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Friday / February 23.
  • Selby Won’t Trip to Kentucky

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    Josh Selby won’t make his scheduled visit to Kentucky this weekend, according to a report on

    Selby’s mother, Maeshon Witherspoon, told the site that her son wasn’t emotionally up for the trip after losing a heartbreaker Thursday in the Maryland state playoffs.

    The 6-3 Selby continues to list Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky and UConn. He also failed to make a recent trip to UConn due to “car trouble.”

    Kentucky hosts SEC rival Florida at noon on Sunday on CBS.

    (Photo courtesy Baltimore Sun)

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

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    • So let me get this straight.. he visits Kansas, cancels UConn and then cancels Kentucky. Sounds like someone is about punch their ticket to Lawrence.

      • actually it sounds like someone has decided on uk.

      • Do you think that he would go to that dump?

    • Sounds like UK may get who they want. its obvious all guards are waiting to see who is going to UK

    • I think Selby is down to two schools, Arizona and Kansas. He didn’t skip the UConn trip because of “car trouble” and he could have easily took a plane to Lexington if he wanted to, no matter what happened with his high school team.

      Now, it is only a matter of time before he decides he wants to play in Lawerence or Tucson.

      • selby isn’t down to two schools. he is waiting to see what knight does. thats why he doesnt need to take visits.

    • Hell, looks like the rumors are true; Kansas and Arizona are the remaining two!

      “Car trouble” and “wasn’t emotionally up for the trip” are just excuses, he’s obviously narrowed his decision.

      As I’ve stated before; Selby is a Top 10 player and doesn’t want to take a backseat to NO ONE, and Calipari has made it very clear who his #1 target is and that’s Knight.

      Its all going to come down to which team he feels more comfortable with and which campus he enjoys more. He’ll thrive in either system, so we’ll see what he decides.

      • You guys have to understand these guys are 18-19, they may look mature but are still kids at heart If Selby’s still not over his team losing In the state tourney you have to take his word for it believe me I know how losing In the states feel It takes a while to get over It. Kentucky still Is In the running for Selby but losing a state tourney game on Thursday and having to travel to Kentucky all the way from Maryland the day after for a weekend trip and meaningless game between UK and Florida would take alot out of the kid and his parents thinks Its best he doesnt take that trip just yet. To be honest, April cant come any more faster beacuse Im tired of the prolonging of the situation I hope he hurry up and just picks a school as well as Knight and Lamb.

        • Why do you care? Its not like seton hall is in contention for any of them?

          • I dont care, and wouldnt even If Selby was considering the Hall thats why I said I just hopes he hurries up and makes a decision so I wont have to look at anymore of your dumba** posts. I Agree Arizona could land Selby but thinking that he Is going to self-restore the program In one year is crazy, especially If you think you’re going to land Selby, Lamb and Jack all this year and go to the Final Four next year. I know your a Arizona fan but be more realistic for you’re own good or change your name from “Cat In The Desert” to “Dummy In The Desert”

          • Hey I’m not the one reading blogs about recruits considering other schools that aren’t even close to considering mine. And getting upset because they are excited their school is actually in contention for some big time recruits. If anybody is the dumb one on these blogs i’m pretty sure 99.9% of the other posters on here will agree its you.

          • It boggles me how much of a d***head you truly are, where Is it a law that states unless your school Is recruiting a specific basketball player your not allowed to blog about him or his intrest in other schools, who the hell died a made you president. The last time I checked I live In the US of A, so that means I could be on any blog and comment on whatever the hell I want, you might not agree with everything I say but thats why we blog.

          • Since you love to correct people, where’s the grammar check on this sentence? “who the hell died a made you president.” Its a double edged sword.

          • Anyone with common damn sense know what I meant to post..

    • Welcome to Lawrence Josh!!

      The Mecca of All College Basketball.

      I take it you had a good long talk with Sherron Collins.


      • Pre-mature ejaculation sucks bro. You need to work on that.


    • He didn’t feel up to it? This kid has NO class. Why does he even schedule visits if he has no intention of following through? Selby needs to come out and just commit to Kansas already. we all know he’s going there

      • I agree he shouldn’t schedule if he isn’t going to come through with the visit, but still give Zona a slight chance with him. Its not over til the fat lady sings (No I don’t mean smallballs over there)

        • These guys are so gay It sickens me, this about the third posts I’ve seen like this one. Stop worrying about the size of anothers mans balls, go find yours and try to find a way to sew them back on fag….

          • I’m trying to sew them back on after your mom and wife suucked the sh!t out of them! What am i saying, you ain’t got a wife! So just your mom.

          • Smh, How old Is this f***ing Idiot. Mom retaliations, talking about another mans ball, only faggots from Arizona!

          • Your the one who keeps going back to this and calling people fags and homo’s. Ask your mom how she liked the “fag from Zona”

          • Im not calling anyone a f****ing fag BUT YOU because you are one. Any time that you take the time to comment on another mans balls thats considered gay to me, I dont know where your from or how old you are nor do I give s*** but growing up where Im from talking the dumb s*** that you talk will get you classified as a homo which I think you are. Im 24, mom jokes and retaliations was so grade school grow the hell up and go do something with your life instead of blogging bulls*** boy.

    • I agree…just commit to Kansas already.

    • If he was going to commit to kansas he would have done it by now.
      He hasnt fully made up his mind between KU and Zona.
      This choice isnt as simple as you all think.Sure KU is a better bball school but the problem is they have much more talent on there roster and selby is a one and done. I believe he would be a bigger star at Zona for this very reason.He could average 20ppg at Zona and be a top 5 pick but im not convinced he can due these things at Kansas due to the amount of top 50 talent currently at KU.

      • I agree, he is obviously torn on what school to go too (Kansas and Arizona).

        Kentucky is the clear favorite over Kansas to land Knight, so I can see Selby holding off going to Kentucky because he knows that Knight will more than likely go there and there won’t be any room for him.

        But if Kansas was the favorite why not just commit right now?

        Who knows what the HELL these kids are thinking. It all comes down to Knight, so Knight, get your shit together and decide already. I don’t buy the fact that all 5 of his choices are still even. He knows where he’s going and he knows other are waiting on him.

    • I completely agree BJ. If he really wanted to go to KU, he would have committed there by now. I think we all expect UK to get Knight so Kentucky is out of the picture. Sorry UConn but I don’t think you have any chance either. That leaves Arizona and Kansas, which has been reported multiple times as the only two schools he is still deeply considering.

      Here is how I compare Arizona and Kansas:

      Arizona A
      Kansas B-

      Arizona A-
      Kansas A-

      Basketball History
      Arizona A
      Kansas A+

      Student Sections
      Arizona A++
      Kansas A+

      Potential Playing Time
      Arizona A+
      Kansas A

      How well school produces NBA Talent
      Arizona A+++
      Kansas A+

      Current status of basketball program
      Arizona B
      Kansas A+++

      Arizona A
      Kansas A+

      National TV Exposure
      Arizona B
      Kansas A+

      I think what it most comes down to is potential playing time, current status of basketball program, and most importantly how well the school is at producing NBA talent. I give Point Guard U a 2-1 advantage.

      • To be quite honest I think Kansas is Selby’s best bet. He’s going to be a one and done and will want to compete at the highest level right away with a chance to go deep in the NCAA tourney.

        At Arizona we need a little more stability in our rebuilding phase. We need a player who will be there for at least 2 years but is just as talented as Selby. We need Ray McCallum. That’s who I’m hoping for.

        • Exactly, I couldnt have said It any better.

      • I think your being generous on our conference, next year definatly a “A”. The Pac should be at a “C”, and if Zona’s history is an “A”, KU should be a “A++++”

      • Weather could not get any worse in that hole in the ground named Kansas. And the campus life sucks with all the surrounding farms – it smells like crap.

        The whole state of Kansas sucks.

    • beardown, I don’t totally agree with your grades but you nailed a few of them. The producing NBA talent is double-edged sword. Yeah, UA has had more, but none of it was under Miller. Self’s track record in getting guys to the next level actually gives KU the edge. I don’t think Selby gives two $hits about how Lute got guys ready for the pros.

      Also, your Student Section grades are way off. If UA is an A++ then KU is off the charts.

    • Woody, those rating do come from a rather biased opinion.

      Congrats on beating Mizzou today.

    • Arizona + Selby = Good for everybody

      • Amen


        Sely+Lamb+KJack+D Bej+ JMay =Conference Champs and Final Four Material

    • I think if Selby were to pick Zona and KJack also commits, they would have a chance to own the Pac next year. They’d be the most talented team, but i do think he will pick KU in the end, so i’d be happy with either Lamb or Mccallum plus KJack. I don’t get why Zona hasn’t really made a push for Terrance Jones, he’s been quite for some time now.

    • Let’s be honest guys, every college has hot girls. KU and ‘Zona both have tons of hotties running around campus.

      Arizona is struggling this year, for whatever reason, in the weakest Pac-10 field in 4-ever. I’m not as sold on Sean Miller as some of you Zona fans are. Sure he is a good young coach. But, he hasn’t won anything yet. No Final Fours,etc.

      I dont think there any negatives to picking KU for Selby. Everything you want in a program KU has right now and will always have.

      ‘Zona is a great program in a great part of the country, but they dont offer the exposure KU does and there is no guarantee they will be all that great next year.

      I think in the end, Knight goes to UK and Selby goes to KU. Lamb to UCONN.

      • I think that might be the scenario, Knight being from the southeast might be more favorable of Kentucky. Kansas wants Selby thats obvious Its just the matter of when he Is going to commit and Jim Calhoun loves Lamb and Lamb loves UConn and Big East Basketball but theres still a chance he lands at West Virginia, I mean Oak Hill and Bob Huggins do have history. Arizona gets McCallum and everyones happy, I guess but you never know…

      • “I’m not as sold on Sean Miller as some of you Zona fans are. Sure he is a good young coach. But, he hasn’t won anything yet. No Final Fours,etc.” – jayhawkfan11

        First off, this is only Miller’s 6th year as a head coach. And not to knock Xavier, they are a good school but it’s Xavier. Miller could not attract the kind of talent needed to go to the final 4 and eventually win a national championship.

        That is the reason why Miler left a school he loved, because he knew that at Arizona he had the chance to really attract top level recruits and accomplish his goal of eventually winning a national title. He topped out at Xavier and taking them as deep as the Elight 8. If he thought he could have went deeper in the tourney, he would have stayed. That’s the reason why Xavier has been a stepping stone for many coaches.

        And what kind of exposure are you talking about? From a fans perspective or a scouts? If you can ball it don’t matter where you play, the scouts will go out of their way to see you. Look at James Harden who came from ASU.

        This is the last year of our contract with FSN and the Pac10 is in negotiations with both CBS and NBC for our new TV deals that start next year, so our exposure will be even bigger.

        And this whole time you were spewing Lamb to Arizona NOW you think he goes to UCONN? lol sorry bro, none of these recruits are going to UCONN.

        Calhoun isn’t guaranteed to be around next year let alone for the next several years. Recruits want to know there is stability in a program, especially at the head coaching position, before they make any commitments.

        UCONN is in the same boat Arizona was in the last 2 years of Lute Olson’s career. I think the Huskies better prepare themselves for the worst, because Calhoun is not going to be around forever.

        • Wow I could not agree with you any more if I tried

    • Lamb aint playing with lamb. lol. To confusing.

    • need 7 people for fantasy baseball league on Anyone welcome, and the draft is monday night at 8:45 pm est. It is a head to head league and both the league name and password is zagsblog.

    • Selby knows he can’t hold Kemba’s jock strap…way too much hype and bagage with this dude and Ms W. Calhoun doesn’t want a momma’s boy. Self has more charisma and could probably deal with it

    • When is the last time someone went 1 & done at Kansas?? If this kid wants to go straight to the league after a year he’ll come to UA.

      • if selby’s goal is to be a 1 and done then i doubt he goes to an unproven coach with zero track record of producing 1 and done players or even nba players. why take that risk when there are better/safer options?

        • I think everyone is missing the point with these top level recruits. They are going to be a one and done NO MATTER WHERE they play basketball.

          Selby is a one and done and will be in the NBA draft after his first year of college no matter where he plays; whether its at Kansas, Arizona, Kentucky, or UCONN, he’s gone after one year.

          So whether a coach has produced NBA talent in the past is irrelevant. He will be NBA bound.

          What really matters is how the top level recruit gets along with his fellow teammates and coaching staff, THAT’S what matters. Selby is obviously torn with his decision, and I guarantee he will be choosing a school based on where he thinks he fits in best.

          • this is false. who you pick as a coach and where you pick to play matters a great deal.

            favors picked ga tech, has put up ok numbers. he will get drafted high, but not as high as he would have out of high school.

            henson picked unc and looks like a project

            boynton picks uf and is struggling big time.

            gaddy picks uw and no one knows about him. 4ppg!!!!

            and these are just some examples.

            to think its a LOCK that a top recruit can go anywhere and be a one a done is just flat incorrect. who he picks as a coach to help in his development and they style of play mean a ton.

            but i get why people dont want to believe it. its usually fans of a team that has a coach that doesnt put guys in the NBA.

          • and selby isnt as torn as you like to think. the decision is obvious and thats why he doesnt need to take any visit.

          • BostonCat,

            I see what you are saying, but when a player as talented as Selby comes along, he doesn’t need much guidance.

            Let me ask you this; if it DOES matter what coach he plays for, and I agree with you there, is it better for Selby to play for Bill Self or for Sean Miller who was a 4 year starting POINT GUARD at Pitt?

            Sean Miller coaches through the point guards perspective, even he admits that. Sean Miller has the experience as a player AND a coach. Now he coaches at a school that prides itself on being PointGuardU.

            Maybe that’s why he is torn. Kansas is a good team, Arizona is rebuilding, but what coach (Miller or Self) is going to be able to develop Selby into a better point guard in order to get ready for the NBA? My bet is on Sean Miller because of his experience AS a point guard.

            And another thing on your examples of players; that just goes to show that the rating system isn’t always accurate! North Carolina has 7 McDonald’s All-Americans on their team and they are garbage. Does that mean their coach Roy Williams sucks? Hell no! The guy is one of the best college basketball coaches of all time. It’s obvious these guys were overrated.

            And in ALL fairness to Gaddy; the kid was only 17 years old through HALF of his freshmen year in college. He barely turned 18 halfway through the season. He will be a baller once he matures a little.

          • you are thinking too much like a fan. recruits dont care what miller has done at xaiver or other prior stops. they care about the present and what he is doing at zona. as a coach at zona he isnt responsible for point guard u. so thats irrelevant. he is however responsible for a 16-14 season and like you say…rebuilding. if its between miller and self…and its not BTW. self has chalmers and collins. miller has nothing. its a no brainer if you arent a zona fan.

            he isnt torn. he is waiting to see what knight is going to do.

            and those guys werent over rated. they were rated fine. they are just freshman…like MOST of them are. there are occasionally a few very special ones like wall, cousins and henry. but even those guys need development. selby is very talented but he isnt in the same group as wall, cousins, and henry.

          • BostonCat,

            Do you think Selby is going to be around for 4 years or 1 year? Do you know the percentage of winning a national title? As we all know, the most talented team doesn’t always win the title. Last year was an exception because North Carolina was the most dominate team in the nation by far and it wasn’t even close.

            My point being is WHO will get Selby more ready for the NBA? Who is going to develop his game better? If I were a talented point guard and there was a coach who was a talented 4 year starting point guard at Pitt, I would take that into SERIOUS consideration.

            Miller was a point guard, he thinks like a point guard, he runs his offense through a point guard’s perspective. Whether Selby has more of a supporting cast around him at Kansas isn’t necessarily going to develop his point guard skills if his coach doesn’t have point guard experience himself. Miller can offer that, that’s probably our only leg up on Kansas.

            But in the end, who the hell knows what these kids are thinking. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went to Kansas OR Arizona. But in the end, I’m really hoping we land Ray McCallum. Doron Lamb is my second choice but he’s not a true point guard like Ray, so we’ll see.

          • its more likely he is a 2 or 3 year player and not a 1 and done or 4 year player. so most of that part of the discussion is pointless.

            playing the game means something. but its not as big of a deal as you make it. its only a big deal to you because you are a fan of zona.

            ku has danning manning on its staff. uk has rod strickland. who do you think can teach selby more about the game and what it takes to get to the nba level? miller, manning, or strickland?

            the only people who would answer miller would be zona fans.

          • Your argument is the thought of Selby being around for 2 or 3 years, sorry ain’t going to happen! He will be a lottery pick after his first year and will bolt to the NBA.

            What is Selby’s goal and dream; play for 4 years in college or go to the NBA? NBA!

            I’ve said this time and time again; it’s going to come down to where he feels more at home and comfortable. He has to like his fellow players and feel comfortable with the coaching staff.

          • Chalmers as your schools biggest NBA contributor at PG. LOL

          • Actually, I’d go Jo Jo White as KU’s biggest NBA contributor at PG.

          • Yuk, don’t say that name! It just reminds me of that triple over time thriller he pulled out in the finals against my Phoenix Suns. He was the MVP of the finals, damn i hate him (I’m not that old, but i know the history of my basketball teams lol)

    • selby knows there is a chance that knight is going to UK and sees no need in making the trip and he decided to just wait until knight makes his decision before he takes his last visit. No matter what anybody says though, selby’s main goal is to get to the NBA, and if knight goes to UK, he still has a heck of a coach to prepare him for the NBA in bill self at kansas, then again, no matter what anybody says John Calipari is the best guy to get PG’s to the next level and that makes selby’s best choice UK and i would bet my last dollar that is where selby wants to go, just not behind knight. If knight does not pick UK expect selby’s visit to UK come shortly after and maybe even a commitment when he comes for the visit…either way kansas and kentucky are the only players in the sweepstakes for these guys IMO, dont throw UK out of the picture for selby just because he cancelled his visit, they are still at the top for him, and they should be, as well for most other elite PG’s

    • ZonaWildcat,

      What are you talking about I been saying Lamb to Arizona all this time? I havent made a comment on this website in about a year. I just did the “lost my password” thing yesterday.

      Exposure, yes. KU is on tv more and in the national spotlight way more then Arizona has been lately. Dont take that as a knock, it’s the truth.

      KU has final four potential next year with Selby.

      KU has been getting the nod over Arizona recently. Royce, Jeff Withey, and pretty soon Selby.

      • My bad, I confused you with RockChalkJayHawk or whatever his name is, I apologize.

        Jeff Withey, really? lol you can have his ass. I also see his ass has been pretty raw sitting the pine all year, great choice for him. And the main reason he left was because he had NO IDEA who our coach was going to be and it was before we signed Miller. But all us Arizona fans could care less about him, so keep him!

    • Jayhawk11- not sure you can compare Withey and Selby. Withey was at the U of A when he thought Olson would be coaching then after the retirement left for KU. Selby knows that Miller and company will be coaching next season. I’m not saying UA will land Selby just that the comparing the two is off. Also Royce is not the top talent coming out of the Arizona high schools. D. Bejanaro is and hw will be playing in Tucson next. Plus I would say that Hawkins and Stoglin are better than Royce and they are going to Arizona State and Maryland.

    • all I got to say is look at what pastner has done at memphis with the best recruiting class of 2010. He is an assistant to callipari and olson, but has no head coaching experience. Everyone likes that he is young and promising, like miller, and they both have takin over programs that HAD great coaching and tradition. Selby knows that U of A will be promising, like all of the players that commited to memphis think. Miller is taking over a job at a top college program and is young and an experienced player and coach and Selb sees that. It will come down to the school he feels most comfortable at whether it will be Kansas or Arizona only time will tell…no one knows what selby really wants at this point, but he will be well off where ever he ends up!

      • I agree with you on the Pastner thing he has secured some promising young players but him already being an assistant to Calipari helped the recruiting out dramatically because some of the 2010 recruits that were considering playing for Calipari already knew Pastner and the rest of the coaching staff already. Like “ZonaWildcat” posted up top, Sean Miller’s scenario Is different at Xavier he had a tough time recruiting top talent In Ohio and was losing recruits to Cincinnati and Ohio State left and right now you expect him to lure recruits all the way from the eastcoast all the way to Arizona just because your Arizona, thats alot to ask even for Xavier’s savior Sean Miller. Recruits on the westcoast might stray away a little because they know little about Miller, being from the eastcoast and coaching In the A-10 at Xavier has little meaning to the recruits out west, there’s no connection like lets say a Lute Olson had with his kids. Believe me, If Miller doesnt take Arizona to at least an Elite 8 In the next 5 years he will be gone quicker than John Wall.

        • Who said anything about Miller having to lure recruits from the East to the West? You make it sound like he will ONLY have an opportunity to get East coast recruits. Miller will be able to recruit all over the nation once he settles in at Arizona.

          Miller and his staff have been hitting the East coast pipeline really hard in his first year at Arizona because that’s where all the relationships he has build in the past lie. As we all know recruiting takes place over several years where these coaches develop relationships with their recruits. It won’t be long till Miller builds the same relationships out west.

          As far as recruits out west they still see Arizona as Arizona. Yes Lute Olson is gone but the reason we lost out on 2 years of recruiting was because of the lack of stability in our program when we were in transition between coaches. Now that Miller, a young and proven coach, is there it will be easier to get more consideration.

          And Pastner has always been a great recruiter. He learned from Lute Olson all those years. But really stands out about him, and Miller, is the fact that they are very very young coaches. They can relate to these 16-18 year old recruits. You know how hard it is for a 65 year old mann to relate and get on the same level as a teenager? If you are a hall of fame coach its one thing, but if you’re not you are in trouble.

          • Wait a minute, just a few posts ago you said you were not sold on Miller because he hasnt won anything now you’re saying he’s proven, how? Not to slight what he did at Xavier but Sean Miller didnt really have his pick of the litter while recruiting in Bob Huggin’s backyard, and rarely topped the A10 recruiting class. Im not saying this was his fault Im just saying now that he has the resources to try and lure these guys to Arizona will that even matter to the kids out east anymore? The Big East Is better than ever with 9 teams possibly making the NCAA dance and the national exposure it garners at the moment alot of kids are starting to stay home, not to mention how the ACC, Big XII and SEC sneak one or two recruits out from under our nose Its gonna be tough to compete with. With teams In LA and Washington the Pac-10 has a good media market but for the people out here, we cant really take It In because Its not really a national coverage. I do agree however having an old coach with health problems contemplating If he’ll be back the following year will definitely stray recruits away fast.

          • When did I ever say Miller was unproven? I’ve always said he was a proven young coach. I mean this year is only the guys 6th year as a head coach and look what he accomplished at Xavier.

            I said he topped out at Xavier. He got as far as he could because he couldn’t draw the kind of talent he needed to win a national title to a small school like Xavier. But with a bigger brand like “Arizona” he will be able to attract that top talent that would have more than likely never considered Xavier.

            As far as exposure, yes our TV contracts with FSN are garbage. But like I said our new commissioner is working on a new contract for 2011 that will be with either CBS or NBC.

            And please stop talking like the Big East is year in and year out the “BEST” league in the nation. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about college basketball knows that the success rotates. One year it will be the ACC, than the Big East, than the Pac10, etc. So your case that the Big East is the best this year is irrelevant because they may not be next year or even the next couple years after this one.

          • You didnt actually sayin Miller was uproven, you said he had’nt won anything but isnt that sort of the samething? Yes I said the Big East gets more exposure on the east and therefore alot of kids goal before they go to the leauge to play Big East Basketball, we might have a handful of kids leave for ACC or Big XII schools but who wouldnt leave NY or NJ to play for Coach K or Bill Self? As far as this rotation In the power conferences I dont think Its going to happen unless coaching changes are made in the near future the ACC, Big XII and Big East will still be the cream of the crop on the national scene I like the SEC but If not for Kentucky and Vandy they would be In the same boat as the Pac-10 right now. I do how ever think the Pac-10 will definitely better than the Big Ten though even If Ohio State and Purdue return three or four starters next year.

    • i’ve been following this website for a while, however, i am new to posting. i read the comments as much as the articles, and all of you seem fairly educated on the topic of college basketball, however, from an outsider’s perspective, the majority of you need to relax haha. it’s so ridiculous all the trash talking that goes on about what states people are from, or whose program is better than whose, it’s like it’s impossible to have a consistent thread of intelligent conversation on here without someone throwing in some outrageous uncalled for comment.

      anyway, this big east as the “best conference” debate at the end of this thread here inspired me to create a name and start posting because it’s a point i frequently debate with other fans of college basketball and it’s something i am pretty adamant about it. first off i’m an arizona wildcats fan (praying they can run the table and make it 26 straight) but i live on the east coast, so i see my fair share of big east basketball, and also hear a fair amount of trash talk as to the big east being the BEST conference. the fact is this though, it is NOT the best conference in the country, nor was it last year, or probably the year before that. I think most people should replace the word “best” with “deepest” and then they MIGHT have a better argument. although that argument is still relative to the size of the conference. the only reason they get so many teams into the tournament, and have so many on the bubble, is because they have the most teams. period. not to mention no team plays a round robin conference schedule so it’s impossible to tell who even are the best teams in the conference. it’s my assumption that most people would define the BEST conference, as the conference that produces the MOST ncaa teams…a fair assessment, however, the only way to truly look at this objectively is to look at percentages, seeing as the size of most conferences are different, and the big east obviously has the best chance at putting the most teams into the tournament because there are so many of them. as of right now, joe lunardi has 7 of the 12 big 12 teams as locks for the tournament, which corresponds to 59% of their conference going dancing. the big east will get at most 9 teams in, which is only 56%. even last year, everyone said “big east, best conference,” when in fact if you use this method, it was the pac-10, which got 60% of it’s teams in. this year big 12 > big east. and last year, pac-10 > big east, i can’t recall the year before and i don’t feel like looking it up, but something tells me they weren’t number 1 that year either, at least if you are using this method of defining which conference is “the best”

      that’s my spiel.

      • How big the BE Is has nothing to do with how good It Is, for the most part the shools that are having success In the leauge are original members on the BE. Plus, you must have forgot we lost some schools to the expasion of the ACC. Boston College, V-Tech and Miami jumped shipped not to mention we lost Temple to the A10, so we had to bring In Depaul and USF to keep the leauge balanced. Another reason why I say this leauge Is crazy talented Is because our bottom eight teams can be as dangerous as the top eight on any given night, so to me the depth in the BE plays a big role In the success of It. You could have a twenty team leauge but If only three make the NCAA’s and only one makes the Final Four that means your leauge lacks overall talent.

    • and on a side note to arizona fans, i think we all need to realize we only have 1 scholarship open and there’s no way we land lamb, kjack, and selby, without some transfers or miller taking some players off scholarship. ultimately, i think 1 more scholarship opens up and we get kjack and one of the other 2, most likely lamb, which is probably better for the long term anyway. i don’t think arizona would be capable of landing all 3 of those players even if the scholarships were available, we aren’t as nationally relevant yet as we once were, i think in 2 or 3 years from now when miller has a solid program established once again the high profile recruiting classes will start piling in, but they are still in a rebuilding mode trying to get the program back to where it needs to be. next year should be a huge step forward for all of that, i’m already excited to see how well the team does next year

      • I somewhat agree with how you are determining the best conference but I don’t think it just comes down to how many teams make it into the NCAA tournament.

        You also have to take into consideration how the conference as a whole performed before league play in the non-conference. How did they match up against other conferences.

        I also think you need to determine how well they perform in the NCAA tournament when matched up against teams outside of their league. So I think a league shouldn’t be crowned “The Best” until the end of the year after all those factors are determined.

        As far as us only having “1” available scholarship; Miller will make room you better believe that. I don’t think we will be able to sign 10 players like JessieWildcat thinks, but Miller has already made a point that if we can get both Selby and Lamb, we will make room.

        Miller needs to start cleaning house anyway. We have players on our team that were just given a scholarship because we needed bodies and not because they were the kind of talent we needed. It will be interesting to see what Miller does, but we do need able bodies on the bench to relieve our starters.

    • i agree with you as far as determining best conference, i was just simply stating i feel like when most people make the argument they base it on how many teams conferences are putting into the tournament. it should definitely be assessed after the season, but if people want to evaluate it the other way they might as well do it correctly, which in my estimation would be by looking at the percentages

      • I based my argument on the fact that the Big East was only leauge with three teams In the top four, four teams In the top ten and seven teams In the top twenty five. Yes, how many teams you get Into the NCAA’s cant go unnoticed for the simple fact that helps determine the depth of your leauge as a whole not just the better teams In your conference. Every year the BE has a chance to get about seven or eight teams In the dance, and does have a tough OCS for the most part look at the teams we had playing In the Maui Invitational, Coaches Vs Cancer Classic and Pre-Season Nit. Try to determine the best conference Is tricky because every conference has an argument but Im going with the Big East strickly because of competitiveness of the leauge.