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Wednesday / January 17.
  • Henry Staying at Kansas

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    This much seems certain now.

    Xavier Henry is staying at Kansas. Lance Stephenson is headed to Cincinnati. And Lance will not end up at Kansas in place of Xavier.

    After meeting with his family and Kansas coach Bill Self Tuesday night, Henry texted various outlets to let them know he will be a Jayhawk for at least next season.

    “I’m going to Kansas,” Henry texted to late Tuesday night. “That’s final.”

    As reported earlier, Carl Henry had initially told a Kansas City radio station that his sons could end up at Kentucky instead of Kansas.

    All seems settled — at least for now.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • AZ,

      Not for a second.

      We are ALL waiting to SEE what BS does today!

      BS MUST do something today.

      In regards to those KANSASS fans which were cruel to Carl and sons.
      The fans turned on them, on a dime.
      Most of the comments were NOT called for.
      Will these same fans still come out and see HIM play and cheer for him.
      BUT, BS needs to clear the air and SET it straight with these type of fans.

      Remember this is a youth which has always wanted to play for Cali.
      If it wasn’t for his mother’s wishes..of not moving to Lex….
      X wuold be with Cali and his friends.

      If he has second thoughts , this is FINE.
      LET him play wherever he wants to.

    • AZ,

      On a more pleasant subject.

      I hear MoMo is ready for his trip to the West.
      He leaves on Sunday from NYC to ARIZONA.

      He is rather excited and nervous.

      Actually, there are two NYC players arrving soon.
      Kevin P. is also ZONA bound.
      Whatz up?

      It appears that ARIZONA has a nationally ranked recruiting class, of 2009.
      And has the NO.1 recruiting class from the PAC10.

      (ucla has two recruits which are injured so, Nelson and Honey…So, their rankings dropped to three in the pac.)

    • ucla is at third ,in the PAC.

    • Bill Self should do no such thing and he will not. The Henry family owes an apology to The University of Kansas for putting their fans through this rollercoaster of a ride.

      FYI get your facts straight. The Henry’s started to waffle after the Kansas City Star story painted Carl Henry in a negative light & they were fearful of a backlash from KU fans (for obvious reasons).

      The bottom line is Carl did this to the boys & once the ball goes up in the air Jayhawk fans will show CJ & Xavier the love.

    • PASTABOY WAS WRONG! Hows it fell to be an ass/deuche/moron/idiot/wrong?

      90/10 eh?

    • I hope BS does something against those Kansas fans.
      BS has read ALL those nasty internet comments.

      Carl indicated that the story in the paper was NOT correct.
      That should of been enough.
      But, many “fans” jumped the gun.
      And blasted the family.
      Ugly.Ugly scene.

      I did like Carl’s approach to reconsider the situation last night.
      It was good to get the family together after being attacked.

      I hope the fans which BLASTED the Henry’s DO NOT show up for the games.
      YOU felt strongly enough to say those things…then, STAY AWAY.
      Let the stands be filled with those which did not waffle against the family.

      PS- Even when the mother says…I want no part of it.
      Should shed some light as to how bad it got for the family.

      • Fans will be fans. Carl ‘indicated’ the story in the paper was incorrect but then repeated many of the things that upset fans in the first place “Xavier does not want to go to class and knows Self will make him” “Xavier does not want to practice with the team” “CJ is better than Sherron Collins and Tyshawn Taylor”. Carl just needs to quit speaking and this will all go away. Highly doubtful.

        • Self won’t do anything. Self loves Kansas fans just as much as Kansas fans love Self. Obviously you’ve never seen this guy walking out of the tunnel in the Phog.

          Kansas fans have nothing to apologize for… The KC Star does, maybe, but not us.

          And in regard to us being so “cruel” and all these comments that these were uncalled for: I seem to remember some Arizona fans being less-than-polite during the Withey situation; so don’t point fingers until your hands are clean.

      • USC.Trojan. I agree with you about the “fans”. As a KAnsas fan I understand the passion some have for basketball but it can be a little out of control. One thing that needs to be given perspective is the location of KU to Mizzou and the fact that Kansas City basically sits in rivalry country. KU and Mizzou hate each other and with a major media hub like KC in the middle they tend to promote stories that will spurn the hate. A lot of the “fans” calling in to the radio shows the last few days had been Mizzou fans acting like KU fans, a couple callers got busted for it. Take that with a grain of salt in this situation.

        Also, a few “ugly” fans do not represent the majority of great fans KU has, unfortunatley that was the case in this situation. The ugly fans were vocal, and sadly horribly idiotic

    • The Henry’s should be blasted. Carl Henry is a gold digger trying to capitalize on his kid. The Henry’s and Stephenson’s are what is wrong about the recruitment process. Both should go to Europe.

    • You guys will have to excuse Pastaboy he is licking his wounds.

    • I made a prediction of 90/10 …… that prediction yesterday was in the 90 percentile range …then based upon new info ….I changed my prediction to Self talking him out of it 50/50 …which also was correct …..I never said 100% that Xavier was leaving ….so I was right twice ….as usual . Do any of you even have a college degree ? This is simple statistical math and logic.

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        I do have a degree, an Associates of Science, and I am a dual Math/Physics major. Let me tell you, assigning probability to something like this is completely pointless and shows your lack of knowledge about the subject. Not only is it a variable probability that is completely impossible to truly measure, it is ignorant to think you are correct with your probability based on NO quantitative measurements of any sort. For the record, since you have a degree, please tell me the type of the degree so that when you comment on ideas, things, etc. I may assign proper credentials to your comments, for they are obviously not in the realm of Math. Have a nice day.

      • Oh just shut the f*** up pasta, i’ve been a reader of this website for a little bit and you my friend are the biggest fair weather fan i have ever heard. Thank god espn doesnt pay you to make predictions. on the last artilce you where like; yeah i called it, there gone, their gonna go play for coach sleezeball” WRONG WRONG WRONG. Do us all a big favor and just shut the hell up, you dont know what your talking about, as well as you just try to pick fights on here, Grow up. ROCK CHALK CHAMPIONS….again.

      • Pasta sounds like Mike Tyson talking about statistics.

      • Fence walker. Your 50/50 prediction came out after the story broke that Xavier was staying at Kansas. That is not a prediction.

    • I called Xavier going to Ky….and I called Self talking him out of it …..face it … I’m a genius on these matters ….now where are all the idiots who were saying yesterday that Ku didn’t Xavier …that Xavier was too slow …that Ku was better without him …….you guys are hypocrites to the max

    • The bottom line is that now Kansas may be a team with dissension . Its unheard for a Coach of the number one pre season team to go beg a freshman to come to practice with the team ….to please come to class ….. this story isn’t over yet my friends …..the Henry saga will continue .

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        I believe that the saga will continue, though it would be interesting to find out what the “REAL” instigat(ion)(or) for all of this is or will be. I believe at this point, all we can do is speculate on this. I wonder if the catalyst for the provocation will ever be found. Be happy and fruitful!

    • memtiger ….you better not worry about the Henry’s or Kansas …if I were you I would be concerned about your rookie coach and his 18 and 12 team ….. Memphis is NIT bound this year ……and oh by the way ….Joe Jackson isn’t going to go play for an NIT team .

      • hey pastabitch,

        how is it his team? for a while there u claimed to be a fan too. this just shows that u are a hypocrite and a flip flopper. stick to a team asswipe. and we won’t go 18 and 12. more like 23 and 7. cusa will be easy again this year with the exception of tulsa and maybe utep. we will make it to the ncaa tournament with an automatic bid because we will win the cusa. whether it be a 12 seed or a 4 seed, we will make it. and btw pastabitch, joe jackson wants to play for his hometown team, especially now that pastner is building the bridges back up with memphis area high school coaches.

        • an automatic bid? ……the CUSA tourney is played in Tulsa this year ….ooops …..and if Joe Jackson wants to play for Memphis why hasn’t he signed with Memphis ? Why wait? No …Mr. Jackson wants an NBA career …..he wants to be wealthy …..and he wants to attend a college where he can improve his skills …get exposure to the media …and get a high 1st round pick ……now I ask you ….why would he go to a 12th seed with a so so record in a weak conference with an inexperienced coach and very little TV time ….hell when Memphis was number 1 in the country 2 years ago they barely got on tv ….no one wanted to watch the number 1 team beat the hell out of SMU evidently ……now what kind of media exposure will Joe get on an unranked CUSA team? Joe loves Memphis I’m sure and he loves the Tigers I’m sure …..but he’s going to do what’s best for him ….and with Cal gone …..I doubt he’ll stay and play at Memphis

          • Why would Joe wait? I would wait until I found out what the NCAA is going to do. Remember these violations under Calipari?

            Why couldn’t Calipari land Will Barton?

            We’ll be ok with or without Joe Jackson, but I do believe he will be a tiger with Tarik Black and Casey Prather…

          • pasta in case u have forgotten, memphis does produce nba talent. do u recall tyreke evans going number 4 this year, and a certain player named Derrick Rose going number one last year and becoming the nba rookie of the year? or how about dozier going 60. or joey dorsey and cdr going in the second round last year. or rodney carney and shawne williams going in the lottery a few years back. improve ur argument about that. we have spawned nba draft picks. while some haven’t panned out, not all of it is their faults. they get drafted to the wrong teams. we will be ranked. if EW gets his waiver, we shall be ranked nationally in the preseason polls. joe jackson isn’t our only target for next year, but he will make a good team a great one, and that is y we are recruiting him

        • Calling pastaboy names really helps prove your point? Really? Wow, guess that one slipped by me.

          • Responding to pastaboy’s ramblings at all is an exercise in futility. Calling him names at least makes for entertaining reading.

          • (Not a facetious comment)

            If calling him a name begets entertaining reading, then you should make a post calling pasta every name in the book and you would be the most popular guy around. As you may fail to understand, tsmooth attempts to make a point. I’ll make a new post soon just to appease you, as it obviously isn’t hard. Entertainment is subjective by the way, not absolute.

          • At least the ‘bad man name callers’ are also making a basketball point in their posts. Going around simply chastising others for being big meanies is far more ridiculous than littering a basketball post with trash talk.

          • Maybe a brief jaunt around the ole’ dictionary might help you understand the meaning of sarcasm. But hey, we can’t all be 4.0 students in college. Or did you even make it into college? Who knows ='(

          • Academic smack on a message board? Show me your degrees and I’ll show you mine.

          • Associates of Science, give me your email and I’ll gladly send you a copy of it. =) Want me to show you my Dean’s List too?

    • The fact of the matter is, once these 2 step on campus, they will be treated the same as every other KU basketball player: as a celebrity.

      Every time I walk through campus and see a player, every one around them acts as though they’re in the presence of Brad Pitt something.
      “Oh my God, it’s Cole Aldrich!”; “Holy crap… dude, there’s Sherron!”; “Haha, woah, it’s the Morrises”. Star struck to the point of being afraid to even talk to them.

      And when the players go to The Hawk… Well, I won’t get into that. This is a family website. I WILL say that I wish it was that easy for me…

      These 2 will be in showered with love and affection just like every other player. I mean, for God’s sake, even Matt Kleinmann, our lovable and ginger walk-on, was popular.

      Of course, I’m not one to judge star struck fans, as my claim to fame was a player dinging my car (not going to mention any names, don’t want to incriminate anyone, haha) and getting Mario Chalmers to listen to my iPod in class. I must admit, I feel pretty cool.

      But anyways, I digress… While we may look like pompous a**holes to outside parties, this is not the case. We just feel as if we are the best and do not like being jerked around by anyone (see- Roy Williams). Do not mistake this with arrogance, as Kentucky, UCLA, North Carolina, and yes, even Memphis, fans feel the same way. With that said, we love our basketball, and by extension, we love our players and our coaches. To say it’s an infatuation is an understatement.

      Remember, people didn’t want B Rush. He had “attitude” problems and didn’t want to go to class before his freshman year. In fact, a lot of the knocks on X man are the same as the knocks on Rush. I’d say Brandon worked out pretty well for us, and this kid will too. In fact, B Rush talks about how much he misses Kansas. I saw him late last semester throwing water balloons at people on campus. Water balloons. I wish I could make this stuff up. That’s the kind of effect KU has on its players. Kids who wanted to jump to the NBA right out of high school and don’t want to go to class wind up staying 3 years and come back after their in the NBA to throw balloons at people.

      These kids will love their time on campus, and we will love them back. Just watch.

    • Pataboy your an idiot not a genius. Don’t act like we don’t get it 75/25, 90/10, these are all just silly little slippery clauses you leave in arguement so you can’t be pinned down. This isn’t clever probability its gutless, and easy to see through. I could say X and Henry have a 99.9% chance of coming to KU and .1% coming to Kentucky, if that .1% comes true it doesn’t make me a genius for that .1%. In fact there is no real way for you personally to measure the odds for them attending because all the resources you have to rely on are blogs, and message boards which at times can be sketchy at best. Wise up. What about that Memphis prediction for CJ do you want to concede how wrong you were?

      The one fact we knwo for sure is that Henry’s are and have been committed to Kansas. Thats facts, not all this proability bull shee.

      “The bottom line is that now Kansas may be a team with dissension . Its unheard for a Coach of the number one pre season team to go beg a freshman to come to practice with the team ….to please come to class ….. this story isn’t over yet my friends …..the Henry saga will continue .” Really? Did you come to the conclusion before or after Coach Cal shamelessy continued to recruit X after he committed to Kansas? Sure he didn’t call him, but Wall, Orton and company did, it mind as well had Cal’s slippery signature all over it. He is about as worthless as Pasta.

      • Why do we doubt Cal continued to call him? If you listen to the interview with Carl he stammers quite a bit around Calipari calling. Not that you can believe a damned thing that comes out of either one of their mouths.

      • First *theruckus33* claims, “(C.J. and Xavier) have a 99.9% chance of coming to KU,” then he/she stated, “in fact there is no real way for you to personally measure the odds.” Does somebody need to file for logical bankruptcy? Is the IRS doing a logic audit on the ruckus? lol

        • Blasphemy keep up. Your a math and physics major, but your reading comprehension skills need a little work. First, you twisted it to say that “theruckus33″ claims (CJ and Xavier, though no parenthesis were needed) have a 99.9% chance of coming to KU,”. I never claimed that. I was commiting an exercise in parody. Here is what I said, “I could say X and Henry have a 99.9% chance of coming to KU and .1% coming to Kentucky” Keyline in that sentence, “I could say”.

          I then go on to agree with your statements on probability quoting myself, “In fact there is no real way for you personally to measure the odds for them attending”

          The exercise of probability, real probabiilty can not be done when it comes to a personal decision about college basketball becauser their is nothing to quantify your results by. However, Pastaboy tries to do this, and leaves him an out by never saying, “100% chance” or “its a fact”. Pastaboy needs to take a logic class, and realize how much of his arguements are based on circular reasoning, a logical fallacy. But never the less.

    • I think we are actually breaking Pastaboy down, he starting to sound a little angry. Good for him. Hows it feel to be wrong? Better yet, hows it feel to love a coach that can only win by recruiting one and done players? If that rule goes away Cal is a mediocore coach at best! HAHAHAHAHA

      • Wow …. nows thats some wisdom ….assuming one and done’s are the best possible recruits out there …’re saying that if a coach can’t recruit the best players he will be a mediocre coach? ……Now how did you come up with that one?…..sheer genius ……What you are forgetting of course is that recruiting ability is a huge part of college ball obviously …there is no draft … the better coaches will probably also be the better recruiters ….and thereby recruit the better players … you argument now becomes if the one and done rule is changed that somehow a great recruiter won’t be able to recruit great players anymore ? This blog is like my own personal ant farm …… I love to watch you guys carry your little pieces of bread back and forth …very entertaining

        • just goes to show how much of a nerd pastaboy is…he likes ant farms

          • I’ve heard snappier comebacks from a bowl of Rice Krispies. Have a nice day.

    • Kansas is now a team with a freshman and his dad calling the shots …..Bill Self sold his soul yesterday when he was summoned to OK. City to apologize to the Henry’s. I guess that means Xavier will start working out with the team …anyone know when that will happen? …..I’ve got an idea …he could enroll in summer classes and be there to workout with his new teammates …anyone know when that’s going to happen? This saga is just getting started ……

      • The historical evidence suggests this will not be the case. Self has never allowed a player or handler to call the shots, unlike Calipari.

        • then why did Self go to OK. City? …..why didn’t he ask Xavier and his Dad to come to Lawrence …he’s not a recruit anymore …he’s a member of the team …since when do Coaches take time out of their busy schedules to travel 300 miles to see a freshman on his team?

          • He is obviously still a recruit until he attends a class. At that point if you think any talkback will be tolerated you haven’t followed Bill Self’s career. The Henrys could probably get away with that in Lexington as long as they were as good as advertised, but Self has a long history of not tolerating hangers-on.

          • ahh so Xavier is still a recruit ……so I guess that means he has till August to change his mind again

          • Now you’re getting it, pasta. Better late than never. The second he attends a class at KU the drama will disappear because Self won’t allow it. Calipari should be taking notes on how to handle egos.

        • Ya Big Ben, Self is perfectly clean! What are you smoking? Could you tell me your seller so I may get whatever you have too?

      • PASATA, Cal is a good coach, being a bias ku fan i can at least say that, but hes teams are like the Yankees, and the lakers of old; all the talent but can not play as a team. He can get the recruits but can he coach em? Fact of the matter is With all the sanctions that he left Memphis, as well as the ones hes gonna create at UK, will show that he is nothing short of a sleazeball. I dont have proof at this time but i will bet my bottom dollar that he used wall orton ect.. to work on the henry’s. And to answers something else. there playing for kansas…kansas is not playing for them. Good luck on all your fab 5 bullshit talk. Maybe if Cal leaves again you can root for that team and shun UK. Just like you did with Memphis. FAIR WEATHER ASSOCIATE!!!

    • Pastaboy, I wish we were all face to face with you. You wouldnt be talking the way you do if we were. Only little girls talk like this on a message board. Sounds like you have Napoleon syndrome. Probably still mooching off your mommy and daddy. Hell, your parents probably still lay out your clothes in the morning. Your Mom probably has to come type in her password in order for you to get on the computer.

      Why are you constantly on zagsblog? Did Dungeons & Dragons message board kick you off?

      Haha. What a loser.

      • I’ll take that as you don’t know when Xavier will work out with his teammates …that was my only question

      • Would you like some irony to go with your hypocrisy jayhowkfan11? Maybe a bit of projection sprinkled on top? “Only little girls talk like this on a message board”? Really? You mean how you responded to pasta makes you any better? Oh, I guess you’re in logic debter’s prison.

        • jayhawkfan11** Sorry for misspelling your name =( didn’t mean to. I did, however, mean for you to think about your comment.

    • he said sometime mid august before classes start he would be down there. in the meantime, he is working his butt off twice a day to be ready.

      Self will not put up with the Henry’s crap once they get to lawrence. and if Carl is going to be an over-involved Dad then Xavier will be going the way of David Padgett, CJ Giles and Micah Downs (who all had over involved parents), which is out.

      I trust Bill Self to do what is best for KU basketball, and i have to believe that if he really thought they were going to be that much trouble, he would have said “no thanks.”

      Carl created this firestorm, Xavier or CJ have not said one word throughout this latest saga. if Carl can keep his mouth shut everything will be fine.

      • I’m sure he’s working hard ….but time with new teammates is very important …….and as I understand it if he works out with the team he can no longer transfer ….

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        Great post jhawk4! I agree with most of your assessment with the exception of Carl Henry being the only/primary instigator (that’s what I understand from your comment, correct me if I assumed wrong). I believe, based on a feeling of “incompleteness,” that the question of how all of this started with X is still unanswered. The catalyst for all this may be one or only a few big reasons/people/etc. or a combination of many little things/people/etc. Who knows? From life experience, I may say that it very well might be the latter, but from having his father say stuff like that, then nothing coming out of it seems odd, to me anyways. Jhawk4, please respond, I’m curious to what you think. Be fruitful!

        • This theory has been presented at some UK blogs and makes logical sense anyway:

          1. X doesn’t want to go to class, considers taking a European payday. Dad goes to LA to talk about it.
          2. Message boards get wind of Carl in LA and logically surmise that X is considering UCLA.
          3. Kansas fans go crazy.
          4. Carl and X decide Europe not a good option
          5. Kansas City paper talks to family, writes pretty negative story about family.
          6. Both X and Carl get pissed, wondering if they’ll have to deal with negative press like this for the next year. Make no mistake, the interview with Carl on 610 was a guy that was embarrassed and angry at those who embarrassed him. Like many of us might do in that situation, they consider cutting their losses and starting new in Lexington.
          7. Self reassures them that Kansas fans have short memories as long as they quit talking to unknown media, keep their noses clean and play hard.
          8. X re-affirms his statements every other month for the last 5 years that Kansas is where he wants to be.

          • (Not a facetious comment)

            I agree with the first 6, but the last two I don’t exactly think have happened. Source please? Maybe source that the “alleged” bloggers used?

          • No source, just speculation. Well 8 obviously happened, but no source on 1-7 (though the parts about the various message boards are obviously archived as well).

          • (Not a facetious comment)

            And Ben, I don’t care what you think on this matter, I was asking jhawk4 for his/her opinion. You see, his/her opinion is actually valuable to me because he/she is one of the few on this blog that tries*** to look at things objectively and tries*** to be fair. In my opinion, others may not share this, from your comments big ben, I find that you display this quality only sometimes. Thus, the value of your opinions are devoid of relevance to me big ben. Have a nice day.

          • Solid post again. If you don’t wish to discuss things with me, perhaps you shouldn’t direct questions at me. That makes 0 relevant points from you today, congratulations you’ve now made pastaboy seem like a more valuable addition to the board.

          • So when I wanted to talk to jhawk4 you assumed that I was trying to talk to you? And you did how well school? OOOH, thats right!!! You flunked out, my bad. Gratzy on your “relevant points”. You just keep on posting. I’ll call you……. the little drop out who could!

          • I’ll assume this is a facetious comment since you didn’t post your disclaimer. Let me know if it was an attempt at legitimate (though void of any basketball content) smack talk.

          • I will as soon as you post some basketball content after my comments. You go girl! lol

    • Looks like Maryland is making a big push for Matt Pilgrim

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        I’ve been reading that Memphis has been making the push, as well as Calipari trying to help him get into Memphis. Source please?

    • pasta that is true, but after yesterday the Henry’s cant afford another PR disaster. i suspect that the henry front will be quiet for a while.

      and yes its important to be there working out with his teammates,i wish they both were, but its not that important. BRush didnt show up till august and he was fine. im sure he is in contact with those guys often.

      Besides, Tyshawn is in New Zealand playing for the USA, Sherron has been going back and forth from lawrence to chicago, Little, Morningstar, and Withey are all rehabbing injuries, its not the end of the world if they dont show up until august.

    • I think the Henry’s could care less about being a pr disaster ….as long as Cal will take them

      • And as we’ve seen, Cal will take anyone regardless of grades, test scores, or other baggage.

        • is this why Cal has never been sanctioned by the NCAA ?

          • LOL. “Well, he’s had 2 final four seasons vacated, but he’s never personally been sanctioned by the NCAA so he’s obviously clean”.

            Some people won’t ever get it.

          • Oh …..and now you’re making predictions ? ……its about 30 /70 that Memphis will lose its final 4 …..and as you know …I’m usually right

          • OK Mike Tyson. Tell us more about statistics.

          • just wondering when Cal got that 2nd final 4 vacated?

          • I would say it is 82.7% likely. This is based on a deep and thorough analysis of all the factors at play.

            See, I can’t even sound as silly as you when I try. You’ve got that going for you.

          • yesterday … thought I was right and I was ….because Xavier leaving was right in that 90 percentile …..that’s when you started calling him slow and ….Ku would be better off without him etc…… I haven’t got time to cut and paste your comments ..I’ll leave that for the worker ants in here ….the fact is Memphis has not been penalized ..noe will they be …..stop being a hater Ben ….btw …where’s my beach house located ?

          • And I was correct, Xavier’s foot speed is not one of his assets. Copy and paste if you would like, but make sure to include the part where I said he was a GREAT player, just not a good match for the roll-the-ball out offense.

            Like many great players (another Jayhawk, Paul Pierce comes immediately to mind) he needs structure to be successful as he’s not quick enough and doesn’t have good enough handles to create for himself.

            Cal’s “offense” would have relegated him to an escape valve for when the guards were smart enough to realize they had over-penetrated (not a common realization for freshmen coached by Cal). This is the same reason Jodie Meeks stayed in the draft despite everyone knowing he wasn’t getting a guaranteed contract.

          • Actually Ben ….. you are incorrect ……its common knowledge that Cal has grown tired of the junk zones mucking up his offense and last year stated that he was going to recruit more shooters to go along with his slash and burn guys …..thus Xavier ….thus Dodson ….Meeks would have been perfect …… Hood will flourish if he gains strength and learns to play defense …which Cal will teach him . Your analysis would be correct 3 years ago …but Cal is ahead of the curve on this issue now …try to keep up .

          • and I’m not necessarily talking trey shooters ….. good shooters from 18 feet ….is perfect to kill zones in this offense .

          • So you’re saying he’s going to completely change the offense that has Wall, Rose, etc interested in him and you’d like a guy like Xavier or Meeks to allow their careers to be experimented on?

            Meeks obviously was smart enough to get while the gettin’ was average (hopefully he studied Greek at UK). Xavier seems to also understand that being an escape valve in a freelance offense doesn’t make you a lottery pick.

          • Memphis was destroyed last year by the polar opposite of a zone defense.

          • I didn’t say nor did Cal say ‘completely” change his offense …..just add more shooters …thats what these guys do according to you …. its not experimenting if a guy plays his style within the parameters of an offensive system which Cal is willing to tweak to offset the junk zones . Last year in fact …Memphis played very little ddm and Tyreke played a style that he was more used to … for Meeks …. if he’s not good enough for the 1st round he’s probably not good enough to play for Cal …… as fo Xavier ….evidently he had no qualms signing with Cal at Memphis and as we all know is having 2nd thoughts about where he is now ………… to be continued

          • Well yes Ben …Missouri put a good whupping on them without playing zone …so what? …..its easy to analyze each of Cal’s losses the last 4 years …there have only been 13 of them LOL

          • Meeks not good enough to play for Cal? This board never ceases to amaze me. I’m sure Cal prefers a 3 star JUCO transfer to Meeks.

          • Dodson plays sf …not sg …and he is no longer a 3 star ….he will start for KY. and dazzle the media …..Miami -Dade ‘s team last year could beat half the teams in the Big 12

          • I think Cal likes both Bledsoe and Hood over Meeks …. especially Hood ……he’ll be a great player …

          • Pasta, what games were you watching to determine that Meeks wasn’t good enough to play for Coach Cal? You even admitted, which I read from , that Cal is going after more shooters now, let alone that Meeks is as quick as greased lightning and can make it to the rim, (I’ve seen him do it myself). How’s the foreclosure going on your logic house? Is there a logic recession where you live?

          • Bledsoe over Meeks? I guess that’s better than Hood or Dodson over Meeks, lol.

            So now you’re saying Cal doesn’t need shooters and would prefer an undersized slasher?

          • Dodson shoots 43% from the trey …do some homework ….you’re really beginning to bore me Ben

          • Memphis is under investigation for violations that happened during the time Calipari was coach. He was told by the NCAA to be present for the hearing (by phone ) regardless of being out of the country in China.

            Anybody who thinks Calipari is NOT involved is either really dumb or a UK fan who refuses to accept the facts that their new coach is shady.

            I give Kentucky a couple of years before they are placed on NCAA probation. Calipari has already ruined two programs – UMASS & Memphis. HIs connection to William Wesley aka WWW will be investigated and will be big trouble for both the Kentucky and Memphis programs.

          • Anybody who thinks the NCAA is investigating Calipari hasn’t read the news release by the NCAA …that Calipari is not the subject of any investigation ……. if your a Cal / Ky hater this season is gonna suck for you Dick …..keep hitting that bong …it’ll be all be over in 9 months

          • Dodson is a junior college player. Tyrone Appleton transferred from Kansas to Missouri Baptist after being the #2 JUCO player in the country last year. JUCO players rarely make a spash at the D1 level, especially JUCO guards. Perhaps Dodson will be better than his 3 star, #5 JUCO player status suggests, but I wouldn’t count on it.

          • Dodson was recruited by Cal …that means he’s good …nothing more to talk about …..I’ll take Cal’s analysis of talent over your’s Ben …no offense ( snickers)

          • Perhaps, but Cal and I have won the same number of titles.

          • I will too pasta! And Didn’t Cal say he really wanted Meeks to come back? Guess that foreclosure is coming soon!

          • bet he gets one before you do …starting next year

          • Not likely with a 3 star guy that couldn’t stay eligible at Pitt manning the escape valve.

          • You mean like the 3 star rating rivals gave him? You seem source bankrupt and logically bankrupt. A bankrupt grandprize maybe? Juxtaposition please? Asking way too many rhetorical questions maybe?

          • 3 star by both Scout and Rivals. Unranked by anyone in RSCI. 5th ranked JUCO player in his class. Unable to stay eligible at Pitt.

            Either way, not a guy I’d count on to be the only guy that can shoot outside of the lane.


            Ya….. he’s a three star on rivals………. Yup…….. Want some fact with your erroneous suppositions? Click away. Rivals believes he is a 4 star guy. Enjoy looking at the 4 stars with a smile. =)

    • get off your high horse pasta

      if they wanted to play for Cal, they had a golden opportunity to yesterday. everyone was preparing themselves for it. if they were going to leave yesterday was the perfect time. they are going to KU. end of story

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        Although I believe at this time that they will go to KU, I still can’t shake that something is….. amiss. Nothing I can prove, just a feeling. I personally think something will rear again, maybe not about Kentucky or leaving, but something…….. The entire scene feels holey. Maybe not though, who knows? Tell me what you think please =).

        • As Zagoria said in his cover story ……All seems settled — at least for now.

          • Not talking to you pasta! Thanks for playing!

          • you just did talk to me ….when you told me you weren’t talking to me ……go pick up that piece of bread and carry it back to the queen ant …..thanks .

          • See, here’s the thing blasphemy. Pasta can keep responding his jibberish if he likes. Your response, if you choose to not discuss things with him, is to ignore him. You don’t make the rules.

            Oh, and you might consider asking your English as a Second Language instructor for a refund. I am not xenophobic or anything, but he didn’t do a very good job.

          • Was talking to you in my second post which was reffereing to my first one that was responding to jhawk4. Thanks for playing, What is your degree in? Bankruptcy management perhaps? I would think so, because you are devoid of mature logic. AND YES, I’m calling you out now.

          • Talking the same smack on every poster who is making fun of you furthers my suspicion that your English as a Second Language instructor was a huckster.

            Thanks for joining us, it takes all kinds, but unless you provide some basketball analysis you’ll find that most comments will be trash talk (and that’s obviously not a game you are equipped to get involved in)

          • Ya, the ESL guy was horrid. He had me spelling green and card all the time, I dont know why……….. Any who, I will gladly debate pasta all night, I reserve the right to be stubborn. You have already stated that you thought I shouldn’t before (or at least hinted at it). However, I continue to debate him and you because I utterly disdain you both and how you both fallaciously surmise all that you see when simply trying to learn more about a situation by asking people close to it is a much better option (for scientist wannabe’s like me anyways). I would say that we all are having personality clashes. No matter how much we argue, nobody will come home a changed person (most likely). Have a nice day!

          • Oh, I forgot to post this tidbit too hehe. So you’re saying that logic doesn’t coincide with analysis? I’ve been discrediting some your logic and some of your facts and you think that it has nothing to do with your basketball analysis??? Really??? Once again, you prove your inability to truly understand anything. Once again, you prove you have no logic. But hey! Ignorance is bliss right? I mean, you obviously follow such a path of non-enlightenment. Have a B E A utiful day. (Hugs and kisses?) lol

          • Holy meltdown, batman… Are you really still crying about me realizing you’re not a native English speaker?

            I do apologize if I hurt your feelings. I really thought you could take it since you came on here posting (admittedly weak) trash talk to my ‘friend’ pasta without any basketball content involved.

            Again, honestly sorry if you’re offended. We Americans are happy to have you in our country pursuing your engineering degree. If you decide to stay after your education is complete we’ll welcome you to the tax base. It’s the greatest country in the world partly because we allow free debate (even when you rarely discuss anything relevant to the purpose of the board)

          • It’s OK, I promise! I just wouldn’t want to confuse you too much. See, the part about being a dual math/physics major obviously was too much for you to handle. I mean, little tidbits like that….. I just don’t want to hurt your brain. Take some Acetyl Salicylic Acid to get rid of that tiny little head, I meant headache, of yours. Remember the little engine who could! He should be a great inspiration to you and pasta! =)

          • Good enough, as long as you’re not breaking down as much as you’ve indicated. Also, you may want to know that in this culture, bragging about the degrees your pursuing isn’t terribly effective. Watch what Pasta talks trash about- those tend to be the things that work in the west.

          • Watch, how pasta doesn’t actually say what his degree is in. Aught to be a novel experience. By the way, how do you know so much about this culture? Your logic suggests that you’ve been living in Lala land and I was just curious how that is working out for you? Remember, they take green cards, not fruit roll-ups. (Just in case you forget) Oh, and where I’m from, known as the United States of America, people with the title M.D. don’t try to do “blackboard” theory and People with a Ph. D. in Physics or Math don’t tell people with M.D.’s how to save patients. Telling you that I am a dual Math/Physics major solidifies my ability to use logic and abstract logic, along with my 4.0 GPA, . (Aka, I’m more credible than you) Hope that helps! Have a wonderful day, (hugs and kisses).

      • I’m suing Jason King for plagiarism of my comments on this blog and elsewhere yesterday, lol.

        Either way, he’s definitely right. The Henrys could very well hurt chemistry more than they help with shooting. I’m also not convinced that X is quick enough defender for Self’s system, which obviously damages the whole team defense even if Tyshawn and Collins are as good as expected.

        • I thought it was a good article …….. and I think the key issue here is pretty simple …..this kid does not want to go to school ……I am now predicting that he’s going to Europe if Carl can get a guarantee of where he will play …..I’d say its 70/30 Xavier plays in Europe next year

          • LOL. With the predictions again. I always thought Europe was more of a threat than Kentucky, but it’s a little late in the game now. He certainly has a European game, that’s for sure.

            I don’t think Kansas fans care one way or the other at this point though. They’re loaded either way with a absolutely loaded backcourt of Collins, Tyshawn Taylor, Elijah Johnson, Marcus Morris, Mario Little, Brady Morningstar and Tyrell Reed (I’m probably forgetting some 4 star guys).

    • I agree Ben,

      It’s a risk, but obviously one that Bill’s willing to take. I do like this though…

      “How will Xavier handle Self’s infamous “boot camp” or being bossed around and barked at by Collins?”

      If there’s one person in College BB that I’d be careful around, it’s Sherron. He might be the toughest mofo’ out there.

      There’s no doubt that Collins knows how to run the ship. He was calling plays on the court last year and that “anything you can do, I can do better” display against Willie Warren at OU last year was one of the coolest games I’ve witnessed.

      With Self at the helm, Sherron running the offense, and Cole throwing fools around like ragdolls, we should be pretty damn good. Especially if the rumors about Tyshawn and Morris-squared’s improvement is true…

      • No doubt. CJ’s already got an ass whoopin’ to look forward to for allowing his dad to say CJ was better than Sherron.

        Come to think of it maybe that’s what started this whole drama. CJ and X were scared Sherron was going to tear them a new asshole for what pops said to the KC paper.

        • I was just thinking that.

          I wonder how awkward their first meeting will be.

          Bill- “Guys, meet CJ and Xavier”
          Sherron- “So you are the one that’s supposed to be better than me?”

          • lots of dissension ….Ku’s 1st one and done guy …..this team will implode

          • Sounds like praying is all pastaboy’s got left. Have fun in the SEC next year without a shooter. You’ll see some dumb freshmen driving packed lanes and wondering why the heck they signed on for this nonsense.

          • Have fun with an obviously wonderful syracuse team next year. Can’t wait to watch them! =)

    • Could have been a defensive move by Self ….he knows the situation is not good …but get the kid committed as a defensive measure against KY ….he sure as hell wouldn’t want Xavier to be the difference next year in a final 4 game against KY. …..if KU gets that far .

      • Without a legitimate shooter I think you should be a tad more worried about winning the SEC and getting a decent seed rather than wondering who you’re going to face in the final 4.

        • LOL …you’ve never seen Wall play have you …..when he flips it to Cousins for a slam ….thats a shooter in Cal’s system ……Dodson was recruited specifically as a shooter …6’7″ 43% from the trey …I predict he’ll start …also Hood is a good shooter ….. this team will be so fast it’ll be like a tsunami

          • If Dodson is starting that means Kentucky is probably not very good. For example,

            Tyrone Appleton was a 4 star JUCO guy (Dodson was a 3 star) that shot 57% from 3 in Junior College and went on to play 3 min a game for Kansas last year before transferring to Missouri Baptist.

            You see, JUCO is not good competition. Statistics there are pretty worthless. 43% from 3 at that level doesn’t bode well for high D1 success.

          • As for “Wall to Cousins SLAAAAAAM”, that’s pretty tough to do when your defender is giving you 5 feet of space because he knows everyone on your team will airball an 18 foot jumper.

          • Forgot to add that Appleton also led his JUCO team to the JUCO National Championship and was ranked as the 2nd best JUCO player (behind fellow Jayhawk Mario Little) in the nation. And he got 3 minutes per game.

          • keep dreaming Ben ….. comparison analyses is a weak way to argue …….if that’s all ya got I feel sorry for you … Ky. will run Kansas off the court if they meet ……Cal has the horses ….Ku has a 5’10 guard returning as there leading scorer ….9 points a game …LOL

          • the slam play wasn’t tough for Rose and Dorsey …won’t be tough for Wall and Cousins …or Patterson …or Orton …..or Dodson …..or Bledsoe and Cousins ….or Patterson …or Orton …or Dodson ……or kick to Hood …or kick to Dodson …or ….Wall ….sorry Ben ..too many 5 stars …too much fire power …you got a 5’10 guy as your leading scorer at 9 points a game …..

          • Sherron averaged a little higher than 9 points a game.

            And he didn’t get run off by a previous Cal-coached team…

          • Uhh, let me guess you’re looking at 2007-2008 statistics?

            Everyone on the Kansas squad last year returns this year, including Collins’ 19PPG and Aldrich’s 15 and 11. Add X Henry and 2 more top 30 recruits and you have a more talented and experienced squad than anyone in the nation. This is why they’re consensus preseason #1. Michigan State, Villanova, UNC and Texas all have better arguments than Kentucky for the #2 spot.

            As for ‘comparison analyses” being weak, I pointed out a much better JUCO player that was unable to get meaningful minutes on a squad with very little returning experience. I also pointed out that his 57% from three was not enough to get him on the court much less contribute and that Dodson’s 43% against the same competition shouldn’t be overstated.

            Could Dodson be the exception, perhaps, but name the last JUCO player to contribute to a winning team. They’re few and far between. If you think he’s the guy that will stop teams from clogging the lane you’re dreaming.

        • Ya big ben, having D. Cousins who can shoot the three (no Jodie Meeks but still a threat), and arguably the best point guard in college basketball and a veteran named P-Pat makes for a horrible in conference outcome. I’m shaking all over, hold me tight! Oh, they have other players, like Miller who could shoot the three last year AND drive? Still, big ben said I should shiver, so I will! Because big ben is a logical person………….. =p

    • I’ll believe X is a 1-and-done when I see it. I think he’s projected at like 22 right now. B Rush stated he wanted to be a 1-and-done, and he stayed 3 years…

    • After meeting with Bill Self and Danny Manning, Carl had his phone number changed. When asked about it, Self stammered a bit when asked if he forced him to. Good stuff.

    • I’ll bet Carl can still call out …… Europe or to Lexington

      • Oh sorry pasta, but Xavier is enrolled for second summer semester. Nothing definite yet but he is “trying to move up dentist appointments so he can be there in time”. He could obviously still go to Europe but it sounds like he won’t be Calipari’s set shooter next year.

        • Middle of August is the second summer session? Really? Wow, guess I never thought of that since Fall classes start at the end of August for several schools. Got me on that one big ben! You are just too good for me!

        • No dentists in Lawrence?

          • Yeah, you’d think he thought he was moving to… Kentucky ba dum dum cha.

            He’s having a lot of surgeries on his mouth, which makes a bit more sense that he wants to get them done by the same guy.

          • sounds like a stall to me ……doesn’t Self check a horses mouth before he buys one?

          • Could be. It seems the door is closed on Calipari but Europe may still be an option. I guess we won’t know till he shows up for class. FWIW, Self says he had no problem with the Henrys investigating the European option. He sounds like a guy that would be happy to have them but isn’t too concerned.

          • Like I said …Europe gets rid of a potential problem for Self ……Ky . could create one


      Bill self commenting on the situation.

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        Thanks dude(or dudett since I’m not sure of your gender, sorry)

    • Lots of drama and potential team dissension surrounding Kansas now . Notice how Cal ‘s BIg Blue machine is humming along under the radar without a hitch . Everyone has qualified , everyone is happy , the team is working out together , bonding as a unit . The only distraction Cal has now is when the parents of KU recruits call him begging for a scholarship

      • At least put qualified in quotes, lol.

      • (Not a facetious comment)

        Pasta, word is around the Big blue nation that Darnell Dodson might not be at UK next year. It’s COMPLETELY a rumor, but he’s not on campus at the moment. However, I wouldn’t put much stock into it, though I said this to say that you didn’t know Dodson wasn’t on campus. Which would kind of ruin your theory about “everything” being kosher. However, from what else I’m hearing, all the recruits that are there are bonding well. Just a disclaimer to “everything” being peachy”.

        • interesting …… where is he ? ….. maybe he’ll rejoin his buddy Coleman at Memphis

      • UK isn’t humming under the radar. they are still a topic of discussion within many college basketball circles. and im not sure i would post that X’s parents called cal. from what i have read, it seems like cal made the first move with some of his players calling X. X seems like a smart kid besides the fact that he doesn’t wanna go to class like the rest of america’s youths. he should and is staying at kansas. he has a better chance of winning a national title there and getting prepped for the nba under bill self than cal, who would have him just run around and shoot

    • ive been busy, so i just now got to read alot of these delightful comments. but here are my thoughts.

      first to blasphemy- i am a guy lol. glad we got that cleared up. and i believe that X will be a jayhawk based off Self, Xavier and CJ’s comments. (notice i did not say Carl). but, i have had the attitude all along that if he doesnt want to be at KU, he shouldnt come. if he would rather be in europe, than he should be in europe. i am thrilled to have him if KU is his #1 priority

      to pasta- Miami dade could not beat any big 12 teams. this is a team that competes in the FCCAA, which is a bunch of florida Junior colleges playing in a league. not quite bcs stature. It is more than likely on par with d2 or 3 talent level. anyways they lost in the title game to mighty gulf coast junior college.

      that aside, dodson may be a great player, but ben is right, he is more than likely not going to be very good, if he is than great find by calipari. but the last really good juco guy i can remember was jeff graves, a post for Ku who was rally a role player. Juco guards are traditionally not very good because you dont have to be very good to get recruited by junior colleges.

      i know you have said you sense “dissension” but i do not. KU is going to be just fine, much to your chagrin

      • the juco teams here in fla. could beat anyone in div 1 …including Kansas …you know squat about basketball and Ben eats 30 grilled sandwiches a day

    • pasta- since you know so much about florida juco basketball. please enlighten us with
      what other players from Fla. Juco’s are on currrent d1 rosters? any in the NBA?

      i really am interested

    • by the way i know mario little(current jayhawk) went to chiphola jc in florida.

    • Fl St. has picked up 5 players from chipola in the past few years …I’ll have to do some research to anser your question but I’m sure you will be surprised …..

    • Miami dade could beat Ft. Hayes St. by 50 …thats the 1st team on your awesome schedule btw

    • i bet i will be surprised, but to say that the juco teams could beat any d1 team is silly.

      there is a reason that these kids went to juco and not to a 4 year school strait out of high school. these juco teams are good, better than i first thought ill admit, but they are not as good as d1 basketball.

      • the main reason is grades …not ability ……..

    • its got a little bit to do with ability. have you ever heard of a 5 star player out of Hs going juco?

      Florida Junior colleges really isnt my strong suit, so i apologize if im wrong about some of the juco info lol

    • INDIANAPOLIS – Kansas is in trouble once again for the bad judgment of its basketball program.

      The university was placed on probation for three years for a handful of violations in men’s basketball and football, the NCAA announced Thursday. There were no postseason bans.

      The school originally imposed a two-year probation on itself, but the NCAA committee decided to add another year, citing a lack of institutional control.

      “The committee finds that during the period in which the violations took place, the institution lacked control over its department of athletics and that the deficiency contributed to the problems that arose,” the NCAA committee stated in its public report.

      Among other penalties, the men’s basketball program had its number of scholarships dropped by one to 12 for the 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons and official paid visits reduced to eight.

      Football will lose at least three scholarships for both the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

      This is the second time in 18 years that the Kansas basketball program has run afoul of the NCAA. Following its 1988 national championship under coach Larry Brown, the school was barred from postseason play because of illegal benefits given to players.
      ……. Oct 2006 …for those Jayhawk guys who like to trash Cal as a crook

    • Hey pasta,

      Was Self responsible for that?

    • Has Memphis been on probation in the last 9 years ?

    • Was Umass ever on probation under Cal?

      • No they were forced to vacate a final four under cal, which is far worse a punishment. Its basically saying, “you cheated so bad, we can’t count any wins you had as legitimate”.

    • Was Cal implicated in the Umass thing? No

    • yes.

      • please provide documentation of anything Calipari did wrong in the Umass vacating its final 4 ……………… have the floor

    • vacating games is a slap on the wrist… scholarships lost …..everyone knows who went to the final 4 … there is an asterisk in the record books …it means nothing .

    • waiting moron……………

    • ruckus will now provide documentation of wrongdoing by Calipari at Umass ………………………waiting

    • googleing his idiotic ass off ..LOL

    • NCAA sanctions against Calipari at UMass …………. by Ruckus ……coming soon

    • …I’m sure will get some opinion piece about how Cal should have been implicated ….. but nothing from the NCAA in the way of a penalty or sanction against Calipari

    • still waiting genius …………….

    • pasta you would really rather throw away your final four banner and the wins and the records than get a scholarship taken away?

      wow. i would pick scholarship every time.

    • Umass still hangs their banner …..not a damn thing the NCAA can do about it either ……the wins are in the record book with an asterisk …… big deal …losing scholarships can keep you from ever getting back to the final 4

    • Have you ever heard of the addage, “guilty by association”? Apply that to Calipari. at UMass. Sorry I couldn’t immediately respond. I have something called responsobilities and a career that keep me from being able to respond as automatic as you. What a sucky thought, you spend all this time on here, and still are only able to make feble attempts of adding anything thoughtful or intelligent to the postings.