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Sunday / March 18.
  • Xavier Henry to Europe?

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    Could Xavier Henry be headed to Europe?

    Xavier and his father Carl Henry told the Kansas City Star that a month after Xavier committed to play for Kansas the family looked into a deal that would have sent Xavier to Europe next season.

    “You don’t have to take any classes,” Xavier told the newspaper.

    The deal would’ve paid Xavier $1 million, but the snag was that they would not have known which team he would play for (Say what?).

    “I’m the one going over there with him,” Carl said. “I’m not going over there where they’re fighting.”

    In a separate interview with, Carl confirmed that both Xavier and C.J. Henry would play for Kansas next year. He said both are hard at work for basketball season but are not working out with the team or attending summer school.

    In August, they plan to work out with NBA players in L.A.

    “We are going out to L.A. in August, like the 2nd-9th, to work out with a lot of pros out there. Paul Pierce, Derrick Rose, Sheldon Williams, and Tyreke Evans. I know a lot of those guys from my days and we think it will be great for them to work out with those guys,” Carl Henry said. “Blake Griffin and his brother Taylor both went out there and worked out in the past too.”

    They will head to Kansas in mid-August.

    “I think classes start somewhere around August 19th. I think we are heading up on like the 17th or so,” Henry said. “Both boys have been enrolled in classes.”

    Americans heading to Europe instead of American colleges is a hot trend. Brandon Jennings did it last year and was the No. 10 pick of the recent NBA Draft.

    Jeremy Tyler, a 6-10 big man from San Diego, will skip his senior year of high school and play two years overseas — potentially in Israel — before entering the 2011 NBA Draft.

    Even Epiphanny Prince, a former Rutgers women’s player who once scored 113 points in a high school game, is leaving Rutgers to play overseas.

    The recent news about Henry has even sparked some conspiracy theorists to mention to me that perhaps Lance Stephenson is holding out on his commitment to see exactly what Henry does.

    If Henry were to go to Europe, Lance could theoretically wind up back at Kansas, his first choice all along.

    More likely is that Stephenson, whose sexual assault case was adjourned until July 15, will end up at Cincinnati or somewhere else.

    As for Henry and those in his class, Jeff Goodman has a 2010 mock NBA draft out and Henry is No. 6 behind John Wall, Derrick Favors, Ed Davis, Al-Farouq Aminu and Renardo Sidney.

    Devin Ebanks of Long Island City, N.Y. and a rising sophomore at West Virginia is No. 20; Tyshawn Taylor, Henry’s teammate at Kansas and a former standout for Bob Hurley at St. Anthony of Jersey City, is No. 26; and former Manhattan Rice and current UConn star Kemba Walker is No. 29.

    Jeff, no fan of Lance Stephenson, has him as a “Wild Card.”

    One NBA Draft expert told me Stephenson would have been a “late lottery” pick in this year’s draft had he been eligible, which he wasn’t because of the NBA age limit.

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    [email protected]

    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.


      the article in the KC star is misleading and portrays the Henry’s in a negative light. the link above is to the Henry’s response to the article and i feel it is more telling as to what they are thinking.

      • If Kansas is a top 5 journalism program, why does the Star employ a writer from a rival school to cover the Jayhawks?

    • I’d put Carl Henry right up there with Lance’s dad… Trying to earn a living off of Junior’s work… Pathetic…

    • AZ,

      It appears that KU knew about the desire to play in Europe.
      The father was upfront with BS.
      BS knew about one reason for the trip to LA.
      Yes, to see the Euro clubs.

      And the visit to LA LA land would not be complete without seeing BH.
      BH has a major recruiting problem. Two of his 09 are injuried.
      So, BH has ONLY two recruits for 09 (Lane and Moser)
      Not a TOP10 class, in the nearest sense.

      Surely, Lance knew about the KU situation.
      And BS was putting back up plans in place. Nothing wrong with looking at all options.
      How in deapth was the MOVE?
      To have Lance be a Jay.

      Last week, BS finally said no thanks for the second time .

    • USC.trojan, UCLA was never an option. Not sure where you get your info. As for Bornready, Bill Self has no desire to put KU on probation so your theory that Self was “putting plans in place” for Lance has no merit.

      The bottom line is that X will be at KU in the fall & who knows where Lance will be.

    • Adam- Why would uou post this article? It will probably spell the return of pastaboy, creating a post suggesting how X is leaning towards Kentucky….anyhow I regress.

      I posted about this article on theshiver, which I shouldn’t say “article” in the traditional sense of presenting objective news, it was a column which allows for plenty of wiggle room for the write to inject their own interpretations on observations and comments which is what you got from Brady.

      The article was written in the Kansas City Star, the heart of border war country where any controversey surrounding Kansas or Missouri athletics catches fire. My personal opinion is Brady went down with an agenda to feed off of the rivalary, and the “dramatic” display caused by the rumors, blogs, and half-truths that have surrounding X and CJ’s recruitment.

      If you read the article their are at times points where you can tell Brady is trying to slants the article turning normal or amoral situations into shady interaction to vilify Carl, and make him look like the deuche we all think he is. Take the “ignoring” the phone call part. I personally think Brady was out to make a name for himself, or a larger name and he had done just that. He was on 610 and 810 radio stations in Kansas City, the article has made its rounds on various blogs (including this one) so good job on baiting the readers. I just dont think nearly as much can be read into it as everyone is doing. We are just playing into what is hoping to be accomplished. X and CJ will be at KU next year, no doubt, they will do great and everyone will move pass this icky mess, no worries.

    • Well , well , well ………………….. (snickers) ………looks like its about 75/25 X doesn’t play for Kansas …ever ….but as I posted before ….Kansas may get Lance in return . (snickers again) ……now if Carl is worried about getting shot at in a war zone …well …… there’s always Lexington ( final snicker) .

    • Is this the part where all the KU bloggers in here hold their breath and scream ……….X and CJ will be at Kansas next year ? hahahahahahahahahaa…………………..hahahahahahahaha

    • Try to follow along pasta. All of this recounting a story that occurred a few months ago. As you can read, Kentucky was never an option.

    • Oh, silly, ramen noodles boy,

      I’m not holding my breath on anything. X man will be a Jayhawk next year. Now, I know that you’re a recruiting genious with your “75/25” opinion and all, but I’m going to go ahead and say its 100/0 on the fact that you’re just a moron. Kentucky will not get Xavier, because we already have him. He will be a Jayhawk and wants to win a National Championship. Following in your train of thought, Kentucky will most likely earn themselves a FLUKE Elite-8 appearance, or maybe, if they are lucky, a FLUKE Final 4. Kansas, Texas, UNC, Michigan State, and ‘Nova are all going to be better than UK. Maybe we can even get X man to stick around for 2 years… though I’m not holding my breath. But that’s okay, because we are in the running for Harrison Barnes, who has hinted at the fact that he thinks Cal is dirty.

      Haha… spagehetti-o boy, is it a good thing when top 5 recruits in the nation are commenting on how they don’t think Cal is putting himself in a good situation? I think not.

      You don’t really have to respond, because it will all be about a “fluke NC”, “Kentucky will be the best team in the history of basketball”, “I don’t know anything about basketball”, “the experts say this”, or “it is widely believed…” with about 1,000,000 ellipsis in the middle of the post.

    • Oh I’m following Ben …..the fact is the kids wanted to play for Cal ….their Dad wanted Ku because thats where he played ….Kansas was beaten by Cal in the recruiting process and through a fluke situation ( happens alot at Ku evidently) the Henry’s land at Kansas due to parental influence imo . You are correct Ky. was never an option but playing for Cal was the decision …and now is a definite option .

      • Is Cal going to Europe? Besides the fact that the Europe ship has seemingly left port. Everything I’ve read (including Carl Henry’s ‘revised’ story) is that X wanted to play for Self all along and CJ wanted to play for Cal (because there was not likely to ever be PT at Kansas).

        And seriously, a Calipari fanboy complaining about ‘parental influence’? Would you rather have parents influencing their kids or street hustlers? Being a fan of WWW/Cal you obviously would prefer the later.

    • I’ve said it many times before on this site and others – KU made a tremendous mistake taking on the Henry Bros… Lance is not the bad guy everybody has made him out to be, and strikes me as a kid who needs to get the hell out of NYC and go to a school where he would mature with better players and good coaching – like Kansas, where he had planned on going all along.

      I’m disappointed in Bill Self, and that’s hard to admit considering what this guy has done recruitingwise at KU in six years, he’s yet to have a bad class. But I will maintain this until the end – and I think this holds true in just about every facet of life – why would you take the person who doesn’t want you over the person that does? Xavier Henry is not better than Lance, and I don’t care about CJ at this point, KU has plenty of guards. Neither Henry Brother wanted to be at KU, and Lance did – plain and simple. Lance is your guy, get him to Lawrence, let him bond with his teammates, improve his game, learn from Collins and Aldrich, and get ready for another Championship run.

      Instead, we’re talking about the Henry Bros and their drama. They want to go to Europe or Kentucky? Bye.

    • yes rockchalkin …..and birds will be singing , the sun shining , and all will be well in jhawkland ……. don’t forget to hold your breath .

    • What happens a lot to KU is that they win a lot of basketball games and championships. Especially when they play memphis. remember when we beat memphis for the national title? (snickers) That will be the closest Memphis EVER gets to a natl title.

      I dont care if Xavier Henry wanted to play for Cal, wanted to play for the Minnesota Vikings or if he wants to paint his entire body orange and wear a clownsuit. He will play for the KU Jayhawks and help lead us to another national championship.

      WOO HOO!!

      pastaboy, go play in heavy traffic. Ask Mommy first though.

    • Wow ….. its time to admit ….X doesn’t want to be at Kansas …never enrolled in summer school …..not happy with Bill the Stiff …..Cal has Jodie Meeks scholarship available …… oops

    • ravioliboy-

      No, X man did not enroll in summer school- but he is enrolled in classes for Fall 2009.

      Not happy with Bill Self? It seems to me as though he picked Self over Cal when Cal had the door wide open.

      Making you out to be the idiot you are just never gets old, pasta infant. I need a good laugh. Pasta, will you please tell me what your picks for the preseason top 10 are?

      1) Kansas
      2) Michigan State
      3) North Carolina
      4) Texas
      5) ‘Nova
      6) Purdue
      7) Duke
      8) Kentucky
      9) Tennessee
      10) Washington


      are you the dude who writes the “behind enemy lines” fan blog at

      • Purdue isn’t that high. Duke should be top 20 with the loss of EW and GH. Tennessee is no where near the top 10. Washington is top 25 at best because they lost their beast in the middle, Jon Brockman

      • Yes Sir… I am that dude.

    • Woah, wierd… apparently trying to type an “8” with a “)” beside it makes a happy face. That kinda pisses me off.

      I seriously did not mean to do that.

    • Pre season rankings mean nothing ….rankings really don’t settle in until Jan . …..then everybody kinda knows who’s got what. But I will comment since you asked …..Duke has nothing …..drop them …Villanova should be 2nd …Carolina about 9th ….Kentucky 3rd ….. Mich. St. 5th …. Tenn has nothing …drop them ….. Ku at 1 ….got np with that …overrated as usual …..Self is getting back to the Williams days when they were a huge disappointment every year.

    • Pastaboy the only snickering I am doing is on account of your idiocricy. BOOK THIS: Henry Brothers will be at Kansas. X is happy to be at Kansas, it was CJ who considered Kentucky. Pastaboy read the article. Oh and a lot is spelled with a space just so you know Pastaboy.

    • Pre-season rankings mean nothing? Well they worked pretty well for North Carolina.

    • UNC at #9? I dunno, they’ve got that Zeller kid, Ed Davis, and that like 6’9″ SG that was a Mickey D’s AA. I’m sure they’ve got a ton more, too… just can’t think of ’em.

      • Carolina does look good on paper ….but unless Roy Williams just swamps the competition with raw talent ….he has no clue …he wasted some fantastic teams at Ku ….most overrated coach in college ball right now …..I think one team to not overlook is W.Va ….another good recruiting year and Devon Eubanks may be ready to explode …..I see them as a top 10 team …another one to watch imo is Miss. St.

        • mississippi state is not a top 10 team and should only be a team to watch during SEC conference play.

    • Yeah WVU could be pretty nasty, especially since the Big East isn’t as strong this year, of course that’s not saying much. I never really liked Huggins, although I do think what he did to K-State was pretty hilarious.

      If Rendardo Sidney is eligible, Mississippi St could nip some people. and Oklahoma could make some noise, too, but not until later in the season.

      Concerning Roy-

      ’97 KU team was one of the most loaded ever- bust
      In ’03, Roy couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag. Probably the most disappointed I’ve ever been.

    • i am by no means a roy williams fan, but he has won 2 championships and made 3 final fours in 5 years. if thats overrated then what isnt?

    • Not questioning Roy’s ability to get these Carolina teams dressed out on time for each game …… their talent lately has only required a roll the ball out on the floor coach ……which fits Williams to a T .

    • Oh. My. God. I really cannot believe I’m about to say this, but I actually (gulp) agree with pasta.

      Roy is an amazing recruiter, but not an amazing coach. I have been saying this ever since he was at KU. Roy’s always trying to “out-athlete” the other team. His fast break style attracts stud athletes who want to score a lot of points. But, when you disrupt that, Roy doesn’t know what the hell to do.

      Example 1: Syracuse slaps a 2-3 zone on KU in ’03.

      Example 2: KU’s defenders were tight and physical with UNC (see P.O.T.Y . Hansborough thrown like a ragdoll by freshman Cole Aldrich)… also, for a good portion of the game at least, KU beat Carolina at it’s own run-n-gun style.

      • Roy may not be the best in-game coach in the land, but compared to Calipari he’s Lefty Driesel. Most overrated coach in the land is certainly the new Kentucky head recruiter.

    • The thing is ….how good of a recruiter do you need to be to get top kids to come to N.C. ? I’d like to see what Roy would have done at Memphis starting 4 years ago .

      • Probably true. Even at Kansas he wasn’t recruiting like he has been at North Carolina (though they were getting plenty of talent). Of all the elite coaches in the land, Roy is the one that never had to win at a Tulsa or Northern Arizona. To me it’s those spots that teach you about adjustments and winning games despite having inferior talent.

    • Well Ben …… 136 and 13 at a mid major ….. 2 number one seeds and 2 number two seeds in 4 years …… top recruiting class this year ….that’s not overrated …thats just good …..better than Williams anyway .

      • He only played against Mid-majors. His record against the top 50, where Roy Williams, Ben Howland, Bill Self, Jim Calhoun, etc spends every winter, is very mediocre.

        I think you raise some interesting points about Williams, just feel that you go overboard, especially considering your defense of Calipari, who has certainly proven to be a worse in-game coach.

    • I know it sounds crazy, but Roy could have recruited better at Kansas. He refused to try and tap the east coast because of his affiliation with Dean Smith. God forbid he competes with his old buddy, Dean.

      In all honesty, I could probably assemble a pretty good recruiting class at UNC. I wonder what Roy’s pitch to recruits is…

      Roy: “Come here. Michael Jordan did.”
      5 star prospect: “Where do I sign?”

      Never knew how to adjust at Kansas, doesn’t know how to adjust at UNC.
      I mean, in ’08 I think he let us blaze out to like 15 or 20 ahead before he even called a time out. I kinda laughed and remembered when he coached here how mad I would get at his outright refusal to call a timeouts.

      I’d have to agree with Big Ben… Roy I don’t think could never “build” a program. He came in to a big name school and built on success. Kansas made Roy, Roy did not make KU.

      • Woah, I don’t know what the hell THAT was… lemme try again:

        I’d have to agree with Big Ben… I don’t think Roy could ever “build” a program. He came in to a big name school and built on success. Kansas made Roy, Roy did not make Kansas.

        That’s better

    • His record against good and great teams in the tournament the past 4 years is impressive …..13 and 4 …… his win against a&m 3 years ago in Houston was probably the best coaching job the tournament has seen in 20 years …..his march thru the top teams in 07/08 looked like Sherman going to Atlanta …..Texas ( blowout in Texas) ……Mich. St….no comment necessary …Ucla …23 points leaving t.v. commentators speechless ….. but why argue ….. lets see how Ky. does this year Ben ….LOL ….you ain’t gonna like it …sorry to be a Cal hater this coming year.

      • We’ll see. Even with his great talent the last few years he’s just over .500 against top 50 competition. 80% of the SEC is top 50, so do the math…

        • doing the math isn’t something pastaboy likes to do, so Big Ben don’t count on it. He basically likes to string together theories and arguments “vaguely” defining what he means using phrases like, “his record against good and great teams” without defining what classifies them. But he considers A&M good, Mich. St. etc.

    • Good point Ben … this coming year will be the perfect test for Cal ….he’ll have essentially the same team he was going to have at Memphis …..without Xavier and Coleman …..but with Patterson and Blesoe …. a wash when you consider the returning players at Memphis probably a little better than Ky’s returning N.I.T. players. His starting team at Memphis would probably have been Wall …X …. Cousins ….. Witherspoon and Coleman with Dodson in the mix ….at Ky ….. Wall …Cousins …Dodson …Patterson and who knows at SG ? So lets stop arguing the top 50 record and just see how Cal does…… it’ll be interesting to see how you spin Ky with 30 wins and a number 1 seed …can’t wait.

      • I haven’t seen the schedule, but if 30 is your over/under don’t bet your mother’s house.

      • I’ll bet Bledsoe and Wall both start

    • BTW …A&M in 2007 was 27 and 7 ranked 7th and a 3 seed ….Cal beat them by 1 in Houston in front of 2 million Texas fans ….ok 35,000 .

      • Your claim to fame is really beating Texas A&M? Even in Houston, most people are UT fans and therefore dislike A&M.

        • FYI… Memphis beat Texas A&M in San Antonio. The A&M coach was Billy G.

          Kentucky hired Billy G and fired him after just 2 years. Now they hired Calipari – a two time cheater at UMASS and Memphis to replace him.

          In a couple of years UK will be placed on NCAA probation and Calipari will have moved back to the NBA.


    • Regarding Roy Williams, and believe me, I cried along side the rest of KU Nation when he dissed Lawrence for Chapel Hill, but to say he’s overrated, is well, overrated. It’s a popular thing to say given the way he flamed out in plenty of NCAA Tourneys when he clearly had the best team in the land – 97, 98, and 2003 come to mind – although KU at least made the Natl Title in 03 – but my point is, it takes a certain kind of coach to excel at certain schools, and Roy is that guy. He brought KU back, and yes, KU is an elite program, but even elite schools can experience the douldrums, just ask Billie Gillespie and UCLA before Ben Howland… Roy worked his rear off to keep KU a constant threat, and I believe that losing in 97 and 98 actually made him a better coach, because he started recruiting a different type of player, which showed in the early 2000s when he took KU to consecutive Final Fours… Lets not also forget that KU also lost out on DeShawn Stevenson in the 98-99 class, to the NBA, and there’s no telling what kind of impact he would’ve had on KU’s 1999 team.

      Roy is a good coach and a good recruiter and has had the privilege and ability to coach at two of the greatest schools in college basketball. He’s kind of like the Phil Jackson of College Hoops, just with 8 fewer titles. But you get my point.

      Rock Chalk

    • Bledsoe could start …..personally …. I don’t think Cal was too sad about Meeks not coming back ….Dodson and Hood will be his trey guys ….

    • Well Ben …… if I project 30 wins that would make my under/over 29 …..if I was going over …which I am ….. name the stakes fat boy

      • Your mom’s house in whatever Memphis ghetto you reside vs. my beach house in San Diego. I’m that confident Kentucky doesn’t win 29 with the worst game coach in the nation and a bunch of selfish freshmen.

    • Ahhhhhh ……..LOL …..the beach house on the internet claim ……the fact is tubby I live in Fla…… but we have a bet regardless …..

      • LOL, might want to check the schedule. Unless you’re seeing an undefeated season it’s going to be real hard (read: impossible) to get to 29 wins before the dance.

    • FreddyD-

      I didn’t cry; I just got extremely p.o.’d. I could have cared less that he wanted to go home and coach at his alma mater. If I were coaching UNC, and KU offered me the job, I would have taken it, too. The way he handled the entire situation was sketchy and THAT is why I was pissed. In my opinion, however, we traded up.

      “I could give a shit about North Carolina”- Roy Williams

    • I have checked the schedule Ben …..its the typical BCS conference cupcake express …..nothing Cal can really do about that yet …..then a weak SEC conference with the best class since the fab five …… nuttin too it …….hope that beach house is in a decent area …..

      • So they’re only losing 1 game all season?

    • im not sure why pastaboy jumped ship from memphis to UK. you all need to quit dogging UK. KU i hope to god your Jayhawks bring the mentality the fans do. “were #1 we dont have to prove anything” because you all will end up barely in the top 5 in the nation come seasons end. if you think Cal cant coach, he got beat by Self because of some random player hitting the shot of his life. He almost went undefeated at Memphis.

      • He got beat by Self (and almost half the top 50 teams he faced) because he rolls the ball out and hopes his players are enough better than the other team’s players.

        • Of course, it’s worth noting that Cal’s rolling the ball out is actually the reason most players of his players choose to play for him, so maybe it’s not because he can’t coach but because he’s decided that it’s worth losing a few games if it brings in the recruits.

      • Note:

        *Chalmers had made that shot before–> not random player OR random shot
        *Almost undefeated= losing 2 games. KU lost 3, therefore almost went undefeated also.

    • I’m sure Cal will add a pre season tourney …and then there’s the Sec tourney …then the big dance ….plenty of games Ben …..are you starting to sweat already?

      • Not unless Cal’s lying to you already. He said the schedule is complete.

    • Ben ……. if you knew anything about basketball …you would know Cal practices his teams harder than anyone …..they run harder …are in better shape and execute his offense to precision …also Cal’s teams rank in the top 15 every year in defensive stats ( look it up) ….. Ky…. will dominate next year …..they play Uconn and N. Car. early …so will see who’s rolling what in Nov.

      • UNC will beat them by 25.

    • Now you’re being silly Ben …… When Xavier transfers to Ky. I’ll let you out of the bet for 500 bucks ……deal?

      • From what I can tell I’d like Kentucky’s chances without any Henry more than with them. The supposed demand that he not have to practice with a team makes me giggle.

    • Now you’re being silly pasta… When Xavier stays at KU we’ll being the ones rollin in Nov.

      • Rolling in Nov? Based on Self’s MO of early experimentation, I would bet on KU rolling in March, but not necessarily November.

    • Touche, Ben… touche.

      Pasta, I thought you were a Memphis fan?

      • I am a Memphis fan

        • Quit lying, you’re a Calipari fan and then a fan of wherever Calipari is coaching. Since Coach Cal is no longer at Memphis, quit pretending you care about the program here.

    • Yeah its easy to experiment against Ft. Hayes St. …..Radford and Belmont LOL ….try some of those top 50 teams Cal plays every year .

      • LOL. Last year, for instance, Kansas’s SOS was 31st in the nation. Memphis’s was 65.

        • Memphis rpi 9th …Kansas 11th ……ooops

          • Strength of Schedule is a measurement of schedule. RPI is a (poor) measurement of achievements.

          • LOL ….rpi measures schedule strength at 50% and opponents schedule strength at 25% …..its the gold standard for the selection committee ……try again

          • OK, I’ll go a bit slower:

            SOS is a factor in the RPI, but the RPI certainly is not a measurement of schedule.

          • 75% of the rpi is based upon strength of schedule Ben …… do I have to print it in crayon for you ?

    • Oklahoma? Texas? UCLA? Michigan? California? Temple? Tennessee?

      Your beloved Memphis Tigers?

      Looks like some top 50 to me…

      • Hofstra ….Alcorn St…..La Salle …Pittsburg St. …… Cornell ….and 3 ducks at home TBA …… at least you haven’t scheduled the Qauntico Marines yet …gotta give you that .

    • …and way to call out weak opponets on KU’s schedule,

      With teams like Rider, Cleveland St, Austin Peay, Morehead St, and Sam Houston St, I really don’t know how Kentuck will ever get a breather in.

    • Like I said many times …BCS schools claim a difficult conference then schedule 8 or 10 ducks …… Cal inherited his duck schedule ….Self orchestared his .

    • Yeah, I know… Cal doesn’t ever orchestrate playing ducks…

      Haha wow… is that a 7th summer league?

      • Coincidentally, there’s a “L” next to all the big name schools…


        • Haha…

          Christian Brothers???? You’re serious???

          • Christian Bros is an annual exhibition game ..doesn’t count ….. like Ft, Hayes St. rofl

          • Does Kentucky give all proceeds of the Christian Brothers game to Christian Brothers?

          • Ah, I see. What about Marist? Or… Lamar?

    • What about Radford ? ….isn’t that a female college?

      • Dammit… how’d you figure it out? Now the whole country will know our secret.

    • Ah, here’s one I recognize… Drexel.

      Er, oh, wait a second… nevermind. I was thinking of Clyde Drexler.

    • Drexel goes to the big dance more often than Alcorn St. does


      listen to the last 90 seconds for real…..not just stupid UK fans making this up

      • This has been on the Kansas blogs all day and seems to have subsided already.

    • There’s really very little doubt that Kansas will have a better OOC SOS than Kentucky, so what’s the point of going down the list?

    • Okay pasta… you’re right. There’s no cupcakes on ANY of Calipari’s schedules. Every team he’s ever had plays all of their games versus the top 25. I don’t understand how on earth he does it… Christian Brothers, Fairfield, Chattanooga, Marist, Arkansas-Little Rock, Drexel, Cincinnati, Northeastern, Lamar, Marshall, UCF, Tulsa, UAB, Rice, East Carolina, SMU, Tulsa, Sothern Miss, SMU, UTEP, UAB, Tulane… Unreal… top notch comp.

      • Memphis RPI rank …9th ……Kansas …11th in 2008/09 …sorry …you lose again

    • bigpap …..looks like my call of 75/25 X following Cal to Ky….will be right on …..once again Pasta calls the big one ……………. apology line ————–>

    • Speaking of 2008-2009, pasta

      KU strength of schedule- #36
      Memphis strength of schedule- #71

      KU vs. top 25: 5-4
      Memphis vs top 25 1-3

      KU vs. top 50: 10-6
      Memphis vs. top 50: 3-4

      How does Memphis only play 7 games vs the top 50? Wierd. KU played over twice that amount.

      You lose again.

      • Memphis number 2 seed …….Kansas 3 …… Guess the selection committee just missed that marvelous body of work ….

        • Guess so, oh well… I’m going to go watch the 2008 National Championsip game. I gotta prepare for 2010.

          Buhbye pasta

    • Explain how the 75/25 is right on? Nick Wright (which is where his link came from)is a radio announcer on 610 sports. He is basically a 24 year old rat faced deuche (though in a Kansas City market, boasts about making bests against the Royals winning on other radio stations i.e. 96.4 the buzz) looking to make a name for himself, just like Brady the guy who wrote the Kansas City Stars piece.

      Pastaboy guys like rockinchalkin (despite the fact I too am a huge J-Hawk fan is a bit of an idiot for not seeing this) don’t understand that you will skew any odd fact you can and will twist it as you see fit the obvious example is running with this podcast story. Unfortunatley a blowback from the internet and blogs is you can find a person out there who will basically agree with whatever you want. In

      Pastaboys case is pathetic he sadly believes X wants to come to Kentucky. Look, I could quote ten lines from X’s mouth saying how excited he is to play KU . The last article despite its bias makes the same conclusion about X through direct quotes. But somehow Pastaboy can concoct that secretly X wants to come to Kentucky and is wokring out a backstreet deal to come. Its not true, rarely does Pastaboy site sources, and so minds can be at rest little does he say in regards to this particular issue come true or based in reality.

      Which brings me to the whole Cal issue, and to be honest I am a little dissapointed I haven’t brought this up. Pasta trashes coaches like Coach K, Coach Williams, and Self despite each winning a National Championship (so logically pasta is lazy, neither here nore there). But does anyone ever ask the question, “How good would Coach Cal be, if the NBA did away with their 19 and under rule”? He loves to quote how great he is, and what systems he has in place, and rpi, and yada freaking yada. But would Cal have even made it to the Final 4 without Rose? No. Would they have made it to the Sweet 16 without Evans? Definetly not. Would Kentucky be what even pastaboy thinks they should be ranked (which they wont) if John Wall , and Demarcus Cousins went pro? Absolutly not! Face the facts, the saving Grace of Coach Cal is the fact that is bread and butter is recruiting one and dones, sure you will have your excpetions, C.D.R. and Darius Washington, but without the “cream of the crop” Cal would be just an mediocore coach.

      Rarely does the one and done philosophy work. Looking back to the last national champions only one in recent years Syracuse with Carmelo Anthony could be used for this situation. I wouldn’t even expect Kentucky to make it to the National Championship…… fact I would give it a 75/25 right pasta?

    • Could’ve swore I heard Carl Henry on that tape saying Xavier wants to go to KY …..but I’ll double check …….ok back …listened to the tape again ……you’re right …75/25 is ludicrous …….I’M NOW MAKING IT 90/10 that Xavier transfers to Ky…….now as to the rest of your speech ……your logic is if Cal didn’t have good players his coaching record wouldn’t be so good ? HMMMM …let me run that thru the stupidity emulsifier machine and I’ll get back to you ….but I have to say …. that logic MAY true holds true for all coaches . But let me make sure .

      • I’ll bet your account to log in to this website that he goes to KU.

      • Again idiocricy comes out, not “good” players which is vague and hard to define. You use subjective terms like “good” that are open for interpretation, not me. I said “one and done” since your a little bit of a tard, ONE AND DONES are a reference to College Basketball players who attend college and play basketball for one year, and then leave for the NBA. Put that in your “stupid emulsifier” and get back to me. I would love to hear your response.

        • Nice post, ruckus,

          Even though you called me an idiot for not knowing that pasta uses twisted and vague “facts” (which I DO know, I just enjoy making an ass out of him), I am willing to take the hit as long as it means ultra pasta-bashing.

          And his response will probably just say “you’re stupid” because he can’t think of anything to come back with.

    • I don’t know if recruiting a one and done player is a strategy or just merely going after the best players you can get ……at a mid major school Cal couldn’t really be that choosey ……he didn’t have the luxury of a Carolina , Kansas , or Ucla …where top kids line up to get picked . Whatever his recruiting philosophy is …I’d say he’s done pretty well lately with a 136 and 13 record and 2 one seeds and 2 two seeds ….2 elite 8’s one final game and a sweet 16 in 4 years ……. at a mid major school in a high crime city …… like I’ve said before …next year we’ll see how he does playing all those top 50’s and in a BCS conference …yada yada yada … prediction is you ain’t gonna like what you see ….. btw the stupidity emulsifier agrees with you ……. who da thunk that ?

    • Prior to the 19 and under rule …Cal was 337 and 129 ….not bad for a guy coaching mid majors and whuppin up on the big boys .

    • Now I’m hearing Xavier is not only looking at Ky . ……but maybe going back to Memphis where CJ can plenty of pt ……. I’d say this is about 40/60

      • I heard he’s looking at UCLA.

    • Heard that several weeks ago ….all I know its dobtful he stays at Kansas now …..buh bye number 1 pre-season

      • They were consensus #1 before Xavier committed there. They’ll be consensus #1 if he goes elsewhere.

    • Won’t happen Ben….. without Henry KU drops out of the top 10

      • Interesting theory considering they were #1 by everyone before X joined the team. Your theories are always quite interesting though.

    • I saw pre-season polls that had Mich. st …..Ky ….. and Villanova number one prior to Xavier …never saw ku

    • the nyt had it correct …10th without Xavier …thats where they will return to after he bolts

      • No that’s not why they put KU at 10:

        “Clearly most everyone thinks Kansas is going to keep Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich around for another year. Fair pick there, but Pete Thamel at the NYT must think differently in that regard.”

    • Late last week, rumors surfaced that would have dropped Kansas out of that top spot in your college Top 25 ranking. Word was that the key piece of KU’s puzzle, Class of ‘09 standout Xavier Henry wouldn’t end up in Lawrence after all. There were some ambiguous rumblings about Henry being unhappy at KU. Kentucky fans since latched on to Xavier once more, hoping that this would re-open an opportunity for him to reunite with Coach Calipari.
      …………….Andy Katz ………..ooops

      • Once again, read the link provided. Then look up the word aggregate so you’ll understand what you’re seeing.

    • Suffice it to say ….when Xavier leaves Kansas prior to this season …..Kansas will be a weaker team …and the team he goes to will be stronger ….Kansas can’t always rely on fluke happenings ( getting Xavier) to be a good program . Kansas needs to try and accomplish something on its own.

      • I’m not convinced of that. From what I read, the Henrys may be a cancer that would keep Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich from their championship.

      • Wow, nothing like being 10 hours late in new media…

        • Ben …its not the timing its the legitimacy of the story …when a real news source breaks it …its real .

          • Rivals is more legitimate than 2 Kansas City radio stations and I understand if you’re waiting on a major newspaper or ESPN to report it, but Rivals?

          • yeah Ben rivals … know the ones who rank these guys …the ones who broke the Calhoun mess

          • A lot of people rank these guys. Rivals is far from the best. Their ‘breaking stories’ are often rumors that don’t come to fruition. Not saying this one is true or not, just that is not any more legitimate a source than talk radio.

    • Wow guys ……….I like to razz you Ku guys about Xavier ….but it looks like he’s gone ……sorry man ….Memphis fans know what it feels like to lose a top recruit ……think what it would feel like to lose not only Henry .but Cousins , Wall , Dodson and Nolan Dennis too ……. truly sorry though …..but Hey …I told you it was 75/25 …… and earlier moved it to 90/10 ….. never doubt Pasta on these matters ….. and again I’m truly sorry .

      • Yeah, I don’t think Kansas fans are going to cry too much about losing this guy considering all that has transpired. Especially considering the most admirable thing about Bill Self is his ability to get elite recruits to play as an unselfish team. The Henrys never seemed, to me at least, to be able to get past the name on the back of the jersey. Kansas will certainly be a favorite to win it all next year.

      • LOL. Yeah right you are sorry. LOL

    • Ben …I have only 5 things to say about that post ….1. John Wall 2. Xavier Henry 3. Demarcus Cousins 4. Patrick Patterson 5. Darnell Dodon …good luck though

      • What is 1 major disappointment that doesn’t want to play Cal’s system and 4 guys that have never played a game of D1 basketball?

        • yeah Ben ….. it’ll take a great coach to bring these guys together …..I agree

          • There’s something we can agree on. If Boeheim (who I consider only a slightly above average game coach) was the coach I’d have no problem with them as a top 3 team.

          • Ben …why would you take these guys and teach them a zone and a stand around offense ?…………are you hitting the bottle in the middle of the day again ?

          • Stand around offense? Sorry, but you clearly have no knowledge of Boeheim’s system. Boeheim’s system is far faster than Calipari’s (tempo rankings 09: Syr 34th fastest Mem 147th fastest, 08 27th fastest, Mem 87th fastest)

          • tempo rankings? LOL …..Memphis ‘s fast break looks like 5 men running from a burning building Ben ….you need to go watch them in person .

    • Moving Pilgrim to Memphis makes more sense now ….. its a 3 way deal

    • Yep, looks like pasta called this one-

      100/0 Henry goes to UK, no bullshit.

      Rivals is reporting Self and Manning are on their way to OKC right now. Big Daddy Bill should just tell them to put up or shut up. This is so old.

    • With Xavier going to KY. …..maybe Bledsoe will get ticked off and ask out of his deal ….and come to Memphis and play along side EW …now that’s a backcourt

    • The more I read about this family the more I realize they are the poster family for the Calipari/WWW philosophy of college basketball and a good example of why the 1-and-done rule is bad for the game. A national championship is the furthest thing from their mind (well maybe besides attending class).

      We have been edging towards this over the years, but this story seems to be a clear sign that we’re there.

      The dad admits that he doesn’t want to go to KU because he’ll have to go to class?? Is Cal really claiming that he doesn’t have to go to class at Kentucky?

    • What would make you think that if he does not want to go to class he would go to UK…. Last I heard they have classes too……

      • Exactly. That’s why it’s so odd that Carl says some of the things about Self making X go to class, etc.

    • Relax guys ……I now make it 50/50 that Self and Manning mend the fences ….. of course the Henry’s will be running the team and Bill the Stiff will have no respect from the other players and Ku could implode to a disasterous season ……. a top coach with stature like a coach K or a Cal would tell the Henry’s to take a hike .

      • LOL. If anyone in basketball can handle this situation it’s Bill Self. Cal has been begging other team’s leftovers and taking tests for people for years. Putting him in the same group with K and Self (or even guys like Boeheim and Tubby) is a terrible misuse of the word ‘coach’.

    • Gonna be along season for you Ben …… rooting against Ky this year isn’t the way to enjoy your basketball experience ….trust me on this …..

      • Rooting against Calipari has certainly been enjoyable for the last decade or so. I’m not guessing that will change with the rocket scientists he’s assembling in Lexington.

    • Well Ben if you like rooting against a guy who is 283 and 70 the past 10 years LOL ……so be it …whatever floats your boat man .

      • It always comes back to bite him and the fans who think they love him though. College basketball isn’t about winning at all costs. When you go to college and get a degree from someplace you’ll understand why it’s different from professional sports.

    • Henry’s first commit to Memphis.

      Henry’s second commit to Kansas.

      Henry’s third commit to Kentucky?

      I guess commitment doesn’t mean much. I hope Kansas did not give them an out on their commitment. They shouldn’t release them and they should let them play for Kansas or move to Europe. As a Memphis fan, I hope the kid goes to Europe and never comes back. It really does hurt teams for guys to commit to a school then change their mind. Some of you think it is OK for guys to leave when the coach changes. Well, this didn’t happen at Kansas. You leave a place for someone when you could have recruited others. I think the system stinks and if a kid gives a commitment, he honors it or sits for a year unless their is a convincing reason to leave. I’d say the Tim Floyd situation at USC might be one of them.

      Carl Henry reminds me of Lance’s dad. He is just pimping out his teenager for the best offer. What a scumbag, parents that leach onto their children deserve to be shot.

      If Xavier goes to Kentucky, I bet Eric Bledsoe feels more like an idiot than he does now. With Wall and Henry, there is absolutely no room for Bledsoe. He was a big loss for Memphis, we are very fortunate that Elliot Williams transferred to us (despite the unfortunate circumstances).

      • How about a brother doing the same (cough Reggie Rose cough)?

        • Reggie Rose is another gold digger… He could have paid for all of his tickets… Of course Calipari has no knowledge of this kind of thing going on, afterall, it is a Memphis problem…

          Ben, he couldn’t beat you guys with a 9 point lead and 2 minutes remaining. But he can steal recruits with the best of them!

          Looking forward to playing you guys this year. I went to the NC game. I have to say Kansas fans were pretty much a class act… Calipari can recruit, but can’t coach worth a damn….

          • I’m a Syracuse grad but I agree with you about Calipari. Self has made me a Kansas fan as well, it’s hard not to love that guy. My team will always be the orange, but #2 is probably the Jayhawks. Class coach, class program and generally class fans. I wish Norm Roberts would have some success at St Johns because I really see him as the next Bill Self if he was given the right opportunity (and he’d need to have a lot more success for my us to hire him in a few years)

    • As I understand it Xavier and CJ have given only a verbal committment to Kansas because they can’t sign an LOI ….. until they enroll in school they are essentially free agents and can go anywhere without KU’s consent . I do think Xavier has changed his mind and Carl is running interference with the “insulting news article “excuse. Top players like Henry have a career to consider worth millions ……College grads in the business world would never be lambasted for switching companies or going to work for a competitor if it furthered their career. At the top 40 level we must realize we’re rooting for minor league ball players …..not good ole State U. like in some Mickey Rooney movie .

    • Actually they’ve enrolled in school (which is why Self can talk about them). They haven’t actually attended class or practiced with the team, which I believe means they can do whatever they want (just like Wall).

    • ok Ben …I new there was some reason they had an out ….thanks

    • knew

    • Does Cal have room for CJ ? …..I know he would have played him a lot last year if he hadn’t been hurt …Cal really liked the kid as a player in addition to him completing the package deal.

      • The assumption would be that Bledsoe and/or Wall are not going to qualify, which made Cal NEED CJ almost as much as he needed X. The prospect of PT for both brothers made them rethink their commitment (2nd commitment).

        • CJ is just a part of the package. He was highly rated 6 years ago, and if my memory serves me, I believe he signed with Kansas. He later went into pro baseball and hasn’t done anything there. Now he enrolls in different colleges trying to play basketball with his little brother.

          CJ is a freebie. His school is being paid for by the NY Yankees. He won’t see any playing time, but he will be a taken as a part of any deal (ie, Memphis, Kansas).

    • pasta-

      I think it’ll be just as hard, if not harder, to keep everyone happy when/if these 2 go to UK. Bledsoe, Wall, Henry, Henry, and those other guards you guys have? I mean, it’s apparent that Carl Henry thinks both his kids should play immediately. I mean, he said he thought CJ was as good as Sherron and Tyshawn after taking what, 3 or 4 years off of competitive bball?

      When/if this happens, Bledsoe gets the worst end of the deal, in my opinion.

      I wonder if Lance stalls on Cincy now? Prolly not, but we can wish…

      • Lots of egos there rock …thats very correct …but its essentially the same class that had Memphis fans dreaming of the 40 and 0 scenario …which as we know now in Cusa is quite possible …..good point about guys qualifying by Ben ….but from what I’m hearing everyone is in …btw …. you guys and KY . does not apply to me ….I’m a Memphis fan …..who doesn’t hate Cal …that’s all .

    • Well, the fact of the matter is, you called this. I don’t know if it was in jest, or not… but you did. The circus that this has turned into is almost unbelievable… I had always thought X was the gem of his class, but now I am thinking otherwise.

      1 commitment….. 2 commitment…… 3 commitment…….

      One thing’s for sure… I wish I could listen in on this “meeting”

      • X the gem of his class? C’mon. I’ve seen him play a few times and he’s not even at the same level as guys like Lance, Favors, Wall and Henson. He’s a great addition to a great Kansas team if his head is on straight, but I would bet he’s not a lottery pick (maybe not a first rounder depending on who else comes out early) next year.

    • Xavier will play 2 years for Cal …..said so when Cal recruited him …Carl’s the only one and done talker in that family .

      • Every year he’s at Kentucky he’ll drop in the draft though. His athleticism is a bad match for the DD”O”. Not that he’s unathletic but he’s never going to be quick so he’ll end up as the spot shooter and that guy isn’t likely to get drafted in the lottery.