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Thursday / February 22.
  • Moses to Visit Jersey; Selby Skips UConn

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    Moses is coming to New Jersey.

    Moses Abraham, that is.

    After taking in No. 19 Tennessee’s 74-65 upset of No. 2 Kentucky Saturday, the 6-foot-9, 237-pound power forward from Temple Hills (Md.) Progressive Christian will hit Seton Hall and possibly Rutgers this week.

    “We went to the Tennessee-Kentucky game and that was great,” Joe Boncore, Abraham’s guardian, said Sunday night by phone. “Now we’re trying to go up to Seton Hall and go to Indiana on the 6th.”

    Boncore said he wasn’t certain which days he and Abraham will come to New Jersey because Progressive Christian has a couple of games this week.

    But they definitely plan on visiting the Seton Hall campus, and may also attend Thursday’s Seton Hall-Rutgers game at the Rutgers Athletic Center.

    Boncore listed Georgetown, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Florida, Maryland and Seton Hall as the top seven.

    “I’m trying to go up to Seton Hall first. Moses really wants to see the Seton Hall campus,” Boncore said. “We’re going to drive up one day this week but it doesn’t have to be a for game. We’re definitely going to see Seton Hall and we may see Rutgers on the way back.”

    Asked about the intra-state Seton Hall-Rutgers game, Boncore added, “It would be great. That way we could see both teams at the same time.”

    As for the Tennessee visit, Boncore and Abraham drove seven and a half hours and Abraham spent the night with Emmanuel Negedu, a fellow Nigerian who suffered cardiac arrest last fall but remains a member of the team.

    “That was a really good visit,” Boncore said.

    “The people at Tennessee were really awesome. It was a really good visit for Moses. It seems like the whole community is totally into the Vols. Everyone’s into it.”

    Boncore praised Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl for his close relationship with his players.

    “All the players come over to his house and he’s always real accessible to his players. It’s like a big family community over there,” Boncore said.

    Boncore said even though Abraham has visited Georgetown and Maryland, the Tennessee trip was his first real college road trip.

    “Georgetown and Maryland are right in his back yard,” he said.


    Baltimore (Md.) Lake Clifton guard Josh Selby did not attend Sunday’s Louisville-UConn game due to “car trouble,” according to the UConn writers.

    His mother said there is not necessarily a need to reschedule.

    “With us already visiting UConn, if we can’t [make a return trip] it’s not necessary. We already saw the campus and now that Coach Calhoun is back, it’s ok,” Maeshon Witherspoon told Dustin Rumbaugh of

    He’s looking at Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky and UConn and is due to visit Kentucky next. But that visit could be impacted by Selby’s play in the state tournament.

     “Right now Josh is focused on the States,” his mother told Rumbaugh.


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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Selby.

      It’s time.

      Sean Miller.

      Stud Point Guard Coach.

      Derrick Williams, the Big.

      Momo at the 2.

      3 Point Shooters everywhere.



      Perfect Sense.

      • PERFECT Sense……. sure.

    • “Car trouble” is a pretty a weak excuse to not make a scheduled official visit. Oh well, 2011 Shabazz Napier made it in his place and might reclassify to next year

    • I bet he has his car fixed by next weekend when he visits Kentucky.
      Really thought UConn would be a player in this.
      Should make for an interesting couple of months with so many stars still undecided.

    • Josh Selby, ha. Yeah he’ll make his trip to Kentucky, because Coach Cal and World Wes, will have purchased him a car by then.

      • Comment by kujayhawk08
        2010-03-01 02:07:00
        Josh Selby, ha. Yeah he’ll make his trip to Kentucky, because Coach Cal and World Wes, will have purchased him a car by then.

        Then what does that say about Kansas if he goes there ? Maybe they could hire his Mom as a coach like Chalmers dad ? Or maybe his H.S. coach like Darrell Arthur’s ? At least we all know those are facts, unlike the b.s. accusations that Cal pays players.

    • I thought WWW and Slicksta were really focusing on purchasing B. Knight and C. Joseph a new car?

      • That was until they found out how poor you were, they then decided to donate to your cause instead.

    • Do you fellas know anything about Shabazz Napier? ESPN has him listed as a Super 60 PG but might suit up next year instead. UConn seems like a logical choice for him since he’s from Boston and can have his family at all the games.

      Unfortunately, UConn is on the outside looking in in terms of getting Selby. My money is on Kansas at this point. Josh has a history of missing practice and now he can’t even make an official visit. That sort of bs will not fly under Calhoun and he seems too high maintenance especially with his moms involvement. Hopefully we get Knight or more likely Joseph, but J Selby has seemed Kansas bound from day one

    • I’ve only heard of Shabazz Mohammed.

      I think the Conn/Selby relationship soured when there was some “miscommunication”. Perhaps there was more miscommunication. OR perhaps there was really car trouble and it will be rescheduled.

      Who knows, we’re talking recruiting, 17 year old dudes, and tons of people with vested interests all over the place.

    • What, Selby couldn’t rent a car? Or borrow a car from a friend? That is a really really weak excuse to not make an official visit.

      I hate to say it, but I guarantee he’s questioning whether Calhoun will even be there next year. We faced the same problems with Lute Olson.

    • I don’t think Selby would stand up Calhoun like that. But with all the miscommunication, ups and down in the recruitment, question marks on health, you’d have to think Conn is at the bottom of the 4 team list.

    • I got a feeling he will miss the UK visit, because of car trouble or his teams schedule. 2011 stud PG Marquis Teague is figured to be down for the game…hope they both make it for a senior day enviroment.

      • Car trouble? Do you seriously believe that? C’mon people!

        How hard is it to rent a vehicle or borrow one from a family member or friend? If he wanted to make that trip than he would have.

        The only reason why he would miss the UK trip is because of his team’s schedule, NOT because of car troubles. That’s a lame excuse.

        • Sarcasm about the car ZonaWildcat. I know it is lame excuse.

    • AZ,

      The folks in the West know that UConn was not a serious consideration.
      Some previous comments reveal -the partial reason.

      The Car Problem is a polite way of saying… UConn is OUT.
      The visit was done as a respectful act by Mrs W.
      (I have no problem with Mrs. W showing JIm some love….after coming back from his high blood presurre leave of absence.).

      SO….KNIGHT to UK, John Cali.

      JOSH Selby is DOWN to TWO — Arizona and Kansass Gangster U.
      Seems like a very easy choice…
      PS- Did John Cali ever fly (helicopter) and see Josh Selby play? NO.
      Only Knight – several games.
      So, Where is the LOVE?

      Who keeps saying….follow the money to KU?

      You have some new Arizona newbies.
      Funny stuff. good historical info.
      Lets see if they can go back and read the last year of communications.

      • wow. continuing to cement your rookie status, eh jessie?

      • Who is this guy, seriously? Sometimes I read Jessie’s comments on the Arizona Daily Star, Arizona Central, this blog and many others and think that its a computer program with an automated response!

        I mean sometimes he’s answers don’t even make sense and are totally off topic. Sometimes they are entertaining but most of the time they are just annoying. And of course they are never taken seriously.

    • Newbie ZonaWildcat….You – go and read. Then the Light will finally turn ON!
      You are clueless. Trust me when I say it.

      Start with the USC thing. You heard about that right…
      Enjoy spoonfeeding the newbie.

      Back to our BOY- Woody and Self.

      So, Ray McCallum is going to Kansass.
      Very good pick up for Self.

      But, remind LEW….
      The ncaa a NEW hiring policy.

      Nice get ,…Ray to Kansass???

      • Madonna has a great song for you.

    • Jessie,

      Please provide solid proof that McCallum is going to Kansas. I want an article, link, video, bloody handprint. You need to provide some evidence to back up that statement.

      • ^^THIS^^

        He’s just trying to spew garbage!

    • Lists Ray MAC as high on kansas and detroit on rivals.
      Although many believe he will play 4 his dad I think he is to good of a player to play in the horizon league.NBA future.(seen him play this summer in Gilbert,AZ}
      Although many Kansas fans wont love this signing I would take Ray in a heartbeat.
      If this is true kansas is out for Selby I would think.
      That certainly bodes well for ARIZONA

      • To be quite honest with you, I would rather have Ray than Selby any day of the week.

        Both are fantastic players but Selby is a one and done, Ray is at least a 2 year player. Arizona is obviously in rebuilding mode and getting a one and done is only good for short term success and if you already have the pieces in place to be able to afford to lose him; Arizona don’t.

        But as you pointed out, all evidence points to him playing for his dad. If Ray IS leaning towards Kansas, and that’s a big if, and he knows they are recruiting Knight and Selby hard, than maybe its an indicator that those two players are leaning elsewhere. hmmm time will tell.

    • FYI: his rivals profile is out-dated. (rivals profiles are a horrible indication of interest level) Kansas hasnt been recruiting him for a while and thats why I found this news rather alarming.

    • good thing jessie just made it up. it may still happen this way, but at this point its all jessie’s speculation, which unless he happens to be ray mccallum have no basis at all

    • I dunno know who this Jesse guy is but he is hilarious. I was in tears reading this exchange above… he is utterly clueless but he doesn’t give a damn.. not sure what he has against “Kansass Gangsta U” but I love it…

    • The Rivals list is actually up to date (Kansas and Detroit) but from what I understand it is an error and has been/will be fixed. As many of you have already pointed out, KU has been out of the picture for some time.

    • that JessieWildcat guy is a fraud. go look on some rival team message boards and you will see his crap scattered around. he gets booted at some point. the guy knows nothing and just posted negative stuff about UK and KU to make it seem like zona is a player for these top recruits.

      • Jessie is out of touch with reality, but Arizona IS a player with Lamb, Selby, and McCallum.

        Multiple sources, not just Jessie have pointed this out for some time now.

        • Zona is definatly a player for all this talent. Anyone who tells you other wise is just ignorant and doesn’t know anything about college bball.

    • Yep, it’s a terrible excuse. If he wants national exposure he’ll play in the Big East or Big 12. Kansas makes the most sense in my opinion. He would likely back up Kemba Walker and maybe even play the 2 if he came to UConn.

      • Yes he would get more exposure because of the horrible TV contracts the Pac10 is currently in, but it’s not all about the exposure. He has to feel comfortable with the coaching staff, the players, the university, and surrounding areas as well.

        If you are a talented player, the scouts are going to travel and go out of their way no matter where you play to see every game you’re in, what the general public sees doesn’t mean squat.

        Look at James Harden who played for ASU last year. The guy played for ASU, a program that is FAR from a basketball powerhouse, in fact only about half of their games are televised and they only fill their stadium up halfway every game. Yet Harden was STILL a Top 5 NBA draft pick last year.

        With that being said, he’s going to go where he feels comfortable not where he’s going to get more exposure. The guy is a top 10 talent, he’s going to get recognized no matter where he goes.

        • How did all those guys get drafted (21 first and second rounders, more than any other conference and I think second place was the ACC with 13) from the Pac-10 with such limited exposure?

          You mean, NBA scouts don’t just watch ESPN at 5-8 PM eastern time?

          That’s weird!

          • True! Like I said; he’s going to get exposure no matter WHERE he goes. If you can ball, than you better believe the scouts will see every game you are in.

            It doesn’t matter if Joe Blow and the rest of the general public get to watch every game you play in on ESPN, because their opinion don’t mean shit.

            All that matters is what the scouts see, and they see EVERYTHING, no matter where you are.

          • Question, When was the last Pac-10 game that was picked up by CBS? Another, When was last meaningful game played in th Pac-10 this year? Last One, Who from the Pac-10 has even nibbled at the Top 25 this year? The Big East, Big XII and ACC are the national power conferences out of the six BCS conferences. You cant compare the sports coverage of Fox Sports West or whatever to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and CBS. Exposure will be a factor and Selby and all those other guys will follow suit and wont be playing in the Pac-10 next year.

    • Jessie is the most knowledgeable Zona fans out there. Don’t think for one second that because he lives in his parent’s basement or rode the short bus as a child that he isn’t in charge of all of his faculties. For the longest time I thought he was posting messages in another language, but that’s just his clever way of being articulate.

    • scouts will notice him wherever he goes. playing on ESPN is more than just being noticed by scouts, kids want to play on national TV. The big 12 and big east get more TV exposure then the pac 10. it has nothing to do with scouts

      • The Pac10’s garbage TV contract with FSN is up next year. Our old commissioner was a complete joke, gave us absolutely no exposure.

        Our new commissioner has made it a top priority to give the Pac10 more exposure with new TV contract deals. It really does suck when the Pac10 wins more national titles than any other conference year in and year out, that’s based on ALL sports, not just football and basketball, and they still don’t get the exposure these conferences in the East do.

        The Pac10 is called the “Conference of Champions” for a reason and our new commissioner will hopefully bring the exposure these athletes deserve.

        • Yeah, Yeah no one cares about what you guys are doing over there. Its kind of sad that know you’ve went as far as blaming your “commish” for your low ratings and sorry tv contracts. LOL Blame the programs If the games were more competitive and you had household names playing you would gain more intrest from the major networks and not FSN. LOL Who wants to see a boring Stanford team play Oregon State or Washington State play Washinton in a “Rivalry” game, please wake me up when Its over. The Conference Of Champions ehh how bout the Conference Of the Dead!

    • Adam Z,

      Please lord-to-god IP ban Jessie W. I think most of the commentors here want to get a long, but he really creates issues in comments section. Please ban him. Do us all a favor.

      • I kind of agree, but what kind of blog would this be if we all got along and had the same opinion? There would be 4 comments and no one would follow the conversation. I think Adam knows this. 🙂

        • No Adam ban that moron, Its already been stated that he had been banned from a forum on Rivals for the same air-head antics he showcases in every post above. At first they were amusing but now their just down right annoying!