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Thursday / January 18.
  • Lance to Highlight Classic; Heath Meeting Famous

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    Lance Stephenson still hasn’t picked a college, but he is scheduled to play hoops on Thursday.

    The 6-foot-5 Stephenson is one of several high-profile players who will compete in the 2nd Annual Frankie Williams Charity Classic at the Theodore D. Young Community Center in Greenburgh, N.Y. (See game info below.)

    The event is slated to feature Kevin Parrom (South Kent/Arizona), Sean Kilpatrick (White Plains HS/Cincinnati), Dante Taylor (National Christian Academy/Pittsburgh), Durand Scott (Rice/Miami), Omari Lawrence (South Kent/St John’s) and Sherrod Wright (Mt. Vernon/George Mason).

    The game will also feature celebrity head coaches such as Kenny Anderson (former NBA All-Star), Tiny Morton (Lincoln High), Pee Wee Kirkland (NYC playground legend) and Danya Abrams (Greenburgh native, pro player in Spain).

    It is possible Stephenson’s college decision could be delayed until after June 29, the date to which his sexual assault case was adjourned to. Stephenson’s attorney, Alberto Ebanks, continues to work to get the case dismissed or plea bargained.

    The schools involved in recruiting him — Arizona, Maryland and Memphis — are waiting to see how the case pans out.

    Parrom and Stephenson will team together on the White team, coached by Anderson. Parrom previously said that Stephenson would visit Arizona at some point, but no visit has been set.

    Arizona head coach Sean Miller also said it was possible his program could keep its current recruiting class at three and not add a fourth player, such as Stephenson or Jarrid Famous.

    South Florida head coach Stan Heath is due to meet with the 6-11 Famous of Westchester Community College today (Sunday). Heath and Famous’ father maintain that Jarrid will attend USF, while WCC assistant Mickey Carey is on record saying the player is looking to get a release.

    If Famous were to get a release, Arizona might be one possible destination.

    “It’s about building a program that can return to dominance and do all the things we’ve watched Arizona do for not five years, but 25 years,” Miller told the Arizona Daily Star. “My philosophy in doing that is thinking longer and bigger than just one season.”

    Game info: Gametime is 7:30pm. TDYCC is located on 32 Manhattan Ave in Greenburgh.

    Admission: $10 for adults and $5 for kids under 13. Doors open at 6:30pm.

    All proceeds will go to the Frankie Williams Foundation for the development of Grassroots Basketball.

    Additional information is available at and

    Written by

    [email protected]

    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Hey Adam,
      Have you heard anything further about Donovan trying to get in on Lance?

      • AZ,

        Toward the last part of the news conferences…makes this DIRECT statement.

        MILLER’S COMMENT: “Recruiting is amazing. Unexpected things happen. I certainly wouldn’t be completely shocked if we are able to add a fourth player”

        This could be Stephenson if he wipes the slate clean with his court case. And this could also be Famous after he visits South Florida coach Stan Heath on Sunday and determines that he should re-open his recruitment instead of staying with the Bulls

      • you can read the comments of Arizona and LANCE and Famous…

        go to either site.
        uofahoopscoach or

    • Obviously he hasn’t.

      • AZ,

        There are several questions which FAMOUS’s will ask.
        Why did Heath lie to them in their first meeting?

        SUNDAY has arrived.

        And Heath promised to meet with the FAMOUS’s.

        How can Heath stand in front of both of them and TELL them the assist coach really did NOT leave on his own? Heath fired him, a week before.
        These seems to be a lie.

        How will Heath stand in front of both of them and TELL them that he is in a STABLE program?
        Heath’s contract will be not extended. Heath has less than two years and will be fired , as well.

        Why hasn’t Heath replaced the assist coaches?
        THe coaching community understands WHAT is happening at USF.
        NOT a good thing…..

    • AZ,

      Also heard the audio of the Miller news conference…

      Miller also added….he would not be shocked if a 4th recruit is added.

      Heard that Heath does not have GOOD answers about what is happening at USF.
      The two assist coaches.

      And his OWN situation.

      Unstable as any program can get….except for Memphis, of course.

    • AZ,

      From this site, you can hear the UofA Head coach recruiting comments.
      INDIRECTLY talks about Famous and LANCE.

      Very good audio and video.

      PLUS, it has some inputs from READING BETWEEN the LINES, from the Arizona perspective.


      MILLER’S COMMENT: Will we add a fourth? I will tell ya, I can’t determine the future. At this point it’s more unlikely than it was the last time we talked, but right now we’re not necessarily actively recruiting in 2009, if something were to change, unforeseen, in the next few weeks, we would add that player only if he, like I told you the last time, I think fits the Arizona player mold, where he can compete for PAC-10 championships and he’s someone that we would want a year from now, or two years from now, and plays in the team concept and will fit into our style and be a great addition not only to our program, but also this university and Tucson. So, I don’t know how that will shape up, but right now I would say that there’s a really good possibility that we’ll stop at 3.

      Recruiting changes by the day, as we have seen this week alone. Out of nowhere, there is news that former UA targeted recruit Jarrid Famous might want out of his letter of intent at South Florida because of his inability to communicate with Bulls coach Stan Heath about coaching changes at the school. In terms of Lance Stephenson, Miller is saying Stephenson should not think of himself as a one-and-done player, but instead someone who can elevate the play of others to improve his chance to be a one-and-done player.
      National Championship!

      • Interesting ‘between the lines assessment’ as it is pretty much the opposite of what Mr Miller said in his quote. Perhaps the day of this interview was opposite day?

    • AZ,

      On Friday, there were several reporters which asked USF for NCAA documents.

      Under the Freedom Information act, such requests can be made and USF must provide all such documents.

      DID you get those documents from USF?
      Or are they delaying the release until next week?

    • It is really unfortunate, but USC.Trojan jagoff has ruined this blog. I realize that I don’t have to read the comments section, but there are some really informed people on here that make it that much more interesting. However, this guy has pretty much ruined that aspect of this blog. Zags, can you kick this dumbass off?

    • Hey, I love the way trojan is keeping up on the Zona press conferences. Is he confused, or perhaps his name has something to do with the condom company? Either way, he is highly speculative.

      Seriously, it’s totally doubtful that Stephenson is going to Memphis under these conditions, right? If he is perhaps one of those one and dones and looking for an NBA contract, who would want to go to Memphis if they are under a TV ban, which is a real possibility?

      And frankly, to think that Cal didn’t know about all this is unthinkable. The NCAA will have to look the other way for that to happen.

      And if Stephenson is even considering Tucson, which no one close to the situation has confirmed, he hasn’t even made a visit there. It’s 2,000 miles from NYC and in the middle of a desert. You’d think that if he was really considering that school that he’d want to visit first? I mean, it’s only logic, right? I mean the next closest city is Nogales, Mexico. The catus are taller than the trees and the Pac-10, with the exception of the yesteryear UCLA, is not really known as a basketball conference.

      Again, it’s just logic. I am as surprised as anyone to see Maryland still in the hunt for Lance, but the shoe seems to fit. Great coach. Great facilities. Great exposure. Great location. A system that will do the kid some good.

      The recruiting game is so distorted by people like WWW, Calhoun, Calipari and other gray area players. Gary Williams might not graduate a lot of player in four years, but otherwise he is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise rotten playing field. And history has shown that his system allows for plenty of freedom for capable players like Lance.

      Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Ultimately, I want what is best for Lance and I hope everyone here shares that sentiment too.

      • Wow, your ignorance is amazing! To think that Memphis is going to face a TV ban is ridiculous. Nothing is going to pan out from the NCAA investigation. Memphis may get a slap on the wrist, but that will be the end of that.

        As for considering Tucson, I don’t think AZ is considering him. I don’t know that for sure but comments that Miller has made and the fact that as you said, no one has really confirmed it, point towards him not going there. But closest city being Nogales and not a basketball conference…clearly you live on the east coast and by your slant are probably a Maryland junkie. Phoenix is only about 10 minutes further from Tucson than Nogales is. The Pac-10 consistently sends 6 schools to the tournament and consistently sends two or three teams to the sweet 16 and consistently has one make it to the final four (this past year the exception).

        Lets go ahead and stack up Memphis and AZ to Maryland. Oh wait, there is not much of a comparison. Just look at the fact that Memphis has four straight sweet 16s, a good up and coming coach, national exposure and a lot of playing time to offer. AZ has 25 straight NCAA tournament appearances, a great new coach and a good recruiting class including one of Lance’s buddies in Parrom and both teams have had 15-16 players recruiting by the NBA in the past 5 years. Both schools are pumping out an average of 2 players per draft most of which are first rounders.

        Great schools, great facilities, good up and coming coaches, playing time and national exposure with a history of pipelines to the NBA. Lance will have an opportunity at any of these schools and if I were him with his abilities, I would pick either one ot them over Maryland any day of the week. The only national exposure he would get at Maryland is getting beat on a regular basis by Duke or NC on their way to sharing another title while the remaining teams rotate who gets the scraps.

        • Lance certainly wouldn’t give Pastner Memphis’s success or Miller Lute’s success. College is about the coach.

    • Note to the Trojan:

      The Freedom of Information Act only applies to Official US Government Documents. I don’t recall USF as being a part of the Government. Maybe the “US” confused you?

      • There is zero chance of Memphis facing a TV ban next year or any other penalties. There team next year and into the future will not be affected in any way. Do not aplogize to me for saying something that could not be more wrong, just do not post on this site anymore. Let that be done by people who do not lie

        • Anyone to claim to know what the NCAA will do here is absolutely lying. The NCAA gives 2 different penalties for the same transgression quite often. The fact that Maryland had severe penalties for doing less than what Memphis gave Reggie is almost immaterial either way. No one, including the NCAA, knows what the NCAA is going to do until it does it.

    • Oh and in case you are curious, Lance Stephenson wil be the starting PG next year for the Memphis Tigers. He will join our class of Will Coleman, Latavious Williams and Martin Nagloro. Memphis will be in the Sweet 16 for the 5th straight year, that is what we do.

      • Yeah I am curious. You must have inside information I guess.

        Get to the Sweet Sixteen is what you do? Sweet.

    • bledsoe ….I agree Memphis will get Lance …but i’m hearing they may pick up a PG also …I see Lance at the 2

    • Ky. blog reporting that Xavier Henry may be reconsidering his verbal to Kansas …….. he may end up with Cal …hahahahahahaha

      • Pastaboy not understanding the rules again.

        1. Bill Self has publicly discussed Xavier.
        2. College coaches can’t discuss recruits until they’ve signed a LOI or a Grant-in-aid.
        ergo, Xavier has signed his grant-in-aid

        Once a GIA is signed, a player cannot accept another scholarship.

        Therefore, Kentucky will still have a JUCO on the wing, which kind of makes sense since they’ll be running a JUCO offense.

        Also, rumors are rampant that Meeks is staying in the draft. Without a shooter on the court, that dribble drive isn’t going to look so well (see vs. Missouri in the tournament).

    • We’ve been over this before Ben ….Dodson shoots 43 % from the trey ….he’s better than Meeks ….he’s also a slasher to the bucket …..if Meeks stays in the draft …so what ….. if you can’t get drafted you’re probably not good enough to play for Cal anyway .