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Friday / February 23.
  • Momo Jones to Arizona

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    New York point guard Lamont “Momo” Jones committed to Arizona Wednesday, choosing the PAC-10 school over Florida.

    The 5-foot-11, 170-pound Jones is the No. 11 point guard in the Class of 2009.

    He initially committed to Louisville, then Virginia Tech and then USC, but secured his release from Southern Cal after Tim Floyd resigned in the wake of the O.J. Mayo scandal.

    “He left a message on my phone and said he did [commit to Arizona],” Oak Hill coach Steve Smith said by phone.

    “I think he’s going to be a good player. He’s a freshman and he can play both guard spots. That helps as a freshman. If you get stuck in one position, sometimes it’s hard to get minutes as a freshman. The fact that he can play one or two, I think it helps that he can play.”

    Smith said he believes Jones can contribute as a freshman.

    “He’s physically mature enough right now as a freshman to have an impact as a freshman. I think he fits in with their plans. If they want him to score he can do that because he shoots it so well. If they want him to run their team, he can do that, too.”

    Emanuel “Book” Richardson, an assistant to Arizona head coach Sean Miller, is Jones’ Godfather, but Jones told that family was not the deciding factor in the decision.

    Jones could split time next year at the point with returning point guard Nic Wise, who took his name out of the NBA Draft and will return to campus.

    Jones is the second New York native to join the Wildcats since Miller and Richardson moved there from Xavier. Kevin Parrom, a 6-6 wing who played at South Kent (Conn.), also signed with Arizona after initially committing to Xavier.

    In other Arizona news, 6-7 forward Derrick Williams of La Mirada, Calif., will be on campus Thursday.

    Williams, who also got a release from USC, took an official visit to Memphis earlier this week.

    He said he is considering Arizona, Arizona State, Gonzaga, Memphis and Miami.

    **Smith also confirmed that forward Roscoe Smith and point guard Juwan Staten will suit up next year for Oak Hill.

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    [email protected]

    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • This is very GOOD news for ARIZONA.

      This makes TWO NYC players……but, to make the THREE AMIGOS from NYC…

      Who will be the third?

      This news is NOT good for little memphis…..

      D. Williams is expected to be in ARIZONA tomorrow.
      And Williams is very excited from the MoMo NEWS!

      Most have Williams being a WILCATs.
      D. and his father have been impressed with Arizona for years.
      And the VISIT will just BE IMPRESSIVE.

      NO SHOCK ……LMAO.

      Can Lance attorney get the case dismissed!
      He should of never allowed any delay due to educational impact.
      Hope thing gets TOUGH in NYC.
      Three Amigos AWAIT……

      • AZ,

        memphis penalities will be announced in FOUR WEEKs?

        The sancations should be more severe than the Alabama penalites, reported earlier by the NCAA.
        For one, memphis allowed WWW and friend sto get FREE, did not pay, things in the amount OVER $2000.00.
        And this is ONLY one of the violations.

        Any news on this?

        We are also reporting that the AZ comment from yesterday was the FIRST to open the MoMo committ.

      • How embarrassing. You have not only a “LMAO” in your post, but also throw in a very girly sounding “Three Amigos” phrase you are thinking is witty and will catch on. Better hope Lance doesn’t read your post or he is staying away simply due to the “nerdiness” that your posts possess.

        Now go back to texting your girlfriends. Aren’t you supposed to be meeting them at the mall to talk about Orlando Bloom or something? For sure. Totally.

    • Momo never really was interested in Memphis. No surprise there, I think we all saw this coming. I think he will be a good pickup, especially this late.

      I see Derrick Williams as 50-50 for Memphis and Arizona. He’s a good player and will help either team. I am much more excited about another Williams, and that is Elliot Williams. He’s a 2008 5 star recruit that saw some good playing time at Duke. He is considered one of the big reasons they started a late season run last year. He has a sick parent and is moving closer to home. I’d say it is a 90% chance he will be at Memphis. I hate to get him under these circumstances, but he will be an absolute star whereever he goes.

      Who gets Lance? Who the hell knows???

      Good pick up Arizona……

      • I agree that Derrick certainly appears to be a lock for either the ‘Cats or the Tigers. A lot of Arizona fans would have preferred Williams come to Arizona, and Jones went elsewhere. However, I think expecting Nic Wise to carry the heavy load without decent back-up would have been basketball suicide. The guy’s playing on bad knees, so running him out there 40 minutes a night is unwise. I hope Williams comes, too, but I certainly wouldn’t begrudge him if he decided Memphis was a better fit.

    • Sorry USC, the person that got 2 free trips was Derrick Rose’s brother. It wasn’t WWW, he could afford to pay his way. He paid for 5 others and it is being explained as an “accounting error.” The bottomline is that the only sanctions against Memphis might be forfeiting the 2007 season. We didn’t win that one anyway, so if they feel the need to take away 38 wins, so be it… It is almost positive that there will be NO effect on the current or future seasons.

      Derrick Williams did think enough of Memphis to visit. He got to play a pickup game with Penny Hardaway, maybe you’ve heard of him. I think we will know next week where Derrick Williams will go, and again I’m giving it a 50-50 chance between AZ and Memphis.

      If he goes to Arizona, I wish him luck, he seemed like a nice young man….

      • Thanks for the explaination of the admin. error.

        Alabama got pounded for the BOOK Scam and those amounts were in $2000 range.

        We have – D. Williams chances as ARIZONA 99.9 %, west coast biase.

        AZ……What is your input on the ARIZONA 2009 class ranking???

        Class Rankings….with the addition of MoMo

        And, with Williams joing the WILDCATs, ….the 2009 ARIZONA recruiting class would be RANKED in the TOP5.

        If the NYC THREE AMIGOS is able to be made….then the ARIZONA WILDCAT 2009 recruiting class would be in the TOP 2.
        Fighting with your buddy Cali , for top billing.

        DW is a nice person with a good head on his shoulder.
        Typcial La La young man.

        I am sure Josh spent many hour with DW while at Zona.
        Josh is a nice person and coach. I do like Josh as a person.
        I actually spoke to him , a few hours before the news broke of his leaving to Memphis.
        But, the family and friends would like to see DW play.

        • The diff. with Bama is that the book thing was organizzed and sanctioned by the athletic department for over 100 (maybe 200) ahtletes over a period of several years.

          The travel thing with with Rose’s brother clearly showed there was a pattern of billing him and anyone else that traveled with the team. The oversight in billing occured at the the end of the season when several trips had occured back to back. As soon as it was discovered he paid the bill. That will be a nonissue.

          The Rose issue will not result in anything either. Memphis did an investigation and could not find anything. The NCAA cleared Rose to play. ETS asked Rose and he said he took the test. A best a less than overwhelming testemony from a forensics handwritting expert could come up with was “likely.” Rose was contacted —after—the season and he said he nothing else to say about the situation THEN ETS acted and the NCAA acted—–AFTER the season.

          The Rose situation is less about if he did than did Memphis follow the rules. There is no doubt that the NCAA and ETS provided Memphis infomation that said he was OK to play. The NCAA can’t hold schools responsible if they say everything is OK. If guilty, Rose has some eithical problems to deal with on a personal level but there shuld not be any exposure for Memphis.

          Next someone will bring up Dozier. His score that caused Georgia to back off was not used for adminssions or clearance. He took another test and his GPA fromhihg school and his Prpe School work was what was used for admissions and NCAA clearance.

    • WooHoo, alright Sean!

    • coach sean*

    • Momo is know as a Competitor. Nice pick up AZ!

    • a

    • Like I said, I would say it is almost a certainty that Memphis will not see any present or future sanctions.

      99.9%? I don’t think so, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he chose Arizona. I’m giving it a 50-50. We could use him, but he isn’t a necessity at this point. But I wouldn’t sell Pastner short, the dude can flat out recruit. He has already locked down the Barton brothers and is in deep with 2011 recruit Mike Gilchrist (2011 top player). I know it’s early on Gilchrist but it shows how he getting out there to talk to the best players. Joe Jackson is another top recruit that he may sign this summer.

      We’ll see about Derrick Williams. He’s a good kid and will be good for either program. At least he said he will probably commit in a weeks time which is much better than others.

      Not all Memphis fans are like Pastaboy. He is probably an 8th grader sneaking around on dad’s computer. No hard feelings here, if he chooses AZ then I wish him luck. Both programs are looking good these days. I think we will sign Elliot Williams next year and we will be a top 25 team With a couple of more players, we could scare some people. I think Arizona is in similar shape. Good luck

    • Glad to see MoMo make the right choice. I expect D. Williams to commit to AZ as well. I think Elliot Williams will most likely end up at Memphis.

    • memtiger87,

      It’s nice to hear that. I hope Memphis does well too! 🙂

      -an Arizona fan

    • Just as I predicted earlier williams should decide arizona this weekend. I mean who can resist a top program like ZONA. Especially over a program like memphis.

    • Is the #11 ranked PG that big of a deal? We’ll stick with the big fish. Feel free to youtube Elijah Johnson to see a PG who can jump out of the gym. Reminds me of a guard that Lute lost to KU named Mario Chalmers.

      • Rockchalkwoody, let me say I have a lot of respect for KU and its program. And generally speaking, KU fans are polite, well-spoken and knowledgable.

        Having said that, get over yourself. Check out your 2008 recruiting class (it actually looks very similiar to the 2009 class of UofA) which Rivals ranked #2. Click on the link and you will see who KU signed, coming off of a title…the #11 pg in the country!

        I guess Bill Self and KU only stick to big fish effective 2009.

        • Which Kansas fans are “polite, well-spoken,” and knowledgeable? I just ask because I’ve never seen one. I HAVE seen a lot of them trolling Arizona boards. You’d think we were in the same conference, there’s so many of them hung up on Arizona. They can’t get over 1997. They can’t get over Hassan Adams ending up at Arizona. For a program with so much history, it’s really kind of pathetic that they spend so much time obsessing about a program in another conference.

    • Is Chalmers that player?

      The one in which KU hired his father in order to get the recruit to go to KU.

      Has the NCAA put a BAN on the KU recruiting “hire a father”?

    • Wow …deserate Az fans getting all hyped over Usc leftovers …. on the skids …..5 stars go to 5 star programs ….. and 3 stars go to 3 star programs ….Memphis will sign Lance next week …..

      • Remember, your HEAD COACH waited to accept the job until he realized he wasn’t going to be offered by a “3 star program.”

      • Poor pathetic pastaboy…sour grapes over Momo. I suppose you will be saying the same thing next week when Derrick Williams picks Arizona over Memphis, just like Momo. You know, the same Derrick Williams whom you had never heard of until yesterday, claimed you didn’t want, then did a 180 and said you wanted him after you looked him up on the internet.

        The best part about you is that Memphis fans seems to dislike you the most, which is obviously saying a lot. I imagine it is because you disgrace the team and its fans every time you post.

        As for Lance, from the sounds of it Memphis is the only team willing to take him. So I’m not sure why you are bragging that they might sign him. And doesn’t that tell you something btw? (Strike that last sentence, you are obviously incapable of rational thinking).

        You could learn a bit from your “brethren” MemphisTiger87, who is the anti-Pastaboy; his posts are thoughtful, well-put and respectful.

        Please go away.

        • I have to agree with michael. pastaboy, u r a disgrace to memphis fans everywhere. either u have just jumped on the bandwagon, or u are utterly incapable of representing our program. it digusts me to read ur posts abt such novice points. either learn some info or quit posting. ur arguments are sad and desparate.

          as for derrick williams, i hope he comes to memphis, but ultimately, i believe he is going to arizona. memphis could use him, and he would get more playing time here, but he will prob stay in the pac-10. our loss, arizona’s gain. i will be rooting for arizona to succeed this year with a “permanent” head coach for once. but i am still a tiger fan. and a 16 year one old at that. i say this bc pasta is, once again, a voice of us fans that isnt warranted. go away u limp noodle.

          as for elliot williams, he will be attending memphis. there is no doubt abt it. vandy isn’t good enough for him, and tennessee won’t nab him. look for him to be in a memphis jersey next year as a much needed scorer.

          and as for lance stephenson, i hope pastner is smart enough to stay away from him. stephenson is “born ready for an investigation”. bringing him to memphis will only concentrate the ncaa’s probe into our athletic department. r.c. johnson, our AD, should advise coach P to stay away from another controversy. if he comes with no investigation strings attached, however, then i fully welcome a player of his caliber. he would fit right into the role left by tyreke, and the two share a similar game: drive to the whole, bad to average jumpshot.

          if we do acquire all 3 of these players, which i think is unlikely, watch for memphis to be a top 15-20 team in the country and once again dominate the c-usa. we will have proven that we don’t need cal or world wide wes, and that pastner can recruit honestly and coach games better than feeble minded calipari. (note: if he were to call one timeout with 5 seconds left, memphis would have a national title, but it would later have been vacated) i look forward to next year’s recruiting class even more than this one. watch for joe jackson, casey prather, tarik black commit to memphis. not all will, but some of them will. and we will nab a few more too.

          coach P has brought some new found respect and dignity to a fledgling program. hopefully, we will return to prominence underneath his reign. there is no doubt that he will be a better game coach than cal. he is already working on plays to counteract the zone memphis will face all year long, and will play with an even more uptempo style similar to lute olson. thanks coach P. hope the first year goes well

          • You have the small mind attitude …..Larry Finch doughnut eater …..

    • RockChalk:

      I do remember you guys getting beat by Zona last year (ie. high school coach Pennell, and no recruits). Can’t wait to play you jackasses again soon!

      • Ouch…..Jaycocks…

        Lost to Arizona with a HS coach…

        Whatz up?

        Got Worked.

        How is Debbie doing?
        Not much playing time for Jeff W.

        • usc-
          i dont know why you hate withey so much? the kid transferred, its a very common practice. give him a break

          and as for the KU UA game last year, it was KU’s first true road game, on a team with a bunch of freshman and other new guys, KU had a 9 point lead in the second half then collapsed under the pressure. UA dominated the last 12 minutes and won easily. congrats on a december victory

          UA was better in that game, but KU got better from that game. KU went on to be a 3 seed, where Zona was a 12. UA probably is in the NIT if they didnt have the big non conference win against KU.

          best of luck Zona, hopefully we can play again in the ncaa’s.

          • Yeah, KU surely got better after that game.

            As the season went on, the wear and tear was evident.
            Sweet 16 was a good finish.

            Jeff is a good player.
            And hope he does very well.
            I hope debbie’s decision was the right one.

    • Lets give the memphis program some advise….

      MoMo visited…MoMo liked….MoMo is coming.
      Not much harassment..

      The HYPE will get bigger tomorrow as the news of MoMo continues to circulate.
      ESPN will have some follow up articles of USC being the place holder for the WILCATS recruits.

      Then, D. Williams will be in TOWN.
      He has already been texted from MoMo.
      So, the EXCITEMENT is THERE.

      The draft of Hill and Chase tomorrow will ADD more positive excitement to the mix.

      The BIG question is …Will WILLIAMS do a Kevin P during his visit?

      memphis is apart of conference us??

      • trojan,

        i am slightly confused as to why u are supporting the arizona wildcats when they play in the same conference as u and are getting all of ur depleted recruits. so quick to jump the bandwagon? notice u talk abt usc being the placeholder of the arizona recruits, but if yall hadn’t had a cheating coach, maybe yall could have kept a few of them. at least memphis can keep some of it’s players, and sign recruits for next year.

        as for derrick and momo, those are 3 star players at best that would have had to be on memphis’s second team. we prefer 4 or 5 star recruits. maybe if u hadn’t been too dizzy from jumping bandwagons so fast u would have noticed that derrick williams is only the 25 best power forward in the country and momo is only the 11 best point guard. hope they enjoy riding the bench in zona

        • First, Josh has brought diginity to the Tigers for sure.
          I was upset that the AD did not inform Josh of the NCAA investigation, prior to offering the job , during the offer process and HAD To hear about it in the NEWS….This says something about the AD?

          In Miller’s system, they – BOTH MoMo and Williams- will get playing time.
          Their development will be key for the coming years.

          Having MoMo behind Nic is a great way to build the next PG star.

          ***** AZ…..

          Book had this to say….

          Richardson gushed over McKale Center in front of his players and the media.

          “This is a great place to be,” Richardson said.
          “Great tradition, great history.

          I tell my guards, ‘If you’re good enough, well, look up in the rafters — they got (banners for) Salim Stoudamire, Damon Stoudamire, Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, Miles Simon, Khalid Reeves, who’s from New York, and Steve Kerr.

          So when you talk about guards, well, this is Guard U.”

          check out the posts…

          (Budda says what)

          • If williams and momo get playing time with arizona, then that will be a good haul for the wildcats. my rationality tells me that they won’t get as much playing time in zona as they will with memphis. this also speaks to the state that the memphis hoops team is in right now with just 9 scholarships being used right now.

            i admit, our AD r.c. johnson is a little shady and should have told josh about the investigation, but so far josh is doing a great job at putting it behind him and letting incoming recruits know it won’t affect them.

        • He’s not a Trojan fan, unfortunately. I don’t hate the guy, but he’s well known around Arizona boards under a variety of handles for posting a lot of inane stuff. He IS an Arizona fan, it’s just that many Arizona fans consider him kind of as their version of pastaboy.

          On the issue of stars, I think that’s a foolish way to evaluate whether a player is good or useful. Arizona has had 5-star busts. Arizona has also had guys no one else wanted he turned into stars (e.g. Gilbert Arenas). Unfortunately, when Pastner was at Arizona, he seemed to be enamored of the star system. That’s how we ended up with the Brandon Jennings mess. That’s how we ended up with a head case like Marcus Williams. Give me a 3-star guy who’s committed to team ball and will hang around for a while over a 5-star guy who’s only worried about stats and leaving next year for the NBA any day of the week.

          • didn’ t think he was a trojan fan. not that that changes anything however. he’s nothing like pastaboy. he at least has facts and reasonable arguments and points. as to the issue of stars, i completely agree with you. i always do like more heralded stars myself, but i’ll take a worker over an underachiever any day of the week. if pastner wants to nab stars, who’s stopping him? memphis needs to be reassured we are heading in the right direction, and right now that is the general conception.

    • AZ,

      Sounds like there is a follow up coming?

      Kevin and MoMo are good friends.
      It would be good to hear from Kevin ….on MoMo coming to Arizona.

      And Kevin and MoMo maybe talking more to Lance.

      Lance Sr. likes to talk ARIZONA.

    • i think Williams was blown away when he came to memphis by the way he was treated. As soon as he landed in memphis he was greeted by a group of reporters asking for interviews and they followed him around everywhere. Then he stayed at the nieces hotel in memphis and to top it off he played in a pick up game with some of the memphis greats. My point is you are treated like a god by the city when you play for memphis. Williams is coming from a school where football is everything so i think thats going to make a big impact on him not just our coach. idk where he is going to go i was thinking memphis until az got momo. i think az is in the lead im just hoping pastner can pull another trick out of his hat

      • Didn’t the same thing happen with the recruit E. Bledseo.

        He looked SHOCKED as well.
        And would rather play for your Cali , ex-coach.
        Not sure why?

        From an Arizona perspective, Williams is a key WEST coast recruit.

        So, the staff will pull out everything.
        And no mid-night Lute tricks from JP….before his time.
        But, knows of the story.

        Not sure who AZnemsis is.
        But, I am an even bigger USC fan. The hire of KO is OUTSTANDing for the Wildcats.

        • Kevin O’Neill went to the trojans. not the wildcats

      • Timo,
        Whose nieces Hotel did Williams stay at while in Memphis?

    • “and as for lance stephenson, i hope pastner is smart enough to stay away from him. stephenson is ‘born ready for an investigation’.”

      I’ve felt the same about him in regards to Arizona. Both Memphis & Arizona have NCAA investigations hinging on actions under former coaches (though the charges against Memphis are much more troubling). I like Pastner well enough. I think most Arizona fans think too highly of him, but he was always a loyal Wildcat and I don’t wish him ill. I’d hate to see either him or Miller start off their new gigs with more NCAA attention. Besides, I don’t think Stephenson is worth the trouble. You get him for one year, then have to worry about the repercussions for years afterwards. Why even go there?

      • totally agree aznemesis. i couldn’t have said it better myself. lance isn’t worth it. let him juco or go to europe. wherever he goes, trouble will follow.

    • aznemesis, stop with the crazy talk. Yeah, KU fans are trolling AZ boards and just wishing we had your program. Cause it’s Arizona that has been to 3 Final Fours the past 7 years and won a national title, and has won 5 straight conference championships and is about to be the Pre-Season #1. No, wait…..that is KU!

      Arizona hasn’t done a damn thing. I do remember the year you guys were ranked #1 in the nation and Kirk Hinrich blocked Jason Gardener’s shot and KU went to the Final Four and Luke Walton and the Wildcats went home and I think that was the last time Arizona was a threat. KU squashed that though.

      Have fun living in mediocrity next season. While KU has the best coach, best guard, and best big man in the nation.

      pastaboy, are you still living on your mom’s laptop? lol.

    • You know, saying things like “jaycock”, “gayhawk”, or “Gay-U” is SO original. I wish I heard that one before. A word of advice: don’t say stuff like that. It makes you sound like a Mizzou fan, which automatically associates you with a fanbase (and a state in general) that has been scientifically proven to be the missing link between ape and man. Lower than man, but slightly higher than ape.

      Beating KU early in the season last year isn’t that big of an accomplishment. We had 1 player coming back that had played significant minutes in 07-08. I’d like to see the Wildcats play us this season (both Kentucky and Arizona). See what happens then.

    • Scratch that. After noting the fact that the Missouri fans can’t even figure out how to spell the name of their own state (2 z’s? Really?), scientific studies just said that Missouri fans are actually lower than ape as well. It is now reporting that their level of intelligence is comparable to a dog that continuously vomits, licks it up, vomits the vomit back up, licks it up, vomits the vomit that it vomitted up last, licks it up…

      • Looks like ARIZONA wont be playing the Mizzo cousins anytime soon….or at least in the regular season.

        Not sure about all that messy talk about Lance.

        I have heard one reason after another.
        And each one is being explained.
        The key item is the court issue.
        One of the other individuals charged was already dismissed.
        And the ATTORNEY should be able to finish this thing by next week.

        In a recent poll, it was about 75% wanted Lance in Zona.
        With the addition of MoMo , a good friend of Kevin P….
        The two may turn out to be the THREE AMIGOS- NYC thing.

        How would the recruiting class be ranked? TOP 2.

    • If I’m an Arizona fan (thank god I’m not) I cant be too excited about Momo Jones, a guy who has committed 5 times now. He de-committed from Va Tech twice.

    • Enough with the Withey talk. He didnt want to play for ‘Zona no more, who can blame him, and he transferred to a program that has a shot to win a natl title and get coached up by danny manning. Best decision of Jeff’s young career.

    • No ….you only get excited by recruits handed to you by Cal ……LOL …recruits which Bill ( the stiff) Self couldn’t even get an interview with . Self has had his 15 minutes with the fluke NC ….Ku will never win one under Self .

    • …not a legitimate NC anyway

      • So PastaRasta, KU’s NC was not legit? –> it still stands in the record books.

        UM’s Finals appearance in ’08 is going to be vacated and stricken from the record books – and you can go around touting all these stats? Be ready for 30 losses added to your 5 year stat compilation – ha ha ha Then what will your UM stats look like? Garbage – just like the pile of bogus grade papers piled on by Laurinburg Prep – their name is now Mudd, and 2008 UM bball team will join them…

    • Memphis will not be penalized because they did nothing wrong …..word is that the meeting was short and sweet and the Ncaa guys spent most of the session apologizing to R.C . and Cal ……. but dream on bball puree ….. you’re just another blog hater ….

    • excuze me but lamont is 4 star as u forget jordan hill was a three star when he started out look where it got him now. Top 10 lottery pick and where are. Your KU players. Second round

      • actually KU doesnt have anyone entered into the 09 draft, so im not sure where your getting your second round stuff, but if you want to talk about it, KU has 3 2010 first round picks in Aldrich, Collins and Henry.

        Even so, i would rather win a championship with 3 second round picks (Kaun Jackson and Chalmers) than put a guy in the lottery every year but not win a championship.

        • u got that right jayhawk4

    • mmk….
      im an unbiased when it comes to this.
      i dont care for KU, UM, or UA.
      but ranking them on whos better in history:

      Memphis(should b number one but KU got lucky with a 3)

    • and who ever said ARIZONA’s recruiting class will compete with UK’s in 2009. we have 4 5 stars and 2 4 stars. You guys have 3 4 stars and a three star.
      who ever said memphis was the leader for gilchrist. that was B4 Cal left. it is widely known UK is the landing spot for Gilchrist if the NBA doesnt get rid of the one year in college rule. rivals just hasnt updated it.

    • Arizona will have a dificult time recruiting after one year of Sean Ball ……. If they get Lance he’ll have to change his name to “Bored Ready”.

    • Arizona will have a monster class next year. I don’t care what sean says of not getting rid of the scrubs on our team. He will. This years scrubs better prove themselves. Did u rank them in terms of draft picks or consecutive ncaa appearances. I thought not

    • LOL …… programs on the skids always resort to positive results from years ago ……..

    • pasta, u do the same thing. u use results that occured a couple of years ago. stop living in the past u twat. live in the present. being a memphis fan, this is hard for me to post, but even if we get both williams’ and stephenson, who i don’t want, we still aren’t a final four contender. elite eight sure. but nothing farther. we might not even win our conference this year. don’t start to hyperbolize our season when it hasn’t even started yet. u make memphis fans look like dirt with ur ridiculous comebacks and even worse insults. grow up.

    • tstoop … are a Larry Finch doughnut eater … self respect ….no pride….if Memphis gets Lance and Williams ( assuming you mean Elliot that will be announced in about an hour ) ….Memphis will be ranked in the top 10 . you can’t be an elite 8 contender without being a final 4 contender dumb ass …..I make Memphis fans look like the low self esteem gutless petty Larry Finch doughnut eating losers they are …and you are at the top of the list .

      • memphis will not be in the top 10 u dumb motherfucker. and if u haven’t noticed, everybody here hates u and hasn’t said shit about me being a fake imposter, calipari dick sucking phony.

    • if someone from outer space landed here on this thread what would he say?

      *#@!^^(*)??! = let’s get outta here, there is absolutely no sign of intelligent life on earth. pastaboy, you really dumb up the board. out!!

      • Who gave you permission to post me rectum breath ?

      • u r true for that finger. and as for u pastaboy, the only dumbass is u. u probably sit around in ur mom’s basement using windows 98. u r truly the worst of worst when it comes to wannabe memphis fans. with elliot, we are an elite eight contender. we will not go farther then that unless we get lucky and play close to perfect.

    • (Sigh)

      What a surprise. More useless dribble from pastaboy. Pasta, you always mention “sources” , “experts”, and “word on the street” as a sorry attempt to legitimize what you write. I would LOVE to see links to back up all of your false babble.

      On another note, how exactly is Bill Self being handed Cal’s scraps? Do me a favor and look up Self’s recruiting classes from Illinois and Kansas. Not one of them were “handed over” by Cal. In fact, Self somehow gets away with over-recruiting. This year, we are over-flowing with legit talent at every position. 11 players on our team were ranked in the top 100 of their respective classes. Would have been 12 but Reed barely missed the cut at #108. How in the hell are you going to find enough minutes for 11-12 studs? I don’t know, but because Big Daddy Bill is such a stud recruiter, he put us in the position. I must admit, it’s a VERY nice problem to have to deal with.

      C- Aldrich, Morris, Withey
      F- Morris, Robinson
      SF- X Henry, Little, Releford, Morningstar (I hate Brady, but he’ll probably play. FML)
      SG-Taylor, CJ Henry, Reed
      PG- Collins, Johnson (Mr. 360-between-the-legs-dunk himself)

      Oh. My. God.

    • Talking about last years draft including that dud mario chambers u praise so much…

    • You mean the “dud” that was 2nd team All Rookie and set a franchise record for steals?

    • … which is more than Jerryd Bayless could say.

    • Chalmers will always have his fluke shot ….not much more though …he’ll be driving a cab in Kansas City in 3 years.

    • Derrick Williams will be in Arizona today through Sat….then flying home to make his decision …..he said he will make no other visits …..I’d say its 60/40 he goes to Ariz . Unless of course he wants a pro career then he’ll come to Memphis .

    • pasta,

      Would you please get lost. The game is settled on the court. Let it stay that way. Arizona and Kansas have very good programs, so do we. End of story.

      My guess is that D William will choose Arizona. I don’t think he will be a huge impact player no matter where he signs. He is, without doubt, a good pick up this late in the game for either team. But unlike some others, he comes with no baggage and NCAA scrutiny.

      If Elliot Williams picks Memphis, which I believe he will, it will be an absolute windfall for Memphis. The guy has always been an outstanding player and now has a year of experience under his belt. He is the guy we really need now.

      If we pick up Elliot, I would just as well take a pass on Lance. If everyone else is backing out, it tells you something. A much lower ranked player, Derrick Williams, is getting his phone blown up from incoming calls. That said, if for some reason we don’t land Elliot, I’d still take a shot at Lance. I would make double sure he comes up clean before he plays a minute though. Obviously other schools are very worried about him clearing.

    • Recruiting battles are settled on the court ? Interesting concept . You’re another Larry Finch doughnut eater when you even suggest you would pass on Lance …….my goal is to not allow Memphis basketball return to the loser mentality of the 90’s ….Cal taught us to go get the best players ….. I think Pastner agrees with that concept …. people in Memphis are beaten down stooges with no confidence or swagger …. I’m proud of my program and will take a backseat to no overrated Bcs school . Take your insecure loser attitude elsewhere …… its not allowed in my world.

      • Apparently coherent thoughts aren’t allowed in your world either. I can’t believe Zagoria continues to allow you to post here.

    • “Take your insecure loser attitude elsewhere …… its not allowed in my world.”

      …but apparently carebears and unicorns are, right?

    • Son, get off of daddy’s computer.

      Confidence and swagger? Dude that is for players, not fans. Memphis will not be any better if I act like an a-hole on websites.

      Passing on Lance = loser mentality? I don’t think so Sparky. I don’t want to deal with the NCAA sanctions and end up giving up scholarships and/or future post season play. If he wasn’t an extremely risky proposition, don’t you think schools would be beating his door down? Have you seen the attention given to Derrick Williams, who is a good player, but not a great one. Everyone and their brother with a scholarship available are trying to recruit him. It should tell you something. Memphis is short now that you buddy (Cal) left. If we don’t get Elliot Williams, it would be worth a try to get Stephenson. But it definitely is a buyer beware situation.

      I don’t have a chip on my little shoulder and I don’t have to tell everyone at Kansas, Duke and Arizona that their programs suck. Memphis has a great program and I think Pastner will continue our winning ways. But you have to be a complete idiot to say these programs are over the hill. Memphis would have loved to get Sean Miller but he didn’t want the job. He is doing some excellent late recruting at Arizona. That said, we hired Pastner, and truth be told, I was disappointed at first. Almost immediately he made a believer in me and I would honestly rather have him coaching Memphis than Calipari. I think Pastner is as good a recruiter and actually has some integrity.

      You are doing a great job embarrasing us. Having pride in your team doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk off. If Derrick Williams picks Arizona, so what? I am not going to cry in my beer over that. There are other fish in the sea and will have a good team nonetheless. Pastner is going after the best (Will Barton) and I have no worries about our future.

      So, in short, stop being a douchebag…

      • Have another doughnut chunky …….

    • Dude you are one of the most disrespectful punks I have run into. Your “Larry Finch doughnut eater” routine is weak and, like him or not, disrepectful to someone in his state.

      Let me say it again, dude you don’t play for the tigers…. Your swagger at the keyboard is inspiring to us all and will make the Tigers great! We will never accept anything but greatness since you began running your mouth!

      I wonder what it is like to be in “your world.” One that is out of touch with reason or mental stability.

      Hurry, sign off. Dad’s back from the watering hole and he will kick your a$$ if catches you on the computer…

    • Hmmmm……. you just used the term “dude” and “punk” …..multiple times in one post …… very impressive . Larry was a great Tiger player who you never saw play ..however as a coach he was a miserable failure and the attitude at Memphis was that of ” we are doing our best ” even though they had some of the greatest talent in the country at that time . I see signs of that attitude returning from the fan base IN Memphis . Its an attitude of weakness ….it prevails in Memphis …. a city without a backbone ….until of course Cal gave them one .

    • Elliot williams deciding between UK, Tennessee, Memphis, and Vandy. More like he is deciding between UK and Memphis….i mean come on. Western Kentucky is a better choice than Tennessee and Vandy.

      • According to Dan Wolken on his twitter ….. Williams is giving a courtesy shout out to the coaches who recruited him out of high school ….the fact is …..his waiver at Lexington ( 365 miles from Memphis ) and Knoxville ( 344) would not be allowed …..Vandy would be iffy at 193 miles ……he’s already cut a deal with Memphis …..announcement soon .

    • Memphis had good teams before Cal and will again. Pastner is recruiting the best players nationally (Bartons). He signed Latavious Williams, a 5 star player, very late in the game. He kept the current players together after some thought they might all leave. He will win and win the right way. Cal has coached at two schools and left both in scandal. He’ll do the same at Kentucky. Sorry, I don’t miss him at all. The only thing I missed was this years recruits.

      I saw Larry Finch play. There is no way someone of your demeanor is older than 18. Probably 16. He was once a great athelete and now is an invalid. Show some respect! Who cares if you didn’t like his coaching. He hasn’t coached Memphis for over 10 years.

      Dude you are posting on a website. Your loud mouth isn’t showing attitude, it’s showing inmaturity and ignorance. If I don’t cry about losing a recruit it isn’t weakness, it’s just life. I can whine all day about not getting a player and you know what, it won’t change a thing. The game’s on the court dude, not an internet forum. Also, I don’t think anything you have ever said would entice a prospective recruit (if any of them read these things) to sign with our school. If anything, they would probably go somewhere else.

      So why don’t you get some swagger and go punch an Arizona fan in the mouth. That will show some toughness and attitude. Of course, when they dust you off, you might learn about something called restraint.

    • Worthless and weak ………have another doughnut “dude”

    • Ah, the pastaboy those of us from the Memphis boards can’t stand finally shows his face. Donuts are f*cking awesome!

      • The Memphis boards are full of petty people who hate Cal …..its not a shock …the city of Memphis for years has had a loser mentality …Cal changed that …and now that he’s gone …the city will revert back to a mudhole on the Mississippi …no character ….no winning attitude …..just petty little people who really don’t deserve a winner like Cal ……Pastner won’t stay …he’s a winner also

        • And some of you wonder why I say he’s not a fan.

        • its pretty bad pastaboy when Memphis fans are calling you out.

          • Memphis fans can’t stand the fact that I defend Cal and don’t use petty insults to describe his efforts at Memphis . This same ilk was cheering him for years . Small fans make for small sports programs .

          • By that logic you should also be calling out every Kentucky fan since they have been the most vocal of all fans in calling Cal a cheater and a snake for years.

    • pasta, have you ever been correct about anything you’ve even written on this site?

      Remeber when you said, I believe (however not positive), that it was something like “70/30” that X Henry would be leaving Kansas to go to Kentucky?

      Haha, looks like you got that one right! Oh, wait.

      I do have a question for you pasta: If Chalmer’s shot was a “fluke”, what does that make Tyrus Edney’s in ’95? Or Tate George in 1990? Christian Laettner’s? Lorenzo Charles? What about Jordan’s in 1982?

      I believe it’s kind of hard to say Chalmer’s shot was a “fluke”, seeing as to how it wasn’t even the first time that he did it. In 2007, he nailed a 3 (on a nearly identical play, none the less) to go to OT against Texas in the Big XII title game.

      Now, my questions for you are: what exactly is the criteria for a “fluke shot”? Do you even have any, or do you just say that because said shot wound up being the shot that led to your team’s defeat? Which of the above last second shots rank among the “flukes”? Are ALL made shots that are at the buzzer “flukes”? Or just the ones made by teams you don’t like? If Chalmer’s shot against Memphis was a “fluke”, what do you call his shot against Texas? Fluke v 1.0? Is it even possible to have two major “flukes” ?

      I ask you to answer the above questions with at least some inkling of rational thought and to back it up with some sort of legitimate evidence. But, I will not get my hopes up, as I know that you are incapable of either of these during an argument. More than likely, I will get the typical “eat a donut” or “try to keep up”.

      PS- Your “fluke”= Our National Championship. Yowch! That burns, don’t it, pasta.

      • Not to mention it wasn’t all that hard of a shot. He was lined up perfectly and and lost his “defender”. Chalmers probably hits that shot 50% of the time, it’s easier than an average 3. The photos of it tend to exaggerate how close CDR was to blocking it, his hand wasn’t even in Chalmers’ view from what I can tell.

        • also, Chalmers went 2 for 6 from 3 in the game (33%) which was still less than his season average (47%). statistically, it would have been more of a “fluke” if he had missed.

    • Edney drove the length of the court and made a lay up …….Jordan ‘s shot was a normal 18 footer from the wing ……I’d say Laetner’s shot was a fluke when one takes in the circumstances of the pass etc . ….the other 2 I’m not familiar with . Chalmers shot falls into the Laetner category ….a catch and shoot ….total luck …a fluke by every definition of the word …sorry …..but hey ….you should wear your asterisk with pride .

      • Coaching is part of basketball.

    • Lorenzo Charles ….wasn’t that the N.C. state guy? ……I remember now ….I would classify that as a fluke … was a tip in of an air ball …not a pass ….total luck …if the ball hits the rim over

      • Remember != Google

    • I actually did google the Tate George shot …..obviously this was before .10 th of a second clocks were calibrated correctly …..he took about 1.5 seconds to get the shot off …maybe 2 …its impossible to shoot a turn around shot in 1 second

      • What does any of this nonsense have to do with Arizona’s new PG? I hope Memphis signs Stephenson so you will actually have something relevant to your school to complain about. Who cares about UK, KU, UM, etc. on an Arizona thread? Don’t you all get it, Arizona has the best college basketball lineage in America. That is why you are reading and posting on a U of A thread, and not the other way around. Loved, hated, but never ignored. Which Pac-10 team went furthest in the NCAAs this year? Our two interim coaches kept our streak alive until the rightful heir came to town. Plain and simple. Everyone is upset that NC couldn’t get Dean Smith’s PERMENANT replacement to keep his streak alive, but U of A does through two interim coaches in two years. Who cares if they were Lute’s players or thought Lute would be back, fact is, the streak is alive, Miller is in town, and he got 3 top 100 recruits in his first month and now MoMo. I dread what we’ll have to read here about Georgetown or Duke or some other completely unrelated school when Williams’ commitment to AZ is announced here later this week…

    • haha, yeah Big Ben… I found it interesting how pasta suddenly “remembered” 8 minutes after his previous post. Gotta love this internet stuff.

      So, to clarify, pasta:

      A fluke shot is “a catch and shoot” shot? That’s kinda wierd, classifying catching and shooting as a fluke. I was always under the impression that catching and shooting were fundamental parts of the game (kind of like making free throws… but that’s a different topic). Now, thanks in large part to your infinite wisdom and seeming limitless understanding of the game of basketball, I now understand that plays in which catching a pass and shooting it are “flukes”. Every time a player drives and dishes, hits a player who is spotting up from 3-point land, passes to a teammate curling around a screen, or hell, even nails a player with a lead pass MUST be a fluke. I hate those “catch and shoot” shots. They just ruin the game.

      Now, the $1,000,000 question: what in the hell runs through this guy’s head?

      • Calling Chalmers shot a fluke is just his way of rationalizing things. The truth of that game is his beloved Calipari choked under pressure and it was CALIPARI who lost that game (calling a time out at any point during the last 90 seconds to get his guys refocused would have been enough), but you’ll never get him to admit that. The Memphis players had the “deer in headlights” look on their faces when Kansas started making their comeback, cut to the bench and the team leader Coach Calipari had the same “deer in headlights” look. The person who should have been in control just looked flabbergasted and did nothing. Whether it was a fluke or not doesn’t matter, blame Coach Cal for allowing Chalmers to ever be in a position to make that shot.

    • Oh, and by the way, I would venture carefully with those “asterisk ” comments; Memphis’ entire season may have one. But, I’m sure you’re in touch with some high-ranking NCAA officials who have told you otherwise, right?

      • *yawn* There is no reason to assume Memphis will be slapped with the worst possible penalty, not sure why everyone keeps stating this like it’ll be fact. I can’t say the NCAA won’t do something crazy, but anyone objectively looking at the situation can’t possibly think Memphis is guilty of any intentional wrongdoing.

    • Give it up boys ……. Kansas got the NC trophy ….Memphis had the best team in 2007 …… why not accept your fluke victory with pride …..constantly arguing about it shows insecurity on your part …..kinda like the more you argue about it the less fluky the scenario becomes . Bill Self will never win a legitimate NC …..

      • Memphis may have been the best team in 2007, but Kansas was obviously the better team in April of 2008. And, as Jay Bilas said, it’s not a matter of when Self wins his next NC it’s only a matter of how soon.

    • Pasta – Laettner was 10 for 10 from the field against UK in that 1992 NCAA game and was also perfect from the line. That whole sequence could be called improbable but I’d say it was mostly because of the pass from Grant Hill. Laettner was very hot that game and his shot was picture-perfect; and I’m by no means a Duke fan. The Lorenzo Charles shot could be called somewhat of a fluke because of how it happened off a shot. I’d call the Chalmers clutch, not a fluke.

      But you’re just having fun with all this, right?

    • Lord2FLI- I wasn’t knocking Memphis. I was just simply putting things into perspective for our brilliant friend pasta. Which is also why I said “may have one”.

      I don’t hate Memphis; in fact, I think that they are getting screwed in this whole situation. Cal finds out about infractions investigation, Cal bolts for Kentucky, Memphis left to pick up the pieces. Sometimes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Calipari was up to something and bolted town before he would have to deal with any punishments memphis MAY receive. If I were a Memphis fan, I’d hate Calipari (even more than I already do).

    • Memphis ( Cal ) knew about the investigation in 2008 before the tournament in which Rose played ……he sure took his time “bolting” …..ludicrous theory … had he resigned during the offseason before the 08/09 season and had taken a job at Western Kentucky or even Arizona ….the “bolting ” argument could have merit . No …Cal knew he was not the subject of investigation ….coaches don’t bolt to storied programs ….

      • Yes, lasagnaboy, you are correct. He did take his time “bolting”. You see, you he couldn’t just walk up to Kentucky and say, “Hey guys, I’m going to be your coach next season”. No, no, no, that’s not how the world works. He had to have an OFFER before ACCEPT. Silly spaghettiboy. After the offer, it took what- 2 or 3 days for him to accept?

        -That was for free.

        • And Cal wasn’t Kentucky’s first choice (3rd or 4th at best).

    • Besides Memphis will not recieve any punishment as harsh as vacating a season …..they may get a slap on the wrist so the Ncaa can save face …..but that’s even doubtful ….. but the haters in here can hate on …..I’ll be here to state the facts and bring out the truth .

    • ok Kansas fans…. you need to stop! Regroup, count to 10…… Pastaboy is an idiot!!!!! You guys straight up won that national championship last year! And I was so pumped, not because I was a Kansas fan, but because you guys fought back and hit a CLUTCH shot (Chalmers)!!!!! I, being an arizona fan, give you guys 100% credit! And Bill Self IS an elite coach!!!! Dont listen tp Pastaboy! Memhis fans cant even stand him! You dont see Arizona or Kansas or Kentucky, or UNC or Maryland fans argue with EACH OTHER!!!!! By, the way, there are some really good Memphis people out there!!!!

    • But, anyway congrats to U of A for snaggin’ Momo.

    • I was at the game and, although it sucked, Kansas won the game. Sure Memphis had their chances with free throws. But, in the end, the team needed some coaching. Any decent coach would have called a timeout if his players didn’t fully understand the strategy. FOUL!

      Yeah, Memphis missed some very clutch free throws. But both CDR and Rose were exhausted. Still should have made them, but they didn’t. Chalmers should have never had a chance to put up that three. I could tell it was going in when he released it. No fluke about it. Again, Pastaboy’s hero (Calipari) forgot to coach with 3 seconds left. If he would have done his job, we wouldn’t be here talking about it.

      In the last two minutes, Kansas had to do everything right (they did) and Memphis had to do everything wrong (they did).

      Pastaboy, your coach screwed the pooch and lost us the championship. How’s that for swagger? Kentucky can have Calipari. I am more than happy at the direction we are going in now.

      Go Tigers

      By the way, I have decided to stop arguing with a pimple faced internet loser (Pastaboy). Anyone that has “swagger” on an internet forum is undoubtably a child or has a miniature body part. He is on “ignore”.

      What was this about? Momo Jones? Congrats Arizona on getting a very good player….

      • That’s pretty close to how I saw the game too (one of the best championship games in history), mem.

        The first half Kansas was in command but Memphis wouldn’t go away. The second half Rose took over and showed why he was peerless in the college game that year.

        Self made adjustments, harrassing and eventually frustrating Rose out and Calipari refused to change the strategy. Kansas played good enough offensively to stay close throughout Rose’s coming out party and were therefore in a position to tie the game and then prove they had the better team in the extra session.

        It wasn’t just Calipari’s refusal to foul in the last seconds, the damage of his poor coaching (and the benefit of Self’s) were already set at that point. A decent coach against a decent coach and the game wouldn’t have come down to a final shot.

        What’s ironic is the Jayhawk guys I work with had been on the complete other side of this coin a few years back when their lack of free throw shooting and Roy’s stubbornness against Syracuse lost them the championship. Full circle.

    • Ahhhhh………..the Friday afternoon revisionist history fairy tale hour ….one of my favorites . Yeah Bill Self ….what a stategist …..the only strategic thing he did was after the game …when he tore up his Oklahoma St. job application in the restroon stall . I’m tired of insecure KU fans dredging up this argument ….every unbiased observer knows Memphis ( the better team) lost the game ….Ku did not win it . It was not only a fluke shot …but a fluke pass to Chalmers ….the guy was falling down ( fouled?) and lost the ball which miraculously bounced into mario’s hands … fluke …accept your tainted NC like men and quit crying for Christ’s sakes.

    • “I think I got fouled, actually, but I ain’t complaining,” Collins said. ……..oops

    • Looks like the NEWS of D. Wiliams is getting out more.

      Hopefully, Josh has received the phone call.
      If not already…by Monday.

      The new Wildcat………..

      Good Luck with the season memphis.
      It will be a challenging one.

    • Derrick williams would never start at Memphis this year ….he’s a good player but not a program changer ….if Az . fans want to crow about 3 star USC leftover garbage …..good luck to you in YOUR season …. it will be a challenging one

    • pasta there is nothing tainted about KU’s title. KU won, Memphis lost. get over it!

      you need to accept losing and quit crying about it, not us.

      i know how much it sucks to lose a game you could have very easily won (syracuse). but please just let it go. its over. it happened.

      btw collins was fouled on that play and the play before that with around 20 seconds left, luckily he is a good enough ballhandler to still have dished it off to chalmers. thats called talent

    • Still crying over a year after the game. Pretty remarkable. Kansas was the better team in 35 of 45 minutes. Hard to think of a scenerio where they shouldn’t have won. And they did. Great game, but not something we need to talk about too much (especially 1+ years later) on a Big East blog.

    • Also, Rose’s bank shot to go up 3 was FAR more ‘fluke’ than Chalmer’s 3 to tie.

    • Hard to think of a scenario? LOL …How about Memphis makes 2 of 5 free throws instead of 1 of 5 down the stretch ? Can your pea brain conjure up that scenario? Also by saying that Rose’s bank shot was more of a fluke … admit that Mario’s shot WAS a fluke ……even though a bank shot with plenty of time to go may be lucky ….its not a fluke unless it directly affects the outcome of the game. So now that we have settled this issue …I agree ..lets move on ………Ku is the proud owner of a fluky tainted NC trophy ….. Memphis was the best team in 2007/08 .

      • Yes we agree:

        Memphis was the better team for 10 minutes in the second half of the 2008 championship game. The other 35 minutes were owned by Kansas so they, as one would expect, won the game.

        Again, coaching is part of basketball. Perhaps Memphis had the best players but Kansas was clearly the better team.

    • Once again revisionist history …Memphis led early 4 to 3 expanded to 9 to 3 for a 4 minute period early on ….. is that Kansas owning the game except for 10 minutes of the 2nd half? Kansas took the lead at about the 10 minute mark and built that to 22 to 15 ….then Memphis regained the lead at the 6:22 mark … that owning the 1st half? Kansas had a halftime lead of 5 which Memphis immediately erased taking the lead at the 16;35 mark …….is that owning all but 10 minutes ? No what America saw was what they saw many times watching the Tigers ….a seeming close game ..back and forth …..the opponent gets worn down the last 10 minutes …and Memphis puts the game away …due to 1 for 5 free throw shooting and a fluke shot this scenario did not happen this time …and the better team lost ……before you post revisionist history in here you need to realize I will correct your B.S. everytime . I stand for truth , justice and the American way .

      • Sounds like America saw exactly what “they always saw in Memphis games” A seemingly close game, back and forth, and then Memphis folded in the last 10 minutes.

    • Free throws, mental toughness, and Coaching are all factors on what makes one team better than the other. the talent level of that game was close, but memphis probably had a slight edge. But KU had a better coach, made there free throws, and proved to be mentally tougher than memphis.

      Memphis and KU were so evenly matched, but when it came down to the end, KU delivered and Memphis choked. there was no fluke, KU’s trophy isnt tainted, and i know pasta you’ll come back with some ridiculous remark, but KU and Memphis were too evenly matched to say one was better than the other.

    • I never said Memphis was way better . What I did say was Memphis was the best team in the country in 07/08 . If this had been a best of 7 series I honestly think Memphis would have won the series in 6 games . Memphis had the game won and missed free throws …simple as that …. they still would have won despite poor free throw shooting except for the fluke play at the end …… Collins gets fouled and no call to put him on the line …..Rose saw him falling down and backed off knowing he had ridden him the past 20 feet without getting the call ….the guy is falling down …no sense getting an intentional ….. the ball lands in Mario’s hands after Collins falls …… total fluke play …… when we sign Elliott Williams and Lance …….. I’ll be looking forward to the game in Nov. Ku will not fluke that one out of their ass .

      • I’m betting they won’t need to fluke anything out of their ass as they’ll put the game away in the first half.

    • Last year the chicago cubs were the best in the world no matter what ANYBODY says!!! This year the Cleveland Cavaliers were the best team in the world no matter what ANYBODY says!!!! Michigan St. was way better than UNC but they had a bad day….I dont care what anybody says!!!! The Giants win over the Patriots was a FLUKE……I dont care what ANYBODY says!!!!! When Arizona lost to Duke in the national championship game, Duke was so lucky that Arizona missed some shots….I dont care what ANYBODY says!! sound like numb nuts pastaboy yet? I will say that pasta is right when the record books read what was just written!!!!!!!!!!

    • You are right …..many times the better team loses …these are called upsets . Now when an upset occurs due to a fluke play at the end of a game …these are called fluke plays which in turn can translate into a fluke win . The Kansas game was determined by a fluke play at the end …… Kansas had called ( according to Chalmers a penetrate and kick play ) ….which knowing you need a three is about all you can do . Memphis wanted to foul Collins after he got to half court …..fouling him earlier would not accomplish anything …too much time left and Memphis couldn’t hit a free throw … Rose tried to foul Collins who was obviously trying to elude the foul and he made a move an eluded the 1st attempt …Rose then rode his back for 20 feet looking for a call which should have been called …Collins stumbles and the ball lands in Chalmers lap …and he throws up a prayer and it goes in . That is a fluke play ……which led to a fluke NC ….not a fluke NC in the sense that Ku was Western Ky …..or Siena etc….. Ku had a great team ….just not the best team in 07/08 .

    • Evidently Kansas fans are very insecure about their basketball program … modern times both their Nc’s were essentially luck ……the Phog Allen stuff in the roaring 20’s doesn’t count ..nor does the 50’s …the N.I.T. was a bigger tourney then. Big rep but not much to show for it

    • so your blaming the refs now for not calling a foul? wow.

      maybe rose should have wrapped him up or he should have hacked chalmers as he was going up for the shot, but he didnt. the refs usually dont call things right at the end of games so you have to make it blatant. something Calipari should have told his guys.

      88 was not luck. we had the best player (manning) and got extremely hot at the right time. that happens often in the tournament. see arizona 97, florida 06, cuse 03. not number one seeds but got hot at the right time and won.

      chalmers shot wasnt luck. if sasha kaun would have made the tying 3, that would have been luck. Chalmers has made that shot many times before and he was KU’s top 3 point shooter that year. it was a good look and he hit it. that made him 2 for 6 from 3 in the game which is still below his season average that year. not luck at all.

      and last time i checked the one in the 50’s does count. so do the helms ones in the 20s. thats 5 national titles to show for it

    • If Rose had wrapped him up he felt the zebra may have tagged him with an intentional ….which he may have …since Collins was actually even with Rose ……even Collins admitted he was fouled . …………“I think I got fouled, actually, but I ain’t complaining,” Collins said. The non call was the beginning of the fluke play …..part number 2 was Collins falling down , losing the ball , and the ball bouncing right to Mario …….part 3 was of course the shot …….total luck …..Ku year in and year out is overrated … got lucky in 08 …..I doubt we’ll ever see you in the finals again .

    • Hey jhawk4, pastaboy finally said something that was actually right!!!!! They (memphis) will never see you guys (kansas) in the finals again!!!!! Thats cuz memphis will never make it there again!!!! It may be a couple of years out but I’d say an AZ-KU championship would be more realistic!! Kansas will no doubt be very good this year! I just cant wait for you guys to smash mempis in a couple of months!!!!! Even after the win though, pasta will still be whining about refs or some other bullshit! Better yet, he will try to justify his national championship that he doesnt have ….AGAIN!!! I mean, c’mon, even HOLY CROSS has a title to back up trash talking!

      • Interestingly, there is only one person on here that thinks Memphis was the better team. Fans of every other school agree that Kansas proved they were the better squad on the court, but pastaboy somehow knows better than kenpom (who’s statistical analysis had Kansas as the best team going into the tournament), etc.

        Coaching is an important part of the game.

    • Wow ….. people on this blog are the experts LOL …..what a bunch of losers ……Kansas won on a fluke play and they have a fluke NC …..

    • Kansas under Bill Self will never win a legitimate NC ……. next year will show the world how inadequate this program is ….Cal could run the table with the Kansas team next year …40 and 0

    • Limp noodle, kansas has a better shot of winning a title this year, and even next year than memphis. the fact of the matter is they have more championships than memphis, and are a more storied program than us. and can u take ur head out of cal’s ass for a second. all u talk about is cal, yet u remain a memphis fan, and a bad memphis fan at that. y don’t u just go to kentucky with him, and proceed to continue sucking cal’s dick because that is all u do. cal couldn’t run the table with any team. kentucky is going to lose at least 3 games this year even with that heralded class of his. i’ll be laughing when he doesn’t win a national championship there, gets another final four vacated, and is looking for a job in 5 years. maybe then college teams will realize that he builds programs up only to tear them down before he leaves.