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Friday / February 23.
  • Pelle Close to Taking Officials

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    Norvel Pelle, the No. 2 center in the Class of 2011, is close to determining which official visits he will take.

    In a phone interview Wednesday night, the 6-foot-10, 205-pound Pelle of Los Angeles Price said he was considering St. John’s, UTEP, UConn and “the whole PAC 10 except Arizona.” He specifically mentioned Oregon and Washington from the PAC 10.

    He said he wasn’t sure where he would take officials.

    “I don’t know,” he said. “I just finished my home visits. I’m planning my college visits soon.”

    Pelle compared himself to a “Kevin Garnett/Kevin Durant mix” and said he was a three/four combo.

    He said he would consider the two Big East schools on his list even though they are far from home.

    “St. John’s is an uptempo team,” he said. “So is UConn. UConn has history of winning. St. John’s, they’re rebuilding their program with Coach [Steve] Lavin there.”

    Both schools recently had home visits with Pelle.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Good stuff on Pelle.

      The Pelle news is rather concerning.
      The in home visit was not very impressive by Zona?

      ucla is also out.
      They will not get any big man.

      Washington and Cal are in good position as well as St J and U Conn.
      Timmie still have LA connections, UTEP.

    • Stay away from Pelle. Look up ‘cancer’ in Webster’s dictionary and you’ll see his picture. He’s nothing about winning and all about getting paid. That’s why his recruitment has been so cryptic. He is literally open to any school as long as the price is right.

    • Explain please…

    • If AG is right then it’s no surprise UTEP/Floyd are in on him.

    • I can’t get into a whole lot of details but a bunch of schools are starting to back off of Pelle because he and his people have their hands out. I would be really surprised if he ended up at high profile schools like Kansas, UConn or even Oregon/Washington because they can’t afford to put their programs into that sort of situation. UTEP sounds more realistic, IMHO. They really have nothing to lose.

      Supposedly, Arizona’s in-home with him was going fine up until the point that they started talking about the finances. The Arizona staff told him thanks but no thanks and dropped him on the spot. That’s where the sour grapes quotes are coming from.

      Pelle certainly has a lot of upside but he’s certainly NOT KG or KD by any means. He’s very athletic raw but extremely raw. I watched him quite a bit in Vegas this summer and, basketball-wise, he wasn’t even the best player on his Compton Magic team!

      Again, stay away!

    • Well,

      YOU read some garbage from this fool.
      Followed by the UAwildcat foolish comments.

      And he absolute has no knowledge – on how the Miller in home visit underwent.

      The kid will do fine.
      And there will be plenty of schools interested.
      Washington is very interest.
      St John
      U Conn

      Lets hope he decides to sign in the SPRING.

    • The most obvious mistakes made by inNYC is the claim that Kansas Gangster U would not get involved.

      Gangster U has zero recruits and they will do anything to get ONE. So, Cash Money goes along with Kansas…
      A clear error from your aforementioned statement….
      But, hold up..Kansas is involved with Pelle.

      You must be cluesless about Kansas Gangster U.

      If CASH MONEY was involved;then, the PRIME school would get involved. Have you forgotten about Kanter CASH MONEY or the Davis -CASH MONEY.
      Cali would be all over this recruit.

    • Thanks for setting me straight Jessie. Love ya bro.

    • Wow. Jessie’s comments don’t even warrant a response, but I’m bored so I’ll respond anyway.

      Jessie, I have more inside knowledge of the situation than you can possibly imagine. Some of it came straight from the mouths of D1 coaches who are no longer recruiting Pelle. The rest comes directly from his family and friends. Anyway, I never said that ANY school wouldn’t be involved. I said that I’d be shocked if he ended up at the aforementioned schools for obvious reasons.

      May I suggest that in the future you sit down and compose your thoughts before you make a post? I know that’s a lot to ask since you may not even be in control of them. You might want to proofread them as well. And what is this personal vendetta that you have against KU, anyway? You do realize that you’re the laughing stock of the entire message board community, right?

    • you gonna let him get you like that Jessie?

    • Yeeeeeaaaaahh – way to stir the pot!! It’s so cruel to taunt poor, defenseless animals. What a relaxing day off I’m having…

    • haha…i just like getting JW going

    • You and me both!

    • Think the fact that Arizona doesnt have any scholarships left might have something to do with the fact that he cut them out of the picture? If Pelle was looking for money he is talking to the wrong schools! His list of schools would be the usual suspects if that was teh case. He should know ahead of time that UW is not paying for sh!t.So why bother??

    • I think you misread what was originally posted. Arizona dropped Pelle DURING THEIR IN HOME VISIT WITH HIM. They gave their presentation, $$$ was brought up and the conversation was over. The coaches left after informing him that they would no longer be recruiting him.

      Pelle did not cut Arizona at any time during the process. Arizona actually decided to change their recruiting strategy a couple of weeks later. At that time they dropped LeBryan Nash, Amir Williams and couple of other guys. They are planning to re-evaluate their scholarship situation in the Spring and decide whether to offer another scholarship at that time. Regardless, Pelle is out.

      Like it or not, what I say is true. Why do you think schools like Duke and UNC aren’t all over this kid?

    • To AGinNYC:
      “People” like you sicken me. You use otherwise useful information tools like Mr. Zagoria’s blog as a foruym for you to vent your bitterness and rage. You do this in a nameless way and that makes you a coward. Let’s make this clear: You have accused a 17 year old, which is what Norvel Pelle is, of committing a crime. If what you are saying is true, that Mr. Pelle and his represenatives are asking colleges for money, then instead of posting the information on a forum like this, you should inform the proper authorities.
      But really that’s besides the point. Your purpose in writing what you wrote about Mr. Pelle was not to uncover injustice, it was not to right a wrong. Rather, your words are tinges with bitterness and hatred towards again a 17 YEAR OLD. What I assume is going on here is that you are a fan of an institution Mr. Pelle has refused to attend and therefore that has made you bitter against him.
      But where you are pushing your luck is that in asmuch as you think this forum is here for you to commit libel against a teenager, and inasmuch as you think you are unaccountable for that libel, you are wrong.
      Tracing your IP address is a piece of pie. And if I were Mr. Pelle or his represenatives, I would sue you for libel.