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Friday / January 19.
  • All Signs Point to Lance Landing at Kansas (UPDATED)

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    Lance Stephenson says he’s already chosen his college, and at this point all signs indicate he’ll end up at Kansas.

    Based on numerous interviews, Stephenson’s comments in recent days and the history of his recruitment, it’s a safe bet that he ends up in a Jayhawk uniform next season.

    Lance says it was between Kansas, Maryland and St. John’s, but several sources said Maryland is not in the picture and one source very close to the decision-making process said Kansas is a heavy favorite.

    “He really wants to play for Bill Self,” a separate source close to Stephenson told Zach Smart of the NBE Basketball Report.

    “They went pretty hard, he had a great visit, and they essentially sent [former NBA player] Danny Manning as the Mariano Rivera in this situation to close the deal.”

    The source added: “Lance understood the magnitude of this decision. He flirted with the idea of revitalizing the St. John’s program and sort of sprouting into a New York City icon by putting SJU and New York City back on the map. But realistically, he wants to win at a big-time program and Kansas is a perfect fit for him.”

    St. John’s head coach Norm Roberts and assistant coach Fred Quartlebaum have put in a tremendous amount of work on this — and they are to be applauded for that — but St. John’s still hasn’t landed an official visit from Lance.

    As for Stephenson’s recent controversial visit to Maryland and the nearby Under Armour facility, sources said that was born out of a favor to Kris Stone, who has a relationship with the Stephensons from his time at the Boost Mobile Elite 24 and now works at Under Armour.


    Say what you will about Lance, but he wants to win.

    Ever since the 7th grade, he wanted to break Sebastian Telfair’s New York State scoring record and he was driven to win more PSAL titles than Telfair, now with the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves.

    As of Saturday, mission accomplished.

    Lance, averaging 32 points and 13 rebounds on the year, is the all-time leading scorer in New York history and after posting 24 points, 10 rebounds and five steals in a 78-56 win over Kennedy, he’s now won an unprecedented four straight PSAL titles.

    Stephenson told reporters the other day at the Madison Square Garden press conference, “I just want to have a chance to win the [NCAA] tournament, so I’m picking [a college] by that.”

    Kansas is the defending national champion and after Sunday’s win over Dayton, the Jayhawks are into another Sweet 16.

    Although Lance has often said he likes playing in the Garden and would like to bring St. John’s back, his recent comments would appear to indicate that winning is his paramount priority.

    When asked about St. John’s chances of winning the tournament, he told reporters: “I don’t want to talk about college no more.”

    When one intrepid reporter asked Stephenson Saturday if f he had played his last game at the World’s Most Famous Arena, Lance said according to The New York Times:

    “Maybe I’ll get drafted to the Knicks, who knows? If I keep playing hard and pick the right college and show my talent, I think I’ll be here again.”

    If he won’t play at the Garden again until he’s on the Knicks, he’s not likely to suit up for the Johnnies.


    After striking out on Xavier Henry and Dominic Cheek, Kansas desperately needs a wing next year and Coach Self has been involved in Stephenson’s recruitment for an extended period. He sat courtside with a Diet Coke when Lincoln played Duncanville (Texas) on ESPN earlier this year.

    Stephenson and his family took an official visit to Kansas last month for the team’s victory over Nebraska. By all accounts, the visit went well.

    “The visit was fun,” Stephenson said. “I didn’t know it was going to be like that. The crowd was good to me and my family and I felt comfortable there and I’m just looking forward to see where I can fit into that program.”

    “I’ll be back,” he told Matt Scott of

    Then you factor into all of this Manning’s evolving relationship with the Stephenson family and Kansas’ history in his recruitment, and it seems to cement the deal.

    Manning won the 1988 NCAA title with Kansas and was then drafted No. 1 in the NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Clippers. Last year alone, Kansas sent five players to the pros.

    Manning has been a regular fixture at Stephenson’s games in recent weeks, and would seem to be the ideal role model for a young man looking to one day play in the NBA.

    “Danny Manning, I look up to him a lot,” Stephenson told me last week. “He’s a great player and a great assistant coach so I think he’s good.”


    Lance’s dad, Lance Stephenson Sr., known as “Stretch,” has been actively involved in his son’s recruitment from Day One.

    And from Day One he has repeatedly said that he wants to get his son out of New York and that he wants to get away from the “hate”  factor in New York.

    “One thing we’re looking for is a place [different] from New York City,” Stretch told me a while back. “The approach going toward college is to find a nice place that’s excited about basketball but at the same time that’s cozy and secluded which is going to be tough to find.”

    Kansas fits this bill.

    “Coach Self talked about how secluded it is, and how the college rules the town,” Stretch told me.

    Now the complicating factor here is that Kansas doesn’t actually have a scholarship to give Stephenson.

    With Thomas Robinson and Elijah Johnson committed for next year, and Arizona transfer Jeff Withey suiting up, the Jayhawks would have 14 scholarship players. With Lance, that would be 15.

    Kansas would need both Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich to go pro, or somebody to give up their scholarship, to enable Lance to have one.

    Of course, these things often have a way of working themselves out.

    Stephenson will make his announcement at the McDonald’s All-American Game March 31 or April 1.

    Look for him to pick the Jayhawks.

    Written by

    [email protected]

    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Lance you are going to love playing at Lawrence, KS!

      • Lance has got to come to kansas we need another scorer. we don’t have a natural one except for sherron lance and him will ball out. Sherron can’t do everything. We will have to b the favorite for the tourney next year. We will be loaded with 2 7 footers cole and withey, so many bodies inside the twins, quintrell thomas, thomas robinson oh my goodness. then on the wings we got lance and tyshawn, tyrell, releford, johnson, and moringstar. what a team lance will start and ball out might average 15 to 20 a game. we need that everybody was scared last night to shoot the ball lance will not be scared and it will eleavate his game to play with such a great team around him I can’t wait to play memphis is saint louis next year and I cant wait to see mizzou we gonna beat them down and put them in their place.

    • Is Stephenson academically qualified yet?

      Keep your eyes out for Kurtis Townsend, Mr. Zagoria. After missing on Henry, Wall (underbid on Dwon Clifton), Orton, and Cheek, Self, by some means, reeled in a big fish.

      Danny Manning’s recruitment was a classically controversial one, when the ever ethical Larry Brown put his dad, Ed, a truck driver, on his staff.

    • Rock Chalk Championship 2010 baby!! Sounds like Cole (Mr. Triple Double) Aldrich and Sherron (best PG in college next year) Collins are both coming back from the recent interviews. Add the 2009 Coach of the Year Bill Self, some great role players and now BORN READY TO ROCK CHALK and that is a preseason top 3 team, final four favorite, national championship CONTENDER!!

    • That story you linked made quite a bit of noise nationally, not for the accusations it contained but for the inaccurate facts throughout. Research just the dates David Locke used and you’ll find some real discrepancies. Attacking ethics while creating facts isn’t the best way to go.

      Regardless, Lance is qualified and would make the Jayhawks an instant final four favorite in 09-10.

    • The Maryland faithful still seem to think that they are in and have a 90% chance of landing Lance.

      How confident are you Zags that its going to be Kansas?

      Could it change before next Wednesday?

      Thanks for the info, keep up the good work.

    • I would gather to say after watching film clicks of Lance,good name by the way ,my son has the same name,will make the jayhawk fans very happy campers watching him play if he chooses KU….will definitely put the team on the road to a final four.

      This is the missing key on this years team,a player of Lances talent at the small forward /big guard position.
      Great God gifted talent only to excel further under a coach Self and staff.

      I think he will be very very comfortable in his surroundings at KU.

    • Lance would quickly become a legend at Kansas and playing for the Coach of the Year would certainly help elevate his game even beyond what it is now.

      Lawrence, Kansas is a great environment for student athletes without all the chaos and interference that often pulls young players away from their game.

      Good luck, Lance! I hope you join the Jayhawk team and bring another national title back to Kansas!

    • Lance, make sure you take in the nearby Agriculture Hall of Fame, It’s a must see for someone from Brooklyn.

    • I want to know why the Maryland folks are still so sure it will be them? I want sources from them or something, anything at all.

      St. Johns I can see, but why Maryland?

    • I hope this article didn’t just jinx KU from getting Stephenson. I would love to see that guy in crimson and blue next year. If he chooses KU and Sherron and Aldrich stay then either Morningstar or Reed would have to give up a scholarship, and all reports here in Lawerence say that either one of those guys would be willing to do so to make room for NY’s best scorer of all time. Lance, you were Born Ready to win titles at KU and in the NBA. Come home to basketball heaven…pick the Jayhawks.

    • This kid is the real deal and he would be treated that way from the start here at KU. I hope to see him on campus sporting the crimson and blue like Chamberlain, Pierce (Who he reminds me of), Lafrentz, Collinson, Hienrich, Rush, Wright, Chalmers, Arthur….etc (Sorry for the many others that I left out). No worries, KU will have a scholarship waiting for him by next Tuesday and a empty picture frame waiting for him in the James Naismith Hall of Fame.

      Congratulations Lance for your fourth straight state title! I hope you’ll be a part of a national title next year here at KU!

      • Come to Maryland, Lance!

    • not a fan of MD, but I was at the Women’s game the other night and Lance and Pagett from Lincoln were in the sitting behind the Terps bench. Keith Booth was sitting with them.

    • It’s funny that not a single other media outlet is reporting that. Not even the Maryland radio guy who tried to stir the pot with false rumors. You are the only person on the web reporting this DonnJuan.

    • I’m not sure where you got this info from, but Padgett just told me wasn’t at Maryland recently.

    • DonnJuan is just another Kansas hater… I was at the Maryland game last night sitting behind the bench and no sign of Lance, Padgett or even Booth.

    • That is ok not to believe what I did see. I am a JMU alumni , I don’t care for MD or KU, I just like a good Basketball game. But Kenny you must have some nice privileges to sit behind the Terps bench because those seats are for special people and you can’t purchase those tickets.

    • Way to make stuff up then cause Adam to have to call around to debunk it. Lame. The announcement to KU is a formality at this point. From reading some Maryland posters, I am not sure why they haven’t seen the writing on the wall yet. Stretch even said the Under Armour shoe sucks (the one carrot Maryland was dangling). Also, those Maryland posters who want to say that Lawrence, KS is farm country may want to do a little research. Western Kansas IS no doubt complete farm country but Northeast Kansas where Lawrence is located is very nice. It is a beautiful campus that thrives on basketball. It has been that way since the inventor of the game coached at KU. It is also 20 minutes away from Johnson County and Overland Park. Johnson county is the 3rd richest county in America and has consistently been labeled one of the “Top 5 best places to live” by Forbes magazine. The area and atmosphere at KU has consistently brought in top talent and there are very good reasons for that.

      • kufanatic – I just went to Forbes to check your facts. Johnson County checks in at 43rd on the highest list. 9 out of top 20 counties on Forbes’ list are within an hours drive of College Park, MD.
        While Lawrence and Johnson County and Kansas in general may be a fantastic place for you to live, please don’t pretend that it’s the mecca of wealth.

        • Either way, you don’t sell KU by talking about the Kansas City suburbs. Lawrence is a far better place than anywhere else in Kansas/Missouri. I’ve been there a few times and KU is certainly one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country IMO. They have the best coach in the country (at least when you factor in age), and a ton of talent returning at the small guard and forward positions. The only thing they lack is a big guard/wing. Lance fits right in where Brandon Rush left off. Great situation for both Lance and Kansas. It’s kind of a no-brainer when you think about it.

    • Ok… you guys have all the answers. We will see on Game day. There might be some UCONN players available for you, so hope for the best!

      • IF you can keep Gary Williams, you might have a shot at Seth Curry. Not quite Lance, but certainly better than anything else coming into MD at guard.

    • Is Gary Williams even certain to stay at Maryland? I’d think now would be a great time to jump jobs considering how little the Maryland powers-that-be seem to respect him. There are a great many better jobs available, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if he pulled a Herb Sendeck and headed to Arizona, Florida or Virginia (or one of the other schools about to open up). If Kansas can find a scholarship for Lance, there’s little doubt he’s Lawrence-bound.

      • Gary Williams is a Maryland grad and is in his dream job. He’s in his mid 60’s and will not be coaching another school after he’d done at Maryland. To even mention Herb Sendek in the same breath as Gary Williams should be enough to have you drawn and quartered.

        • After leaving him twisting in the wind for the last few months, I’d be surprised if Gary isn’t a bit bitter at the current regime. I know he ‘downgraded’ in jobs to come to Maryland but that was a totally different group of people running the athletic department. Things change. I wouldn’t bet he’s leaving or anything, but this year there are a ton of better gigs available, one might find a 60-year old with a NC ring worth looking at.

    • Hey, he’s going to Kansas, no doubt. If he was going to St. Johns he would have announced at the Garden. And the whole Under Armour thing probably spoiled it for Maryland.

      Still, I don’t think it is in his best interest. First, Kansas just signed Elijah Johnson, a five-chipper pg. Plus, they have three senior guards on their team already. And Stephenson is going to come in as a freshie and take their minutes. lol….We’ll see. Should be fun to watch the chemistry.

      Hey, Stephenson wants to win a National Championship and there is no doubt that Kansas is more primed, personnel-wise, than Maryland or St. John. Actually, if that was his goal coming into the recruiting process, I’m bewildered that he picked those three schools. I mean, what about Duke or Carolina, duh. Not that he was heavily recruited there.

      It’s not about the campus. Lawerence is a nice campus, no doubt. But so does Maryland.

      Kansas is cold. And it’s in the middle of no where. Mid-west gals, sure. No better or worse than NYC or DC. Probably the ratio is best in DC.

      But no TV ratings in Kansas. No nightlife. Nothing but a chilly campus on a hill, and a lake. This guy is from the city. Think a lake in the middle of no where will keep him happy?

      Self is a good coach, but Gary Williams is a Hall of Famer, maybe Self is too. Norm Roberts is the next step down. Personally I think they should have given Jarvis more time, but maybe not.

      Bottom line, it’s a chemistry thing. And if Stephenson took a liking to Kansas and Self, then so be it. All the best to him.

      One question I have is, does this leave the door open to Terrell Vinson going to Maryland? He’s been kind of the step-child in all of this, and he is a very solid player. I think he averaged even more than Stephenson in HS. So maybe it’s a blessing in disguise for Maryland. Vinson is taller. He might not be as strong as Stephenson, but his shot from 20 is just as good. We’ll see. When it comes down to it, it’s all about chemistry on the court.

      Sure will be interesting to watch Johnson and Stephenson on the same court. It’ll either be magic…..or a disaster.

      • Yes, Elijah Johnson is a 5-star. So is Thomas Robinson. Elijah Johnson is a PG/SG who is pretty raw. His rating is mostly on potential. Even if Elijah Johnson were a completely polished PG (HS Senior wise at least) like John Wall, Sherron Collins would still start over him. Now, there is no guarantee that Sherron is returning for his senior season, so you would insert Elijah into the starting lineup right? No so fast. Elijah Johnson will have to beat out Tyshawn Taylor for that spot. Now, Lance has said he wants to play with a big man, and Cole fits that bill. Again, there is no guarantee that Cole returns, so insert our other 5-star recruit right? Not so fast. Jeff Withey (at semester) is a legit 7-footer with NBA potential.

        The point of all of that being, EJ and T-Rob are 5-star recruits who will have zero effect on Lance Stephenson’s potential playing time. Lance will (if he chooses KU) fill the same spot that Brandon Rush played. That is neither PG nor PF nor C.

        Also, I’ve been to a few recruiting camps at Maryland, and Maryland does have a very nice campus. We stayed in the dorms each summer I was there, and I have no complaints about the campus as it is like a smaller KU campus. Very nice. With that said, it’s about a 45-minute drive from the airport (Baltimore), and that is without the stereotypical traffic. It’s not like College Park is nestled inside the city limits. Likewise, Lawrence is about 45 minutes from Kansas City (25 or so to the ‘burbs). What I’m saying is that there isn’t anything too different in the campuses. Also, Maryland winters suck. They are brutal. However, there are some amazing golf courses out there. The Naval course and Hoggs Neck (think that was it). The UM course was pretty nice too.

    • Oh, and as for Gary Williams, he will retire at Maryland. He wanted an NBA job, but now feels that passed him by after the 2002 Championship. He and Debbie Yow might not always see eye-to-ey, but Williams’ contract holds a clause that will make him a assistant AD when he wants to retire, which obviously isn’t yet.

      He’ll be recruiting, which he hasn’t done a whole lot of since Dickerson, Patsos and Hahn left, for a long time. He’ll go into the Hall of Fame and die an ambassador for Maryland…….as any great coach……(see K and Deano) would do.

    • Cosmkdbree, do me a favor and read Zags article again and then read your own post… All you did was contradict everything that was written, then you managed to make a few things up along the way.

      “First, Kansas just signed Elijah Johnson, a five-chipper pg. Plus, they have three senior guards on their team already. And Stephenson is going to come in as a freshie and take their minutes. lol….We’ll see. Should be fun to watch the chemistry.”

      -I wouldn’t worry about team chemistry at Kansas(just look at last years team). And not that Lance would come off the bench, but Sherron Collins and Cole Aldirch didn’t seem to mind and both those guys are McDonald’s All-Americans so I don’t see why someone else would have a problem with it. I guess 5 consecutive Big 12 titles and a National Championship will do that though.

      “Kansas is cold. And it’s in the middle of no where. Mid-west gals, sure. No better or worse than NYC or DC. Probably the ratio is best in DC.”

      -As written by Zags and said by Strech:
      “One thing we’re looking for is a place [different] from New York City,” Stretch told me a while back. “The approach going toward college is to find a nice place that’s excited about basketball but at the same time that’s cozy and secluded which is going to be tough to find.”

      Kansas fits this bill.

      -And Maryland’s weather is just as bad. Believe me I know, I live in Baltimore. We just get there crappy weather two days later. I do gotta agree with you on those D.C. Dimes though!

      “But no TV ratings in Kansas.”

      -By this I assume you mean national exposure? That’s actually one of KU’s biggest selling points. This year alone they had 28 of their 31 regular season games on either ESPN or CBS. I can’t tell you the last time I saw MD play a nationally televised game that wasn’t against UNC or Duke.

      Bottom line, Lance is going to Kansas and their ain’t a damn thing you can do about it except hate. You guys should try recruiting in your own back yard once in awhile e.g. Carmelo Anthony, Mike Beasley, Kevin Durant, Sam Young, Ty Lawson, Dante Cunningham, James McClinton, Nolan Smith and the list goes on and on.

    • I was going to write a long reply refuting cosmkdbree, but KennyPowers stole my thunder! Their are a lot of reasons why he wouldn’t go to UNC, and Duke perhaps you should look at their roster and recruits for next year both seem pretty set at the wing poisition. While they do get a lot of exposure so does K.U. especially in the midwest. And to make a case to play somewhere because of nightlife is the most absurd of them all! I don’t want to list my reason why for it would take to long, but if someone really wants to hear it it I will respond.
      Kansas in a lot of way fits the bill for what Lance is looking for. The only competition he would have is with Brady Morningstar. W Bradyhile has been better than expected is an average ball player at best and Lance would win that battle. I think Brady is just happy to follow in the footsteps of his dad and play at K.U.. Their have even been rumors that Brady would give up his scholarship and his family would support him so his could be offered to another player. The same criticism about Lance’s attitude and selfishness was being said about Brandon Rush when he chose K.U. but it seemed to be a really nice fit for him.
      I will say this if you have kept up with Zagsblog in relation to recruitments he usually is pretty spot on with their decision i.e. Michael Snaer, and Dominic Cheek (just this year alone). Zag really hasn’t given us any information to doubt his accuracy but what would you expect from a man who makes a living off this!

      Also, DonJuan I hope you understand why your info is looked upon as less then credible. I would give you this challenge. Find us one other media outlet that is reporting a Lance Stephenson sighting at a Maryland womens basketball game. If you do that I may believe you…..otherwise your no better then a person reporting that they alone saw bigfoot. This may be a discussion bored but please back “facts” as big as that up.

      I hope Lance comes to Kansas he would be a great fit, and if they were able to keep sherron and cole they would be an automatic top 5 next year.

      • Let Lance go to Kansas, they have no shot at a national title next. It’s a collection of players, not a team. I’m watching them play right now and let me tell you they have no chance, MD beat Mich St. this year. Stephenson would be a disaster at MD, he could never play for a coach like Gary, an actual basketball coach. This guy has some unreal b-ball talent, but HS and college are completely different. He will have a rude awakening much like OJ Mayo. Stephenson has a fair outside shot and most of his points come against overmatched high schoolers. He will be okay in college, but probably better in the pros. So enjoy him Kansas fans, he will surely disappoint.

        As for Gary Williams, he’s been forced into recruiting Stephenson by all the idiot fans of MD. He does not want players like him anyways, with all the handling B.S. MD has a great center recruit, some other solid players. If Vasquez stays, MD will go farther in the tournament next year than Kansas even with Stephenson, guaranteed! I like Gary’s style of taking lower tiered recruits and winning with them, that’s why I like MD. If he had half the talent of Kansas, he wouldn’t have lost in the first round so many times (Gary has 8 straight 1st round wins & a national title since 2000).

    • Maryland fans f***ing baffle me… Just completely delusional. I could dissect and rip this post apart with ease, but since I stole theruckus33’s thunder with the last moron I’m gonna fall back and let him respond to this mindless dribble.

    • KennyPowers….scoreboard! Sherron Collins great clutch free throw shooter. Overrated program, enjoy all the five star recruits, Self still can’t coach. Only went one round further than a MD program that preseason was picked last in the ACC! The only f***ing delusional poster here is you. Gary built MD from the ashes to a national championship team with one star recruits…Self won a national title by the grace of Memphis handing it to them by another awful game coach! How can you be coach of the year when your only big win was against a Blake-less OK, and you lost in the first round of the Big 12 tourney. A team full of 5 star and 4 star recruits…Please, enjoy your one title, it won’t be happening anytime soon in Lawrence.

      • May want to sit a few out, MDFaithful. Your lack of knowledge regarding college basketball is embarrassing Maryland fans around the world.

      • Wow. MDfaithful. Self can’t coach? He’s won virtually every National Coach of the Year award. He has a national championship. He’s taken 3 different teams to the Elite Eight. The Illinois team that lost to North Carolina was Self’s team coached by someone else. Last season, Self had a full roster of his recruits (minus the line Roy holdover – Jeremy Case). He won. Self is one of the best in-game coaches in the nation. The fact that he can recruit is just gravy. Self can get those 4 and 5 star recruits on a consistent basis because he has won on a national stage on a consistent basis.

        Aside from that, it’s pretty classless to bash a great player like Sherron Collins. He’s the only upperclassman on the roster who plays significant minutes and he led this team to the Sweet Sixteen.

        Also, we will enjoy our one title. We will also enjoy the four (4) others that we have. We will also enjoy the 51 conference titles. So, you can enjoy your one title, because it won’t be happening in College Park ever again.

    • Nor will it Happen this year!!!!!

    • KennyPowers…..thanks for giving me the chance to respond to MDFaithful. I wish it was more of a task then it is to refute such absurd claims made by a guy like that. Apparently his passion for both Maryland and the A.C.C.. First, thing the biggest cop out someone could use is, “you can have him we don’t need him”. That is like when Kansas fan’s lost Tyler Hansbrough to North Carolina. They would in fact love to have a guy with that type of ability they are just too pissed to admit it and usually seek to descredit the player and then the coach like MDFaithful is doing.
      First I think its fair to compare Self, and Williams career together. Williams has been a head coach for 31 years and in the time he has one national championship, 2 final four apperances, and 8 sweet sixteen apperances, and has made the tournament 16 times. So just under half the years he has coached he has made the tournament. Bill Self has coached for 16 years just half the time Gary Williams has and has one National Championships (Self did it in a shorter coaching span than Williams) 1 Final Four apperance, 5 Elite Eight apperances, 7 Sweet Sixteen trips, and made it to the tournament 11 times. I will remind you this has been accomplished by Self with half the amount of time Williams has had in his career. If Self coaches 10 more years he is trending to blow Gary Williams career out of the water.
      To say “Willams finds diamonds in the rough” is a cop out when the real issue is he can’t recruit. Which by the way is an absolute shame because the D.C./Baltimore area is known for its wealth in basketball talent.
      Also their is no point in trying to justify the storied history of Kansas Basketball. I will just point this fact out that most people don’t realize that both Adolph Rupp, and Dean Smith two of the greatest coaches of all time both played at Kansas. Maryland basketball doesn’t hold a candle to Kansas storied history.

    • Honestley I could go on and on and shred MDFaitful, but what’s the point? The guy wishes Maryland had half the respect and love that Kansas gets.

    • You guys are correct Gary likes the the scrappy ones that go under the radar. But that is not recruiting, its more like just cleaning the floor. While MD is a great campus and a great college, I would not send my kids there for athletics. The minute that you walk outside the campus you are in another country, and that makes it an unattractive place to go to school. As far as Self is concerned, I will just say that big Colleges don’t just pay anyone.