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Sunday / February 18.
  • Sonny Vaccaro Endorses Barack Obama

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    Here’s an email I received from former sneaker guru Sonny Vaccaro, who has been supporting Barack Obama’s campaign. I thought I would pass it along to all of ZAGSBLOG’S readers…

    Tuesday, November 4th will be one of the most important days in any of our lives as citizens and voters of the United States of America.

    I am writing to you as a friend, an acquaintance or someone that you’ve worked with over the years in some capacity. I have been lucky to be involved with good people like you from various walks of life and I feel at this moment that it is important for me to reach out to you now.

    This election is something I honestly didn’t think would happen in America in my lifetime but deep down believed someday it could….and I am filled with great hope that the realization of the “Impossible Dream” is at hand with the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America.

    The position of President of the United States of America is one that leads the people and gives the people hope to have dreams. Not the whimsical dreams that we have as a child but the real dreams, the ones we have inside our being that sometimes we don’t share with anyone else, these are the real dreams we harbor and pray for.
    Barack Obama’s life is the real dream happening. He is the person who can reach the “unreachable star”.

    I believe Barack has the qualities to represent the whole of the individual from the disenfranchised to people who have beliefs that differ from others – regardless of the color of their skin. He gives us a chance to make our real dreams a reality.

    Please join me, reach out even if it’s just to one other person, or 5, 10, 20 or 100 of your friends and urge them to get to the polls and make their votes count. Call somebody, email somebody or drive somebody to the polls.

    The most powerful waves begin as a single drop – each vote on November 4th is a single drop. Let’s create the wave we need to win.

    God Bless you and God Bless America,

    Written by

    [email protected]

    Adam Zagoria is a Basketball Insider who covers basketball at all levels. A contributor to The New York Times and SportsNet New York (SNY), he is also the author of two books and is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. His articles have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM, Sheridan Hoops, Basketball Times and in newspapers nationwide. He also won an Emmy award for his work on the SNY mini-documentary on Syracuse guard Tyus Battle. A veteran Ultimate Frisbee player, he has competed in numerous National and World Championships and, perhaps more importantly, his teams won the Westchester Summer League (WSL) championships in 2011 and 2013. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and children.

    • Is this McCain’s version of a “November surprise?”

    • Adam , just why did you feel the need to pass this along on your blog? As a rather loyal reader of your blog, I really don’t need to see you promoting a candidate for President. Particularly when it’s a man that I object to on a number of levels.

      When a reader commented about your Mike Singletary post recently, you said: “This is a sports blog and OJ and Danielle Sargent appeared on here because they are sports figures. The horrific abuses by the NYC police dept and other law enforcement officials of African-Americans and other people of color are just that, horrific. We just don’t deal with them on a sports blog. Perhaps you should start your own blog if you want to focus on them.”

      I would give you similar advice here. This is a sports blog. If you want to publish posts that are tantamount to endorsing a political candidate, then create a political blog and post it there. Your readers come here mainly for basketball recruiting news. You should stick to giving them that and refrain from politics.

    • Adam,

      I have to agree with PittGrad, this blog is a great read, actually it’s my first read of the day. And you do a terrific job of keeping us in-the-know with regard to hoops and other sports.

      Please don’t sell yourself out by endorsing any candidate in this forum!

    • Guys,

      First off, thanks for the kind words on the blog. I’m glad you appreciate it.

      That said, with all due respect, it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want on it. In this country, we have Free Speech, and this is my forum for it. Occasionally I move off basketball and football and delve into rock ‘n’ roll, pop culture and other topics.

      Sonny Vaccaro is a sports figure, and a historic one at that, so I thought some readers of this blog might be interested in his thoughts on the election.

      As of Tuesday night, there won’t be any more need for endorsements one way or the other because this thing will be over and we will all be able to move forward in hopes of a better America and a more humane world.

      Thanks for the comments,

    • Adam,

      It’s not a free speech issue. It’s a judgment/appropriateness issue. I would think that as someone who blogs about basketball recruiting, etc., that your goal would be to have as high a readership as possible and to keep to subjects that don’t offend. You do know what they say about religion and politics, right? Instead you sort of act like one of these celebrities, like a Madonna, who sticks their finger in the eye of the people who buy her records when she bashes Sarah Palin during a show.

      So, OK. Fine then. You post about politics and then you can expect this to become a political forum. I’ll be happy to respond. Do you care to start with Obama’s ‘spread the wealth’ comments? Jeremiah Wright, perhaps? How about instead of posting Sonny Vaccaro says – a man with no cred in the area of politics as far as I know – you tell us just how Obama is more prepared than John McCain for the presidency? What accomplishments does he have, Adam?

      Pandora’s. Box.

    • PittGrad,

      I have many thoughts on the subject, but since this is Election Day I think the American people will resolve the matter today and one of the candidates will no longer be relevant since he will have been resigned to the “dustbin of history,” as they say.

      Hopefully by late tonight we will have a new President who will tell you himself what his plans are and who he plans to surround himself with as far as advisers. I believe he will reach across the aisle for some of those top level advisers as well.

      I think it is no secret that 85 percent of the American people are not happy with the direction the country is going in…and tonight’s election results will reflect that.

      As for the Madonna reference, I’d prefer Springsteen or Neil Young.

      That said, this blog will continue to produce breaking basketball news, and that will be the focus of the blog going forward.


      • Well, we can agree on The Boss or Neil Young over Madonna. But I’m sure that’s where our level of agreement will end.

        The American people will make a choice today. Hopefully it won’t be the wrong one. America doesn’t need a radical/socialist leading us forward. Sorry, but that’s who he is.

        • I’m glad you agree on The Boss and Neil.

          And yes, I’m pretty sure Obama will make Trotsky Sec of State and Lenin Sec of Defense. We’re on the brink of becoming a Marxist nation, for sure.

          • We are creeping towards socialism. Obama, Reid and Pelosi will bring that to a full sprint.

            PS: Zep still beats Neil and The Boss! 🙂

    • I agree with Pittgrad in regards to the fact that ZAG did state that to me that this is a sports blog so he wont talk about police violence or social injustices on here. The sad part is that it took someone that I probably wont agree with on any other subject to see what I was talking about, in regards to the inconsistencies. Too bad he didnt speak up before until he felt offended but just keep the topics to current sports figures and not unnecessary bashing to get that last kick on someone. That is the reason why most of us come here. We look to be informed on a neutral basis without any form of possible prejudice or biasness.

      • Honestly, I think Adam was just taking issue with your implicit accusation. I probably would have reacted the same way.

        My only point in all this is – based on my experience – once you go down the road of politics it sours everything. It’s already happening here, sorry to say.

        Ironically, however, Adam probably has never had this many comments to one post.

        PS: I agree with Jefferson and Washington and Lincoln. No need to disagree with me. I’m merely a constitutionalist.

    • See, this blog is bringing people of opposing viewpoints together already!

      As for the view that sports and politics don’t mix, pick up the newspaper today or watch SportsCenter. The election is everywhere. Joe Paterno and Coach K have never felt a hesitation to say where they stood. Today in the Los Angeles Times Pete Carroll stated that for the last month he encouraged all his players to get registered and to vote. Pete made a very definitive stand on where he stood and the entire article was devoted to politics and sports. The Pittsburgh Steelers made comments after last night’s game about how the Washington loss figures in the election (good for the Democrats). There is no doubt that this political race and sports intersect.

      • ESPN gave Obama and McCain time and the interviews were relatively benign.

        FWIW you are not analgous to JoePa or Coach K. The difference is you are trying to draw in readers. You want your blog to be read by as many people as possible. When you start promoting one political viewpoint, it’s a turnoff.

        Look, I have thick skin. If you want to post about politics, then so it is. Just don’t expect for it not to be dished back at you.

    • Thank you Adam. This is his blog and he can ultimately decide what he wants to put on it.

      And Pittgrad: enough with the socialism BS.

      I can’t wait until Obama leads this country and will undoubtedly make it a better place. It cant get worse than what we have had for the last 8 years.

      • So, I should lie and say that Obama isn’t a socialist? Spread the wealth. Relationships with people who subscribe to socialism and Marxism (Wright, Ayers). Saul Alinsky. Wants to use state poer to kill the coal industry and see electricity prices skyrocket.

        Sorry, just because the media doesn’t want to address these issues – and the Obamatons are willing to look past it because of their quest for change and hope and change and hope – doesn’t make it untrue.

        Oh, and it CAN get worse. Perhaps, you ought to read up on Jimmy Carter before thinking that.

    • Bush is an incompetent and embarassment to the American electoral process, but it can always get worse. The voters have decided to have a contest between a man whose claim to fame is that he was POW thirty years ago and a best-selling author who hasn’t lead anything.

      Personally, I’m a Democrat, but I find a few things disturbing.
      1) The fact that he sought spiritual advice for twenty years from a racist preacher, Rev. Wright. After little public scrutiny, he distanced himself.

      2) No executive experience and little voting record. Marketing catch phrasess like “hope” and “vote for change” seem like ephemeral catch phrases designed for mass market idiots.

      3) There is a natural concern that the CIA and FBI would be defanged. Thus allowing for another potential major domestic terrorist attacks.

      4) Economic policies injurious to corporations, which would cause a further deterioration of the stock market and thus cause further job erosion. Although, at this point, I think the stock and bond market have already priced in the Obama effect.

      The political pendulum has swung from one extreme to the other.

    • I hope bo gets elected an shows his true Colors,thats just what this Country deserves.Then will be paying for it the Next 50 years.

    • I hope adam as you read these post, you understand my post even more as to why I say you need to be more selective in your post of african americans because a lot of your readers are individuals with limited ability to make rational thoughts om their own. You can see that a lot of them are influenced by the one sided cnbc shows and the media or some back water upbringing.
      As for all those saying obama is going to show his true colors and that he supports a racist, I find it amusing that you have such a fear of a black person in charge. It makes me wonder what you or someone you know have done or said about african americans that you are afraid something is going to come back on you.
      I keep seeing ppl mentioning socialism. Do you even know what the foundation of socialism is even about to have such a fear? If you did, I dont think you would be in such fear.

      • I know what socialism is i’ve seen EU. an its economy.IT thrives on the US an without the US economy it falls on its face.Don’t say EU isn’t socialistic,they are as close to socialism as they are to Russia.True colors on Bo isn’t excatly as you think.Everyone was warned during the Dem. pri. if he got to the position of President the Ferakon would come out him him.His whole life has been Racist,an Radicalism now hes OUR savior.Look at his new 3 Press core rides,begining to show his COLOR? Well i would say wait till hes in,he will destroy the chance or any hope of ever reelecting a black PRESIDENT.I’m definitly not saying we should never have a black President,BUT NOT this ONE.

      • So, you’re the rational one but you can’t figure out that most people opposed to Obama base that decision on his ideas/ideology NOT his skin color.

        I would vote for Condy Rice. I would vote for Michael Steele. I would vote for Waltr Williams if he ever ran for office. But I suppose they’re not ‘really black’ then, right?

    • I said the foundation of socialism, not who tries to govern under it. As for Farrakan, have you ever listen to him in an entire speak more than once? Nobody should listen to 100% of what any speaker says. The point of a lecture or seminar is to take those aspects that apply to you without infringing on the rights of others and going forward from there.

    • Wow, up to 22 comments. Certainly a ZagsBlog record. Maybe I’m wrong, Adam. These political posts generate more buzz than your sports posts. Geez, we know no one cares about the Rutgers posts…lol.

    • Only you can determine if you are “really black.” I can only tell you if your actions are for the betterment of black people or to appease others. Considering most of the individuals you would vote for are republicans, I would wonder what happened in your life to feel connected to that party and yes I am fully aware of the fact that most african americans prior to WWII were republicans. I just hope that because you may feel you are successful in life that it doesnt make you believe that you are better than those who are not or as if that road is easily obtainable by everyone. As someone who is neither republican or democrat, I ask you, what are these ideas or ideology that ppl oppose about obama? For me I though this whole campaign on both sides came with no real ideas or strategies but rather playing it safe or to ppl’s fears.

    • It is looking like America saw the true light this year and made the right decision