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Friday / January 19.
  • Williams to Memphis, Pilgrim to Visit; Knight Visits UConn, Yale; Harris Bros. Take Visits

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    Former Duke guard Elliot Williams is headed to Memphis.

    “I’m a Memphis Tiger,” Williams told the Memphis Commercial Appeal in a text.

    “The most important thing in this situation was coming closer to my family,” Williams said today. “As far as basketball, I’m playing for a great coach in [Memphis head coach Josh] Pastner.

    “I mean, I’m playing for my hometown in Memphis. What better thing is there, coming back and playing for Memphis?”

    A 6-foot-4 combo guard, Williams transferred from Duke because his mother, Delois, is ill and he wanted to be closer to home.

    He will seek a waiver of NCAA regulations so that he can immediately play next year.

    Memphis, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky all recruited him initially, but the Tigers won the recruiting battle.

    In other Memphis news, Gary Parrish of CBS Sports is reporting that former Kentucky player Matt Pilgrim will visit Memphis this weekend.

    Pilgrim, a 6-8 forward, left Kentucky when new coach John Calipari landed too many players, but Calipari will reportedly back Pilgrim’s request for a waiver to play next year.


    Brandon Knight, the No. 1 point guard in the Class of 2010, took  unofficial visits to UConn on Saturday and Yale Friday.

    “It was fine. He hasn’t made up his mind or anything. I live in Connecticut for the summer and he came to visit and he went to visit a couple of schools,” said Dave Beckerman, Knight’s coach at Ft Lauderdale (FL) Pine Crest.

    Beckerman said the following schools are in the mix for the 6-3 Knight, the top point guard in the Class of 2010: UConn, Duke, Syracuse, Miami, Florida and Kentucky.

    “He hasn’t made up his mind,” Beckerman said. “He’s a very bright kid. He was here on a visit and he wanted to see different things and he’s visiting different schools on an unofficial basis so that he can get a feel for it.”

    Beckerman said there’s no timetable for a decision.

    “He’s going to let the process play out,” he said. “That’s what he would prefer to do and hopefully he’ll make the right decision.”


    Tobias Harris, a 6-8 rising senior forward from Dix Hills (N.Y.) Half Hollow Hills West, and his brother, Tyler, a 6-7 sophomore, tripped to Notre Dame last week and recently saw Georgia Tech as well.

    “Tobias and Tyler visited Notre Dame this past Wednesday and they both had the opportunity to speak with Coach [Mike] Brey about how they would fit into Notre Dame’s style,” Torrel Harris said. “They watched film of Notre Dame’s style of play and were impressed.

    “My sons had the opportunity to spend some time with the players. They were very impressed with the school and its basketball program.”

    As for the Georgia Tech visit, Torrel said:

    “Tobias visited Georgia Tech and he had a great visit. He was very impressed with the school and its basketball program.”

    Harris’ list is: Tenn, UCONN, West Virginia, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Rutgers, St.John’s, Virginia, Kentucky, Louisville and West Virginia.

    He was the sixth-leading scorer (13.3 ppg) at the NBA Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville, Va., and plans to cut his list later this summer.

    “At the end of the summer we will cut the list to five schools and by the end of September we will have a college decision,” Torrel said.

    “When we pick our five, everybody’s going to know.”

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    [email protected]

    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • I hate to see him coming to Memphis under these circumstances, but he will be a real impact player. We needed help at the guard positon, especially at the point. Elliot Williams can play either position. This is a huge pick up for Memphis this year. There is little doubt that he will not have to sit out a season. I think I’d skip on Lance now. To me, he isn’t worth the trouble anyway. Looks like he interested in Cinci this week….

      I guess D Williams will probably decide next week. My guess is Arizona, but I think he still might commit to Memphis. He is a good player, but I don’t think he will see alot of playing time at either school next year.

      In other news, Memphis is about to sign Matt Pilgram, a Kentucky castoff. He will most likely be allowed to play next season since he sat out last season at Kentucky. It seems reasonable since he sat out last year and got booted by Calipari (he didn’t choose to leave Kentucky). Not sure what kind of player he is, but obviously wasn’t good enough to play for Kentucky….

    • EW is a good pick up.
      Good to hear Memphis picked up a guard.
      So, Memphis is passing on LANCE?

      There will be more news on D. Williams …if you haven’t heard already.

      • AZ,

        With DW going to Arizona.
        Acouple of NYC players were talking ARIZONA ball.

        And HOW LAMB maybe in the MIX as well.
        Any input from LAMB??


        At Oak, MoMo and Lamb were having an outstanding season…..

        Yes, going 40-0 and playing for the championship game,at Oak.

        The last game was a LOST.

        This LOST still has LAMB upset.
        Not being able to get that “ring”.

        And the two ARIZONA – NYC recruits are talking 26 straight and MORE.

        “Some people just settle for 26, just making it” to the tournament, Jones said.

        “We’re not settling for just making it. We want a Pac-10 championship, an NCAA championship. There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re going to make it.”

        With JONES making such “Arizona Normal” expectations……Does LAMB believe?

        Going 40-0 should tell LAMB something!

        Will LAMB be apart of the National Championship RUN.


    • I’ve heard that he will probably select AZ. Not a done deal yet though. Anyway, Memphis filled the spot they needed the most, and got a great player. Like I said, I don’t see D Williams getting alot of playing time at AZ or MEM unless there are injuries or other issues. But he is a quality player, especially this late in the game. Really, I think he see more playing time at Gonzaga or some of the other schools. Who knows though, he may turn into a heck of a player… Sometimes the very high rated ones turn out to be duds….. It’s hard to tell, even for the top coaches…

      Not sure if Memphis is passing on Lance, but if it were up to me, I think I would take a pass. Whoever gets him better do some serious background checks to cover themselves. He would fit well with Memphis as a one and done. Will Barton will be the man in 2010 and Lance would be a nice stop gap. With Elliot Williams, out backcourt got incredibly better.

    • Coach Calipari didnt boot Pilgrim. He was a great player. He just wouldnt fit our offense. I truly wish we kept him. He really stood out in practice. Memphis is finally looking like the logical choice to win the C-USA again, and im happy for you guys. Im also happy for Arizona, seems like they are making great strides, and make no plans to end their consecutive tourney appearances. And now is the perfect time for Memphis to also bow out on Lance. You got your shooting guard(without baggage), and i would hate to see any more NCAA stuff go on anywhere(besides Knoxville, that cracks me up)

    • Tip. When our boss says they don’t have a position for you anymore, you just got fired.Yes, Cal booted him.

    • a

    • What happened with Matt P……

      We have a saying in the West Coast….he GOT “Romared”.

      Refer to a NorthWest coach which does the same thing.


      DW….seems to be Wildcat.
      The news was out already.
      Josh should be able to confirm it after the newconference.
      Not bad news for memphis since it has EW.

      At Arizona, we do see playing time for DW.
      Especially considering that aggressive nature of the team and getting into foul trouble. DW will come in many,many times.


      What is the LATEST on LAMB?

      Look s like it is a NO-GO for Calicats, UK.

      From Lamb’s mouth to the Arizona Wildcats…

      Lamb said,…”It was a good visit, but I don’t know yet. I’m going to take more visits.”
      (just finished his visit to UK.)

      Will LAMB end up in ARIZONA?

    • Memtiger 87 ……….another doughnut eater ……….another loser ….. Memphis still wants Lance you frigging moron ….and any other quality player we can get

      • PB – Memphis is not going after LS anymore.

    • big apig ………. LOL …………Memphis is always a favorite to win Cusa ….you haven’t had Cal long enough to be condescending ………. you’re a frigging loser too

    • Ew is better than Dw………………Dw 6 months ago was not on anyone’s radar screen …a 3 star bench player ….Arizona can continue to crow over USc table scraps ….but when the playing starts they’re still an unranked 18 and 12 club

      • hey limp noodle, stop making memphis look bad. we don’t need lance or derrick. ur posts are based on elementary arguments and petty insults. u should just eat crap and die.

    • i get the feeling that memphis and lance arent going to happen.

      Williams is a similar player, and a very good player that would definately take the spotlight off lance a bit. plus the whole Cincinnati visit makes it seem like he is still not found somewhere he really wants to go yet.

      maybe memphis still will land LS, but based on this whole recruiting saga that seems like the opposite of what lance would do. who knows what this kid is thinking. i was sure he would be a jayhawk until Cal left and Henry was available.

      (btw pasta Henry is still at KU)

      wouldnt it be funny if knight, the top pg in 2010 goes to yale? i hope he does lol

    • anton ….hope you like “the boss” when he’s 15 and 5 …’s program is a huge rebuilding job …….you people are a shit program ….. even the great Cal has limits ……give him 3 years …you need to realize that prior to Cal you are nothing ……. not even an Nit team

    • Who is better …Pilgrim or Derrick Williams?

      • I do like Josh acting quickly.

        JP knew…. he had to DO something after DW completed his visit.
        And DW did not commit at memphis.

        The question is WHY did memphis wait so long for Matt?
        Best of luck with Matt.

    • Has DW made a decision yet?

      • The decision was made and the public announcement will be made next week.

        JP should already knows DW decision.

        best of luck to memphis.
        It will be a tough season but, at least it is Conf usa.
        The KU game is going to be ugly.

    • Elliott Williams is a huge windfall for Memphis ….and they deserve some luck after losing their recruiting class ……whether they get Pilgrim or Dw or both will add some needed depth and they should be a solid top 25 team in 09 …of course …if Lance comes to Memphis and plays like Tyreke did …Memphis will be very dangerous .

    • Pasta
      Why is D. Williams added depth for Memphis that makes them a solid top 25 but if he lands at UA it is just another 3 star recruit for a program on the skids?

    • Pasta, if UK is rebuilding, why are we ranked in the top 10 on EVERYONES preseason. and i know ur gonna say “preseason polls dont matter” and your right. but you talk alot of smack on UK, KU, Arizona. Especially when those programs are head an foot over yours. and im sorry to you true Memphis fans reading this, since all of you hate Pasta too. You all had a good few years. UK has the most national tittles, KU beat you guys in the national tittle and Arizonas tourney streak speaks for its self. Let me guess you are going to dog North Carolina and UCLA next? How bout Duke? We will see what programs are in the elite eight and final four. I guarantee it wont be your tigers. with or without Mr. Sanctions(Lance)

      • Took a half dozen points from pastaboy, but finally someone took the bait. bigpapijugg, let me quickly interject before he gets you to blow a gasket, pastaboy is a Calipari fan, he uses the Tigers as evidence of Calipari’s greatness, he isn’t a Memphis fan.

    • Uk isn’t rebuilding ….in order to “rebuild” … must have had someting as a basis to rebuild from. No Ky. is building …from scratch ….any semblance of a program will be the goal next year …..and you also need to understand that Ky. won’t get the headlines ….Cal will …..Cal is bigger that Ky. You’ll find out .

    • Pastaboy says “I love Cal and his man boobs.”