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Friday / January 19.
  • Maryland Lands Wing; What's it Mean for Lance?

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    Maryland coach Gary Williams landed a local wing Friday when Terrence Ross committed to the Terps.

    Ross, a 6-foot-5 junior shooting guard out of Portland, Ore., played for Stu Vetter at Montrose Christian (Md.). Ranked No. 10 at his position in the Class of 2010, Ross chose Maryland over UCLA and Oregon State, among others.

    “Maryland did a good job recruiting him,” Vetter told The Washington Post. “They recruited him hard this spring and during the season. Throughout the year, he told me he enjoyed Montrose and he wanted to stay close to home. This was an opportunity for him to not only stay close to Montrose but also go to a great program like Maryland. It’s a great opportunity for him and it’s a very good fit for Maryland.”

    Ross averaged 13.5 points last season, but Vetter thinks he has just begun to show his skills

    “He can play above the rim and create his own shot,” Vetter said. “You’ll see that a lot next year. He needs to improve some things, but the things he needs to improve will be worked on this summer and I think next year you’ll see a super player.”

    So, what does this mean for Maryland’s recruitment of Brooklyn’s Lance Stephenson?

    Because Ross is only  a junior, the Terps could still take Lance for a year before Ross ever steps on campus.

    Still, as we reported yesterday, word is that the Stephensons think Maryland’s system is too structured and thus Lance is still looking for the best option.

    Tick, tick, tick….

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Kevin P is planning an official visit to the UofA.
      It will happen next week.
      And this will be the last school he visits.

      I look for KEVIN P…to be the THIRD recruit for the Arizona Wildcats.

      Nice work BOOK.

      I personnelly thing that Lance-a-lot can play some PG.
      And Lance-a-lot would LOVE this opportunity.
      Imagine …Lance-a-lot playing point guard for POINT GUARD U.

      Arizona’s offense is like NBA ready ,type.

      • Sorry, I got the quote from West Coast.

        How does Arizona sound?

        How well does Book and Lance go back.

    • Also reading this …quoted.

      “With T. Ross committing to Maryland.
      It appears that Lance is NOT going to Maryland.
      This is very good for Lance.
      The Maryland offense is TOO, TOO restrictive.

      St. John is out.
      Kansas is out.
      Maryland is out.

      And POINT GUARD U is looking better.”

      The Arizona offense is simliar to the up and down of the NBA .”

      Didn’t Lance look at west coast school before…..YES.
      So, West Coast maybe in his horizon.

      ARIZONA ?

      • Really Kansas is out? Every other board and reports still have Kansas being seriously considered. Some recruiting guy said he may wait and see if AZ is interested, meaning he is just guessing about AZ. In my opinion AZ is gonna be good but they are rebuilding with no chance to win a Natoinal Title and Lance has said that he wants to go to a school that has a chance to win a Titlle. He has also said that he wants to play for a coach and program that will help him get better and to the next level, and Kansas meets those requirments. He “could” win a National Title, as Kansas will be the favorite, and Self has put a lot of players in the NBA over his career, and he will get to practice and play with potentially 3 other first rd NBA guys.

        • Blah, Blah, Blah.

      • My UA ain’t thinkin’ about no Prance Stephenson. We’re focused on gettin’ a committ from Parrom and that should round it up for 09.

      • Gary Williams runs the flex, in what universe is that “Restrictive?” If anything he DOESNT run enough sets and planned breaks.

        Its very NBA ready in my opinion. Especially for a guy like Lance who just wants to show his stuff.

    • uSC.Trojan

      Marylands offense relys on who they have as players. When Maryland had Joe Smith and Francis, Gary did a great job of allowing his players to create. If you watched the 2004 ACC tourny Gary did the same thing with Gilchrist.

      This year the offense was so structed because in game there would be times when the terps couldnt do anything offesively right on their own.

      What I am saying is that Gary builds his offense by the personel he has.

      And how many times has ZAGS reported Maryland out the race for Lance, only for Lance to say he is still considering UMD.

      • He’s worse than the guy who slams them(UMD more specifically, Gary) in the washington post or baltimore sun, which ever paper it is. The guy who wrote the UnderArmor article.

    • Lance’s handle is not good enough to play PG at a high major D-1 school. Trust me, I’ve seen him play.

      ZAGS seldom reports anything positive about Maryland so I’m kinda suprised this Terrence Ross commitment even was post worthy…oh wait….it was post worthy only as an opportunity to further show that Lance isn’t high on Maryland. I get it.

      • DiamondbackRuss:
        Adam’s blog is about local sports. Last time I checked, Maryland wasn’t in the tri-state area. So unless it’s really big news, recruits outside the immediate area are only featured as they relate to the local teams. Quit acting like a whiny little girl.

    • Not much, considering Lance is one and done. You know better than that, Zagger. Cut the B.S.

      • NC Contender / Pre-season #1 – check
        2009 AP Coach of the Year – check
        Teammates w/ NBA Level Talent – check
        Nationally Televised games – check
        NBA Scouts focused on team – check
        Big 12 Loaded with Talent – check
        New Practice Gym / Player Housing – check

        Rock Chalk Lance!

        • Why are you quoting me, is that your way of flirting? NBA scouts focus on any team that has a good prospect, just like any pro league would. It’s funny cause at one time I wanted Lance to go to KU but you guys insisting that he will, is annoying. And Zagger’s vendetta against MD is becoming a bit played. Remember this, Zaggy? HAHAHSAHA
          Comment by Adam Zagoria
          2009-04-11 00:13:30
          Memo to Maryland fans: It’s over.

          It’s either Kansas or St. John’s, unless somebody swoops in at the last minute and makes a big pitch.

          I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I reported this a while back and the Daily News reiterated it today.

          • As of right now, the folks on Turtle Sports want Deshawn Painter over BR.

    • I was watching the McD’s game and thought the way Lance loves to drive he would be a good fit for Cal’s system. Lance excels in getting to the rim, being physical and being a playmaker.

      Meanwhile, X liked to post up, shoot the 3, run the baseline for alley oops and I was thinking, this guy would be much better in Self’s system. Just my observation at the time.

      Memphis was recruiting Lance before they got X. Does Cal go back after him? I would be happy if he comes to Kansas but he is going to have to realize that he has 3 studs around him and the shooter is going to be the open man AFTER Cole has gotten some touches.

      BTW – Adam, any idea why UNC is not pushing harder for Wall now that Lawson is gone?

    • Welcome Terrence. You will find Gary is a great coach and Maryland is a wonderful place to play.

      As for Lance, you have to think that Maryland is still in the mix, perhaps the favorite.

      Let’s review:

      Lance’s high school buddy Padgett will play for Maryland.

      College Park is far enough from NYC to keep him from getting into trouble, yet close enough that his family and friends can still visit and watch him play.

      Comcast is a great facility. (Princeton Review says that Maryland has the best athletic facilities in the country and the second best fans.)

      Playing in the ACC will allow Lance to compete against the country’s best overall competition and give him plenty of exposure.

      Gary Williams does like some structure in the game. That’s one reason he is such a great game day coach and fankly some structure in Lance’s game might improve his skills and make him more attractive to NBA scouts. Gary’s system is not so structured that players don’t get to freelance. Players like Vasquez, Juan Dixon, Steve Francis, Joe Smith, Walt Williams, Keith Booth all excelled in Gary’s system. In fact, it encourages going to the guy with the hot hand, and that almost always means the team’s star player, especially when the game is on the line. If Lance comes to Maryland, he will have plenty of changes to shine.

      No where will Lance be more appreciated than at College Park.

      Stephenson could not pick a better place to play. It’s a great program with wonderful facilities and fantastic fans. It is close to home, but not to close, offers great competition and exposure, and Gary Williams is an experienced and gifted coach.

    • For some odd reason, KU fans think the Big 12 is the toughest conference known to man.

      • Not a single KU fan on this blog has said the Big 12 is the toughest conference known to man. That is the most ridiculous statement I have read on here. No one is saying that, all KU fans are saying is that KU is going to be preseason #1, and the favorites to win the National Title. That is nothing but fact, will they win the National Title only time will tell but they have a damn good shot with the team they have coming back. Gohard you are just being a KU hater and don’t really have a good reason.

        • You guys always go on and on about how the Big 12(Big 3) is “sooo superior”, please. Everyone has a shot @ the tournament, I’m glad I’ve posted the most ridiculous statement you’ve ever read on Zags’ biased blog…I feel so much better now. I love busting you guys’ chops, you’re so sensitive to any negativity.

    • “Don’t expect Lance Stephenson or John Wall to be talking about Kansas anymore. Bill Self isn’t. He said Thursday that he is done recruiting the 2009 class.” – Matt Bracken

      “For this year, it looks that way,” Self said. “We can really focus in on the young underclassmen.” ~ Bill Self

      – Recruiting Report…BaltimoreSun, courtesy of Matt Bracken

      OWwwwww, that gotta hurt!

      • I’m not sure adding Lance at this point would make KU a better team.

      • Tihs is not breaking news!!! He said this right after X signed. Self also did say he was definatly over, “it looks that way” isnt really a definate statement. After that however it was reported that KU coaches still felt confident that Lance would pick KU. Also Bill Self has offered Lance a Scholarship and would never pull it, if Lance wants to come he can. Self is right he is not “activily” recruiting because he has already done all the recruiting for Lance and right now it is the dead period so he can’t recruit anymore.

    • Is there any real new from Lance’s camp? As he said who he is still considering? The last article I saw said that he was still considering KU even with Henry there, Maryland had to structured of an offense and with St. Johns he doesn’t want to stay local. Memphis Coach Pastner did meet with his family but they said they were impressed but not really under consideration. All these other teams that are out there (Kentucky, & Arizona) haven’t really shown any interest, and are just maybe’s. So even though I am an KU fan (obvious), I am truely just curious on what Lance is going to do and as a KU fan I am still holding out hope that he still chooses KU.

    • And another thing, if MD’s offense is sooo structured, why are they even still in the running? Why weren’t they knocked off in the beginning of his recruitment? That doesn’t make any sense @ all.

      • Most say that Maryland has been knocked off. Every indication is that Maryland hasn’t been a serious option for him. They may get him now but it seems to most he isn’t sold on Maryland or St. John’s. He is probably waiting for another team to show some interest.

    • Maryland isn’t in the running. If he ends up there it’ll be by default. He obviously doesn’t want to go there. If he did he would’ve pulled the trigger already. My guess is he’s still deciding whether he wants to be “the Man” somewhere or if he wants to win a championship.

      • You’re making no sense. When you say “Maryland isn’t in the running” what does that mean? That Maryland isn’t in the running to land Lance? If so, then you’re next statement contradicts itself – whether by default or anything else, if Lance might end up at Maryland, Maryland is in the running. I’ve got no stake in this, but Zags has declared Maryland out of the running a bunch of times but Lance’s camp and Lance himself keeps bringing Maryland, St. John’s and Kansas up. How can anyone other than Lance say any of these three schools is out of the running?

    • Terps fans shouldn’t care about Lance anymore. Getting Ross for ’10 has me not giving a shit about this fiasco. Now just get 2 from Parker/Barton/Harris/Tsafack and Gary has a top 10 class for 2010.

      • Not a flame–is Williams guaranteed to still be the coach in ’10?

        • of course he is. Unless he goes 10-21 or something imaginabley wrong.

        • Let’s put it this way. If Gary want to coach at UMD after he was dead and buried, the school would gladly give him a contract. The chatter that you’ve heard about Gary’s tenure was the work of a Washington Post writer who was either bored or having a bad day.

          The school and the AD are 100% behind Gary and have come out and publicly said so.

        • Gary received a guaranteed one year contract extension after this past season.

          Though anyone that seriously think GW was or is EVER going to get fired without a losing season is off their rocker.

          The man has won us an ACC Reg. Title, ACC Championship, and Natty in the 7 years. But MOST importantly he is:

          A) An Alum.
          B) PERSONALLY bringing in a TON of booster money (The Baltimore Ravens owner is his best friend or something)
          C) Came back home to coach UMD when this school was in the gutter and on probation.

          It just won’t happen. Not without an epic disaster. Like a scandal or a 5 win season.

    • I agree that the Ross commitment means nothing–I just don’t believe that Maryland is still in the mix for Stephenson. It still looks like KU (if wants to win) or St. Johns (if he wants to stay at home).

      I haven’t read anything credible that says that he has an interest in the Terps. And I don’t think you can read too much into Williams showing up at his house on a friday night.

    • It’s clear that ZagsBlog doesn’t want to see Lance go to the Terps.

      Lance said he wants to leave town, he wants to play for a team that will win, he wants to play for a great coach, and he wants to play right away. so, here is the breakdown.

      If he went to Kansas, he’d win, but he wouldn’t play right away.

      If he went to St. Johns, he could play all he wanted to, but there’s no way he’d win, because they stink..

      So, he should go to Maryland where he can start (opposite Vasquez) and play a ton, the Terps woud be Sweet-16 shoe ins with Lance, and in contention for the Final-4, and he can also leave town and play for a Hall of Fame Coach in Gary Williams.

      If his family, his “handlers”, and Lance himself are seeing things clearly. . .the Terps are the best and smartest option for him. Now, I guess we just have to sit back and see how smart or stupid the kid is.

      Gary Williams has a history of making good kids great, and great kids superstars. . .Lance would be the latest to allow Gary to take his game to the next level.

    • He definitely plays right away at Kansas:

      Marcus Morris
      Born ready

      If he can put his ego aside (and I think that he can) he’ll get major minutes on a team that gets national exposure almost every night & figures to make a deep run in March.

      • KU already landed some other notable recruits this year and acquired a very good transfer in Withey. I don’t know that Morris will be starting next year.

    • Lance’s whole recruitment has been irregular. Did he not start this by contacting the schools he was interested in even before they contacted him? He should have signed earlier when he had more options. I think he out fowed himself with this waiting and waiting.

    • Sorry
      “out foxed himself”

    • I would be very surprised if Marcus Morris doesn’t start. Withey can’t play until January and he’s true 5 (7 footer).

      Yeah, we did get some stud recruits and the one that figures to challenge McMorris at the 4 is Thomas Robinson.

    • How can Boeheim not be in on Lance by now? We clearly need some guards and he clearly needs a major program that has minutes available. Plus his length would look great in the 2-3.

    • The fact that more coaches aren’t in on Stephenson tells me one of two things: a). he’s pretty much locked in on his choice (i.e., KU or St. Johns) or b). he’s just too big of a headache to mess with (i.e., see Roy Williams).

    • There is no way Lance will go to Kansas….he goes there and will wind up falling behind the depth chart behind other more established upper classmen and gets punished in terms of his future draft stock due to lack of showcasing opportunities. I’m sure Lance wants to win, but frequently, it’s all about the money. He will go where he solidify himself as a top lottery pick.

      Come to Maryland Lance and be a superstar. Last year MD’s offense was built around Grevis Vasquez. In 2009-2010, the centerpiece can be you! When Steve Francis came, he instantly became the focal point of Maryland’s game….eventually getting drafted #2.

      • I understand Maryland fans eager to get a big recruit in ’09, but as long as you guys get Vasquez back you’ll be fine with the big men coming in. Lance seems like a bigger headache than he’s worth.

    • It’s not that MD really needs him to make noise in the ACC (I think Mayland will do really well next year), but it’s the fact Maryland needs to start making noise on the recruiting scene and snagging these “brand name” recruits…more for their promotional potential than anything else. Solid BB programs need a good mixture of one and done phenoms and 4 year developers.

    • I totally disagree w/ you regarding Stephenson being behind more established upperclassmen. Have you seen our roster? Athletic wings are what we’ve been missing. He would not be behind Reed, Morningstar, or even Taylor. Born ready would start at KU.

      Again, it’s

      Born Ready