. The MORONS are out in DROVES today!

      • GREAT POST. You know, I honestly don’t mind people hating cal and people thinking he’s a cheater. That’s fine with me. Just don’t bring false info and absurd reasoning and accusations to the table when “proving” he’s a cheater. I’ll simple agree to disagree if they don’t.

    • 2 vacated final fours and leaves right before the penalties hit that is all you need to know he is a cheat, and a greaseball.
      Maybe now that he is at kentucky he can play by the rules and win with all the tradition, but that wont be enough for him. But only time will tell at kentucky.

      • No its not, you also need to be mentioned in the allegations. Thanks for playing.

    • Blasphemy I bet you would suck cals dick, faggot.
      you’re a loser, thanks for playing.

      • i get why you are so mad…your team just lost to the pathetic ucla bruines. but take your anger out where it belongs. your team and coach.

      • This coming from a guy that has BJ in his name, we call this projection in psychology.

        • Gosh you are so smart scum of the earth. Fucking pathetic piece of shit. SCUM of the EARTH. If there is karma, and you can pay some woman enough to bear your child, it will be autistic. We will see how big your mouth is then.

          BostonCat yes we are mad but basketball is just basketball. SCUM OF THE EARTH Blasphemy, who gives every humna a bad name, just brought it to a new low though.

          • My mouth is big enough to piss you off, the only size it needs to be hahahahahaha.

    • not mad just disapointed thats all.

      didnt UofA beat Kentucky for a national title?

      • Yes, but Kentucky also beat UofA for a national title.

        • No they didn’t SCUM OF THE EARTH. Please educate me since you are so smart; when did UK beat UofA for the title. SCUM

          • I misread that it was the national title so I ADMIT I WAS WRONG. But, UK won the national title that year and beat Zona on the way to the title. I see somebody hasn’t had their coffee today? getting all cranky over a detail of mine, but can’t see your own mistakes. For instance, you are a moron. A minor detail you can work on.

          • Dude Blasphemy I don’t care about your opinions on hoops or witch trials. I could really care less. And I’m not a Cal hater. No I am cranky over your autism comment. Truly pathetic and completely inexcusable.

            Just curious,when did UK beat UofA en route to the title?? Umm wrong again. You are on a roll. In 1996 UofA lost to KU and in 1998 to Utah. Wrong wrong wrong.

            Actually I don’t really care, I just couldnt beleive you would make fun of autism. I’m never encountered such low class.

            Keep up with the “facts” though, like UK beat UofA for a title (WRONG) or UK beat UofA en route to the title (WRONG).

          • 1946…. maybe the autism is setting in so much you can’t do your own research. =)

          • Lol, you really shouldn’t start stuff up if you can’t handle being hurt. Calling people idiots is fine but not autistic? So your fine with calling dumb but noooooo not autistic. Take your double standards and shove them, should have thought twice Sr. autism.

          • Glad you think autism is funny.

            1946? Oklahoma A&M won the title. Not UK. Strike three.

            I’m out- you have no facts and are scum

          • Only scum of the earth, and a total moron, would compare making fun of autism to calling someone an idiot. Then again, you claimed UK beat UofA en route to the title game, in the title game, and you compared bloggers ripping on Cal to women burned at the stake. Why am I surprised?

          • Um, actually we did win the national title…. ya…….. You googled the ncaa tournament……..ya…………. you needed the NIT 1946 google to get the correct answer……….. ya…………. the NIT was the way to go here because the NIT champion was considered the national champ for many years up until the 50’s I believe……. obviously a mistake due to your brain lapses and zoning. Rock back and forth now.

          • Your not suprised because you are autistic.

          • It’s “you’re” you fucking moron.

            “We”? Were you on the team?

            I’m done. Please fuck off and die

          • AWWWW, poor baby, need a bib and a bottle. Actually, you are right, you are not autistic, you are borderline. Binary thinking, sarcastic overtone, people are either good or bad. Yup, sounds like borderline personality disorder.

          • Oh, die? Ya, even though I didn’t make fun of autism, (calling you autistic is not making fun of the disease) if I did, hoping me to die is hardly comparable to making fun of an entire disease. I hope you get help, you need it.

      • bringing something up that happened over a decade ago and is completely irrelevant isnt going to make you feel better.

        direction your anger where it belongs. miller and his players.

    • Hello, I would like to tell everybody a little about myself. I go to sleep at night hating on Calipari an UK. Sometimes, I will wake up and scream “THEY SHOULD BE VACATED!!” The doctors say that as the years go on, the dreaming will get worse until Calipari leaves UK. I often times find myself trolling the message boards looking for UK fans to harass because I think that they are the devil. During the molestation process, I often times find myself saying the same things. “He’s had two final fours vacated, that’s the evidence,” “He’s an oily and snaky car salesman, so of course he’s a cheater,” and who could forget the classic line, “Where there’s smoke there’s a fire!” Don’t let this fool you, my real passion is avoiding any actual debate though! I have mastered it. Anytime a person with a legitimate argument comes, I will simply belittle them and avoid talking about anything they just talked about and use some other “method” or “fact” to prove Calipari is a cheater. That’s about it for me, I’m a pretty simple person with simple PTSD. I look forward to befriending all of you when we are talking about Calipari and UK so we can gang up on them, but I also want to be able to belittle all people who don’t root for the same team I do when something goes their way and hurts my team. Let’s get to hatin’!

      • LOLZERZ

    • I think it fair to say blasphemy is a douche, citing this message board as hard evidence

      • Ya, you are clearly a great person. Way to go humanity!

    • Now that Calhoun is officially back for “several years” Zona fans can stop with the Lute comparisons. Time to accept that UConn will get one (MINIMUM) of Knight, Joseph, Selby, Lamb and Leslie. Just watch and learn

      • I don’t think people are worried about his contract so much as his body… The same thing is happening up here in Syracuse- having to take some questionable kids because the ones that have a choice don’t want to risk it.

    • If Calhoun wasn’t bringing in top talent he woudn’t waste his time rebuilding….he’s already convinced Kemba to return. Get ready

    • Actually HuskiesNYC, Olson had a contract through 2012. So just because he still has a written contract for another 3 years, it doesn’t mean Calhoun will be head coach at that long. Well, you already are as heartbroken as I and thousands of other Arizona fans are that our powerhouse programs will not be dancing so I am going to leave you alone. Good luck to your program.

    • I would like to thank all of you that have posted on this string. Sincerely enjoyed reading your diatribes. I hope you all have something in your life you can be just as passionate about as college basketball – something healthy – because it’s obvious this is not a healthy outlet for many of you.

      • But I’m getting my vitamin C right now!

      • I apologize to everyone, including Blasphemy, for the things I said today, particularly my last post. I let my emotions get the best of me and said some things I should not have said.

        • That’s fine, I just don’t liked to be cursed at. As long as you keep the arguments out of the profane realm, I will debate you. For instance, me and Big Ben absolutely hate each other, but our arguments have never entered the profrane realm, so tensions stay at an, “I just hate you realm.” As long as arguments stay there, I will never use the “A” word again? Sound good?

    • I’m disappointed but feel better because we made the Final Four last year. I watched UConn in 06′ blow a huge opportunity for a 3rd title (with 6 NBA players drafted that year!) and last season made me feel better. Final Fours and NC’s are the only thing that matter. Arizona and UConn are both great programs regardless of this season. I expect UA and Conn to get a peice of the HS recruiting action. Calhoun is too competitve to retire w/o 1 more DEEP NCAA run. He also wants to leave the program in good standing. BTW – Calhoun is much younger than the great Lute when he retired. 67 is NOT old in coaching standards it’s just the media trying to push him out of the game

    • They cheat, they don’t cheat. He’s dirty, he runs a clean program… You all probably think pro wraslin is real. What naive idiots…Are they in the top 25? THEY CHEAT. If you aint cheating you aint trying. You all probably think W was a good president too.

    • just because i feel like this question never got properly answered… Kentucky never beat arizona (not like that matters whatsoever, if you have to go back to the 40’s to win an argument, its probably not worth arguing) in the NCAA tournament en route to a title. does that make you feel better AZ fans? you won the most pointless argument ever!! congrats!!!!!

      Blashphemy- we’ve had some good conversations in the past, and i respect you much more than any other UK poster ive ever seen, but the NIT argument was weak. again, it doesnt matter because that was the most ridiculous argument i have ever seen.

      this is the best time of the year for hoops fans, stop wasting your time arguing stupid things and watch some great basketball.

      • I actually lost that argument, I found out doing some research last night that I was wrong. (I don’t like admitting this) Actually Uk’s first championship came in 1948. See, and I knew that, so during the original post, I had looked in one of my UK history books (ty catspause) and saw during 1948 they beat zona in the NIT, which turned out to be a misprint and was actually 1946. Also, I actually had been told for many years of my life by my step-dad that the NIT was the “main” championship during the “early years” so when I had saw that we won the NIT that year, I assumed it was for the National Championship. Infact my knowledge of that era just got flipped upside down last night. (I’m still coming to grips with it lol jk) But, once again I lost that argument. But I have to disagree with, and maintain that bringing the 1940’s into a debate is not weak. Why you ask? Because any championship from those years are recognized by the NCAA, therefore legit. But, ya, the argument up there got a bit ridiculous.

    • Look, Kentucky fans knew he was a snake before they became desperate for a quick fix and hired him. Deep down inside (probably not even all that deep) they know that probation is just around the corner. Here’s a nice piece detailing their thoughts on Cal prior to his hiring:

      • Glad to know UK is on your mind a lot.

    • Fair enough Blasphemy. I can’t defend what I said to you, regardless of what you said before that. Agree to disagree sounds good

    • blasphemy,

      i’m a math major so i can respect your above argument, although it is totally ridiculous, however your terminology is wrong. the probability formula that you used is a BINOMIAL distribution, not “binary”