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Monday / January 22.
  • Terrence Ross Picks the Huskies (UPDATED); Duke Adds 2011 Big Man Tyler Adams

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    Terrence Ross, the No. 10 shooting guard in the Class of 2010, is off the board.

    The 6-foot-5 Ross has decided to commit to Washington, the school he takes an official to Monday.

    “I am going to Washington because of the great relationship I have with the team and coaches. I thought it would be the best choice for me and I would fit in with the team,” Ross told ZAGSBLOG contributor Alex Kline via Facebook.

    Ross, The Oregonian Class 5A Player of the Year in 2008, chose Washington over Kansas, Kentucky, Oregon and Oklahoma.

    “I felt like it was time to put a end to the recruiting process,” he said.
    “I think he likes the fact that most of their players are returning, as well as their history for producing professional guards,” Marcine Ross, Terrence’s mother, told The Oregonian several days ago. “He really has a nice bond with coach Lorenzo Romar. We’ll have to see how it goes, but so far, Terrence feels strong about the University of Washington.”
    Ross is a teammate of 6-8 Portland Jefferson forward Terrence Jones, who visited Kansas on Sunday. Jones also lists Washington, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Oregon and UCLA.

    Could the two end up together with the Huskies?

    “I mean I talk to him about it and try to tell him we would be nice together but the decision is up to him,” Ross said.


    According to, Duke got a commitment Sunday night from Tyler Adams, a 6-8, 250-pound junior center from Brandon (Miss.) High.

    Adams is ranked No. 10 among centers and No. 81 overall in the Class of 2011 by Rivals. He reportedly chose the Blue Devils over Clemson, Alabama, Memphis and Mississippi State.

    He joins wing Michael Gbinije in the Blue Devils’ 2011 class.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Ross’ announcement for UW will surely hurt any school’s chances at TJones if they are indeed a package deal. And, there’s been talk of TJones being down to UW and KU, so this may just tip the hat to UW’s favor.

      With UW returning almost every player except for Quincy Pondexter, if they add both of the Terrences, they will be a very dangerous team

    • I think the fact that Ross maybe announcing tomorrow instead of Saturday is in KU’s favor. They were supposedly going to both announce the 30th to UW. They were supposed to be a package deal. Now that they’re possibly not announcing the same day makes me think maybe they’re not a package deal. Which of course is good for KU because Ross is going to UW.

    • This so-called “package” deal is starting to look less & less likely. Anybody know if Ross will even qualify?

    • Jones is down to Oregon, Kentucky & Washington. He just wanted to use his last official and KU is desperate. playing with a scrub like Withey would hurt TJones

      • Keep dreaming.

    • Yeah, I’m sure Jones is in Lawrence right now because he wanted to vacation to the Midwest. You’re an idiot.

    • No one likes Kansas. Jones is certainly no excepton. I see him either commiting to UW or UK, depends whether or not UK lands CJ Leslie.

      • that is absurd. ku is a great program and self is a good coach. there is lots to like about ku. it wouldnt be my choice, but i can see why recruits want to go there.

    • KU is not desperate at all. We would be completely fine if we didn’t land TJ because we have plenty of quality depth at every position. Even if KU does not get this kid we still wipe the floor with the sorry Washington husky’s from the Wac 10. I bet all you UW fans are bummed that the tourny didn’t expand to 96 b/c now ur still playing in NIT every year

      • JHawk4life, I agree KU is not desperate but please refrain from saying completely idiotic comments with no basis.

        UW has made the tourney 5 out of the last 7 years with three Sweet Sixteens. And they actually went further than your mighty Jayhawks last year.

        Just the facts

    • It is very hard to read Terrence Jones right now.. the only place that I’ve read him being down to KU and UW is from the comments section on Zagsblog (I think Arizona BJ said he has a source). On UK blogs, some people swear that he has already committed to UK.

      Here is what I think is reasonable based on published reports:

      – KU is a serious contender; the ongoing visit will determine how high they are on the list
      – UK is still being considered and is just as viable as KU. However, KU having the last visit is huge.
      – UW is the prohibitive favorite especially with Ross signing up
      – Oregon may become viable now that they have a coach

      It sounds like CJ is getting close to deciding too.

      On a lighter note, it looks like UK has a west coast recruiter in Tony Wroten (going by his tweets). He has indicated that he is pushing Quincy Miller and T Jones to UK. Not a big deal as these players are smarter than that, but it does draw a chuckle..

      • Good overview on things. I see TJ playing it close to the vest so who knows. Not gonna lie though I think KU has a real legit shot, seems to be more to the KU visit then most thought with KU not recruiting Lamb the same day JS announces, and Ross announcing seperate. Sure this is speculation but that is what blog sites are, I hope KU gets him if not, oh well but would be nice.

      • ChicagoUK, Wroten changes his list as often as his underwear and I dont see him going to kentucky in the long run. Bottom line is they will have too much talent next year if Knight and Lamb return which I believe they will,and add Teague.

    • Jones mother qas quoted a week ago saying Kansas was not in his Top 5, even if he did visit. If I was Kansas, I would not be holding my breath on this one. As far as it being down to UW and KU, that is a crock. Jones eliminated KU last fall. He decided to hear their pitch since he has a visit left. He has repeatedl stated that Calipari’s offense is perfect for him,a nd he regualarly talks to Coach. I recall John Wall taking a visit to Miami just before he picked Kentucky. Kids DO use theses visits for vacations. I know for a fact that when Elton Brand visited UK, all he talked about was how he was going to go to Duke.

      • Dont take this the wrong way because Im not a fan of people bashing eachother on here, but what is up with people frekaing out everytime KU is mentioned with a recruit. Yes I admit chances are good he will go to UK as well as UW, but people KU does get good players and they have a great coach, You dont only have 1 losing season over 100 yrs ago and now feel like you should be lucky to get recruits. I respect all the schools who deserve respect but more and more all people do on here is act like KU should pray nightly that we dont fall off the map and that we win a few games. Dont bash KU for a few rotten fans, because every team in the nation has them! Yes TJ’s mom said that but she is the same woman who called and reported he was gonna visit KU, so who knows what to believe. Better let then never, Self has a good track record for these things.

      • If he wanted a vacation so bad, why didnt he take his official visit to hawaii. Lawrence isnt exactly a hot vacation spot.

        Jones is considering KU. He may not go there, but he is considering it. Is it really that hard to understand?

        • did hawaii offer him to come in for a visit?

          • you think if he called hawaii and said he wanted to visit they wouldnt have him?

            look, I know hawaii was out of left field, im just trying to say how ridiculously stupid the “he is visiting KU for a vacation” theory is. KU is a contender for him. again, doesnt mean KU will get him, but they are being considered

      • Look at it like this he has already picked UW , but he is giving Kansas one last shot to wow him. I dont see this happening since he has already been to late night at the Phog and seen the campus(which by the way is best i’ve seen in the country).

    • First off, I don’t think any of the people posting here have any inside knowledge on what Jones is thinking because I believe even the coaches are not sure…

      I don’t buy the “KU vacation” theory that some suggest; Jones seems like a decent guy and he would not mess around with Bill Self or his buddy Josh Selby like that – KU is a contender for his services. It can be debated how high KU is on his list but that could honestly be changing as we speak (he is in Lawrence until Tuesday I believe).

      I do think that his style of play fits perfectly with Cal’s DDMO. Also, he will get plenty PT at UK. If you couple that with exposure, I believe UK is the best fit for him. Moreover, KU has a pretty good front-court already. One of the Morriss twins (sorry, not sure which) is a pro-prospect. UW may be close to home but its not home, and its UW. If he thinks he is a one-year player, should distance matter? All speculation on the part of a biased UK fan.

      Bottomline, I think there is hope for UK, KU and UW fans. Jones would make quite a poker player because I think each fanbase thinks they are the favorite right now.

    • ChicagoUK, you make some excellent points. All three schools (UK, KU, and UW have a shot at his services). The people on here saying that KU is out of it don’t have any actual inside info (they just figure if they say it enough times it’ll be true) . The bottom line is he wouldn’t be in Lawrence right now if there wasn’t interest from both sides. If Bill Self is smart he doesn’t let the kid on a plane without at least a verbal.

      I’ve heard a lot of UK fans say that his game is perfect for the DDMO & while that might be true he reminds me a lot of Julian Wright (who did pretty good in Self’s high-low offense).

      You are correct that KU is pretty loaded in the front court (The Twins, TRob, Withey), but he would start over Little & Releford at the #3 spot.

      Good luck to whoever gets him…he really seems like a good kid.

    • So the news today is that Ross has NOT formally committed to UW, and he has said that he will make his formal annoucement on Friday with Jones. That does not look good for UK or KU in my opinion if he wants to annouce together even though his decision is certainly UW.

      I wonder what KU fans think of Jones tweet this AM: “Eating BF with coaches.. don’t get out of here until 4”

      Don’t get out of here until 4? Does not sound like a kid getting ready to commit to KU..

      I think it’s now 95% UW with little hope for KU and UK.

      • To be honest that statement read in a somber tone sounds bad, read in a up tempo happy tone sounds like nothing is wrong lol. Just more speculation and reading into things a lil too much no offense. I really dont think anyone legitly knows what to make of Jones. Not rivals or ESPN has had an article recently saying where he is leaning or going just people like myself and others on boards seem to be predicting it, we will all know come friday. The fact his mom didn’t come does put a lil worry in me, but then again Julian Wright never even made a visit and committed so anyhting is possible.

        • Yep, I agree, I am reading too much into it.. getting silly now. No one knows..

          I do think UW has to be the overwhelming favorite though..