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Saturday / February 24.
  • Report: Selby’s List Down to Four

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    Josh Selby’s list is now down to four schools.

    Indiana and Syracuse have been eliminated and the 6-foot-2, 180-pound Selby is only considering Arizona, UConn, Kansas and Kentucky, according to a report by

    A source close to the situation says Selby will end up at one of these two schools: “Kansas and Arizona.”

    A newly-minted McDonald’s All-American, Selby visited Arizona Jan. 9 and went to Kansas Feb. 13 for the Iowa State game. His mother, Maeshon Witherspoon, told Scout Kansas wants either Selby or Brandon Knight to replace the graduating Sherron Collins.

    He plans to visit UConn for the Louisville game (Feb. 28) and Kentucky (March 7-8). The Wildcats host Florida March 7.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • It sounds like this to me. Knight picks Kansas, Selby picks UA. Knight picks anybody other than Kansas and Selby goes to Kansas. Just my opinion.

    • AZ,

      DOWN to FOUR.

      The visit to U Conn should be enjoyable.

      Knight to Kansas? or Knight to UK.

      And we are still looking at the PACKAGE.
      Right D-Lamb.

      Room is there for ALL three.

    • Selby to Kansas, Lamb to AZ, Knight to UK

      • I think this is the most realistic situation and have thought that all along.

        But I wouldn’t mind a Selby, Lamb combo at Arizona. 🙂

    • AZ,

      Looking for some BIG NEWs.

      Didn’t Mrs W. state the Josh and D Lamb can play together.

      Kansass “Gangster U ” gets none?
      wow…that would be something.

      If Kansas gets NONE, would that be the worse recruiting season?
      And more questions about Self are coming up.

      The fights which have been going on for years.
      The drinkinng.
      The “Shut Your Mouth” policy.

      Knight to UK…for sure.

      Josh Selby to

      And the BIG one…does D-Lamb listen to his camp.

      We are looking at some prime Book Time.

      Pull in the Package Book.

    • I’m surprised to hear that Kansas is even still going after Knight as all the reports are that he is either going to a school in Florida or Kentucky.

      • bosybillups, should Self just give up recruiting him because internet reports say Florida or UK? KU needs somebody to replace Collins so it will probably be Knight or Selby. Self did the same thing last year–it was either going to be Xavier or Born Ready.

    • You are right Jessie. We just need Book to convince Lamb and Selby that there is room for both of them at Arizona and even if there isn’t, we will make room.

      One thing if for sure, we are the only school capable of landing both Lamb and Selby. There is no way both go to Kansas or that both go to Kentucky. And if Kansas gets Knight, then that is one less school we have to worry about. Same thing if Knight goes to Kentucky.

      • UK has a great shot at both Lamb and Selby. Plus we will have room for them w/o taking schollies away like UA will have to do. I still think Lamb goes to WVU though.

        • Actually UA is expecting one player to transfer, most likely Brendan Lavender. It has been said he is not buying into Miller’s system.

    • 1. Jessiewildcat, are you 11 years old? Gangster KU? mm.. These are educated students attending classes, and maturing, unlike which seems to me, you, a unedcated loud mouth. Ok, on to important things, KU will land selby because Arizona doesn’t have enough scholoarships for Lamb and Selby… also, Knight will end up going to Florida, because inside news says he really wants to stay in Florida. Let’s all grow up a little bit, and have a real reply instead of acting like you know what your talking about.

    • Jessie, your “Gansta U” crap is getting really old. I know you’re bitter about the way your season has gone, but enough is enough. I’m really hopeful that you don’t get any of the “Three Amigos” now. BOOK that.

    • Calipari is leaving Kentucky to coach the Nets.

      so Knight goes to KU or a Florida School, Selby goes to KU if Knight picks Florida, and Lamb goes to Kentucky with whoever takes that job – Billy D, Jamie Dixon, Mark Few, or Frank Martin.

    • Jessie,

      What does Gilbert Arenas say about “Gangster U”?

      • The guy wasn’t packing when he was at Arizona 9 YEARS AGO.

        I know Jessie is a retard for calling you guys “Gangsta U” but what Arenas did was stupid and the guy hasn’t played at Arizona in almost a decade, so not sure how that falls back on our university.

        He sure in the hell wasn’t that type when he played for us.

    • UA is not the only team that has a chance to get both of these players. Calhoun is coming back and should wrap up his 4 year extension soon. Personally I see knight, selby or joseph coming to UConn, and the Huskies make a lot of sense for D Lamb (oak hill teammate of roscoe smith). It’s a short drive from his home in BK and his parents and friends will be able to see all the games. Lets see how everything plays out.

      • Sorry mann, but I don’t see UCONN landing any of these players. Too many red flags and uncertainties with Calhoun. I mean the guy misses a game last year in the NCAA tournament than he misses a bunch of games this year because of health related issues.

        Calhoun is a great coach, a hall of fame coach, but what he is going through and what your program is going through is dejavu of Lute Olson and Arizona.

        Calhoun is holding on too tight and it’s time for him to retire if he’s having this many health issues. He needs to enjoy his retirement years with his family. And when he leaves unexpectedly, UCONN is going to be caught holding their jock like Arizona and good luck trying to replace a hall of fame coach like we had too.

        I think Arizona got lucky to land such a young and great coach like Sean Miller. Hopefully UCONN can do the same but believe me these players and other coaches are already using the age factor and health issues against Calhoun, just like they did against Lute Olson.

    • Lets add the LAMB factor.

      Do you honestly believe that D-Lamb would go to Kansass.
      Do you believe that Calvin would allow D-Lamb to go to Gangster U?

      I have Lamb at: 5% , going to Kansass.
      (With Knight going to UK. And Josh not going to Kansass.)

      Would ARIZONA have the No.1 recruiting class with the additon of Josh Selby, Doron Lamb and K. Jack???
      Yes, there is no doubt that DLamb and Josh can co-exist and make a National Championship IMPACT.

      Top 3 for sure.
      No. 1??? and a National Championship…

      • You are absolutely insane. UA has two available scholorships.

        Nic Wise is graduating, his brother’s (Dondre) is conditional and the transfer of Judkins makes the third scholorship. That’s it. Bejarano is signed to take one, leaving 2 more.

        Enough with the idea of kicking players off the team. Please stop reporting “what others are saying” as actually being said by anyone other than you. Because you post something on or doesn’t make it the opinion of the west. You are a sham and need to stop.

    • Jessie,

      You are a rookie.

    • Rookie…LOL.

      Lets keep it real easy for the slow ones.

      UK is out.
      Out with Selby and Doron Lamb.

      Can we ALL agree on this?


      • I don’t think Selby or Lamb go to UK.

        Knight is going there and I think Bledsoe stays one more year so that should eliminate both those players from going to UK.

        BUT, I don’t see both Lamb and Selby going to Arizona. It’s still up in the air with KU and UA as far as who gets Selby. Selby can make an impact at both schools and get immediate playing time as each teams starting point guard.

        It’s gonna come down to the coaches and the university itself on where Selby chooses. So we’ll see!

    • ok.. Wildcat fan kid, grow up with the gangster U.. KU has like most white players on the court besides duke, in the entire NCAA.. Yes. Anyways.. I think this year, is like last year, waiting on the big name. Xavier picked KU, so Lance picked Cincinnati.. and so on.. So, my opinion is, and I have some inside news, It’s all up to where Brandon Knight goes, if he picks UK or FL, then Selby goes KU, Lamb to Arizona, just my opinion, WILDCAT FANS, GROW UP!!!

    • UConn is not getting any of these guys. If Knight picks Kentucky, I see Selby going to KU and Arizona getting Lamb. If Knight picks KU, I see Selby going to Arizona and Lamb going to possibly Arizona but most likely Kentucky. I think UConn is a 3rd or 4th case scenario for both Selby and Lamb after Arizona, Kentucky, and Kansas.

      My Predictions:

      (If Knight picks Kentucky)
      Selby: Kansas
      Lamb: Arizona

      (If Knight picks KU)
      Selby: Arizona
      Lamb: 40% Kentucky, 25% Arizona, 15% WVU, 15% UConn

    • Knight is a wildcard. All logic says he goes to UK since UF will have a very crowded backcourt, and Calipari’s system has proven to PG stars can co-exist. Selby and Lamb have not been as high of priorities compared to Knight, which does put us behind the rest. UK is focused on Knight, CJ Leslie, and Terrence Jones. However, I have the feeling that Selby has been holding off to see what happens at UK with Wall/Bledsoe and Knight. I have no doubt Cal can make up for lost time with Josh if he has a PG spot open.

    • beardown3232, I think you nailed it. I really think that KU is getting either Knight or Selby (most likely Selby) and I think UA is getting Lamb. The only chink in that plan is if Knight picks Florida…then I see Lamb possibly going to UK.

    • Come on J Hawk,

      We all heard the stuff Self was saying about Lute.
      Those things do not go away.
      Even with Withey and its tampering?
      But, like someone else said…Follow the MONEY …, Xavier.

      The Battle for Selby is down to Arizona and Kansas…..
      Knight to UK- done.
      AND 1: D.Lamb and Josh. Real?
      Yes, MORE room has been created.

      Things may change if there is movement with John Cali.
      (PS–Terrence Jones is not going to UK. For sure.)

      Where is the LOVE – NYC.

    • JessieWildcat,

      Coming from an Arizona fan, please read my words very carefully and allow them to sink in. Every Arizona fan hates you. You are an embarrassment to our school, our community and most importantly our basketball team. Not only did you clearly not attend UofA based off our your random, incoherent responses but I am disgusted the mental institution you post from allows your computer and internet access. YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT! and you are negatively affecting our image particularly in the eyes of the college bball community. Every time I read one of your posts I pray for gail force winds or a black hole to sweep you off this planet.

      This post is made with the utmost sincerity. Please we banned you from Scout, Rivals, McKale Center, Tucson, etc. for a reason.

      -signed Sean Miller and the Arizona fanbase and the rest of bball fans worldwide

    • As another Arizona fan, I absolutely agree with you KKeoughCat.

    • Looks like Knight to Cal ……. the rest fight over the table scraps

    • Dude, KK. Chill with the hatred bro.

      Everyone knows about Jessie and takes it with a grain of salt, but no need to pretend to represent all fan and especially Sean Miller. Zona Nation has all types of passionate fans, but there is no uniform way to be a fan. I think Jessie is full of it like you, but at least he comes original. If anything, I laugh when I see the “good stuff, AZ”.

      That said:
      Selby goes to Arizona if he wants serious point guard coaching from a stud point guard himself. If Selby wants ESPN more than special point guard coaching, he goes to Self.

    • Special Point Guard coaching? Why does that sound like riding on the short bus? Yeah, we all know that PGs at Kansas don’t get good coaching. Self doesn’t preach fundamentals or anything. Dude, you are on drugs if you don’t think that Selby will absolutely flourish in Self’s system. And you’re right, he’ll be on ESPN all the time.

    • Sorry I have to laugh at the “special point guard coaching” comment. I can see the headline now, “Selby Commits to Arizona Stating ‘Special Point Guard Coaching’ as the Key Factor.” All of you guys on this board are nuts

    • JessieWildcat, I am amazed with how obsessed you are with Arizona athletics. I was on the AZ Star and found some comments you made about our softball team. I would like to show the rest of the people on here to show how much of an Arizona fan you are. Here is the link to the comments from the article.

      And by the way, Arizona does have the best softball program in the country and we have produced probably the only softball player most of you know off the top of your head, named Jennie Finch.

      And the two most famous women golfers both attended Arizona.

    • Oh, I’m sorry, so sorry.

      I forgot, in Hillbilly ville, the home of the good ‘ol boys, where most people don’t have all their teefs, and 99% of the population is pale, white, fat, and farming, the word “special” takes on a different meaning.

      By special, I meant elite. Not corporate sleaze ball Bill Self elite. I mean truly, special.

      If Self wasn’t coaching basketball, he’d be selling life insurance and annuities to the demented.

      • Hey bro don’t knock the life insurance and annuity business. That’s what I do and I make mid 6 figures a year. Booming business right now with all the baby boomers retiring and people who are getting laid off looking to rollover their 401k to another investment.

        Anyways; back to all the theories of where each of these players will land. 🙂

    • Based on what recruiting sites have said and based on comments from Selby on his visits so far I do believe he will end up at KU. He says that atmosphere is a big part in his decision and he said KU had by far the best out of any place he had been so far, over UA says His mom said that she loves coach Self. “Then we went over and watched practice. Coach Self gives the best of both worlds. He can put his arms around you one minute and then get on your butt the next,” added Witherspoon-Selby’s mother
      That said I do think UA is in the lead for Lamb. I don’t think UK is in for either Selby or Lamb. I think Knight will either end up at UK or UF. I have read that there is a lot of pressure on him to stay in Florida and I do think that plays a small role. I think Coach Cal has sold him on being the next John Wall or the next Derrick Rose so I do think they will end up with Knight.

      Selby – KU
      Lamb – UA
      Knight – UK

      • What really sucks about when Selby came down to visit Arizona, it was during the holiday break and not very many students were in town. He and his mom even mentioned that.

        I just wish he visited around this time so he could have experienced a bigger crowd with more students.

    • Happy New Year!


      We need some East Coast viewpoints and others….

      The West take ….

      The visit to Kansass “Gangster U” appeared to show a lack of respect to Mrs. W and Selby.

      We all understand that Self’s TOP recruiting priority is Knight.
      And Self has failed to get Knight to commit. But, he is still recruiting Knight the hardest.

      So, Kansas BACK_UP plan was even poorly handled.
      Yes, Josh spent breakfast with the coach.
      But, Josh was left alone on Sunday and Monday.
      (Self and team left on Sunday.)

      The visit was poorly planned and a reflection of a “midwest” back-up recruiting target.

      SELF is going hard after Knight.

      We DO NOT SEE THE LOVE….from Kansas Gangster U.

      Where is the LOVE?

      • We had a GAME monday night! did you expect our whole team to just forget the game and stay in Lawrence to recruit Selby? We have a 6th strait conference title to win, you know.

        All of Selby’s and his mothers comments were extremely positive about the KU visit. nowhere in any of them was there any hint of him feeling “disrespected.”

        i am basing all of this on actual quotes that came out of Josh Selby’s mouth, not “the west” which is really your endless ramble with no factual support whatsoever

        • Selby has spoken bad about ANY official visits so I wouldn’t start getting all warm and fuzzy about his comments.

    • Enough is enough, wildcat fan needs to be taken off this site. Selby paid on his own dime to visit KU, and also take an offiical visit to KU. Bill Self has been recruiting him in my opinion more than Knight. No one in any quotes or anything, did Selby say one thing about disrespect, we had a game MONDAY. Please stop, you are giving Arizona Wildcat fans a really bad rep.

    • Jessie, you are a Dumba$$. Josh & his mom left Monday morning and yes, the team had to leave Sunday for Big Monday. I guess they should’ve told ESPN to postpone Big Monday for a recruiting trip. You guys don’t have that problem because you’re never on national TV. It’s too bad that in your anti-KU rants you never bother with any facts. Unfortunately, you’re making the UA fanbase look silly with this crap. bosybillups, you’re doing your part too. Yeah, I live in Kansas City & we’re all just a bunch of hillbillies here. Grow up, dude. Why take pot shots at Bill Self? He’s one of the most respected coaches in the coaching fraternity & you just make yourself look stupid by personally attacking him.

      The best part is Josh’s mom responded to a KU board last week because fans were worried that the bad weather back East would keep them from making it. It seems she reads all of these boards. I’d love to hear her thoughts on Jessie’s posts from his parents’ basement.

      • Please, I doubt she cares what you or anyone else on these forums think. There are retard fans EVERYWHERE!

    • “wildcat fan needs to be taken off this site”… considering the U of A fan base is probably the most active fanbase on this site, I’m pretty sure Zags won’t ban anyone.

      Mrs. W, if you are reading this, send your son to ARIZONA!!! Kansas may be on ESPN every other day this year, but with Josh, U of A will easily be the best team in the PAC-10 (top 10 nationally) next year and will get tons of publicity. Also, do you want your son to get better before he enters the draft? Look at the progress at the current U of A guards… Sean Miller was a point guard himself at Pitt and will prepare your son for the NBA.

      Lastly, doesn’t he want to get out of that terrible weather and come to the west coast where the girls are just as nice as the weather :).

      Josh Selby will be the next great NBA guard out of U of A! Book it!

      • WOW! An open letter to the Mother of a recruit begging her to send her son to Arizona is just pathetic. Using sexual innuendos like, “come to the west coast where the girls are just as nice as the weather 🙂 .”, is just plain wrong. Like any mother wants to hear that. I cant believe how desperate you guys have become.

    • A lot of space on this blog seems to be devoted to a 13 and 12 team ….lol

    • pastyboy,

      13-12 after a HOF coach retires/comes back/retires again and leaves U of A with no recruits for 2 years… I consider that pretty good. It could be worse, look at how Indiana with Tom Crean.

      Josh Selby, Doron Lamb, and Ray McCallum all have U of A in there final lists of schools. If Arizona lands one of them, paired up with the young squad that is all getting a ton of experience this year, Arizona will be in the top 10 next year, guaranteed.

      Aren’t you a fan of Memphis? You guys aren’t even that good. Better than Arizona at the moment, yes, but you guys aren’t world beaters like you used to be when Calipari was the coach.

      • Similar tough circumstances at Memphis ….7 scholarship players ….but not playing .500 ball …and Memphis has signed the top recruiting class for next year ….. their fans aren’t wasting blog space wishing for top players . Arizona basketball simply isn’t important anymore …sorry .

        • Similar situation? We have had no recruits in the past two years due to Olson leaving, then coming back, then leaving again. Memphis has a clean breakup with Calipari and Pastner was able to keep some of the recruits. Your situation is not even close to U of A’s.

          The fact is that if Memphis does as well as you think and Arizona does as poorly as you think, Pastner will leave Memphis and coach at Arizona. You know he is a U of A grad, right?

          • Arizona is Pastner’s dream job.

            If we called him up and told him to get down to Tucson right now, he’d leave without even thinking twice about it. We needed a more seasoned and experienced coach to follow Lute Olson, so we got Miller, who was a great pickup.

            Let Pastner experiment with Memphis and when he’s good and ready in a few years, we might take a look at him. 🙂

    • 13-12, sure. Though you are failing to realize the team’s endless potential. Zona fans are around anywhere you look. I went to a gym in Clearwater, fl. The other day and met random UA hoop bball fans. I live in Phx. And UA shorts are out in masses again.

      There is much to look forward to with potential recruits like Selby coming into the mix. Realize this hill-bill Rock Crock fans, Zona will be a top 5 team come March 2011 and in the final 4 should Selby commit. Book it!

    • Book What?

      Arizona will be lucky to finish with a .500 record.
      They will not make the tournament! How in the Hell do you miss a tournament made up of the top 65 teams????!!! That’s really sad for what once was a proud program.

      Coaches that start out recruiting well, but can’t get it done on the court, soon find out that the recruiting that went so well before doesn’t anymore. Arizona will be looking for a new coach in about 3 years.

      KU and UK fans are the only ones that should be bragging right now.
      “BOOK” this — Bragging about a recruiting class is worthless, and makes you look pathetic.

      • Arizona has been the most consistent program in 25 years! 25 straight NCAA appearances, 11 Pac10 titles, 4 final 4’s, and a national championship in that span.

        EVERY team goes through its ups and downs. I’m surprised we’ve lasted this long without a hiccup.

        You want to know what’s really sad? North Carolina! If you want to talk s**t about Arizona and the possibility of not making the NCAA tournament after 25 straight years, how about you turn your attention to the Tar Heels who won the national championship last year and not only are they going to miss the NCAA tournament, but the NIT. That’s only happened I think once or twice in the history of the tournament that a defending champ didn’t even make the field of 64!

        So I would say Arizona has done pretty well. And for a school who supposedly is done, we sure get a lot of attention from top recruits don’t we? I don’t think Selby or Lamb would be going to a school they didn’t think was relevant anymore; do you!

      • Pretty sure that the Kentucky program you mentioned should be bragging somehow missed a tournament last year that had 65 teams in it.

        • that’s right Kentucky shouldn’t have been bragging last year.
          and UNC shouldn’t be bragging about their recruiting class, or their season.

          just like Arizona fans shouldn’t be bragging either.

          You all keep saying “We’ve made the tournament every year!”

          ummm. EXCEPT THIS YEAR!

    • Of all the stupid comments I have read on this website and many others, I don’t know if I have seen one stupider than yours DocBean.

      You said how in the hell do you miss a tournament made up of the top 65 teams? Do you realize how much of an idiot you are saying that to ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!! HELLO. We are the ONLY, I repeat the ONLY ONLY TEAM TO MAKE EVERY TOURNAMENT SINCE IT WAS EXPANDED TO 64 TEAMS. How in the hell has Kansas not made every tournament or UNC or Duke. I just can’t begin with how much of an idiot you are. You literally must have been living under a rock for the last 25 years. Every single team in the country has not made the tournament at least 1 year except ARIZONA!!!!

      I won’t even go on to criticize your second paragraph because a preschooler understands the politics of college coaching better than you.

    • Woody, Woody, Woody…

      YES– SELF did say ALL those things about LUTE.
      Nasty type recruitment. ..No and ,ifs or buts about that.

      This explains why you have no support from your boyz in ESPx site.
      They know what SELF did!

      Arizona knows that Self did.

    • I’m absolutely convinced that in 5-10 years from now, when his players and system are fully in place, everyone on this board will agree:

      Miller > Pastner
      Miller > Self
      Miller > Calipari

      SM is just beginning his ascent up, whereas Self and Calipari have already ascended and about to feel some gravity.

      • bosybillups, the only people that will agree with you are your fellow UA fans (and some of them will disagree because they probably think Pastner has more upside than Miller). Other than wishful thinking, what on earth makes you think that Self & Cal are going to “feel some gravity?” You do realize the two programs that they coach at, right? I’m not convinced that 5-10 years from now Miller isn’t putting his players and system in place at Pitt.

        • Dixon isn’t leaving Pitt in the next decade. He’s had plenty of chances and opportunities but turned down every one of them.

    • Jessie, I can’t believe I’m even asking this question (because we all that your $hit is just made up), but what in the hell are you talking about? You are the only person I’ve heard making accusations against Self, and based on your track record of being 0% accurate, I’m not too concerned. Again, I know you’re going to be on suicide watch when Selby commits to KU in a few weeks but it’s no reason to just make $hit up. It makes your program look desperate & weak.

      ZonaWildcat, I don’t blame you for feeling pride when talking about UA’s consistency: “25 straight NCAA appearances, 11 Pac10 titles, 4 final 4’s, and a national championship in that span.” That’s impressive, but I’ll settle for the Jayhawks numbers in the last 25 years: KU is about ready to win their 6th straight Big 12 title, they’ve been to 7 Final Fours, and have 2 National Championships in that same period. You can have the streak (even though UA vacated the 1999 tourney appearance), we’ll just settle for Final Fours & National Championships.

    • Bosybillups-

      i respectfully disagree with that. I would rather have Self then Miller. but i respect your opinion none the less.
      zona wildcat-
      would you rather have had the last 25 years of KU basketball or arizona basketball? Arizona has been great the last 25 years, don’t get me wrong, i respect what they have been able to do but…

      KU- 15 (almost 16) Big 12/Big 8 Titles 7 Final fours, 2 Nat’l Championships.

      also, KU’s average seed in that time was a little over a 3, and Arizona’s is just under a 5.

      Ku’s lowest seed of that time was an 8. Arizona has been an 8 twice, 9 twice, 10 3 times and 12 once.

      Arizona- 5 number 1 seeds
      Kansas-8 number 1 seeds

      i can live with missing the tournament 1 time (1989 on probation, and we would have made it if we weren’t on probation). I would argue KU has been more consistent in the last 25 years than arizona.

    • At least now that Arizona is non existent as a viable basketball program ….you guys aren’t touting their graduation rate…..gotta give you that. Lets be realistic though ….after Olsen the program is finished .

      • It’s Olson not Olsen and Arizona isn’t “non existent”. Will Miller return Arizona to the level Olson had the program? Highly unlikely because Olson built a national power out of nothing. Miller atleast has the tradition that Olson built to work with and all of the NBA talent that comes back to Tucson during the summer and during the all star weekend if they are not apart of it.

      • Oh yeah? How do you figure?

        It’s YEAR 1 with our new coach, so how in the hell do you know we won’t succeed? You’re just talking out your ass!

        Now Memphis is another story; you are NOTHING without Calipari, period! Yes, the Pac10 is down this year, but conference USA is a joke year in and year out and no one who knows college basketball is going to dispute that fact.

        And yes, Pastner will be a good coach for you, but if an opportunity at Arizona presents itself for Pastner to take over the head coaching position, he will leave your program without even thinking twice about it.

    • I love when mid-majors try to act like they are not a mid major. It’s like puppies barking when they’re teething.

      • when you win 156 out of 177 …you tend to bark a little … but you’re a fan of a team not familiar with those numbers aren’t you?

        • snickers

    • ZonaWildcat, you’re dreaming if you think that Dixon is there for another decade. No offense to Pitt fans, but that’s not exactly a destination job (unless you played there). If Howland ever leaves or is forced to leave UCLA I’m pretty sure Dixon is on their speed dial.

      • Woody- I agree with you that Dixon would leave Pitt for UCLA but I’m not sure Miller leaves UA for Pitt. During the hiring process this summer I was worried that Miller would leave if Dixon left Pitt. There was talk about Miller having a falling out with the Pitt administration due to him feeling he was not given a real chance to be the head coach instead of Dixon when Howland left for UCLA. (This information was not from JW.)

        • FYI –

          Roy Williams went on record to say the Arizona head coaching job is top 5 in all of college hoops. Miller was amazed in the beginning of the season when the fans did not boo the team after getting blown out by BYU (at Xavier, they would boo at half-time for poor effort and Miller was expecting the same from a 13,000+ packed arena).

          Tucson loves Miller already and the more he puts his blood, sweat, and tears into his team, the less likely he is to leave anytime soon. This is his Arizona Wildcats now, not Lute’s. He knows this. He has McKale at 14,000+ per game now, way more than any other Pac-10 team. And he is a top 5 paid college basketball coach.

          Just wait until he starts getting his players. He is about to have a ton more fun.

      • Maybe you’re right, but too think that Howland is going anywhere is absurd! Yes, UCLA is really struggling this year, a lot due to injures and a very young team, but Howland had a multiple final 4 run the last couple years.

        There isn’t another coaching gig out there that would take Howland away from UCLA. He has the tradition, the location, the salary, and not too mention the backing of arguably the greatest coach to ever coach the game in John Wooden.

        Only way Howland leaves UCLA is if he’s fired, and UCLA will never do that. Not with his recent successes. One bad year doesn’t take away all the success he’s had since he’s been there.

    • If Miller ever leaves UA to get Dixon’s job at Pitt, I am pretty sure Josh Pastner is on Zona’s speed dial.

    • RockChalk,

      You also never know about Willy Self either. Oklahoma State may need a coach sometime soon, and T. Boone Pickens has some pretty deep pockets. He might of balked in 2008, but what about 2011 or 2013? Is Willy ready for a new challenge as he enters the twilight of his coaching career? You never know.


      PS – if Willy had no interest, he would have squashed the rumors as soon as they surfaced.

    • Jhawk,

      You been ready those Woody comments…LOL…on ESPx.-jaw.

      So, ESPx is about ONE MONTH late on K.Jack.
      Someone finally woke up there.
      AZ had the KJ story …weeks ago!

      Also hearing….SELF’s true colors.

      Self wanted Knight so bad.
      And struke out to UK.

      The third rate attempt on Josh Selby visit is just to MidWestern, hickery.

      But, also hearing ….that SELF would not want Doron Lamb ;since, he is not a pure point guard. SELF has him as a SG.

    • I didnt understand one thing you tried to say in that last post jessie. can you try again and try to have it make sense

    • All AZ fans here are right on target with the Selby situation. Look, he is a dream come true for our program. He will start from day 1 and flurry under Miller’s system. All these fans rejecting the thought Miller is a better teacher at the PG position are living a fallacy! Look up this dudes game before opening your mouth’s. All self has got is “deep pockets”. Everyone knows that, just like they know Cali’s got them too. Even the great Bobby Knight commented on this a couple months back. The PTI guys and Around the Horn sports writers concurred with everything Knight said. As much I have hated the Duke program, they don’t make final fours due to these cheat programs that are stacked with 5 star recruits. They should hire a Commish to oversee this bull…

    • what great pg’s has miller coached?

      • jhawk4, he (Miller) was at a mid-major type program. Somehow took those teams to a sweet 16 and an elite 8 appearance within 5 years. This was done with only 3 star recruits. What I was referencing was his great PG days in college (PITT late 80’s). This would be his 1st 5 star recruit at that position. No doubt would Selby make THE LEAGUE within a 2 year span as a lottery pick. It should and will happen once Selby and his mom weigh these options. Tucson has great weather, beautiful women, gorgeous campus, massive fan support, and NBA pipelines.

        Book IT!

        • Well how do we know if he is a great PG teacher if he hasnt taught one yet?

          dont get me wrong, i like miller, and i think he i a wonderful coach, and he may be the best pg teacher out of all of them when its all said and done.But as of now, the other choices on Selby’s list have coaches that have already put multiple Pg’s in the NBA. not saying Miller can’t, just that he hasn’t yet.

    • bosy, Self already publicly turned down OSU because as he’s told everyone, KU was his dream job. No offense to Cowboys fans, but it’s not UNC. And does anyone care what Roy Williams thinks about somebody being a Top-5 program? He’s got a mess on his hands right now. Nice try, though.

      Jessie, lighten up on the Hennessy before typing & maybe we can understand you.

      The UA fans on this board have tried to name every conceivable reason why Selby should turn KU down. What are you guys going to do when he commits to the Jayhawks? Oh, I already know, Jessie & Co will complain that Self must be dirty.

      • Didn’t Williams coach your beloved JayHawks for 15 years? Didn’t he win 9 conference championships during that time with 2 national championship appearances? Yeah, I think I would listen to what he said. The guy can coach and knows his s**t!

        So if he says Arizona is a Top 5 coaching gig I would listen to him.

        And not every Arizona fan is saying WHY Selby shouldn’t go to Kansas. Either choice, Arizona or Kansas, would be a great choice for him. But I do agree that if he went to Arizona he would be going to a school who is known for producing great point guards and he would be taught by a coach who has walked the walk.

        Miller was a great starting point guard at Pitt for 4 years and sees the game through a point guards perspective. That information is very valuable to a player who is looking to get to the next level as quickly as possible.

        So with that, I would say Arizona gets the nod there. Than add the fact that we have better year around weather and more stuff to do, I wouldn’t be surprised if Selby did chose Arizona over Kansas.

    • Arizona fans – You’re not making the tournament this year.
      so what will you hang your hat on now?

      Let’s see who really is the most consistent team in Basketball.

      Look at the ENTIRE history of Basketball and there is only 1 team to be consistently be among the top 10.
      KU. They’ve NEVER had the down years that other programs have had.
      The inventor of the game coached at KU, Adolf Rupp, and Dean Smith were Jayhawks, and the father of college coaching Phog Allen. In the last 25 years we’ve had Larry Brown, Roy Williams, and Bill Self!!! They’re also the only team to win more then 80% of their games in the last 25 years.

      Why didn’t they make it that one year?
      The only time they missed the tournament was because Larry Brown paid for a recruit to go to his Grandmother’s funeral. Which was wrong, so they got the punishment and Brown left for the NBA.

      If you want to compare the last 25 years, I’m sure we can and you’ll see that KU is still more consistent then Arizona. More Wins, more League championships, more League Titles, More Final 4s, and more National Championships.

      SO WHO”S MORE CONSISTENT??? the team that wins more games, more championships, or the team that’s made it to 1 more tournament up until this year? After this year KU will be even with them.

      There are 3 blue bloods. KU, UK, and UNC. That’s fact., and this is coming from someone that hates UNC and UK. below them are Duke and Arizona, but there are some other teams there too. Arizona is a GREAT program, but NOT the most consistent.

      so if making the tournament is you’re only judge for success then be happy that they’re talking about expanding the tournament, because then you’ll be happy to make it every year from here on out.

    • Big 4 …..Unc …Ky …Ku ….Ucla ……….. in no particular order …..then Duke ….the rest are a jumble …..Arizona is not on the map anymore …sorry.

      • Arizona is also the last team to win the National championship from the Pac10. UCLA was really good in the Wooden era but choked in the final 4 the last couple years.

        So how in the world is Arizona not on the map anymore? Lute retired just 2 years ago bro. We still have our streak and although we’ve had to deal with Lute’s mess the last couple years, Arizona has still fared really well.

        25 years and no big downturn? Yeah that’s a pretty stable and consistent program if you ask me. Hell, North Carolina isn’t even gonna make the NIT tournament and they won the national title last year, now THAT’S a big downturn.

        Now if you want to know about a program that won’t be on the map anymore, that’s Memphis. Calipari gone, you will wither away in a crappy ass conference that should be a mid-major conference. Doubt anyone will disagree there except you and other Memphis fans.

        • Lol ….well I have 7 things to post in response . 1. Joe Jackson 2. Will Barton 3. Jelan Kendrick 4. Tarik Black 5. Chris Crawford 6. Antonio Barton 7. Hippolyte Tsafack ……..signed … the bank . Number one class . With Elliott Williams , Wesley Witherspoon , Angel Garcia et al coming back …..I’d say Memphis will be on a map Arizona no longer recognizes . Also in 2 years this program will be in a BCS conference …. but you stay on the blogs hoping to pick up some of Cal’s table scraps … maybe it will work out for you ….((((( eyeroll)))))

    • Here is what the Selby camp thinks of Arizona.

      Arizona was able to claim a spot on Selby’s list thanks in large part to Wildcats assistant Emanuel “Book” Richardson, whom Witherspoon has known for quite some time. Selby and Witherspoon have already visited Tucson.

      “Arizona is an up-and-coming program with Coach [Sean] Miller,” Witherspoon said. “I think he’s a great coach and I think Arizona’s going to be great. The fans are good, although there weren’t a whole lot of students [at the game we attended] because they were out of school. But the weather was great. Me knowing Book Richardson for awhile, that’s definitely a plus.”

      followed by:

      “The Kansas visit went well,” Witherspoon said. “That was our second time down there. Josh wanted to get that game atmosphere, and I think we accomplished that. I think he had a good time. Kansas is a great place with a great tradition.”

      Hopefully Arizona Selby can bring AZ back into the national spotlight.

    • typo: Hopefully Selby can bring AZ back into the national spotlight.

    • No one is arguing Kansas history everyone knows they are top3.
      But quit running your mouth about all the accomplishments and thinking you’re so cool because you’re just a fan and have nothing to do with it.
      Guarentee most of you douchbags didnt go to KU or even live in KansASS(stole from Jessie).

    • Plus all you losers saying UofA wont make tourney arent smart enough to realize it only takes 3 lousy wins against brutal pac 10 in tourney.
      The Streak isnt over until someone stops it bitche$.

    • Oh, it’s over. A…S…Who? (snickers)