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Thursday / February 22.
  • Knight Takes Final Visit to Miami; Wroten Has Top 5; Three Jersey Schools in Top 10

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    Brandon Knight took his final official visit to Miami this weekend and the nation’s No. 1 prospect is set to decide this spring.

    “There’s a lot of pressure on him [to go there] because it’s in Florida,” one source close to the situation said.

    Knight, who did not immediately return a phone message, lists Kentucky, Kansas, Florida, Miami and UConn among his possible destinations.

    “Those schools are still in the mix,” Knight recently told Jody Demling of the Louisville Courier Journal. “They’re still pretty even.”

    Another source said he believes Knight will ultimately land at Kentucky, the new No. 1 team in the nation, following John Wall to play for John Calipari.

    Calipari was on hand last Monday when Knight dropped 39 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists as Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Pine Crest downed Cincinnati Jefferson, 68-61, in Dayton.

    “From what I heard Kentucky’s probably going to get Brandon Knight,” a second source said. “He’s going to go visit Miami and then commit to Kentucky after the visit.”

    Three other elite guards  — Josh Selby, Cory Joseph and Doron Lamb — are also uncommitted.

    Multiple sources said Selby, a 6-3 guard out of Lake Baltimore  (Md.) Clifton, will choose either Kansas or Arizona.

    The 6-4 Joseph lists five schools but is expected to land at UConn, Villanova or Texas, where two fellow Canadians, teammate Tristan Thompson of Findlay Prep and Myck Kabongo of St. Benedict’s, have committed.

    Oak Hill’s Lamb has cut his list to Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona and West Virginia.

    Should Knight land at Kentucky, Lamb could opt to go elsewhere.

    Arizona would like to land both Selby and Lamb.

    UConn could need a replacement for Kemba Walker, should he leave for the NBA.


    Seattle Garfield junior G Tony Wroten has a new Top 5, per his Twitter feed.

    “OHHH BOY. a new team has made it to my top 5. 1. syracuse 2. villanova 3. UCONN 4.Tenneesee 5. washington. PS. oregon as dropped in my list.”

    THREE JERSEY SCHOOLS IN TOP 10 has its latest poll out and three of the Top 10 programs are from North Jersey — No. 5 St. Patrick, No. 6 St. Benedict’s and No. 9 Paterson Catholic.

    That, despite the fact that St. Ben’s downed St. Pat’s, 65-64, Saturday night on a game-winning layup by Kabongo.

    MaxPreps has PC No. 5, St. Ben’s No. 6 and St. Pat’s No. 12.

    Bob Hurley’s St. Anthony club, meanwhile, pulled out a 49-48 win late Sunday over CBA on a late runner by St. Bonaventure-bound PG Elijah Carter.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Anyone see the highlight of Kevin Parrom (from New York) bringing some of that east coast toughness to the west?

      Arizona has a VERY athletic, tough, young squad that could really use a stud PG like Selby or Lamb. Everyone down here in Arizona is crossing their fingers, as either one would propel AZ back to the top of the PAC-10 and back into the national spotlight.

    • Oh yea, I forgot to mention what Parrom wrote on his Twitter account just minutes after the game: “ASWho ?!?!? I’m From Tha Bronx New York… No Easy Buckets !!!”

      This guys might be everyone’s favorite wildcat from here on out.

      I know I am borderline stalking, but I’m just a huge U of A hoops fan… don’t judge 🙂

    • AZhoops,

      Hell yeah, I love the intensity that Kevin Parrom brings. Still can’t believe he missed almost 2 months because of a stress fracture in his foot, you wouldn’t even be able to tell by his level of play. Imagine if this kid had those 2 months back how much better he would be! Crazy!

      I wish Knight would make his decision already! His decision is going to be a domino affect which will speed up Selby and Lamb’s decisions.

      Realistically I see Knight going to Kentucky and its no secret that Kentucky’s number one choice is Knight. I doubt Selby wants to be anyone;s backup plan, I believe his mom even mentioned that once.

      Arizona is probably the only school that both Selby and Lamb and go to together where it’s not guard heavy. If Arizona continues to get better and they make the NCAA tournament, I think we land Selby. If we do land Selby, Lamb might follow. We’ll that’s’ what I’m hoping for. 🙂

    • Wow, looks like a wild game!

      Great clip. The grin shows who the boss is.

    • Keep up the good work Zona boys …..Cal might toss you some table scraps . (snickers)

    • AZ,

      Very good stuff.

      You called a LONG time ago.
      Knight to Kentucky and the Calicats.

      Also like the PACKAGE to Arizona.
      With Kansas having a horrible recruiting season.
      And all that stuff still happening there, Lew needs to do something.

      PS-Hearing that TJ is reaching out to the West.
      Still taking calls.
      Imagine a new recruiting class including DB,Josh,Lamb,TJ,xxx.

      Love the vid of Kevin P.
      Over 10mill hits in the west.

    • Worth posting again.

      “Get Some.”

    • Hey JessieWildcat,

      Do you start Drinking when you wake up or do you wait until 10AM ?

    • Jessie,

      The video has 1000 hits. Seriously man, seriously.

    • jessie,

      the video has 1000 hits. Come on man.


      please say something other than “snickers”. Youre almost at Jessie status.

      • I actually do snicker ….its not just typing

        • Shouldn’t your name be Fatassboy?

    • (Not facetious)

      People forget, D. Lamb is a SG right and would be a PG in the NBA given his length of 6-4. He wants to develop his skills as a PG in college and has said so. I highly doubt that UK, let alone Zona, could pull 2 out of 3 of the Knight, Selby, and Lamb set. If UK gets E. Bledsoe in the lottery too though in the first year……….. that could change things from there on out.

    • LOL @ Jessie. Horrible recruiting season? What color is the sky in your world? Remember, KU isn’t trying to rebuild their program so I’m not real worried about recruiting right now. You should be, though. You need Selby & Lamb a lot worse.

    • ot,

      There are over 20 versions of the Kevin Parrom action.
      Total number are over the mill.
      West coast folks are debating it…Hard Foul or Dirty Foul?


      Come on.
      Per Kansas standards, it is a horrible recruiting season.
      Even your own Kansas folks state that and most agree.
      I was expecting at least one TOP20 player. Right?

      Yes, Arizona needs Selby and Lamb. But,they are also a GOOD MATCH.
      They will get plenty of playing time and be on a TOP15 ranked team, next year.
      And Arizona has shown them alot of love.
      They would be great addition to Point Guard U.
      As we are getting used to saying…”Book It”.

      There maybe a new Number 1 recruiting class?
      The addition of two bigs to Arizona would make some recruiting noise.

      We are all looking forward to K. Jacks visit and maybe some return visits.

      • Jessie,

        Not sure how you expect us to get all these recruits. You do realize we only have a couple scholarships to give right?

        I do think Kansas and Arizona are the top 2 for Selby. Arizona probably the only team that can accommodate both Selby and Lamb and guarantee a starting spot if not major minutes, so that’s another bonus.

        Arizona is improving at a dramatic rate and are starting to come together. We will return everyone next year except Wise and if we land Selby we are going to be even better next year.

        We’ll have to see how it all unfolds. Nothing is guaranteed until the recruit signs on the dotted line, till than it’s all speculation. But I do think both Selby and Lamb are holding out to see what Knight does, so I wish he would make up his damn mind already! 🙂

    • Let’s not forget about Ray McCallum! He might be every bit as good a point guard as Lamb (if not better) and he’s likely to stick around a little longer than Selby. I would love to land either one of these three if not a couple. It’s great news that 3 amazing guards are considering Arizona – if we get even one of them, Arizona is going to be the Arizona of the 90’s again.

      • Yea we Just need to pick up one of these 3 guards and we will be back on top next year. Fogg is really lighting it up in PAC-10 about 20ppg

    • Do you guys hear that?

      The mancrush is hurt.
      Pastaboy is DOWN.

      And DOWN goes Kensucky!


    • Downye >> wall

      EB is not even NBA ready.

      Come on.

      Down goes Kensucky!

      • Retard >> jessiewildcat

    • Does South Carolina play in Conference USA? (snickers)

      • LOL …was waiting for that one ….. see you in the final 4 :0

        • Dude, I couldn’t resist. This loss will be good in the long run for UK. Hope we get to meet up in Indy.

        • Kind of funny how you think Kentucky is an automatic qualifier for the Final 4 just because they have a few talented freshmen.

          If history has proven anything, the best team don’t always win the big dance or goes as far as they should. It comes down to not only a talented team working together, but luck as well.

          Having a team that relys heavily on freshmen is going to have problems with more experienced teams who have already been there. Kentucky has had too many close games this year and Cal has been telling the public sense day 1, their biggest problem is their youth and I think it’s going to show even more in the tournament.

          And having 3 potential first round NBA picks on your team and you lose to South Carolina? Really? Good luck against more seasoned teams.

          • ZonaWildcat, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a UK fan thinking that they’re going to the Final Four. I think KU is going to the Final Four. I don’t think anybody thinks it’s “automatic.”

            It’s takes a lot of guts for a Zona fan to come here & talk smack about a UK team that won their first 19 games.

          • Talk smack? How was I talking smack? Was I coming on here and bad mouthing UK and saying that Arizona was better and you better not meet us in the tourney because we are going to kill you? Hell no!

            I was stating the obvious! No one since the Fab 5 has gone all the way in the NCAA tournament with a team that relys heavily on freshmen. Experience ALWAYS wins the game when it comes to the NCAA tournament.

            But seriously; a team as loaded as Kentucky shouldn’t be struggling with South Carolina and all the other teams they went down to the wire with if they were a Final 4 team. Even their own coach recognizes and acknowledges that they should have lost a game a few weeks ago.

          • A team starting 3 freshman, 1 soph, and a junior “shouldn’t” win the first 19 games either should they zona? All I’m saying is that a team that young having beat Uconn, florida on the road, (I would say UNC but they are down this year lol), is a pretty good start. Your logic is fail. Also, the Fab 5 didn’t go all the way their freshman year…… no predominately freshman teams have gone all the way. Carmello Anthony and Cuse went…. but Cuse had several other players. Just helping you understand facts…… just a little at a time.