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Saturday / March 17.
  • Florida Out for Lance, Maryland the Leader?

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    Lance Stephenson told me last week he had “three more weeks to make my [college] decision.”

    Lance said he didn’t have a specific date in mind to announce, but his sexual assault case resumes June 29 in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

    Stephenson said he was considering Arizona, Florida, Maryland and Memphis, but Gary Parrish is reporting that Florida is out of the mix.

    “[There’s a] zero [percent] chance we take him,” a source close to the Florida program told Parrish.

    Arizona coach Sean Miller is on record saying he would likely keep his recruiting class at three and not add a fourth player.

    And Memphis coach Josh Pastner remains interested in adding talented players, but doesn’t seem to have a clear picture on what Stephenson’s intentions are.

    That leaves Gary Williams at Maryland, assuming Stephenson ends up in college.

    I know I have gone on record before saying Maryland was out of it, but Williams has now been in this thing the longest of any of the coaches involved.

    At one point it was Kansas, Maryland and St. John’s. When that was the case Bill Self and Norm Roberts had put in the most time with Lance.

    But Williams has now been involved since last fall/winter, longer than Arizona, Florida or Memphis.

    “I talk with Coach [Gary] Williams, Coach [Keith] Booth and Coach [Chuck] Driesell, they’ve just been there,” Lance Stephenson Sr. said last week. “Maryland is going through their process where they want to pick a player and they’re not putting any rush on us. They want Lance to be sure if he does want to go to Maryland, that he really wants to be there. Maryland has been really patient in working with the family.”

    I don’t believe any college commitment can happen until this sexual assault case is resolved, which may or may not happen June 29.

    There is also the issue of the Website, which Parrish and others say will trigger an NCAA investigation as soon as Lance enrolls at college.

    “The people from Born Ready did the documentary in compliance with the NCAA and we made sure that everything was done right and it was legal to do it,” Lance Sr. said.

    The Washington Post reported that compliance officers said “a school likely will look into any prospective athlete’s affiliation with a Web site to determine whether the relationship produced compensation for the athlete or his family, whether a third party like an agent or financial adviser was involved and what prompted the company producing the Web site to form the relationship in the first place.”

    While many observers speculate that Stephenson will ultimately end up in Europe, Lance and Lance Sr. remain consistent in their position that Lance will not go abroad.

    “I know everybody wants to know where Lance is going to go but the questions will soon be answered,” Lance Sr. said.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Hopefully all the due diligence was already done by the website reps with
      Lance’s dad checking it out as well. It would be unfortunate if Lance really wants to play college at least a year and it doesn’t pan out.

      My biased side wants Lance to still go to UMD, but whatever works out best for him is fine. If he can avoid more distractions, keep maturing as a young man, and give back to the community in some way, he can be a success imo no matter what he does in basketball.

      adam, I’m glad to see my HOF coach and excellent asst. coaches staying the course. There was some turnover in coaches years ago (as usually happens with successful programs), but the naysayers were not so correct after all regarding UMD’s lack or recruiting. I’ll forever be thankful to Keith Booth (and of course GW) for starting UMD’s rising back into the upper tier of the ACC.

    • And of course, I neglected the one main player, the Wizard, Walt Williams, for staying with Gary through the early years. It goes without saying for Terps fans, but just thought others that don’t know be aware of the first of Gary’s many NBA players.

    • I can’t see Lance playing in Maryland’s offense …… whatever that is ……. he needs to be in a more wide open scheme like Memphis ….after all …he’s born ready …not bored ready .

    • Are you serious pastaboy? Maryland plays up tempo ball and gary will gear his offense to his personnel’s strengths. Don’t ever question the HOF’er.

    • Pataboy, get over it. Lance isnt going to the weakest conference in the NCAA (Conference-USA). He is gonna be a TERP in the Mighty ACC! Have fun playing bumbs year round with no national coverage on TV. Welcome to College Park Lance!

    • yeah …Maryland was 73rd in the country in scoring last year …..very uptempo ….. Maryland was on national T.V. alright ….getting embarrassed by Memphis by 40 …….

    • ( snickers)

    • 73rd — geared towards their personnel. They have two slow 6-4 and 6-5 guards and had a 6-5 chubby white center….AKA you cant push it to much with that squad. Routinely have scored in the 80s and 90s during most of gary’s tenure.

    • I wouldn’t rule out Arizona yet. In the article, it states:

      “Arizona coach Sean Miller is on record saying he would likely keep his recruiting class at three and not add a fourth player.”

      I think Sean Miller actually said the recruiting class has three, and chances are slim that they add a fourth. I don’t think this means they aren’t recruiting Lance Stephenson, but they realize this kid has changed his mind on colleges almost every week, hence the ‘chances are slim’ comment.

      I think it’s probably 45/45/10 with Arizona and Maryland 45% and Europe 10%.

      We’ll see if he even takes a visit to Arizona.

    • We had a mediocore team at best last year bud, so I wouldnt feel too proud about that. And still, with a mediocore team, Gary takes them to the 2 round of the Tourney. Thats what great coaches do, maximize talent, something you wouldnt know about.

    • He’s not going to Europe …….. I’d put the odds at 50 / 25 / 25 ……Memphis /Arizona/Maryland …….to not include Memphis shows a lack of knowledge about recent recruiting activities Thayes. Try to keep up .

      • If you are putting Memphis in the lead then god help you. Even Lance and his father aren’t dumb enough to go there cause its a complete dump. What does Memphis have to offer Lance? not much at all. Hell, St. Johns had more to offer than Memphis does now.

    • Well bud ……. getting beat by 40 in the 2nd round is nothing to be proud of either ……it shows they shouldn’t have been in the tourney to begin with …..thats not maximizing talent …that’s getting your ass whupped . ……. Bud

      • 19 points is a lot different from 40 you ignorant fool. Us not deserving to be in the tournament is a lot a B.S too. We beat a higher seed(California) to get to play crooks. You know what I think is funny bud is how Memphis lost in the sweet 16 when people had you being contenders for the title. Goes to show everybody was right about you not deserving a no.1 seed, and your crappy schedule/conference. Going 16-0 beating complete crap isn’t much to brag about. If Memphis was in the ACC they would be the equivalent of a school like Florida State. Also i think its highly funny how you guys can go 16-0 again next year and still possibly not make the tournament(hello NCAA) because your whole basketball program is a bunch of crooks.

    • Have fun in the Conference-USA loser. Good luck winning a National Championship. By the way, have you guys ever won one of those? Oh yeah, I forgot, that would be a NO. Sorry about that bud.

    • I didn’t know Memphis was still in it. I thought I read somewhere they weren’t, my bad.

      As far as Memphis goes, I’m rooting for them, because Josh Pastner will be the next coach at U of A. Maybe not in the next couple years, but eventually he will be.

    • Gary Williams is what I call a 60% plugger …….coach enough games and your record looks decent ….the hall of fame coaches like Cal win in the mid 70% range ……. Memphis has won more games the past 4 years than any team in history Bud …… the NC was lost on a fluke shot …… Memphis will continue to embarrass Acc teams …… and Ky. will dominate them ….. it must suck to root for a has been program Bud …..and a has been coach .

      • Sorry whats that? Gary’s national championship ring is making too much noise. Gary doesnt recruit like a crook and plays by the book. Gary is 3x better game day coach than Cal ever will be, and thats a fact. Ya duh Cal wins in the 70% range beating C-USA schools you idiot, and has to do it by cheating. I also heard Cal doesn’t have a ring, and isnt a HOF coach especially after all these allegations(lets not forget Umass too). A has been coach? no he just doesnt cheat to get recruits like some people *COUGH* and has to win with lesser talent. Gary can recruit tho when hes not on the golf course(see class of 2010).

    • Like I said, good luck winning a National Championship. Come talk to me when that happens loser.

    • Good luck when you play Memphis again Bud …..LOL ….maybe the “plugger” can keep it under 30 ……..

      • You obviously know nothing about basketball, I hope your a troll or else your completely stupid.

    • ( Hahahahahaha)

    • Snicker all you want chooch, I mean Pastaboy, but last year was last year. Memphis shot the ball out of their minds, I gave them credit for a well-played game.

      This (upcoming) year is this year. The Terps have added needed size and talent down low, and our HOF coach and 1st round draft pick asst. coach with the rest of the staff are competing with your possibly capable 1st year bench coach. I suggest you look at the records of 1st year Div. 1 coaches in competitive conferences. Oh, wait a minute, Memphis is the only competitive team in Conference Nowhere.

    • And yes, Lance is so competitive, I can only guess he wants to go against the best competition in the country night after night. IMO, he’s crazy to risk playing for a coach that he does not know how he’ll do his first year. If JP was at Memphis 5 years with a record to go on, fine.

      But 0 tourney wins for JP versus 28 for GW (28-15) says it all. I want GW on my sideline for my one year to make a run with a bunch of hard playing, super competitive teammates. That’s the main reason UMD got into the NCAAs last season – pure heart playing hard…Some people can rip Greivis all they want, and yes he may not be the one of the most physically gifted players in the top tier of plyers, but his heart and passion more than make up for it. I’ll take that any time.

    • Dont even bother arguing with pastaboy as it is evident he is a complete moron/homer.

      We all know Memphis had the vastly more talented team last year but who knows what Cal did to get them there. And I would have liked to see the score of Memphis playing any of the Maryland teams from 01 and 02. Please don’t act like your program is worth a damn outside of recent success with Cal.

      As for Lance I think if he signs with MD he does so with the knowledge that he will have to work hard and earn every minute of playing time. He will be going to CP with the knowledge that he needs to mature a bit of become a more team focused players who is willing to play defense and run the offense, not just throw up shots. If that is his attitude than he and Maryland are in for a good year. Now if GV comes back as well then we are looking at something special.

      Go Terps!!!

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        I’m pretty sure that pasta is a UK fan, not a Memphis fan, I could be wrong.

    • AMEN!

    • Someone help me out here. Who has a national title in the past 10 years and who doesnt? Memphis or Maryland? My memory needs to be refreshed.

      Also, who is the biggest d-bag poster on this site? EASY: Pastaboy.

      You know it’s true, BUD!

      Dont forget about KU beating Memphis in the natl title game! ROCK CHALK

      • To answer your question Maryland has a national title this decade and is clearly the more relevant and successful program. Not quite on par with KU but definitely about 1,000 notches above Memphis.

    • Ahhhhh now the Maryland fans go to the archives for legitimacy …… the past 4 years Memphis was the best team in the country ….. its program right now is light years ahead of the has been program ( Maryland) . As for KU …. they get great talent every year and essentially waste it …..look at how many times Williams got beat with the best team ….2 fluke shots …Danny Manning and the guy who threw up the prayer last year ….that’s all ya got …2 fluke shots and a lot of wasted teams …..

    • Pastaboy, I thought I told you to come back to this conversation once you guys won a National Championship. Try loggin back on in about 50 years…

    • Twerpmaster ……. Holy Cross won a NC in 1947 ….so what? are they a national power now? …..Maryland is a has been program ….with a has been coach ….the sooner you deal with that reality the happier you will be . Maryland basketball isn’t even worthy of a mention on any basketball blog … a waste of keyboard effort … scoot along and let the fans of legitimate programs chat .

    • Wow, even Holy Cross has a National Championship! God it must hurt to be a memphis fan. Maybe some day Pasta, maybe someday….

    • We go to the archives because there are actually great accomplishments in our archives. I never once said that Memphis hasn’t been better than MD lately. But your coach left because being successful at Memphis is not the goal of every big time coach. He left because there is nothing more he can accomplish at Memphis. And to say Memphis is light years ahead of MD is ridiculous. At least we are not being investigated by the NCAA. You see Gary doesn’t believe in buying players and bribing handlers.

      So you enjoy you past four years and Ill enjoy they next 30 years where Maryland will continue to consistently be a winning program with some down years and some elite years and hopefully a few more titles. Meanwhile Memphis will slip back in oblivion and we won’t hear about them until another coach comes along wins a few coveted CUSA titles and makes a run in the NCAAs. Then he will leave for greener pastures and the cycle will repeat itself. Face it Memphis is a good non BCS school that hit its peak these past four years and will struggle immensely to come close to that success in the future.

    • Maryland a has been program that’s just crazy talk. The program is typically in top ten in attendance in the NCAA. In the 2007-2008 season their attendance was ranked 6th, higher than Memphis who was 10th. Has been programs don’t draw 17,950 people per home game.

      But I get it, Pastaboy is an insanely passionate Memphis fan who feels the need to put other programs down to make himself feel better. I used to do that myself…when I was 8 years old.

    • it must hurt to get whupped by 40 too twerpmaster ……. LOL …… a slow guy from South America who can’t shoot ….. that’s your program’s star now ….. how many Maryland players have been drafted in the 1st round the past 5 years?

    • pastaboy,

      Before you start considering Memphis a legitimate program, you might want to wait and see how things shake out post-Calipari era, considering it looks like recruits are following him to Kentucky.

      Additionally, Memphis might be dealing with some NCAA sanctions soon which will KILL that program.

    • Next we’ll hear how Md. graduates its players ……thats usually what programs on the downslide fall back on

    • Oh and how many of those wins p boy will be taken away mmmmmmmm?

      No NC=less than Holy Cross

    • poor twerpmaster …… you can quit googleing now …… the answer is zero ….zilch ……goose egg ….0 ….. no Maryland player drafted in the 1st round in 5 years …… has been program …….. face it …..

    • Wow, bronbombers416 carried you Pasta! Get out of here already…

    • Bronx………. live in the past ….thats all you have ….Maryland is not considered a national power anymore …Memphis is ….. these are the facts …and they are irrefutable

    • Give me a reason what qualifies a team as a power?

      • either a one or two seed …4 years running …avg. 34 wins a game for 4 years ….not losing a conference game in 3 years ….. winning more games in 4 years than any team in history …. 2 sweet 16’s ….an elite 8 and a final game in 4 years ….that’s a national power ….. and Memphis may be getting stronger with Pastner ….. not skipping a beat when a hall of fame coach leaves ….that’s a national power

    • Do you question where they get drafted or how are they doing in the NBA now?

    • Memphis beat MD by 19. Big difference between 19 and 40. Also MD beat both teams in the national championship game. I would love to see memphis play MD this year after they get Lance. As for the past 4 years…with that schedule I would hope you have the best record in basketball. Play in a real conference and let’s see what the record would be. Anyways once CAL loses his final 4 season for a 2nd time all those wins are gone douche. Cal has a long way to go to catch up to Gary and Gary doesn’t have to cheat to get his players/wins.

      • Memphis let up on them …they could have won by 50 if they wanted to ….Memphis players were laughing about playing Maryland ….. they couldn’t believe how slow Maryland players were ….like playing a division 1 team ….. Maryland couldn’t play .500 ball in CUSA …hahahaha

    • I already said that you moron. Memphis has been a power for the past 4 years MD hasn’t but in the long run its easy to see who will be more successful. Cal is the reason Memphis was so successful, hes the reason players came to your school. That is shown by everyone bolting to go play elsewhere once he left. Over the history of the two programs Memphis hasn’t come close to accomplishing what MD has. Like I said enjoy your 4 years of success because it is all you have any will have. Two years from now when Memphis is back to being average we won’t see you hear claiming Memphis dominance and proclaiming it the best program in the land. Your time is quickly coming to a close my friend.

    • bronx….. your time has been closed for 6 years now ….you can’t get past the 2nd round in the Ncaa or the N.I.T. …… 136 and 84 record ??? ….. has been program …sorry man ….. Maryland needs a new coach …Williams is stale and over the hill …. your program simply isn’t a power anymore .

    • If they switched conferences MD would win CUSA every year douche. Real tough to beat Tulsa. Play Duke, and UNC twice a year then talk to me. Memphis would have got whooped by UNC last year and MD beat them. I’m done with you… are clearly I huge douche/homer and very uneducated when it comes to college BBALL. Have fun watching Tulsa, UTEP, Rice, etc…what a joke

    • Duke is nothing ……. another has been program living off of past glory ….. Carolina is good …but Memphis would run them off the court anywhere …anytime ….. Maryland couldn’t win a CUSA title …..not in the condition they’re in now .

    • I say we start a board wide strike against responding to pastaboy. That way the rest of us can actually talk about Lance and College Basketball without arguing with this moron.

      Btw…anyone think we have a shot at beating Nova now that they have Reynolds back. Even with Lance and GV Nova is just absolutely stacked. That would be a HUGE HUGE win for the program.

    • My 1st post merely said Lance needs to go to a school which plays more uptempo than Maryland ….an opinion shared by many recruiting experts ……. then the attacks started …to which I have only responded to .

    • Good lord, pastaboy has been running his mouth today! Terp fans pastaboy is not a Memphis fan, please feel free to belittle him, but don’t belittle our program because he’s the one talking about it. In the scope of college basketball, Memphis and Maryland, when everything is taken into consideration, are both at about the same level, with Maryland getting the edge for bringing home a title and playing in a tougher conference. Both schools have great traditions, have added great players tot he NBA, won lots of games, etc., etc. There’s nothing to argue here.

      fwiw, I think Lance will be a Terp next season, which is something this REAL Tiger fan has been saying for quite some time.

    • Miller is building something really special in AZ. I just don’t see him taking the chance on a guy who COULD cause a stir in that process. Miller is looking towards the future and won’t jeopardize his plans. I do not see him at AZ.

    • Pastaboy you have to be the biggest idiot on here. Seriously. KU has over 50 conference titles, 13 Final Fours, and 3 national titles. We beat Memphis ass in OT for the national title. Cause you guys couldnt play D or shoot FT’s.

      A lot of wasted teams huh? When Memphis catches KU in Final Fours or NCAA tourney victories come let me know.

      we sure didnt waste that 2008 team did we? You know, the team that BEAT MEMPHIS A$$!!! haha.

      You are such a loser.

      How can Memphis be the best program in the country the past 4 years when they havent even won a national title and have been to one Final Four? Explain that to me. What a d-bag. That Final Four they bought will have to be given up soon.

      I hope Adam makes you give up your posting rights.

      • You should notice that I do not call people names in here …… I merely state my opinion which is usually correct ……the fact is Roy Williams recieved much criticism for wasting talent at Ku and not winning titles . That is a fact . If you disagree that Memphis has had the best team the past 4 years …try to substantiate your opinion with facts and by not merely calling someone an idiot and a d-bag …..perhaps you are the one who shouldn’t be allowed to post in here .

    • Pasta — pretty sure MD beat memphis by about 35 in 2005… are a clown/know nothing about quality basketball programs with tradition.

      • Maryland beat Memphis 84 to 61 in 2004 …. the tip off classic …Maryland was ranked 13 and Memphis 25th …… that was before the amazing run began 2005 , 2006 , 2007 , and 2008 …… 136 and 13 in 4 years …best ever ….. 2 elite 8’s ….a final game lost on a fluke shot …..and a sweet 16 in a rebuilding year ……best team ever in the history of the game . When Pastner gets Lance and Momo ….the tradition will continue while you cling to a has been program with a has been coach ……it must suck to be you .

      • Rubes, are you by any chance Jason Rubin? Pastaboy is such a moron! C-USA is joke. Memphis is a good team, but those comments about UMD not being good in C-USA are absurd. UMD has been the third or fourth best program in the ACC the last decade so I think we would fare very well in one of the bottom tier conferences in college.

    • pastaboy = chooch
      a grain of sand in the terp oyster – we’ll make a beautiful pearl again before UM does…

    • Keep up the good work you all! I love reading bashing posts! They seem to have a great quality and non-biased about them!

    • greatest team ever in the history of the game and they dont even have a title — HAHA. That makes a lot of sense. Hopefully pastner will teach his squad how to shoot free throws when the heat is on….

    • Normally, I don’t post on blogs, but given pastaboy’s idiocy in every single post he writes, I could not hold back.

      According to pastaboy: Memphis is a better program than Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, Arizona, and Maryland. Let’s think about this one, and given pastaboy’s impending response with “try to keep up”, I’ll break it down very simply:

      -Final 4’s: UNC-18, Duke-14, KU-13, Arizona-4; all of which are greater than Memphis, who has 3. Try to keep up.
      -National Titles: UNC-5, Duke-3, KU-3, UofA-1, MD-1, all of which are greater than Memphis, who has 0. Try to keep up.
      -National Titles by current head coach: UNC-2, Duke-3, KU-1, MD-1, UofA-0, Memphis-0. To keep things fair, I’ll count Calipari as Memphis’ current head coach. Oh wait, that number is still zero. But, sense I’m being so fair to Memphis, might as well add Lute Olsen back to Arizona: 1. Whoops. Try to keep up.
      -2009 Conference RPI’s: ACC- .584, Big 12- .571, Pac10- .564, CUSA- .521. Man, all those victories in that CUSA conference schedule must be KILLER. Try to keep up.

      I seem to see a common trend: Memphis is dead last in every category. I guess somehow, they are better than everyone ahead of them though. Odd. Try to keep up.

      Now, on to another comment: “to not include Memphis shows a lack of knowledge about recent recruiting activities”. Like what activities, exactly? You DO know that Memphis is under investigation by the NCAA for major recruiting violations, right? Like those kind of “recent recruiting activities”? Let’s ask Mr. Rose. Or better yet, maybe Mr. Dosier. Oh, wait, I’ve got it. I’ll ask Worldwide Wes. Naw, how about a top FedEx Exec? Nope. I’ll ask Cal when he gets back from China. Tryin’ to keep up yet?

      I love how the shot hear ’round Memphis still burns pastaboy. If Memphis had a good coach, he would teach his players something about fundamentals of the game (i.e. freethrow shooting). Or maybe he could just have them foul Sherron on the inbounds pass; that would have made too much sense though. OR he could make sure that Memphis’ inbound pass prior was to an open player, and not to Collins, whose steal and shot were just as important to winning the game as Mario’s. Maybe it is kinda hard to teach to COLLEGE atheletes who can’t pass a COLLEGE entrance exam, though. Still keepin’ up?

      And all those awesome victories over the past 4 years? Is that including the 38 about to be taken by the NCAA? Oh yeah, we should probably subtract a Final 4, too. Keep truckin’ big boy, you won’t have to keep up much longer.

      Now the doughboy is going to come back with arguments like “…….that shot’s a fluke……..” or “……………try to keep up………..”. You know, statements that are actually based in fact, because that’s how pasta argues. Maybe I need to put more “………….” in my posts in order for doughboy to understand this. Caught up?

      • RockChalk – I think you mostly Rocked with the facts! The Doughboy took one on the chin – wait a minute, a doughboy doesn’t have a chin!

        Good luck with your team’s strong lineup this year – it’ll be fun to see who emerges in the Final Four – I think your guys will…

        • rockchalkin, sigh, stop responding to pastaboy as though he is a Memphis fan in need of a “lesson”, he is a trolling John Calipari fan, pure and simple. There’s no need to preach about a program that all of us who aren’t trolling agree is one of the top 5 ever (Kansas).

          For the record, Memphis is not under investigation for any recruiting violations in men’s basketball, they are/were under investigation for possibly playing an ineligible player and whether they knew about it or not. The NCAA gave no indication Memphis had any knowledge of the incident, just that they had played said ineligible player. I know the consensus is to rain holy hell and bash the shit out of Memphis for this, but seriously, it’s unlikely the school suffers ANY consequence (that includes vacating the 2007-08 season). As a Jayhawk who went through something similar (note i did NOT say the SAME thing), I have to think you’d be a bit less sanctimonious when pointing fingers over this.

          Say what you want about how Memphis was run under Calipari, but Pastner is a different beast who has shown no indication he’s willing to wallow in the same gray areas as the old coach. Most Memphis fans hold no illusion that they are somehow int he same category as Kansas, but that doesn’t mean some day they won’t be… 🙂

      • I just finished Rock’s post ( otherwise known as War and Peace ) …… all I said was Memphis has the best team the last 4 years…… that’s all . Its true …..the best team does not always win a NC …… KU won on a fluke last year ….

    • Pasta- “he needs to be in a more wide open scheme like Memphis ”
      MD plays in a very wide open scheme. just ask greivis vazquez and any other terp alum and they will tell you that md has an uptempo game.

      and pasta, recruits do look at history…even lance stephenson sr has commented about md’s history as a reason why the school is even in contention (and look, i used ellipses correctly! … is an ellipsis, …….. is nothing at all)

    • “Memphis is dead last in every category”

      I’m pretty sure Maryland only has 2 final fours.

      And what’s the deal with people comparing conferences? Teams win games, not conferences.

    • I think Pasta is on the newest blog Adam just posted. I’m going to cruise over there just to get a laugh from his rediculous comments. I suggest everyone come along…..

      Boris, teams in horrible conferences SHOULD win games. Memphis would never win as many games in the ACC, Big 12, ect…

      • I agree Memphis wouldn’t win as many games in the ACC or any other BCS conference. So? That doesn’t take away from their tournament success.

        My point is that people get into the “my conference is better than yours” arguments. Maybe it’s because my team plays in a middle of the road conference, but such arguments are useless. Do Clemson fans really get satisfaction from being in a good conference? I’d rather be in a crap conference and have some tournament success.

        • Its not about the better conference until somebody starts claiming their program to be the best because of all of the wins they amassed in Conference USA. What everyone else is saying is that they clearly would not have had that many wins playing in the ACC, Big East, etc. And ACC, Big East teams would have more wins playing in CUSA.

          • You are correct up to this point: “And ACC, Big East teams would have more wins playing in CUSA.” It’s hard to win more games when the comparison went undefeated…

            Playing in the C-USA netted the Tiger 10-12 more wins than they would have likely had in the “premium” conferences.

          • I meant more games than they would have won in there respective conferences not more games than Memphis.

          • Ah, ok, that makes sense, my apologies, I can agree with that statement then.

    • Arguing with pastaboy is a waste of time, he clearly has no clue what he’s talking about. Conference-USA is one of the worst and if any ACC team was on in it then it would be in the top 2 guarunteed.

      Off to talking about Lance, I really hope he goes to MD and i really think he is. Arizona is out of it, only two teams left are MD and Memphis.

      But Memphis havent really done anything in recruiting Lance as for what MD has done.

      • “Conference-USA is one of the worst” You’re not seriously comparing C-USA to the MEAC or SWAC are you?

        • Yes, Only strong team was Memphis, where did the other teams go?

          • Wow, that’s just…wow, no sense in trying to talk to you.

    • Pasta Boy: Nice run the last couple of years. If you ain’t cheatin’ ya ain’t tryin. Calipari, that stupid dego prick (taking license I’m Irish & Italian…:-) putting up mansions. No one knew anything about anything right? Our national championship was in 02 pasta, not 1947 like Holy Cross so take it easy.

      Memphis is lightning in a bottle with Cal as it was with another crook, Dana Kirk. Why else would anyone go to a city that’s on the border of Arkansas and Tennessee that is one of the biggest dumps, crime ridden, piece of garbage useless town I’ve ever seen. No wonder all of your SAT cheatin’, dregs of society who can dribble, all go there. Not too surprised that an above avg Mizzou team wasted you running the same play. Maybe your squad was trying to figure out how to say the numbers on the jersey they were lookin’ at. All’s fair in Calipari’s mansion even though half the team probably couldn’t spell Calipari. Memphis MUST recruit morons because who else would go near that place. Oh wow…nothing says culture like Elvis and BBQ. Real f’in genius stuff.

      So, you have won nothing, you will win nothing, and congrats on the inflated record after beating the likes of Tulsa, Central Florida, and whoever else is in your D2 league. Christ, you almost lost to CalSt Northridge, with the same 2 guys scoring. Your dumb sh*ts probably didn’t know who was who until maybe Calipari showed them a color by numbers diagram. See you in hell pastaboy.

      Love, The Terps (18 National Championships in all sports in the last 15 years in an elite athletic / academic conference)….keep pickin’ pork out of your teeth….by the way, real pasta comes from the northeast and Italy, shouldn’t you be chitlins boy…prick

      2002 National Champs…..2 final 4’s (with a real coach, not one who got a final four ripped away and one in jail)….

      • Jeez…I thought pastaboy was being a d-bag. Way to bring your A-hole game. I mean, your life is miserable, but Memphis is a crappy town, so it’s all good, amirite?

        • All good. Just figured I’d let loose on pastaboy. I don’t like anyone getting loose about Gary. My life is great by the way!! LOL.

          • Not that he didn;’t deserve it but, Jeez. Most true Memphis fans know a lot about basketball and respect the Terps and what WIlliams has done.there. Personally, I love seeing Maryland beat Duke. 🙂

      • Yeesh, seems someone missed my memo about pastaboy not being a Memphis fan, way to bash the Tiger program and do absolutely nothing to get under the skin of the person you are ranting at.

      • I know right? Calipari is dirty, even though he’s been cleared by the NCAA on ALL accounts. Bill Self, Roy Williams, and Coach K are all perfectly clean, even though TWO of them have violations with THEM being implicated. Ya, Calipari is a really dirty man by comparison…… lol

    • I’ve never posted before and I might not post again, but all i have to say right now is Maryland Final Fours = 2, NC = 1. Memphis Final Fours = 0 (Oh yea, that happened), NC = 0.

      BTW Pasta – Memphis did not lose solely on a fluke shot. Anyone who was watching the game would tell you that Kansas was dominating until the last 10 minutes when Derrick “Fraud” Rose took over the game.

      • sorry terp ….. Ku was not dominating anything …… Memphis played this style all year …wear down the opponent and blitz them in the last 8 minutes …… ku’s biggest lead in the 2nd half was 3 ….. go re-write history somewhere else ….Dickless Cheney may need some help bozo

    • Lord2FLI

      I agree with your comparison of Memphis & Maryland – good programs with a good history. We all have opinions of which teams have the best programs – I think of teams like Kentucky, UNC, Duke, Kansas, & Indiana when I think of the elite programs over college BB history. Having said that, a lot of programs have runs when they’re consistently among the best teams in the country over a number of years. Besides the teams I already mentioned, I could include U-Conn under Calhoun, Georgetown during the 1980s, St. Johns during the Chris Mullin years, Arizona in the 90’s, early 2000s, Memphis the last few years, Maryland under Lefty in the 70s, Syracuse every decade or so, Michigan St. under Izzo, etc.

      Teams even go on hot streaks during each season where they look like the best team in the country. Maryland beat Michigan ST. by 18 earlier in the year when Suton was sitting out, but would have gotten destroyed by them later in the year. Oklahoma looked dominent at times last year but just ran into a hot UNC team. I also thought Wake Forest had a stretch where the looked like the best team in the nation.

      Memphis could have, maybe should have, won the 2008 title but they couldn’t close it out. Great game, but they lost to a good team who managed to hit the shots they needed to win.

      Pastaboy likes to incite everybody and I must say he does a good job. He really doesn’t understand the Maryland offense or how Gary coaches. They usually get open shots – it’s just up to the players to knock them down and the team just really wasn’t that talented this past year. Still, they pulled together enough to make it to the dance when I thought they had NO chance mid-season.

      One side note about Maryland academics from previous blogs: It’s a good school, highly ranked, and not that easy to get into anymore. If the graduation record isn’t good – put most of the blame where it belongs: on the players. If they only do enough to stay eligible and stop going once their four years is up, then they’ve missed a good chance to get a degree and possibly a decent job after they have to stop playing.

    • Just for the record, Maryland’s 2 Final Fours come with a big asterisk. Maryland’s loaded 1974 squad (six future NBA draft picks) would unquestionably have been a number one seed and been in the Final Four at a bare minimum had there been any at-large bids at all. They were probably the best team in the country on a neutral court but of course lost that legendary ACC tournament 103-100 in overtime in Greensboro, NC. NC State of course went on to win the NC and the tournament was expanded the next year to include at-large selections to prevent the further exclusion of great squads.

      As for Lance, I have no idea which way he is leaning. I just hope he doesn’t allow that negative Washington Post article make him feel unwelcome at Maryland, because that is certainly not the case.

    • 83 comments ….mostly because of my incisive and entertaining comments ….on an everyday mundane subject …. I may start my own blog …for adults only …..I’ll rule the internet with respect to college basketball

    • I’m much too talented for this or any blog …… my effort here is wasted on the great unwashed ……. I’m bigger than Zags …… I’m bigger than than any basketball blog on earth ….. I am …. the great one … PASTABOY

      • pastaboy you have no comprehension for college basketball. All of your wins came in a bottom level conference where you are consistently the only team making it to the dance compared to the ACC, Big East, Big 12, etc. that consistenly have at least five teams make it. Ever since your run started your seasons have been ended by teams from these COMPETITIVE conferences. Also, all your first round players your so proud of were recruited illegally and cheated their way into college by a man who is a disgrace to college basketball. He used and abused Memphis to try and get back to the NBA which will end just like his first brief stint, FIRED after a subpar performance because he can’t coach! If Gary Williams had the talent Memphis had, Maryland would have at least one more championship to compare to Memphis’ 0!!!!!!

        • Wow, I love how you prove your speculations with FACT! Awesomeness! Since you have such a great comprehension of basketball, isn’t recruiting part of being a coach? I’m not sure, thus, I must consult with you “garythegreat”!

    • Memphis records will be wiped away.

      Did you seen the NCAA penalities on Alabama ?
      The cost figures were about $2000 dollars.

      Very simliar to Memphis on how it gave free plane rides, hotel rooms, food, and parties for FREE…..Free to Reggie and WWW and others.

      So, expect some major penalities.

      PS- USC will have to wait 3 more years before hearing from the NCAA.
      Delay. Delay .Delay

      • Um, you mean $43,900? Don’t you think 2 grand is a little off….?
        $2,000 = $43,900……? Really?? Oh, by the way, have you ever “googled” – “Myron Piggie”? This incident, in fact, is the closest thing to the Memphis situation that I have read. Check it out!

    • Also, if your argument about Memphis is true about them being the best basketball team of the past four years is true, then they are also the biggest choke artists and underachievers when it comes time for the tournament. Wins are nice, but championships are what counts. Just ask the 07/08 Patriots.

    • Pastaboy, Memphis is not a national power. Never have been, never will be.

      CONF USA is a joke.

      You need to have your smart a** whooped!

      You are probably a little bitty guy with glasses.

      • Wow……. you can see pastaboy? You must be psychic! Read my fortune! You’re the only person in the world that is a REAL PSYCHIC!

    • Lord2FLI-

      “For the record, Memphis is not under investigation for any recruiting violations in men’s basketball, they are/were under investigation for possibly playing an ineligible player and whether they knew about it or not”-

      $2,300 of unreimbursed airfare and accomodations are not recruiting violations?

      • Uh, no, they happened during the season after said recruit was already enrolled at the school. They’ve covered it with an “accounting error” and the money has been paid back. The school will get a letter of reprimand and the NCAA will paying closer attention to reimbursements and that’s it in a nutshell.

        What you really need to be asking yourself is how Reggie Rose, who came from a poor family and had no job was able to afford all the trips he did pay for BEFORE Derrick had an NBA contract. The $2.3k is from one flight and a few nights in the hotel, and he went with Derrick everywhere. A quick rundown of the math, if the school had 15 road trips (they may have had more, I’m not going to look it up) and each road trip cost around $2k, then roughly $28k (that’s after deducting the one road trip he didn’t pay for) was paid to the school during the season. Where did Reggie get that money? That’s the real crime, but the NCAA did not investigate that and they aren’t going to either.

    • Oh, and by the way, I called that one on doughboy’s response, “winning on a fluke”. Ha, how predictable.

      • Ya, Lord knows you aren’t predictable!

    • pasta-

      And, for the record, KU did not WIN ANY national championship with Mario’s shot. They DID, however, earn an extra 5 minutes of playing time. If the game was such a fluke, where was Memphis in the final 5 minutes? Oh yeah, getting torched. To be honest, Memphis just sucked for the final 7 minutes of the game. They got outplayed, out-classed, and out-coached. In fact, in the last 2 minutes of the game and 5 minutes of over time, KU out scored Memphis 21-5. Haha, some fluke.

    • Mario’s shot was a fluke …… Memphis was obviously the better team who took control of the game in the last 10 minutes …… the best team doesn’t always win the NC …this game was a prime example of a fluke win by a weaker team ……much like N.C State’s win

    • “the fact is Roy Williams recieved much criticism for wasting talent at Ku and not winning titles . That is a fact .”- pasta

      (Like Calipari, maybe?)

      “If you disagree that Memphis has had the best team the past 4 years …try to substantiate your opinion with facts and by not merely calling someone an idiot and a d-bag”- pasta

      I hate ’em, but UNC is better. 2 FF’s, 3 ACC Championships, 1 NC. Just barely missed having 2 in that span, with the one in ’05.

      • See rockchalkin, the difference is that Roy Williams helped get Kansas on probation by the NCAA DIRECTLY before he left. Calipari has be EXONERATED by the NCAA in BOTH cases. So, ya, “like” Calipari, but just a SMIDGEN different. Have a nice day.

    • “Memphis was obviously the better team who took control of the game in the last 10 minutes”

      Obviously you don’t understand, pasta. Reread my post. Contrary to your twisted understanding of basketball, being outscored by 16 in the last 7 minutes is NOT taking control of a game. Try to keep up.

    • I’m tired of this argument …..Ku fans need to accept their fluke NC with class and dignity and stop running down the better team …….Memphis

      • ………………… are an absolute idot………………… come back to talk when you can actually back your sorry excuse for an argument up……….. with anything………………. and for the love of God………………………. learn…………. how…… to……….. type………….. ………………..
        ………………I think it’s clear who won this argument …………………(just like the NC). ………………………Goodbye, doughboy

        • Most knowledgeable fans agree Memphis was the better team in 2008 ….they were favored in the game by 3 ……Mario hit a lucky prayer ….. the win was a fluke …… lets move on

          • unfortunately, memphis didnt win
            being favored to win doesnt mean you’ll actually win. plenty of teams have been favored, like the unc team of 05. ask the philly eagles…they have been favored to win nfc championships a ton of times, and they couldnt win.

            and for the last time like everyone else has said, the KU win was not a fluke. if mario made that shot to win in regulation, then you may have a point. however, the game was sent to overtime b/c of the shot and kansas won the game by being the better team down the stretch. when it counted the most, kansas outperformed memphis and thats a fact.

          • At least Cal knows to pay only recruits who can shoot free throws now.

        • Ya, he is an “IDOT”!!!!!!! He iss vewy tupid! I see your logic! “AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, LEARN HOW TO TYPE!!!!!!” The hypocrisy kills me!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!

    • In overtime ……Dorsey had fouled out …… Rose was limping …..and emotionally the Memphis squad watched a NC stolen from them by a fluke shot ….so it was an impossible task to prevail in OT …..Kansas won the game ….but America knows who the best team of 2008 was …. the Memphis Tigers ….now thats a fact .

      • boohoo pasta, that means memphis didnt dig down deep enough. i dont know about you, but i’ve seen brian westbrook, or lebron, or kobe, or even michael phelps pull off do their thing when they werent 100%.

        if memphis were the best team, then they should have been able to just pull it out, dig deep and be resilient. and i dont care if dorsey was out and rose was limping. rose couldve been the leader and willed himself and the rest of the team to win in OT. since he didnt do that, kansas won…and THATS a fact.

    • btw pasta, if memphis were the best team that year, then why didnt they win the NC? a team can’t just win the regular season and say that they are the best…and neither should their fans. the playoffs are where it counts the most. and in reality, playoff time is where we determine who the best team is for that particular year.

    • The simple facts are that Memphis choked against Kansas, JC is a cheater, the Tigers play in a joke conference, and they will NEVER win a National Championship.

      • Simple fact? Really? So the allegations against him are where….? Oh, wait, I forgot in your paranoid world that “fact” = “rumor”. My bad. Have a nice day.

    • Yes, pastaboy, we will make it 250 comments on this post.

      End result, you’re still a chooch.

      You state a few facts, we get a few laughs, and Memphis remains on the NC schnide.

      Stop posting nonsense – you’re being a scassacazzo (pain in the —)

    • Penisboy – 0, Everyone else – 100. Penisboy, stay off this f***ing blog. Your the dumdest moron I’ve ever seen blog. That in the Washington Post. See ya.

      • Ya, he’s the “dumdest” alright……. nobody out there even comes close!

    • “Dumdest ” ……… hmmmmmm

    • did i miss the flame session?

    • pastaboy, are you a memphis fan or a uk fan?

    • Roger …. I’m a Memphis graduate …..and life long fan ……I’m also an avid admirer of John Calipari for what he did for the Memphis program ….and I think the fans who have turned on him are wrong and look small for doing so . Unless Memphis is playing KY. ….I’ll have 2 teams to root for next year

      • He isn’t a Memphis fan.

        • Ya, because in your paranoid schizophrenic world, if somebody tries to be sincere, they must be lying!

    • So your an admirer of a crooked coach who cheated and made a fool of your entire program. Well said…

      • Ya, I know, coaches like Bill Self, Roy Williams, and Coach K, they are all perfectly cle…… Wait a second, this just in! Self and Williams have been directly involved in NCAA violations, while Coach K is also under pending NCAA investigation from the Myron Piggie incident. Whoops, guess we should just stay in the rumor mills about Calipari! No sense actually talking about other coaches with proven DIRECT implications on their name…….

      • twerpmaster …please detail for the blog …all infractions Calipari has been convicted of by the Ncaa….. you have the floor ….. now remember …infractions against Calipari with links ….should be easy …go ahead twerp

    • waiting twerp……………..

    • blasphemy just curious, who is your team? cant tell because every post is just ripping somebody.

      not sure why you all are trying to put Calipari in the same boat as Self, williams and Coach K. so they all have violations… but none of them were as serious as what Cal did. also, none of those coaches have any accomplishments vacated or will in the near future.
      Im not naive and i know that every coach could be investigated and probably be found to have some violations, but if you think Self and Williams and Coach K are as dirty as Cal your extremely outnumbered in your opinion. i know Cal hasn’t yet been slapped with violations to his name, but come on guys, your ridiculous if you think Cal is innocent on this.

      • Not sure? Really? The PROVEN allegations against them aren’t enough? Maybe I should just “rip” Calipari who DOESN’T have proven allegations against them. Oh, and you think Self and Roy Williams are clean? (Sorry if you thought I was talking about Gary Williams, because he’s cool. I googled him a lot, and I know for sure he’s cool lol.) If you think Roy and Self are “dirtier” than Calipari, you apparently don’t believe in the American Justice system, which states, “innocent until proven guilty,” not the other way around. Roy and Self have been CAUGHT AND CONVICTED (both in the sense of the NCAA not on criminal charges). But hey, why should that matter? Even though my “out numbered” opinion, is fact, not opinion. By the way, how did you measure your numbers about me being “out numbered”? Since we are going on proof and all……. And for the record, you’re ridiculous if you think Self and Williams are cleaner than Calipari. Perception is one thing, FACT is another.

        P.S. – Incase you have a hard time trying to find something to google, try these:

        – “Kansas player shoots people with a bb gun” (simply copy whats inside the quotes and paste them inside google)
        -“Bill Self attends John Wall’s game”
        -“Kansas wins National Championship on probation”
        -“Roy Williams paying players unc” (Not at UNC, but what Roy did at Kansas)
        -“Myron Piggie” (This deals with Coach K)

        NOTE: Even after all of this…… I’m still not knocking the programs or the coaches, I’m simply saying if you bash Calipari, Self and R. Williams must also be bashed because they have been directly implicated. Having said that, I’m not bashing anybody, except people that don’t come with the facts, because I do, In a facetious way, hehe. Have a nice day! =P

        • blasphemy i would like to clear a few things up…

          first i never said self and williams were clean, nobody is. but they are perceived by people that are not memphis or UK fans to be much cleaner than Cal is. not saying that it is fair or right, its just the way it is.

          Self attending wall’s game was not illegal. it was illegal for self to talk to wall during that recruiting period. Wall approached self after the game and self quickly said “i am not allowed to talk to you” and left. the matter was looked into and was not a violation. not a big deal

          The KU mens basketball team had 0 sanctions against them when they won the championship. the athletic department (mainly for football and womens basketball) was on probation but not mens b ball.

          Roy arranged for graduation gifts for some of his players before he left. it happened under self’s watch, so yes it was a violation but not serious enough to levy any sanction. all the mens basketball program got was further education of the rules. thats it.

          The BB gun thing was not a big deal at all. im not sure why you are bringing it up. an 18 year old freshman from philly did something stupid the first month he was in school. luckily he didnt hurt the woman he hit. notice how KU had no problem with him since. Self handled it beautifully. was it embarrasing and stupid? yes, but i would rather have someone do that then cheat on there SAT’s.

          thank you for being able to have an intelligent conversation!

          • I love how most are “not a big deal”! That’s awesome! But, cheating on a test is Big Fry and a condemnation of how a player actually physically hurt somebody? I’m lost. So Rose (if it IS proven that he cheated, Dozier (I think that was the player) almost certainly DID cheat but was committed to Georgia at the time (sorry I ramble)) is to be crucified and not the BB gun player, because he’s young and it’s “not a big deal”? Really?

            (the rest is not facetious)

            First thing is first – “Perceived” you said it.

            Second – I never said you alone said it, I was simply making a point, which I continue to do.

            Third – All of those instances that I cited could be portrayed by the media to be the utmost worst things in the world if they wanted to, but, again, anything connected to Kentucky gets a raw deal (that is my perception, not fact)

            Fourth – Step back for a second. If you weren’t a Kansas fan, which I assume you are for your knowledge about the program is very deep, and were instead a Kentucky Fan, do you think your perception about him might be a bit different (this is not to say that all Kentucky Fans believe he is clean)? Do you think you would actually point to evidence? The answer *should* be yes. Having said that, if I were a Kansas fan, don’t you think I would be higher on Self? NOW ask yourself….. Is giving a blasting opinion fair to do to Calipari….. really fair? If your answer is no, after introspecting, then….. you finally should understand the Calipari problem. Now, you did state that you had* come to the conclusion that it wasn’t fair (that is my understanding although you didn’t explicitly say that). This leads to a question, then why did you try to clear up the “incidents” by saying “no allegations came forth”. HERES the obvious and somewhat hypocritical part on ALL OF US (I’m excluded, lol, jk) we don’t really care about other teams (than the ones we like) enough to take up for them (usually), even if it IS unfair. This leads to how you defended Kansas and didn’t actually concur with me on the Kansas problems. Another question that also makes a great point is how…..

            Fifth – …. close are you to a program? – Do you think what you read might actually sway your thinking a bit? I’ll be honest, it does me. We (usually) stay close to our teams not by reading stuff about our team in other team’s articles…… but by reading our own…. caring….. loving… articles that cover the team we follow. Just as you are incredibly familiar with Kansas, I follow Kentucky to a beat with less knowledge of another program. Usually one has to get their (biased) knowledge from local media….. however….. espn changed that (allegedly). NOW…. going back to point 3…… is it fair for them to portray Calipari in a different light when nothing connected to him, vs. Self and R. Williams, in which, allegations were made DIRECTLY against him. REGARDLESS OF SEVERITY, which I still (personally) believe that what Self has done is just as bad if not worse. (Just my opinion, just as you have your perception)

            My purpose – I’m simply trying to plead my case as you have your’s. Having said that, I don’t believe I will change (a lot) of people’s opinion on Kentucky or Calipari. But I will at least try to get one laugh out of somebody before they finish my comment (most of the time). For the record, again, I’m not a pastaboy fan. So we clear that up. I’m a Lexington grad, he’s a memphis grad. We don’t know each other, and I personally don’t “love” pasta because he calls somebody a “gayhawk” which I personally don’t think is appropriate (he stated it was purely jocular, although I might be more inclined to call it jugular lol)

            (sorry for any spelling errors or major grammar errors)

          • Sorry, I ramble a lot, buttttttttttt (but as in the exception no the anatomical part) I do love pasta, just not pastaboy, lol. I read that statement, which is toward the end of the previous comment, and laughed. So sleepy that I thought you all might think it might possibly be a bit of a smidgen little funny. lol…..

    • “i know Cal hasn’t yet been slapped with violations to his name, but come on guys, your ridiculous if you think Cal is innocent on this.” …….. spoken like a true moron …….I know its not true but cmon …its true because I want it to be true ….Gayhawk you have no credibility …..and I doubt seriously you have any formal education .

    • real mature pastaboy…

      all im saying is there is pattern developing. first the whole Umass thing, now everything thats come out about his time at memphis, Cal isnt exactly building a great reputation of staying out of trouble. i find it hard to believe that Cal is completely innocent because of the reputation he has as a coach.

    • innocent until proven guilty ……and his reputation with knowledgable unbiased fans is that of the best basketball coach in America …at this time

    • Calipari is not even under investigation by the Ncaa … for you to say he must have cheated is bizarre ….you’re a hater ….a loser …..

    • never said he was a bad coach dude. he obviously is a very good coach and i have alot of respect for him and his teams. but he also has the reputation especially after all of this memphis stuff of being dirty. he probably gets off unscaved again by the NCAA, but that doesnt mean he didnt do it.
      i think he’s dirty. just my opinion. do you honestly not think he did anything wrong?

    • He can’t get off unscathed by the Ncaa ……because the Ncaa is not investigating him ….get it? …… you think he did it ? …..did what? LOL …… HE’S …..NOT …. UNDER …..INVESTIGATION ……

    • The Ncaa will investigate a frigging rock ….. they’ll investigate anything that breathes …..and evidently they think there is NO reason to investigate John Calipari ….. dude

    • but they thought the needed to investigate his memphis team right?

      listen dude i understantd he isnt going to get penalized, and i know he isnt under investigation. but these things tend to catch up with coaches. so far he doesnt have a good track record, because both of the schools he has been at have had violations staring them in the face. he is 0 for 2.
      for the record im not a Cal hater. the only team i hate is missouri. and that comes with the territory lol

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        Ok, here’s the deal about both situations.

        1) UMASS – What would Calipari gain by having an agent pay one of his students? EVEN IF it was pre-setup….. wouldn’t the student have got the money before the season started…..? STILL FURTHER — Why would Calipari report it himself? If you have an answer after these INFORMED questions that “Calipari is still guilty!” Then you have a serious lapse in judgement, EVEN IF you still have the PERCEPTION that Calipari is dirty (I don’t condone perceptions, just when people think that a perception is the same as truth backed with facts).

        2) D. Rose and the others with SATs – It’s been stated several times that other scores for other students were altered, his SAT is a legit question, I won’t debate the question, however, nothing has come out of the wood works even remotely tying this to Calipari setting the thing up. The other two students were committed to DIFFERENT schools when they cheated. Do you really believe Calipari would have helped them cheat to get into those other schools at a risk to him? As far as the bording school is concerned…. check out these two schools….. Oak Hill Academy (V.A.) and Findley Prep. (Las Vegas N.V.)….. See how many stars are being spouted out of those schools then tell me they are any different. Both are factorys of players.

        (Sorry for all spelling and bad grammar errors. I wrote this late at night (lol) and usually I’m pretty O.C.D. about checking)

    • I really don’t think Memphis is under serious investigation ……. the “serious allegations” pertained to the golf team and of course the press ran with that …..Marcus Camby hired an agent and the agent gave him 28 k ….now don’t you think if Calipari was dirty they would have nailed him? …Same with Rose …..they gave Calipari a clean bill of health after the investigation …… man ….give it up …the guy just may be honest …… college basketball is a swamp ….. and the alligators rule ….and some of them just may be honest .

    • blasphemy,
      You don’t have to apologize for any typo’s. Your only human. At least your not the “dumdest” person on this blog. lol

      • (not a facetious comment)

        Ron, about my previous comments. I try to only bash people who bash others. Nothing personal, I do it to all that somehow bash on Calipari or Kentucky, or others that bash others that defend J.C. or Kentucky (with at least semi-sound logic). Confused enough by my own incohesiveness? I am lol.