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Friday / February 23.
  • Tarczewski Weighing ‘Tough Decision’

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    Kaleb Tarczewski is weighing a “tough decision” between Kansas and Arizona, according to his AAU coach, John Carroll.

    The 7-footer from Southborough (Mass.) St. Marks took an official visit to Arizona this past weekend, one week after he tripped to Kansas for “Late Night in the Phog.”

    “The visit went really great,” Carroll said by text. “He really likes Sean Miller’s recruits and Arizona.

    “It’s a really tough decision for him. Two great programs and head coaches.”

    Tarczewski tripped to Arizona the same weekend Miller’s highly touted 2012 class of Gabe York, Grant Jerrett and Brandon Ashley were on campus. Stephen Domingo, a 2013 forward from San Francisco, also made the trip.

    Numerous former Arizona players participated in a scrimmage over the weekend, reportedly including Derrick Williams, Jason Terry, Chase Budinger, Andre Iguodala, Jordan Hill, Jerryd Bayless, Michael Dickerson, Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye.

    Tarczewski is now home and weighing his decision.

    “No timeframe” on a decision,” Carroll said. “When he is 100 percent comfortable then he will make the call.”

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • How Tarc could pass playing with York Ashley and jerret in Tucson is hard to imagine. Especially after seeing that red blue game with all those pros and hearing those ovations. Can’t speak for late night at fog buy red blue game was off the charts crazy,

    • I promise im not trying to insult you or U of A but when I read “red and blue game with all of those pro’s” I thought of our red and blue game that was nothing but pros. And Allen Field House is always sold out and loud as all hell. Again not trying to to start a fight or say your game wasn’t good cuz from the pictures I saw it looked pretty cool. Just trying to say we had one of those games and late night in the phog. Both schools have great alumni and great venues. Prob why its a difficult decision. I know I am biased but I can say what I believe to be the truth that there is no better venue in college basketball than Phog Allen Field House. Rock Chalk!

    • what is we are arizona? last i checked jessie jessie u of a was behind ku in wins, ncaa championships, conference championships, final four appearences, tournament wins, all americans, coaching prestige. i believe ku has more current nba players as well. is the arena where u of a plays ever mentioned as let’s say 1 of the top 6 in the country? arizona is a good program, but please calm down and get a clue.

    • Interesting comment, given UofA is still on probation for Lute’s cheating. I imagine the visit to Truck Stop U. went about as expected. Does he really want to play midnight games on networks no one can find? At a bland dump of an arena? I doubt it.

    • U of A Alum here. So lets clear some things up…
      1. Allen field house, while nice since the remodel, is too small. McKale is the largest basketball arena in the Pac 12 and has the nicest players locker room of any NCAA program. I went to Allen field house twice last year and spent 4 years going to McKale. Both have neat features like the hall of champions etc. But waiving wheat is a little gay. Both have VERY passionate fan bases. Arizona fans can be a little unforgiving, will give you that.
      2. Lute’s NCAA penalty is laughable, anyone who knows the details knows that he wasn’t involved anymore than just signing something on his desk. The NCAA was way to aggressive with this.
      3. Elite 8 team that very easily could have gone all the way given a shot gone the other way. (this was a team that constantly improved through out the year because of coaching)
      4. Best recruiting class in the country (care to compare?)
      5. Weather (beats shitty Kansas winters)
      6. I’ll give lawrence it’s digs for being a neat town to walk around in, but the simple minded corn fed population is just too much for me. To his or her own way right? (nice people il’l be it and very pretty women at both universities)
      7. Zona’s biggest and best showed up, Both schools have impressive NBA graduates but Zona is a better place to come and learn the fundamentals of the game as well as team work. Less 1 and dones, less selfish recruits, and a coach that actually cares about grades and morals.
      8. If Tarc choses KU it will ultimately be because of playing time, which at the end of the day you can respect, but he better think long and hard about what happens if he doesn’t pan out from day 1. Pick a team where you can grow, not where you have to be a god from day 1. Pick a team where you can be a teammate not the team.
      9. UofA mens basketball program is on the up and up, can’t say that for the Jay Hawks (lets be honest, given recent developments there have been some questionable moves by self)
      10. is a bonus, but lets face it… the Pac 12 is stable, with just as much espn visibility.

    • Don’t get me wrong KU is traditionally a better program historically, but that’s the past and ZONA is about to make some deep NCAA runs due to Sean millers ridiculous ability to recruit and coach. While KU continues to land some really nice players UofA is bringing in some serious fire power. All I will say to u KU fans is if you are out of the loop on how ridiculous nick Johnson , Josiah turner, gabe York, Brandon Ashley , grant jerret are not to mention Angelo chol , sidiki Johnson and would be seniors and NBA prospects Solomon hill and kevin parrom you will see why analysts are saying they are a national championship contender for the forseeable future.

    • Im a die hard UA fan. Jessie does not speak for the majority of Wildcat fans! Jessie rubs me the wrong direction! Both programs have plusses and minuses. Whatever program KT picks, he will elevate it to the next level, period! Jessie, show some class man, UA class!

    • One Big difference is, zona does not have Danny Manning. As one guy posted b4, Kansas is Big Man U, and develops all their Big Men into Lottery Pick via High/Low-Pick/Roll. The Offense is suited or K.T. And why play on FSN at midnight when you can alway be showcases on ESPN. Especially all the ESPN Big Mondays. We all know the Pac 12 is weak, well besides UW.

    • PAC 12 actually signed new tv deal with espn recently.
      If Tarc wants to compete for national titles he will choose UofA. If he wants to get knocked out in sweet sixteen by mid majors he will choose KU.

    • No fire power for Danny Manning? lol Thought so..I see no ESPN Big Mondays in the near future for zona. You have to earn them to be showcased. Has zona beaten Kansas recently? I think not. Has KU Beat up on all the Pac teams recently? Undefeated, what does that tell you?

    • What a great player. Wonderful career!

    • hahahaha hotsauce, so like allen field house cameron indoor is a smaller venue, but both are not comparable to let’s say a larger erwin center where tx plays just because it’s bigger like the mchale center?????? so size means a better venue? funny when allen field house was voted the loudest venue in the country but yet smaller then the mchale center. think about that again. like i said not even top 6 and you would hear that from others not associated with either program. recruting for the year is not over….but think about what uk has accomplished with the number 1 class the last 3 years???? recruiting isn’t everything. it’s comical how ua recruits are already a step above anyone in the country. ku finished the season with 3 losses, put 3 more players in the league, won another big 12 title, yet the program is in shambles? again, arizona a good program, but second tier with recent success or all time. too bad thomas robinson won’t be able to go get it again against ua like last year in the regular season. let’s take a look at that again ha!

    • To compare McHale Arena to Allen Fieldhouse is laughable … and I say that with all due respect. I don’t care to stoop to Jessie’s level or have a pissing match with any UofA fans, but Allen Fieldhouse is a museum of college basketball history.

    • McKale only seats about 14,000, vs 16,000 for AFH. Plus, it’s populated by geezers who sit on their hands. There are few student tickets (students only get half the season in the ticket package). Arizona is a great program — but KU is better.

    • No recruits outside the state of Kansas? Zach Peters from Plano, TX. And then someone by the name of Perry Ellis who is a top 25 recruit and hope to add Kaleb. Im glad someone got on here from U of A and said Jessie doesnt respresent them cuz he makes U of A look pretty bad.

    • Zona is 1-1 vs KU last two games phog.
      You must not remember budingers dunk on Aldrich

    • I’m not sure that Perry Ellis is ranked in the top 25 by any good recruiting service. And by good I mean Scout and ESPN. Rivals doesn’t count as good.

    • I’m not sure that Perry Ellis is ranked in the top 25 by any good recruiting service. And by good I mean Scout and ESPN.

    • first of all no school in the country has more players in the nba right now than arizona. Zeuss is not going to kansas, its not gonna happen, lets weigh the pros and cons here zona pros – number 1 recruiting class in the country, most powerful team on west coast, phenominal weather, stable conference ( we all know the big 12 is doomed ), 3-1 girl to guy ratio and the women are so so hot, 3 billion dollar media deal, carrier classic against UCONN, prime facilites with more upgrades on the way. Kansas has one pro – playing time. There is not one other single thing that kansas can offer that zona cant do bigger and better. Zeuss is gonna be a wildcat. nuff said.

    • Haha, 1st off….Ku vs ua 12 games, ku has won 8. If weather was so important to where every 18 year old kid based their decision off, every recruit would be in Florida or California. Your conference added Colorado and Utah….enough said. The big 12 has and is actually replacing schools with others that have programs in either football or basketball or both. Ucla owns the west coast, numbers don’t lie. Again, good second tier program that has a great class coming in. Congrats on that and it should bring a very good future. A ua fan should understand from recent recruits that player rankings don’t mean everything. See this past draft’s 2nd overall pick.

    • haha was that for real? You got one thing right, zona is good….just on the Westcoast at midnight.

    • And btw, have your carrier classic. There is this little champions classic beginning this year and will continue. Ku, uk, duke, mich st…..just saying.

    • Thats right, zona only received the carrier classic because Bill Self & Co. turned it down. UCONN by 15 over az anyways….

    • The PAC 12 recently signed the most lucrative media rights contract of any conference in collegiate athletics. $3 Billion over 12 years, or $250 Million/team/year. The contract guarantees every football and basketball game to be televised nationally on either ESPN/ABC/FOX. This includes prime-time games every week. The deal begins Fall of 2012.

      Arizona will have more money and national coverage, on the largest networks, and during peak time slots than any program in the country! UA is also working on their own private network in addition to this that will cover only Arizona Athletics 24 hrs a day, similar to what Texas has done.

      The PAC 12 is set up as the future model of college sports, and UA is primed to lead the race in basketball with Sean Miller. Elite 8, #2 pick in the draft, Top 10 2011 final ranking, demolition of Duke, new practice facility/locker rooms, #1 recruiting class in 2012, best media rights contract in college sports, oh, and great weather and ladies. It’s only going to get better!

      Zeus!! Come join the movement.

    • I may not always agree with what Fear has to say but I must say he’s right this time – UConn is going runaway with that Carrier Classic

    • funny how arizona fans brag about miller. he hasn’t done anything yet.

    • Too bad Kansas has lost to every mid major there is in the tournament. Also Kansas doesn’t own the PAC12 not even close. And two former AZ players played against each other is this past NBA Championship game, something Kansas cant say. Good luck in the tournament this year, I hope you don’t face powerhouse Northern Iowa. Arizona has played a ton of games during primetime, exposure has never really been a problem for Arizona.

    • Why join join a so-called a movement, when you can be the keystone of TRADITION?

    • Sure, i’ll play your silly little game. Yet to hear a ua fan discuss wins and losses but it is what it is. Kansas has a winter, Arizona doesn’t. The pac 12 has a new media deal….how did the university of Kansas ever become 1 of the most prestigious college basketball programs without 1 of those or new locker rooms? Ua has the number 1 recruiting class so far for next year…recruiting is only a piece to the puzzle, see Kentucky. Keep em coming friends

    • Why join a tradition of losing to mid majors?

    • Azpres, I forgot bobby kept the bench warm for Chalmers while Mario started. Terry is a great 6th man i’ll agree. I must say though, do some research regarding NCAA college basketball records and then come back with anything you want. Now, move along

    • Get your wins in the tournament up and then speak your mind. Rock chalk

    • KU fans living in the past. Always, teams on the downward slope like to rely/argue about what used to be. And you cannot tell me that KU would not want awesome locker rooms, a huge television contract, a stable conference, and the #1 recruiting class in the Nation. Every single coach in the country will tell you how important good recruiting is to developing a program. Sorry Mike, but if you are running a program, you would not last two years.

    • I did some research. You lost to mid majors: Virginia Commonwealth, Northern Iowa, Bradley, Bucknell, Georgia Tech, Rhode Island, Purdue, UTEP, Auburn, Wichita State.

    • How dumb are these fuggin Arizona fans?

      Zags, you going to clean up your site or continue to let idiots argue at the bottom of every article you write?

    • Again, 3 losses last year, another conference championship and 3 players added to the league. How is a program coming off a year like that on the way down???? Keep in mind ku didn’t have the number 1 recruiting class last year, the year before, the year prior, so on and so forth. So tell me my friend again how does ku do it with such a run down fieldhouse, bad weather, and not the number 1 recruiting class year in and year out?? Azpres, i’ll help you out friend. G tech, auburn, and purdue are not considered mid majors but nice try. Did you happen to compare ku tournament wins, appearances, final fours, and championships against ua numbers? Get back to me

    • Funny you mention Wichita state since I am an alum. I bet if you polled individuals not associated with either ua or wsu you would find that their arena has a better environment then ua. In fact coach lute Olson of your u of a use to marvel at how the fans were at what is now charles koch arena. I guess you knew that though haha. Get a clue, next

    • Godzilla I can tell you wins and losses matter to me. If history and numbers don’t matter in sports tell me what does please? What do you base a teams value off? How has Kansas developed the program it has with not recruiting the #1 class year in and year out? Should we go strictly off the most recent season? If that’s the case ku beat Arizona. Or base it off the new season where 1 game hasn’t even been played. Maybe you might wanna re phrase ku fans living in the past because you have no point.

    • so ku fans argument is “we used to be good.” ???????????????

    • Kpinaz if that’s what your brain took away from everything posted then you wont be able to process anything. Good luck to Arizona this upcoming season. Jessie Jessie keep up the great work

    • FeatherPhag: And all you KU fans that hold up Danny Manning as some sort of Trophy, take a look at the NBA stats, say oh, against Jason Terry who you all call a pretty good “6th Man.”

      Manning: 17 NBA Seasons, 24,202 minutes, 12,367 pts….

      J Terry: 12 NBA Seasons (and counting), 32,262 minutes, 15,537 pts…

      Yeah, that is what I thought. Manning was average at best and not even close to Jason Terry.

    • Bottom line is… Kaleb wants to play for a future national championship squad in Arizona or a second tier squad on the down cycle as Kansas? Texas will be tough this year and I see Kansas being in a tough battle for second with OkSt. Now, Arizona, they will start off with a bit of bumps and bruises with DWill gone, and KParrom recovering. It is hard to vision this year’s squad not making a deep run in the tourney. Every college insider will have Arizona AP #1 start of 2012 season. I am sure Kaleb knows this, KU fans need to get away from the Phog and stop pretending Bill Self is not competing with the big boys as of late…

    • Danny Manning = Best Big Man Coach in The Country. Turned 4* Morris Twins into Lottery Picks. Want more Big Men developed under Mannings Wings? You missed the boat my friend. And by the way, Jason “The Jet” Terry claims Seattle, not az. LOL Do your homework. Ouch!!

    • Zeus does not want to come in and have the entire weight of a program on him and Thorpe. Zeus wants to be part of a number 1 recruiting class in the nation and a TEAM that is ranked number 1 in the nation in 2012-2013. Our squad has the looks of dominance that Billy Donovan had with the baby gators for back to back NT.

      Kaleb has been recruited well by Kansas. It would be a complete failure and heart break for them to lose on him. Though, Kaleb is smart kid and knows this is a business about taking care of yourself. Self, has nobody to blame but himself for not recruiting well these past 2 years. It will come back to haunt him with Kaleb.

      Kaleb and his parents know that UA needs a strong 5 to win a NT and compete for multiple NTs in the near future. At Kansas, they need a big man just to compete for a top 20 ranking.

    • How can az win Pac 12 if UW is always in the mix? Beyond that, Pac 12 is weak. I would even bet FUCLA beats az with added Wear twins via UNC. HAHA

    • I venture to say we will be 2nd in the PAC this year behind UCLA. Though, in the tourney we will come out with a MONSTER deep run again. We have 4 freshmen that will play heavy minutes and find their grove later in the season.

      Though, 2012-2013 is our NT team. We will be AP preseason #1 and Kaleb and CO know this. It is no secret that UA has all the tools to make multiple NT runs.

      Not worried about the PAC12. UCLA will be good too in the next couple of years. We welcome the challenge. Bigger deal for UA is NTs.

    • Isn’t Sean Miller considering the UCONN gig when Calhoun Retires after this season? Considering he makes it through the season.

    • Kaleb did say he would rather play ball with Perry Ellis.

    • Sean Miller will be in Tucson for many many years…. Now, your guy Self may pull a Roy Williams on you and bolt to CONN, LMAO!

    • LOL He Miller is an Eastcoast guy, and UCONN is a huge step up grom az. It has been said he wants to get his family back east. Better accept it now, UCONN will be calling. LOL

    • Perry Ellis. Ya, nice player.

      Though, let’s compare.

      A top flight 6/8 (top 5 rank) BASHLEY and a 6/10 (top 10 rank) Jerrett, which neither play my position at Arizona…..

      Or maybe play with a top 25 player (6/8) native at Kansas……

      Nuff Said!

    • Miller is taken care of. His kids don’t want to leave Tucson. He got his staff the money they deserve. He no longer has to ride commercial to get to recruits. Miller donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to build bball projects at McKale. He is there for the long run. UA and Miller will rise to Multiple NTs in the near future. Book IT!

    • LOL Nobody turns down a UCONN job, keep telling yourself that. LOL You would be a fool to think otherwise. Especially after a final 4 run this season. Sweet dreams sweet pea. HAHA

    • Disregard anything that fearthephog25 has to say. In case you guys weren’t aware, he’s the KU version of JesseWildcat. He has zero basketball knowledge and just trolls the message boards looking to get a reaction. Don’t feed into it.

    • I could tell FeatherPhag was worthless. Or a teenager. He has to punctuate his own posts with “LOL”, “HAHA,” Ouch” like a bad comedian using canned laughter. Wasn’t sure if it was worth responding to him once I really looked at his posts closely.

    • I see some folks getting a lil butthurt in terms of accepting “THE TRUTH”. No pun intended, MVP Paul Pierce has nothing to do with this. LOL Miller is gone once Calhoun retires.

    • i’ve noticed no ua fan here has a rebuttal for anything i put out.

      -godz manning vs terry huh? ok, lets do current. pierce and any ua player you wanna mention….
      past, wilt vs who you got? thanks, next

      -catin second tier is the type of program ua is. not elite. ua has had some very good years. i guess ku was supposed to drop off when an unknown williams took over for coach brown. wasn’t kansas going to fall off when ostertag, pollard, williams lafrentz, pierce and vaughn left? or how about when gooden, hinrich, and collison left? or miles, lankford, lee and simien? from there giddens and padgett transferred. how about when chalmers, jackson, rush, arthur, wright, robinson and kaun all left? collins, cole, and henry????? players at kansas step up when needed. current players on the roster have waited their turn just as barely recruited tyrel reed and walk on brady morningstar did last year. the team is thin but it is still kansas. regarding pulling a williams and leaving for unc from ku as you mentioned self would do. that was his his home state and it was 1 of the elite, not second tier as is ua, programs in the country. nice try though. keep em coming

    • Maybe godzilla may try and bring up memphis part time coach luke walton. HAHA Maybe Walton will take over once Miller leaves. Or maybe he tries to compare channing frye to Wilt. Probably get mad when Markieff Morris gets more PT and production than frye for the Suns.

    • Second Tier Program, FAIL.

      Arizona has the MOST NBA Draft Picks since 1988 (63 total)! 25 All-Americans. 25 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances (2nd most all-time). 1 National Championship (beat three #1 seeds to do it, including Kansas, btw). 4 Final Fours. 9 Elite Eights. 14 Sweet Sixteens.

      Arizona is tied for the 5th most Top-100 rated recruits over the past 10 years also. 2 behind Kansas during that span.

      Kansas is certainly a Top-5 program in the country. Arizona is Top-10 and trending upward! Both programs have rich history and tradition. Both are considered Elite.

    • What do you KU fans honestly think of suns drafting markief over Marcus because I am baffled by that pick . In my opinion Marcus is fat and away the better player. Suns have a knack for having the worst siblings jason collins, robin lopeZ, Taylor griffen, and now markief smh.

    • no fail, i need more then what you just listed because that is too easy to reply to. try again

    • I’ll take dwill over pierce any day can you say mismatch.

    • uofa i was really trying to respect your opinions but that last 1 blew. maybe you were just being sarcastic…..i hope so

    • THis is stupid. Wilt Chamberlain??? Really? Paul “the Old and Original Gangster” Pierce? I specifically brought up Manning and measured him against a “6th Man” in Jet since all we hear about is how great D. Manning is. Then now we hear he is a great coach. Woop-dee-doo” I will take Miller & Co. over Self and Manning seven days a week.

      Mike, no one gives a hoot what you have to say because you are so off-base. Your arguments are as old and tired as the KU Tradition (only two NC in 50 years). Irrelevant. Arizona is rocking. KU is hurting and you cannot deny that. If anyone is gonna be leaving, it will be HCBS. AZ has restarted another 25 + year run in the Dance, and we have an NC in the close horizon. Your supposed blue blood had did not help you on the Court against all those mid-majors who ate Jayhawk for lunch.

    • Kansas just dates back longer. As do Kentucky, North Carolina, and UCLA. Those are considered the “Blue Bloods” of college basketball because they created the landscape. But, even those schools went through bad stretches and down years, usually surrounding a coaching transition.

      Then there are the older programs that have made a huge impact, but have not consistently won at an elite level. Georgetown, Indiana, Michigan St., Michigan, N.C. St., Syracuse, and Louisville.

      But, how about the programs that were founded within the past 30 years? Programs that have been established as consistent winners at an elite level over the last 2-3 decades? I’d say only Duke, Arizona and UConn would qualify. This is why Arizona is listed as a consensus Top-10 CB Program in history by nearly every critic that covers the sport.

      Who will take over for Coach K and Calhoun with retirement approaching?? Only Arizona has their successor in place for the long haul, with only a couple down years to transition from Lute. Miller has already returned the CATS to the elite of CB, he has the money and support of the University to establish Arizona as the best program in the West for the next 20 years! No reason to EVER leave.

    • god let me put you to bed quickly. you would take miller and co over self and manning ok. manning has 2, 1 as a player and 1 as an assistant. self has 1. from my count that’s 3-0. next, old “gangster pierce” ok jessie let’s talk gangstaU. gilbert arenas maybe. next, ua fan talking about 2 nc’s in the last 50 years?? you have 2 nc appearence’s period if i’m not mistaken. ku has has that in just this past decade. 1 under your total final fours in this past decade alone. next, how are you rocking and ku is heading down currently? check the preseason polls!!!! ku is ahead of ua at 13 and they have lost 4 lottery picks and a 2nd rounder to the nba the last 2 years, not to mention collins. robinson is a preseason all american canidate. do you understand? this is ku. tell me what’s on the downward spiral please? mid majors have happened, you’re right. but 8 of 12 happens too

    • nate, i like your post. you seem to have more insight then some of the others. as i’ve said in many posts that ua has a very good program and has had some very good years. but, a top recruiting class only goes so far. from what i take away from ua fans on this site and other KANSAS sites is ku might as well call it quits and become a d 2 school ha. i understand the excitement but please know that kansas has never and will never fall off. as you said yourself, it’s a program that has been around and acheived what i would consider a fair amount of success. even without a #1 recruiting class, or a new media deal, or flashy locker rooms, or having bad winters. is that just all gonna go away now?

    • i wanted to leave this for the next ua fan that continues to believe ku is in terrible trouble and there is no hope in site in the near future. btw, as mentioned to god, why is ku ranked ahead of ua preseason with 4 lottery picks and a 2nd rounder lost EARLY to the nba in the last 2 years if things are just so messy in lawrence ks.

      i guess ku was supposed to drop off when an unknown williams took over for coach brown. wasn’t kansas going to fall off when ostertag, pollard, williams lafrentz, pierce and vaughn left? or how about when gooden, hinrich, and collison left? or miles, lankford, lee and simien? from there giddens and padgett transferred. how about when chalmers, jackson, rush, arthur, wright, robinson and kaun all left? collins, cole, and henry????? players at kansas step up when needed. current players on the roster have waited their turn just as barely recruited tyrel reed and walk on brady morningstar did last year

    • Didn’t you guys lose to a D-2 school tonight…..

    • zona fans are gonna get a hoot over this one. ROFFL They will go into hiding as usual, especially uofa blow job and lil jessie. HAHA Where are you guys now and this so called “return to elite status”, “Arizona is rocking” or getting rocked? LMAO!!!! This one is hilarious…”UA and Miller will rise to Multiple NTs in the near future. Book IT!”. OMG This is too funny, I can’t stop laughing.

      TUCSON, Ariz. — Seattle Pacific, an NCAA Division II competitor, upset Arizona, 69-68 in an exhibition men’s basketball game Thursday in McKale Center.
      Arizona was ranked 16th nationally among Division I schools. It was the Wildcats’ first defeat in an exhibition game since an 81-80 loss to Athletes in Action on Nov. 19, 1984.
      Looks like Micah Downs brother from SPU had other plans for a so-called Top 10 Team. LMAO David Downs registered 14 points and 7 assists for the Falcons.

      Goodnight Sweat Peas!! Bye bye sean miller, on to UCONN.

    • The McKale Center musta been Rock’n and Chalk’n with Downs’ Kansas Connection!!!

    • Bring on the excuses, I already know what you are going to say….bet on it.

    • BTW, it was late hitting the news because the rest of the Basketball World was sleeping. Tune into FSN if you have it. LOL

    • ok so ummmmmmm, i’m a stl cards fan (born in stl) and catching some espn. at the start of a new sportscenter they mention some d 2 school in seattle? god? cat? jessie jessie? hotsauce? cwoods?azpres? uofa? nate? i need something ASAP and please don’t try and excuse oh it’s preseason. don’t mention me on here ever. ku is down, #1 recruiting class, ua is rocking, ku lives in the past, new locker rooms, great weather. mid majors………………try d 2 schools. i guess you guys need MORE “top” recruits

    • u of a fans….that new media deal is working out well. you made the ticker on espn.

    • +1 haaha

    • All is good 🙂 Definitely smirking reading through these posts. Certainly deserve it after that stinker. Here are my thoughts. Watched the whole game and came away with one obvious impression: UA lost something like 60% of their offense between DWill, MoMo and Horne. It was evident that UA does not have a clear leader and go-to scorer this early on. They struggled big time to create offense for one another. The only upperclassmen we have are used to being role players, and they clearly did not look comfortable taking over. This team does not have an identity yet, but it does have LOADS of talent and good coaching.

      Too many guys were hesitant to be THE guy tonight. Almost like the team was waiting for DWill to step back on the court and take over. It was tough to watch at times, but I came away with the impression that someone has to step up as the vocal leader and command control as the next go-to scorer on this team because DWILL ain’t comin’ back! The energy in McKale was begging for someone to assert himself.

      I believe Nick Johnson will grow into that player this season, perhaps now earlier than expected. I remember North Carolina losing some early tune up games in the past as well. It’s tough bringing in a big recruiting class and expecting everyone to know how to fit into their roles from day one. I was disappointed most with the lack of senior leadership. Young guns are going to have to take over if that does not change! Oh, and to that point, also to throw one last excuse in there, man did it hurt not having Parrom and his leadership tonight. Should never have been a close game either way, but hey. NYC guy, toughest dude on the squad, junior glue guy, Mr. “No Easy Buckets”. Definitely missed his presence out there tonight. On to the next one!!!

    • ………….still waiting for all the “#1 recruiting class elite program” ua fans to bump their gums…………..

    • At least omne guy has Spauldings, by the way jessie spells his/her name; doubt that person has a pair. LOL All I hear are crickets….Once again Pac 12 is weak, but I sure bet UW blows out Seattle Pacific on Friday, Nov. 4 for a 7 p.m. game at Edmundson Pavilion.

    • What conference is KU in 2 years from now or so when all the football schools bail on the conference for real conferences? Realignment is real, and sorry Jayhawks, no one is taking your sorry football team, so hoops is screwed. Good luck with an RPI as an independent playing Norte dame or whomever. UA may be having a rough football year, but is a continuing member of the PAC-12, and our conference will only grow stronger, especially when Texas and ? join for 14 or 16 teams. You may say the talent is weak, but check what the average percentage of PAC 10 teams made the NCAAs over the past 20 years. Also, how many first round exits has Self made in the tourney? I can’t even keep track of the schools starting with B that won in the first round against KU. Miller took Xavier to the elite 8 and sweet sixteen year after year.

    • For all those Jaycock fans.
      I will remind you.
      I talked about the NCAA put USC in sanctions in BB.
      I talked about Tim being let go.
      I talked about unconditional releases for USC players.

      I said this, months before it happened.
      I know the west coast.

      So hear me know…
      -a west coast school has reached out to a coach.
      That midwest coach is surely interested. He also reached out.
      When Texas leaves ,next year, this coach will also leave his present school.
      He want stay in the Big12. He wants to coach in a SuperConference.

    • Football speaking here, the quack pac is still weak. And was supposed to get stronger with the addition of coloarado and utah. The news is they both still suck in a weak conference. I think maybe 2 wins between the both this football season. LOL Do you ejoy colorado’s poor academic standing and probation they brought with them? =P There isn’t one team on the westcoast that can beat Texas anyway, so keep lying to yourself. haha

    • Tarc going to AZ. Goodnight girls.

    • Not while Miller is eyeing UCONN job. Sweet Dreams.

    • Seee ya! Featherphag and Mike not only were wrong, but now they can go caress each other and make themselves feel better. POW!!! Shows them for being know-it-all ugly KU fans.
      LMFAO!!!!!!!! On the odd chance that they do like girls, I wish them a lifetime of Kansas Kankles !!! hahaha. LOL! Booooommm! OUCH! That Must’ve Hurt!!!

    • hahahahahaha. funny thing is kansas fans actually thought they were gonna get him. Zona dominates