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Monday / March 19.
  • Xavier Henry Announces for Kansas

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    Xavier Henry made it official on Thursday.

    The 6-foot-6 wing announced at a press conference at Putnam City High School in Oklahoma City that he and his brother will play for Kansas coach Bill Self next season.

    “Next year, I’ll be taking my game to Kansas,” Xavier Henry said in his opening statement at the news conference, according to Gary Bedore of the Lawrence Journal. “That’s all I’m going to say.”

    Henry, the No. 3 shooting guard in the Class of 2009, initially chose Memphis over Kansas last November, but after John Calipari took the Kentucky job, Henry asked for his release.

    For the past several weeks, the process turned into a soap opera as the Henrys publicly discussed their options: remaining at Memphis, following Calipari to Kentucky or going with Xavier’s original pick of Kansas.

    Now the deal is done and Henry becomes the 13th scholarship player on the roster.

    “I grew up always wanting to go to Kansas,” Xavier said. “I switched to Memphis because my brother was going there. Now, with coach [Calipari] leaving [for Kentucky], we’ve decided to go to KU. I’m really excited. That’s where my whole family played. Henry’s father, Carl, mother Barbara Adkins and aunt Vicky all played for Kansas.

    Henry averaged 28.3 points and 6.5 rebounds and made 44 percent of his 3-point shots last season in leading Putnam City to the Class 6A state title, the largest group in Oklahoma. Henry also played when the school won his freshman year.

    “After having coached the young man for four years and watch him be a significant part of our two state championships, and being around him as a person and a player, I think he’s going to be a phenomenal player at the next  level,” Putnam City coach A.D. Burtschi said. “He’s going to bring a lot to the table.”

    Kansas will be the favorite to win its second NCAA championship in three years next year with Henry, the return of guard Sherron Collins and big man Cole Aldrich.

    “They said they will be close to preseason No. 1 without us,” Xavier said. “Now I think we’ll be one of the best teams. I think the sky is the limit.”

    “I think you talked about a lot of really good guys and you’re going to add a another great player [in Henry],” Burtschi said. “A guy who can really shoot it. The guy can score off  the dribble, he can create for others. He’s got some things he’’s got to work on but what high school player doesn’t?

    “He wants to get better. He’s extremely coachable. He puts endless hours into his game every day. He wants to give back to the game.”

    C.J. Henry, a walk-on at Memphis and Xavier’s older brother, will have to get an NCAA waiver to play immediately at Kansas, but perhaps the NCAA will be lenient because he never played a game at Memphis due to a broken leg. It would seem logical that Self and the Kansas staff gave C.J. some indication that he would be able to play next season.

    “We’re very close. It’s going to be fun to play with my brother,” C.J. told the Lawrence Journal. “It wasn’t going to happen at Memphis. I think Kansas is a good place for us. It’s where [Xavier] wanted to go in the first place. It will be a great experience. It will be fun.”

    Now the world waits to see what Brooklyn’s Lance Stephenson will do.

    Stephenson is expected to announce within the next few days whether he will attend Kansas, Maryland or St. John’s. Rumors are floating that he might hold a press conference Friday, but a source inside the Lincoln athletic department told SNY’s Brooklyn Sal Thursday morning via email that that was  “absolutely false.”

    As of Thursday, sources indicated the family was still weighing its options.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Thank god this is almost over…now they just have to get Lance to come and it will all be over!!!

    • Glad this part is done. I think Lance goes to SJU. No sources or likes as proof, that is just my opinion

    • Adam,

      What do you mean by “Stephenson is expected to announce shortly”? Next few days? Weeks? Plus after today’s news why would Lance continue to consider Xavier? Did I miss something?

    • I have a bad feeling that a majority of St. John’s fans are going to be severly disappointed.

    • I hope SJU fans are going to be dissapionted.

    • Adam are suggesting LS could announce today?

    • Mikey, why do you hope that SJU fans get disapointed? It is because your a KU fan and you want to get greedy and get another stud player, or is it that you are a Maryland fan and you just want to shit on another program who has a shot to get lance?

    • It’s because I want Gary Williams to shut up everyone who is saying that he can not recruit. What Gary(a future hall of famer) had to go through, with the criticizem from the AD of Maryland and the washington post and fans saying gary needed to go. It was just disgusting and embarrasing for anyone who wanted Gary out of MAryland.

      So that is why I want Lance to come to UMD. And UMD also get dewshawn painter then everyone will shut up, atleast for one season.

      Also KU fans need to realize they dont have enough scholarships for every top recruit and their mother to come to kansas.

      • Beating out St. John’s for a recruit doesn’t prove anything.

        • It proves gary can recruit top-teir talent. Not if he beat St.Johns for it.

          • My point is that he even if he gets Stephenson he still hasn’t proven that he can beat out the big boys for en elite player.

          • ok it doesnt matter if you beat the big boys for the recruits it just matters if you get them.

    • Maryland’s AD didn’t criticize Gary it was a Senior Associate AD…Kathy Worthless…uh Worthington. Evidently she never read the book Associate Athletic Director Public Relations for Dummies.

    • Somehow I think Kansas would find room.

      I definitely would love to see Lance shift his view and go with all the upsides of playing for Gary in Comcast. But personally I can’t so worked up about showing up the Gary doubters. It’s sports. People yell and cheer, they vent, etc etc. I freely admit that as someone who went to virtually every home game from 88 to 92 (and often took my lunch from the Union into Cole just to soak up vibes) I am totally in the camp that when Gary left Ohio State to come home it was etched stone from day one that it was for LIFE. Everyone I knew at that time thought the same thing. Not everyone sees it that way now. We have all spent too much of our lives this spring debating this. Personally I have to let that go and get back to just enjoying Gary coach the guys who want to play for him to some great wins.

    • Didn’t thomas and appleton transfer…so wouldn.t that open up two more spots?? And if Lance really wanted to come to KU they would find a way to give a spot for sure.

    • If they had another shorlarship, C.J. Henry wouldnt have to walk-on they would give one to him.

    • CJ’s college is paid by the Yankees as part of his contract with them.

    • Ok. Well, that answers that question. Does that mean he has to play baseball when hes done at KU?

    • KU is out of scholarships they had over-recruited prior to Thomas/Appleton transfers.

      13 scholarship players: Collins, Aldrich, Mc Morris, Mk Morris, T. Taylor, Little, Releford, Reed, Morningstar, X Henry, T. Robinson, E. Johnson, Withey

      Walkons: CJ Henry, Teahan, Buford, Junemann

      It would be very surprising if they made room for another player. Lance is St. John’s to lose.

    • Morningstar’s dad and Self are in agreement if need be Morningstar can play as a walk-on. His dad played at KU and can afford to pay. So Lance should go there and he would start at sf while X at sg. Best five in the country and probable can beat a few nba teams

    • @dreday

      I believe that you and others of my fellow jayhawk fans have given that rumor legs above and beyond what is reality. I think it would a slap in the face and embarrassing should someone like Morningstar (who redshirted for the program already) and was a major contributor as a starter to be asked to move to walk-on. That’s aside from the fact that by doing so it could clearly be viewed that Roger Morningstar (former KU player and current booster) is acutally paying Lance’s way.

      PLEASE NOTE: This is only my opinion and nothing more, but I dare say humbly that this rumor is one of twisted logic and convenience for my fellow KU fans to hang onto, in hope that we field an NBA roster every year.

      I wanted Lance too, but I think we’re looking at our roster and on paper it looks like we should be the favorite with or without another player. Whether or not we can close deal obviously remains to be seen. Here’s hoping we can. Rock Chalk.

    • Mikey R, no disrespect, but you really need to know what you are talking about before you post. You didnt have any idea about KU’s scholly situation before you posted all that.

      CJ Henry will NEVER get a scholly because he doesnt need one. His school is already paid for.

      No way Lance will come to KU now, but if he did by some miracle, they would have a ‘ship for him.

      • Yea, I read about C.J. a while ago it just slipped my mind.

    • I agree with GDjayhawk. I said the same thing last week and your fellow fans were riding me about it. It’s kinda classless on Self’s part but hey, whatever.

      • yea, there you go again, making sure you get your daily jab in at KU and Bill Self. you are such a mook.

    • Lance has a scholorship offer from Kansas and it will be honored. If Lance wants to be a Jayhawk next year then there will be room for him. Coach Self would never do anything to a kid that wanted to be a Jayhawk and he sure as hell would never pull a scholorship.

      We would welcome Lance with open arms.


      basically there is chatter, about the possibility of KU landing Lance. Self is going there this weekend?