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Sunday / February 18.
  • Seton Hall’s Hazell Could Miss a Week

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    Seton Hall junior shooting guard Jeremy Hazell could miss up to a week after sustaining  a deep cut on his right [shooting] hand during the Pirates’ 59-50 win Wednesday at St. John’s.

    “The doctor said he would be out about a week,” a source with direct knowledge said.

    The Pirates play at West Virginia Saturday before hosting Rutgers Tuesday.

    Hazell reportedly received eight stitches Wednesday night and is scheduled to visit the doctor again on Friday.

    “He’s going to see him tomorrow [Friday] morning. Then we will know more,” the source said.

    The second-leading scorer in the Big East at 22.4 points per game, Hazell left at the 8:21 mark of the first half and did not return.

    Senior guard Eugene Harvey also did not play in the game because of a bone bruise on his right wrist.


    Having secured a verbal commitment from 6-8 power forward Eugene McCrory, the Pirates are in the market for one or two other power forwards and centers. Seton Hall is also involved with 6-9 senior Moses Abraham of Temple Hills (Md.) Progressive Christian; 6-8 senior Jonathan Graham of Baltimore Calvert Hall; 6-10 Maurice Walker of Brewster (N.H.) Academy, the No. 12 center in the Class of 2010; and 6-8 Jamir Hanner of Newark (N.J.) Nia Prep.

    The Pirates are also involved with Manhattan Rice senior forward Kadeem Jack. Arizona assistant Book Richardson was in New York on Thursday to watch Jack at practice.

    Jack said Georgetown, Kentucky and Louisville “are my new schools.”

    Arizona is also pursuing Oak Hill senior guard Doron Lamb and Lake Baltimore (Md.) senior guard Josh Selby.

    Lamb is down to Arizona, UConn, West Virginia, Kansas and Kentucky, while Selby is mulling Arizona, UConn, Kansas and Kentucky.

    (Photo courtesy AP)

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Good stuff AZ.

      Looks like BOOK and the boyz are doing all the right things.
      BOOK is having one of the better recruiting season ,in the nation.
      And YES, with the help, BOOK+ is looking at a TOP4 recruiting class.
      With a close eye – on the Number 1 recruiting class, in the nation.
      Appreciate the NYC love. (THREE AMIGOS)

      And the folks in the WEST are puzzled…..WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!!

      a) When a TOP10 player viists your school, do you leave him alone for one or two days?
      HECK NO! For two days, this is FLAT OUT , FOOLISH.
      This was a THIRD rated visit , held by Kansass.
      No respect.
      Where is the LOVE?

      b) The proof is in the visit.
      Self was HOT after Knight. But, Cali beat him to it.
      Self scrambled.
      So, go back to the D.Lamb visit. Self did not even mention DL playing the Point Guard position. Book was on it, from the start. Book knows the Lamb talent and what he can do.
      Where is the LOVE?

      KJack deserves all the press he is getting.
      The coach has done well in his development.
      BOOK enjoyed the practice.
      And this LOOKs like a very good MATCH.
      Real good frontcourt ,next year (with plenty of playing time.)

      Sorry admann, your LA LA boyz joined the party way too,too late.

      • JW,

        You are seriously insane, but I do enjoy reading your posts. Hopefully we can land one of the four: Josh Selby, Doron Lamb, Ray McCallum, Kadeem Jack. Two would me a near miracle, and three probably means something shady is happening behind the scenes.

        My fingers are crossed for Selby… Lamb wouldn’t be too shaby either.

      • whomever invented skinny jeans for boys should be beaten mercilessly. That being said, your posts are now well beyond that fashion trend as being the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

        But hey, you got another laugh out of me. So in that regard, you do provide something good.

    • Jessie, you are an absolute embarrassment. You don’t even bother to get facts straight before posting and your anti-KU rhetoric reads like a rant from a 12-yr-old. Obviously, you were dropped on your head as a child.

      For the record, Selby was not left alone on his visit. He and his mom arrived last Saturday afternoon right before Iowa State game. According to both Josh and his mom they had a “great” time at the game. They wanted to see Allen in a game situation and of course the crowd didn’t disappoint. He got to shake hands & talk with KU alum Darnell Jackson and more importantly, got to look at his 2008 National Championship ring.

      After the game he went out with the team. He spent a lot of time with Sherron Collins and Tyshawn Taylor that evening getting to know more about the program and the players that he might be playing with next year.

      The next morning they had breakfast with the coaching staff and got to get some answers to some questions they had. As for the team leaving on that Sunday, yep, you called it. They couldn’t get ESPN to postpone a Big Monday game for a recruiting visit so the team headed on down to College Station. I know UA doesn’t have any conflicts when it comes to national TV games on ESPN.

      The rest of the time was spent walking around the campus and getting to know Lawrence. Jessie, what you don’t want to admit is that this was his second visit to KU. The first visit for Late Night was an unofficial (and on his own dime).

      You can continue to spin it any way you want, but we all know that you’re full of $hit.

      • Seriously, why reply to him? Reading your posts is getting just as bad a JW!

      • I have said this before and i still think this is how the domino’s fall. It seems everyone (Selby & Lamb) is waiting for Knight to make his decision. Once he does I think it will be a quick series of commitments. If Knight chooses Kentucky (or stays in Florida) I believe Selby quickly commits to Kansas and UA may end up with Lamb. If Knight chooses Kansas then UA gets Selby… and Lamb, well, I don’t really have an idea at that point. Personally, I think it will be the former rather than the latter.

        As far as Kadeem Jack, well his decision really has nothing to do with the above three and I think he is enjoying the whirlwind of attention that he has been getting lately. UA got lucky to be one of the first to be in on him and I think was an early leader but the field has likely leveled at this point with no favorite.

        Just my 2 cents.

    • Woody- I dislike Jessie “The Tool” as much as you but you should also use facts in your post. Conferences make the TV deals not individual schools. The fact is that ESPN wanted the Pac 10 and the Pac 10 turned ESPN down because ESPN wanted the Pac 10 to be more flexible with the schedule.

    • I don’t think Jessie or Woody have any facts to back them up. Woody, how in the hell do you know every last detail that went on in the Selby KU visit. Were you stalking him? I would love to know where you get your info from.

      • It’s not called stalking–it’s called reading. You guys ought to hit some other team sites besides PointGuardU for info. Just because you disagree with what I say doesn’t mean it’s not true:

        Matt Scott at has great contacts when it comes to recruiting info.

    • Happy New Year…again.
      You should try it…last long time.

      Been busy with that and getting ready for some pay back.

      So–Woody Woody…

      No better recruiting news than AZ.
      The Bruce blog als has good stuff.

      YES, YOU are a stalker!
      Be Aware of the Stalker.

      The visit was THIRD RATE -from everyones account.
      Just keep it real.

      No Azuca.

      Is Rod S. going to DePaul?
      Looks like a good situation, if it happens….

    • Jessie, great video…the first 5 or 6 times you posted it. Does anybody outside the state of Arizona care about this game tomorrow?

      You’re right, it sure sounded like a third-rate visit. So what does that say about your program when KU lands him after treating him so badly?