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Friday / February 23.
  • Latest on Xavier, Cal & Lance

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    Just when you thought it was safe to bring out the summer grill and forget about some of these people, a few of our favorite college basketball names are back in the news.

    **A Kentucky basketball blog says Xavier Henry is not happy at Kansas and that he could still end up at Kentucky. Henry initially committed to Memphis and then changed his mind after John Calipari took the Kentucky job.

    Sources say Henry will not attend the first summer school session at Kansas but that Xavier and his brother, C.J., still plan on attending the school. Xavier also just worked the last four days at a Kansas camp with the players in Wichita. The family has made no official comment.

    **Speaking of Calipari, an Open Letter to Kentucky President Lee T. Todd Jr. on blisters Calipari for the latest recruiting scandal and his track record in that department.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “Furthermore, Dr. Todd, you better hope that Calipari’s recruitment of mega-prospects John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins — which began on Memphis’ recruiting budget and ended with signatures on Kentucky letters of intent — was on the up-and-up.

    Every media outlet with an investigative capacity has incentive now to take a fresh look at how Calipari’s program was operating.”

    Another column follows up on the “Outside the Lines” story that ran on ESPN this weekend.

    Memphis Commercial Appeal columnist Geoff Calkins said it was “simplistic” to divide the college basketball world into good guys and bad guys.

    “The fact is there’s a lot of people in the world who have mixed feelings about John,” he said. “So I think it’s simplistic to say the higher you go, the more shots you take. Because I can name people pretty darn high who don’t have the reputation John has.”

    **Finally, the Washington Post has a rather unflattering story out today on Lance Stephenson. It all seems pretty accurate to us.

    I hope, for his sake, Lance’s situation is settled soon and he finds a suitable place. Time is running short.

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    [email protected]

    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Kentucky people are cracking me up more and more every day. The original rumor came from a twitter account and it said Xavier was visiting UCLA. Of course Kentucky bloggers ran with that and decided he wanted to come live next to the NCAA camp in Lexington.

    • I’m starting to feel bad for Kentucky. Besides the lumps they’re taking for hiring Calipari, now apparently Wall is negotiating with a Greek team through Sonny Vaccarro. Thought being that he didn’t pass his SAT and knew with the Rose situation he couldn’t go that route.

      • Woops, thread deleted. Probably just a rumor…

        • Well, the Kentucky blogs are picking it up as something to discuss, for whatever that’s worth:

          • I wanted to pass along that the article you linked here is about Kentucky’s 2009 recruiting class and how they will fit into the DDM offense.

            Also, the site you referenced passed along the Xavier Henry rumor and clearly stated that it was just a rumor from another blog.

            I just wanted to clear that up.

        • AZ,

          The BIG question which has been ASKED but, Memphis has refused to directly address.

          Everyone was aware of the GRADE changes.
          And the grades were changed in order to MAIL the high school transcripts to the various colleges.

          But, one month after the GRADE changes were noticed.
          All the colleges which received the FAILS transcripts were NOTIFIED.

          So, how does Memphis accept this player with such Ds?

          Memphis legal can not say that they were NOT informed about the grade changes….

          Which transcript was used in the ROSE admission process by Memphis?


          • “Memphis legal can not say that they were NOT informed about the grade changes….”

            That would be a smoking gun if true, but where are you getting that info? Transcripts are amended all the time and universities have a process in place…

    • lol…..livininmn…..Just reading your post from yesterday. Obviously you have a slant too. So be it. We are all here to share our perspectives. But name calling does nothing for your reputation on this site and to think that if Memphis officials knew that the kid cheated on his SAT’s, and then the NCAA won’t do anything about it, well, that sounds a bit naive to me. You are welcome to your opinion, but that is mine.

      And, factually speaking, Tucson is much, much closer to Nogales than Phoenix. Look it up on a map. I think you were perhaps confusing Tempe (ASU) with Tucson (Arizona).

      Also, no doubt about it, you might not like it, but the best college ball, between the ACC and the Big East, over the last decade and more, is being played on the east coast. That’s not just my opinion, and I’m not saying that there are not other good teams around the country, of course there are, but just check out the RPI ratings. Year after year the ACC and Big East conferences come out on top.

      Anyway, here is an article from today’s Washington Post. I thought it was somewhat interesting, so I thought I’d share it for others here.

      • Oooops, my bad. Didn’t mean to repost an article that was mentioned in the story above. Still, it is an interesting story and deserves a read.

    • Adam Zagoria shows absolutely no journalistic credibility; I, actually being a sports journalist for a DC metropolitan area newspaper, would know to disregard a story from a Kentucky basketball blog hoping vainly, and making out of the ballpark remarks that out of nowhere, Xavier Henry is suddenly angry about being in Kansas. Obviously, Kentucky fans will make something like that up, because thats what they want to see happen.

      The sheer amateurism of your blog, Mr. Zagoria, is too much for me to fathom.

      • Oh, c’mon. He specifically says that it’s unfounded blog BS. He’s writing in a BLOG not a PAPER so is allowed a lot more leeway on what is newsworthy. Step off the high horse.

      • Hmmmm……Well in Adam’s defense, I don’t think we are looking for newspaper quality credibility here. The site specializes in keeping day-to-day tabs on the college basketball recruiting scene, and that’s what we get, rumors and all. Granted, the site takes a lot more freedom than most newspaper blogs would ever think of doing.

        Obviously some stories posted here are from more credible sources than other stories, but the source of the story is always mentioned and when an un-named source is used the reader can take that for what it is.

    • Apparently Wall isn’t a rocket scientist after all. The question that most are asking is if his plea agreement for the breaking and entering will allow him to leave the country. It would be up to the judge but you generally get a lot of leeway for livelihood, which this would obviously be considered…

      The interblogs are exploding today about this. Must be because the playoffs are finally over and Kentucky fans are trying to do something to keep them away from pesky work.

    • ImNotTelling:

      I was a newspaper reporter for 10 years and I know enough to investigate leads when I get them. You’re telling me that if you saw an unsubstantiated blog report with big news, you wouldn’t report it out and make the necessary phone calls?

      As it turns out, Xavier is not attending the first session of summer school and the family has not yet moved to Lawrence.

      Does he still end up at KU? Probably, but you have to at least report it out.

      Sounds like you’re one heckuva reporter, bro.

      • Adam’s right to report this. Have you gotten any more info than the blogs about Wall/Vacarro/Greece etc?

    • Also, when reading about Wall and Greece I came up with this gem:

      Apparently the big bloggers (which as we see in AZs post above are sometimes completely speculating) from both Kentucky and Memphis believe that the Calipari camp is afraid of what Memphis will reveal when they ‘cooperate’ with the Rose investigation. They believe this might be Memphis’s way out of the mud (while throwing Kentucky into the mud). It also could take a year or so for the NCAA to rule on Calipari and Memphis.

    • ImNotTelling:

      The Henry news is also coming from a variety of blogs and sources, and the Kansas mainstream media is investigating it by making calls and texts.

      You are either a moron or a very lazy reporter, or both.

      • I think you do excellent work, Adam. I have always found your info to be credible. In fact, I am going to add your site to the favorite links section on my site.

        Keep up the good work!

      • Just let it go. He obviously doesn’t understand the difference between a blog and an article. For the record, Xavier has been telling various folks that the rumor (false) started with this guy (a Kentucky fan who X also says he has never met):

        Xavier is apparently pretty light hearted (and amazed) by the power of social networking…

        • I do wonder about the Wall to Greece rumors though since they were started by the same site… Seems like that’s a real possibility since he hasn’t qualified and the NCAA will obviously be watching this one closely.

    • Bottom line is that WE as Kentucky Basketball will never recover if Calipari is found guilty of anything. Its a sad state of affairs for any team, let alone such a storied one as ours.

      Please let Calipari be as good as we all hope…

      • How so?

    • Being a fan from AZ, I’ll admit I wanted to get Calipari after Lute Olsen retired. It’s well known that he is one of the slimiest coaches out there, but the bottom line is he got the best recruits. Unfortunately for you Kentucky fans, you took a risk on Calipari and now it might come back to haunt you.

    • Wall ….Cousins ….Dodson ….Bledsoe …… Orton …Hood …and now Xavier THE MAGNIFICANT SEVEN

    • Wall ….Cousins ….Dodson ….Bledsoe …… Orton …Hood …and now Xavier THE MAGNIFICANT SEVEN

      If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…. enjoy it while it lasts pastaboy, because Calipari is going to bring Kentucky down just as fast as he brought them up.

      • Seems like they might not even play a game together before he brings them down. The world is cruel like that, the faster you rise the easier it is to fall.

    • Looks like Meeks may stay in the draft so Cal let Xavier know he had a spot for him …….LOL ….you guys just don’t get it do you? …..Cal rules college basketball and now Ky. does to

    • Adam….I like you man, you’re fiery like I am! Anyway, I would like to know how credible you personally feel the Xavier Henry rumor is. From what I’ve seen and heard, there doesn’t seem to be much substance to this at all…..

    • The Xavier rumors are simply made up and not true. I could go post a blog on a KU website about Eric Bledsoe being upset and wanting to attend Louisville and it would take off! People love gossip. Especially Kentucky people who apparently have nothing else better to do.

      Xavier Henry will be starting for the 2009-2010 NCAA Champion KANSAS JAYHAWKS!!

      Adam, you do a great job bro. I visit your site everyday. Dont let some of these fools get ya down!

    • After John, the used car dealer, ruins another college program, maybe he should turn to helping the auto industry. I think the Henry’s are smart enough to stay away from this recent pending situation. Xavier and CJ want to play together in college(CJ is currently enrolled at KU). They had a chance to follow to UK, but maybe knew of pending problems. I think you will see Xavier and CJ in Crimson and Blue

    • Kentucky thought they were buying a Cadillac instead the bought a lemon.

      UK can have the best recruiting class ever but once the NCAA investigates the SAT scores for UK recruits and the dealings of William Wesley – Kentucky will have to forfeit all the games Cal wins (like at UMASS & Memphis) and will face a long probation.

      I think the Henrys remain at Kansas and most of the UK class will not be eligible.

      I could post this on mu blog and somebody would believe it to be gospel.

    • I’d say the Xavier story has legs ……after all Cal was his 1st choice ….now he realizes that most of the guys followed Cal to Ky to win a NC and now he’s left behind with a stiff like Bill Self ……he wants to join Cal and be a part of history …..I wouldn’t be so quick to discount this story .

      • Why in the world would anyone be following Calipari for a chance to win a national championship? Has he ever done so before? Obviously that recruit wouldn’t be taking into consideration that even if they DID win a title, it would probably be vacated a few years down the road.

        I apologize if I’d rather hear Adam’s take on this as opposed to you and the “Jordan Chapman homer UK blog”……..

    • Haha a stiff like Bill Self? You mean a guy that has a National Title and Calipari doesnt? What an idiot you sound like pastaboy.

      Even with Kentucky’s recruiting class, KU is still more loaded.

      2 first team All Americans in Collins and Aldrich and the best coach in the nation…..Billy Self!

      ROCK CHALK!!!

    • Pastaboy if stiff you mean running a clean basketball program then yes Self is a stiff. By those standards Calipari a.k.a.”let it burn” a.k.a. “trainwreck” would be a wet noodle (something you can relate too). The Xavier story has legs as much the person slanting the story wants it to have legs. He was never “left” behind…the option to follow Cal was always on the table.

      X just decided you don’t have to sell your soul (go to Kentuck) to have a shot at a national championship.

    • From admin.

      Sorry, but I have been without a computer all day until now.

      X texted this to me earlier….”I don’t even know who Moses Dupre is, so that should tell you something.”

      I have no clue who he is either.

      Link to site

      This all started with some dudes “Twitter” who lives in OKC supposedly. What gave this rumor any legs is that X isn’t attending Summer Classes, obviously a Kentucky skeezler wanted to stir up the water.

    • AZ,

      So, I hear that there is ONE HONEST MEMPHIS fan ,after all.

      And UK has reason to be concerned.

      What if this HONEST MEMPHIS fans indicated that Cali was aware of the M- flow from UM to Rose? Yes, more than $2200.00

      “both Kentucky and Memphis believe that the Calipari camp is afraid of what Memphis will reveal when they ‘cooperate’ with the Rose investigation. They believe this might be Memphis’s way out of the mud (while throwing Kentucky into the mud). “

    • No Calipari bashing on any Memphis dealings

      John is the best thing to happen to the corruption happening with UK basketball for the past 60 years. He will be cleaner than Rupp, Sutton (who was thrown under the UK bus), etc. and anyone else involved with UK’s corrupt boosters and fans.

      So let’s just bash UK with all their BTDs – Booster Transmitted Diseases

      Never should have let go of Tubby….

    • All this over an eminem look-alike’s twitter remark. Good stuff.

      Seems the Wall to Greece story has far better legs. I guess Adam picked the wrong unsubstantiated rumor to lead his story with.

    • Well, this IS actually news:

      Apparently Memphis knew as of May 2008 that Rose’s score was likely to be invalid. If Cal skates and leaves Memphis holding the bag would anyone blame them if they told the NCAA where the bodies were buried?

    • So now the Kentucky blogs are saying that both Wall and Cousins are heading to Europe because of the Rose fallout. Honestly, if they haven’t qualified by now maybe it’s not the worst idea.

      FWIW, everyone in basketball should have seen this coming. If Vacarro was a stock, I’d be buying all day long. He seems to always be the leader of the band on basketball trends…

      • Of course take that for what it’s worth. They’re saying Cousins is looking at Germany which I don’t think there’s a big American contingent and I’m not sure the competition is up to the Greece/Italy standards there so I’m not sure I’m buying it. Maybe for the right money though…

        • ChrisMullin,

          Can you post the link where you are seeing the Cousins rumor?


    • according to a Louisville Cardinal site ……Xavier is upset with “promises” made by Bill Self ( the stiff) …..and …..he has NOT signed any schorarship papers or another LOI ( which he couldn’t anyway) …so is essentially like a free agent now …..also he is convinced Meeks will stay in the draft ……looks like the Magnificent Seven will ride again

      • Interesting, as a Louisville fan myself (and StJohns of course) I frequent their boards and haven’t see this. Could you link (and also explain how on earth a Louisville fan would be in the know about a Kansas player from Oklahoma City). TIA.

    • AZ,

      JUNE 6 is the big date…..OPEN meeting for the public??

      Looks like there will be a CONNECTION between Memphis and Cali….violations.

      William Wesley, an enigmatic figure believed to wield a mysterious influence in recruiting circles, stood in the Memphis team picture when the Tigers won a regional finals to advance to the 2008 Final Four.

      Geoff Calkins, a columnist for the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, recalled that scene Friday when asked about a stinging comment he made earlier in the day about John Calipari.

      “John runs programs where [B][SIZE=”3″]scoundrels[/SIZE][/B] have the run of the place,” Calkins said on ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

      The NCAA asked Cali to appear at a hearing on the allegations before the Committee on Infractions June 6.

      Calkins linked the openness of Calipari’s program to the allegation of a person outside the official party having [B]a seat on the chartered plane or a room at the team hotel.[/B]

      “None of this is particularly shocking at all,” Calkins said.
      “But it’s not just scoundrels. It’s some of the [B]highest and mightiest of Memphis[/B].”

      Calkins recalled a Memphis area developer in line at the end of the Memphis home game shaking hands with the opponents.

      “If you’re a friend of John’s, you can sort of do whatever you want,” Calkins said.

      Calipari, who conducted an interview on Wednesday from Destin, Fla., for the ESPN program, suggested that the NCAA allegations were a byproduct of success.

      “The higher you climb, the more they’re taking shots at you,” he told ESPN basketball analyst Jimmy Dykes. “It’s the price you pay for the space you occupy.”

      Calkins did not accept that argument.

      “I don’t think people are going after Roy Williams,” the columnist said of the North Carolina coach. “I don’t think people go after Mike Krzyzewski (of Duke). I don’t think people go after Tom Izzo (of Michigan State), and he’s as high-flying a college basketball coach as there’s been in recent years.”

    • Fyi X. Henry has signed a scholarship in grant agreement with Kansas and NCAA By-laws would require him to pay his own way this year if he were to transfer. Also CJ is currently enrolled student at KU(he attended the first summer session) and since he has used his one time “non recruited exemption” he would have to sit out a year if he were to attend another school(something he has stated will not happen).

      • Yikes, way to kill a good internet rumor.

        • Wanted to make sure I had all my facts straight before I launched a fire suppressor. Do you have a link to the Cousin’s Stuff?

          • Probably just speculation at this point though they claim ‘sources’. Who doesn’t claim sources these days. I say if you’re posting on a message board just leave out the sources since no one’s going to believe them. Anyway, this is the thread on CatsPause (behind rivals premier wall though):


            Where did you find the info about the grant agreement. My recollection was a scholly wasn’t binding for the player though you’re right on about the brother. Once he attends class he can’t transfer again without penalty- this actually happened to a hair-brained baseball playing friend of mine.

          • He wouldn’t have to sit out, he just couldn’t accept another scholarship until 2010, since only once you sign your Grant and Aid agreement, you are agreeing to accept the scholarship from said school. He could still play, just have to walk on.

    • AZ,

      In order to protect the ONE HONEST Memphis fan ….we have the columnist be the FACE of the honest Memphis fan.

      Memphis columnist says program is full of ‘scoundrels’!

    • Ha, this Dupre cat is smooth. He’s now backtracking and complaining about all the rumors he actually started:

      Right now look for xavier to suit up for the jayhawks unless u here different from me or somebody else.
      22 minutes ago from web
      That’s not true. The family gave self 12 days to work things out. To say xavier to uk is totally premature. Ill keep u updated.
      24 minutes ago from web

      *****interesting timeline that 12 days, lol
      folks, some of u need to calm down! u r taking what i said and think xavier is headed to uk
      28 minutes ago from web

      This all despite that Xavier told that the rumors are BS and he’s never heard of or met this Dupre character. The attention probably seemed cool until he realized that his actual photo was on the twitter site and he now had 2 giant fan bases watching his account and reading his speculation as fact.

      • If anyone else wants to follow along with this 21st century soap opera, it’s posted earlier but worth repeating:

    • Hey Zag,
      Any word on Jayvaughn Pinkston’s interest in St. John’s? ESPN has SJU in the lead. I wanted to know if it’s really true, or if he’ll leave just like every other NY superstar.

      Lance, it’s never to late to come to St. John’s. Norm will find away to get tou a spot on the team. Our doors are always open.

      Jayvaughn, please stay home.

    • AZ,

      Last week, I talked about the request for documents from Memphis.


      Expect some more news….about the Memphis violations….tomorrow.

      Request for Information has been made and received by Univ of Memphis..

      Details of Memphis’ investigation into the alleged fraudulent SAT are in the school’s response to the NCAA’s notice of allegations received Jan. 16, Lipman said.
      The response of Memphis, which was requested by various media outlets through a Freedom of Information Act request, could be forthcoming as early as Monday night or Tuesday morning, according to Lipman.

      • BREAKING NEWS ********

        Last week, I talked about the request for documents from Memphis.


        Expect some more news….about the Memphis violations….tomorrow.

        Request for Information has been made and received by Univ of Memphis..

        Details of Memphis’ investigation into the alleged fraudulent SAT are in the school’s response to the NCAA’s notice of allegations received Jan. 16, Lipman said.
        The response of Memphis, which was requested by various media outlets through a Freedom of Information Act request, could be forthcoming as early as Monday night or Tuesday morning, according to Lipman

      • Could be.

        I’ve wondered this for a while though. What’s up with the ellipsises? They’re obviously not being used correctly…

    • Wow, I’m actually starting to feel bad for the guy that started this with his silly twittering:

      His whole internet life is being ruined. Not that he doesn’t deserve some of it for making stuff up, but seems like he really is sad about it.

    • For what it’s worth, Carl Henry spoke at length about the situation to and stated that there was 0 truth to the rumor, that he and his sons are very happy with their decision and Coach Self and he’s never heard of this dupre character either (Xavier said that earlier). Pretty strong statements from Carl, putting an end to this quite interesting social media frenzy.

      Does anyone else think this whole story couldn’t have been fed to Dupre by the UK coaching staff to try and draw the media attention away from the debacle going on down there right now? I’m not sure if that would be giving Calipari more credit than he’s due or not.

    • Well if Carl Henry said it ……you can take that to the bank LOL

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but Carl was the only reliable source during Henrygate 2009, was he not. He said it was Kansas all along and that no visit to the holler was needed and in fact it was Kansas all along and no visit occurred.

        There were a lot of internet reports on the same sites being quoted here that claimed Carl was lying, but shockingly it was them that were wrong and Carl was right.


    • too much smoke here …..there’s fire somewhere ….I’d say it’s 75/25 Xavier leaves Kansas and goes to play with Cal

      • Funny because the rumor was never Kentucky, it was UCLA. Try to follow along son.

      • I’d also love to know what UK’s going to do with John Wall doing his Greece tour next year. You know, smoke, fire, etc.

    • Looks like the Wall rumor is false …however no word on his test scores yet …this is why the best coach in basketball has recruited 2…….. 5 star PG’s. Sucks to be a Cal hater doesn’t it ?

    • Part of me wants to say “don’t waste your time with someone as obtuse as this”.

      But Pastaboys statements are so out there it’s just so hard not to want to refute his claims. When someone says so a-matter-of-factly like, “Looks like the Wall rumor is false”, ” just smoke here, there’s fire somewhere”(in reference to this message board) and then insists not to site sources how could he even be considered legitimate!

    • Its over guys. Carl Henry squashed the false rumor late last night or this morning.
      Henry’s still coming to KS–never has second thoughts. Just some twittering db that got everyone’s panties in a bunch. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet fools.

    • a KY. blog who I consider fair and reliable …… …..has a pretty good evaluation of the 3 internet rumors from yesterday …. I would have posted the link but most in here would simply ridicule the site .

      • your retarded

    • pasta boy you are trully an idiot, if you had followed Xavier’s recruitment you would know that he chose Memphis solely to play with his brother not because of Cal. If CJ had not been there it would have been a no-brainer to Kansas. I trully hope you are a UK fan so you will have to deal with the fallout that Calipari leaves behind. Kentucky is dead and gone, maybe you should have hired Ashley Judd.

    • LOL …. are you going to hold your breath now and yell liar liar …pants on fire

    • Why do you think CJ went to Memphis brainiac ? Cal enticed him there so he would have a better shot at Xavier . Say what you want but the fact that Xavier DID NOT enroll in summer school is very telling ….. I’d say Bill Self ( the stiff) better sit down and talk to him or he could lose him .

    • pastaboy, you are the most annoying and worst poster on this site. Even worse then USC.trojan.

      Your intelligence has already shown true with how much you love Coach Cal. The guy is a program wrecker. He has been to two schools. Both schools will have to give back Final Four banners. Coincidence? I think not. Now he has signed a recruiting class where half of them arent even eligible yet? WAY TO GO JOHNNY!!

      You are probably 15 yrs old and you believe everything you hear and read.

      Xavier Henry is a Jayhawk and will be a Jayhawk.

      Go eat some pasta. It will make you big and strong and possibly add some brain cells to that little head of yours.

    • Meanwhile Caliparigate and the Wall/Cousins summer of learnin’ goes on.

      Apparently the Cousins to Germany rumor was started by the same site that broke the news that he was de-committing from UAB. Maybe they just struck it rich that time or maybe they have someone on the inside?

      As for Wall, it’s now June so you figure he has 2 more shots at the ACT to get it a qualifying score before August semester. Does anyone know how low he is right now? Is it GPA or Test score or combo that’s killing him? You couldn’t blame the guy for going to Greece if school just isn’t his thing. I’ll go tour Greece for a year and make a few mil.

    • Coach Cal has never violated any NCAA rule …ever …. he had nothing to do with Camby signing with an agent …..nor anything to do with Rose allegedly cheating on his SAT exam ……hardly a program wrecker …..he turned UMASS into a national power and did the same at Memphis ….these are the facts and they are irrefutable . As far as Xavier is concerned ….if I was a Gayhawk like you I’d want to know why he did not enroll in summer school . Instead of name calling you should try a little research .

      • what the hell would be the point of summer school when he’s only going to play for 1 year??? I’d do the same thing…..enjoy my last free summer as a kid before my life on the road begins…

        and memphis…..has never and will never be a “National Power”

      • Yeah, it’s just a coincidence that the 2 final fours he’s been to have both been (or are about to be) vacated. That’s HALF (2/4) the final fours that have EVER been vacated in the history of the NCAA.

        In other news, the same blog that has Cousins to Germany is saying Bledsoe is exploring the JUCO route and has been talking with Miami-Dade coach Matt Eisele (a known Calipari crony). Bledsoe is not seen as a 1-and-done (or 2-and-done) so the thought would be that he’d join Kentucky after meeting eligibility at the JUCO.

    • Memphis in basketball has been considered a national power off and on since the early 70’s ….Bartow …………… then Kirk in the mid 80’s …….. then Cal the past 4 years …..sorry ….these are the facts . Cousins to Germany is a laugher …… Bledsoe to juco is a new one ….. although he has passed his ACT ….. and is now working on grades this summer. So I doubt that’s a viable rumor …..Wall to Germany also is a laugher when one considers Sonny has been advising some guys in this class to stay away from Europe ( Stephenson comes to mind)

      • This happens every year with Cal because he recruits the margins. You can call him a ‘great recruiter’ if you want, but more often than not he’s recruiting guys the other programs don’t want to take a chance on. This late drama is just one reason why the big boys don’t mess with guys like Cousins and Bledsoe (best offers for Cousins were KState and Kentucky, for Bledsoe it was Alabama, Cincy and Kentucky)

    • You guys really look silly sitting here trying to tear down Cal and his Ky. recruiting class ……. I challenge anyone hear to name one violation Cal has recieved from the NCAA …… also his class will be playing this fall ….everyone of them …maybe even Xavier ……sucks to be a Cal hater doesn’t it ?

      • If I recall correctly Xavier qualified as a junior year in HS so he’ll certainly be playing this fall. For Kansas of course. He never really fit the Calipari mold anyway, did he?

      • It’s one thing to believe that Xavier had ever lost interest in Kansas, but to believe that he is heading back to Kentucky again is just laughable. I can’t decide if pastaboy is being serious or if he is looking to stir up more controversy to divert more attention away from all the negative pub surrounding Kentucky lately (Gillespie lawsuit, John Wall misdemeanor, etc.). Staying away from that sideshow circus at Kentucky was the best move for CJ/Xavier.

        • We had to go through this nonsense with pastaboy on one of the Memphis boards around the time of Bledsoe’s recruitment. It’s just on and on, the guy is relentless and generally full of it. He demands you state facts when debating with him, but his responses contain things like “generally accepted” and “very telling”. Stuff like rumors that were started by someone Xavier himself said he didn’t know are allowed to be facts for pastaboy’s arguments because they support his BS, but rumors from the people who broke Cousins leaving UAB become “laughable” since they would tarnish the “#1 Recruiting Class” shine. When all else fails and you continue to disagree that makes you a “hater”, but outside of LaLa Land (where pastaboy resides) that just makes you a realist. X isn’t going to Kentucky, we all know this, too many actual FACTS and statements from him and his family do not support this, but pastaboy doesn’t want to hear it so for your own sake I’d say let the fool ramble on and ignore him.

          As for Cal, I’m a blue-blooded Memphis fan and as much as I would love to say this is all his fault, given the information available I can’t see how Cal or Memphis were complicit in this conspiracy and I don’t see why either would have known Rose cheated. The only guilty parties I see are Derrick Rose and the NCAA Clearinghouse….of course neither of those parties will be punished or blamed because that would get in the way of a good story, but that’s the reality of the world we live in. I also don’t buy into the stuff that the NCAA is out to get the non-BCS schools. Let’s be real, Indiana is one of the storied NCAA programs and they got hit with violations akin to a death sentence, the NCAA has shown they aren’t afraid to take any school down, Kentucky would be wise to keep this in mind.

      • Wait a minute, didn’t Kentucky go through a point shaving scandal quite awhile back, like around the 50;s or 60’s or something like that. Oh, I almost forgot the payment to recruits in the 80’s also. What’s that pasta, these FACTS make you look like a gay porn star!! You’ve been caught cheating before, it will happen again, just wait.

    • Give me a break, now we find that Calipari will be calling into the Infractions Committee from China?

      “After reviewing the information in this case, the committee now, more strongly than ever, believes that you should make yourself available to participate in the hearing in some manner,” wrote Paul T. Dee, the chairman to Cal.

    • USC.trojan

      Once again, the Freedom of Information Act only applies to Official Government Documents. Stop being a moron.

    • Xavier fit the Calipari mold enough to sign with him …and if Cal was still at Memphis guess where he would be playing? …….he may still bolt to Ky. ….. he now realizes Self has no ability to teach guards ….. he’s a stiff who got lucky on a 30 footer at the buzzer …….. most insiders consider the Kansas NC a fluke …..Cal clearly had the better team .

      • “Basketball Insiders” don’t dwell on the 20 foot shot that tied the 2008 Championship Game. No one that remotely understands the game does actually. Rather they watched a coach bring his team all the way back from a seemingly insurmountable deficit to win the game. Part of that is Self being a great game coach. The other part is Calipari being a terrible game coach.

        Interesting that Self has more guards collecting a paycheck in the NBA than Calipari. Dribble on my friend.

      • really a 30 foot shot? Wow sounds like the legend of Mario grows by the years or you just have no idea what you are talking about. Also Cal clearly did not have the better team…because they didn’t win. No one gives a rip what “most insiders” think because that’s why they play the game. Sports history is filled with the teams that should have won.

        You can back Cal all you want, but I will happily keep supporting the “stiff” coach who is a great coach and great man. You can keep the used car salesman. We in Lawrence love Coach Self.

      • Cal clearly had the better team? Are you insane. More NBA players from KU were on that team, it didn’t have the best player in the land (Rose) and it still beat down Memphis with a TEAM effort. CDR was a joke, nothing buy hype from playing inferior CON USA competition, Dorsey a wanna be thug. You think Cal will bring Kentucky back to the top and he won’t. You have to be able to coach young kids to play right, DDM is not teaching them anything but one on one principles, pathetic. And DDM was stolen from a JUCO coach!! What great coach has to copy a JUCO team to win!! I have many relatives in Kentucky and I would like to see them on top again, but I’m sorry it won’t happen with former JAYHAWK assist John Calipari. One more thing, you say Cal has not been CAUGHT with violations, well, this new one at Memphis ain’t done yet, so there’s still a chance. I hope it’s all clear for him, just so I can rub it in your face when we PWN Kentucky for the NC. And in Rupp, just like we did without our best player at the time, Wayne Simien. And please come back to Allen Fieldhouse, I love seeing us win by 30 or 50 pts when the Cats play here, lol. The WORST loss in Kentucky history, baby, at KU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Big Ben …once again you spout without facts . While at Memphis Cal never recruited Bledsoe very hard ……nor did he recruit Cousins at all . Bledsoe wanted to go to Ky. and thats where Cal ended up ….Cousins just kinda landed in his lap after UAB lost him . He did recruit Henry ….Dennis …. the Juco guys Dodson and Coleman …and John Wall …… the same John Wall recruited by Duke ( a big boy?) …. There was talk of Latavious Williams while Cal was at Memphis but it was generally accepted that Cal wasn’t interested due to his academic status . So once again Ben you spout fals info to try and justify a critisism of Calipari . It must really suck to be a Cal hater ……

      • LOL. “Cal wasn’t interested because of his academic status”. That has to be the quote of the year.

      • Duke? Zags reported months ago that Duke, Kansas and UNC had all pulled out of the Wall derby (probably due to the Clifton situation). This was even before his arrests.

    • The root of this scandal is Wesley. Someone posted it the other day, Wesley, and others like him, should be considered boosters in the future.

    • Not sure if you remember, but KU lead and controlled that championship game for thirty five minutes. It wasn’t until Derrick Rose rattled off four straight buckets in the last 7 minutes that Memphis grabbed the lead. Look what happened in the overtime(granted we had all momentum), but the beginning of the game started the same way. Coach Cal can’t even hold Bill’s nutsack when it comes to coaching. The better team/program/coach won that day.

      • This is how I remember it too: Kansas controlled the game, Rose took over the game (and was clearly the best player on the court), Kansas adjusted, Kansas won.

        Calipari stared at the court wondering what just happened.

    • Why do you all care about this kid soooooo much he is on eplayer for one year and will not turn a team around. Michael beasley has not turend Kansas State into a power house so lance will not do that either because he is not as good. Th kid is highley6 over rated and is probably soon to be a convicted sexual assaulter.

      Kids a tool and couldst beat top 2010 recruit Shane the persian pulveriser bornstein 1 v 1
      kids a tool