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Friday / January 19.
  • Momo Jones Looking at 3 Schools

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    Lamont “Momo” Jones is seeking his release from Southern California in the wake of the news that head coach Tim Floyd had resigned amid the O.J. Mayo scandal.

    If Jones does get his release, his likely landing spot will be Arizona, Florida or Memphis, according to sources.

    “He plans on getting his release and taking a couple of visits,” Oak Hill (Va.) Academy coach Steve Smith wrote in a text.

    Of course, Jones could always opt to remain at USC despite the coaching change. No school is permitted to have contact with him unless, and until, he is granted a release.

    Arizona landed New York product Kevin Parrom and is also recruiting Lance Stephenson.

    Memphis needs a pure point guard to run the team. The Tigers have landed 2009 wing Latavious Williams, 2010 standout Will Barton and his brother Antonio and is involved with Stephenson.

    Florida lost Nick Calathes to Greece and has only two pure guards on the roster for next year in Erving Walker, another New York native, and Kenny Boynton. The Florida staff is interested in landing another guard to add depth to the backcourt.

    Jones previously decommitted from Louisville (twice) and Virginia Tech and said he wants to go somewhere where he can play. That would’ve been the case at USC because Daniell Hackett declared early for the NBA Draft.

    Hackett, by the way, publicly defended his former coach to the L.A. Times.

    “I feel like with all this speculation, Coach Floyd did a selfless act,” Hackett said. “He resigned for the sake of the program to save the players from scrutiny and embarrassment. He acted like a man.”

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    [email protected]

    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • He’s going to Memphis …he’s a starter there …. not at the other 2

    • This poor kid had decommitted from Louisville twice and Va Tech and now is asking out of his NLI from USC (which I can’t blame him). Hopefully he can find a school and get enrolled for some summer classes. Good luck to him.

    • Arizona would have to considered the leader for both Momo and Lance.

    • Why DrDick? I think Memphis would be the leader for both.

    • Why jayhawkfan11? Just curious….

      • Why “why” somebody when you can just ask them why about how to why?

        (This comment is not intent to make sense, only to be facetious for the sole purpose thereof.)

    • I don’t think Jones can even sign with Arizona. I think there is a clause in the PAC-10 stating that if you sign a LOI, and get released, you can’t sign with another PAC-10 team. I may be wrong.

    • Memphis has 9 guys on its squad …..10 with a walk on practice player …..lots of PT available for guys like Lance and Momo …… 38 mpg to be exact .

    • With Wise returning and Miller and Co. already on the trail of 2010 PGs, I doubt Momo favors AZ anymore.

    • I would like to see the kid end up at Memphis along with Lance Stephenson… If Josh Pastner could bring in those two along with Latavious, that to me would be the best recruiting job of the year – and I still think KU screwed up taking Xavier Henry over Lance…

    • I don’t see him in Memphis, Pastner is betting the farm they land Joe Jackson and Momo would just be in the way at that point.

    • Arizona or Memphs are both going to have big time point guard recruits coming in 10′ (im sure Florida will as well) so no matter what, he’s going to have to battle for his job. I’m a Zona fan and wouldn’t mind seeing him come this year, but we have Wise this year and will snag a guy next year to carry on the tradition of Point Guard U.

    • I just dont think Lance will go to the West Coast. Pastner needs him more then Sean Miller. Pastner will let him do whatever he wants. Momo jones seems like a basket case. He has committed 4 times to 3 schools. He will fit perfectly at Memphis.

      • “He will fit perfectly at Memphis.” Huh? What do you mean by this?

        • Memphis is a team of misfits and borderline student-athletes put together by the good old coach John Calipari – and the tradition will continue with Josh Pastner. So yes, Momo would fit perfectly with the Tigers.

          • No other team in America has misfits and borderline student-athletes…….. none at all. I mean, shooting people with a bb gun…… ya, that’s kosher…….. Yup, mmhmmm……… kids being kicked out left and right in SEVERAL schools…….. yup, all around good kids! I mean….. they have to be……. because they weren’t recruited by coach Calipari or Pastner! Your delusional world must be awesome! Do you have room for me there too?

    • 2010 “standout[s]” Will AND Antonio Barton? you’re kidding me, right Adam? Antonio has no game – c’mon…

      How about 2010 standout Will Barton and his package deal brother, Antonio…

    • >>”Memphis has 9 guys on its squad …..10 with a walk on practice player …..lots of PT available for guys like Lance and Momo …… 38 mpg to be exact .”

      is 38 minutes of getting their butts handed to them with memphis better than the 25 minutes of kicking butt with zona? i doubt it. memphis will not be dancing this year or next year for that matter. who cares about momo, you guys can have him, the kid never could make his mind up about anything without some sort of hesitation or backpeddling lingering in his mind. hate to see him in a pressure situation late in a game with the game riding on his shot or play. he is a lawn chair just waiting to fold.

      as for lance — if greives ends up hiring an agent look for lance to take over his spot the second the news breaks. y’all notice lance became re-interested in maryland when the mock drafts started including greives in the late 1st and early 2nd rounds and then cooled off on zona when wise returned? coincidence? NOT!!! lance WILL NOT share the spotlight with anybody which is why he’ll never sign on with zona and memphis nor maryland if greives returns. that is if jack mcoy doesn’t burn him at the stake in his upcoming adjuducation and sends him off to europe.

      • Definitely don’t agree about Lance and Greivis. Lances numbers will only be better if Greivis comes back. GV plays the point and loves to distribute. The only reason he was forced to score so much last year was our lack of scoring threats elsewhere. Vazquez will average 10 assists being on the floor with Lance and Lance will have someone to set him up and could average 16+. Lance has always been interested in Maryland and his interest has been pretty consistent contrary to what some people have said/reported.

    • LOL ……….”kicking butt with zona” ……that’s rich …..your point guard Wise just put his name in the draft and the NBA said they didn’t even have him in their data base ……ROFL …..good luck with him “kicking butt” …..Memphis will take Momo and Lance in a heartbeat…..along with LW ….we’ll be dancing …… by the way …..hope you enjoy that Atlantic 10 offense next year ……if you get Lance he’ll have to change his moniker to bored ready ………

      • Quit speaking like you are a Tiger fan.

      • It does not matter if Nic Wise has NBA talent or not he is playing College Basketball. Look back at former NC point guards Mateen Kleeves at Michigan St., Dounut Al-Amin at UCONN or even Jason Gardner (2001 runner up). I’m not saying Zona has a chance at a national title either just saying these players knew how to win and by the time they finished their senior years of college ball was the only time any NBA team would draft them. Nic will showcase his talent this coming year and prove he is a winner and may get drafted in the late 2nd round in the 2010 draft but will enjoy a decent carerr overseas. Without Nic Wise the past two years Arizona does not make the NCAA tournament or let alone the Sweet Sixteen like they did this year.

    • I haven’t seen Vasquez in any mock draft in either the 1st or 2nd round …..he’s not an NBA player …and never will be …..Vasquez couldn’t make Memphis’s squad ….he slow and can’t shoot ….a slug ….. the only reason Maryland has him is because they’re a program on the decline desparate for anything that can dribble without tripping .

      • Nobody cares about your hatred for Vazquez, its getting old. Anyone with a brain knows how talented he is and that hes not the fastest or quickest guard.

      • Pastaboy

        “Vasquez couldn’t make Memphis’s squad ….he slow and can’t shoot”

        I’m pretty sure Calipari wouldn’t have cut him ….. you’re still hating him because he talked smack before the Memphis game. Why don’t you get over that? Memphis shut him up for you, just relax.

        He’s not fast – for sure – but he can play. Triple-Double against UNC and over 25 a few other times during ACC play. Plus he can rebound. He can shoot good enough to be a threat. NBA talent? Maybe not, but he’s a good, not great, college player.

        • There is only one reason Vasquez could not make the Memphis squad and that is because he took his own SAT test which is more than can be said about any Memphis ball player fatboy!

          • Really? They all cheated? I mean, even the “one” that is underinvestigation has been proven to have cheated? I must have missed that story in the real news. Do you get your newspaper from hallucinations of grandeur? They need presumptuous people like you for jury duty! The American Way is calling for you.

    • bronx…… why don’t you post a link showing this slug being drafted in the 1st round …..or the 2nd round …….

    • bronx

      my point is that lance is not willing to share the “spotlight” with anyone. meaning; if greives returns there will be 2 studs on a team and lance is all about the ” only me” in balling. besides, i don’t think he’s worried about who’s dishing the ball more than just getting the ball. after watching him back off on kansas as soon as their 2 biggest stars decided not to enter the draft my mind was made up. he wants to be the only shining star on his next team. if what i say is true and greives comes back … look for lance to start looking at florida a little more serious or getting on the next ship out.

    • “the only reason Maryland has him is because they’re a program on the decline desparate for anything that can dribble without tripping .”

      isn’t this what memphis required of their next coach during their recent search?

      • He’s not a Memphis fan, please stop including the Tigers when responding to him.

        • he baited me and i bit big time. i’ll watch out for the head fakes next time,

          what is his allegiance anyway? or is he just into sordid general ad hominem?

          • He’s a Calipari fan, when he was on the Memphis boards he was taking your position when speaking about Memphis (i.e. the conference sucks, they were overrated, etc.)

        • Pastaboy couldn’t be a Memphis fan! He’s just an alum! What nonsense!

    • “hope you enjoy that Atlantic 10 offense next year”

      isn’t this better than josh’s AAU balling?

      they will have new awards in the ncaa coaching ranks next year called the :

      “TOY.” –trainee of the year– (perfect for josh – toy!)
      “OJT” –on the job training–
      “WDTFJ” –why did i take this freaking job–

      josh should be at the top of the list for each award. btw–good luck at the NIT the next several years, i hear the PASTA in the big apple is to die for.

    • Maryland is the leader for Lance

      Memphis may be the leader for momo.

    • rikers is the leader for lance.

      zeke will be the leader for momo.

      • Give me a break dude. You know nothing about this kid stop turning him into some type of horrible human being. You do not know that Lance isn’t willing to share the spotlight. All he wants is to go someplace where he can get playing time so that he can enter the draft next year. And as for Kansas Lance was going to be a Jayhawk until they decided that they preferred Henry over him.

    • Pastaboy,

      You say ” I haven’t seen Vasquez in any mock draft in either the 1st or 2nd round …..he’s not an NBA player …and never will be”

      Go to and you will see him projected as a 2nd round pick for 2010 by the Rockets. You need to pay attention to your homework prior to posting.

      • 2010????????????? Rofl …….. this is the 2009 draft dumb dumb ……. LOL …

      • next

    • I’m an AZ fan but I think that Niether Jones or Stephenson come to Arizona.

      Jones to Memphis for the PT and Stephenson to who knows where, but not AZ becuase Miller seems fairly lukewarn about the kid and ‘Bornready” need the love.

      Arizona isn’t in urgent need of a gaurd, but a power forward sure would come in handy.

    • Pastaboy,
      You said Vasquez is not an NBA player and NEVER will be. So who cares if he is picked in 2009, 2010 or 2025? You have spaghetti for brains.

      • … more like wet noodles.

    • ok

    • AZ,

      MoMo will visit two schools at least.

      Before MoMo signed, Tim came over to NYC and made sure the LOI was signed.
      But, a day before that…..MoMo was working on visiting Arizona.
      So, do you believe MoMo will visit Arizona in June?
      And become a member of POINT GUARD U.

      Kevin is surely recruiting Lance.
      And Lance would be a good Wildcat.
      I believe a recent poll had 80% UofA fans says YES , to LANCE-A-LOT.

      Some talks indicate that Arizona has four scholarships.
      So, it is NOT out of the question for both ….becoming WILDCATS.

      MoMo would also be joing Solomon Hill.
      He would be reunited with a former recruit from USC.

    • The addition of MoMo or Lance will surely make Arizona a TOP8 recruiting class for 2009.

      Miller is a point guard type coach….so, a good match for the next generations of NBA guards coming from POINT GUARD U.

    • MOMO and Hill were not commited to SC at the same time. Arizona needs more help down low any way so Williams seems more likely if SC’s AD allows them to play for another Pac-10 team.

    • Pastaboy, you are the typical internet jerk off. I GUARANTEE if all of us were in person having discussions about basketball you wouldnt be so mouthy. I can promise you that.

      Gravis Vasquez would be the best player on Memphis squad this year.

      Memphis has two things to brag about in it’s history.

      1. Anfernee Hardaway.

      2. 2008 Final Four. But, soon that will be taken back.


      • make no mistake … a guy like that is always mouthy and never knows when to shut up. his mouth will forever runeth over. but it would nice to be on that room you speak of with the doors locked after he’s had a few beers …

        someone say he was coach cal’s lap dog?

      • poor Gayhawk ….his team wins a NC on a fluke shot and he thinks that is a licence to insult people and post ridiculous comments . Slow guys who can’t shoot don’t play at Memphis ….period …..and Vasquez fits that description …he’s overrated and will never play in the NBA …never . Memphis assurdedly is proud of Hardaway and proud of having the best team in 2008 ……we’re also proud of Larry Finch , Ronnie Robinson , and Larry Kenon who went to the finals against U.C.L.A …….were proud of Kieth Lee, Elliot Perry , Cedric Henderson , Lorenzen Wright, Shawne Williams , Rodney Carney and all the great players over the years and their accomplishments …..its fun to root for a non BCS team who embarrasses the big boys and whups them on a regular basis …… you should try to show more class in here Gayhawk ……

        • LMAO….Gayhawk……
          We prefer : Jaycock…LOL


          Does the NCAA penalities on Alabama get YOU and Memphis very nervous.

          Some of the worst offenders had extra benefiets in the $2200 dollar range.
          (The books “sold” produced this type of money for the individuals.)
          This dollar range is the SAME range as MEMPHIS violations.
          The violations of FREE plane rides, FREE hotels, FREE food, FREE parting…with Reggie, WWW and many others.

          I would say MEMPHIS cash money was well over $10,000.00.
          And from OUTSIDE people – not assoicated with BB admin.

          What is really FUNNY is Memphis believes it DID NOTHING wrong.
          So, Memphis would not put any new checks in order these ‘Benefits” does not happen again.
          Is this correct?

          • What I’d love to see is people stop replying to pastaboy as though he is a Memphis fan. HE IS NOT A MEMPHIS FAN SO WHATEVER CRAP YOU SAY ABOUT MEMPHIS DOES NOTHING TO PUT HIM IN HIS PLACE! Find a different tactic to deal with him, because at this point your doing the all the hard work bashing Memphis for him while he pretends Memphis fans are really that stupid and arrogant. The guy hates Memphis because we turned on Calipari when he left, and he’s using you folks as pawns in an attempt to get back at Tiger fans. The sad thing is you keep eating it up no matter how many times I say it… 🙁

            As for USC.wildcat, have you still not bothered to read the letter from the NCAA or the response from Memphis yet? You keep saying the same dumb shit over and over like it’s fact, but it’s your own personal “I have blinders on and fingers in my ears” opinion. WWW, free amenities or this new magical $10k+ are not mentioned whatsoever in either document. Even ESPN doesn’t think Memphis will get in trouble, and they’ve went out of their way to hate on the school, why do you still cling to it? The NCAA is done investigating Memphis, all they could find was in the letter sent to the school, this is not an opinion, this is a fact.

          • Usc condom ………. read carefully …..The NCAA said 201 athletes in 16 sports obtained “impermissible benefits” by using their scholarships to obtain free textbooks for other students. Alabama identified 22 athletes, including seven football players, as “intentional wrongdoers” who knew they were receiving improper benefits……………now Condom ….does that resemble in any way shape or form ….a clerical error in charging a person for a couple of plane rides? A person who dutifully paid his way on numerous plane rides and a couple fall through the cracks due to clerical error …..trying to connect the Alabama situation to Memphis is factually wrong and a silly process ……. Nurse show in the next whack job please

      • I would be so mouthy! =P

    • “Slow guys who can’t shoot don’t play at Memphis ….period …..and Vasquez fits that description…….”

      Neither guys who take their own SAT test fatboy!

      ” we’re also proud of Larry Finch , Ronnie Robinson , and Larry Kenon who went to the finals against U.C.L.A …….were proud of Kieth Lee, Elliot Perry , Cedric Henderson , Lorenzen Wright, Shawne Williams , Rodney Carney and all the great players over the years and their accomplishments …..”

      I would ask the NCAA to check their SAT scores also. See if you can come up with anymore names from the Memphis squad to notify the world that education means nothing at Memphis as long as they can dunk the ball fatboy!

      • See above regarding pastaboy, good job taking the bait. I’d like the NCAA to recheck EVERY school’s SAT/ACT scores, I find it hard to believe some ignorant, hick school stuck in the Deep South are the only ones who’ve allowed people of dubious intelligence onto their campuses.

    • rivals is showing momo has received a scholie offer from zona and lists florida as his only other college choice to date. florida hasn’t offered a ride yet, but i’m sure it’ll be forthcoming becuz they’re in worse shape than us.

      i wonder why zags ever entered memphis into this equation? i know he just put it out there as a side note, but why even bother striking a match if you’re only gonna toss it in water.

      • I think it’s because Memphis has been a major player in all the big names lately that it was assumed they would be in for Momo. They may still be in it, but I it seems Pastner is content to let Kemp play the point this year and have Joe Jackson take over next year, Jones doesn’t really fit into that scenario.

    • Kemp can’t play 40 minutes …… Pastner will take any PG support he can get this year … coaches don’t assume a kid will be on board next year and base an immediate need on that assumption ……. if fact Lord ….you’re post is ludicrous

      • NIce try, but Pastner has made no moves on any point guard since Bledsoe, and we both know you know this.

    • He’s made no moves because there are no quality Pg’s to make a move on …. ….. until Momo ……if Pastner was as you suggest ….. ” content to let Kemp play the point this year and have Joe Jackson take over next year,” …………..then why did he go after Bledsoe ?

    • checkmate

      • I guess he wasn’t content at the time, he certainly didn’t go after Wall, so there’s no reason to expect him to go after Jones.

    • wrong again ….. Pastner is not protecting Joe Jackson … do so is very risky recruiting strategy …and a new coach with 9 roster players can’t roll the dice like that……if there’s a quality player out there …Pastner will go after him ….including Momo .

      • If you say so, not sure why you care though.

        • Him being an ALUM certainly doesn’t qualify pasta as a Memphis fan. How absurd to even think he could be a Memphis fan!

          • Clearly you are another screen name of his or you are not familiar with his nonsense from the Memphis boards. He has a mancrush on John Calipari, everything else takes second fiddle.

          • ( Not a facetious comment)

            Clearly Lord2FLI you haven’t read all of pastaboy’s posts. Trust me when I say, I’m not a pastaboy fan. Ask him yourself. Maybe reading comments from previous articles might help you to understand the situation. In fact, go to the article right before this one and read a post of his that is near the bottom about him being a Memphis graduated, (scroll down to the bottom and work your way up, I’m sure you will find it eventually). For the record….. if it was so “clear” that I was another screen name of his, then why did you include “or”….? Just curious.

          • Because clearly it’s one or the other. I’ve seen pastaboy’s posts for months now, they come in a few varieties:

            A. Memphis fans have been so horrible to Coach Cal, the two-face bastards, Coach Cal is the greatest ever.
            B. Memphis was great under Coach Cal but now that he’s gone there’s no hope.
            C. Everyone should kiss Coach Cal’s ass, just look at the amazing things he did in Memphis.
            D. He’s a Memphis graduate and just wants whats best for the school.

            None of this stuff boils down to him being a Memphis fan, it always comes back to the greatness of Cal, that Memphis was involved is besides the point. He isn’t a fan of the school, you get full dosages of that when he acts like pastaboy A or B (see his posts on and if you need examples). Most of his stuff on this site falls into pastaboy C, loud mouth baiting bullshit that typically doesn’t deserve a response, but gets a dozen anyway. I’m sure you think you have an idea about him, but please don’t be fooled, his loyalties lie with Cal, not Memphis. We always see pastaboy D when he’s run out of steam and just wants to walk away from the mess he’s created. It’s any easy copout because he can just claim all the previous nonsense is a result of him being such a rabid fan and can’t help himself sometimes. I’m just tired of him playing the Memphis stereotype on this site and seeing the school dragged through the mud every time he runs off at the mouth. Folks please stop taking the bait with this guy, I live in Memphis and have never met a “fan” as full of shit as pastaboy, it’s an act and he gets his kicks at your expense when you respond.

          • I’m with you lord2fli…

            zagsblog readers, please ignore pastaboy, or whatever his name is, he is not a memphis tigers fan. It is official, he is a Calipari lover. This is fine by me, but you can NOT be this big of a fan of Cal and call yourself a fan of the Memphis Tigers.

            Yes, I understand that Cal did some VERY good things for our program. He did the best he could with what he had, but the way he left was unprofessional, period. It left a bad taste in true tiger fans mouths.

            You can ‘respect’ what Cal did and still be a fan of Memphis. You cannot however be a Cal-follower and call yourself a Tiger. Not possible anymore.

            He will respond to this I’m sure, but even I will not humor him. If I were you guys, I would not either.

            From a true tiger fan, I hope we do well and come out of the ashes. I believe we will. Later than sooner (although we will just be okay this year), and Pastner is going to do an excellent job.

            But please stop responding to Pasta, he is making Tiger fans look bad.


          • So you’re saying that people you and only you constitute are Memphis fans are Memphis Fans? Awesome, you are the Czar! I can’t refute anybody who actually claims the opposite of somebody else’s claim who has been quoted as stating they are a Memphis fan AND has never bashed the Memphis program (from all the comments that I have seen, he has only bashed Calipari haters, like you (Makes a person wonder why you really hate him?)). Tell me more oh sultan of knowledge? Wait, you tell me that you don’t believe anything he says? 1*1 = 1 thus 1/1 != 1? I MUST follow the if and only if supposition that you follow?

            (The rest is not facetious)

            CLEARLY the world of reasoning escapes you, when analyzing a personal matter, you seem* to only be good in cementing “truth” out of your biased opion. In your current logic, nobody can be a fan of Louisville and of Kentucky (choose the sport, because any works). Yes, I am a Kentucky fan, and I really don’t care about Memphis or pastaboy (I don’t like him because he calls people childish names, i.e. gayhawk) but no matter my dislike for him, I STILL adhere to reason, which states that it is possible for somebody to be a fan of both teams. More specifically, I’m still a fan of Rick Pitino, not as much, but still a fan. I am also glad to hear that Eddy Sutton will be inducted into the Kansas Hall of Fame. But by YOUR CURRENT LOGIC, that is not possible. Not everybody sees things in as black and white as you do. Further, calling me another screenname of pastaboy again will only result in you proving my point of your current stray logic. I DEFEND KENTUCKY, thus, Calipari by addition. But I will not do so with rumors, only with fact and or sound reasoning. I do, however, prove such points with a sarcastic nature. I do so because I hope people will read it and laugh at my comment as well as others. Sometimes I do get carried away, but when it comes time, like now, to prove my reasoning skills, I do so. Make sure you read all of this comment. Have a nice day.

            (Sorry for the severe grammar and spelling errors, I’m a dual math/physics major, not an english major – =P)

          • (Not a facetious comment)

            I do realize the “make sure you read all of this” comment at the end. It’s ok to laugh at that and point fun at it lol. But please, stop trying to pass opinion as fact. It disturbs me a whole lot. NOW, you may have a nice day lol.

          • What are you going on about? I get the impression you were baiting me, I responded anyway to see where you were going with this, but your response doesn’t seem to jive with mine or with memphisfanatic. I’m sure you have a point, and in no way am I I trying to belittle you, but what is it? What is your real beef? I noticed you called out USC.trojan today, so it can’t be that pastaboy was called out. So what is it? The rant at about facts/opinions what does that have to do with anything? Am I missing something here?

            My logic is simple, there is no need to break it down and try to rationalize it as I will explain it in a few short sentences. You are the only person here to defend pastaboy, when the mob says burn that person at the stake and you stick up for them, you rational is called into question. Since we are all anonymous here and can create new accounts at will, it is not outside the realm of reason that a person would create another character to help them with their battles. It is nothing personal against you per se, just the out of the blue nature in which you are suddenly standing up for him. I see that this has made you a little butthurt, and for that I apologize, however, my comments about the poster going by the name of pastaboy stand and I do not apologize for them whatsoever. If he has a problem with any of this, pastaboy is usually more than willing to stick up for himself, there’s no need for you to do the whole enemy of my enemy is my friend routine, we are not enemies. And for the record (feel free to look it up), I don’t hate Calipari, I’m disappointed with him, we made him as much as he made us, there was no reason for him to be such a dick when he left.

          • (Not a facetious comment)

            You think everything is a bait lol. You proved my point.

          • You obviously didn’t read all of my post, but you don’t understand my rationale*. My point, PURELY is that if you don’t believe it can’t happen, it COULDN’T have happened in YOUR world. I gave a suggestion to ask pasta if I even bashed him, which I have. If you would have read that, you would have asked him. OR you would have searched other posts. You obviously did neither. ***You have PROVEN my point, which is that your logic is STRAY (about this issue) due to your inability to see past your own *perceptual* truth.*** I am done talking about this. People with borderline personality disorder have your type of logic, circular.

          • Your point, or whatever is you are rambling about has completely went past me. I’m not sure what exactly your pissing and moaning about, I apologized for assuming you might be pastaboy, is there something more you are looking for?

            As for the subject I thought I was discussing and that is pastaboy is not a Memphis fan, what in the heck does anything you’ve stated have to do with that? You’ve written two somewhat lengthy posts that have little to do with what I’m talking about, you demand truth from me for something I wasn’t talking about, you want me to adhere to some logic that had nothing to do with what I was talking about, and, pot calling the kettle black, you obviously haven’t been reading my posts either.

          • Wow, I’m going on about your logic! YOUR LOGIC ABOUT HOW PASTA CAN’T BE A MEMPHIS FAN. Ugg…… Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I was summing up you opinions on BOTH matters in one thesis statement. My apologies if that wasn’t overt enough. When I argue, I tend to assume all parties involved remember all posts. Once again, my bad for not re-stating the problem. Sorry again… But I still stand by those opinions, regardless of my lack of english prowess.

          • Oh, and for the record, I never “demanded” anything, I stated that your logic is faulty. YOUR the one not reading posts, enjoy.

    • YOU’RE****** didn’t check this past time lol.