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Thursday / January 18.
  • Arizona Still Interested in Lance

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    On the one hand, the Daily News is reporting Arizona will make a “big push” for Lance Stephenson.

    And on the other, Jeff Goodman is citing a source saying Arizona is “not expected to make a move” on Stephenson.

    Hard to know what to make of it, right?

    The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

    A source within the Arizona program said Arizona is still interested in Lance, saying of the second report, “That’s news to me.”

    “Arizona has a place for him to come in and be a trendsetter,” the source said yesterday. “Along with three other incoming guys, they have arguably the best recruiting class in the Pac-10.”

    As reported here yesterday, another source close to the Stephenson family said Lance could announce this week between Memphis and Arizona, although he has visited neither school.

    “I think by the end of the week they’ll make up their mind between Arizona and Memphis,” the source said.

    St. John’s and Maryland, two longtime suitors, are out, according to the source. So is Europe.

    One thing is clear: everybody on all sides is getting tired of this waiting game.

    The late signing period ends May 20 and everyone hopes Stephenson announces by then. But nothing is preventing this from dragging on into the summer.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • I believe Zags, more, he is most of the time right, if you read the article, John Goodmans story if more of an opinion then an actual story.

    • redstrom09 :

      Why was Lance supposed to sign with St. John’s… ? if you paid attention to the kids comments all along, he wasn’t goin g to St. John’s.

      He stated a desire to play in the NCAA Tournament and with or with out Lance St. John’s isn’t sniffing the Dance next season and Lance is staying one year.

      • Do you honestly believe one word that comes out of his mouth? I would not rule out anything until he signs a LOI.

    • AZ,

      Whatz going on?
      Told You….some more West Coast Articles….

      Lance-A-Lot is national.

      So, it is up to two schools….?
      One school -Blowing up (AZ)
      One school- Suffering from Cali and UK.

      I would say…. is Europe an option?
      This should provide a hint as to where Lance maybe going.
      I believe you wrote….Europe is OUT.

      You believe any school (Arizona or Memphis….) did not look into Lance.
      YES, they all did.
      And folks are taking the approach….innocent until proven otherwise.
      This young gentleman deserves this.

      With Arizona, Book knows the situation. And Miller knows the situation.

      Do you believe Book has not been in contact with Lance for some time.
      Yes. A relationship exist there.

      With the aforementioned said….where is Lance going?
      Lance camp knows…already.

    • Know one has any idea what you are talking about. Ever .

    • WTF USC???

    • USC you say Memphis is suffering?!
      How are we suffering when we are in good shape in signing 3 5 star recruits in Eric Bledsoe, Latavious Williams and Lance Stephenson? Add in the #2 and 4 star Juco freak in Will Coleman. Also our juniors and seniors that has been contributing since the first days where we were making our elite 8 runs. And yes, Taggart is coming back. To me, we’re looking good, how are we suffering guy?????

      • Tiger,

        Dude, Cali just TOOK your best recruiting class.
        He did a number on you guys.
        And no one likes that. Not even West Coast.

        You have to be real about that.

        Lav. deferred his decision.
        He is actually looking at I.Thomas.

        The Wall situation …..imagine if Cali goes after Bledsoe as hard as he did Wall.
        Bledsoe goes to UK, hands down.

        I believe the Tiger will WIN the Conf. USA.
        The Tigers will be very good in Conf. USA.


        • Bledsoe is goin to UK

          Memphis IS in good shape for next season

    • Memphis 10 Tiger, I agree with you. Memphis is gonna get at least 20 wins next year and maybe even win their conference again. But being an Arizona fan, I would like to see Lance become a wildcat, since we are in more need of him for our program than memphis imo. Also, memphis is going after 2 other guys like you said, (bledsoe and williams). Memphis has a chance with both of these, whereas arizona’s last target is lance. Believe me Memphis 10 Tiger, I would love to give you both bledsoe and williams in exchange for lance going to arizona. That would be the best-case scenario.

    • Hey I have nothing against Arizona, matter of fact I like Arizona fans. After the Memphis/Arizona game 2 years ago in Memphis, I met some AZ fans that were very nice and showed good sportsmanship, which is why I respect AZ, I just disagree when people say we are suffering without Cal because looking at who we have a good chance at getting, and who we have coming back, we are gonna be top 25, due to our conference alone. Heck really, only Cal took was Cousins, who alot of Tiger fans didnt like already, and Dodson who can shoot, but is a question mark. I’ll take Bledsoe and Williams and you get Lance, I’ll take that deal 😉

    • There’s a rumor going around that Arizona has decided to drop out of the running for Born Ready. However, ZagsBlog has denied it saying Arizona is still interested in Lance. Memphis has also been rumored to be cut. If all these rumors are true, Lance might end up at St. John’s as said in an article previously (by Zag) stating that the whole team new he was coming to SJU and that he verbally committed. Which SNY denied. Based off what I heard, here’s my updated list:

      1. Arizona- 40%
      2. St. John’s- 35%
      3. Europe- 15%
      4. Memphis- 9%
      5. Maryland- 1%

      St. John’s chances are slightly increasing eventhough he ruled them out. You can’t believe a word this kid has said. He is using the press as an advantage and when he signs with SJU everyone will be familiar with the story. He’ll take a visit if he is serious about Zona, until that happens I would not rule out the Johnnies or Europe. Arizona is so far away from home, if he did not take a visit he’d be a fool.

      • who are the inside sources? nothing has been quoted directly from lance or his father.

    • SJU Redstorm, i hope your right. As a fellow red storm fan, we need him and he could definitely get to the dance.

    • The thing that is so frustrating about this situation is that it seems that Lance never speaks for himself, only through “sources”. Why can’t he come out and say “My top two schools as of now are Arizona and Memphis. My family and I are working towards a decision and should pick a school soon” Is that so hard to ask? Why can’t we just here directly from the player, instead of through anonymous “sources” that every commenter seems to have?

    • Who thinks he’s just waiting for John Wall to announce so he can be the last big-name recruit to sign?

      Do you think Lance has this much trouble choosing Peanut Butter?

    • Maybe he’s seriously considering his options? The X Henry to Kansas thing really threw him for a loop.

      I hope he signs with Memphis–I’d love to see X vs. Born Ready when Kansas and Memphis square off in St. Louis next season.

    • SJURedStorm21

      Listen my man… I am fellow St. John’s fan. . season ticket holder for 15+ years… the kid is NOT coming to St. John’s.. he is either going to Memphis or Arizona… the sooner you come to grips with it, the easiere it will be when he announces…

    • Guys I’m committing to Oral Roberts

      • how much do season tickets cost
        and do u have carnesseca msg package

    • im a fellow st johns fan and i agree that he will most likely not be attending the only school where he will become a star… ST JOHNS… i have come to the realization that he wont sign but if noone else wants lance then where else could he go

      i dont think he knows what he wants

      kids a tool

      • redstrom,
        keep your head up, we will have to rely on omari and our junior class to help us exceed mediocracy.

        • they will be better then mediocre they could be a tournament team in a big east that is much weaker then last year we return every player gain 3 good recruits and bring back our best played who was hurt the year before

    • Actually I’m really comitting to Texas Tech


      This article Arizona likely won’t pursue Stephenson. I still think he crossed off St. John’s for attention from the media. I think he is still considering SJU, but I have no idea where he’ll end up. Europe or St. John’s will be his final two. I think he’s leaning towards Europe.

    • SJURedStorm21:

      You can think he is considering St. John’s all you like.. what ever makes you happy buts its just not true…

      • I did not say he’s going to St. John’s. I honestly think he wants to go to Arizona, but they are hesitant in recruiting him because he’ll affect team chemistry. Europe and St. John’s are even at the #2 spot, and Memphis doesn’t seem logical. I think he’ll wait until May 20 because picking SJU, Europe, or Memphis are all gutsy choices. St. John’s and Memphis won’t be as good as Arizona next year, but none of the teams on his list can win a title. A place where he could shine would be SJU.

        He should go to SJU, but he won’t.
        I think Europe will be his choice.

    • You guys seriously need to go to a hospital…So u can all go under the knife. All you Born Ready haters need surgery to get yourself removed from Lance’s package.

      If you want to go up to the top of the mountain and scream that he’s overrated, that he’s a headcase, that he can’t make up his mind and that he isn’t listening to anyone but his father…Be my guest.

      But the kid is 18 and has had the hype-machine started when he was a freshman at Lincoln. So while you guys claim to hate all the hype and hyperbole around this kid, you are only adding to it and “feeding his ego” as you guys like to say it.

      Think about all the factors weighing into his decision. It’s not like picking roses for mother’s day.

      Here’s an article that features a classic Norm Roberts excuse…Probably the reason they couldn’t get Lance to pen in the first place