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Sunday / February 25.
  • Terrence Jones Sets Visits

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    The mother of five-star power forward Terrence Jones says she has tentatively set up a run of official and unofficial vists for her son.

    Jones, a 6-8 forward out of Portland (Ore.) Jefferson, has the following visits on tap:

    Oct. 9 – Oklahoma

    Oct. 16 – Washington

    Oct. 23 – Arizona

    Oct. 28 – Kentucky for Blue/White Game

    Oct. 31 – Oregon (unofficial)

    Nov. 6 – UCLA

    Linda Mashia-Jones, Terrence’s mother and a former scholarship player at Washington, says Kansas may get an unofficial but she has not heard back from the staff.

    “I have not heard from them,” she said. “He wants Arizona over Kansas [for an official visit]. You only get five, unless it’s going to be an unofficial.”

    Linda said her son is playing his cards close to the vest — even with her — but he wants to commit in the fall. 

    “He would like to make a decision on the first go-round so this will be over,” she said. “I think it would be a lot easier and a lot less stressful on him. He’s looking forward to relaxing and enjoying his senior year.

    “If he waits until April, I just think it will just get worse. It will make the decision harder and more drawn out.”

    She also said that a recent article indicating Jones is cousins with former NBA guard and current Memphis Grizzlies assistant Damon Stoudamire is not completely accurate because they aren’t blood relatives.

    “They are cousins by marriage,” she said. “Terrence and Damon and Salim [Stoudamire], they do consider themselves cousins. It’s really not a blood thing.”

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • AZ,

      Great stuff.
      YOU started the Forest Fire earlier today and it is getting HOTTER.

      He wants ARIZONA over Kansass….woody will NOT be happy.
      I will have to remember that line….
      Terrence would be a critical piece for a National Championship title.

      From your earlier piece….
      There maybe more news on the Battle for Bejarano.
      Looks like a school maybe out of the recruiting battle.
      Something about pulling the scholarship offer.

    • Remember when Arizona wasn’t giddy about just making a kid’s top 6 list? Besides Kentucky has any program fallen so quickly?

      • More sour grapes from a “small pox” fan.

    • if the KU staff hasnt contacted them yet, my guess would be that they are thinking they wont get him or they dont want to offer him a scholarship. either way my gut tells me he isnt going to KU.

    • Small pox,

      Top 6 list?

      The excitement is from the recruiting battle which will unfold within the next ~ 3 weeks.

      I was hoping that the West forest fire which was sparked by AZ …would hit the east coast by now. Oh, well.
      Everyone must be talking extensively…

    • What language does your drivel actually make sense in? Babelfish is terrible at translating whichever language you sent in for translation.

      And what’s the point of having 2 handles talk to each other when everyone can see it’s the same IP address?

    • Wow, his mommy says he wants Arizona over Kansas? If true…I don’t blame him. He’ll be able to start right away for the Mildcats vs having to compete for time at KU.

      • He would start for the small pox too and let’s not forget you have Jeff ” momma’s boy” Whitley on your roster.

      • Oh, you mean the same Wildcats that beat Kansas last year? Actually, not beat–destroyed to the tune of 84-67. Or the same Wildcats that had an epic comeback and annihilated Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse on the back of Salim Stoudamire a few years back? Or the same Wildcats who only lost to Kansas in OT on some shaky end-of-game calls in Allen Fieldhouse two years ago? From the incredibly obnoxious behavior of KU fans everytime Arizona comes up, I have concluded that they are still bitter over ’97. (Seriously, from the vitriol from them, you’d think we were in the same conference.) I would be, too, I guess. To have underachieved so terribly when you supposedly had the best team must hurt.

    • he would not start for KU. we have power forwards there already that are ahead of him. i dont believe Zona does.

      ive also never understood why so much arizona hate for withey? what did he do to piss you guys off so much? he wanted to play for lute, then he couldnt so he wanted to transfer. thats a pretty common practice.

      • Just referring to the “mommy” comment and pointing out once again that a small pox fan should not cast the first stone. Withey’s mom runs the kids life. She moved to Tucson with son to keep an eye on him. Did she move to Lawerence? Wouldn’t suprise me if she did. Also Terrence Jones is more of a combo forward and Jones has more talent than the Morris twins. He would play over both of them.

      • Why the hate for Withey? Because he and mommy made some nasty comments on the way out. Besides, I never liked the kid. He de-committed from Louisville to come to Arizona–and there was no excuses there, he just did. It’s always been my feeling that if they’ll do it to someone else, they’ll do it to you. It’s kind of like sleeping with someone who’s married, then wondering what happened when they cheat on you. After leaving the Cardinals high-and-dry, he comes with mommy and daddy in tow to Tucson. He takes scholarship money, then bails on his teammaters–guys who were counting on him. Thankfully, it turns out that they didn’t really need him, as the Sweet 16 trip would indicate. The whole family moans and whines their way out of town, with mommy bailing on a class full of schoolkids she was teaching. Don’t like the kid, don’t like the family. Cut the strings already and grow up. Honor a commitment sometime in your life. I guess his parents have taught him well.

    • well the reason i ask is because jessie has trashed him a few times too, so i was just seeing if he said something about arizona that would have set you guys off.

      and based on the coaching staffs reviews of the morris twins over the summer, i dont think jones would unseat them. they are poised for breakout years. and Self loves incoming freshman thomas robinson, so thats 3 quality bigs he would have to beat out.

      • I understand that coaching staff’s say things like that about returning players but Terrence Jones is not just a big he has a diverse skill set. He is able to play an inside/outside game and handles the ball like a guard. He was just 6-1 two years ago. When I so him play this summer in Vegas every coach in the gym watched him play (unlike other games were the coaches were just there to be seen by the recruit). This kid would start at every college by the mid season point, which ever school lands him will be happy with his talent. The only knock on him is he took a play or two off but I think that was just because he was so much better than everyone else on the floor.

    • I understand your point, but Self traditionally doesnt play 3 forwards. T Jones is not a guard and self likes a 3 guard 2 big rotation in his first 5. Jones is a similar mold to a Julian Wright (who played 4 almost exclusively at KU, but is a 3 in the NBA). The 3 man Self likes to utillize is a Brandon Rush or this year Xavier Henry type, who end up playing 2 in the pros. Jones is a college 4 man and NBA 3 man. Jones is a super talent and will make an immediate impact wherever he lands, and start at 90% of the schools in the country, but there are some situations where he wouldnt. KU being one.

      Not trying in any way to knock him, thats just the type of player i see him panning out as. and if that’s correct, by the time he got to KU he would have to beat 2 juniors(Morris’s) and a sophomore (TRob), which is pretty unlikely. unfortunately, all this is pretty much moot as it looks like he wont be going to KU.

    • Hawk,

      UofA covered it on JWithey.
      His mother does get involved.
      That maybe good and bad.

      Moreover, the way JW left and how JL handled it (AD).
      But, I hope he does well at KU.

      WE AGREE.
      Also agree that TJ is NOT a good FIT at Kansas.
      You guys also have some ’11 recruits, in line.
      TJ would be a great addition to the “superCats”….

      Remember, Miller has only been at AZ for a few months.

    • PS-
      With C.J. Leslie possibly going to Kentucky…TJ is unlikely to be a Calicat.
      AZ will probably have CJ visit schedule.

      The next few weeks for TJ will be interesting.

    • Big Ben,

      You must of already heard all that talk about CJ. Leslie.
      Kentucky folks are celebrating – as a done deal?

      Any truth to that…..things happen so quickly in recruiting , that anything is possible.