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Monday / January 22.
  • Which Set of Wildcats Will Land Gilchrist?

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    PHILLY — At one point last week, Kentucky coach John Calipari walked in the main door of the gym at the Reebok All-American Camp just past where Villanova coach Jay Wright was holding a conversation.

    “Hey, it’s the two coaches who might land Michael Gilchrist standing right next to each other,” a bystander observed.

    Then a coach joked that maybe Calipari and Wright could share the 6-foot-7, 219-pound Gilchrist, with one coach taking him for the first half of the season and the other for the second.

    That’s how talented 15-year-old Michael Gilchrist is.

    The consensus top player in the nation in the Class of 2011 and the Gatorade New Jersey Player of the Year, many people consider him to be the best player in high school basketball right now. Period.

    Cindy Richardson, Gilchrist’s mother, told a reporter that her son talks about Kentucky and Villanova all the time.

    “Michael loves Villanova,” she told the Philly Inquirer. “It’s Kentucky, Villanova. Villanova, Kentucky.”

    Gilchrist told a newspaper two years ago that he would go to Memphis when Calipari was the coach.

    The other key factor is William Wesley, aka “Worldwide Wes,” who grew up across the street from Richardson in Camden, N.J., remains a close family friend and is also close to Calipari. Wesley is widely credited with helping Calipari land another former Camden native, guard Dajuan Wagner.

    But Richardson says her son won’t automatically land at Kentucky.

    “There are no dots,” she told in a great story by Seth Davis. “Wes’ relationship with John Calipari, that’s their relationship. Our relationship with coach Calipari is going to be the same relationship we want to extend to every other college coach. The difference is, coach Cal does his job. Coach Cal is actively recruiting Michael, but we want Michael to experience the same thing every other high school athlete has experienced. He has not decided on where he’s going to go.”

    A slew of college coaches have reached out to Gilchrist since June when it was permitted by the NCAA, but at least some think it’s not even worthwhile.

    “I should be fired if I waste one cent recruiting that kid,” one high-major coach told Gary Parrish of CBS Sports. “[Gilchrist] is going to play for [John Calipari]. It’s done. Trust me. He’s playing for Cal. If you recruit him, you’re wasting your time.”

    Jay Wright, for one, doesn’t agree.

    Too bad he can’t share the young man with Calipari.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • It’s great that Gilchrist’s mom and step-dad are truly grounded, unlike many of the not-needing-to-be-named involved in the wrong way parents. If Gilchrist stays humble, maybe he’ll wind up being a successful pro and give back to the community some too.

    • 90% chance he goes to UK.
      9% change he goes to Villanova
      1% chance he goes else where

    • Is there anyway Arizona can get in on the wildcat spilt?

    • *split

    • Azfan- NO

    • another pastaboy, look bigpapijugg if this kid was smart he would head to Villanova 1 because Cali couldn’t coach a horse to piss standing up 2 Cali didn’t help rose or tyreke become top draft picks they did, before they came to memphis they where already scoring machines rose scored 61 points in a high school game i seen him play in. He does nothing but pick good player to make up for his sorry coaching. So Gilchrist should go to Nova where he can get some real coaching and development not that he needs that much but Cali could only hinder him at this point i seen it all before. Plus around the time he is ready for College Myles Brand will be sending Cali his papers LMAO

      • Where in the world did you get your education AAUMtownMagic- that comment was a waste of space and made absolutely NO SENSE!!!!!! You sir evidently dont have a clue about 1)basketball 2)recruiting 3)UK and 4)Coach Cal. Where are the pauses, periods, commas and other things needed to post a viable comment? Its bad enough you dont have a clue about anything you are speaking about- but the rambling garbage you spew is RIDICULOUS so please SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Cal can only hinder Gilchrist? This may be the craziest and incredible things I’ve seen in a very long time. Granted Evans and Rose were special basketball players in high school but if you think that Cal didn’t help them become lottery picks then you’re just an idiot whose credibility just flew out the window. I look for Tyreke Evans to contribute in the NBA is rookie season and I’d even say he’ll be a ROTY candidate. Do you know how rare it is for a rookie PG to come into the League and be a significant contributor? It’s not a coincidence that Cal coached both of them. That’s what he does best, he takes special basketball players and developes them into elite players. I won’t argue that’s he’s not a genius when it comes to X&O’s, that’s why he didn’t succeed in New Jersey , but it takes much more than that to be a successful college coach and he does everything else to perfection. He’s the best recruiter in the game and he knows how to handle the athletes of today. He understands that kids of today want to be recruited, they want to feel wanted. It’s something that Tubby didn’t understand and ultimately cost him his job but Cal gets it. He understands!!
        I really don’t know why I wasted my time on this, it’s obvious that you just don’t like Cal and you have no credibility at ALL!!!

        • Evans will play the 2 in the NBA.

    • depends on how much money you got Azfan

    • K-State wants a piece of this action also…

    • Jay Wright couldn’t keep Tyreke in his hometown …he’ll lose this one too …… Cal takes these kids and teaches them how to play within a team concept and how to play defense …..the word’s out ….these kids are lining up to play for Cal …he’s the hottest coach in america right now . AAu … spew nothing but inane jibberish on this blog ….. I have yet to one coherent post from you .

      • THANK YOU PASTABOY- Its nice to know everyone else notices the IDIOCY that AAU spews. I normally try to overlook someone as IGNORANT as him but that comment he posted couldnt be ignored- SOMEONE NEEDED TO CALL HIM ON HIS BULL SHIT AND IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • THANK YOU PASTABOY- Its nice to know everyone else notices the IDIOCY that AAU spews. I normally try to overlook someone as IGNORANT as him but that comment he posted couldnt be ignored- SOMEONE NEEDED TO CALL HIM ON HIS BULL CRAP AND IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Pastaboy don’t try to fool these guys into believing you are an actually intelligient basketball fan. Guys this dude is a serial poster, check out the other message boards he you will see him get dominated. He loves to throw out stats as if he has researched them, and then goes on to a red herring once the true stats have been revealed.

        He is still licking his wounds fromt he last posting he got into.

      • Tyreke’s off-the-court issues scared Wright (and many others) off.

    • If you think for one second that Cali is not giving WWW money to pull in these recruits you are as retarded as a kentucky inbred hillbilly. Gilchrist’s step father was seen with WWW at a game this year with court side sets and the man is a truck driver how did he get those tickets. Explain how WWW dont have a job and has all this money please dont say sports agent because i dont know anyone that he handles. he has NBA connections and takes money from college coaches to get players to there schools and also hand money off to the kids parents…..and guess who is his Number one client…the highest paid Division 1 College Coach Cali

      • And how do you know WWW doesn’t have a job? WWW is a mortgage broker in case you didn’t know. The problem is you take hearsay and turn it as if it were fact. Do you have any circumstantial evidence that A) WWW doesn’t have a job B) WWW provided Gilchrist’s stepfather with tickets or C) Calipari pays WWW?

        I didn’t think so.

      • AAu, I thought you were from Memphis. I guess not, it certainly wouldn’t make sense to call UK fans inbred hillbillies. And by the way I have had several clients that were truck drivers and made six figure salaries. Are Memphis tickets really that expensive. I guess they would have to be to keep all the scum of Memphis out of the arena that Cal built. That leaves only the top one percent of the town that should be admitted into games.

        How does it feel to be amongst the top one percent of hard working, money earning, non-murdering Memphis fans that oppose the use of crack?

        Show us your ways ole mighty man of the river.

      • OMG AAU- are you really this ignorant or is this an act? Do you know anything at all about what you are talking about? Its people like you that give college athletics a bad name- WOULD YOU PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP? YOU SPEW NOTHING BUT IGNORANCE? ARE YOU MENTALLY CHALLENGED FOR REAL?

    • Pasta you are a JOKE and everybody knows that i know that your a Florida punk that jumps band wagons day to day and in love with coach Cali, and for myself i know basketball 10 times more than you TRUST ME and im not a little kid on here to fight and argue with you about the subject it is what it is and like i posted before everybody knows cali is a JOKE either deal with it or keep crying about it i dont care

      • Wow…..I remember Cali meeting with Arizona while at Phoenix.

        The writer surely does NOT like Cali….harsh.
        “Lack of talent was most definitely not the reason Memphis got WORKED last night. It was a valiant effort Memphis made down the stretch against Missouri, however Memphis coach John Calipari was once again out-coached and ill-prepared. ”

        One thing is for sure….in order for Cali to quite all the talk about being a bad coach…..he must win the National Championship.
        And this appears to be his only goal.
        He could not do it at Memphis.
        So, mabye the Wildcats can get a few more players for Cali.

        Does Cali have any final four appearances?
        NCAA is about 3 weeks away…and does it get rid of Cali final four at Memphis?

        With WWW on his side, the NCAA will send a heavy message.

    • Like I said you spew incoherent garbage ……several in here may offer logical arguments as to why they think Calipari is not a top coach …..they’re way off base imo ….but at least they stay within the parameters of common sense and statistical analysis . You , on the other hand post silly hyperbole …..I doubt you have a formal education ….I also doubt you know anything about basketball .

      • THANK YOU PASTA- I agree with every word, I to think AAU is mentally challenged- anyone who doesnt know where to place commas, periods and other quotations quite simply should not even be allowed to post anything. He is only on here as a jealous CAL(not CALI) basher who doesnt know the first thing about anything he is typing- PURE IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Catintn the use of commas does not mean you know how to use them. But, I would like to think you for at least using periods.

      • no we are on base, and usually base it on factual statistics

        • no you nitpick …gloss over the good ones ….accentuate and skew what you percieve to be the bad stats ……clearly off base …. as a vast majority of knowlegable sports experts would agree.

    • Hey Pasta

      Do you think Rose & Evans would NOT have been lottery picks had they played somewhere else? I think they were good enough to jump right to the NBA if they had been allowed. That’s not a slam against Calipari – I just don’t believe any coach can make a player that much better in only one year.

      • Old Terp-

        Of course they would, and guess what so will Wall. Wall was the consensus number one pick for the upcomming draft on most mock draft sites. Pasta wants to claim its because they are so well coached. Really, its that Cal is a great recruiter ala the DDMO. Imagine for a second Cal didn’t have the one and done rule……No National Championship game or Final Four, no sweet sixteen this last year. That’s his bread and butter to his credit, but his results are from recruitment not coaching i.e. Missouri domination, and absolute meltdown against KU when it matters most.
        I haven’t even touched the fact that most of his “players” go on to have less than stellar years after being drafted the exception is of course Rose and Camby, both examples however could be given a case that they were NBA ready before college.

      • John Wall would have allowed this year …yet he chose Cal …..I think Rose may have been a lottery pick ….but his experience at Memphis moved him to the top choice …Tyreke would have been middle to late 1st round coming out of high school ….. the reason these kids like Calipari is he plays a fast paced style …yet teaches them defense and doesn’t coddle them ….he is the hottest coach in the country …… if these recruits read some of the idiotic stuff on this blog criticizing Cal …they would laugh and show you morons the money .

        • Pasta

          Carefull about saying “show you morons the money”. Is that before or after they were drafted?

          Just kidding – I know Calipari is a great recruiter and he must do something to reach all those kids on a personal level. I have no idea if he coddles them or not because I don’t follow his teams on a daily basis. Local Memphis fans probably know better.

          What do you mean “Wall was allowed this year”.? The NBA? How so?

          • NBA spokesman Tim Frank said that if high school phenom John Wall applies for 2009 draft eligibility, as he is rumored to be considering, the NBA will do its “due diligence to determine his eligibility.” Wall has not yet applied for early entry, according to Frank.

            Earlier, ESPN’s Chad Ford unleashed a scoop of sorts in a chat: Wall, widely considered the favorite to be No. 1 pick in 2010, could be eligible for the 2009 NBA draft. Ford reports Wall’s camp is considering the jump. The collective bargaining agreement is gray on this matter, but the relevant section indicates Wall has a case for eligibility, despite the 2005 rule effectively barring high school-to-NBA leaps.

            Along with declaring his eligibility in writing by April 26, Wall would have to meet this qualification from Article 10 of the 2005 CBA:
            The player (A) is or will be at least 19 years of age during the calendar year in which the Draft is held, and (B) with respect to a player who is not an international player (defined below), at least one (1) NBA Season has elapsed since the player’s graduation from high school (or, if the player did not graduate from high school, since the graduation of the class with which the player would have graduated had he graduated from high school);
            Wall turns 19 in September, so he meets that. The question revolves around whether Wall, as a fifth-year high school senior, qualifies as a player a year out from his class’ graduation. Or, at what point did or does Wall become part of the graduating class of 2009 versus the graduating class of 2008? Is this set upon entering high school? Because Wall did not graduate last year but took high school classes this year, does that make him a part of the class of 2009 in a legal sense?

            Those will be questions the NBA and/or a judge answers. In the meantime, teams near the bottom of the NBA standings will be salivating at the thought of getting Wall in June.

    • As I understand it ……college coaches are graded on W’s and L’s ……not on the draft staus of their recruits coming out of high school …..obviously Calipari is getting the top kids now …..and his record for 17 years has been stellar in wins and losses …..he’ll get his NC’s at Ky …..most of you fear Cal now ….. Ky. will dominate for years to come ….. and you know it .

      • No fear here, us in the Big 12 north love facing Cal, we can look forward to the one technical and absolut domination!

    • let me get this straight. Cal is a bad coach because he, himself, was out there on the court and allowed that desperation 3 at the end, right? and he is also bad for losing to mizzou when the likes of Kansas, Oklahoma, Marquette, and Texas also lost to them. right? You have constantly named Rose and Evans being the reasons for success. thats two years. why in the world did he have so much success before that? just curious. and if WWW was anything the NCAA would have done something 10 years ago.

    • No, it was because they didn’t foul to stop the three point attempt from being shot. It reflected a poorly disciplined team, and then against Mizzou Cal, had no answer for his 40 minutes of hell defense (fun fact Mike Anderson was actually the last coach to beat Memphis and John Cal while at UAB in Conference USA). I never said he was a bad coach, he is just not a great coach, I would definetly say he is a top 15 but he is not in the same ball park with Coack K, Williams, Izzo, Calhoun, Self, Donnovan, Boheim, Knight, etc. It will take a NC before I can grant him that.

    • To clarify, a National Championship is a must have to be considered a great coach.

      • Once again the schmuckus shows his ignorance…….according to brainiac …the following coaches don’t qualify as great basketball coaches …..Ben Howland , Jay Wright , Rick Barnes , Thad Matta , Jamie Dixon , Bob Huggins , Mark Few , Bruce Pearl, Lon Kruger , and John Calipari . Lets see now ……..thats a combined 3438 and 1484 W/L record….. 20 sweet 16’s ……. 11 elite 8’s ……and 7 final 4’s ….but according to this loser ….they don’t qualify as great coaches yet…….. LOL ….this thread is a joke .

        • Umm correct my criteria in which I judge a “great” coach is the “greatest” standard of all a National Championship, their could be exceptions a Norm Stewart etc. Perhaps this is a bit of an elitest remark, and pasta you jousted off some great stats, but the big blank was no National Championships. Isn’t that really what people base success on? It is the perverbial monkey on a coaches back, sure they are a good coach, a hall of fame coach, but until they get that championship they are a lower class.

          However, in the hopes of raising the ire of blog board readers, pasta lists several current coaches who are big names and have not won a Championship. These again are good coaches but they are not the upper crust coaches that I listed earlier.

          • Norm Stewart …66% winning record …4 sweet 16’s 2 elite 8’s …ZERO FINAL 4’S …..Ben Howland 67.5% wins ….2 final 4’s ……Bob Huggins 76% wins …1 final 4 …Calipari 73% wins ..2 final 4’s ………LOL ….you’re a complete idiot .

          • Howland has 3 Final Four apperances

    • Jackalope- “I guess they would have to be to keep all the scum of Memphis out of the arena that Cal built”

      I’m pretty sure Cal didn’t build any arenas; in fact, he had to rent one from a NBA team…

      bigpapijugg- “let me get this straight. Cal is a bad coach because he, himself, was out there on the court and allowed that desperation 3 at the end, right?”

      A good coach would have fouled Collins in the back court to prevent ANY 3-pointer, A good coach would have taught his players to pass to their own teammates and not Sherron Collins on the play prior to that. A ggod coach understands the importance of free throws and does not write them off as insiginificant. A good coach finds a way to develop and squeeze every ounce of talent out of a player to OVERachieve with his teams, not UNDERachieve.

      • Fouling Collins in the backcourt would have put him on the line with about 8 seconds left ……he makes them both ….the lead is 1 ……Memphis is fouled with 6 seconds left ……. God knows if they can even make one at this point the way they were shooting ……so fouling Collins in the backcourt was not the plat and any good coach will tell you that …foulin him after he crossed half court was the appropriate play and that’s what was done by Rose ….he didn’t get the call even after he pushed Collins to the ground …..LOL ..Collin loses the ball it lands in Mario’s hands …..and he nails a 3 …total fluke play …equals a fluke NC .

        • The best part about pasta’s line is that he is defending a mistake that even Coach Cal admits he made. This dude loves Cal’s nutts so much he can’t get off of them, check out the post-game interview and press conference with Cal in which he admits the mistake. “Foul was done by Rose”, really, are you sure Collins wasn’t just flying down the court out of control? If you see this guy play it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that.

          Mario’s hands …..and he nails a 3 …total fluke play …equals a fluke NC .

          Again, pasta ignores the stats, where not talking about a half-four shot, were talking about a three pointer by a guy who shot .468%. Needless to say that shot was not a fluke only a bro-mance obssesed kid like pasta would make the declaritive “fluke” statement. Cal was dominated by a better team and coach.

    • Regardless of whether or not you like him, Cal going to Kentucky is good for College BB, just like Howland going to UCLA was good for College BB. NCAA fans like their Cinderellas in March, and enjoy rooting for the underdogs, but the NCAA’s bread and butter are teams like KU, UCLA, UNC, and UK; the teams with history, and, quite often, a deep hatred for one another. MAYBE Duke and Indiana can be tossed in there, but that’s up for debate. I don’t like Cal, which makes it even better that he’s going to UK because it just gives me 1 more reason to hate Kentucky… just like I’m sure UK fans hate Kansas.

      Everyone who’s not a fan of these schools will throw in their arguments about why they are the best and think that fans of these schools are pompous assholes, which is true. We know we’re the best. When you have the history and records to back it up, you’re allowed to be a pompous a-hole.

      Make no mistake about it. Cal will win at UK, and it’s good that UK is back on the rise. It wasn’t as fun just knocking them around like rag dolls over the past 5 or 6 years.

      Now with that said, screw Cal and Kentucky.

      • Right now I think North Carolina is the top program ….not Kansas …..Kansas won a NC in the 80’s and fluked one out 2 years ago …but mostly Kansas is known to the average fan on the street as always having great teams …then underperforming in the tournament …… please don’t post about your NC’s in the roaring 20’s either …no one cares.

        • Please inform me as to where I said Kansas is the top program. I’m interested.

          Funny you should say that, also, as on a previous blog, you were on a rant about Memphis being the best program in the past 5 years and I said North Carolina was the best.

          I’m glad you’re learning.

    • And you’re definition of “fluke” is as arbitrary as your definition of elite coaching.

    • We know we’re the best. When you have the history and records to back it up, you’re allowed to be a pompous a-hole.
      ……….. Kansas is the laughingstock of college basketball …overrated every year …..they win on a fluke ….. this years team will be a disaster ….. oh sure …’ll make the sweet 16 …. but that’s it ….. Memphis was the top program , but with Cal gone …they’ll sink into the abyss with Doogie Howser as the coach … its N.C …..

    • Everyone who’s not a fan of these schools will throw in their arguments about why they are the best and think that fans of these schools are pompous assholes, which is true. We know we’re the best

      *please take not of the “these schools” part. “These schools” implies the 4 I mentioned previously, not a single school. For this reason, I used the words “these school” instead of “Kansas”.

      Wow, for someone who badmouths Memphis fans for not being gung-ho about thinking about winning this season, you sure have a pretty bleak outlook.

      Kansas? Laughingstock? I’m not even going to waste my time on that one.

      But, I am glad you changed your mind and started agreeing with me:

      Comment by pastaboy
      2009-06-11 17:44:18
      I just finished Rock’s post ( otherwise known as War and Peace ) …… all I said was Memphis has the best team the last 4 years…… that’s all . Its true …..the best team does not always win a NC …… KU won on a fluke last year ….

      Comment by rockchalkin
      2009-06-12 11:22:23
      “the fact is Roy Williams recieved much criticism for wasting talent at Ku and not winning titles . That is a fact .”- pasta

      (Like Calipari, maybe?)

      “If you disagree that Memphis has had the best team the past 4 years …try to substantiate your opinion with facts and by not merely calling someone an idiot and a d-bag”- pasta

      I hate ‘em, but UNC is better. 2 FF’s, 3 ACC Championships, 1 NC. Just barely missed having 2 in that span, with the one in ‘05.

      -From the “Florida out for Lance, Maryland the leader?”

      Damn, that feels good.

      • Thanks for hanging on my every post

        • Just feels good to whoop you at your own game. I wonder, what has changed in the past month to make you see things my way?

          Too bad you can’t delete that post, huh? I kinda want to run around and search for more idiotic and self-contradictory posts now.

          • I said Memphis had the best team 4 years running …I also said N.C was the top team NOW ….. that’s hardly contradictory …’re reduced to parsing my words to prove some inane point …..I guess due to the frustration of me owning you in here .

          • No, you didn’t say Memphis had the best team 4 years running. You said… hold on, let me scroll up 2 posts…

            “all I said was Memphis has the best team the last 4 years…… that’s all ”

            HAHAHA… I love this.

          • So, to make sure I understand your argument:

            Memphis was the best team for the 05-06, 06-07, 07-08, and 08-09 seasons? But “N.C was the top team NOW”?

            I don’t understand…

          • the cumulative record of Memphis obviously makes them the top team over the span of 4 years ….but the top team for 2009 was N.C. ….ergo they are the top team now .

          • No record doesn’t define a top team, you can’t just skew a team based on record, especially in the weak Conference-USA come on pastakid your smarter than that!

          • So, then, according to that train to thought, the top teams for the past 4 years are:
            UNC, KU, UF, UF…

            If Memphis wasn’t the best team in the any one of past 4 years, how are they the best team in the last 4 years?

            I still don’t understand.

          • look up cumulative …… once again you look silly parsing a clear definitive statement …… I own you again

          • I understand what cumulative means.

            I don’t understand your argument:

            Memphis was the best team over the course of the past 4 years, despite having no NC’s, 1 FF, and 2 E8’s. Until 6-11-2009, Memphis was the best team in College BB.

            As of 7-14-2009 (a.k.a. “NOW”), UNC is the best team in College BB.

            Yup, still don’t get it.

          • Let me think of it this way…

            If I run 4 races, and, in those 4 races, I place #6, #7, #2, and #9 (the final Coach’s poll rankings for Memphis in the past 4 years), that makes me the best overall racer?

          • If Cal was still at Memphis with his recruits they would still be the top team

          • Hmm, I guess you’re not “owning” me…

          • checkmate ….you lose again

          • You’re right… with how you’re thought process works, I’m sure you probably think that you won that argument.

          • tko in the 3rd …… next

          • Rockchalkin

            When ever you engage pastaboy you have to go into it knowing his an idiot probably around the ages of 17-20 and is a basketball fan with sub-basketball intelligence. Knowing that will help settle a lot of confusion when he offers up mind bogglins absolutes, and declartives that defy sound reasoning and basic knowledge.

            You can always tell when you have pasta because he moves on to the next red herring…..example

            Let me think of it this way…

            you pose this question

            If I run 4 races, and, in those 4 races, I place #6, #7, #2, and #9 (the final Coach’s poll rankings for Memphis in the past 4 years), that makes me the best overall racer?

            And instead of answering the question what does noodlebrain do?

            “If Cal was still at Memphis with his recruits they would still be the top team”

            A complete redirection to a whole other topic. If you watch his threads they are full of these things that is why I love arguing with him. At first he will make a few half-hearted attempts at a thoughtful post, and will win a few sympathizers. Eventually after wearing he gets so out there, and I mean out there that no one will bat for him.

            Poor little bugger

    • Here again Pasta slits his throat with own words…….Obviously Memphis has the best team the last four years. Everyone would agree the best team in the last four years was Florida, two national championships to prove it. Good God he is an idiot!

    • theruckus33-Since we are in the mood for pointing out the mistakes of one another. Ruckus u said he had been shooting “.468%” from 3 point. Do u now realize that that isn’t even half of a 1%. If you just said .468 or 46.8% i wouldn’t have called u out. but i mean since we are all so touchy….
      AND REGARDLESS, HE WILL WIN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AT UK. whether you think it will be on luck, cheating, or playing LeBron dressed up as a college kid is irrelevant because it will happen

      • I don’t mind being called out on a typographical error, I just figured most people would have caught that mistake or done the simple math of carrying the decimal over two spaces like I did.

    • ^ the last part of that was a joke, yet i wouldn’t put it past Kansas, UNC, or Duke fans to actually come up with something that dumb.

    • Kansas’ one national championship puts them over Florida. They havent made the tourney in 2 years, and lost to THE WORST UK team in the history of the school.

    • Lets get back to UK.

      With a weapon involved…WOW.


      An altercation on Saturday night at Royal Lexington involving UK players.

      Also ,Tennessee players invited into town by a female athlete at UK

      The UK and UT players AND MANY MORE began talking trash to each other and things got heated.

      A lot of things happened….BLOOD… the police were called.

      There have been no charges and nothing is certain, it does seem like a weapon was involved.
      And the weapon was from a UK individual.
      But, unconfirmed reports, indicate that there were MORE than ONE WEAPON involved.
      MAYBE…the ATF can get involved TODAY.

      There were many other players who were there and while none of those names are confirmed by POLICE.
      Yes, there were PLAYERS from various UK teams present.

      Only in Kentucky, can there be NO arrest and charges.
      This is unbelievable. But , this maybe a ATF matter.
      (transport of weapons across state lines.)

      Were there basketball players present?
      Some are saying…..YES, Sir.

      The CIRCUS has came to town and it is starttng to get WILD.

    • it was football you moron. why dont you go worry about ur NCAA violations.

    • UK people have known bout this since yesterday. it is ALL football players. No bball players

    • This has NOTHING to do with the recruits, Calipari, or basketball players period. We will see what happens after that

    • and there are no media outlets that have even touched on this so YOUR story is based on complete RUMOR and ignorance

    • the only facts: from a source:

      — There was an altercation on Saturday night at Royal Lexington involving UK football players.

      — Also part of the altercation were a number of Tennessee football players invited into town by another (secondary sport) female athlete at UK

      — The UK and UT football players began talking trash to each other and things got heated.

      — Something else happened and the police were called.

    • hmmm…..did everyone give up arguing?

    • Its not really arguing …..more like potty training for the small minds who fear Calipari and Ky .

    • Yeah, like when pasta knows he lost an argument, all he can say is

      “I win, I win!! Next.”

      I am still waiting for pasta to help me figure out his argument from the posts above.

      • stop it ….you’re beginning to embarrass yourself again

        • Why can’t you answer a simple question? Is this how you argue? By asking the opposing side to “stop it”? That doesn’t sound like winning an argument to me.

    • Let me refresh your memory as to what I don’t understand:

      Memphis was the best team over the course of the past 4 years, despite having no NC’s, 1 FF, and 2 E8’s. Until 6-11-2009 (the date from which I copied those quotes), Memphis was the best team in College BB.

      As of 7-14-2009 (a.k.a. “NOW”, as you said above), UNC is the best team in College BB.

      What has changed in the past month? Cal was gone from Memphis and UNC had already won a NC as of 6-11-2009, when you said Memphis was the best.

      Let me think of it this way…

      If I run 4 races, and, in those 4 races, I place #6, #7, #2, and #9 (the final Coach’s poll rankings for Memphis in the past 4 years), that makes me the best racer? I haven’t won any races, and I have only finished in the top 5 once.

      Any answers?

    • That could make you the best racer over a cumulative 4 year period , yes ….the most consistent ……especially if the 2nd place finish was due to you losing by some fluke circumstance …… Clearly Memphis has been the best over that 4 year period ….but N.C is the best now going into next year … that so difficult to comprehend ?

      • Pasta, where would you rank UCLA over the last four years since they reached the final four in 3 of the last four years?

    • Its kinda like the Pats are the best team in football over the past 4 years ….yet the Steelers have 2 super bowl wins

    • So now the Steelers are on top

      • Memphis= New England? Now you’ve sunk to a new level of ignorance.

        Most college basketball fans assumed the 2008 Memphis team was the same as the 2007 and 2009 Memphis teams (and every team since Cal has been there): Overrated based on a cupcake conference schedule.

        That assumption is supported by Cal’s winning percentage against the RPI Top 40 and BCS schools, especially if you eliminate 2008 as what certainly is statistically Calipari’s fluke year.

        Calipari’s Stats at Memphis
        *even after eliminating his first 2 years so Pasta quits crying, but including the statistical outlier 2008 season because I’m just nice):

        29-26 (.527) vs RPI Top 40
        36-23 (.610) vs BCS Schools

        Combine the fact that Calipari performs this poorly in big games with the completely freelance way his teams behave on and off the court and you can’t really expect intelligent fans to think Calipari is a decent coach.

    • So I am the best not because I won, but because I am the most consistent? Consitency defines “best”?

      I can be the best without ever winning anything?

      • THIS PASTA DUDE IS INSANE!!!!!!! The best is he agreed with your point rockchalkin which makes him look like a fool for saying what he did. You could also factor in tournament record as well and compare with others, i.e. North Carolina, Kansas, UCONN, Michigan St., UCLA, etc.

    • as a bias UK fan (after our team has been terrible)
      the past 4 years top 5 programs:

      1. North Carolina- 2 NC
      T2. Memphis*- 0 NC, 4 straight 1 or 2 seeds
      T2. Kansas*-1 NC
      4. Florida- 2 NC
      5. i really dont know, lets just say USC as a funny joke

      • UNC only has 1 National title in the past 4 years.

        08-09= UNC
        07-08= KU

      • So you’re saying

        1 National Championship + 2 1 seeds a 3 seed and a 4 seed
        is an equal achievement to
        0 National Championships + 2 1 seeds and 2 2 seeds

        You sure are putting a lot of value in the difference between a 2 seed and a 3 or 4 seed.

        Had Memphis been in a legitimate conference do you think they may have had enough losses to make those 2 seeds a few spots lower? Maybe the 1 seeds as well?

    • To answer your question, yes, that IS difficult for me to comprehend.

      I thought being the best meant winning something… I was unaware that best meant consistency.

      • Winning 4 conference titles …..and 137 games is winning something ….

        • .540 vs. BCS teams is not winning all that often.

    • in Nascar you can win in points without winning a race as long as you can finish high every time.

    • the patriot comparison is a very good point i must admit.

    • oh yeah. my bad i meant 5 years swagger

    • you all just like arguing with pastaboi. cant you tell he is special

    • So what does that do to your list, bigpapi? Memphis on top?

      • HAHA a team with ZERO NC’s over a team with 2 NC’s!!!

        This is ridiculous

        • UF hasnt made the tourney in 2 years. that hurts them

    • and therukus i will never forgive you for saying i am another pastaboy. it just hurt. all i did was give realistic probability

    • nope still got UNC on top. i cant say a team is THE BEST w/o a NC but they did do GREAT seeing as how they arent in a major conference, have no national attention until tourney time so i believe they did the BEST they could with what they had. sure they had superstars but so does Cleveland (in lebron) and havent won the Championship

    • I noticed that in order to justify putting Memphis so high, you had to include the seeding… which you didn’t do for any other team. I was also unaware that getting a high seed makes you one of the best teams in 4 years.

      I mean OBVIOUSLY, it is more prestigious to earn 1 and 2 seeds than to win a NC. Or 2, for that matter.


      • 5 years*

    • ur sounding like a UF fan. dont embarrass urself like that.

    • Haven’t heard from pasta in a while…

      Are pasta and bigpapi one in the same?

      • I don’t think I sound like a UF fan, I think I sound logical…

        Here’s my thought process:

        1. The NCAA Tournament is set up to determine the best team in College Basketball. That is its only purpose. It is not there for anything else. If we didn’t want to know who the best team was, we wouldn’t have a NCAA Tournament.

        2. Because of what the NCAA Tournament is for (see #1), the winner of said tournament is the best team.

    • im not arguing with you all. completely agree had it not been for 0 tourney appearances in the last 2 years UF would be my #1

    • no because im not looking for a heated arguement, just a good debate

    • Winning a NC is winning a tournament …… it takes skill obviously …but it also involves some luck ….. if you win …you have a NC trophy …but its certainly does not make you head and shoulders better than any other top team …..its not the ultimate criteria for a top team year in and year out . After Cal wins one at Ky. you bozos will parrott this post like shrill little babies …… the only criteria you can now downgrade Calipari on is the Nc …and that’s about to end … clowns really do look pathetic .

    • i also…..dont… ……this …..constantly. and you can argue with me all you want. ESPN has said it before by saying “Why would Cal go to UK and take on a rebuilding role when he could stay at Memphis where he has absolutely dominated the last 4 years” but im sure they arent any more credible than you

    • Now, as opposed to my thought process as noted above, here is pasta’s:

      1. Getting 1 or 2 seeds in NCAA Tourney= best team in CollegeBB

    • rockchalkin-your ignoring all the good points and challenging the bad ones.

    • your pulling one thing from an entire comment and making it look different than it is. and ive always wondered what is rock chalk jayhawk or whatever?

    • Okay-

      Good arguments for Memphis being #1:

      1- Regular season wins
      2- Conference titles
      3- 1 or 2 Seeds in tourney

      My challenge to good points:

      1- Buff regular season wins with competition that is so inferior it is laughable
      2- Buff conference titles with competition that is so inferior it is laughable
      3- Earn 1 or 2 seeds by buffering regular season record and Conference Titles

    • i dont have time to wait for your reply. i would like to discuss this but i have to go do work

    • the terrible level of competition didnt hinder them from taking your jayhawks to the final few seconds

      • … and losing

    • … and I don’t feel like typing it out, so there might be some history of the chant here:,_Jayhawk

    • but gimme ur email or something and we can talk bout this more. im just trying to be bias. and i do like sharing opinions

      • Memphis didn’t “take” the Jayhawks to the final few seconds …..they were up by 9 with 2:12 to play ……they blew the game at the free throw line ….and a fluke play in the final 10 seconds … say Ku dominated this game is laughable …..and simply not true …..Memphis a 3 point favorite going in ….. they were the best team and the game is considered a mild upset …especially the way it ended .

    • Comment by pastaboy
      2009-07-14 12:29:17
      Winning 4 conference titles …..and 137 games is winning something ….

      3 more questions for pasta:

      1.) How big of an accomplishment do you REALLY think it is to win in C-USA? And be honest.

      2.) Does winning a tournament (i.e. a Conference Tournament, or, shoot, I dunno, a National Tournament) make you the best team in said tournament?

      3.) What about KU’s conference titles?

      • Admittedly CUSA is not as strong a conference as the BCS conferences … this situation the only possible thing a great team and a great coach can do is win every game …..for 3 years …. I doubt Ku could go undefeated in Cusa .

        • So if a team were to, say, win 4 BCS conference titles that’d be a bigger achievement than winning 4 cupcake conference titles?

    • Being a 1 or 2 seed 4 years running is an indication of a team on a great run …..I know of no other team in history with such a 4 year seeding record .

    • Please answer 2 and 3, if you could

      • Before the tournament …the only way to determine potentially the best teams is to seed them ……. and I would assume conference championships are factored into the seeding process …… what about Ku’s conference titles ? …..see above

    • Have ya’ll realized that everything you have posted here has nothing to do with the article and ya’ll have been having this same argument for almost two months. Who cares who was number 1 team the past for years. All i know is that a new season will be starting up in a few months and at the end of the season there will be one team standing on top of all the others. That team is the number one team. Championships are the ultimate messure of greatness.

    • What’s impressive is Pasta is still arguing Calipari is the best coach in the nation despite his Memphis teams having a sub .500 record against BCS schools.

      • Sorry, .540 record against BCS schools. Not exactly dominant.

    • Haha,

      There you are Big Ben. I was wondering how long it would take for you to join the party.

    • Comment by pastaboy
      2009-07-14 13:28:49
      Before the tournament …the only way to determine potentially the best teams is to seed them ……. and I would assume conference championships are factored into the seeding process …… what about Ku’s conference titles ? …..see above

      C’mon pasta, that still doesn’t answer my question:

      2.) Does winning a tournament (i.e. a Conference Tournament, or, shoot, I dunno, a National Tournament) make you the best team in said tournament?

      I could really care less about seeding, in fact, I think that would be the worst indicator of a team’s success. I also didn’t ask about “before the tournament” or “potentially the best teams”. I’m pretty sure the question was pretty straight forward.

      I’ll give you an example: If Memphis wins the C-USA tournament in year x, does that make Memphis the best team in the conference for year x?

      • The conference tournaments aren’t that important. The really good teams don’t care about them unless it relates to their NCAA seeding so it’s kind of hard to compare conference tournament titles to NCAA tournament titles.

      • I realize you consider whatever category of rating a coaches success that Cal doesn’t or shall I say hasn’t yet excelled at . ie. Nc … …strong conference ….top 40 …etc . .as the top consideration when rating a coach . Then when someone points out a strong suit …ie. top 1 or 2 seed 4 years running …well that doesn’t count ……65 game conference win streak ….that doesn’t count ……. 441 and 139 …that doesn’t count ……this is silly ….. Cal is considered one of the top coaches in America ….and all the whining and denial on this blog by a few naysayers will never change that fact . Big Blue Tsunami headed your way ….its gonna suck to be you this year. LOL

        • Hey Pasta maybe you did not see my previous post. I was wondering where you would rank UCLA as a program over the last four years?

          • UCLA is headed in the wrong direction imo …… probably that whuppin Cal put on them in the final 4 has destroyed their morale .

          • UCLA heading in the wrong direction? LOL. They’re in better shape than Kentucky, that’s for sure.

          • I did not ask your where you think UCLA is heading in the future. I asked where you would rank them over the last four years.

        • Considered by whom? Most consider him a top flight recruiter and terrible bench coach. This is well supported by his .540 winning percentage against BCS teams despite consistently having top 10 recruiting classes.

          Kentucky fans echoed this sentiment before Gilispie was fired (and honest ones still admit it).

          • I’d rank UCLA about 8th now …..Ky will better next year …..probaby in the final 4 …… to say UCLA is in bettter shape than Ky ….next year is to defy facts before you ….I will not argue with silly fat people Ben …who say black is white ….and up is down … try to put together a coherent post ….and I’ll allow you to converse with me …otherwise …I’m afraid I’ll have to categorize you with AAu and usc.

          • .540 vs. BCS teams… Remove the vacated 2008 season and that number falls below .500… Constantly melting down in the biggest games… Most crooked coach in D1 basketball (which is saying something)… Kentucky’s 3rd choice.

          • Memphis didn’t melt down against Texas , Mich St. and Ucla …they were blow outs …and big games …..please post a link for any violation or sanction imposed by the NCAA against Calipari …… you have the floor Ben

          • It’s well known that unless his players bail him out by freelancing their way into a huge lead, Calipari will blow the game in the second half. If you were a true Memphis fan you’d realize that. Terrible bench coach. Good at arranging Range Rovers for his players though.

          • still waiting for that link Ben ………….Ncaa violations against Calipari

          • UMass Final Four Vacated
            Memphis Final Four likely vacated

            I’m sure Calipari was just not in control of his program though. No way he intentionally cheated.

    • waiting ………………

    • any link …….

    • any NCAA violation against Calipari Ben ….we’re waiting for the link

    • Ben is googling his fat ass off

    • LOL

    • Wow….Cali is only 0.500.

      That is not good at ALL.

      So, with this record….he surely can not develope a recruit into a NBA player.
      And I am not talking about a TOP10 recruit, which has the talent for the next level.

      If it wasn’t for WWW, Cali would not ANY guys in the NBA?

      How many weeks before the NCAA rules on the Memphis thing…. 3 weeks??
      NCAA , at a min., will take away that season and MORE…

      USC OUT.

      • Supposedly there WAS 1 player in the last 10 years that wasn’t a top 15 prospect that ended up with a guaranteed contract when they left Memphis. Can’t remember the kids name, but you have to give the kid more credit than Calipari given Cal’s history.

        There’s many reasons he wasn’t even in Kentucky’s top 10 2 years ago and he was their 3rd choice this time around.

        • I mean, does anyone really think that if CDR played for Bill Self, Ben Howland, or Roy Williams he wouldn’t have been a first rounder? 6-7 shooting guard, top 30 out of high school, with good handles, 40+% from three, 1st team all-american… NBA scouts clearly weren’t impressed by his development into a complete player.

      • My favorite is Jersey Red, famous gambler and a ‘friend’ of Calipari, on John Calipari:

        “John’s a jackal. A competitive jackal. Is that a better way of putting it?”

    • still waiting Ben ……………………

    • So – “crooked” has to equal “sanctions”?

      I supposed that’s one definition, but just because somebody doesn’t get explicitly caught at something doesn’t mean he wasn’t a part of it.

      I found this link – just an opinion piece, but a very interesting read:

      I believe in innocent until proven guilty, but the NCAA (who are admittedly a pretty weak organization when it comes to equal justice) has made statements about “lack of institutional control” in a few of their rulings and I think we all know that a Coach is part of the institution – even if he might not have been directly involved in an incident.

      I won’t indict Calipari, but it’s clear he didn’t have ironclad control over his program. I remember John Thompson kicking a player named Michael Graham off his team the year after Georgetown won the title because Graham wasn’t going to class. Graham was a very big reason why they won in 1984 – but Thompson clearly had total control over his team.

      • so no link to violations or sanctions ……thank u

        • you may be excused

    • Allow me to put another urban myth to rest ………….Cal’s record against top 40 in his 9 years at Memphis was 54 and 35 (61%) ….the 1st 2 years while in a re building mode he was 9 and 14 …….in his last 7 years 45 and 21 ( 74%) ………another blatant lie laid to rest … moron

      • Every sport needs a villian – as does every blog.

        Thank you for your service Pasta – you make this fun …..

      • See now pasta’s just completely fabricating statistics.

        Calipari @ Memphis
        2009: 1-0 against top 40, 4-3 vs. BCS
        2008: 9-2 against top 40, 10-2 vs BCS (probably vacated soon),
        2007: 3-3 against top 40, 4-4 vs BCS
        2006: 6-4 against top 40, 6-3 vs BCS
        2005: 3-8 against top 40, 3-6 vs BCS
        2004: 3-6 against top 40, 4-3 vs BCS
        2003: 4-3 against top 40, 5-2 vs BCS

        Overall (eliminating his first 2 years so Pasta quits crying):
        29-26 (.527) vs RPI Top 40
        36-23 (.610) vs BCS Schools

        Again, Self, Roy, Howland, Barnes, Dixon, Calhoun, Wright, Boeheim etc would be fired if their T40 and BCS numbers looked like this.

        • oh so now its thE “RPI” top 40 ……LOL ……. a few days ago the rpi was a bogus stat when I posted Memphis had the best cumulative rpi the past 4 years …… 5 …..

          • It’s always been the RPI Top 40… What top 40 did you think we were talking about, the coaches mythical “top 40”?

        • For comparison’s sake, here is Sean Miller’s splits, eliminating his first 2 years as that is pasta’s window for ‘building’:

          2009: 6-5 vs RPI Top 40, 7-2 vs. BCS
          2008: 5-2 vs RPI Top 40, 8-3 vs. BCS
          2007: 3-2 vs RPI Top 40, 4-3 vs. BCS

          14-9 (.608) vs RPI Top 40, 19-8 (.704) vs BCS

          Especially when you add in the fact that Sean Miller did this without ever having a top 10 recruiting class, it’s pretty obvious which guy is more ready to take over an elite program.

          • as a mid major coach …cal scheduled top teams non conference ….. his record against the top 40 ranked teams at the time he played them was 45 and 21 the past 7 years ….9 and 14 his 1st 2 years ….a remarkable record ( rebuilding phase)

          • Again with the completely fabricated statistics. You didn’t have much credibility to lose, but you managed to lose it.

          • All of my stats are from You can double check them at your leisure. Please link me to the site you got your ‘top 40 ranked teams at the time he played them’ stat, I’d love to add it to my list of reference sites.

            No wonder you like Calipari so much, you’re both liars.

    • Pasta- You never answered my question. I am not asking about the up coming season. Where would you rank UCLA over the past four years? Would they be ahead of Memphis?

      • no

        • Of course not. Who cares if UCLA has accomplished more in the past 4 years than Calipari has his entire career?


    • Ah, it’s so nice to see people are taking Pastaboy to task without dragging Mmephis through the mud in the process. Kentucky, the troll is now your problem, good luck getting Pastaboy off his knees so Cal can “coach”.

    • Ucla beat Cal once in the elite 8 ….. got the hell beat out of them in the final 4 …..never got to a final game ……had one top seeding to Cal’s 2 … embarrassed last year ?????? …UCla the past 4 years pales to Cal’s record at Memphis

      • UCLA has been to the final four more times (3) in the last 4 years than Cal has his entire career (1 soon to be 0)

        • never been to a final game ….. when they had the chance Cal beat them by 16 …coulda been worse ….he called off the dogs or it could have been 30

      • UCLA has 3 final fours and they did play in the final vs. Florida. You may want to check the facts. I was using your grading scale of consitent play and 3 final fours looks more consistent than 2.

    • Cal’s been to the final 4 twice …..soon to be 3 ….LOl …then 4 ….hahahahahahaha

      • Actually he’s credited with only one Final Four appearance officially soon to be 0.

        • Actually …..Umass still hangs their banner ….Umass has the asterisk …not Cal ….he had nothing to do with Camby accepting money …..besides ……vacating? LOL ……… silly …..everyone knows who did what …… it would be like major league baseball vacating Babe Ruth’s 60 homer season ….. who cares? …he did it and he did it legally … did Cal ….next moron

        • And it will remain one appearance unless the NCAA does something out of the ordinary, which they may, but it’s unlikely.

    • Since you like the RPI so much I guess you realize Memphis has the best cumulative RPI ranking for the past 4 years …………5 …………..

      • With all the stats you’ve made up in the past it’s hard to even believe this utterly inane one.

        • look it up stupid ………… go average the top rpi rankings for the past 4 years ……. I actually got the stat from a Tenn site … they were bragging about Pearl being ranked 6th

          • Ok, so who were the top 4 then?

          • So it’s a stat you saw on a blog. Interesting research method. Even if it were correct, which it probably isn’t based on your track record, it’s a largely meaningless statistic when it’s well established that Calipari has engaged in Missouri Valley scheduling to improve his seeding.

    • UCLA is all name …like Ku and Duke ………. Kentucky will rule college basketball for the next 15 years ….its going to get ugly for the Cal haters

    • Billy Donavan will be sucking for air in the SEC ….he’s got no chance …he ‘s a shrimp with no brains …can’t coach a lick …Cal will make his ass want to walk a barbed wire fence

      • I wasn’t aware any Florida fans had joined this conversation, but thanks for the update I guess.

    • Looks like Joe Jackson will be going to Ky. next year ….. according to my sources …..Joe knows the ticket to the NBA isn’t punched by a 22 and 14 N.I.T. team from Conference U. S. A …..Cal will also get Brandon Knight ……..LOL …. he may be the 1st coach to win a N.C with 3 point guards …..although I expect to see Bledsoe transfer next year ……

      • Based on your track record of being…well, wrong about everything, this certainly bodes well for Memphis.

    • Here’s the national top 10 over that four-year span:
      1, Memphis, 5.0
      2, North Carolina, 5.25
      3, Duke, 7.25
      4, Pittsburgh, 9.25
      5, UCLA, 9.75
      6, Tennessee, 13.0
      7, Kansas, 14.25
      8, Michigan State, 16.0
      9, Villanova, 17.75
      10, Ohio State, 19.75

      • Kansas 14,5 (snickers)

      • Honestly, looks about right to me, can’t figure out how Tennessee snuck in there, but I think a solid argument could be made that these have been the top ten teams over the last 4-5 years.

    • cumulative RPI over the past 4 years ……hahahahahahahhaa

    • Well one thing is for sure, your stats are crap.

      2009 Final RPI 3
      2008 Final RPI 2
      2007 Final RPI 3
      2006 Final RPI 12

      Now, I know you’re not the brightest guy in the room but I think you can divide 20 by 4.

      PS: It’s a tertiary stat compared to the things I’ve presented anyway. Loading up on teams ranked 76-200, which Memphis does, is not a sign of strength. Cal had a bad record against the top teams and a bad record against BCS teams. Those two things are far more important than his record against teams ranked 76-200

      • Yep, as we all expected pasta’s stats are completely fabricated (as well as being completely arbitrary). A few more examples

        2009 Final RPI: 11
        2008 Final RPI: 5
        2007 Final RPI: 11
        2006 Final RPI: 20
        2005 Final RPI: 3
        Average RPI 10

        2009 Final RPI 3
        2008 Final RPI 2
        2007 Final RPI 3
        2006 Final RPI 12
        2005 Final RPI 2
        Average RPI 4.4

        2009 Final RPI 7
        2008 Final RPI 3*
        2007 Final RPI 8
        2006 Final RPI 4
        2005 Final RPI 99
        Average RPI 24.2

        • if anyone is curious about other teams in the last 5 years.

        • Uh …Ben…………… my post referred to cumultive RPI the past 4 years …you just posted 5 years ….. except for Carolina ….which was for 4 years…are you really this stupid?

    • Haha…
      Well, I think it’s pretty safe to say that pastaboy has gotten completely and utterly owned today.

      Game, set, match.

      Under normal circumstances, I would feel kind of bad about assisting in completely manhandling someone, but then I remembered that it’s pastaboy. Awesome.

      Fans from every fan base (including Memphis, who pasta supposedly “roots” for, even though he rags on them too) have absolutely annihilated this kid. Utter destruction.

      I love it.

      • another idiot precinct heard from

    • My post was cumultive RPI for the past 4 years …… Ben refutes that by posting cumulative for 5 years …………I can’t believe how dumb you people are?????

    • Here’s the national top 10 over that four-year span:
      1, Memphis, 5.0
      2, North Carolina, 5.25
      3, Duke, 7.25
      4, Pittsburgh, 9.25
      5, UCLA, 9.75
      6, Tennessee, 13.0
      7, Kansas, 14.25
      8, Michigan State, 16.0
      9, Villanova, 17.75
      10, Ohio State, 19.75

      Last 4 years ………….. LOL ………. poor Ben

    • Is there something about 4 YEAR SPAN …. that you don’t get Ben? …… do I have to draw it out on yellow paper with wood chunks in it in crayon? ….LOL

      • Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize we were using a completely arbitrary time period (along with a completely tertiary statistic). Why don’t we compare the last 2.7 years. You’d probably want to eliminate 1/3 of a certain season to make the stats look better though.

        Calipari @ Memphis
        2009: 1-0 against top 40, 4-3 vs. BCS
        2008: 9-2 against top 40, 10-2 vs BCS (probably vacated soon),
        2007: 3-3 against top 40, 4-4 vs BCS
        2006: 6-4 against top 40, 6-3 vs BCS
        2005: 3-8 against top 40, 3-6 vs BCS
        2004: 3-6 against top 40, 4-3 vs BCS
        2003: 4-3 against top 40, 5-2 vs BCS

        2008 is what is known as a statistical outlier and without that year his numbers are downright abysmal. 2001 and 2002 are both far under .500 for boths stats.

        After removing the statistical outliers (on both ends, I eliminated his TWO worst years), Calipari’s record at Memphis:

        20-24 against the RPI Top 40, 26-21 vs BCS conference

        Nice pickup, Kentucky. No wonder he wasn’t real high on your list.

    • Now in 1st period tommorrow Ben ….we’ll paste some pictures of birds on construction paper …..okaaaaaaaaaay?

    • LOL …… Game …SET …MATCH

    • I find it humorous that the only one that agrees with pastaboy is… pastaboy

      He comes at you with ridiculous claims that only HE would agree with, then when you prove him wrong, he does one of the following:

      A) Calls you an idiot
      B) Completely changes the subject
      C) Modifies statistics/facts to fit his claim (i.e. who cares if UMass’ Final 4 was vacated by the NCAA, UMass hangs the banner)
      D) Says something outlandish that the “experts” (which in itself is a generalized and vague term) would “widely agree” with.
      E) Makes his own facts up

      I have a question for you, pasta: would your “experts” widely agree with statements such as “Kansas is the laughingstock of college basketball …overrated every year …..they win on a fluke”?

      Please, provide a link to these “experts” so that I may see your point more clearly.
      I would like to read about how Kansas is a laughingstock for starters.

      • this post is complete gibberish …… you seem angry …seek help ….. all I did was post cumultive RPI for the past 4 years which was refuted as erroneous due to RPI stats for the past 5 years????? LOL

        • Now, here, we have a combination of both part B and C, with a little of part A for good measure.

          May I please see what the experts have to say, or not?

          • total gibberish ….. you are typing nonsensical tripe …..

          • So… that’s a no? Which completely refutes everything you have said about it, correct?

    • Because after I read about KU being a laughingstock, I would LOVE to read about them being consistently over-rated.

      If that’s okay with you, of course.

    • Did you understand what I would like you to answer or “…… do I have to draw it out on yellow paper with wood chunks in it in crayon? ….LOL”

    • The average fan on the street when asked about Kansas basketball …think well …yeah they’re well known but they never win anything …except that game which Memphis handed them on a fluke play …..overrated every year …this year will be classic KU basketball …pre season number one …and it’ll go down hill in the tournament …2 nd round KO …………….again

      • Wow. I was joking when I wrote it, but apparently I DO have to “draw it out on yellow paper with wood chunks in it in crayon”:

        I have a question for you, pasta: would your “experts” widely agree with statements such as “Kansas is the laughingstock of college basketball …overrated every year …..they win on a fluke”?

        Please, provide a link to these “experts” so that I may see your point more clearly.
        I would like to read about how Kansas is a laughingstock for starters.

        At no point did I ask about anything even remotely related to an average fan on the streets.

        Please, pasta, prove me wrong.

    • No? You got nothin’? Sheesh, I was really hoping to be enlightened by the “experts”.

      Here’s something that I found, though… which was made even more interesting with this quote: “In compiling our rankings, we looked at all major college coaches in these five categories going back four years, the typical matriculation period for a college student (except, of course, certain superstar basketball players who jump to the NBA early)”

      *Please pay extra attention to the “going back four years” part.

    • Of course, I know that list will be of no relevance to you pasta, because these people actually went through legitimate numbers, rankings, and statistics OVER THE COURSE OF THE PAST FOUR YEARS to compile this list.

      But legitimacy is overrated anyway, right pasta?

    • Wow these Ku fans are insecure as hell ….. fluke NC’s make for skittish insecure fans I guess

    • I’ve seen the Forbes list ….and was proud of cal for even making it ….. a mid major coach beating up on the big boys ….. rebuilding the Memphis program …..and now moving up to Ky …… moving on up to the east side …..

    • Not insecure at all pasta, just asking you to provide some basis for the outrageous and idiotic claims you make. But, apparently that’s too much to ask from you. It is obvious that your “facts” are merely your own opinion. You have no basis for argument and have nothing to back up what you say.

      I’d say the “experts” would actually completely disagree with Kansas being a laughingstock and overrated. And that “stiff” Bill Self guy you talk about so much; he’s the 2nd best coach in the country, according to “experts”.

      God, it’s fun making you look like an idiot.

      ” ….and was proud of cal for even making it “- That’s surprising. I though he was the best coach in the country? Why would you be surprised that the best coach in the country would make the list?

      • Because of the bias against Cal by all the haters …..

    • I’m interested to see how you twist the facts on this one. Is this list a joke? It must not be legit because YOU don’t agree with it, right? How would you change it? By throwing Self out of the top 10? Williams and Donovan probably shouldn’t be on there either. Throw ’em out…

      I’m eager to see how this list affects your argument about the best programs in the last 4 years.

    • Good grief, I leave the message board for 12 hours leaving noodlenuts (pastaboy) unchecked, and he acts like he is actually adding thoughtful and intelligent opinions to the blog.

      One thing everyone needs to know about noodlenuts (pastaboy) is that his posts are often full of red herrings, straw men, unchecked stats, etc. It is only fun debating noodlenuts if you know at least you are debating with an indolent moron.

      Has anyone checked the official stat sheet of the National Championship game?
      Noodlenuts makes it sound like Memphis dominated KU until the last few moments, however did you know KU actually carried the lead for more time than Memphis did? They also shot 53% field goal percentage 93% free throw had 46 rebounds and tied memphis with assists and steals. Memphis numbers were 40%, 63.2% and 36. The two stats Memphis lead in were turnovers 13 for Memphis 17 for KU, and Three point percentage 27% for Memphis versus 25% for KU. Both stats especially three point percentage have a 2% disparity, essentially one shot in or out from being tied with KU.

      Essentially the only stat Memphis dominated was forcing a whopping (sarcastic) four more turnovers then KU, that is if they did force them over.

      So for noodlenuts to say it was a fluke, and KU was better, I would contend that it was just a “fluke” for a team like KU who dominated the major stats columms to actually let a team like Memphis make a run in the middle of the second half!

      • If you’re down by 9 with 2:12 to play you ain’t dominating nobody …… fluke NC by Kansas …..end of discussion

        • … and when you lose you ain’t dominating nobody

    • Umm yes statistically as I said above they dominated Memphis.

    • All you are really doing in your arguement is going or working against a former arguement of how great coach cal is. Down 9 with 2:12 to play…… is that not one of the greatest coaching and player meltdowns in final game history?

      Again, allow him time and he will contradict himself

      • Missing free throws put Memphis in a position to be beaten by a fluke play …several fluke plays actually ….it happens to the best of them ….which obviously it did this time ….. the best team doesn’t always win a NC game .

        • The entire 2008 season was a statistical outlier for Cal. The fact he was even in the game was a fluke. Most experts say Memphis was the 3rd best team that year.

    • Comment by pastaboy
      2009-07-15 10:17:38
      Because of the bias against Cal by all the haters …..

      Insightful comment. Now THAT is a good argument if I’ve ever seen one.

    • I have a question pasta boy:

      Which team dominated the final 5 minutes of the game (over time)?

    • I would like to know what noodlenuts definition of a fluke play? A three pointer by a guy that shoots 46%? A forced turn over steal? Making key shots by Darrell Arthur and company when it matters most? In reality noodlenuts can call it a fluke, everyone else who knows something about basketball and isn’t in absolute denial knows it was legit. That’s why he is so quick to discredit KU, and Self, and then go on to call KU fans insecure. Noodlenuts has small man syndrome, having to run to defend Coach Cal……….poor little bugger.

      • I concur

        • But, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still a blast to make him look like the moron he is.

        • They didn’t just dominate the final 5 minutes of the game, but the majority of the game just read the stat sheet.

          Noodlenuts who performed better?

          Noodlenuts who had the lead for the greater amount of time?

          The stats point to the fact(and they don’t lie) that KU was obviously the better team, look at fg% and rebounds alone!

          HaHa noodlenuts can go to bat for his “home dog” all he wants but he has nothing but his pathetic excuse for an opinion to back it up by. Stats don’t lie!

      • Well to a Calipari fan, having tough-minded players who perform in the clutch would certainly seem like a fluke.

    • Anyway, I could really care less about Cal or Wright getting this kid. The 2 kids I really want in the future are Harrison Barnes and Perry Ellis. And KU’s in the right in the mix for both of ’em.

    • Oh, and I forgot to mention Bradley Beal. I really hope we get him, too.

    • I just always like how people will start to agree with noodlenuts in the early going of a comment thread. But, then they realize how much of an idiotic deuche he is, and stop. They are like, “I’m not going to bat for this guy!”

      But perhaps what I like best, is his ability to makeup stats, and then get called out on it! Big Ben usually does that, I have a few times, i.e. his claim Cal had the best winning percentage as coach later to find out Roy Williams did.

      It just shows how insane and foolish he is.

      • Intellectual dishonesty (fabricated stats and sources) really bugs me. Pasta is the perfect Calipari fan. Maybe she’s Erin Calipari of facebook porn fame?

    • Yeah they have a good chance of landing both big men, earlier this spring a Minnesota sports writer thought KU was in the lead for Barnes. They would all be great ball players for Self to have, but you know how he rolls, he is all about building Championship teams, taking guys in the 20-60 range, investing in them and making them great ball players.

    • Given Barnes’ high interest in finding a school with a good school of business (which, unfortunately bodes well for UNC), I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed more than 1 year.

      Well, I take that back… I WOULD be surprised if he stayed more than a year, but I wouldn’t be shocked.

      I grew up in Wichita and I apparently Perry Ellis MAY be a KU lean. Granted, he is only a freshman, and a lot could change, but who knows…

      Beal is supposed to announce sometime this summer, I believe.

      Winning the NC this year would greatly increase our chances with each one of them.

      If we DO win the NC, this year, Bill wouldn’t even have to recruit. His pitch would simply be, “come play for me; we win National Championships every other year. You stay until you’re at least a sophomore, you’ll get a ring”. Haha, if only it were true…

    • Yeah fake stats……like when I posted Memphis has the best cumulative RPI the past 4 years …..and Fat Ben counters that with stats from the past 5 years …LOL ..what an idiot

    • Pasta could you gives us North Carolina, Kansas, UCLA, Memphis, Connecuit, and Michigan St.’s record against top 50 rpi teams? Also then please make sure to add a link.

      Since Memphis has been the best team.

      • That’s a meaningless stat with respect to Memphis under Cal …..since he knew he was in a mid major conference after the exodus …Cal ( in order to attract top recruits) loaded up his schedule each year with top teams ……. Memphis played teams closer to top 25 RPI …and their record does not reflect playing alot of teams in the 35 to 50 RPI range like BCS conference teams do within their own conference …so this stat is skewed and totally meaningless …..yet another sneaky attempt to downgrade the record of the best coach in the game today .

        • Why is it a worthless stat? Because you don’t agree with it? Because it contradicts your argument? Because it proves how stupid your argument is?

          …And obviously he’s not the best coach in the country over the course of the last 4 years, as the experts noted on that link I provided. He’s the 7th-best.

          Note when I say the word “experts”, I provide a link to said experts.

          • Its totally logical that if a team ‘s play against top 50 RPI is weighted to playing a much higher percentage in the 1 to 25 RPI range then that team’s W/L record will suffer vs. a team playing top 50 RPI in a more evenly distributed manner. That’s simple . You can whine and cry and call it a stupid argument ….but in actuality its not an argument …its a FACT ….. As to the Forbes ratings … it was merely a statisical system weighted towards final 4 appearances and NC’s ….. the fact is …. Cal is the hottest coach in the country now because most of the top players want to play for him ….factoring in the fact that he is now in a BCS conference … a school with the tradition of Ky …he’ll dominate college basketball for the next 15 years .

          • A third grader could formulate a mathematical rating system to calculate who the “best ” coach is ….but that doesn’t make him an expert on basketball ……..An expert would factor in intangibles based upon his expert opinion . The Forbes rating system did no such thing .

    • Poll Results
      Which coach is the nation’s best right now?
      John Calipari 38% 2,653
      Roy Williams 30% 2,061
      Tom Izzo 13% 933
      Bill Self 7% 456
      Rick Pitino 5% ….Actually this link had Cal at 4 …..behind Roy …. Izzo ….and coach K ……but the poll by readers speaks for itself ……this is why you twerps need to realize the garbage you spew in here represents a distinct minority opinion .

    • Bill Self …7% ( snickers)

      • Ah yes,

        Now it all makes sense. A link to a poll of, what 6,500 or so voters, is concrete fact. This poll MUST represent the majority of College BB fans. Over 6,000 people voted in it! Unbelievable.

        I’m still looking for a link that shows how Kansas is laughable. This link had nothing but great things to say about Self.

        While it also took note of Cal’s shady tactics… (snickers)

    • See this is just how stupid noodlenuts is. He gives a fan poll and wants us to believe it represents docrtine or truth. Nevermind he didn’t even think about the various caveats that go into to polling to act as if this was an objective poll is hillariou. I am not sure what is funnier, him quoting a “fan” poll as truth, or that he actually believes the poll represents consensus college basketball analysis.

      • That’s what you are schmuckus ….a fan …. and if you and 4 of your buddies in here claim Cal is not a top coach …then guess what genius ? ….that represents a non objective fan poll ….LOL ….so easy

    • Oh and to go with this again noodlenuts can’t do proper research.
      Here is what he said

      ” As to the Forbes ratings … it was merely a statisical system weighted towards final 4 appearances and NC’s ….. ”

      When the article gives the specific criteria for determing its rankings.

      “To identify the country’s best college basketball coaches, we measured recruiting class rank, win-loss percentage, NCAA Tournament invites, Final Four trips and, the ultimate goal of every coach, a championship.”

      Interesting: Recruiting class rank, and win-loss percentage, factor in.

      Then the killer for noodlenuts arguement

      “In compiling our rankings, we looked at all major college coaches in these five categories going back four years, the typical matriculation period for a college student (except, of course, certain superstar basketball players who jump to the NBA early).”

      Wow over a four year period! It should be Noodlenuts boy Coach Cal right?


      He was number 7 statistically!!!!

      See when noodlenuts argues the point, essentially what he is doing is this. We here say, “hey, it is safe to say after doing the homework 2+2=4!” and then noodlenuts comes in and says. “Wait a minute! 2+2 doesn’t equal four, it equals five; everyone would agree, most “experts would say”, those guys who say its four they didn’t include the ‘intangibles’ like imaginary numbers, zero divided by infinite, etc.”

      Its like Plato’s allegory of the cave. What noodlenuts see is half truths “images flickering on a dim cave wall from a fire” while we see the “real” things behind them.

      Noodlenuts on a more serious note, I would consider working towards your GED. Seriously, and then taking some Community College courses, but make sure you ease in on it taking basic algebra and pre-comp. Once you finish your associates degree and quit your job at the comic book store………Then you can come on here and try to hang with the big boys.

    • The best part of his poll is how he again takes it at docrtine. He gives us one poll taking by a whopping 6000 people! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Oh and in classic noodlenuts skewed style here is how they scientifically quantified their list

      “It’s tough to really hammer out a list with specific criteria and stick with it. For example, you could argue Roy Williams isn’t as good a coach as Self because he couldn’t win in Kansas while Self could. Then you could follow that up with Weber going to the Final Four at the helm for Illinois when Self couldn’t get past the Sweet 16 round for the Illini. Weber, though, went 16-19 in 2007-2008 and Huggins hasn’t had a losing record since 1985. All in all, there will always be reasons to say one coach is better than another.

      This was simply meant to be a summer topic for arguing about college hoops while we wait out the offseason. You should also be able to find my early early early Final Four picks for 2010, though that’s a different topic for a different day.”


    • “We gave a bit more weight to the last three metrics, especially Final Four appearances and championships “

      • So are you suggesting that stat be thrown out when debating who is the best coach?

    • Schmuckus …you can post these long rambling gibberish type opinions all you want …but according to you …..its merely a non scientific poll ….LOL …I’ll take the opinion of 6,000 fans over one idiot any day … . The referee really needs to stop this ….I think Schmuckus is out on his feet …

      • I’m glad my article has done so much to screw pasta’s world up… It’s like warm fuzzies all over me. Mmmmm….

        I seriously could not believe I found that article last night. How perfect, with the logical and mathematical approach to determining #1, and also the timespan of 4 years.

        But screw it, it requires a logical thought process, so throw it out.

    • Any statistical evaluation can be weighted differently to get different results … if the criteria had also included 1. seeding accomplishments or 2. defensive stats …or 3. cumultive rpi …….. then obviously Cal would have done much better ….. but of course had this criteria been used you would have said it doesn’t count blah blah blah …… the bottom line is …a vast majority of the basketball public know Cal is the best coach right now ……as indicated by the fan house poll ….like I said …6500 voters is a much better sample than 4 KU fans …2 fat people …and 1 unemployed retard .

      • 1. seeding accomplishments or 2. defensive stats …or 3. cumultive rpi …….. then obviously Cal would have done much better

        Can you post a link to these claims?

        • Slow down now. Calipari is not #1 in team defense, but his teams have been consistently good.

          Over the last 5 years, according to defensive efficiency (which is a tempo-independent measure of how efficient a defense is), here’s Calipari vs. guys that are well known as the best defensive coaches:

          Self: 5.8
          2009: 7
          2008: 1
          2007: 1
          2006: 2
          2005: 18

          K: 9.6
          2009: 20
          2008: 9
          2007: 5
          2006: 13
          2005: 1

          Calipari: 12.4
          2009: 1
          2008: 4
          2007: 11
          2006: 6
          2005: 40

          Howland: 21.4
          2009: 44
          2008: 3
          2007: 2
          2006: 3
          2005: 55

          There may be more higher than him, but probably not too many besides Self and K. This is in stark contrast to the general fan’s concept that Calipari has a great offense (his offensive numbers are generally middle-of-the-pack) and not much defense (good/very good defensive numbers). This could all also be effected by competition of course.

    • LOL <———————— I crack me up

      • I crack me up?

        You mean I crack myself up?

        Did you read the note about you working towards your GED?

      • Pasta, can you find 1 person on this blog that agrees with you? Maybe the fact that nobody will back anything you say up is proof that you are always wrong and a complete moron.

    • Correct, various elements can be used in a fan poll, more importantly those variable are unkown, i.e. what regions the people who took the poll were located, or density of fan base, etc. The fact that we simply know who was polled, where, etc. and the fact that it can’t be answered makes it a worthless poll. But it takes someone smarter than a fifth grader to know that.

      • Fanhouse looks like a pretty good cross section to me …..this was posted 6/09 … certainly wasn’t Memphis fans stuffing the ballot box …..Ky. fans? ….according to you idiots they are leary of Cal …… this poll is more indicitive of who the top coach is than a bunch of geeks feeding randomly picked data into a computer …..looks like I win again .

    • So fan voting is more indicitive coaching ability than winning percentage, recruiting, tournament success, and titles?

      You really are a moron.

    • ” …… this poll is more indicitive of who the top coach is than a bunch of geeks feeding randomly picked data into a computer ”

      pasta, do you really believe that fan voting is more indicitive of coaching ability than winning percentage, recruiting, tournament success, and titles?

      Yes or No?

    • And don’t try to tip-toe an answer around this one either. Start with typing “yes” or “no” and then explain why.


      • Especially fan voting on an obscure web site. At least rig a legitimate web poll.

    • I think pasta just entered “Oh, shit” mode

    • “a bunch of geeks feeding randomly picked data into a computer”
      pasta just called himself a geek

    • Yes ….. of course voting by fans is more important than randomly picked data fed into a computer ……. and keep in mind the more you bozos trash a poll by fans the more you trash your own opinion in here ….as I explained to the Schmuckus ….this computer stuff is like the BCS poll …a frigging joke …give me the opinion of a fan voting anyday …or a sportswriter ..or a coach ( taking victory lap ) ……

      • So opinion trumps fact?

        I guess when your arguments have gotten so roundly destroyed by fact you cling to whatever you can to try and sleep at night.

        • If there are 500 facts to consider when rating a coach … say that 4 of those facts tells the entire story is not indicitive of a valid system to rate them .

          • Except that you’ve yet to produce a fact that wasn’t
            A. Completely fabricated
            or B. Failed to account for playing YMCA teams 25 times a year.

            It’d be one thing if you were here saying “Calipari isn’t as bad of a coach as everyone thinks”. That may be legitimate. But saying “Calipari is the best coach in the country” despite all the facts to the contrary… Well you can see why everyone is laughing at you.

      • Pastaboy is definetly doing a victory lap in his own little universe. Reality is over here noodlenuts! So the finding was based on randomly picked data? No random would be choosing pot-luck, like one study used assists, three throw perecentage, point differential, etc, and another uses turnovers, fgp%, and strength of schedule, etc. Some of the most obvious “stats” that define great coachs, recruitment classes, WP%, Final Four Appreances, and National Championships henceh why cal is #7!

        Then he compares it to the BCS poll which isn’t a bad rating system its just horrible at determining who should play for a national championship.

    • The fans know what the W/L numbers are …they know the stats ….but they also know the intangibles about a coach ….his style of play …. the way his teams carry themselves …. and most importantly …..which coach has the momentum …..Its my guess this poll takes into account Cal going to Ky. with possibly the best recruiting class in history … guys have blinders on ….you start with the axiom Cal is not a good coach …then proceed to nitpick his record to augment your beliefs and biases . While doing so you ignore or downplay his obvious strengths ….. Its really a waste of time for a person of my intellect to even mess with you clowns ….

      • I never said Cal is not a good coach… I said he’s inferior to Self, Williams, Coach K, Mike Anderson, etc…

        • To take a page from your book:

          It is widely accepted among the experts that Calipari is an inferior coach.

        • Coach K ? …..LOL ..he hasn’t gotten past the sweet 16 in what ? 15 years ? He’s a dinasaur

          • I’m sure Kentucky preferred Calipari to Coach K.

          • I know they preferred his recruitng class …. Cal gets the top kids now …K doesn’t ..end of story

          • Once again Pasta with a person opinion that is completely incongruent with the facts of the matter.

            Recruiting since 2005
            Top 10 recruits:
            Duke 3
            Calipari 4

            Top 25 recruits:
            Duke 11
            Calipari 4

            Top 50 recruits
            Duke 13
            Calipari 6

            Top 100 recruits
            Duke 17
            Calipari 14

            Duke 05:
            McRoberts #1
            Paulus #13
            Boeteng #39
            Pocius #53
            Boykin #60

            Duke 06:
            Henderson #10
            LThomas #20
            Zoubek #25
            Scheyer #28

            Duke 07:
            Singler #5t
            NSmith #19
            TKing #24

            Elliot Williams: #15
            Czyz #66
            Plumlee #81

            Duke 09:
            Kelly #14
            Mason plumlee #18

            Calipari 05:
            Williams #27
            CDR #41
            Anderson #66

            Calipari 06:
            Kemp #41
            Niles #72

            Calipari 07
            Rose #5t
            Jeff Robinson #55

            Calipari 08
            Evans #2
            Witherspoon #38
            Garcia #54
            Simpkins #78

            Calipari 09:
            Wall #2
            Cousins #3
            Bledsoe #52

        • Mike Anderson? LOL …where was he on this list?

          • Probably because he made Calipari look like a biddy ball coach when they met a few months back. Not a single player that would start at Memphis and Anderson blew them out.

      • HAHAHAHAHAHA Waste of your intellect? Was that a joke? What intellect?

        Noodlenuts starts with the praxis that Cal is the best coach, in which we state our case that he is obviously not.

    • So this poll, voted on by average Joes, with no requirement other than personal opinion, is more accurate than a list created by analysts that rank coaches based on W/L%, recruiting, tourneys, and titles?

      This is what you’re saying, correct?

      • Not to mention that fans can be bias, and misinformed.

      • Absolutely …..I could devise a computer ranking system that would make Tiger Woods the number 3 golfer in the world … would you believe that system or a fan vote?

        • Neither because Tiger Woods wins things. Calipari doesn’t.

          • Calipari wins 73% of the time Fat Ben ….. how is winning 441 games and 12 conference titles not winning anything?

          • When you play against YMCA teams with a team of top 25 recruits it’s not that big an accomplishment.

          • I didn’t know Tom Izzo coached a ymca team ? …Although it looked like it when Cal had him down 30 at the half ……LOL

          • The sun shines on a dog’s ass every so often (of course you have to wonder if that’s true since you’ve yet to get any posterior sunshine).

            Calipari @ Memphis (eliminating his first 2 years @ Memphis so Pasta quits crying):
            29-26 (.527) vs RPI Top 40
            36-23 (.610) vs BCS Schools

            Eliminate the statistical outlier (2008- the fluke year) and you get
            20-24 vs RPI Top 40
            26-21 vs BCS Schools.

          • These stats have been proven meaningless …because as a mid major team ….Cal has tried to load his schedule with top teams in the non conference to impress recruits …. he’s playing RPI 1 thru 25 predominantly as opposed to Bcs teams who catch a lot of easy games within conference play of 35 to 50 RPI ….its a skewed stat …next lying biased pathetic piece of un-educated dogshit nurse .

          • Once again Pasta with no evidence just complete fabrication. And he wonders why he’s the laughing stock of the internet.

        • Prove it

      • This is a Memphis post El Stupido ….these same idiots were kissing Cal’s ass a month prior to this post ….try again

        • nope…

          people knew he cheated!! it’s in the poll!!

      • OHHHH …so now polls on blogs are important when Cal doesn’t win the vote ….how hypocritical …. a poll showing Cal as the best coach is suspect …while this poll is right on ….LOL …see what I mean ? …Besides this is a Tenn site ….they hate Cal ……and btw … sanctions …no violations …ever ….. in 17 years …by the NCAA ….against Cal ….. none …zilch …nauta ….zip …. zero ….

        • Just playing by your rules, pasta

    • Yup…

      pasta, these polls are REALLY a way to find legitimate answers.

    • Looks like I win again (Yawn)

    • Damn, I’m good.

      • Yep. I have Firefox automatically translating pastaboy’s proclamations of victory into pictures of the Iraqi Information Minister.

        • hahaha

    • It’s so easy to beat you at your own game…

      Comment by pastaboy
      2009-07-15 16:26:03
      Yes ….. of course voting by fans is more important than randomly picked data* fed into a computer ……. and keep in mind the more you bozos trash a poll by fans the more you trash your own opinion in here ….as I explained to the Schmuckus ….this computer stuff is like the BCS poll …a frigging joke …give me the opinion of a fan voting anyday …or a sportswriter ..or a coach ( taking victory lap ) ……

      [*Note “randomly picked data”= “To identify the country’s best college basketball coaches, we measured recruiting class rank, win-loss percentage, NCAA Tournament invites, Final Four trips and, the ultimate goal of every coach, a championship.” ]

      • The polls you are quoting are from blogs which predominantly support a specific team ….the fanhouse poll covers a cross section of basketball blogs and therefore a mix of fans …..therefore making it a legitimate poll and your examples …well …yet another feeble attempt to refute the great one ….. you see … are here to promote a specific team and bash its opponents ….while I’m here merely to promote truth, justice , and the American way .

        • Exactly the point you noodle eating fool! How do we know that 1/2 of those people polled were not from Kentucky? Were you there watching them noodle nuts? Of course not, there is no way to use a poll without knowing anything about the poll as a stated conclusion!

          Corky from Wonder Years is embarassed for you you give people with special needs a bad name!

          • Why would Ky . fans tout Cal as the best coach ? …You morons have been posting for months that they are leary of him …..ouch ….caught in your own bullshit agian

          • Because they’re trying to convince themselves. This is pretty typical in sports.

    • Pasta,

      Obviously you cannot keep up. Let me try to explain to you what happened over the course of the day; I will try to keep things simple for you:

      -After making you eat your own words from previous postings (see posts from 2009-07-14 09:53:07 to 2009-07-14 10:25:40 on this page) in regards to UNC, I felt pretty good. So, I decided to do an experiment. Not for school or anything, just independent research. My goal: to see if it is possible to make pasta look any more stupid. My unit of measurement: “Stupid Points”, which from here on out will be referred to as SP. This is what happened, as documented on this blog:

      -Your incoherent rambling about “experts widely agreeing” about something either completely idiotic or immeasurable by any means (i.e. Kansas is a laughingstock, or KU’s title is a fluke, Bill Self is a stiff, Calipari is the best coach in the NCAA, placing more value on tournament seedings than winning the tournament etc.) started to annoy me. It would be one thing if you provided links to ANY so-called experts, but you never did.

      -At this point, I decided to make you look stupid. I asked multiple times for a link to “experts”. You never provided one. So, I decided to provide one. The Forbes link was a legitimate source that had a legitimate way of ranking these coaches: mathematics, the universal language. I even laughed when I read the part about it being over the course of the past four years. It was all too perfect. ( The proof was in the numbers.

      -But proof, mathematics, and logic mean nothing to you. Not surprisingly, you dismissed the link, as well as the rankings; perhaps because it was based in fact, not opinion. Or maybe just because you could not come to terms with the fact that you were wrong.— SP count:1

      -It was clear that you were flustered at this point. Posts included nothing but insults to people’s intelligence and victory claims, despite all evidence pointing to the fact that YOUR intelligence should be questioned and you had clearly lost.— SP counts 2 and 3

      -In a futile and desperate effort to disprove a GOOD ranking system, you decided to provide a link to a better one: Interesting read; unfortunately it provided no account as to how the ranking was achieved, making the ranking itself rather suspect.

      -As if that wasn’t bad enough, you cited the FAN VOTE as the most accurate measure of a successful coach (SP count 4). Growing progressively more and more desperate, you threw out outlandish claims like a fan vote being a better indicator of coaching capacity than Win-Loss pct, recruiting, tournament success, etc (SP count 5). Then, to top it all off, you said you could conceive of a numerical system to make Tiger Woods a worse golfer. Ben put you in your place at this point, and I asked for you to prove a way to devise said system, but to no avail. —SP count 6.

      -Then, to shove it in your face even more, I provided links to poll results that showed Cal was a cheater and one that said he bore more significance on the future of the United States than President Obama. Just wanted to show you how “legitimate” fan voting really was.

      -Obviously, this exercise went way over your head, as you became upset with me for my hypocrisy. You just didn’t understand why I though the only accurate polls were the ones that bashed Cal. You didn’t see the fact that I was simply showing how ridiculously inaccurate ALL polls can be. —SP count 7.

      -Then you tried to construe and twist my first link (the legit one) by saying it was based “on random numbers”, even though it states very clearly what numbers the rank was based on. —SP count 8.

      -Now I have to write this 8 million word post so that you can understand how stupid I just proved you to be. Trying to explain to a dumb person why they are dumb- it leads to an endless circle; but, nonetheless, it warrants 2 more Stupid Points. That brings the count to 10.

      I decided to be a little more eloquent with my explanation of your idiocy than Brett Myers would have been; but, to quote him:

      “Boom. Outta here.”

      • Each of your so called points about being right are of course ….wrong ….your conclusions are based upon your theory that every issue is black and white …..and your opinions are right and mine are wrong …. Ithink anyone reading the posts in an objective manner would find plenty of gray area where opinions can vary . You must be obsessed with my ability to shed a different light on the many biased opinions you post in here . Try to calm down and I’ll try not to make you look so ridiculous in the future .

    • Wow, I jsut re-read the posts. I never knew noodlenuts was such a dancer. He side stepped half the posts. Needless to say we wont get an answer from him, on any real issue. However we can look forward to the upcomming season, for our predictions to come true obviously, and for his to fail.