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Saturday / March 17.
  • Bledsoe to Kentucky Official

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    As reported here last night, Parker (AL) High point guard Eric Bledsoe announced today that he will take his skills to play for John Calipari’s new school and not his old one.

    The 6-foot-1 Bledsoe chose Kentucky over Memphis.

    Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News says Bledsoe is the 11th of the state’s top 12 players to leave the state for college.

    Bledsoe averaged 20.4 points, 11.2 rebounds and 10.3 assists in leading Parker to the Class 5A state championship game. The Thundering Herd beat Kentucky-bound big man DeMarcus Cousins and Mobile (AL) LeFlore 52-39 in the semifinals.

    “I’m a pass-first point guard,” Bledsoe said last week during his visit to Memphis. “I can help everybody get to where they need to be.”

    Bledsoe becomes the fifth recruit in Kentucky’s incoming class, following Cousins, Jon Hood, Darnell Dodson and Daniel Orton.

    Bledsoe also told reporters that Kentucky big man Patrick Patterson would return to school. That would give Calipari an imposing front line rotation of Patterson, Cousins and Orton, with a backcourt that could still include John Wall at the point and Jodie Meeks at the two.

    (Photo courtesy Birmingham News)

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • wow this is a shocker for all you memphis fans who were 100% sure you would get him and be the power house you all think you are again

    • this kids no good… me lanse stephenson could take him all day everyday even on sundays…
      if i was bledsoe id watc my back because the lacne is coming

    • Yo cracka stop trying to imitate me. I’m da best I’m taking Texas Tech to da Final Four werd.

    • im the real lanse and only i know that ill will be played at nassau community collage next season and win a juco championship like ive always dreamed of

      • It must be very flattering for Lance to know that he is constantly on the minds of clowns like you.

        You clearly need to do something with yourself and go to the doctor and get all the hate that’s coursing through your blood stream removed.

        Until you do that, stop putting up meaningless posts on a very credible source.

        Isn’t it past your curfew anyway, pal?

    • Yo cracka don’t try to be me I’m da best. I’m gonna make Bob Knight wish he never left cuz I’m gonna make Texas Tech da best in da world. I’m better than Lebron.

      wassup wit it


    • does anyone really think that he will get a B on that last math exam to qualify?

    • I believe he’ll get a B as much as I believe he’ll start at Kentucky…

    • you are wrong adam…hes the fifth recruit…you forgot about darnell dodson

    • Thanks, fixed it.

    • Bledsoe will be the 7th man in UK! And Calipari still will not win a championship there!

      Plus, I said it before – and I’ll say it again – Lance to Europe – dad says it’s to get away from bad environment in the US and its poor basketball fundamentals! Nevermind Brooklyn’s environment, he’s leaving the US! He needs to get away from it all – to heck with NCAA Basketball – Normally Cruddy Athlete Academics (in) Basketball. Tax the tax-exempt NCAA!!!! We need an NCAA Tax Tea Party along the Missouri River!

      I do not blame Lance if he goes to Europe – mark it down! Plus, Lance signs with UnderArmour immediately before leaving for Spain! Aren’t we tired of this already????

    • Calipari, being the great lier that he is, lied to him saying he will be the full time starter. Good luck, kid.

    • u can hate all you want

      u are just upset he didn’t go to memphis and we got him

      Hangin banners in Lexington…………THIS COMING SEASON


    • This cat seems like the real deal…Averaging a triple-double in a conference like that…He should turned doubters to believers in Lex and help Calipari build this program back to what it once was…Is Meeks draft-bound?

      • So you’re amazed by his inflated high school stats? Thought you were smarter than that.

    • I’ve heard that Meeks is gonna stay

      I am hoping this is true……….

    • 1 down now all we’re waiting on is John Weezy and Prance.

      • Banners for what? I’m not even sure the squad as it stands now would be favored to win the SEC. NCAA Invite banners?

        • Ok listen

          I’m gonna make this very clear right now to all of you

          If Meeks and Patterson return……..UK will be Final Four Bound

          Maybe championship……..with Wall’s services

          you don’t like it……….?

          I DON’T CARE

          • Final Four bound? Really? A coach who didn’t do anything in C-USA until the good teams jumped to the Big East. A new system for the players. At least 2-3 new starters. A team depending heavily on multiple freshman, regardless on talent. I’m not here to argue Kentucky, more so to just laugh at the stereotypical fan like you. It’s great entertainment.

            Adam, have you heard any update as to the academic status of Bledsoe? You had written something in another article about him no likely qualifying. I think he is a pretty good player, but he didn’t sound very educated in that attached clip. I don’t mean to degrade him in any way, just point out that it furthered some questions I have about his status.

          • It’s been so long since Kentucky was relevant that they clearly forgot what a final four team looked like. With a few advantageous bounces they could win the SEC with Wall, but Final Four? Get real…

        • You must be a low-life duke or carolina fan who obviously knows nothing

          SEC teams stand no chance if Pat and Jodie return

          everybody else should be scared

          UK is back


          #1 recruiting class thanks to Bledsoe inking
          if Wall signs…… recruiting class in decades

          you wanna bash and poke fun at UK cuz ur scared

          and you should be

          God help every team we play this season……………………….they’re gonna need it

    • Just curious UKcat, if Patterson & Meeks return and you get the scholarship situation worked out you will have a very good team and very likely Final Four bound and possibly going to NC game with Wall, but who is your 3? I’d think you would go with Bledsoe at PG, Meeks at SG, Patterson/Cousins/Orton at PF/C, but I’ve heard nothing about whoever will be your SF.

    • 1st let me say I appreciate your demeanor on here, it is a welcomed change from the neolithic kindergarten banter I am accustomed to reading and responding to

      SF – not sure who would start, or how exactly Calipari will line um up (maybe 3 guards at times…we’ll see)

      Dodson – JC transfer who is part of this recruiting class
      Hood – also part of this class could see time there
      Miller – Soph next season

      those would be the 3 who would share time there…….barring something unforeseen

      P out brotha

    • wow. impressive press conference. i hope that kentucky has some serious tutors for their players because this young man could use some serious help in the communications department.

      • Yes, you’re so right about serious tutoring being required, because most big recruits do not want to be in school. Can you blame them? The NCAA is holding them back so they can cash in on the hype and bound these players for one year to make big cash off of them. Most of these academically below borderline players have no business being in college, but the NCAA tax-exempt business gets them in somehow… Tax the NCAA

    • Kentucky better worry about MAKING the NCAA Tournament before they start the talk of a Final Four. The SEC was the weakest it has ever been last year and Kentucky couldnt even get the wins needed last year. You UK fans are insane.

      That isnt hating, that is facts.

      Of course you heard Meeks was staying cause that is what you want to hear.

      I havent heard one UK fan yet say, “I think Meeks is leaving.”

      If I know one thing about college sports it is that Kentucky Basketball Fans are the craziest in the nation. The most insane, and the most pompous. You can talk history until you are blue in the face but you guys havent done anything since Tubby left.