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Friday / February 23.
  • As the World Turns: Henrys, Dodson, Beatty; Louisville Offers Mike Taylor

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    I think everyone is ready for this Xavier Henry/C.J. Henry/Lance Stephenson situation to come to an end…Here are a few updates on that and other related topics.

    **A source within the Kentucky program said they hope to “hear something by the end of the day” regarding a visit by the Henrys. As I wrote yesterday, Carl Henry said the boys would visit Kentucky this weekend. Xavier also says in the above interview with The Shiver, “I think me and my brother are going to take a visit up there.”

    However, reported that Xavier has his prom on Friday, meaning if he were to visit Kentucky this weekend, it couldn’t happen until Saturday…Stay tuned.

    **Will Coleman, the 6-9 big man from Miami-Dade College, told Memphis coach Josh Pastner during a Monday visit in Miami that he will honor his commitment to the school.

    “I’m sticking with my commitment,” Coleman said, according to Dan Wolken’s blog. “[Pastner] just told me about the style of play and his morals and standards and beliefs and stuff like that. I like him. I think he’s a real good guy.”

    **As for 6-6 small forward Darnell Dodson of Miami-Dade, he has not yet reaffirmed his commitment to play for Pastner. Both players signed in the fall.

    **A third Miami-Dade player, point guard, James Beatty was supposed to visit Memphis this past weekend, but did not. He is being hotly pursued by a number of schools, including Rutgers.

    **All appears quiet on the Lance front for now. The Kansas, Maryland and St. John’s coaches are all waiting anxiously while pulling their hair out, but it may take Xavier to announce first before we hear from Lance.

    **John Wall told me last week he would cut his list down to “three or four schools” this week, but I have yet to hear anything more on that. The 6-4 point guard is due to visit Miami this weekend.

    **Also, Louisville became the latest school to offer a scholarship to 6-3 sophomore shooting guard Mike Taylor of Brooklyn Boys & Girls. Read more on him here.

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    [email protected]

    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • “As the world turns” LOL that’s hilarious. Lance PLEASE come to Kansas and end this mess.

    • Well he’s not lyin’, it’s a soap opera.

    • I thought CJ said they weren’t visiting…

    • Most insane recruitment in history.

      Adam, do you have any gut feelings as to how this will shake out?

    • “Lance Terpenson” X to KU = Lance to Maryland.

    • Didn’t Maryland just miss out on another recruit?

      And hasn’t Adam come on here about 30 times to tell all Maryland fans that Lance is not going to Maryland. Lance = KU/St. Johns.

      • Adam is a great journalist, but he doesnt know 100% how everything is going to pan out. The only person who knows is Lance. I’m confident that once X announces KU, that Lance will chose MD over SJU.

        • Ok, choosing Maryland over St. Johns is plausible but I’ll ask you this again, why are you so sure Xavier is going to go to KU? I hope he does but I have my doubts.

    • Terpmaster doesnt really know anything. Of course if X goes to KU, Lance will choose another school. But, that school will be St Johns.

      In no way or capacity has anyone or any website EVER said that Lance would commit to Maryland. That just wont happen.

      Sorry Terp!

      • If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way.

    • We shall see jayhawkfan11. We shall see…

    • Terps didn’t really miss out on Vinson. He was recruited but not a hard push. Kid never even took an official to UMD. Wanted to go someplace where he’d be the star which is why he originally signed with Loyola Marymount and now has committed to UMass. He was also considering Big East schools. What kid ranked #27 at his position is going to be “the man” at a high major.

      Meanwhile…As if things couldn’t get more complicated, a report surfaced today indicating Kansas had been eliminated from the Henry sweepstakes.

      And yes, Lance isn’t coming to UMD…never was…all a charade/waste of time.

      • Sorry Russ that article has been corrected per an email from the author. Kansas and Kentucky are in it. As of 1pm CST. Who knows what will happen next hour.

        Thanks for e-mailing me. That was a mistake that I just got corrected. Shocked it took that long to find out about it. The mistake was all mine, though. He’ll choose (last I talked to Carl/Xavier) between Kansas and Kentucky. Sorry to give your board users heart attacks. We’ll have more on Xavier later tonight/in the morning on
        -Ryan Aber

        • Enough is enough……To be quite frank…I’m dissapointed, and not with the Henry’s and Cal…….I suppose we could and should expect these types of drama laced scenarios from Coach Cal, he loves this stuff……I mean he eats this stuff up with a large wooden spoon from Paul Bunyuns kitchen!

          The Henry’s……two thoughts: either they love this bozo the clown freak show of a recruitment process as well or the communication is so poor between father, mother, brother and brother that it shows their famlies have more issues than a cover of newsweek!

          This is stupid and quite honestly as K.U. fans (including myself) we have gotten so caught up in the drama (that makes daytime t.v. look boring) we have lost perspective.

          Really? Rock Chalk land……is this how we wanna roll? Fighting to the teeth with Kentucky over a guy who is rated just a few spots higher then Lance Stephenson?
          Look its obvious that Kentucky sold its soul when they hired Cal, the dude is shady….anyone that denies that is either ignorant or unable to state the obvious, let them have the Henry’s.

          If it has taken them this long to decide whether or not to go to K.U. then they shouldn’t come. And we as fans shouldn’t want them to come! Why? Because we are prideful bastards and should think that no one deserves to wear and be intrusted with the sacred crimson and blue uniforms unless their heart doesn’t just burst with desire to play in the sacred space that is Allen Fieldhouse.

          Also, KU fans, I can’t make this any clearer……KU is still an overall favorite to win the National Championship and consensus preseason #1 with or without either the Henry’s or Lance. Again, if any of them decide it will be absolute gravy for us! Stop thinking we need either to win a championship we don’t and it is stupid to think otherwise.

          Finally, Lance should come to Kansas, and every flipping KU fan SHOULD want him over the Henry’s……this includes you Coach Self and KU boosters. This guy is gritty, tough as nails kind of guy that Self loves to coach. Do you ever watch his website episodes, he is sick and isn’t scared of trying to make the likes of O.J. Mayo look like an ass in an AAU game. He is gritty, hard nosed, loves to play defense, can create a nice midrange, and at time physically dominates his opponents.

          This all adds up to the type of basketball player that KU fans love to root floor. We love seeing emotional guys beat their chests in a game as they feed off the love that flows like honey out of the stands from fans.

          KU fans let the Henry’s go….we need to stop collectively feeding off the tit of this dramatic bull shee!

      • If, as expected, the Henry boys plan a trip to Kentucky the rumor is that Self will pull their offer and tell Lance that X isn’t welcome in Lawrence.

    • If what you said really happened Big Ben……I would be estactic!!

    • Big Ben-
      What source are you gathering this info from about the scholarship being pulled?

    • Quick someone with start a web page called HENRY’

    • Yeah, good idea, start that website. Then X commits here and starts dropping 15 a game and then lets see how your website works out. I don’t get why you don’t just let Self do what he does best. HE probably knows what he is doing, and I think he might know best on who he wants to coach. Until this all gets sorted out I don’t see why you all have to throw anyone under the bus, Lamce and/or X would be a huge addition to this team, and I am confident enought that Self will do whats best for him and the team.

    • I believe you all are mistaken – the Henry boys will remain with Memphis.

      The ONE thing they have NOT waivered on is their desire to play together next season. The only school that can GUARANTEE that to happen is Memphis. When and IF CJ decides to transfer he must then submit an appeal to the NCAA to grant him a hardship exception so that he does not have to sit out a season due to that transfer. Typically these exceptions are granted in extreme cases as moving closer to a dying family member – NOT for sentimentality to play with your little brother!

      True he MIGHT win out on his appeal but he’d have to transfer FIRST and try his luck and as many of you know the NCAA is all the of a “warm and fuzzy” kinda place.

      The smart money says they stay where they stated in the first place – Memphis

    • RochChalk adding 2+2 and saying it equals 4 is not throwing anyone under the bus, it is stating the obvious…….what’s the difference between Lance or X dropping 15 a game? They both would! By no means am I trying to throw Self under the bus, I love that man, he is a golden God!

    • Why would you not want X to come to Kansas? Because he’s being patient in deciding where he wants to potentially spend the next 4 years of his life? LOL
      It’s not his fault that his dad acts as his publicists and gets the story screwed up. You should believe half of what you hear anyway. You sound like a bunch of ungrateful “fans”. “We got it made even if they don’t come” or ” Yea! Make a website saying X leave KU alone” ? What kind of sh*t is that? It would suck to inherit fans like you guys.

    • Gohard “Because he’s being patient in deciding where he wants to potentially spend the next 4 years of his life?” Are you LOL out of shear ridiculousness of that comment? X spend four years in college? Are you kidding me?

      Why would I not want X…..well lets see…..because we have a guy with a freaking nickname of “Born Ready”!!!!! Dude, they are the same caliber player depending which recruiting site you go to X is just a few notches about Lance, which is marginal at best!

      “We got it made even if they don’t come”……..Yes we do, Andy Katz, and Dickie V (the most notable of sports commentators) has Kansas as the pre-season pick for number 1 and to win it all. Yeah, and thats without either Lance or X! The team is stacked, alls KU gets if either comes is an awesome wing player.

      In my opinion X and Lance are = ….you hear me EQUAL!!!!! I am like everyone else ready to get this bull shee done, and I feel bad for every recruit at Memphis, Kentucky, Kansas, and in waiting to have to play along with the bull crap game that this has become!

    • Gohard is a d-bag. Probably likes Missouri or NC State or something.

    • I said “potentially” if you think he’ll be one and done, that’s your opinion. He could potentially stay 1, 2, 3, or maybe even 4…who knows. There’s no telling what the future holds. Who gives a sh*t what Dickie V and Andy Katz think, they’re both idiots. LOL Dickie’s just as credible as Digger Phelps and that’s not saying much @ all. Dickie V rides the sh*t out of historic programs every year when they’re winning…. Duke, UNC, KU, UK, UCLA. All of the greats. He’s the biggest bandwagon fan of them all.

    • KU fans will hate them both when they don’t choose Kansas. They’ll say things like “he’ll never be a star in the NBA” and hater sh*t like that. Or they’ll say we’re better off without them or we don’t need him or he won’t develop under so and so. The list goes on. You guys are already turning on a guy who is considering your school just because he wants to visit another before he chooses? LOL! Give me a friggin’ break.

      • your allegations are doubtful to somewhat doubtful and you are obviously wildly jealous of ku fans and their superior basketball program which has, is, and always shall be the cradle of college hoops.

        you have made a sweeping generalization about thousands of Kansas basketball fans based on the somewhat but really not that rash comments of a few of the more antsy ones who are obviously perturbed at the thought of losing Born Ready because the Henry family seems to enjoy leading the entirety of the recruiting world on a wild goose chase.

        i see you on here everyday and your general lack of knowledge about basketball, limited cognitive abilities, and penchant for negativity are all remarkable in their own right. please, do yourself a favor by actually putting some thought into your posts. you come off as a petulant child.

    • Your right he is on here a lot, Gohard I think is a Maryland fan, which I can see why he is so angry to begin with.

      He tends to take snips of comments out of context and then goes on to construct a straw man out of them.

      I wouldn’t even consider the comments to be somewhat rash, I think it is calling it the way it is. Also I think in general people have grown tired of the circus the Henry family has conducted for us, and would rather go on to see this end, let Kentucky have the Henry’s and KU land Lance, plain and simple.

      Again, KU does not need Lance or X to win it all, I am not stating anything dramatic just generalized predictions with lines up with the consensus of most sports commentators. Gohard has decided to go the route of anyone who happens to favor KU not knowing s*it despite the fact they get paid big money for knowing s*it!

    • I understand that 2 + 2 is equal to 4, and I agree with many of the comments above. I am a diehard KU fan and was just stating that we should support the fact that Self is still going so hard after X, must be a reason for that. I am honestly a HUGE fan of Born Ready’s game, or X’s. Both bring nasty talent to the court. I, like everyone else, will just be happy when we KNOW who we have so we can stop taking favorites and support our players for next year.

    • I’m on this site just as much as you clown(wonedad). Why would I be jealous of KU? HA! If I was so jealous why wouldn’t I just become a KU fan? Because I like going against grain or something stupid like that? You’re a joke. I just state the facts. And the fact is, most KU fans who post online don’t want X…they want Lance. Why ? no clue when X is clearly the better shooter and team player. But that’s what the general consensus is isn’t it? The so called KU fans on here are just pathetic and are basically chasing the kid(X) out of town before he even decides. KU fans just don’t like me because I call them out but it’s not like I’m lying is it? I don’t have a problem @ all with KU. I have a lot of respect for what Bill Self has done with the program. So don’t say “oh he’s a maryland fan” cause I tend to disagree with you because I disagree with anyone who I feel is wrong. You can say what you want, I’m not biased in the least bit. Lance’s recruitment is more of a circus than Xavier’s if you even wanna call Xavier’s recruitment that. X was actually committed and signed at one point. Right, or am I wrong about that too? If you guys don’t like what I post, just ignore. You all are grown men right? You shouldn’t be effected by my comments.

    • You all are, in the end, arguing over nothing – Xavier is STAYING at Memphis – Book it!

      And that guy up above that some called a d-bag was pretty much spot on about Ku fans and Lance.
      KU fans want Lance bad. Lance wants Kansas. X through the wrench in the deal when he bolted. The thing is, Kansas could care less where X goes, who Memphis gets and what Kentucky does. They just want Lance, period.

    • and i quote:

      “KU fans will hate them both when they don’t choose Kansas. They’ll say things like “he’ll never be a star in the NBA” and hater sh*t like that.”

      seems like a pretty biased statement to me.

      but my issue with you, again, is that you act like all Kansas fans are trying to throw these players under the bus. every fan base is going to have its share of mooks and chads, but i think if you asked most other programs, they would agree that kansas fans are some of the classiest and most knowledgeable fans in America.

      i understand that people are naturally going to hate because they wish their programs could be as successful, influential, etc. and if you are one of these people (which i wholeheartedly believe you are) you should be prepared to receive regular public corrections for your amateurism.

      “You shouldn’t be effected by my comments.”

      No worries, I’m not AFFECTED by the nonsensical trash you talk.

    • if they Henry’s do in fact visit UK, I think they’ll end up in Lexington….I can’t see them taking the time to visit and then decide not to go there (and also considering the relationship with Calipari in all of this)

      and of course…..I hope they go to UK!!!!!!!

      • I hope Lance does go to KU and you guys get to see what type of guy he is…

        When Stephenson was asked about his young child and whether that would have any effect on his college decision…he said — he wouldn’t let “off the court issues” have any effect.


        The Henrys are taking their time to decide and it seems like a mess simply b/c we have a 24 hour news cycle…that’s the main reason they look like they are playing games.

        If this were even 5 years ago…neither KU nor UK fans would be calling this thing a soap opera.

        However, I will wait till June to hear that Xavier and CJ are coming if that’s what has to happen…and I really wouldn’t want to settle for Lance after hearing that story.

        TheRuckus33 says UK fans have sold their soul in hiring Cal…sounds like the pot calling the kettle black if you want a guy who calls his newborn child — an off the court issue.

        Also, Lance was charged earlier this year with sexual assault…

        To be honest, I hope he chooses St. Johns so he would be able to raise his kid…but I doubt that will happen just so that he doesn’t have that responsibility.