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Sunday / February 25.
  • NBA Announces Early Entry Candidates For NBA Draft 2023

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    The NBA announced that 242 players have filed as early entry candidates for NBA Draft 2023.

    Players who have applied for early entry have the right to withdraw their names from consideration for the Draft by notifying the NBA of their decision in writing no later than 5 p.m. ET on Monday, June 12. Under NCAA rules, in order to retain college basketball eligibility, college players who have entered NBA Draft 2023 must withdraw by Wednesday, May 31.

    Following is the list of players from colleges and professional teams who have applied for early entry into NBA Draft 2023, which will be held Thursday, June 22.


    Player                                                    School                                                   Height                   Status

    Jaden Akins                                          Michigan State                                     6-4                          Sophomore

    Kaodirichi Akobundu-Ehiogu           Memphis                                               6-10                        Senior

    Trey Alexander                                    Creighton                                              6-4                          Sophomore

    Damezi Anderson Jr.                          Detroit                                                   6-7                          Senior

    Chase Audige                                       Northwestern                                        6-4                          Senior

    Marcus Bagley                                     Arizona State                                        6-8                          Sophomore

    Amari Bailey                                        UCLA                                                    6-5                          Freshman

    Will Baker                                            Nevada                                                  7-0                          Junior

    TJ Bamba                                              Washington State                                6-5                          Junior

    Josh Bannan                                         Montana                                                6-10                        Junior    

    Grant Basile                                          Virginia Tech                                       6-9                          Senior

    Emoni Bates                                         Eastern Michigan                                6-10                        Sophomore

    Manny Bates                                        Butler                                                     6-11                        Senior

    Damion Baugh                                     TCU                                                       6-4                          Senior

    Charles Bediako                                  Alabama                                                7-0                          Sophomore

    Reece Beekman                                   Virginia                                                 6-3                          Junior

    T.J. Bickerstaff                                    Boston College                                    6-9                          Senior

    Anthony Black                                     Arkansas                                               6-7                          Freshman

    Adem Bona                                           UCLA                                                    6-10                        Freshman

    Gael Bonilla                                         Capitanes (G League)                         6-7                         

    Keylan Boone                                      Pacific                                                    6-8                          Senior

    Jalen Bridges                                        Baylor                                                    6-7                          Junior

    Johni Broome                                       Auburn                                                  6-10                        Junior    

    Jordan Brown                                       Louisiana                                              6-11                        Senior

    Kobe Brown                                         Missouri                                                6-7                          Senior

    Kobe Bufkin                                         Michigan                                               6-4                          Sophomore

    Boo Buie                                               Northwestern                                        6-2                          Senior

    Tyler Burton                                         Richmond                                             6-7                          Senior

    Lamont Butler Jr.                                San Diego State                                   6-2                          Junior

    Toumani Camara                                 Dayton                                                   6-8                          Senior

    Tyger Campbell                                   UCLA                                                    6-0                          Senior

    Wesley Cardet Jr.                                Chicago State                                       6-6                          Sophomore

    Dylan Cardwell                                    Auburn                                                  6-11                        Junior

    Branden Carlson                                  Utah                                                       7-0                          Senior

    Jaylen Clark                                          UCLA                                                    6-5                          Junior

    Noah Clowney                                     Alabama                                                6-10                        Freshman

    Frankie Collins                                    Arizona State                                        6-1                          Sophomore

    Yuri Collins                                          Saint Louis                                            6-0                          Senior

    Ricky Council IV                                Arkansas                                               6-6                          Junior

    Kevin Cross                                          Tulane                                                    6-8                          Senior

    LJ Cryer                                                Baylor                                                    6-1                          Junior

    Clarence Daniels II                             New Hampshire                                   6-6                          Junior

    Tristan da Silva                                    Colorado                                               6-8                          Junior

    Davonte Davis                                     Arkansas                                               6-4                          Junior

    Johnell Davis                                        Florida Atlantic                                    6-4                          Junior

    RayJ Dennis                                         Toledo                                                   6-2                          Senior

    Gradey Dick                                         Kansas                                                   6-8                          Freshman             

    Alou Dillon                                           Purdue-Northwest                               6-8                          Senior

    Jordan Dingle                                       Pennsylvania                                        6-3                          Junior

    Marcus Domask                                   Southern Illinois                                  6-6                          Senior   

    Zach Edey                                             Purdue                                                   7-4                          Junior    

    El Ellis                                                   Louisville                                              6-3                          Senior

    Tosan Evbuomwan                              Princeton                                               6-8                          Senior

    Adam Flagler                                       Baylor                                                    6-3                          Senior

    Jaylen Forbes                                       Tulane                                                    6-5                          Senior

    Armaan Franklin                                 Virginia                                                 6-4                          Senior

    Enrique Freeman                                 Akron                                                     6-7                          Senior

    Alex Fudge                                           Florida                                                   6-8                          Sophomore

    Eric Gaines                                           UAB                                                       6-2                          Junior

    Myron Gardner                                    Little Rock                                            6-6                          Senior

    Keyonte George                                   Baylor                                                    6-4                          Freshman

    Joseph Girard III                                  Syracuse                                                6-1                          Senior

    Wendell Green Jr.                               Auburn                                                  5-11                        Junior

    Mouhamed Gueye                               Washington State                                6-11                        Sophomore

    PJ Hall                                                   Clemson                                                6-10                        Junior

    Jacksun Hamilton                                Wisconsin-Parkside                            6-7                          Sophomore          

    De’Vion Harmon                                 Texas Tech                                           6-2                          Senior

    Ray Harrison                                        Grand Canyon                                      6-4                          Junior

    Hakim Hart                                           Maryland                                               6-6                          Senior

    Joey Hauser                                          Michigan State                                     6-9                          Senior

    Coleman Hawkins                               Illinois                                                   6-10                        Junior

    Jordan Hawkins                                   Connecticut                                          6-5                          Sophomore

    Taylor Hendricks                                 UCF                                                       6-9                          Freshman

    Jalen Hill                                               Oklahoma                                             6-7                          Senior

    Blake Hinson                                        Pittsburgh                                              6-7                          Junior

    A.J. Hoggard                                        Michigan State                                     6-4                          Junior

    DaRon Holmes II                                Dayton                                                   6-10                        Sophomore

    Jalen Hood-Schifino                           Indiana                                                   6-6                          Freshman

    Ithiel Horton                                         UCF                                                       6-5                          Senior

    Jett Howard                                          Michigan                                               6-8                          Freshman             

    Tyrese Hunter                                      Texas                                                     6-0                          Sophomore

    Jordan Ivy-Curry                                 Pacific                                                    6-2                          Junior

    Andre Jackson Jr.                                Connecticut                                          6-6                          Junior

    Gregory “GG” Jackson II                  South Carolina                                     6-9                          Freshman

    Trayce Jackson-Davis                         Indiana                                                   6-9                          Senior

    Josiah-Jordan James                            Tennessee                                             6-6                          Senior

    Sion James                                            Tulane                                                    6-5                          Junior

    Jaime Jaquez Jr.                                   UCLA                                                    6-7                          Senior

    Keshad Johnson                                   San Diego State                                   6-7                          Senior

    Keyontae Johnson                               Kansas State                                         6-5                          Senior

    Meechie Johnson                                 South Carolina                                     6-2                          Junior

    Colby Jones                                          Xavier                                                    6-6                          Junior

    Dillon Jones                                          Weber State                                          6-6                          Junior

    Djordjije Jovanovic                             Ontario (G League)                             6-7                         

    Ryan Kalkbrenner                               Creighton                                              7-1                          Junior

    Arthur Kaluma                                     Creighton                                              6-7                          Sophomore

    Miles Kelly                                           Georgia Tech                                        6-4                          Sophomore

    Jackson Kenyon                                   Miami (OH)                                          6-8                          Senior

    Bobi Klintman                                     Wake Forest                                         6-10                        Freshman

    Bol Kuir                                                San Diego                                             7-3                          Freshman

    Pelle Larsson                                        Arizona                                                  6-5                          Junior

    Tyrin Lawrence                                   Vanderbilt                                             6-4                          Junior

    Jaedon LeDee                                       San Diego State                                   6-9                          Senior

    Maxwell Lewis                                    Pepperdine                                            6-7                          Sophomore

    Dereck Lively II                                  Duke                                                      7-1                          Freshman

    Chris Livingston                                  Kentucky                                               6-6                          Freshman

    Seth Lundy                                           Penn State                                             6-6                          Senior

    Tramon Mark                                       Houston                                                 6-5                          Sophomore

    Alijah Martin                                        Florida Atlantic                                    6-2                          Junior

    Madison McCall                                  Lesley (MA)                                         6-2                          Senior

    Kevin McCullar                                   Kansas                                                   6-6                          Senior

    Mike Miles Jr.                                      TCU                                                       6-2                          Junior

    Brandon Miller                                    Alabama                                                6-9                          Freshman

    Emanuel Miller                                    TCU                                                       6-7                          Senior

    Demetrius Mims                                  Gannon (PA)                                        6-6                          Senior

    Judah Mintz                                          Syracuse                                                6-3                          Freshman

    Isaiah Miranda                                     North Carolina State                           7-1                          Freshman

    Dillon Mitchell                                    Texas                                                     6-8                          Freshman

    RayQuawndis Mitchell                       Missouri-Kansas City                         6-5                          Senior

    Omari Moore                                        San Jose State                                       6-6                          Senior

    Jelanie Morgan                                    Lesley (MA)                                         6-4                          Freshman

    Casey Morsell                                      North Carolina State                           6-3                          Senior

    Paul Mulcahy                                       Rutgers                                                  6-6                          Senior

    Kris Murray                                          Iowa                                                       6-8                          Junior

    Matthew Murrell                                 Mississippi                                            6-4                          Junior

    Grant Nelson                                        North Dakota State                              6-11                        Junior

    Jordan Nesbitt                                      Hampton                                               6-6                          Sophomore

    Tristen Newton                                    Connecticut                                          6-5                          Senior

    Olivier Nkamhoua                               Tennessee                                             6-8                          Senior   

    Landers Nolley II                                Cincinnati                                             6-7                          Senior

    Jack Nunge                                           Xavier                                                    7-0                          Senior   

    Toby Okani                                           Illinois-Chicago                                   6-8                          Junior

    Norchad Omier                                    Miami                                                    6-7                          Junior

    Clifford Omoruyi                                Rutgers                                                  6-11                        Junior

    Nick Ongenda                                      DePaul                                                   6-11                        Senior

    Nijel Pack                                             Miami                                                    6-0                          Junior

    Elijah Pepper                                        UC Davis                                              6-4                          Senior

    Rob Perry                                              Murray State                                         6-4                          Senior

    Julian Phillips                                       Tennessee                                             6-8                          Freshman

    Uros Plavsic                                         Tennessee                                             7-0                          Senior

    Brandin Podziemski                            Santa Clara                                           6-5                          Sophomore

    Quinten Post                                         Boston College                                    7-0                          Senior

    Justin Powell                                        Washington State                                6-6                          Junior

    Olivier-Maxence Prosper                   Marquette                                              6-8                          Junior

    Zyon Pullin                                           UC Riverside                                        6-4                          Senior

    Jahvon Quinerly                                  Alabama                                                6-1                          Senior

    Antonio Reeves                                   Kentucky                                               6-4                          Senior

    Jeremy Roach                                       Duke                                                      6-2                          Junior

    Terry Roberts                                       Georgia                                                  6-3                          Senior

    Luis Rodriguez                                    UNLV                                                    6-6                          Senior   

    Cormac Ryan                                       Notre Dame                                          6-5                          Senior   

    Adama Sanogo                                     Connecticut                                          6-9                          Junior

    Marcus Sasser                                      Houston                                                 6-2                          Senior

    Mark Sears                                            Alabama                                                6-1                          Junior

    Brice Sensabaugh                                Ohio State                                             6-6                          Freshman

    Terrence Shannon Jr.                          Illinois                                                   6-6                          Senior

    Mike Sharavjamts                               Dayton                                                   6-8                          Freshman

    Jamarion Sharp                                    Western Kentucky                               7-5                          Senior

    Jamal Shead                                          Houston                                                 6-1                          Junior

    Ben Sheppard                                       Belmont                                                 6-6                          Senior

    Grant Sherfield                                    Oklahoma                                             6-2                          Senior

    Dontrell Shuler                                    Cal State San Bernardino                   6-3                          Senior

    Malachi Smith                                      Gonzaga                                                6-4                          Senior

    Nick Smith Jr.                                      Arkansas                                               6-5                          Freshman

    Terquavion Smith                                North Carolina State                           6-4                          Sophomore          

    Tolu Smith                                            Mississippi State                                  6-10                        Senior

    Isaiah Stevens                                      Colorado State                                     6-0                          Senior

    Julian Strawther                                   Gonzaga                                                6-7                          Junior

    Justice Sueing                                      Ohio State                                             6-7                          Senior

    Russel Tchewa                                     South Florida                                        7-0                          Senior

    Tyler Thomas                                       Hofstra                                                   6-3                          Senior

    Drew Timme                                        Gonzaga                                                6-10                        Senior

    Keisei Tominaga                                 Nebraska                                               6-2                          Senior

    Nae’Qwan Tomlin                               Kansas State                                         6-10                        Senior

    Jacob Toppin                                        Kentucky                                               6-9                          Senior

    Mady Traore                                         New Mexico State                               6-11                        Freshman

    Oscar Tshiebwe                                   Kentucky                                               6-9                          Senior

    Azuolas Tubelis                                   Arizona                                                  6-11                        Junior

    Cameron Tyson                                   Seattle                                                    6-3                          Senior

    Connor Vanover                                  Oral Roberts                                         7-5                          Senior

    Steele Venters                                      Eastern Washington                            6-7                          Junior

    Damjan Vukcevic                                Los Angeles Trade Tech                    6-8                          Freshman

    Qudus Wahab                                       Georgetown                                          6-11                        Senior

    Jarace Walker                                       Houston                                                 6-8                          Freshman

    Cason Wallace                                     Kentucky                                               6-4                          Freshman

    Jordan Walsh                                        Arkansas                                               6-7                          Freshman

    Anton Watson                                      Gonzaga                                                6-8                          Senior

    Dariq Whitehead                                 Duke                                                      6-7                          Freshman

    Cam Whitmore                                    Villanova                                              6-7                          Freshman

    Jaylin Williams                                    Auburn                                                  6-8                          Senior   

    Tyler Willoughby                                Voorhees (SC)                                     6-3                          Senior

    Jalen Wilson                                         Kansas                                                   6-8                          Junior

    Tyrese Wineglass                                Southwestern Adventist (TX)           5-10                        Junior

    Isaiah Wong                                         Miami                                                    6-4                          Senior

    The following is the list of international players who have applied for early entry into NBA Draft 2023:

    Player                                                    Team/Country of Team                   Height                   Status

    Miguel Allen                                        Joventut (Spain)                                   6-8                          2003 DOB

    Idrissa Ba                                              Levallois (France)                               7-0                          2002 DOB

    Elian Benitez                                        Bourg (France)                                     5-11                        2003 DOB

    William Beugre-Kassi                        Roanne (France)                                  6-6                          2004 DOB

    Mihailo Boskovic                                Dynamic (Serbia)                                6-10                        2002 DOB

    Michael Caicedo                                  Granada (Spain)                                   6-6                          2003 DOB

    Sasa Ciani                                             Cedevita (Croatia)                               6-9                          2003 DOB

    Bilal Coulibaly                                     Levallois (France)                               6-6                          2004 DOB

    Carlin Davison                                     Airs (New Zealand)                            6-5                          2003 DOB

    Ege Demir                                             Tofas (Turkey)                                     6-10                        2004 DOB

    Thijs De Ridder                                   Antwerp (Belgium)                             6-8                          2003 DOB

    Nikola Djurisic                                    Mega (Serbia)                                      6-8                          2004 DOB

    Ruben Dominguez                               Estudiantes (Spain)                             6-5                          2003 DOB

    Quinn Ellis                                            Monferrato (Italy)                               6-4                          2003 DOB

    Juan Fernandez                                    Fuenlabrada (Spain)                            6-10                        2002 DOB

    Clement Frisch                                     Nancy (France)                                    6-7                          2002 DOB

    Sananda Fru                                          Braunschweig (Germany)                  6-9                          2003 DOB

    Gloire Goma                                         Chlorella (Spain)                                 6-5                          2003 DOB

    Hassane Gueye                                    ASA (France)                                       6-10                        2003 DOB

    Ondrej Hanzlik                                    Girona (Spain)                                     6-7                          2002 DOB

    Nadir Hifi                                              Le Portel (France)                               6-3                          2002 DOB

    Tomislav Ivisic                                    Podgorica (Montenegro)                    7-0                          2003 DOB

    Zvonimir Ivisic                                    Podgorica (Montenegro)                    7-2                          2003 DOB

    Ilias Kamardine                                   Evreux (France)                                   6-4                          2003 DOB

    Konstantin Kostadinov                       Palencia (Spain)                                   6-8                          2003 DOB

    Oleksandr Kovliar                               Kalev/Cramo (Estonia)                       6-3                          2002 DOB

    Liutauras Lelevicius                            Zalgiris (Lithuania)                             6-7                          2003 DOB

    Gilad Levy                                            Hapoel Jerusalem (Israel)                  7-1                          2002 DOB

    Ruben Lopez                                        Gran Canaria (Spain)                          6-8                          2002 DOB

    Assemian Moulare                              Vichy-Clermont (France)                   6-0                          2003 DOB            

    Ousmane Ndiaye                                 Baskonia (Spain)                                 6-11                        2004 DOB

    James Nnaji                                          Barcelona (Spain)                                7-0                          2004 DOB

    David Okwera                                      Melbourne (Australia)                        7-0                          2002 DOB

    Daniel Onwenu                                    Corinthians (Brazil)                            6-6                          2002 DOB

    Romain Parmentelot                           Lyon (France)                                      6-3                          2004 DOB

    Ivan Perasovic                                      Cibona (Croatia)                                  6-7                          2002 DOB

    Mantas Rubstavicius                           Lietkabelis (Lithuania)                       6-6                          2002 DOB

    Rayan Rupert                                       New Zealand (Australia)                    6-6                          2004 DOB

    Musa Sagnia                                         Manresa (Spain)                                  6-7                          2003 DOB

    Marcio Santos                                      Sesi Franca (Brazil)                            6-9                          2002 DOB

    Enzo Shahrvin                                      Pau Orthez (France)                            6-7                          2003 DOB

    Birahima Sylla                                     Roanne (France)                                  6-7                          2003 DOB

    Dez Andras Tanoh                              Budapesti Honved (Hungary)           6-3                          2002 DOB

    Hugo Toom                                          Kalev/Cramo (Estonia)                       6-7                          2002 DOB

    Armel Traore                                        Levallois (France)                               6-8                          2003 DOB

    Ricards Vanags                                    Liepaja (Latvia)                                   6-8                          2002 DOB

    Tristan Vukcevic                                 Partizan (Serbia)                                  7-0                          2003 DOB

    Victor Wembanyama                          Levallois (France)                               7-4                          2004 DOB

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