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Thursday / January 18.
  • Pastner Adds 6-8 Frenchman

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    Memphis coach Josh Pastner continues to press on with recruiting despite the program’s recent troubles.

    Memphis signed Martin Ngaloro, a 6-foot-8 small forward from France, prior to the May 20 late signing deadline.

    “I think Martin will be a solid player,” Pastner said Wednesday by phone. “He’s a good athlete, a good prospect.

    “He has a good skill set. He can shoot the basketball. He needs to get physically stronger and tougher in some areas, but he’s a good prospect.”

    Said Ngaloro: “I need to really get better and I think it’s the right place. Keep working on my skills and everything. I think it’s the right place.”

    Ngaloro said Virginia Tech had also been in contact with him, but he never visited.

    “I’d like to come here [to Memphis],” Ngaloro, 20, said Monday. “I already signed the papers, so it should be OK. I think that it’s the right place to be.”

    Ngaloro joins a Memphis recruiting class that includes Will Coleman and Latavious Williams.

    Pastner said the team is still looking for additional players. Lance Stephenson, who has yet to commit to a college, could still be in play for the Tigers.

    “If we have an opportunity to sign a few more we will, but they’ve got to be good enough,” Pastner said.

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Young Pastner is putting together an impressive recruiting class. Memphis made a great hire.

      Not many coaches could have pulled this off – with the former coach stealing all the school’s signed recruits and the NCAA cheating allegations that took place under Calipari.

      Not sure how good this french player is but Pastner got two excellent players in Coleman and Williams. With the players returning all Memphis needs now is Lance or a point guard and they will remain a top team.

      • The Laurinberg Prep grade massaging operation was broken by the NCAA, and now UM lost the salesman. UM deserves to be in C-USA letting in so many suspect students. Maybe the French kid will actually want to study in school. The rest should go to Europe.

    • Pastner is doing a great job ……Calipari has stolen nothing from Memphis and Pastner will be the 1st to tell you that. Wall hadn’t committed yet to anyone …..Cousins was a verbal ……Nolan Dennis went to Baylor …….Xavier Henry went to Kansas …….Will Coleman stayed at Memphis …….and only Darnell Dodson , a Juco guy , constitutes the only signed recruit who followed Cal to Ky. That does not translate into “stealing all the signed recruits” . LOL Memphis fans should be thankful to Cal for what he did for a flailing program …… try to look forward with a bright young coach who will soon be one of the best imo. To continuously whine about Calipari makes Memphis fans look small ….very small …certainly not the type of fans one usually finds at a top program .

      • Memphis fans have every reason to be pissed. Even Bob Huggins said it wasn’t right to bring signed or verballed players with you to your next job.

      • So Calipari did Memphis a favor? They lost all their recruits except Coleman because of him. It was Calipari who put the “out clause” in the contracts so he could take the recruits with him or shop them around when he wanted a new job.

        We did not see a coach with integrity like Roy Williams take signed or verbal recruits with him when he left for NC. Did we?

        Calipari tried to get the Henry brothers to follow him to UK too but they chose Kansas. He did not need Dennis or he would have took him.

        You can defend a slimeball like Calipari all you want – it does not change the facts. I suppose you believe John Calipari and William Wesley do not cheat either? LOL

        • Ya, the out clause wasn’t put there for people like Xavier who really wanted to play for Kansas at all…………………. It was ONLY to bring Xavier to Kentucky…… because TRUTH TELLS US that Calipari knew the hire was coming from Kentucky when he signed Xavier back in the FALL. What a great and logical comment you have spouted Dr……….

    • @pastaboy

      Dude ur Crazy !!! I get so tired of fools like you talking bad about our program….Cal should be thankful that Memphis gave him a chance to coach because no other school gave him a chance

      Im not mad at Cal for what he did…Memphis fan are not whining…Its you…You say the samething everyday!!!

      and you should be ashamed of yourself!!! you use to be a Memphis fan, now you are a UK fan

    • I am not a Memphis fan and never have been, but every basketball fan out there (with a few Kentucky exceptions) knows that what Cal did was very uncool, unethical, and very transparently self serving. I don’t have any reason to bag on the coach but it is clearly highway robbery. Pasta and others can claim technicalities as their defense, but most clear thinking fans know this wasn’t built upon good character. I have 5 friends who are Kentucky fans, 4 of which like the Cal hire, and none of them wants to boast about how this deal was done. Pasta, you are going to have so sing in a different choir.

      • The same as how Sean Miller did? Oh wait, he doesn’t coach at a school named Kentucky, we can’t bash him! Let’s focus more on how Kentucky is a dirty program and how every other program and coach is PERFECTLY CLEAN!

        (Comments wont nest below the denial level)

    • LOl ….Bob ( the drunk) Huggins is the most unethical piece of shit in sports ………… figures you would use him Ben … produce the link to the quote ……. waiting

      • That’s the point. He WAS the most unethical coach in college hoops and even he wouldn’t allow guys he recruited for KState to follow him to West Virginia.

        • Yup, and Sean Miller is also a bad bad man Big Ben…. He must be a horrible nightmare for you! I bet you loose a lot of sleep thinking about how bad a man Sean Miller is………lol

          • lose* I’m kinda ocd about my spelling =p

    • These recruits signed up to play for the best coach in basketball ….. they have a right to follow him ….. its not stealing recruits ……. Memphis fans need to quit crying and be thankful Calipari rebuilt their program

      • Excuse me pastaboy but how is Cal the best coach in basketball? How many championships has he won? How many final fours has he had that hasn’t been forced to vacate? Compare those stats to Roy Williams, Bill Self, Coach K, Tom Izzo, Billy Donovan, and Calhoun?

        Since you suck at doing research and posting Bush League remarks I did the work for your sorry ass.

        Billy Donovan-2 National Championships3 Final Four appreances
        Jim Calhoun- 2 National Championships 3 Final Four appreances
        Mike Kryzewski- 3 National Championships 8 Final Four appreances
        Roy Williams-2 National Championships and 6 Final Four appreances
        Bill Self-1 National Championship 1 Final Four
        Tom Izzo-1 National Championship 3 Final Fours

        John Cal- 2 Final Fours*(One was vacated) Thats all he has!!!!!!!!!

        Cal is an ok/good college basketball coach you twit!

        And yes it is stealing recruited basketball players! When a player signs a L.O.I. they sign it to the school not the coach. They are the one who pays for your education not Cal. Cal just loves watching programs burn while he conviently slips out the door. Thank God Memphis is in better shape then what people realize because they actually have a Coach who “Coaches”. Not iffy student atheletes that he has run around wild who break down mentally when the games matter most. Keep telling yourself he is good pastaboy..whatever blows your hari back.

        • Stop feeding the animals (pastaboy) and they will go away.

          He’s the guy in class that has to annoy people to get attention.

          Anyone who says the 2007-2008 Memphis team was the greatest taam in the history of college basketball (direct quote from cakeboy) should not be able to post.

          Adam, can we get an ignore post button for all pastaboy rants?

          • Yup, nobody else here is an antagonist….. nobody else at all……. OOOhhh!! Wait that’s right! I forgot the whole denial thing. That’s my bad.

          • blasphemy is trying to mask his comments with what he thinks are witty rhetorical questions. Oh your way more sophisticated then us with your high brow, “above insults” snide remarks

          • What are you talking about!? I’m not snide or sarcastic in the least bit. I’m glad you made very non-obvious comments! Now Every knows since you’ve clarified! Thanks again.

          • No the group knows, I am just making sure you know that we know. Do you also know your droll comments come up short of being clever?

    • Great post sgreene

      pastaboy will be on here soon talking about how memphis won the title in his mind in 08.

      anyways, pastner has really impressed me so far. he can really recruit (hopefully legally). if he ends up being a good bench coach memphis may have upgraded!

      KU-Memphis NOV 17th in STL next year!!

    • sgreene ……. I say he’s the best coach because his accomplishments are at mid major schools ……he’s never had the advantages of the BCS schools and the major programs …..Roy Williams couldn’t win 15 games at Memphis …… Cal had Izzo down 30 at the half ( LOL) …… coach K is a has been ….. another great coach is Mark Few ….. he’s never won a NC either …but he’s close to Cal. Your stats mean nothing …… besides now that Cal is at a major school in a major conference ….he’ll start ringing up the NC’s …probably starting next year is Wall qualifies .

    • still waiting for that link on the Huggins quote Ben …………… waiting

    • gayhawk ….I never said Memphis won the title in my mind …..what I did say was that Memphis had the best team in 2008 …but that the best teams don’t always win NC’s ….i also said Kansas had a great team …please stop misquoting me

      • Once again Pastaboy displays how big of a deuche he is

        • Once again, sgreene25 is showing off his incredible maturity! Way to go! You’re so awesome!

    • poor sgreene …… nothing but name calling and insults …… while I simply carve you up with facts , sound reasoning, and knowledge of the game

    • your right pastaboy. Calipari is the best coach to ever grace the planet and now that he has all the bcs advantages he will go 40 and 0 and win 50 national titles.

      what a joke.

      Calipari will never be as good as the aforementioned list of coaches unless he becomes a better x’s and o’s coach. recruiting can only get you so far.

      • Ya, Kentucky Fans really believe that 50 NC’s are possible because if JC can’t coach and be 100 while doing so and win one every year….. he just isn’t worth having. jhawk4 you and your non-embelished truth………. You’re definately accurate about thinking pasta thinking that such a feat. is accomplishable. You don’t stereotype people either.

        (Comments are sometimes below the belt)

    • Calipari recruited while looking the other way as Laurinberg Prep cooked the grades.

      He fooled us once at UMass, shame on him. He fooled us again at Memphis, shame on us for thinking he wouldn’t abuse the rules, even if issues were in a “grey area.”

      An action taken by someone can be legal, yet unethical and/or immoral. Taking players with you violates an unwritten code of ethics that all coaches know about – it’s legal, yet unethical in the coaching community.

      Now he’s “home” where point-shaved fixed games, bigotry, and money-stuffed envelopes has been the norm for a long time. Luckily, Rick and Tubby were not corrupted by the culture. Tubby should have been kept – big mistake by the AD and Prez, who should both be fired or resign.

      Cal now will be susceptible to “BTD”s – Booster Transmitted Diseases – yes, mark it down – one day some writer like Zags will be using that one…what d’ya think, Zags?

      • I’ll tell you two schools that are the complete anti-thesis of Laurinberg Prep —- Mouth of Wilson’s Oak Hill Academy (VA) and Henderson’s Findlay Prep (NV) both don’t need to be investigated along with the coaches who recruit there…….. even though it is kinda odd how all of these great H.S. Basketball players are churned out sooooo frequently by these schools…… But hey, lets just talk about How to bash Kentucky and Calipari, because I love staying in the rumor mills. It shows my great integrity!

    • gayhawk ….. he won’t go 40 and 0 at Ky….. due to a tougher conference schedule …..but he will win a NC there .maybe 2 …..the class he had at Memphis could have run the table due to the CUSA schecule …… most coaches throughout history who have run uptempo styles have been accused of being poor X and O guys ……without merit in most cases imo…….

      • If it was uptempo style that caused people to claim poor coaching, Calipari would be far better off. Last year his Memphis squad was the 127th most up-tempo team in the nation. The year before he was 87th. In 07 he was 76th.

        No one is arguing that all 126 coaches that play faster than Calipari are “bad coaches”.

        • You can quantitatively measure “uptempo”? Sweet! The formula?

    • bball purist …… and I’m accuse of “ranting” ? …..your post is nothing but incoherent jibberish …… I see nothing remotely close to a rational thought coming from you .

    • A Brief History – Condensed:

      John Calipari signs record contract with downtrodden Kentucky.

      Top Memphis recruits, who had curiously only verballed even at that late date, suddenly found a pen to sign with in Kentucky. Kentucky bought (I mean brought) in the finest recruiting class in the nation.

      GMC issues a statement saying they are going bankrupt but that we should all pray for Memphis.

      Osama Bin Laden issued a statement saying, “See, I’m not always the bad guy here”.

      Memphis fans become bitter. Not bitter like a woman scorned, bitter like a child abused.

      Pasta say’s, “it’s all good, shut up whiners”.

      Some choose to jump off buildings. Pastner elects to move on with determination.

      Breaking News: Did Cal know about the thorn in the Rose?

      Memphis: That scoundrel screwed us again. I will kill him.

      Bernie Madoff issued a statement saying, “See, I’m not always the bad guy here”.

      Kentucky Alfredo: hehe, we got the best coach in the nation who did nothing wrong. Let me explain. He’s the best coach despite no credentials (except the ones he lost in scandal) because he has only been given a mid majors chance in (his hometown) and because he had a good coach down by lots at halftime. You can’t argue with that, them’s the facts.

      Memphis fans: How can you say he did nothing wrong?

      Kentucky Alfredo: Because I can call you a whiner and that should just be considered the predominant argument.

      Memphis fans: How can you say he’s the best coach in the country? What about X’s and O’s?

      Kentucky Alfredo: Hugs and kisses are for whiners so shut up! Whiners. Babies. Did I mention he had a real coach down by 30 at halftime once? Take that you whiner babies. I’m putting my fingers in my ears and I’m just going to say whiners from now on. Whiners whiners whiners . . .

      That should pretty much catch everyone up who might have had better things going on the last couple of months.

      • Yup! That’s how it went down! Now if i could only find something with a only the first portion of the article as an actual summary and the rest opinion and rumors………… Tell me if you find one please!

        (Comments are far below the belt)

    • “he’s the best coach despite no credentials ” ……. overall record 441 and 139 ……Naismith College Coach of the Year (1996, 2008)
      NABC Coach of the Year (1996, 2009)
      Basketball Times Coach of the Year (1996)

      Sports Illustrated Coach of the Year (2009)
      A-10 Coach of the Year (1993, 1994, 1996)
      C-USA Coach of the Year (2006, 2008, 2009)
      John Phelan National Coach of the Year (2009)
      ……………… and evidently some fairly decent recognition from the sport …… and now the best basketball coach in the nation is at Ky. with the best recruiting class in history and a solid core of players coming back …… its gonna be a long season for some of you coming up ….sorry ….it must suck to be a Cal hater

      • If this were an American Idol style competition you have a good point, Pasta. But this is sports where a scoreboard exists to separate the winners. So, as others have pointed out, credentials are things like Final Fours and National Championships, where, currently, your boy has 1 FF but it is hanging by a thread (that’s not really all that good when compared to your claims). If credentials were simply being well regarded by a vote of teenage girls with cell phones, (no offense), then yes, you are in the know. But of course you diverge (that means you are using a diversionary tactic of argument). Most of us don’t fall for it. Especially those of us who do not have an emotional tie to either Cal or Memphis. I am just enjoying your sophmoric level of reason for my entertainment. My Kentucky friends cringe when you post. It’s just all around good fun for me.

        • Now Now Steve ….lets not go the insult route like most in here after I dismantle them ……. I realize that NC’s are an important criteria Steve …and as I have said ……….Cal ‘s record has been constructed at the mid major level …… and a stunning record it is ….. in the past 30 years Steve ….do you know how many non Bcs national champions there have been in basketball? ONE …….. UNLV …… and of course their coach was labeled as a cheat too . My point is …guys like Roy Williams couldn’t win 15 games at Memphis ….. the fact that Cal even got to a NC game at Memphis is an amazing feat …..just as it would be if Mark Few ( another great coach) got Gonzaga there. Now that Cal has puched his ticket to the blue blood party …..he’ll get his NC’s …..and his final 4’s …… …its about fun with me too Steve …..and as for your Ky. friends …..they are thrilled to have Cal …..and they know their new coach is bigger than Ky.

        • Yup, no emotional tie to college basketball Steve. You are the spitting image of someone who routinely makes great unemotional responses. I know this because you have no favourite team in college basketball because you hate the sport. In fact, I have a troubled time understanding what you’re even doing talking college basketball on a college basketball (mainly recruiting) website….. weird……

    • Now lets examine this gem by Steve …….” Top Memphis recruits, who had curiously only verballed even at that late date, suddenly found a pen to sign with in Kentucky” ……………….. Curiously …of the 5 Memphis recruits “at this late date” ….4 had signed LOI’s ….and 1 had verballed ……. and he subsequently signed with KY. Steve tries to make it sound like there was some master plan for Cal to scoop up all his recruits and head to Ky. Lets look at the facts shall we………. of the 4 who signed …..Nolan Dennis went to Baylor ….Xavier Henry went to Kansas …..Will Coleman stayed at Memphis ….and Darnell Dodson went to Ky. with Cal . Some plan . So out of 5 recruits …Cal gets 2 …… what an unethical bastard . Now he did evidently out recruit Memphis for Bledsoe ….and out recruit Duke ..Miami ..and Fl. ….for John Wall ….. what a crook .

      • Pastaboy up to his usual antics……….if you guys watch there is a common theme for wetnoodleboy. He gets absolutly owned by someone on a post, and then picks one small part of their arguement and then expounds greatly to give the appreance of exhaustive knowledge on the subject. Case and point above reply.

        Steve absolutly owns him on the post like many others have before, and rather then addressing and trying to rebuttal all comments he picks just one. Before that he goes and lists Cal’s credientials as a “great coach” will boils down to a final four appreance and a NIT Championship and some coach fo the year awards which he conviently fails to mention how many times those same awards have been given to the true top coaches.

        Awards can be a dime a dozen, until Cal wins a Championship he isn’t anything, thats the gold standard, that’s what makes you a hall of fame coach,

        Hey pastaboy are you as certain about Coach Cal being bigger then Kentucky Basketball as you are Xavier Henry being a 75 percent chance of going to Kentucky and 25 percent chance of staying at KU like you did earlier? Or will you just conviently forget to address that little gem, like all the others you do?

        • Name calling is the gold standard for adults. It is able to put one’s maturity level into great perspective.

          If you would have stuck to the golden standard arguement, then you would have a great point, but hey! We can’t go around just providing facts! We have to call people names too. It’s a much better idea!

    • “while I simply carve you up with facts , sound reasoning, and knowledge of the game”

      Best line from pastaboy so far………….sound reasoning and knowledge of the game

      • What about him calling us all a bunch of dribblers? I think that was classic pastaboy.

        • Ya, sgreene25 and Big Ben, you all are just plain JeNIouSes! You all carve everybody up with you infinite wisdom and maturity! Great Job!

          (Comments are right below the belt)

          • I suppose Blasphemy feels significantly more refined and proper then the rest of us, with his condescending marks and hidden sarcasm.

          • Yup my sarcasm is ultra hidden! Man, you’re great at finding it though…..

    • Wow, did I hear that right? Cal is bigger than the Kentucky program? Are you sure you want to go with that, Pasta? It sounds like you are selling Kentucky to Cal for pennies on the dollar. Despite their shortsightedness of late, I will go with Kentucky surviving longer than Cal. I assume you made your comment in haste.

      • I assume you nit picked in haste or with emotion of an arguement. But since I don’t assume, I won’t assume which.

    • The comment has been made that Cal signed the best recruiting class in history. I am interested in hearing comments on that topic. He has certainly signed highly regarded players in terms of recruiting site rankings, but what makes a truly great class?

      Should it include whether or not the kids perform once they arrive on campus or should it just be a cumulative ranking based on potential?

      Should it be weighted on whether they can help to grow a program over the course of a 3-4 year career or should it be based solely on a single years worth of potential? Was Hansborough a better recruit than say, Rose, or any other highly regarded one and done?

      If a class of 4 or 5 phenoms loses 2 or 3 to the NBA or Europe after one season, is it still a good class?

      Just curious what others think. I am tentative on calling any class, even a highly regarded class, as the best in history before they set foot on campus at all.

      • Yeah, that’s just more ignorant drivel. If everyone ends up at Kentucky, which seems to be somewhat in doubt lately, it’s maybe the best recruiting class since 2006.

        That year Carolina scored Brendan Wright (#3 overall), Tywon Lawson (#5) and Wayne Ellington (#8). Bonus players were Alex Stephenson (39) and Deon Thompson (43).

        For comparison this year’s Kentucky class features 2 top 5 guys- Cousins and Wall and 2 other top 25 guys in Bledsoe and Orton. It’s a great class, but far from the ‘best ever’.

        • This is NOT Kentucky’s class – it is John Calipari’s and William Wesley’s class! These recruits belong to Calipari not Kentucky. UK fans should have learned this from the Memphis mess.

      • (not being mean in this comment)

        I honestly believe that the main criteria for a recruiting class should be solely based on its cummulative talent. If this incoming class actually helps win the championship for Kentucky, then IMO it should be considered the best or at least in serious** conversation with the other classes. This is also assuming that the incoming players contribute the most** minutes ( more than half) versus the current players getting the < 50% playing time.

        • > 50% playing time**** ——– once again I’m just a smidgen ocd……

    • DrDick that’s not true at all, sorry to bust you hear but again think through your comments before entering them into electronic type.

      When you make a comment like, “this is NOT Kentucky’s class-it is John Cal and Will Wes class!” then you also need to answer the question, what about the already signed recruits under Gillespie, Orton, Hood, and company? Are they Cal’s recruit even though the committed before he was coach and not Kentucky’s? If so why not? May want to retract or correct your statement.

      • Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe and Dodson all signed with John Calipari – NOT Kentucky. They would have never considered UK if it was not for Cal and Wes. Did you not learn anything from his Memphis days? The recruits belong to Calipari.

        Cal got rid of Billy G’s recruiting class except for Orton & Hood. They should have transferred. Cal even tossed off some scholarship players from the team too. Now that is low down even for Calipari.

        Do any Kentucky fans want to discuss William Wesley? How does he influence the top high school players to sign with Cal? Anybody want to take a guess? LOL

        • Ya, that whole one player named G.J. Vilarino……. A HUGE fallout.

    • Again I would like to point out when pastaboy does respond he will respond to one comment, that he finds easy to deflect, and spend absolutely no time responding to other arguments made, a true sign of a putz.

      • Yup, none of us have a life! He must be deflecting it because he can’t do the things normal people do like….. live……… Oh wait! He has to sit at his computer all day so he can respond to you. Oh wait! he’s also a robot and COULDN’T have over looked it. It’s not like there are a lot of comments or anything……

        (Comments have hit the fan!)

        • I see pastaboy was able to have a buddy of his sign up………….welcome

          • (not a facecious comment)

            I’m a Kentucky Fan, not a Pastaboy fan.

    • Ohio St.’s recruiting class of 2006 was better than Carolina’s Ben ……with respect to Ky. this year ….all I know is if you google” Kentucky best recruing class of all time” you get 530,000 hits …… so don’t take my word for it ….I guess time will tell .

      • And only 529,986 will be Kentucky sites, so you know it must be true!

        • Both are some great numbers with some serious clicking to boot! You all must have spent your entire day looking at them all to back up your claims! I trust you both very much so!

          • thanks for gracing us blasphemy with your well formed lorgic, and clear reasoning abilities

          • Any time =p

    • PASTABOY QUOTE: bball purist …… and I’m accuse of “ranting” ? …..your post is nothing but incoherent jibberish …… I see nothing remotely close to a rational thought coming from you .

      Paesano, you haven’t got a clue if you refuse to look at facts – I was not “ranting” or spouting “jibberish.”

      1) Calipari recruited while looking the other way as Laurinberg Prep cooked the grades.

      >>>Laurinberg Prep was IN FACT found to have massaged the grades of players – look it up. And oh, by the way, 7 key Memphis players went there and many of these players went there because they would not qualify at other universities.

      He fooled us once at UMass, shame on him. He fooled us again at Memphis, shame on us for thinking he wouldn’t abuse the rules, even if issues were in a “grey area.”

      >>>>JC thought he was fooling everyone again, looking the other way while at UMass and at Memphis – not a fact, but c’mon, pastaboy, lift your head away from the chicken parm and spaghetti and smell the “baccala” (yes, I’m of Italian descent – for those that do not know, baccala is the Italian word for salted cod – it has a distinct odor to put it nicely). JC’s behavior, his ethics, is very questionable – losing to Final Four births is no small matter to overlook – where there’s smoke there’s fire – he’s run from fires twice now (think of him as “Fra Diavolo” Pastaboy) – that is reality AND A FACT.

      An action taken by someone can be legal, yet unethical and/or immoral. Taking players with you violates an unwritten code of ethics that all coaches know about – it’s legal, yet unethical in the coaching community.
      >>>>What JC did was UNETHICAL – that unwritten code is REAL – ask Roy Williams.

      Now he’s “home” where point-shaved fixed games, bigotry, and money-stuffed envelopes has been the norm for a long time. Luckily, Rick and Tubby were not corrupted by the culture. Tubby should have been kept – big mistake by the AD and Prez, who should both be fired or resign.
      >>>>>> FACT – Kentucky had a dirty, booster infested, bigoted coach win at all costs, program for 60 years now – look up the history with a simple google search.

      Cal now will be susceptible to “BTD”s – Booster Transmitted Diseases – yes, mark it down – one day some writer like Zags will be using that one…what d’ya think, Zags?
      >>>Yes, we made it to my opinion – a funny one at that, no? All it takes is one dirty booster who cannot keep the money in his pants because he’s frothing at the mouth to “help” Coach Cal win & his messed up legacy will be complete.

      Hey comment board, are all my comments jibberis? Of course, we know Pastaboy is smokin’ the J Cal leaf – I think he should be called “Rastaboy” from now on – ha ha ha ha

      • bball purist brings the facts to the table! (just heard a loud thud of facts hit the fan!) No rumor mill for Mr. Be Pure. he brings the sources and everything! Awesome. And once again lets not look at THE MULTIPLE SCHOOLS like Henderson’s Findlay Prep (NV). Nothing strange there…. It was at Laurinberg Prep and ONLY Laurinberg Prep

        (Comments are right at the two sweet spots of pain)

    • bball ……… ahem …… drop the chalupa man …..and back away from your PC

      • HE’S GOT A CHALUPA!!! RUN!!! (Weapons of gas destruction)

        (Comments by me are never facetious)

    • Now (per ESPN) Robert Dozier’s SAT score is in question and it appears somebody took the test for him. I see a pattern of abuse with players signed under Calipari . The NCAA needs to scrutinize every recruit Calipari signs at Kentucky and stop the cheating.