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Sunday / February 25.
  • Smith, Lamb May Sign Late

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    Oak Hill teammates Roscoe Smith and Doron Lamb may commit early but sign late, according to David Borges of the New Haven Register.

    The 6-foot-8 Smith told me during a recent interview that he had decided where he wanted to go from among Georgetown, UConn and Duke and he then told Borges he had a frontrunner.

    He’s not saying which school is his leader, but Smith has taken officials to Conn and Georgetown and an unofficial to Duke.

    He broke down the pros of all three schools in a recent interview with me.

    “I liked the history of Duke, the great players that came through Duke, Carlos Boozer, Grant Hill and Elton Brand,” he said.

    “UConn, the same thing, the history. I like Jim Calhoun, the head coach, and his experience of sending people to the NBA and the former players Caron Butler, Ray Allen and Rudy Gaye.

    “Georgetown, I like them because of the same thing. [David] Wingate, Allen Iverson [went to the pros]. I like the head coach [John Thompson III].

    “All three of the head coaches, I felt a great connection.”

    Smith put up 29 points, 10 rebounds and 5 blocks on Friday as Oak Hill routed Winston Salem Prep 100-69.

    As for the 6-4 Lamb, he is on UConn’s campus today (Sunday) and is considering Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona and UConn. He has visited every school but Arizona.

    “I’m just looking for a good coaching staff, a winning school, good players that I can work around,” he told Borges. “A school that’s basketball-first.”

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • That must be very embarrassing for Duke.

      For a top recruit to visit and RS could not talk to the coach.
      The coach had more important things to do.

      This is the new Duke.

      It appears that RS is going to GT?
      But, RS must have some major reservations.
      To give a verbal and NOT sign a LOI.
      (not a good way to start a college relationship.)

      All those folks saying that UK Calicats are fine — with the one commit.
      Well, those folks would like to retract those statements.
      UK must GET : Knight or Selby and CJ Leslie.
      Without these TWO recruits, the 2010 Calicats recruiting class would be less than average.

      • Arizona mental patient,

        Watch Quincy Miller and Austin Rivers

      • Not embarrassing for Duke at all. He did an “unofficial visit”..meaning it wasn’t scheduled…He just showed up. Coach K was in Hawaii at the time. He hardly “had more important things to do.” I don’t know for sure, but I bet Coach K’s schedule is pretty freaking full. If R. Smith had scheduled an official visit, then you can bet K would’ve been there. After Barnes picking UNC, Duke really needs this guy…..

    • UK must get Knight or Selby and CJ Leslie? Are you kidding? Look at their program and then look at your Mildcats. You still think that Kentucky is in trouble? Calipari will recruit circles around Sean Miller at UA.

      jessie, stick with what you know: weak basketball on Fox Sports in the Mountain and Pacific timezones.

    • Woody,

      Not sure you understood. I will let your father , Hawk, explain.
      Didn’t you read about Barnes. You showed your knowledge in this area, lack of.
      The Kansas Gangster U did make a neg. impact on him.- for sure.

      Kentucky needs to secure those two players ..otherswise, UK class would be considered – below average.

      Very good news about Lamb visiting Arizona.

    • The better news was Lamb sporting KU gear the other day.

      FYI Harrison Barnes attending the UNC alumni game is what made an impact on him. As for your claim that the fight between KU players had something to do with it where’s your proof? Do you have quotes? Why would he attend Late Night if the fights had such a negative impact on him? Or is this just a case of you trying to make something out of nothing AGAIN?

      • Are you a Kansas fan talking smack? A program known for cheating and paying it’s players without any shame. I guess just because you guys are dirty with Bill Self means that you expect everybody else to be paying just as you guys paid Xavier Henry to sign with your school!

        Caliapri and Self are two of the dirtiest head coaches in the college game. Who in the right mind would want to go to school in Kansas where there is nothing out there. I am most amazed that it is a State and populated with scum-bags such as you RockChalkWoody.

    • Davidpk19 I’m not exactly sure what team you support being that all you did in your message above was spew hate towards a successful program. My guess would be that your team has fallen on hard times and for that I am sorry. Being a relatively young KU fan I have no idea what that is like, but I guess it must be very challenging.
      As far as the cheating things go, it is always best to support your argument with some sort of facts. I am not so ignorant to know that there have been some minor infractions, but the paying of players has not been one of them. As far as a kid not wanting to attend Kansas because there is “nothing out there”, what we do have out here are passionate basketball fans that appreciate the game and understand that this is the birthplace of the sport. We also play in one of the top 3 conferences in the country, put kids in the NBA, and showcase kids on national tv on a weekly basis. Why in the hell would a kid not want to play here?
      Also, I would like to see the proof that Self paid Henry if you got it. I’m sure the NCAA would like to see that too. Douchebag!

      The truest mark of being born with great qualities is being born without envy. ~Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld

    • I hope that you live long enough to see it and see it you will fmizzou31! Self is only second to Calipari when it comes to cheating among his peers and that is well-known among his colleagues.

      I am glad to hear that you are young and innocent but the game of College Basketball lost it’s innocence a long time ago. But it is certainly good to see that someone like you still believes in the purity of the game, which was lost when it became commercial. Do you still believe in Santa young man? Good for you.

      • “Self is only second to Calipari when it comes to cheating among his peers and that is well-known among his colleagues.”

        davidpk19, now I know that you’re full of $hit. Bill Self is one of the most respected and well liked coaches in all of college basketball. It’s really sad that you sit here and try to run down somebody that you know absolutely nothing about.

        You sound like some bitter old fart who can’t handle the fact that collegiate sports is a business. My only advice to you is to go back to your cave–the game has passed you by.

    • are you dumb in the head davidpk19? we dont pay players to play at the university of kansas. thats the bottom line. again you are bashing us with no factual information. although i am only a sophomore at KU they have taught me in my public speaking class, that to make a valid argument you need to back up your statements with valid sources. thats a freshman class. come on old timer. get an education. since you havent stated who you are rooting for and based on your comments i assume that you back one of the teams that is on the outside looking in on “basketballs elite.” you got a second rate education and your team is second rate. i truly feel bad for you. another thing, even if we did pay players, even though everyone around self does (hahaha im laughing way to hard to finish this right now, ill finish this in a second), anyway even if the argument you are making that we pay players was true, are you saying that no one else does? so its Self and Calipari out there throwing money at recruits? thats some solid logic my man. aldrich’s family is struggling to make ends meet right now! he chose another year in college over the nba and millions. so im sure when he was looking at college choices it was all about money. anyway i could go on and on but really all i really want to know from you is who you call your team because i already know why you are the worlds dumbest college basketball fan. much love my friend

      • Probably referring to Larry Brown paying Vincent Askew’s (potential transfer from Memphis) plane ticket from the late 80’s. They got banned from post season comp and had several boosters banned for life from contact with Kansas. This followed a two year ban by their football program so Kansas almost got their basketball operations shut down for an entire year as a punishment for repeated violations from the athletic dept. They avoided that by disassociating three boosters. You are probably too young to know about that. In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t that big of a deal but because of what the Football program did and the rumored questionable involvement of a few boosters (probably the more serious infractions occured there) they got the hammer laid to them.

    • The next few days will be exciting…

      For the sake of recruiting discussion:

      Lets say BK goes to the Gators.
      That leaves JS between Kansas and Calicats.
      JS is more likely to go with Calicats. Right?
      How good are Kansas chances with JS?

      Note:– Recruiting concerns from “Calicat World”.
      You are starting to hear about players which have not been recruited by Calicats (not recruiting heavily). So, there are some major concerns about Calicat recruiting, for 2010.
      PG-CJ name is coming up. CJ already eliminated Kansas from consideration.

      (has www influence been LIMITED…. or when will WWW step it up.)

    • jessie, let me help you out with this one. The smart $$$ is on Knight attending KU or UK and Selby attending the other. FYI Lamb is looking like a KU lean.

      FYI CJ didn’t eliminate KU. Self has really only gone after three PGs: Knight, Selby, and Joe Jackson (who signed with Memphis). He backed way off of Joseph & McCallum. I know that you’re wasting your time on Ray Ray (he’s going to play for his dad).

    • Just be patient and Self and Calipari are going to be busted. It is just a matter of time as it happens to every cheater. Your high quality institution is being run by a bunch of felons who are out of control. It is much to my surprise that a member of your student body can read and write.

      To call KU or UK an institution of higher learning is a joke to itself. Where do they rank on the list of universities? That is what I thought. Make sure to save yourself and transfer to a real university where they do not sell their soul to have a basketball team.

      • davidpk19:
        Which school did you attend that is sooooooo much better than everyone?

        Also: Why would Bill Self pay Xavier Henry anything to come to KU? Do you really think that between Carl Henry playing in the NBA and C.J. Henry getting a fat first round contract from the Yankees that Xavier would want money under the table?

        Until any cheating of Self is found, I won’t believe it. Calipari, however, is a proven cheater.

    • For the 2010 academic rankings, we are ranked in front of notable big names such as Nebraska, Florida State, Arizona, Missouri (Big Surprise), Oklahoma, Tennessee, Oregon, and far down at the bottom of the list Kentucky.

      Here are some more stats for you.

      Honors students: 1,322 in 2008-09

      Rhodes Scholars: 25, more than all other Kansas schools combined.

      Fulbright Fellowships for students: 406

      Recent recognitions:

      Allied health: Scholarship of Excellence winner, Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions, 2008

      Architecture: American Institute of Architects Education Honor Award, 2009

      Business: U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Bizfest champion, 2007

      City management/urban policy: No. 1 graduate program, U.S. News & World Report, 2009

      Debate: National champions, 2009 (fifth national title)

      Education: No. 1 special education graduate program, U.S. News & World Report, 2009

      Engineering: Space Robotics Challenge international awards, 2008

      Journalism: Hearst Intercollegiate Writing Competition champions, 2009 (third consecutive year)

      Medicine: No. 1 in number of graduates entering family medicine residencies

      Music: Naftzger Young Artists Music Awards/Piano, 2009

      Nursing: Master’s, midwifery and anesthesia programs in top 30 among public universities, 2008

      Pharmacy: No. 3, National Institutes of Health research grant ranking, 2009

      Social welfare: Eli Lilly Reintegration Award, 2007

      And Larry Brown made a violation in 1980, that means we cheat still. New coach, new AD, but once a cheater always a cheater i guess in your mind. Guess Indiana and Oklahoma cheat since Calvin Sampson coached there. You still havent said who your team is davidpk

    • Davidpk must be a missourian. maybe an overzealous k stater,

      those are the only 2 kinds i can think of that just spew KU hate with no real arguments to back it up.