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Sunday / December 17.
  • Tarczewski to Arizona Makes them Final Four Contenders

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    The addition of Kaleb Tarczewski to Arizona’s 2012 recruiting class should make Sean Miller’s team a Final Four contender in the next couple of years.

    The 7-footer from St. Mark’s (Mass.) joins a loaded 2012 class that includes Gabe York, Grant Jerrett and Brandon Ashley, all of whom were on campus two weekends ago.

    “If they stay around long enough, they can be a contender for a national championship,” longtime New York recruiting expert Tom Konchalski told by phone.

    “You never know, some of these kids think they can be one-and-done.”

    Tarczewski, out of St. Mark’s (Mass.), chose the Wildcats over Kansas after visiting both schools in October.

    “He has tremendous potential,” Konchalski said. “He has as good of a frame as any guy. He’s not quite as thick as Mitch McGary right now, but he has a great frame. His offense has improved. He uses his left pretty effectively around the basket and he has gotten better offensively. He still has work to do that way.”

    The 2012 group will join the current freshmen core of Josiah Turner, Nick Johnson, Sidiki Johnson and Angelo Chol on campus next year, when Arizona will really be loaded going forward.

    “Right now, they’re like Noah’s Ark, two of everything,” Konchalski said. “They have a full team. Josiah Turner can be an NBA lead guard. He has that type of potential. Nick Johnson is a classic scoring guard. Sidiki is a Karl Malone or a Charles Oakley type and now they have an aircraft carrier in the middle [in Tarczewski].

    “Grant Jerrett is a skilled four man. He’s sort of a counter-point to Sidiki, who’s a lunchpail guy who’s physical. Right now, [Jerrett] is soft, there’s no question but he’s skilled. He had a disappointing summer, but he’s a very talented player.”

    Despite all the individual talent, Konchalski warns that the team must jell — and that indeed will be Miller’s challenge going forward.

    “If you get a cohesive team, and guys are on the same page and guys who care about winning and playing together for a team, if they have the right goal rather than their own self-aggrandizement, the sky’s the limit for this team,” he said.

    Written by

    [email protected]

    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • sweet!

    • this should be entertaining

    • Jessie should be along any minute… and say something silly.

      And let the Kansas metldown begin…

    • over under on 29.5 comments for this post?

    • i would have gone for over 50, but maybe ku fans committed mass suicide.

    • WOw nice


    • LOL… I guess Jessie Wildcat decided to post as “AZpower” tonight?

    • Wheres all these KU bitches at? Ha
      Easy choice for Tarc , I wonder if BS called to tell him he’s makin a mistake like he did to Josiah. Only mistake is getting in recruiting wars with AZ. Back to the 3 & 4 stars ladies.

    • Good stuff AZ.
      This must of been the first site to talk about Kaleb to Arizona. Over a week old.

      WildcatNation was aware of Kaleb Tarczewski decision.

    • AZ,

      Any news fron Ron Holmes?
      Alot of buzz about the visit to Arizona.

    • No Kansas followers on this site… It was clearly the right choice for Zeus. KU fans live in the past and the present is much more important to the players. The KU fans have to be questioning Self and his recruiting tactics. Arizona has all the tools for a FF run and a couple NTs in the near future.

    • FearsPhogboy and MikeMiller13, where are you? Must hurt to see UA is currently Elite and KU WAS Elite. Don’t get me wrong, KU is a good program, though you need to respect the fact that they are currently on a down trend. Elite currently is:

      UA, UK, Duke, Oh St., NC. These teams will compete for NT in the next 2-3 years.

      BOOK IT!

    • why is zona elite? do elite teams lose to seattle pacific?

    • I’ll second that, BostonCat. Arizona may be riding high in recruiting, but you just lost to Seattle Pacific!

      Great recruiting win for AZ! Wish he was coming to KU, but best of luck!

      Keep it classy Zona

    • You guys are right in a sense about Seattle pacific game, but at the end of the day it was a exhibition game any doesn’t mean much or count , Its just a embarrassment that will quickly go away. As far as the future goes for Zona it is as bright if not brighter than anyone in the country. Sean Miller is best young coach and recruiter in the country. PAC is loading up on talent and will soon be top 3 basketball conference once again.

    • Wow… Jessie is having a conversation with himself. Jessie and AZpower are the same person. LOL

    • Can only wish the best for the kid. He must want to shine in a league with a lot less talent, and not wanna bang with the Bad Boys of The Big 12. It is brutal for Big Men. Will he still stay committed to az when Miller bolts for UCONN or will he follow him to the Huskies? If Miller was thinking of the Mayland opening, he won’t think twice about going to UCONN. He is a good recruiter yes, but hasn’t done very much as a coach yet.

    • 2 elite eights and 4 sweet 16 is not bad for first seven years coaching is it phog?

    • I can’t remember how many Conference Championships and 30+ Win Seasons, and don’t care to look it up either. I know its not that much. Kaleb should do very well though and dominate against lesser talent in Pac 12. He cleary thinks he can put up bigger num,bers against lesser competition.

    • Why do all of you assume Miller to UConn? Most folks locally think it’ll be Ollie or Tom Moore

    • No phog he just wants to compete for NCs and Kansas doesn’t have the firepower with back to back dud recruiting classes.

    • Wow! az 20 turnovers tonight and barely scored 60 points on D2 Humbolt State. LOL Really good coaching from a Hall of Famer Coach. haha

      Obviously we have a long way to go, but we know a lot more about our team now than we did two weeks ago,” said head coach Sean Miller.

      I would say you have a lomg long way to go, no Cheap Pac 10 Title this season. I would say FUCLA or UW will take it. Hopefully Pac gets more than 1 team in Big Dance from that weak Conference.

      Kansas has been doing it continually for nearly a Qtr. Century (Consecutive NCAA Tourney Appearances) without Number 1 Recruiting Classes. Its called quality coaching.

      Will Kaleb’s Talent be wasted at zona? We shall see…

      Did you see zona transfer Jeff Withey’s Triple Double tonight? Two Words – Quality Coaching

    • I see a very possible 3 of 4 losses in zonas near future. LOL Valparaiso, St. John’s, and/or Mississippi State/Texas A&M.

    • Lol
      Talk about a obsession looking up exhibition box scores and our schedule, it’s not to late to hop on the UofA bandwagon fog.

    • You also saw Tarc in KU s future and you were wrong you douchbag.
      Rock chalk jay hawk fuck you!
      Good luck with the 3 stars.

    • Dawgs coming ffor cats. LOL Are you skurrd? Note headline at 2:10 during video.

      I follow all basketball games that are playing. After that disgusting display of Basketball, that is all you have to say? LMAO 60 pts. on D2 Team? And what happen to fogg? I thought he would be your guys’ team leader? UW Huskies Will run you guys outta the gym…serious talk.

    • Your 5 stars can’t even beat up on D2 Teams. LMAO HAHA Goodluck with Valpo tho. Get sum!!

    • Must suck to have no recruits and know the cupboards bare for the future huh fog.
      All you got can talk about anymore are meaningless exhibition games that mean nothing? Once parrom comes back and Miller gets the lineup figured out all will be good. Although I will be the first to admit they look like garbage right now , that won’t carry into regular season. And thanks for the good luck against valpo.

    • LMAO Whatever helps you sleep at night son. Have you forgot about Traylor, Ellis, McLemore, and Peters for next season? Oh, and your homeboy Tripl3 Double Withey will be a Senior. LOL Quality Coaching…get sum!!

    • Mclemore and trailer dumb asses can’t even qualify peters who ? 6 10 3 star white boy. That’s funny u count on idiots who can’t even qualify to be players, folks this is how desperate KU fans are getting.

    • Funny how you guys can’t even whup up on D2 Chumps. LMAO And keep making lame excuses. You obviously don’t know basketball. You think 5* gonna bring instant titles. (see calipari & kentucky) Takes vetran leadership and quality coaching. zona is good, but just on the Westcoast. LOL You do know you guys cannot compete in Powerhouse Conferences because they are real physical. You probably been giving u of a Blow Jobs, and never even played ball before. lol I bet I am right. HAHA

    • Who got Tarczewski again?

    • And that makes you relevant….because? Hope he stays committed and does’t opt out and follow miller to UCONN. Then the whole recruiting class will re-open and look elsewhere. LOL Wouldn’t that be something? Did you ever find out miller’s 30+ winnings seasons as coach? If I remember right, I think it was just 2. LOL

    • I love how this is a Big East/east coast blog and the only people who leave comments are Arizona and Kansas fans

    • Just watched some zach peters tape that was funny. Man KU is loaded going forward.
      Sorry fog but me and Tarc think ZONA is the better choice.

    • UofA BJ,

      Why are you stooping to Phearthefag’s level and responding to any of her posts? She’s obviously a teenage girl with a crush on Bill Self and whose parents are UW/UConn alums. That’s the only way to explain the nonsense in her posts.

      Anyway, congrats on a great recruiting class. Once your players gel, you’re team will be just fine.

    • Sorry Blow Job, but remember Morris Twins arrived on campus as 4* Recruits and couldn’t dunk? You do the math, being that they progressed to be NBA Lottery Picks. Any other brain busters? LOL Zach has more muscle and bulk than Tarc, and is an all state football player. Would love to see that match up in a year or two. Playing weaker competition in the pac will not prepare you for March.

    • Along comes Captain Save-A-Hoe. LMAO

      The difference between ignorance and apathy? I don’t know, and I couldn’t care less.

      Musta had free-bes b4 from u of a Blow Job.

    • Now peters is better than Tarc , priceless comments fog you are a true douchebag. Say hi to your mom 4 me and keep the basement clean.

    • Again…why the Miller to UConn talk? AG in NYC why the UConn-nonsense post

    • haha basement….really? That is so old son. So tell me, have you ever played college or organized ball? I doubt IT, and I never said he (Peters) was a better than Tarc. Yet, with quality coaching – we will see who develops better in the long run. Why can’t miller even coach a few 5* and 4* to blow out D2 teams? With their talent, they should be blowing them out based on talent alone. And wouldn’t even need a coach to do it. Why do you keep avoiding that fact? LOL

    • Is it fearthephogg25 or fearthefagg25? Just need clarifications …..