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Saturday / March 17.
  • Noel, Projected No. 1 Pick in 2013 NBA Draft, to Kentucky

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    Nerlens Noel, the projected No. 1 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, is headed to Kentucky

    “I’ll be taking my talents for college to play at the University of…”  the 6-foot-10 Noel said on ESPNU before revealing a “UK” shaved into the back of his hightop fade.

    “I just thought it was the best fit for me, personally. I talked to my mom. She liked it as well. She liked all three of the schools, but when it came down to it she liked Kentucky. She met both Coach Orlando [Antigua] and Coach [John] Calipari….She thought it was the best fit for me and I did, too.”

    Noel, who picked the reigning NCAA champs over Georgetown and Syracuse, is arguably a better shot-blocker, but not offensive player, than Kentucky freshman Anthony Davis, the presumptive No. 1 pick in this year’s NBA Draft.

    Though the Wildcats missed out earlier in the night on 6-6 wing Shabazz Muhammad after he picked UCLA, Noel will join an impressive class that includes wing Archie Goodwin, forward Alex Poythress and big man Willie Cauley. Kentucky also has N.C. State point guard Ryan Harrow coming in.

    For the fourth year in a row, ranks Kentucky as the No. 1 recruiting class in the nation.

    “Obviously, he’s a dynamic player on defense,” Goodwin told ESPNU. “Has a lot of great athletic ability, long arms, great talent on defense and also a great offensive player. He just brings a lot to the table the way he works and the way he blocks shots. He’s another Anthony Davis in my eyes because he doesn’t need offense to make an impact on the game. He can impact it on defense just as well as on offense.”

    Noel, who attends The Tilton (N.H.) school, said Kentucky’s win in the NCAA championship game was a key factor in his decision.

    “They was always in the mix, but watching that game it did factor in, just seeing what they were able to do with the young players that they had,” Noel said. “It did factor in quite a bit. It really opened my eyes.”

    Poythress told the camera: “We’re coming for a repeat. We’re coming for it again next year…We’re going hard, we’re gonna go at it, we’re gonna try to win another championship.”

    After Noel reclassified to 2012 from 2013, updated its 2013 Mock Draft to include Noel as the No. 1 overall pick.

    Noel was born April 10, 1994. He turns 18 in April and will be 19 by the time of the 2013 NBA Draft.

    “Sure he would be a lottery pick [in the draft] because they draft entirely on potential,” longtime New York recruiting expert Tom Konchalski said. “He’s gotta get stronger and do a lot of things, but he certainly would be” a lottery pick.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Gotta love the LeBron James curse….”Ill be taking my talents to…”. Lame! At least that eliminates one scoring threat for opposing teams.

    • KABOOM!!!!

      welcome to BBN

    • Calicheater get another one must have got the Rose package

    • Congrats Noel. Welcome to the Big Blue Nation! Can’t stop the flat-top!!!!

    • Gotta love the stalker Jessie Jay, putting in his two cents on another Kentucky thread. The obsesssion is deep with you son. Damn, you’re the first on this and most Ky threads. UK is living in your head rent-free!! LOL =P

    • What Noel said is better than what Peters said. Don’t you know what he said? Peters said,”Im taking my talents to………..

      Denny’s, so I can’t get their root n’ tooty fresh and fruity breakfast.

    • darth, you try too hard at times. You are corny. I know how your F5 button is abused and can’t even see the lettering anymore. uk fans were busy today abusing the refresh button and stalking recruits twitter accounts, pretty lame on their part. Even saw a guy on Zags beg’n Shabazz the other day. LOL Oh, by the way…I don’t use twitter.


    • Ohhh, someone is jealous that their team didn’t have a big recruit on espn tonight. Poor little Jessie. Bless his heart. Maybe UK and Zona can quit trying too hard and stop taking all the good recruits. Maybe next fall Jess, maybe next fall.


      Rent free

    • That guy begging 4 bazz the other day was pretty funny. It went something like this : I know u don’t read this site but if you do please come to UK.

    • Reaching again darth, but uk didn’t lose anything. Because they stopped recruiting Bazz. LOL Or how ever you guys/gals care to put it.

    • It’s we didn’t want him anyway. Haha, yeah I’ve seen alot of people say that Bazz wanted to shoot the ball 20 times and Cal don’t play dat. And that he would be a selfish player. Which I don’t agree with. Bazz is a good kid and I wish that he wasn’t wearing wussy blue. Enjoy watching him beat the crap outta Washington.

    • LOL Now PayPal cal is a TEAM First Concept Coach? HaHa Very Good One darth. I needed a good laugh b4 I lay down.

      PayPal cal did not win with One and Done players, it worked this time because of jones, lamb and miller. Which it cost jomes spots in the draft as his numbers where no where near his Freshman campaign.

      Im going to enjoy watchn UCLA beat the crap out of UW too. =) Think of it this way, I get to watch an NBA First Pick play in Hec-Ed and Beasly in Pullman. Going to be something real Special, and get to see KU Treansfer Royce Woolridge play in Pullman as well. Although it is a long drive, going to be well worth it. =) Anyway, the Pac 12 is still a 1 bid conference anyway. Believe me, a far cry from Allen Fieldhouse and Big 12 Basketball. Although I am on the Westcoast now, Lawrence is still my true home.

      Have fun trying to catch UCLA in Titles, it is going to take well over a decade. LOL I hope to see UCLA make it to the Final Four, I believe the last time was with Love and Westbrook.

      I know it hurts that you will not be getting all of Bazz’s scoring, you can always enjoy watching him on Sportcenter though. Now run along and wallow in your tears, because Kyle is really uk’s only 3 point threat now.

      Sleep Well Sweet Pea.

    • Does anyone think it’s odd that ftp25 has no job or family, but brags about running up and down the Pacific Coast and as far inland as Pullman (quite a ways from the coast), listing the names of the, ahem, young men he’s interested in following?

      What are you phog, the Green River Killer or what?

    • First of all, Cal does run a team first concept. Didn’t you watch the NCAA tourney this year? UK had 6 players avg. double figures. On the season we were a Miller three pointer from doing the same. If that isn’t team first, tell me O’ brilliant one, what is. Second, at the pace Ku is going, you will never see 5 overall championships in your lifetime. Uk has won more in my life (4), than Ku has in it’s whole existence. So I would shut up about ucla and quit hiding under their skirt. KU has been to 9 title games but only won 3. Can you say rock choke jay-joke? LOL
      Archie and Alex will score plenty, but I don’t know how we will make it with the best class for the fourth straight yr. And we will still add more to our class. Would I like to have Bazz at Uk? Yeah. I’d be as dumb as you are if I didn’t. Don’t forget you guys need a consistent go-to guy too, and didn’t even make his top 3.
      It’s a GR8 time to be a Wildcat.

    • College Hoops is such a joke..
      I’d take a collar to spit at Cal’s feet. What a lowlife.

      If I were a Kentucky alum or fan I’d be ashamed of this program.

    • why?

    • I loved Cal earlier on in his career @ UMass..

      However I’m sick of the pious, Mother Theresa stuff.

      He advocates for what he does much like a subprime mortgage broker in 2005 extolling the virtues of cheap credit and unfettered access to home ownership..
      On a micro level, can some of the things he does for these young men be considered good? Sure. On a macro level? He perpetuates the scum associated with the exploitation of talented, less fortunate inner city youths.

      Quit it Cal. You’re a used car salesman. Not a life changer.

      World Wide Wes is sitting behind your bench. You’re so tainted I can smell you through my LCD.

    • Lot of jealousy put there

    • lots of rage tusker. let it go. its just basketball. no one ran over your dog or kidnapped your sister

    • curious to know what uk fan’s impression of cal was at memphis. i’m not gonna say wait until the ncaa finds out about this or that, but does his previous head coaching postions have vacated wins due to recruiting violations? maybe a track record, just maybe? congrats to uk this year on one helluva season, but as any college bball fan with any true knowledge knows, it’s about games played on the court and not strictly recruiting. darth, no need to bash a fellow blue blood in ku sir

    • i’d be curious if non uk fans could actually get cal’s previous track record correct rather then just make up what happened. until that happens, its not really worth discussing.

    • ok boston, i asked what uk fan’s impression of him was prior to being the head coach at uk. i did not make any accusations about him at uk. i guess we’ll play the he doesn’t know anything about anything game. kinda funny, the HEAD COACH is the guy in charge of a program correct? last i checked umass and memphis did not vacate wins due to recruiting violations with womens tennis or mens golf. it was the mens basketball program. just saying.

    • what recruiting violations happened while cal was at umass?

    • sorry, how about agents and violations? but again, cal knows nothing…..i get it cat

    • thats my point….you either dont know the details or have decided to ignore the details. how can you have a discussion with someone like that?

      brandon rush was suspended by the NCAA for taking benefits from an agent. darnell jackson took $5000 from a booster. how about the academic fraud?

      does bill self know nothing as well? if ku fans are fine with self given his track record and past issues that have occurred under his watch, i dont see why uk fans should have a problem with cal.

    • Long story short, they all cheat or do something illegal to get their guys every single year. The pressures of always being the best is nothing close to what you think it is. I think it’s retarded when other fan bases tries to throw cheapshots at another program, when their own program went through the bad side of the NCAA as well. Regardless of what UMass and Memphis situations was, this guy Cal is never pinned to them. How? The world may never know.

      BostonCat, you seem reasonable for a UK fan, as I’ve spoken to you a few times. In your opinion, you don’t think that’s BS your fanbase is saying UCLA obviously cheated for Bazz, but did everything by the book for your fourth straight #1 class?

    • yeah cat, your right…..and how many wins or final 4s were vacated with self? i guess the ncaa loves self and hates cal? yeah, that’s what its gotta be. when wins and final 4s go away, maybe that’s a black flag? 1 school, ok i get it, 2????? kinda fishy. that’s why i asked for opinions on his coaching career prior to uk. he has a clean slate at uk right?

    • Mike, Uconn’s situation with Nate Miles is not even close to Baylor’s, and yet Baylor have lesser punishments across the entire board. As a scholar of the game, I honestly do think the NCAA loves certain schools the most and well as hate. I’m not trying to compare both Self and Cal, but I wouldn’t be shocked if both were busted with the same crimes, Cal would get the shorter end of the stick. It is what it is.

    • creature, I expect a kentuckian would not know the difference between the Westcoast and the Pacific Coast. Being that you have never even been out of your back yard woods. LOL But to provide you some geography instruction; Bellevue, Wa. is not along the Pacific Coast. Lets just say my snow capped Mtns. (Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams) and Evergreen view is by far better than your old broken down rusty cars, copper kettles, bon fires, and scrappy woods. haha

    • ”Kentucky coach John Calipari has released a “National Signing Day” message on his website, and it appears he’s calling out the negative recruiting against Kentucky.”

      The reason anyone would question his recruiting ethics is soley based upon his past I would think? If you are not doing anything wrong, what’s there to defend? Right?

      “If someone asks me about another school or another coach, it’s going to be nothing but positive because we don’t concern ourselves with other programs.” Probably not true given the verbal war between PayPal cal and Pitino. Another Lie.

    • i would agree sinemax regarding punishments with self and cal…..but only beacuse cal has something following him from previous jobs. what it is, we can all speculate i guess. just odd, has there been another coach to have 2 final 4s at 2 diiferent schools vacated under his watch ever? i’m asking….i really don’t know. anyone have an answer to that? no sarcasm here

    • fear, do you read ESPN’s Recruit X blogs? I’ve said it for years that coaches pretty much slander other coaches in order to secure a recruit, and the kid actually said that’s the norm now. Negative recruiting is most definitely real. Peep certain comments kids make when it’s time for them to cut a school.

    • “Calipari likes to call Kentucky a “player-first” program where recruits can feel like Calipari will support them as individuals.” Doesn’t sound like a team concept to me, but he is always trying to sell something new….that is what used care salesmen do.

      “Let me say this: When you throw a rock in a pack of dogs, the one you hit yelps like heck. Let the message stand. We don’t talk about anybody. We don’t promise starting positions, minutes, all that stuff.” – PayPal cal

      He is THE ONLY person that guarantees playing time to possible recruits, they don’t have to earn it. Look at the chumps sitn on the end of his bench, they are never going to ever see significant playing time. I remember when they all said Eloy was going to turn into something real big. LOL I guess PayPal cal or payne couldn’t coach the kid up.

      Question is….who now gets Shabazz’s alloted minutes?? I anticipate they will expect a lot more from Kyle, hope the young man can carry them. That is uk’s only true 3 point threat.

    • Mikemiller, you’re right. I shouldn’t bash another blue blood brother. I’m just gonna overlook certain brash posters from now on. I’ve read the comments on here for the past 2-3 yrs and I was fed up of the loud mouths that couldn’t back their position up. (kinda ironic being a UK fan I know)
      Now as for Cal, I truly have always liked Him. Alot of non UK people don’t remember that we played Umass twice in the 91′-92′. Once in the regular season, and once in the Ncaa tourney. Even then you could see that Cals teams played hard and smart. That tourney game was real close at the end till Pitino got the refs to call a tech. on Cal for being out of the coaches box. That changed the momentum and UK held on. I was really impressed with what he did the next couple yrs. too with umass. He beat our stud 96′ team in the early season when we started Delk at the point instead of Epps. When he left Umass I was relieved because I didn’t want to face his teams if we didn’t have to. He reminded me of a young coach Pitino in that he had gotten alot out of lesser players and the played good def and had exciting offense. So I always had great respect for him and his teams. His Memphis team played tubby’s team in Maui in 06 or so(drawing a blank at the moment) they spanked our azz. I was never worried about the vacates because he was cleared in both cases by the NCAA. Who would’ve loved to nail Cal if it could. At UK, all has been good concerning academics and other things. Like I said earlier, it’s good to be a Cat.

    • Cal doesn’t promise playing time Fear. I’ll tell you what, let’s make a bet. I bet you I can link at least two or more recruits that have said Cal doesn’t promise playing time. If you can link one that says he does I’ll stop posting for a month. If I post my links, you quit a month for every recruit I post. Deal?

    • Sinemax…getting to your question about shabazz. i dont think ucla cheated to get shabazz. and i dont think a vast majority of uk fans really feel that way. i do think, as many uk fans my guess, is ucla wasnt shabazz’s #1 choice. watching his announcement was painful. this kid has tons of personality and looked almost sad on what usually is the happiest day for these kids.

      do i think cheating went on….no, but i do think something went on…..yes

    • I’ll go first. This one is even off of Zags blog from less than a week ago. “As for the visit with Calipari, Oriakhi said: “It went real well. Coach Calipari, he broke it down for me. He told me he wasn’t going to promise me anything, which I like. He’s not going to promise me anything.”
      That’s one chump!! And I didn’t even have to leave this blog. You’re a complete joke who tries to make himself feel better by making up lies and bashing other teams. I destroyed your lies now for the past week. Seems like a sane man would quit trying to make himself look stupid everyday like you do. I proved you wrong with the Acc was better than the Acc. Then I showed you that UK never offered Peters. This was strike three jessie, yer OUT.

    • Sorry it was supposed to be Acc was better than the SEC this year.

    • Anger?

      Not quite fellas.

      The guy is a tool. He cheats. This title will be vacated. UK and the SEC as a whole has a cheating problem, even without this snake oil salesmen.

      Name one of his peers that likes him or who stand behind him.

      I’m not anti-UK. I’m anti-Coach Pal. He is what is wrong with college hoops.

    • bob huggins, tom crean, larry brown for starters.

    • Billy D. at UF is also a good friend and called Cal the morning after the championship.

    • Coach cal and Sean miller r very close actually.
      Guess who recruited miller to Pitt?
      Yep a young Pitt assistant named calipari.
      And calipers and miller r from same area in pitts, and family’s were friends.

    • why is cal what is wrong with college hoops?

    • One of people miller called b4 he took zona job was cal.
      And he told him he would have taken job if UK didn’t have opening bc ZONA was pursuing calipari hard b4 UK fired Gillespie.

    • Yeah yeah darth, save the drama for your mama. Paypal wasn’t promising anything cuz he couldn’t…he knew he was getn Noel and Bennett. And didn’t want to scare off potential recruits. How dumb would he look starting noel and beNnett over a proven Champion Senior. Nice try….NEXT!!

    • so uk has bennett! SWEET!!!!!

    • With a name like darth, you are trying to hold on to your boyhood fantasies. LOL I Bet you are a nerdy trype to camp out in front of movie theatres for a week, just to get a movie ticket. haha And have you changed your pee stained star wars bed sheets yet?

      You and I both know PayPal cal offered Peters and even went to watch him play on several occasions. Wrong again lil guy, whats the big deal anyway? Yeah you had another player choose elsewhere other than uk, it happens. Don’t cry about it, because he chose to “take his talents” to Kansas. Why are you stuck on Zach? Did Selby and Elijah hurt your feelings that much? Let it go young fella…just let it go.

      Sorry for the delayed respons, was out enjoying The Westcoast Sunshine and Elegant Weather. You know, the king Shabazz likes to stroll around in his Adidas in. =P Ouch!

    • uk needs Bennett, cuz they sure won’t get scoring from Noel. I hope Alex shows up at missouri, they would be a favorite in the sec and hand uk a couple losses. =)

    • Post from star wars pee stained sheets darth:

      Darth paypal cal
      April 12, 2012, 4:51PM at 4:51 pm#

      ”Sorry it was supposed to be Acc was better than the SEC this year.”

      LOL Key words….THIS YEAR.

      Now insert riding Donovan’s nutts here, riding his team after you bash him and Florida so much. LOL So predictable. Didn’t Florida threash you guys like Kansas did? Almost close to 40 points, but not nearly as memorable as the Jayhawks. LOL

    • so glad we have bennett now.

      harrow, goodwin, poythress, bennett, noel, wiltjer.

      holy crap thats a GREAT group. still more to come probably. going to be a good year.

      thanks for making my night!!!

    • Wow you must’ve forgot to take your meds today with all of your incoherent rambling. Nice strawman you’ve made there scarecrow. Making up positions that I have never had. Show me where I’ve bad mouthed Billy d. Maybe you and the voices in your head think Uk offered Peters but rivals and scout say damn your dumb.
      You are either a liar or a complete and utter fool. I say it’s a little of both. When did Uf “threash” UK by 40? Why would I cry over Selby when we got a way better player in Knight? UK didn’t even recruit Johnson to my knowledge.(unlike you, I will admit if I am wrong)
      The reason I chose darth cal is because of butthurt haters like yourself who think Cal is the incarnate of evil. So why not join the darkside? I could give a sh*t about the weak coast or your fruity azz sunsets. You pick some flowers today too, sweety?
      I see you wouldn’t take my bet, I wouldn’t either if I were you, after I’ve made you look foolish so MANY times this week. Maybe I should give you alittle credit for your intelligence. But I know you won’t take the bet. You’ll just make up other false assertions and try to change the subject.
      Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go watch some sunsets. No wait, that’s you who brags about that girly sh*t.

    • Anytime boston. =) Should be another good run. Gonna be a great game in the Yum Center. I like Siva, another Seattle guy. You guys can bash him all you want, still a great ball player with heart.

    • LOL Wow darth, don’t wet your star wars sheets again, just after your mom washed them. =P Somebody had a nerve touched and got all butthurt.

      And now saying uk didn’t offer EJ. LOL Good one son. Remember when he ripped off his shirt at the Mcds AA Game and it was a KU Shirt? Then the uk shirt was kicked all over the floor. You are either so Stupid and/or just a Naive child that envies star wars figurines and lives in denial. LOL Yes….go google Naive son. By the way, who won slam dunk contest that year? Ouch!!

      You know the things you say, so I suggest you back track to all your bashing and rambling. First Zach, now EJ….Better bust out your google fingers son and do your research. And feel free to pick and choose, which best fits your butthurt denial of a stance. =)

    • How bout these google fingers Jessie,
      your too easy son! UK isn’t even on his list. Haha
      Just because EJ did that, doesn’t mean UK recruited him.
      Once again. You know nothing.

    • ”Luke!!! I am your Father!!!” ROFFLB

    • RENT FREE !!!! ROFFLB <—– What does that even mean?

    • Wait, I thought Jessie was your father?

    • Don’t all kentuckians live rent ”free” in that trailer behind gramma’s house? You know the one next to the distillery. Kaboom!!!! ROFFLB


    • Zags u reading this?

    • Awwww!!! Shucks you got me feller. Yeppers, I’m in the back yart, drinkin’ my shine. Yeeeeee haww!!!
      Sorry you’re still pissed from losing the natty.
      Don’t cry it will be ok, Dumplin.

      You mad bro?

    • Why would I be mad? So it only took cal 6 potential NBA First Rounders to beat Self. LOL Guess thats what happens when you have minutes to guarantee. =) No worries son, had he won the Title on pure coaching ability, im sure he would be well deserving as NCOY. Bill Self 2 – PayPal cal 0. Yeeee!! Any monkey can send those players on the court to do their thing and make it to a Final Four, but what took so long? LOL What do you think Paypal cal would of done, had he been coaching KU’s squad this season?

    • Awwww

      You still mad bro?

    • Not nearly as mad as you got when I said you pissed all over your star wars bed sheets. lol Cursing and getting a pulsating headache. Go ahead….scroll up and see for yourself. You should be quite proud of yourself. haha It was hilarious though, you must admit. Anyway, im gonna get some rest while you stay up and play with your star wars figurines. Don’t forget to tell your mom to peel your crusts tomorrow when she puts your lunch in your jabba the hut lunch pale. ROFFLB

      Gootnite Sweet Pea.

    • Yep, your still mad.

      Lord, I apologize for making Jessie mad. Please help Mr. Self recruit better. Maybe you could send him WWW. Hahaha

      Night Punkin’

    • i didn’t realize Seattle had such warm, sunny, weather.

    • Seattle is Wonderful, Lavish Westcoast Living with beautiful natural scenery. Spring Salmon run along the rivers now and very tasty. Much different from porcupine or squirrls. =) Not that I have ever ate any, or snake. Wanna bet Seattle gets a NBA Team b4 kentucky? I just hope its not sacramento, nobody wants a head case attention seeker playing in their city i.e. cousins.

    • Oh darth, can you come out and play?

      Set down your star wars figurines for a sec. LOL

      First Perry Ellis, now Shabazz…where is your flashy Big Time scorer? Oh, that is right, you don’t have one. LOL But its okay, cuz PayPal cal didn’t want Ellis either, nor ever offered him. cal doesn’t deserve to even be in the state of Kansas, nor less fly over it. Could def. see his greasy trail left behind from satelite. haha

      Perry Ellis!!! Get used to hearing that name son!!!

    • Ohhhhhh, did somebody miss me? You are hillarious. Your hair club for men coach Billy sure wanted Archie pretty bad. But Arch said he couldn’t play for Self because the roadkill on his head made him sick. LOL. Goodwin can score all day/everyday. Don’t worry about our team, unlike your sh*tty recruiting, we don’t rebuild we reload. I like Ellis though, but Poythress is easily the better player. And yeah, we actually did offer him. (see I deal in facts, you deal in fiction) You’re lucky he was from Kansas or we would have taken him away like we took Jones, Lamb, Knight, Liggins, Wiltjer, Wall, and Goodwin. What’s your class ranked again? Hahaha Why can’t hair club get any good recruits? Oh I know, the Pump bros. quit sending Kansas gangster U any good recruits. 😀
      Don’t be mad Jessie Jay, time heals all butthurt. And lucky for you, by the time y’all win another natty you’ll be good. Of course by KU’s standards that will be in 2028. LOL
      It is GR8 to be a Wildcat!!!!

    • Next is Andrew Wiggins to FSU!!!!!

      Yeeee!!!!!! You next loss. LOL

    • If he becomes the #1 recruit, odds are he’ll be a Wildcat like Noel. Can’t stop the flat-top.

    • ”HMMMMM… I almost went to (XXXXXX), but I went to UK instead b/c I wanted to take Freshman Seminar and PE 101 and then never see the inside of a classroom ever again.”

      Sounds like Archie, yep…..sure does. LOL

      And nice to know your ewhole starting 5 quit going to class. Better watch your team GPA, or you guys will end up like UCONN. ROFFLB Oh wait, can’t say you guys, because that would have implied you were once a student at kentucky. LOL Yet you never ever set foot on campus as a student and/or athlete. haha Have you ever even set foot in KU cor-rupp-tion arena? LMAO HAHA Goot 1!!!!! You haven’t.

      ”No Soup for you!!!!”

    • No way he turns down FSU, kid has always been a Seminole his whole life. It is in his bloodline.

      Nice try though. Then you will say everyone knew he was going to FSU anyway…typical.

    • …Tapping my fingers on the desk….

      Are you too busy being one of the Twitter Stalkers for the nations recruits. Can you say all on his nutt sack? LMAO Funny but scary at the same time, shame on you lil boy blue nation for stalking minors. May be legal and permissible in kentucky, but illegal across state lines. LOL And being that your stalking via online,that makes it a federal crime. And with federal crimes, there is no early good time release. If they give you 15 years, you do 15 str8. =P Chump!

    • NCAA is our bitch now!! LOL Just like Ku.
      We be makin’ them mad flo, dog!
      Haven’t you heard? The Ncaa is so mad at UK, they gave Clev. St probation. 
      All we do is WIN, WIN, WIN.
      All u do is CRY, CRY, CRY 
      3 goggles up!!!

    • Speaking of stalking minors, you hear about the Kansas fan who lied about Bernie Fine of Syracuse molesting him? Yeah, he said he did it because the Cuse whipped jayhawk azz in 2003. The bad part is he is a child molester too. Going to jail for 3 years. Since you like to paint others with a WIDE brush, are all Ku fans like him? LOL

    • Epic Fail.

      Weak Sauce Small Fry.

      You obviously tried way to hard with that one son.

      That was the dumbest thing I have heard in a very long time.

      Your rants were amusing at first, now they are just lame.

      Im getting bored with you now. Time for you to go back to playing with your star wars figurines and twitter stalking. I get off work here in one hour, then its of for a boat ride on Lake Washington. Google it son. =)

    • Leave it to a backwoods kentuckian to crack jokes about YOUNG children being molested, not to mention find a reason to laugh about it.

      LOW CLASS!!!!!!!!

    • Wait! That is you!! They allow you that much Internet time in prison. Or are you “doin’ favors” for access. And by favors, I mean your cellmate. Haha Thats why you are actually butthurt, cause your butt really does hurt. Don’t cry Jessie, your bunk mate might hear you.
      Sorry you’re the bottom bitch, but that’s what happens when you lie and molest kids. 

    • The only thing you are tired of is getting OWNED.
      What would a liar know about class? You started it, I finished.
      Keep crying, that’s all you do. Hahaha
      You’re too EASY son.

    • L A M E

      Notice you never replied to ever stepping foot on uk campus or ever being a student. Your probably another 65 year old labor worker – grease monkey. Can tell by your educated responses. LOL

    • Is there actually a legtimate chance he goes to FSU? I know both his parents were athletes there, but c’mon. Florida State and Leonard Hamilton or Kentucky and John Calipari?

      Yes.. Both parents went there. He thinks of it as a family tradition. I listed to an interview about that.

      THIS….from kentucky fans.

    • BTW….Say goodbye to Oriakhi. LOL .Will enjoy watchn mizzwho beat you guys, they are the sec favorite now.


      Go cry now!!


    • First off keep assuming that I haven’t set foot on UK’s campus. You don’t know Jack shite. I think you’re projecting your fears again. So keep guessin’. Little Jess has never even smelled lawrence, much less Self’s rug.
      Second, why would we be scared by misery? We beat three top teams from the big sky(oops, I mean big whatever number of teams you guys have) on the way to the natty. Iowa St and Scott drew beat your sorry azz. And next year so will TCU. I don’t blame mizzou for leaving that crap conference. Y’all begged them, please don’t leave us!!! LOL
      We beat your azz TWICE last season!!! UK>KU 2 for 2
      Hahaha you suck. You talk a big game, but you haven’t backed up sh*t. Except your azz to your cellmate.
      Keep crying, it’s the only thing you’re good at!!!! LOL LMAO!!
      You still mad bro?
      Too bad, there’s nothing you can do about it!!!!

    • B U T T H U R T !!!!!!!!!!!!!! O W N E D !!!!!!

      Gonna suck losing to muzzwho twice and possibly 3 times in 1 year huh? ROFFLOB

    • Never been to uk campus or step foot in a class room son!!!! Don’t even know the campus street names without using google earth, nor never step foot in cor-rupp-tion arena once!!!!!!! How is it to watck uk games on your 13” boob tube?? LOL Still use rabbit ears!!!

    • I can’t believe a Ku fan is pullin for mizery. You should turn in your Ku fandom. LOL at them winning the SEC!! They couldn’t even beat a 15 seed!! Hahaha And they beat your azz too!!!
      Could you please bring it next time? It’s like debating a lobotomy victim.
      You’re a jayhawk joke!!!
      Rock choke Jessie jaytalk!!! L O L

    • Its okay to be SKURRRRRRRR’D!!!!!!!!! HAHA Darth laugh……

    • You mad bro?
      Sorry I hurt your widdle feelings.
      You want me to stop owning you, like UK owns KU?
      Thought you were going to the lake? Another lie as usual.
      Must be delusions of grandeur.

    • Did you google Lake Washington? =) Getn ready as we speak. Where is uk’s scoring going to come from? A thought for you son? And don’t say noel, cuz he is useless outside of 5 feet. I look forward to your answer. haha

    • Poythress, Goodwin, Wiltjer, Harrow and Bennett possibly.
      Lob city is back. Except for Wiltjer that is. Haha
      Honestly, I’m still enjoying this past yr. No need to look ahead. I’m cool for a few years.
      If we make the sweet 16 or great 8(luv that number) and not get upset by bucknell, bradley, or northern Iowa I’ll be happy.
      Have fun at the lake

    • Ahhhh!!!!!! Another Day filled with the beach, beer & bikini’s. Not to mention clear skies and sunshine with the Mariners in town later 2day. Have the Jordan Brand Classic on DVR, will watch it later. Do you guys know what DVR is or get it out yond’rrr?? LOL Enjoy your day at the creek in your backyard. Enjoy.

    • BTW ” Lob City” is already spoken for and the Key Stone involves The Big 12’s Blake Griffin in LA. Try again…

    • Are there actual cities in kentucky? Maybe that is why you guys don’t have an NBA Franchise. Food for thought.

    • Fear u r getting owned and sad part is u don’t even realize it.
      My gut tells me u live in a studio apartment and you save your money all month to pay your Internet bill with your mcDs job. Or do u stay after work to use the free wifi Ronald mcD provides u? Its clear by reading your posts that you definitely don’t own a boat and u r clearly delusional. All the rain up there making u crazy? Not even your fellow KU fans will back you because even they r tired of your lies and bs.
      Like darth said u r 0-2 vs UK and just lost NC, yet u talk like u were 2-0 and NC. Do us all a favor and get hit by a boat while your swimming with your floaties in lake Washington.

    • Well put BJ, well put. He can’t argue college b-ball, so he makes up all this other crap and fantasies about his life. It’s really quite sad. His has major insercurity problems. I mean, have you ever seen any other poster go on and on with such B.S. and brag like he does? It’s not like he can prove it, so why bother? Like I said, he’s very insecure about everything. He thinks by putting down others, it will somehow build him up and make him feel better. I would say he is about 15yrs old by the way he acts. The kid has serious problems. I thought Wildcat Jessie was bad, but fearthefog25 blows him out of the water. You can’t even have a serious discussion about any topic without him throwing in some pure hate. His reply to this will be something along the lines of: making some old azz redneck joke(which I like if they’re new and funny), putting down Ky, or making something up Ive never said. He’s very predictible. Then he’ll say something about how beautiful the sunset is and how awesome the lake was. Wait he already did that. No use arguing with a FOOL, cause all he will do is bring you down to his level.

    • I tell you what Fear, I’m only gonna talk about hoops. No insults, comebacks, or other childish things. You think you could have a decent conversation for once? Here I’ll start. It is a shame that Perry Ellis isn’t at the Jordan game. It’s def shoe related and regional politics. He’s way better than alot of the UNC and Nc state players. Ellis is underated by all the services IMO. He’s def a top 20 player. He just needs a coach to ride his azz, and Self will have him ballin’ by his soph yr.

    • Sorry to offend you, obviously struck a nerve by sheer facts about your living quaters. And captain save a hor blow job had to come stick up for his butt buddy. Having the balls to even speak after a NIT Bid. LOL Wearing you NIT T Shirt blow job?

      Geez its nice out today, get back to you chumps later. Im heading back out to Westcoast Livin’…it sure is great. I feel bad for you darth, cuz I know there is nothing to do when it is not Basketball Season. Its a long way to October, so sit ther and keep stalking twitter sites, being a troll and hitting that F5 button. LOL

      Peace out u2 butt buddies.

    • And nice post blow job on Dominic Cheek having to support his grandmother. Low Class.

      Well, my corona is calling me.


    • comment number 100! i will leave alone some of the comments mentioned above….not worth it. off the subject, greater rivarly…’ville or ku/mu? discussed this numerious times with uk and l’ville fan’s down in new orleans. that was while some fan’s above were watching the pac-12 battle for 2 spots in the nit championship……

    • Watchin my 3 recruits( should b 4) in Jordan game where all the KU kids at.

    • Fear, I see no reason to brag about things that no one can prove without giving up privacy. That is a waste of time. You wouldn’t believe me anyways. There isn’t a person who reads your bs that believes it. It could be true it might not. Thing is, nobody cares. So keep believing that every single person in Ky is a redneck and poor. It only makes you sound ignorant. You are the only one bragging. With your spelling mistakes and grammar, I could assume things too. Dude, just chill out. It’s okay, you don’t have to be so insecure.

      Mikemiller, I think the rivalries are very much alike. Both Ku and Uk are blue bloods that can back up our talk. While little brother(ul) and mizzery love to talk smack without having much success on the court. It’s even worse for mizzery, at least the cards have won a title. There is ALOT of pure hate on both sides of the rivalry. I got a feeling that Ky fans are going to get a huge dose of mizzery fans soon now they got A.O. Are you guys really not gonna play them anymore? I could see why, because there is nothing really in it for you guys anymore. Also just wanna say that I have HUGE respect for your program, I was just playing with fear to have alittle fun.

    • well uofa your comment reflects your lack of knowledge as usual. kansas runs a system and a program. i believe coach self does just fine with recruiting and the kids he brings in…..would you care to argue that point? take a look at his record since taking the head spot at ku. not to mention 2 title games, 8 straight conference championships, players drafted to the league, and coach of the year how many times? keep saying ku is on the way down every preseason young man and the west is rising. ok your done, next. darth, i discussed with 2 brothers in new orleans ( 1 for uk, 1 for l’ville) that i believe the mu/ku rivarly is the best in all of sports. only because of the pure hatred. i mean it did actually lead to a real war. in fact the cival war began over fighting on the border. if it was just about wins, i would agree it isn’t the top rivarly. in new orleans you would hear a lot about uk/l’ville hatred….that’s why i brought it up. self says he won’t schedule mu, but i wouldn’t mind seeing both sides continue to play. mu played little brother to ku in the big 12, now they will play little brother to uk.

    • blow job, you said the same thing about your recruiting class last year. LOL Where did that get you? Straight to the NIT (and whupped bu Powerhouse Bucknell in round 1 at home), once again…I feel sorry for Kaleb. I’ll be watching to see how well he develops. And will even watch him play in person when they come to Hec-Ed in Seattle. So just sit back and enjoy watching the UCLA Train come through, because you have to take a back seat again. The only way zona gets a bid is to schedule a tough non-conference schedule and win a few of those games. Not gonna happen though, and/or to win pac12 tourney…not happening either. LOL You can’t beat Bazz, Anderson, Jordan Adams, Wear Twins, and Larry Drew II. I think the Carolina Boys knew something that nobody else did, b4 they left Chapel Hill. =)

      And darth, I been playing with you the whole time. Knowing I was getting under your skin, sorry to make fun of your personal life. I know it must suck living in kentucky and live season to season, oct.-march. And I am not worried about the grammar police , because I am always working or responding in a hurry. You are considered entertainment to me, just as cats illustrated is. As hilarious and entertaining that board is, I always enjoy great laughs and giggles there. They are so paranoid and delusional, if you want to correct bad grammar and spelling….go correct them on that board. It is evident the majority are 65 and older and very uneducated. Hilarious how they praise all recruits and then bash them soon as they go elsewhere. ”Thank you for picking UCLA. I just didn’t/don’t think he’s the typical type UK player that UK ususally recruits. i.e. WKY4UK per cats illustrated ”He’s spoiled and isn’t a team player and Jimmy Dykes is being kind in his observations. He’s seen the practices and he must have not passed at all the way he’s talking.” SOUR GRAPES IF YOU ASK ME…” I think thats why he picked UCLA. He knows we’ll have other weapons and UCLA won’t play much competition out west. He still won’t average over 13 pts per game. Just doesn’t have a great shot, it floats off his hands with to much arch. You really have to get super touch with that kind of shot. But he”s a ball hog for sure. College ball may change that, but I like who we’re getting. Add Bennett and call it a day…
      ” rofflb

      Have a link for you too…


      Paul Harvey….Good Day!!! =P

    • Can’t stop the mullet!! LOL

      You guys are funny, always trying to come up with catchy phrases for players and snazzy nicknames. Just get out there and play ball, it’s not about the name on the back of the jersey, it is about the one across the front.

      Team Concept…Remember?? HaHa

      PayPal cal’s latest attempted sell as used car sales person. YEAH RIGHT!!
      And how about his corny speech, cuz he was rejected yet again. ”kentucky ain’t for everybody”. lmao SOUR GRAPES

    • ”Watchin my 3 recruits( should b 4) in Jordan game where all the KU kids at.”

      Ah. blow job, didn’t know you were a key factor in their recruitment. Wow!! ROFFL What a homer…”my 3 recruits” haha good one.

      Guss you will be taking over for sean miller once he departs for UCONN after their post season ban. LOL

    • Hahaha I think it’s time to change your tampon, sweety. You really think I care what some loser from seattle via lowrents, says on a thread. Hahaha I’m not insecure like you Jess. You got about as much a clue about me, as you do b-ball. ZERO Lol Dont you have a yacht club meeting today? Oh no wait you only go on your friends boat. C’mon son, why are you so poor?Keep deflecting and overcompensating it’s what you do. Maybe one day you’ll have a reason to come out of the closet, I mean basement.
      Also, throw stones much? On the shiver they’re badmouthing Tony Parker, Shabazz(like u had a chance), Tarc, Turner etc etc etc. I could go on for days with the amount of recruits y’all missed. Lol I love your obsession with UK though. RENT FREE bitch!! Why don’t you get it over with a support a real team. One with GR8NESS!! You hear that?
      Davidson just scored again on your azz!!! Hahah loser!! Y’all aren’t runner-ups just the first losers!!
      Once again you’ve been OWNED!!!!
      But you’re too stupid to realize.
      You STILL mad bro?

    • Baited!!! =P

    • OWNED!

    • Caught and threw back like all the other sucker fish. LMAO Notice when you get real mad, you start to curse? Can someone say Bi-Polar? Im gonna search for a number for you, you can seek help.

      Obviously Kansas does not need 6 Potential NBA First rounders to make it to a Championship Game, no McDonald’s AA’S. It is called quality coaching, should get one sometime. Bill Self National Coach of The Year 2 > PayPal cal 0. ROFFLB

    • Obviously you didn’t win!! Hahaha
      BARELY beat Purdont and NcStank. Lol
      You can keep those coach of the trophys, we’ll keep our 8 nattys.
      Life for you would be easier if you would just bandwagon over to UK, like you did for Ku in 2008.
      Wow, the butthurt is DEEP for you.
      Honestly, how much did you CRY championship night?
      Must’ve been a ridiculous amount by the way you’re still cryin’ today.
      What a GR8 time to be a Wildcat

    • You mean that quality coaching that got beat by N. Iowa, Bucknell, Bradley. Hahaha!!! Only reason he has one natty is because of D rose free throws and a lucky Mario shot.
      Cock Choke Chickenhawk!!!

      B O O M

      R O A S T E D !!!!!!!

    • A gr8 time to be a wildcat sure, but too bad you never were 1, nor ever will be. LMAO

      This from a guy named darth who has never set foot in a class room or on campus at YOU Suk. HaHa Or even been in COR-rupp-TION arena. You are a wanabe and pride yourself as a true member of bbn?? How hilarious is that?? I find it funny how you find brief success in your pitiful little life, through a basketball program. A program that was irrelevant for over a decade. LOL Did the moonshine get you through old man? Did all of your social security go towards your addictions?? Or do they even have that in kentucky…I bet you guys still trade beaver pelts. =P What is the name of that guy everyone makes fun of, the 1 with that awful yelp? He wrestles snapping turtles in the backwoods and has 3 teeth. Honestly, provide me with some info of what there is to do in kentucky as far as work and play??

      Is what I am hearing correct, Bennett to Florida?? Ouch!!!

    • And everybody knows PayPal cal blew a big lead late in 08. (not quality coaching) Remember, that is when you bashed cal and called him a ”pure cheater”. LOL I remember that well.

      And don’t forget, Kansas outscored uk 32-26 and all big men for kentucky where shut down. How do you suppose an undersized and lack of depth Jayhawk Team lockdown davis 6pts and jones 9pts, held to single digits. Withey has developed into a pure beast blocking everything. What ever happed to that over hyped juco eloy vargas? LOL Flop!! Remember you were running your mouth promising big things upon his arrival? HAHAHA Your guys’ bench play was horrible, so don’t expect too much next season. Poor kyle only played 3 mins, pretty sad for a McDs AA and 3 point specialist. Ill give uk some credit though, they had 3 point shooters in lamb and teague. Something you won’t have this season, besides Kyle. kentucky NEEDS MORE OUTSIDE SHOOTERS AND SCORING THIS UPCOMING SEASON. I would be worried….

      Withey OWNED davis in title game and shut him down, imagine what more developed and beastly centers will do to ad in the NBA.

    • The typical daily ritual of a true kentuckian. Enjoy. LOL

    • Oh, did I ruffle some chickenhawk feathers? Cry me a river, then take your boat out on it. Hahaha You got some weak-sauce on your chin there son. You might want to get your crying tissue and wipe it off! ROTFL!!!!! Your delusion is sad. I’ve only posted on this blog a week, show me where I hyped Eloy. Then you say UK has no bench, when Ku had one of the worst benches in the country. See that’s why you’re a joke, and no one takes you seriously. When you get owned, you make stuff up.

      Sorry I got under your skin, it’s just too EASY. I almost feel bad making you look stupid. Almost.
      Keep Crying kid, you’ll never get over it till you rid of the PAIN!!

    • Start cursing now son, cuz you switched a name and pretend your a first time poster; doesn’t make it so. And that was my point, Kansas was only 5 deep and made it to Title Game. Geez!! Thanks for proving my point idiot. LMAO No answer for ad and tj being shut down by a team that had ”no bench”?? ROFFLB Like your video and the fact you never even been to lexington?? =P Ewwww…get sum! Get sum!!!!!!! haha Worried a lil bout next season’s wildcat team?? Tough games ahead in chapel hill, mizzeri, and of course Louisville. I know a loss to Pitino and Siva are going to hurt the worst. LOL Gonna be so hilarious to get beat by a guy wearing a white kfc guy suit. Don’t you think? I guarantee you, uk will not win in columbia either. Can’t speak for unc though.

    • where ooh where has little darth gone?? lol

      did you change your pissed on star wars bed sheets?

    • Hahaha it’s funny that you’ve been checking back on here all night waitin’ to get PWND!! Have fun?
      Get sum? I think you still have sum’ on your chin!!! ROTFL!!!
      Let it all out, come on you’ll feel better. I know you need to vent your pathetic thoughts, but there are more productive ways to do that without making yourself look like a fool.
      I switched a name? Hahaha who was that person? Was he owning you too? Awwww the widdle guy don’t like cursing. Does your mommy pre-read my post so her little man won’t get skuurt? You’re precious. You jump your bandwagon yet? I bet your fav teams are the Giants, Cardinals, and the Mavs. Lol
      Now do me a favor. Next time you post, try not to be such a lil’ bitch and cry so much. You sound really butthurt and desperate. Oops!!! I said a bad word. Tell mommy I’m sorry.

      Can’t wait till you CRY me another post!!! So keep em’ coming. They’re really quite sad, but I enjoy pissin’ you off and pushin’ your buttons. Too bad you’re too dumb to realize it.
      I have never seen someone who is as butthurt as you.
      Now, show me you’re still cryin’ by replyin’. I know your fragile ego won’t stop you.

    • ku is a great program, uk is as well. both are at the top, or are the top in every major statistical category out there. any who think coach self can’t recruit, or is not a terrific coach is on rocks. plain and simple. no argument can be made that he isn’t. bring up the upsets to teams like northern iowa, bradley, bucknell in the tourney…..when you have the longest tourney apperence streak in the country, upsets will happen. ku is consistant and will continue to be. anyone that would like to disagree, or like many ua fan’s seem to do, state kansas is not elite and on the way down, come talk to me. i wanna hear all about it. rock chalk

    • the 1st edition of joe lunardi’s braketology is out……man ua fan’s ku is a PROJECTED, notice i say projected 1 seed already. i don’t make crystal ball predictions like your fanbase. i thought kansas was heading down and in for years of rebuilding?

    • Still crying dart, because I shut you down? You didn’t even answer my basketball questions, because you can’t. LOL Are you done bathing in the creek in dem woods yond’errr?? haha Never been to uk campus or in a class room. What a joke. You are no true fan, im on the Westcoast, yet always make it back to Lawrence for games. Alway great to go back, what is your excuse? =P

    • Ahahahaha I knew you’d be back to Cry!!! You’re such a sore LOSER. I’ve answered all the questions, you’ve changed the subject every time. Are you really from the west coast??? I hadn’t heard that before. LOL
      Sure you go back to lowrents, for games. You fly in on your G6 too, right??? Hahaha Your insecurity is showing. Methinks youve never left your moms basement.
      Now if you’ll excuse me I gots to go and milk the chickens and herd some goats. LOL Really though, could you google some better redneck jokes?? Yours are as old as that weaksauce you still have on your chin!! ROTFL!! 😉 You better change that tampon too.

      Release your pain, Jessica! That stress is gonna kill ya!

      Release the butthurt!!

    • lol What stress? im off work now….5pm. Corona time and dinner. I think ill watch jordan game too.
      =)You should fly out aWest sometime, ill buy you a drink and talk basketball. Im not about making enemies or get in a pissing contest, I love to have fun. Kansas is Great, and so is Kentucky. Honestly, I respected Kentucky and watched their games prior to paypal cal going there. Rondo is one of my favorite players, he can straight ball.

    • Can’t wait for the final four to come to Seattle after the new arena is built, going to be state of the art. =)

    • Cool, I’ve actually been to Cali three times. Although I don’t remember one time when I was 4 to go to Disneyland. No big deal. Maybe we could drink some corona in the ATL this fall at the champions classic. The beers are on me, cause it’s in the south with southern hospitality and all. 😉 Is it at the Georgia dome or at the Hawks arena? Funny you like Rondo, cause I’ve always loved Pierce. When he fell to 10th in the 97′ draft I was hoping Pitino drafted him. Maybe him and Rondo can win one more b4 they break up the team. I think that from now on Kansas should be known as Big man U, and Uk should take over as Point-guard U with Rondo, Wall, Knight, and soon to be Teague. I mean who does Zona have left? Bibby?

    • I’m down, I like shots of Southern Comfort. =) What would you think if kentucky’s 5 starters became the new Supersonics in an expansion draft? lol Would never happen, yet I would root them on. With some seasoned vets, that would be a great squad. Anyways, as long we are on top of ole roy boy for selling us out, im glad the two true blue bloods are on top. UCLA withan outstsanding class is not back, its just a temporary fix. I will enjoy watching them play in pullman and seattle though. My boy Royce Woolrige is going to do good things in pullman, they are getting a lot of players frm Phx because of him.

    • To bad royce is garbage.
      mike 4 last time west is rising phrase is not from me.
      And really only prediction I made was I said KU would struggle in 12-13.
      It’s becoming obvious I was wrong, bc I know view them as top 15 team next year. I will say this though, I think they are overrated as a top five preseaon team.
      While KU has very nice players coming back next year: withey, Johnson, releford. I just can’t see them making a run like this year.

    • u, no one can see or predict anything for next years tourney. this ku team will have more depth and talent on paper then last years as a whole. that only means so much though. adding ellis and mclemore with the players mentioned is not to shabby for a starting five. next year looks wide open overall.