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Wednesday / January 17.
  • Derrick Rose's High School Grades Changed

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    Things are going from bad to worse for Derrick Rose.

    One day after the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported that Rose may have had his SAT taken by someone else, his hometown Chicago Sun-Times now reports that Rose had his grades changed in high school.

    The paper cites sources who say Rose and three other Chicago Simeon teammates had their grades changed for a one-month period after their June 2007 graduation. The grades were then changed back after the transcripts were mailed out to colleges.

    “None of the grade changes were supported by any documentation,” Inspector General James Sullivan wrote in the 2008 annual report.

    Rose led Memphis to the 2008 NCAA title game and was named NBA Rookie of the Year last month.

    Memphis may have to forfeit its 2008 Final Four appearance, but it appears the current team will not be impacted.

    “I’ve been told by our athletic director and other people in the administration that none of this will affect the current team or any future team,” Memphis coach Josh Pastner told “This is all about [the 2007-08 season].”

    Yet the 2008 team could forfeit its 38 wins and Final Four appearance, marking the second time former coach John Calipari would have forfeited a Final Four.

    Calipari, now at Kentucky, appears safe for the moment, but his track record is looking increasingly troublesome.

    (Photo courtesy Chicago Sun-Times)

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    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • What is so hard about the college entrance exams anyway? My daughter scored a 32 on the ACT. Shes in the 7th Grade. Special thanks to Cal, now 2 appearances in the NCAA Final Four, from 2 venerable basketball schoools (UMASS and Memphis) have been taken away. Way to go Million Dollar Man.

    • Congratulations to your daughter, but since she can’t dunk a basketball I’m not sure what that has to do with anything. In my opinion, Kentucky is only starting to get what they deserve for hiring Calipari. Talk about a deal with the devil…

      • AZ,

        Told you …there is MORE.

        • The Score seems to be implying there is more as well (and it wasn’t the grade changing). Not sure if it was just to keep people listening or not, but it’ll be a fun few weeks for Kentucky fans I’m sure.

    • Memphis will be held responsible for the ROSE thing.
      Final four taken away. Scholarships taken away.

      Who will take the fall for Memphis?
      Johnson seems the best choice.

      You can not get FEDUP boosters.
      Unless the company decides to FIRE them for violating the company’s code of conduct…..actually, no cause is needed.
      A graceful resignation would be sufficient.

      The NCAA is looking into WWW for several years.

      And DO NOT be surprised if the NCAA goes to UofO.
      The Oregon Ducks have a number of WWW players and plenty from Chicago.

      There is much MORE.

      All you have to do….is follow the WWW trail.

      • Would you STFU already? At this point it is clear you haven’t read the report that the NCAA spent a year putting together. There are no sanctions forthcoming from this nor are any scholarships going to be taken away so quit repeating that crap like it’s suddenly going to come true.

      • Hoping to follow this story (changed grades) to a conclusion as to WHO changed the grades and if HE/SHE has a connection to World Wide Wes. The SAT story as it unfolds will be interesting to see if that links to WWW as well.

    • USC.trojan…

      Seriously you are an idiot. You can comment here but when someone calls you on your ramblings you run and don’t reply. So I guess this is one big conspiracy and Dr. Shirlee Raines at the University of Memphis orchestrated all of this being the mastermind she really is and RC Johnson was the other shooter on the grassy knoll. Really, just stop bud.

      Read my previous post. These are not major violations against the basketball program. If you look at what the NCAA has done in the past, violations are lumped together. The major violations are against the Memphis Women’s golf program. If the “allegations” were seperate, these would be considered minor against the basketball program. First, the money issues as I have stated a number of times before on here are based on travel expenses that have not been paid. However, if you read releases by the NCAA and Memphis, it shows there was a credit card on file and this will more than likely turn out to be an accounting or clerical error. In regard to the cheating scandal, if you look at what has come out today, this seems to have been a school issue not only with Derrick Rose but a number of other players. Fraudulant transcripts were sent to schools and then changed back after the previous transcripts had been recieved. When it comes to Memphis in this matter, unless they can prove the University new of these cheating scandals, there is nothing they can do to Memphis. So basically if Calipari didn’t know (and they have already said as much as I hate to say it he is innocent) or his coaches didn’t know, there is nothing they can do.

      I know this is all a little much for someone to comprehend but take the time and read the material coming out. I know you see this as a chance to take the spotlight off your wonderful USC Trojans, but when it all comes down to it and the dust finally settles, the worst that can happen to the Memphis BASKETBALL program is forfeiting a season and that is it. As I have stated before, the issue with your USC Trojans in both football and basketball which the NCAA has lumped together now will boarder if not cross into Lack of Institutional Control.

    • USC… honestly you are an idiot,

      The FedEx issue came out months ago and has been dealt with. No money exchanged hands with that player. Also, if you notice from past new sources his mother worked for FedEx long before her son even considered Memphis. It was an issue of a VP saying congratulations to her. You are making yourself sounds like more of an uninformed individual by the minute… just stop.

      I am not a Memphis fan nor am I a Kentucky fan but I am a loyal reader of this blog and can’t stand people like you making rampant unfounded statements about a program you know nothing about when the program that is your “name” is under investigation for much more grevious speculative charges

    • So after Cal spends 10 years of his career and Memphis bringing them into the forefront, the bitter Memphis Commercial Appeal is going to run him into the ground. Bet this article wouldn’t have came out if he would have stayed. Shows you what kinda fans they got in Memphis. They act like he was running an angel of a program. This type of crap happens all the time, it’s just big time news because it’s John Cal.

      • Yes, MEMPHIS is bitter.

        Cali had to bring in bodyguards for the charity dinner.

        But, when will MEMPHIS do the right thing.
        Are there any good Memphis fans out there?

        Memphis gave more than ~$2200.00 to Reggie and Rose.

        I know the Memphis fans believe $2200. is not much of big deal.
        Everyone knew Memphis was dirty for years….and the fans just kept defending the BB program. It will continue unless Memphis gets some backbones.

        IS there any Memphis fan willing to STAND UP and do the RIGHT thing?

        Can someone tell the Memphis IDIOTs that THEIR is more to come from the NCAA. MORE is coming.
        CASH MONEY….
        Topps said. ‘‘Reggie moved me and him out of the way long before that, as soon as the money got involved”.

        Cash Money flowed in Chicago…and it CONTINUED at MEMPHIS.

        • USC.trojan is excited that this might take the heat off his own program. These latest allegations will not hurt the current Memphis program one bit. You can look at Oklahoma and Kansas for precedence. They incurred zero violations with their basketball programs during recent ncaa investigations. Darrell Arthur went thru accusations during his high school tenure and everyone was jumping the gun on how KU would be stripped of their national title. OU and Jeff Capel were given a clean slate once K Sampson jumped ship to IU. The same clean slate will be given to Coach Pastner and Memphis. These allegations have nothing to do with the cuurent team and adminstration. If anything, it will get RC Johnson fired..which ,most Memphis fans have been praying for anyway!

        • Where does it say in the report that Memphis gave Reggie or Derrick any money? The NCAA is done investigating the school, nothing more is coming.

        • Topps said. ‘‘Reggie moved me and him out of the way long before that, as soon as the money got involved”.

          USC.trojan Dude, you don’t even know what the context of that quote meant! The “money” that they are speaking of is the NBA earnings that Rose made when he signed his contract. It (the money) has nothing to do with him getting paid by anyone at Memphis. Get some facts before posting assumptions!! Garry Parrish clarifies it below:

          Money involved?

 reached Topps by phone early Thursday, asked for a clarification on that quote, asked what he meant by “as soon as the money got involved,” asked whether he was accusing Reggie Rose of being on the take. In a brief conversation, Topps denied he was suggesting improprieties and insisted that when he said he was moved out “as soon as the money got involved” that what he really meant was that he was moved out when it became obvious that Rose’s future clearly included millions of dollars as a professional basketball player.

          “What (I meant) by ‘money involved,’ is that (I was moved out) when they started smelling the money as far as (Derrick) getting rich,” Topps said. “That’s what (I) mean. … (I) was talking about (money as in) when the kid turned pro.”

    • The commercial appeal isnt running Calipari’s name through the mud. No one ever thought he was running that. Go back and read through Geoff Calkins articles throughout the last nine years and you will see that. Gary Parrish who also used to write for the appeal and now for cbssports and is a Memphis fan also was not a fan of calipari’s. Before you make comments please have some backing of your statements. Having been at the National Championship game that Memphis played in, your comments about their fanbase is unfounded as well. Of all the Memphis fans that I ran into and spoke with throughout the week, Almost all of them were very articulate and very knowledgable about basketball and what Calipari was supposedely doing with the program. Many could see through is used car salesman smile and hair. That is basically all Calipari is, he sells a product. He is not a coach, he uses Vance Walberg’s DDM offense as his own, when he runs up against a team that is athletic (missouri/tennessee) or can play a zone (syracuse/xavier) he folds and basically runs a 3 man weave at the top of the key as I have stated before. So before you make comments, come with some thought first

    • No mention of scholarships taken away Usc…’re a total moron ….I doubt you have any formal education

    • DouchiBoy,

      NO ONE is NAIVE.

      YOU get THAT!

      …WHY do you think this ROSE thing came out…AFTER Lav W. signed with Memphis and NOT before May20?

      Because NO ONE would even dare GO TO dirty Memphis.

      There is MORE than $2200 dollars at play.

      We ALL understand that Memphis is UPSET with Cali and what he did…by going to UK and then with the recruits.

      BUT, MEMPHIS needs to do the RIGHT THING.
      Someone at MEMPHIS must have a BACKBONE.

      There are a few MEMPHIS folks which …..if YOU REALLY WANT to get Cali with his hands in the cookie jar…..then, THE MEMPHIS fan needs to come FORWARD.

      Without a BRAVE and HONEST MEMPHIS fan coming forward…., Cali walks again.
      And MEMPHIS gets hit with major violations…..
      Memphis is already in TROUBLE. So, does it REALLY want Cali?

      More is coming…DO NOT BE NAIVE.


        Yes.. Memphis’ 2008 wins should be vacated. PERIOD. It does not matter if the NCAA clearinghouse that says kids are ok worked. Memphis played a kid that was not qulified. I looks like the did not know given the news from Chicago about a grade/SAT scam ring.

        Actually there is more than 1 college involved. Rose went to Memphis and 2 of his HS team mates went to a different school to play Div I basketball.

        3 kids are involved in a SAT scam. 1 player seems to have taken Rose’s SAT and another took the tests.

        The players and 1 more did transcript fraud. Evidently someone in the IT department changed the grades for the 4 kids and then changed it back a month later.

        This is huge.

    • usc ….lol ……we’re 139 and 13 the past 4 years so evidently a few players did dare to come to Memphis …. we have a good team coming back next year which will continue to get better in the late signing period …we’re not bitter about anything …you’re the raving maniac on this board

    • Actually there is more than 1 college involved. Rose went to Memphis and 2 of his HS team mates went to a different school to play Div I basketball.

      3 kids are involved in a SAT scam. 1 player seems to have taken Rose’s SAT and another took the tests.

      The players and 1 more did transcript fraud. Evidently someone in the IT department changed the grades for the 4 kids and then changed it back a month later.

      This is huge.

    • PS: there has to be an adult that worked all this out. Someone had to get to another adult in the Chicago school system to make the changes…

      I smell… jail time.

    • johnjohn ……I smell an idiot …… and its you

    • Some disgruntled fan from Memphis has turned this potential violation in to the NCAA in a act of vindictness towards Calipari. Now the only team that will suffer for the violation, if true, will be Memphis. HMMMMM

      • Huh? Sorry, but this comment makes absolutely no sense.

    • 2 things,

      1. i think memphis will have to vacate the 2008 season, but i dont think they will lose scholarships moving forward. they shouldnt at least. but when your dealing with the ncaa, you never know.

      2. i am curious to see what happens at UK in the future. i think it is just a matter of time until they are facing some kind of violation with calipari at the helm. the good news is, UK will make a final four under calipari, the bad news is they might not be able to keep it lol.

      are wall and cousins and all those guys eligible yet? if not, that whole thing could be interesting to.

    • Didnt Kansas and Durrell Arthur have this come up too? They didnt get in trouble at all.

      • As explained earlier, Arthur’s accusations occurred before he was a Kansas recruit and were also later proven inaccurate. They also had nothing to do with the SAT, which is the bigger portion of this (because that’s where the conspiracy including WWW- who is a booster- took place)

    • As Pat Forde said this morning on SportsCenter, the fact of the matter is Calipari has been to 2 final fours and it looks like both of them have been vacated. That’s a disturbing trend even if you want to believe he did nothing wrong. At the very least he’s not administering his program the way you’d expect a high caliber coach to administer it. At worst he’s blatantly disregarding NCAA rules.

    • USC Trojan, it seems like you like to type more than you should. I would be willing to bet you do not know anything more than what is being posted here. Dont be bitter because your modified basketball team has turned out to be a joke.

      • USC.trojan is actually an Arizona fan. Confusing I realize…

    • Kentucky bought Memphis’ coach and his recruiting class. Looks like they paid for damaged goods.

      When is the NCAA going to investigate WWW? Who cares if Rose’s grades were changed by his High School or if somebody took the SAT for him before he enrolled in college.

      We need to know how much cash and gifts WWW and slimeball Calipari are giving players to sign? The NCAA needs to get rid of the cheaters.

    • I am so sure Memphis and Calipari changed all of the these kids scores…
      It seems like this was a highschool issue.
      It is completely the same with Kansas. If you would like to post the coach knew in memphis, who is to say he didnt in kansas. it is all idiotical to assume either or both coaches knew.

      • Well firstly the thing at Kansas was proven false, but even if it wasn’t, the SAT is the more troubling impropriety. Either way, Cal has been to 2* final fours and his best player was ineligible in both. That would be troubling to any Kentucky fan with a level head.

    • everyone please read this article and then stop the silliness

      • 2 final fours. Both soon to be vacated. Starting to seem like a trend, no?

    • Oh, and no wonder Memphis had such a hard time getting legitimate coaches to even interview.

    • I may have said this before…

      Here’s my understanding from several reporters in the CHicago area.

      This is bigger than Memphis and Rose.

      There are 4 players involved from ROse’s High School. Rose and 3 others.

      3 are alleged to be involved in an SAT testing scam.

      4 players are involved in a transcript fraud scam.

      I understand that Rose and 2 other players went to play Div I basketball!!!

      • Actually only 2 involved in receiving test scores, 1 student was taking the test… Both of the players receiving test scores were close to one William Wesley however…

    • DUKE SUCKS!!!

    • if rose hasn’t yet publicly denied these wrong doings, then what is he waiting for? the longer he waits the more he appears to be guilty. these are not some outlandish and unfounded allegations being tossed about by the ncaa and if the guy is innocent he has to step it up and hold a presser. rose’s silence speaks volumes.
      if these allegations of him cheating to “get into” college prove to be accurate then what will the ncaa dig up on how he cheated to “stay eligible” in college? if a guy has to cheat on his SAT then has to hire someone to doctor up his transcripts … doesn’t logic suggest that he also has to cheat to maintain academic eligibilty? how could he rigg the sytem without the aid of the athletic and/or the academic dept’s? memphis’ silence speaks volumes.
      i just hope pastner doesn’t have to suffer the consequences. not a good way to start a career for a very classy individual. cal’s silence speaks volumes.

      • The assumption, of course, is that he knows he’s guilty and doesn’t care. I doubt the guy stays up at night worrying about Memphis, especially now that Cal is no longer there.

      • I think I read someplace that the former student-athlete in question is cooperating with the investigation.

    • The Chicago Newspapers are over this story. They are not saying if Rose did the Grade Change. They are flat out saying that he was involved.

      And now the newspapers have said that they know who actually who took the SATs. I find that a little hard to believe.

      BUT… this is a summary of what has been reported in the Tribune and Sun papers.

      This is bigger than Memphis and Rose.

      Rose and 3 of his high school team mates worked together to cheat on SATs and to change their grades via a computer system so that the NCAA would get the wrong information so that 3 of the kids could play college basketball.

      There are 2 colleges and the NCAA that are involved. It appears that neither the NCAA that clears the kids to play nor either school nor staff new about this.

    • Hopefully this is the last time I post it. I’m so tired of folk saying stuff that is hurting the Tigers.

      I did not spell check this.

      Ok.. Mr posst about the Tigers person.

      The Rose situation hit two, yes 2, colleges!!! Got that?

      Rose and 3 HS team mates (got someone) to login to a secure school system computer and change ALL 4 of the kids grades. The school then sent the transcripts to the colleges and NCAA. Then someone changed back the grades in hopes of not getting caught.

      Got that.

      Rose and 2 of his team mates (claimed by their AAU coach).. cheated on the SAT. 1 player took Rose’s and another kid’s test. The AAU coached told the NCAA of this. This is how the investigation started.

      GOT that.

      All 4 kids. All 4 sent their SAT scores to the NCAA.
      Yes, the NCAA clearing house. Why? because it is the NCAA (NOT Memphis) that says if the kids are qulified.

      Got that.

      Rose went to Memphis. The other 2 went to Univ at wisc some place…

      Got thiat?

      Why are folk saying Cal and Memphis were behind this.

      Let’s see this means that … CAL talked to all 4 kids. Stole the computer password amd got a key to get to the Chicago School District computer. Then told the kids how to cheat on the SAT.

      That sounds reasonable.

      GOT That.

      It is all very clearly laid out in the Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper and many othe rChicago outlets.

      GOT That.

      Rose and his friends ran a scam on 2 schools, the Chicago School System, the SAT and the NCAA.

    • johnjohn i understand what the situation is, but the real question is who helped them do all this? rose and his friends obviously couldnt by themselves.

      Rose’s involvement with WWW is what makes this so suspicious. and its WWW that needs to be investigated now by the NCAA.

      If it was not WWW that helped them then i doubt Cal knew about it. but if it was, then i would think that Cal would know what his #1 booster is doing for his prized recruit.

      im sorry memphis fans, this whole thing is a gigantic mess for the program, and they will probably be punished even if they really didnt do much wrong.

    • Also John John what about the allegations of Rose brother riding the team charter. Remember that is what got Maryland the death sentence. Right?

      • Different eras. The NCAA is so watered down right now. Larry Brown’s Kansas squad was banned from the tournament for a year for far less than what Memphis is accused of just with the Reggie Rose situation. If they can prove it a bookkeeping error, they’ll just get a slap on the wrist (where 20 years ago they’d be banned from the tournament for a couple years).

    • None of the Men’s basketball charges are considered major by teh NCAA. What is a major violation is the Women’s golf program. I’m not sure what will happen here.

      I talked with a reporter who knows that person that is incharge of the “plane” issue. No one is worried about that. Memphis has solid insituaitonal monitoring process. Memphis had a credit card on file for Rose’s brother. The bulk of the charges had been paid, but for some reason the NCAA did not have the receipts. I think it has been cleared up. I’m not sure what happened with Maryland. It must have been something else.

      As far as the charge about Rose had someone take the SAT for him, Memphis spent a month and hired a lawyer to double check the rumors w/ Rose before he played. They could not find anything. But it is hard to find something when people do not tell the truth. The folks do not understand why the NCAA did not include the grades in the complaint. And there has been no indication that teh University of Wisc is under investigation eventhough the same thing has happen as happen with Memphis. It makes people wonder is this a setup?

      • Academic fraud is a major violation regardless of how much you say it isn’t. The difference between UM and UW-M in this matter is that the fella behind it all was a UM booster.

    • I assume that Ben-Ben is ignorant. I know for a fact (yes fact) that inside Memphis they would be shocked to hear what you just said. That is a fact.

      Memphis and Univeristy of Wisc are exactly the same situation with the same kids involved. Period.

      The NCAA has accuued a player of fraud in getting someone else to take his SAT. The NCAA has never (yes Never) said that Memphis was invovled in the players actions. Never. And the Memphis folks would be shocked ot hear what you wrote.

      I hope you are just ignormat of the situation and could never think that someone would just say a flat out lie without knowin ght efacts.

    • PS … it is the NCAA that clears players to play not a school.

      I request the Big Ben’s response be deleted.

      I hope that it is just out of ignornace an dnot just a blanat lie to hurt Memphis.

      I’m am shock at what has been said.

    • Actually that’s not true johnjohn. The clearinghouse clears a player but it is always the schools responsibility to ensure their eligibility. It is explained that the clearinghouse is there to protect the schools you play but you’re responsible for covering your own eligibility.

      There have been times where a school has been penalized for playing a player that the clearinghouse cleared. Sorry, but if you didn’t understand what you were getting in Calipari now you do…

    • I agree. I mistated. I was just very upset about someone making somethings up about Memphis.Thanks.

      Here is what I understand about the situation from a person that is very close to the situation.

      * Memphis has received a letter that was the result of over a year investigation from the NCAA.
      * The letter accussed a player (Rose) of fraud in getting someone else to take his SAT.
      * Memphis vetted Rose with a lawyer before Rose played for Memphis. Memphis had heard rumors of the SAT issue. Memphis after a month could not get any proof of the rumors.
      * The NCAA has never accused Memphis of knowing about the Rose situation. This is why the letter is directed at Rose.
      * Memphis could have to vacate some games because of Rose.
      * The trip situaiton is not seen as a problem.
      * Do not know anything about the one area that has major issues that I do not think can be explained away — women’s golf.

      Memphis is like everyone else concernign the news out of Chicago concerning the ROse and friend Scam Ring. So.. I am guessing that they can’t use this information in their defense.

      • Memphis is only different in that his confidant in high school (and now) was William Wesley who may or may not be considered a Memphis booster but obviously has close ties with Calipari. If the NCAA believes Wesley knew about the SAT fraud they will assume Calipari knew. That’s what would get sanctions beyond the Final Four forfeiture.

      • Also, according to

        Big bloggers from both Kentucky and Memphis believe that the Calipari camp is afraid of what Memphis will reveal when they ‘cooperate’ with the Rose investigation. They believe this might be Memphis’s way out of the mud (while throwing Kentucky into the mud). It also could take a year or so for the NCAA to rule on Calipari and Memphis.